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Air DateNotes
7/11/09 Untitled
Talking about the ekklesia, the Church, the called out and who is the head of the Church with a peek at climate change, now and then. How selfishness and jealousy brings people into bondage in Egypt. FEMA vs FEMA False religion, corban, social security, making the word of God to none effect...Christ's government, how it works, and how it doesn't work. The Living Network and how it works. Birth certificates in Rome and the persecutions of Christians... Christians social services... Stoning the wicked.
7/18/09 Untitled
What are names? Sophistry in language, God vs gods, Picture of the Kingdom - Ancient Israel, Pharisee interpretation, Overivew of the HHC books, What is a "cult"? Electing benefactors, Peter vs Marcus Aurelius, Marriage licenses, Membership in the Kingdom, Contact Ministers, How does HHC fit in, but not of this world.
7/25/09 Untitled
Living Network, Australia and New Zealand, Voting for Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God - defined, Modern Christianity, Usury, Christ's alternative, Holy Matrimony, Living by Faith, Hope, and Charity, Love thy neighbor, Churches of Record, Actual vs Virtual Community, How to use the Network, Audacity of Hope, Living Stones.
8/1/09 Untitled
"His Holy Church", incorporation, Republic vs Democracy, Early Americans, Seeking the Kingdom, Constantine's church, Ambrose and Jerome, The Kingdom in AD Europe, True ministers of Service, Religion in the Kingdom, Taxes, Prayer, Do we need ministers?, forming Congregations of Record, Forgiveness, Salvation.
8/8/09 Untitled - Must hear!
gods many and their covenants, the lost sheep, where is the kingdom?, was Christ rich?, Levites, religion, Good Samaritans or Good Babylonians?, the US Constitution, strong delusion, invitation to Oregon, Abram's journey, caring for the needy, mutual assurance, early Rome and the Gospel, more on Contact Ministers, the Gospel today.
8/15/09 Untitled
Weekend in Summer Lake, New online subscription form, The Living Network newsletter, Record Keeping vs Registration, turning neighbors into Human Resources, Debt, who Christ was, who is your god?, HEW and FEMA, loving your neighbor, witchcraft, Sabbath rest, Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, feel-good churches, what is your backup to the current (failing) system?, new videos, nature of love, structure of the Kingdom
8/22/09 Untitled - Must hear!
Understanding the Kingdom of God, prophesy, interpreting Christ's words, what was the Temple?, stone upon stone, the "true" needy, honoring your parents, who is preaching the gospel of the Kingdom?, the right to be ruled by God, where is your treasure?, rescinding documents, fall festival, e-mail groups, strong delusion, networking congregations, wanting OTHERS to be free, minutemen for each other, making a nation, anniversary of English Civil war, organizing your congregation, sovereign sheep, come together NOW, government of the people, by the people, for the people, Motto of Moses, what is the Temple?, running out of time...
8/29/09 Untitled
What is the "world"?, Church and State, Marriage vs Holy Matrimony, Christ's government vs Moses' government, treaties with the world, IBT, Abraham's journey, "even the stones would cry out", Why pharisees couldn't execute Jesus, is the church taxable?, the voice of the people, "Imperium" defined, the loss of individual rights, "sovereign sheep" (love that one), The Living Network newsletter, relevant case citings, Gregory's journey, Patri/Patronus, Herod's baptism, Televangelists and their missions, the real meat of this endeavor
9/5/09 Untitled
Church according to Acorn International, What is the Church?, How do you know in whom the Holy Spirit dwells?, Who were the Essenes?, Early Israel - pre Saul, 4 precepts for the constitution, Example of bravery, rights and responsibilities, How to join the network, fishing net analogy, Contact Minister functions, tens, hundreds, thousands, Church (Acorn) incorporation, need for redemption, How the Church should act, offices of power have to hate you, proper motivation of government, e-mailing vs doing, Oregon retreat, widening coverage of the message, why Chist had to be crucified.
9/12/09 Untitled - Live from New York!
Buddy system X 10, things to protect against, Insurance or Assurance?, Socialist Christians?, Good money vs Bad money, this day in history, what makes a network work?, who is your father?, offices of service vs offices of power, more on the retreat, distractions, the Big Apple, what did Christ say?, Obamacare, the sabbath day, how to get out, the weightier matters - justice, mercy, forgiveness, giving, God's name, what do we do with the network?, "Don't let go", preaching the Kingdom, more on the Amish, how to save yourself, the audacity of hope.
9/19/09 Untitled
This day in history - The Hundred Years War, the perfect law of liberty, Battle of Saratoga 1777, Who will fight your battle?, covenants traded rights for benefits, are all benefactors bad?, Altars of Baal, Samuel's warnings, Swine flu shots and Dr. Blaylock, Vaccines causal to later problems, squaline, Christ and rights, How to be part of another world, Retreat next week, Flus and other disasters, Medicines from nature, "Red button" story, "Lottery winner" story, Sabbath?, Adultery?, Pure Religion?, Mennonite "Insurance", offices of Power or Service?, How to get closer to the Kingdom, Ministers defined, The books so far...
9/26/09 Untitled - Live from the retreat!
News with Views article - Water control, the Gospel of the Kingdom, 2 kinds of hunger, Special guest: Troy and Genie, Troy's background in Christian music, living with the Amish, mission work in Haiti/Dominican Republic, getting back to basics, history of cities - Joseph in Egypt, Network - no place for envy or jealousy, Matt 28: 18-20, Troy and Genie's bouts with Authority, Scripture Rock, the sheep and the goats, another King, the early church, setting your neighbor free, US doesn't recognize dual citizenship, ALLegiance to the Creator, the Dark Side, our Redeemer, Passports, the two Gospels, Ransom Atonement, Christ IS King, who is your father?
10/3/09 Untitled
Retreat winding down, why fall festivals?, Revival of the gospel, Earthquakes then and now, Auroras in Christ's time, How the network works, Gamma ray bursts, latest newsletter, What is Religion?, Contracts and licensing, our daily bread, today's misled church, the lost sheep, you want an e-mail?, what happened at the retreat?, What the Kingdom will look like, What Christ said, the "Butte" story, Obama - greatest ally, sheep, coyotes, and mountain lions, fire and brimstone, Red heifer, State of Being, Churchianity, State created by man, not God, Next year's retreat, Feasts bring people together
10/10/09 Untitled
Land holders - Allodial title, the original kings, Leaders, Contracts, covenants, and constitutions, fear and trembling, faults of THE constitution, what the majority wants, how to prepare, purpose of the network?, early America, early States, had the church been doing its job..., 501(c)3 - authority?, incorporation, should we file?, IBT story, make your Yes Yes, "cut muster", SS#, Employer/Employee, Citizens -> residents, Humbolt story, Banking in the Kingdom, Joining the network, It's all about your neighbor!
10/17/09 Untitled
Changes to website (, New Google maps - maintained by local Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God = right to be ruled by God, "Weightier Matters" - if your preacher doesn't know them, you need a new preacher!, Brother Gregory's local church, fullness of the gospel, Sabbath made for man, We won't give doctrine for Sabbath or Name, We Require "Seek the Kingdom", Ten Commandments - which ten?, Pharisees and the Old Testament, Hebrew letters - meaning and sequence, When is the Sabbath?, 2 different words for "month", looseness of translations, Hebrew letter "tav", Earn your day of rest, Sunday in the early church, Name - God does not need an ID card, Who names you?, Who named God?, Focus on weightier matters, Open your heart and mind, Purpose of the Feasts, The Cross, What are the weightier matters? See Matt 23:23.
10/24/09 Untitled - excellent topic!
The Kingom - seek it and God's righteousness, Taking a bite of your neighbor, City = cauldron, we are the flesh, Fleshpots, Ezekiel 11:3, Micah 3:3, Common purse, Proverbs 1, metaphors in Bible, words vs spirit, The source of Dogmas, Anger, Hebrew letter Mem - flow of energy, water, love, Hebrew word construction, Meeting with local ministers, Online pamphlets, Blood sacrifice, Burnt offerings, Kidneys?, How you see your neighbor, Socialism, Social Security, Public Schools, REPENT!, Altars of Faith, Christ's Government, What is Church?, Local corruption near Gregory, The Answer, give life to others, the weightier matters, Families and the courts, Changing the course of history, Surviving Freedom.
10/31/09 Untitled
The bizarre holiday Halloween, Trick or Treat - celebrating extortion, Gregory's memories of Halloween, Thinking outside the box and into another box, Idolotry of letters, what's in a name?, Simon->Peter, Saul->Paul, character is necessary to survival, survival without virtue, Levites and the 1st century church, practical feasts, socialized medicine, Home Schooling, apprenticeship, Family is key, Making the network work, back to halloween, ritual giving EVERY DAY, be good - get paid = no virtue, polity of the church, traps of "free" education, the chelation treatment example of family, who were the essenes?, True Israel vs Israel today, Does your church look more like the Kingdom - or Babylon? Jeremiah 10 - Christmas trees, the Sheep and Bulls story, Ministers of comfort vs ministers of repentance, how to become charitable again, Nation under God?, feel-good churches, Forming congregations of record.
11/7/09 Untitled
the Holy Spirit, believing you believe in Jesus/God, Today's church affirms your doubts, Judge them by their fruits, encouraging sloth, did God make earthly governments?, Christ as a king, Gospel of the Kingdom = about government, "Religion" in the bible, the "weightier matters", Humbolt County boy's camp story - slave labor, Pennsylvania Judge story, the latest Newsletter, contacts now world wide, local networks can help physically, join!, If you are not DOing - your faith is dead, Christian Self Defense, how to participate - if you dare, Wasting your "oil", local DA drug story, Mexican cop-killer story, corruption abounds in the "world", current wheat reserve only 6 months, FED - unjust weights and measures, are you willing to sacrifice your comfort for others?, Repent, get busy, wake up, being under strong delusion, Find a BETTER way.
11/14/09 Untitled
Networking world-wide, Forming a congregation of record - 3 step plan, Commissioned ministers, CNNi Interview, Hebrew letter formation, God "allows" sin, need to repent, Punishment, Travel documents, Church is a government - of God, to take care of YOU, Network of homes, distributed storehouses, wheat storage example, Who is abandoning society?, Grist mill, Shop Fire in Spoon River, Insurance in the Kingdom, Judgment vs Forgiveness, Christ and the blind man, Living - not just trying, What is a Contact Minister?, Seeking the Kingdom, Carolina seminar.
11/21/09 Untitled - Listen to this one!
This day in history..., Hot Air in the churches, "Church" in Black's Law, Salvation by Works?, Ministers who tickle your ears, Forgive that you MIGHT be forgiving, Is Jesus your King?, How do you take care of your widows and orphans?, Who do you pray to?, Public schools, Is it "legal"?, AFV, UCC, Strawman, Continental Congress?, Patrick Henry whipping story, Licensed churches?, Delivering congregations into bondage, Christ came to set you free!, What are YOU going to do about it?, How much do you love your government benefits?, Seek a better government, Repent, Home school, Home health, Home industry, Meeting in Fort Mill South Carolina, Find others if you CARE about others, Christ came to save OTHERS, The True American Revolution, Force your neighbor? Then you belong in bondage, Leadership, Burnt offerings, 168AD Rome, No place for Apathy in the Kingdom, Orphanages today, SHOW that you're living like Jesus, George Washington story, getting the leaders you deserve, Gospel of the Kingdom - Responsible for 1) Self, 2) Family, 3) Community, Seek and ye shall find, "Be" attitude.
11/28/09 Untitled
On this day..., Magellan, Mount Etna, earthquakes, LA water supply, Grocery reserves, Today's economy, Remember New Orleans?, YOU need to do it - join the Living Network, E-mail groups vs in-person meetings, "Born again" - meaning, Minister e-mail story, Are you DOers of the word? Or merely hearers?, Advance of technology, Coconut Grove fire, Public Meetings in Fort Mills, WWII, Strike Thee With Thy Staff article, Real Christians wouldn't have a Muslim problem, We don't punish the wicked - God does, More of this day in History, News blackout in U.S., Taking the gloves off, Church is the ENTIRE system of social welfare, Don't change the world - change yourself, love your neighbor, Israel left Egypt with the young, old, weak, and strong - come out together, Freedom vs the illusion of Freedom, Come together because you love the ways of Christ.
12/5/09 Untitled - Live from Fort Mill (Jeffrey Parrot)
Round table discussion, Christ in us, The "baggage" of this world, Listen to the Holy Spirit - not the world, Proper expression of Christ, The Kingdom in you can grow infinitely, Can drive out demons but have to change, an unforgiving heart, Putting the cart before the horse, How do we get closer to Holy Spirit?, Devil uses sophistry, Basics - Faith, Hope and Charity, Praying to God? Or men who exercise authority?, Repent, Salvation issues, Faith vs Works, Garden of Eden, Since Christ - Holy Spirit available to us, Christ in you?, Hiding in the world, What does the Holy Spirit in us look like?, Salvation, Solving ALL the problems of religion, Pentecost, Children are "music", What to expect from the Holy Spirit, Can you be offended?, Choosing to receive the Holy Spirit, Meeting next fall in Summer Lake, Let go, be patient, turn around, seek the Kingdom.
12/12/09 Untitled
Just back from Carolinas, Spirit of evil is alive and well, Image of Jesus, Home schooling, Contractural nature of Government, Does the Blood excuse you from bondage?, Rattling your cage, Muslims vs Christians, Don't stop seeking when you *think* you've found salvation, CMEs, Aurora Borealis at the time of Christ, John Paul Jackson and "The Perfect Storm", Adam's sin, Message to Gregory, Upcoming plans, Tithing, The decisions are yours, power of the Holy Spirit, Story of the grandson crushed by a rock, Spiritual constipation, News with Views article on Self Defense, Emptying hell, Will God listen?, Fall Festival.
12/19/09 Untitled
This day in history - Henry VIII, Noah vs the world, Abram vs City-states, Religion, Chuck Baldwin article, Socialism, The true cause of today's problems, Civil war, Citizens are surety for debt, Titanic movie, HHC books, Strengthening the poor, Praying to government, Who is YOUR father?, Networking and Contact Ministers, Finding the lost sheep, Pharoah's tax, Abe Lincoln's story, TalkShoe conference call, Slave to salvation videos - tea party video (#4), Nimrod to now videos, Universal Service, China's one-child contract, people who think they're saved, Power-corrupted leaders, Meetings in Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, His Church economy, Credit unions, Band of Brothers, God vs Anti-God, What to do?, Ron Paul people, Peter's denial, Pentecost.
12/26/09 Untitled
Time and Space, Where is the Kingdom, What's coming?, Building a net, things forgotten, Paul the tentmaker, Fall of Jerusalem, Elders, Presbyters, Are you ruled by your neighbor?, leader sheep vs ruler sheep, New book: The Higher Liberty, exousia, Titus 3:1 what does it mean?, The "buddy system", What is "peculiar"?, Constantine's church, The Greatest Destroyers, Future events, Talk Shoe conference call, next week's show.
1/2/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 1 - Listen up!
"Thy will be done" is part of the program, Entrance is a choice, Men didn't get dominion over other men, Unalienable rights, Contracts a Crime?, "You cannot be ignorant *and* free", Religion defined, True Hebrew, Essenes, Fullness of the Gospel, Training your children, today's Continental Congress, Taking oaths, How to get freedom back, Announcements, First Century Church, What is a Republic?, The Constitution, Duty of Government, Your daily bread, World Rule, Weightier matters, Government corruption, Rattling your cage, Can you hear the Gospel?, the Tree of Knowledge.
1/9/10 The World Around Us
World turmoil, unemployment, tragedies caused by government, unjust weights and measures, the Living Network, What is "His Church"?, laws in agreement with Christ, Judgment in the Kingdom, Character of Ministers, Character of the Network, Jesus and Peter, your salvation, Network meetings, Talkshoe conference call, New book - "The Higher Liberty", Prophets of the beast, Mystery Babylon, Sheep parables, Love for the sake of Loving, Today in history, William Pitt introduced Income Tax (1799), Colonial history, Christ's forgiveness, what will you do today?
1/16/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 2
This day in History, League of Nations, Corban of the Pharisees, Kingdom of the "world" vs Kingdom of God, the nature of evil, 2 Timothy 3, Thy Kingdom Comes - Chapter 1, need for repentance, are you a slave?, Religious freedom clause, Righteousness defined, Man in Eden, 1st command of God = "Dress and Keep", Translators are Traitors!, Who rules your life?, Legal Title, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Family, Covenants and Oaths, purpose of prohibition, Israel = Where God Prevails, different that Israel the country, Saul as king = rejection of God, Ten Commandments quote, Apostle = ambassador of Christ, "Heaven" in Matthew, Imperium and patronus, setting the captive free, what does Satan want?, false gospels, freemen in America, The truth shall set you free.
1/23/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 3
Chapter 2: Concept of the Kingdom, Abraham - man of faith - uncivilized, faith as an action word, salvation always a gift, Abraham left with many souls, Moses left with many souls, Origins of the bible, Romans in Christ's time, "a" kingdom vs "the" Kingdom, Abraham's new way, the first corporation, Where are rights?, Marriage vs Matrimony, public schools, are you a criminal?, make your yea, yea, the State as Father, who is your Father?, How to get from Egypt to Kingdom of God, Announcements, 'Thy Kingdom Comes" - on the net, US Constitution, dominion, starting a congregation, folly of the Puritans, Cauldrons of flesh, different kinds of "law", running out ahead of the LORD, the 400 year kingdom, becoming a surety, Remember the Ant, BE the kingdom, they will spit you out, the civil law of Cain, what NOT to do.
1/30/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 4
Explanation of origin of "Thy Kingdom Comes" and "Covenants of the gods", God created man, man created government, Man-made government is in the image of man, Golems, the coming of socialism?, Freewill offerings, Ekklesia, Do today's churches "save" you or put you back in bondage?, Israel today, What did God say?, Christ?, Who needs a church?, Helping your neighbor seek the Kingdom, OUR responsibilities, King James' bible, Early church's influence, Care about others - even jerks!, Who will hear the call?, Christ's "little flock", Character of a minister, Tea parties, AAA vs HHC, Seed banks, Functions of a Contact Minister, use of e-mail groups, Show me where I'm wrong, Common ground = the Gospel of the Kingdom, Imagining the possibilities of the Network, the Prodigal Son, Socialist = selfish, seek the Kingdom.
2/6/10 NOT the Kingdom of God
What is NOT the Kingdom of God?, Pitfalls, "The Higher Liberty" book, A better strategy, Is knowledge power?, Christ has all the bits and pieces we need, Hiding lies in truth, How do you know what is true?, Dangers of mis-intrepretation, New Declaration of Independence?, What about Court?, books are knowledge - not spirit, Bible is already filtered by translator, Spirit guides understanding, How to join the Living Network, Social Security Act, Adam's mistake, God tells the truth all the time, Shut up and listen!, New equipment for radio show, taking back responsibilities, vice vs virtue, All have rejected the ways of Christ, Socialism & public schools, Contracts - Covenants - Constitutions series - FREE online but will cost you your delusions, the REAL forefathers, Look for Christ in the individual, Praying to the Court, Changing your personal direction, BE the society you want, Do you work for Christ?, Signatures of value - signature IS participation, purpose of banks, The perfect law of liberty, Military service and oaths, Corban in Judea, Birth certificates, The REAL cause of the problem is...
2/13/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 5
"Thy Kingdom Comes" written in response to the question from "Covenants of the gods", "Government" in the Bible, "Abortion" in the Bible, Marriage as an institution of God, Democracy vs Self Government, Virtue, Don't make covenants!, Apostate Churches, HHC Booklets online for FREE, Have YOU been faithful to Christ?, Iconoclasts, Christ came that you MIGHT be saved, What is Righteousness?, The actual First Commandment, The virtue in Early Rome, Power in the Church, Communion of People, Structure of the Kingdom, Why would government want you to be free?, Good "sheep story", Samuel's warnings, Strong Delusion - you're not free!, Saul's salvation, Gideon's virtue, Biblical kings, Possession of the foot, What is Heaven?, Value of the Family, John the Baptist, following God's guidelines is your choice, jobs of the minister.
2/20/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 6 (Disconnect from 11:40-12:40)
Meaning of Words - the Devil's greatest deception, Baptism of Christ - set free from laws of Pharisees, Family and child behavior, Early America strove to seek God's government, Property Tax = usury, Baptism of Herod, the Pilgrims and charity, The REAL forefathers, What sets man free?, Patrick Henry - the barefoot lawyer, "beast" nature of government, Strive to be like Christ - WWJD, Pentecost, Lifeboat example, the Character of Christ, unrighteous mammon, Christ loved Peter even when he denied, Government in Christ's Jerusalem, Herod's promise to Messiah, Thanksgiving = Eucharist, Abraham's journey, surviving freedom, Communities without Kings, reign for 1000 years after Christ, the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abram and Brahma, What was Abraham doing that made him the man of faith?, Altars of living stone, Casting bread upon the water, corporate government, the Prodigal Son, ministers are living stones upon which you lay your sacrifice.
2/27/10 The Pharisitical Approach
Pitfalls toward the Kingdom - Pharisitical approach, Doctrine from outside, the emperor's coin, "Temples" at Ephesus and Janus, Spain's cooperative corporations, US not a republic anymore, "lawmaker" vs "representative", Pharisees made metaphor into ritual, Keeping your word, Peter and Jesus' tax, "Alexander the Great" story, Gulf War syndrome, Ex-parte hearings, the mis-understood John the Baptist, Romans 13, Real men face one another openly, Freedom of Speech in the Kingdom, putting people on pedastels, Be watchful, careful, cautious..., Living by your "Yea".
3/6/10 Have you been deceived? (New audio system, new problems...Very faint, worse after 10 minutes, gone after 28 minutes)
What we've been decieved by and how, who is to blame?, replacing Pride and Vanity, we're not "tickling ears", Tough love, Weekend Christians, Return go God!, (quieter) Problems with "rescinding", forcing your neighbor?, unlawful becoming legal, salvation by free will, George Washington vs George III, the real Sin of Sodom, "Walk the Plank" mentality, Golden Calves and common purses, Freedom for the big flock, (no need to listen beyond 28:00 mark).
3/13/10 Picturing the Kingdom
Vastness of the Kingdom, "Adawma", Hebrew - a different kind of language, translation of King James, Adam's sin, Amish case on animal registration, Christ on Networking, Congregations of Record - all autonomous, Diversity of Talents, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, networking of home churches, Free Will must always be allowed, Choosing a Contact Minister, possible activities for congregations, "Sucking" vs "Breathing out", Loving in an active way, Reacting to evil/danger, Influence of the Holy Spirit, Where does the problem originate?, How to change?, Driver's License history, Size of congregations, Deacons, Elders, "The Plan", personal traditions, "Logos" - a legal term, waiting on the LORD, criteria of a Congregation of Record, Creedence Letters, Assurance, Health care solutions, avoiding division.
3/20/10 Congregations of Record - what are they?
It begins with Moses and takes you to the Church in the wilderness and then to the early Church and how it worked and how it can work today. How the guidelines can work today. And how they do not work today... Including a church of record. Individual ministers. acceptance and recognition form including a letter of determination... In the second half of the show went through the guidelines one at a time. Some of the basics. Records, separate status of ministers, the individual stones of the altar. Two Tables. The one the sets you free and the one the brings you into bondage... Live, eat and breath justice and honor. Giving in the moment as you see fit. Giving entirely... We only got to ten and then we had a call from Jack in Texas.
3/27/10 The Church (Ekklesia) - Then and Now
How is the church different today than the first century?, Essenes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Apostles = Ambassadors, "Swear not!", Health Care, Public Schools, Good ideas? Or contradiction of Christ?, Home Churches, Our message - The Gospel of the Kingdom, Christ and socialism, Do you love Christ? Or the IDEA of loving Christ?, Altars in the Church, Giving and sacrifice, Minister defined, His Church Credit Union, Elders from the families, The Congregation, Letters of Creedence, "Logos" = Word - but what does it mean?, Minister defind more, Excluded vs Exempted, "feed my sheep", Constantine and the Church, All gifts freely given, What the church is NOT, The rest of the plan - Guidelines 13-20.
4/3/10 The Kingdom and How It Works
1066-1090 vast shift in power, The "Inquisition", Symbols of Christ, The sin of Sodom, Christ's solution, The Kingdom is for the LIVING, starts with the Family, Altars of Clay, Striving, These are GOOD times, Socialistic governments, Temples of Gold, the Temptation of Christ, Abraham the father of most faiths, What was he doing?, What were Moses and Christ doing?, Why don't most people know this?, Outreach of HHC, "Adhocracy"?, The struggle of liberty, Discussion of the Polity of His Church (10 points), Prime Directive of the Church = Luke 22:25.
4/10/10 Three questions
Patterns of the early church, what Christ came to do, what he would NOT do, the end result, Israel today - judge them by their fruits, Corban and Qurban, Start NOW - don't wait until you die, (1) What must we do to be saved?, Christ and his "little flock", Pure religion, "logos" and church ID, Returning every man to his family/possessions, What about "Works"?, Fruits of today's church - the whole world is in bondage, singing the song of the lamb, and of Moses, Raca, Making yea yea, (2) What did Christ do?, (3) What is the baptism of Christ?, purpose of taxes, Crystal Cathedrals vs Living Stones, Churches of Record established by Christ, letters of Creedence, Spiritual vs Physical world, serving God by serving Others, BE the flock of Christ.
4/17/10 Qualities of Ministers
Paul the tent-maker, Acquilla & Priscilla, welfare of the synagogues, who were the "scribes"?, Altars of earth and of stone, can't change government - change yourself, no exercising authority!, Mark of the Beast, Who do you pray to?, how quickly life changes, Christ's better way, what is "Israel"?, what is your responsibility?, what skills do you need?, Churches of RECORD, Who are Elders?, 501(c)3, form 1023, creating reality by our choices, strong delusion from the church, Ministrative Guidelines, what do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about it?, the Essenes, Boundaries for the outside world, What are you looking for in a minister?, our authority, Free Church Report book, Burnt Offerings, Living your word.
4/24/10 Kingdom of God - the basics
The Kingdom of God is for the living - not the dead, Who are ministers of Christ?, Government of Power vs Government of Service, "Tithing", "Liturgy" defined, Is your church based on service?, Owning all things in common?, Is it incorporated?, "Under" the IRS?, Where do you send your needy?, Was Christ a King?, Is he YOUR King?, "Mammon" defined, Thy Kingdom Comes book, What is the plan?, Be not only hearers of the Word, but DOers!, The vanity of words, Do you keep your word?, God's word?, The best decievers, Ministers and Orders, the secret of the Kingdom..., In but not Of, "in tents" vs "intense", overcoming deception, You've been taught to look to the world - repent, and look to the Kingdom, Characteristics of ministers, Grow up!, Why will the world hate us?

Please Note: The recordings are having more and more "dropouts" of late. This may be because of an increased audience and the First Amendment Radio servers being unable to distribute network "packets" to all the receivers in time. I don't think it is my local Internet connection as other broadcasts I listen to do not suffer the dropout problem.
5/1/10 Christian Opportunities in History
Study history to avoid repeating mistakes, World-wide Kingdom, Dissention in the EU, If you owe it - pay it!, Income tax is based on contract - government can't interfere, Christians and the Federal Reserve, Free books, Israel in Egypt, Christians and the Depression, Are Social Security and Welfare Charity?, Davey Crockett story, Charity is critical for the well-being of society, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah,, The Living Network, The journey back to Christ - repentance, Re-learning how to love our neighbor, Who do you pray to?, Your job in the Living Network, Seed saving, health care, Congregations of Record - paperwork, Feed my Sheep!, Be the benefactors who do NOT exercise authority, Altars of Clay and Stone, Retreat grounds, Imagining the future.
5/8/10 Heaven and Prayer
The meaning of words - babble, words Heaven = Ouranos = Sky, Frame of reference for Bible reading, Is Christianity division or unity?, Religious "Heaven", not definite like math translations: two = deu = dos = zwei..., No good translation in English for "Ouranos", People in Christ's time were more intelligent than we give them credit, Location of Kingdom of Heaven, Did the Jews reject Christ?, Who do you pray to?, How we are like God, Paradise Lost, Why aren't humans free?, Repenting, The "Adversary", Every election of man is a rejection of God, Satan's seduction, How do men get dominion over you?, Church Government, What does God want?, When will God hear my prayers?, Physical vs Spiritual reality, How do I get to the Kingdom of Heaven?, Bearing witness, Being still, Proverbs 23 before Psalm 23, The "tares" are everywhere, "Man as he ought to be", Don't get distracted, Choose who you will serve.
5/15/10 The Free Church Report
Many in the world speaking of Faith, Hope, and Charity, Oil Slick in the Gulf, Bailouts, Where has the "Church" lead us?, False gods, The baptism of covetousness, Who will you serve?, Is your motivation fear or love?, The early church, "Does your master pay the tax?", Who are "elders"?, Go to the ant, Strive, Little Hitlers, description of Congregations of Record, Why a network?, "Liturgy" defined, The role of "minister", Kingdom of God vs all other governments, Character of Christ, what is the bible about?, Can't change government - change yourself, Repent = turn around = change direction, The Government is not your father, How to repent, Do Do Do Do Do Do!
5/22/10 The Living Network
The Kingdom is here NOW, Moses and Christ in agreement, Need to understand the fullness of the Gospel (of the Kingdom), Early church was serving people - not building buildings, The "Trinity", Theology vs acting in the character of Christ, Christ knows "why" you give, Christ and the Pharisees, Network "spectators", Christ's "weightier matters", Working out your salvation, Nakedness and underwear in the bible, Where Satan's authority comes from, "Accepting" Jesus, God's Righteousness vs Man's "righteousness", What are you sacrificing?, "Free Church Report" book, Get back to Christ - what did He say?, Ekklesia vs Church, Ghandi?, Coming out, Christ's appointed Kingdom, Thou sayest it - a separate jurisdiction, Coming together, The first corporation, The new Levites, Christ = "another king", The apostles were princes of that Kingdom, "Leaders" vs "Rulers", Casting your bread upon the waters, Government? It's the Church!
5/29/10 CNN Feature Airs
Featured link on CNN main page!, Reading of the article, commentary, Why Brother Gregory lives in Summer Lake, Why is Brother Gregory "Brother Gregory"?, Social Welfare of the ancient Israelites, Rebuttal of "abandoning society", Commentary on commentary, Pharisees vs Essenes, What is "His Holy Church"?, Withholding judgment, Shepherding analogies, Church vs Government, Davey Crockett story, Breakdown of the Family, What Christ was telling us to do, Corban of the Pharisees, Avoiding "pidgeon-holing", Where to focus our efforts, Repenting, The Kingdom is not a Welfare State, What does "in my name" really mean?, Feasts and Families, Building a community with Faith, Hope, and Charity.
6/5/10 Visualizing the Network
Comments on CNN Feature - (World's Untold Stories - Christians Unplugged), Interest world-wide, Growing the Network, "Love thy Neighbor" in operation, Acting locally - thinking globally, Visualizing the network, Joshua 22, The "Cora" story, How to be free, "We are all kings", Where we are today - back in Babylon, How to escape, Weeding out the tares, John 3:16, More about Reuben, Living Altars, Are your leaders manifesting the spirit of Christ?, God's promise, The return of the kings, Were The "Dark" Ages really that dark?, Striving for our neighbor, Can this work?, What do I do next?
6/12/10 Fear Not!
(Special studio recording)
What Christ came to preach, Saving the world?, What is "peculiar" about His people?, Whom shall I fear? - Whom shall I not?, The Cain philosophy, Coming into one accord with Christ, What's the bible about?, The Truth that most don't want to hear, Abram in Haran, Liberty defined, The myriad of gulf oil scenarios, Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?, Do you so love the world?, More on Socialism, Where is Christ?, Am I like the prodigal son?, What must I do and why?, Gnostics and Faith, Pharisees - proud of their humility, The Fall retreat, The Kingdom of Heaven is for the Living!, Strive for it, Feed His sheep, From dry bones to flesh, Mark of the Beast article, Vows of poverty?, Pure Religion defined, Living by Faith, Hope, and Charity in Spirit and Truth, Sitting at the table of rulers, Are you a minister?, What is a "Vow"?, Why don't we see more miracles today?, Fear not!
6/19/10 Different Religions
Live from the Medford Green Expo, Out-of-the-box thinkers, Religion defined, Rome's social welfare programs, Benefits have strings attached, Early Christianity was different, Commandments and Christ, Tale of two SS recipients, Supporting Parents, Temples in the first century - Saturn, Janus..., Pure Religion vs World Religion, Why Christions were persecuted, Rome before Caesars, Different "Religions" vs Christ, What the "evil one" wants, What you can do about it, The choice we must make, Local sources of food, Comments on Chuck Baldwin's survival article, The greatest gift we can give, Other radio shows, Overlook dogma in favor of love, Words about the retreat, Signs of the times, Preparation.
6/26/10 Snare
(Special studio recording)
God gave man dominion over the Earth = Kingdom of God, Man via Tree of Knowledge began to separate from God, hiding & fleeing - losing some of that dominion, what people heard at Sinai, Authors of the bible were inspired, but not translators, You need to be inspired when you read it, Many are hiding from God, "gin" defined, Conspiracy theories, Seduced by Government to do things contrary to the nature of God - taking from your neighbor, Karl Marx time, Decline of the middle class, Rejecting God - warned by prophets, Getting the government you seek, Seize the vote?, Democracy's changing definition, The sophistry of Satan, Graven Images, Laws and binding authority, What Christ taught, Paul and the Authorities, The snare of the fowler, Peter and the tax, Becoming the body of Christ, The Kingdom of Heaven will triumph, "Snare" in the bible, Vote = Prayer, Congregations of Record - conforming to Christ, More on "anger", Canoe in the Rapids analogy, Why participate in the network?, Characteristics of ministers, How Christ can live in you, "Robbers", Snared by your works, The keys to the kingdom, doing unto others, Socialism is having "one purse", Can't out-vote the selfish, Get involved, Help others!, Come together, The snare of today's churches.
7/3/10 Word of God - Excellent History lesson
Bible - Authors were inspired, translators were not necessarily inspired, History of translations, Compiled by Eusubius under Constantine, What about Constantine?, meeting of bishops, Kingdom of God at hand = right to be ruled by God, Why was Jesus brought before Herod? Pilate?, Structure of government at Christ's time, 3-part kingdom, Who was king in Jerusalem?, Herod and the prophesies, The Royal Robe given to Christ, Baptism of Herod, "Word of God" translations, Pharisees (scholars) didn't even get it, Need inspiration to understand the bible, What is your motivation?, Brother Gregory's motivation, All will fall short, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Homework!, "bondage" in Egypt, Treasure Cities, How did WE get back into bondage?, Tuten Moses III?, (re-) Constructing His Church, Why was Rome in Judea?, A bit on passports, Congregations of Record, Congregations of Congregations, Election in the Kingdom, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, and Ministers.
7/10/10 Journey Without End
Who is Paul from Wisconsin? King-dom(inion) and Free-dom(inion), Earthly kings vs Kingdom of God, Knowledge vs Inspiration, Why this WILL work, Brother Gregory's walk, Authority of the Bible(s), Dead Sea Scrolls, Turmoil on the network, King James version - conflict of interest?, Word meanings at the time of Christ, How to read the Bible(s), "Original" Greek and Hebrew, Getting out of the system - Rev 18 vs Matt 6, Journey without end, Traps along the journey, What was nailed to the cross?, The weight of Pilate's proclamaion, Communicating to the world, A new approach?, Rattling the bars, "bondage" in Egypt vs "freedom" today, Announcements, Radio outreach, Media appearances, The HHC website, What it's like in Wisconsin, Why are we here?, What shall we do?, Random acts of kindness vs loving your neighbor, My journey, Sparking curiosity, Was Jesus "king"?, How to reach the lost, the Gospel of the Kingdom, HHC Books, Leadership by service, peace upon your house.
7/17/10 Was Christ really King?
Structure of government in Christ's time, Why did the pharisees ask permission from Rome?, Making covenants, What is "faithfulness"?, Herod the Great's method, Dead stones vs living stones, A word or two on oaths, Hosanna in the highest!, The "palm" tradition, Christ in the treasury, Apostles = ambassadors, Church is a government, "This Rock", Who has the Keys of the Kingdom?, Help reading the bible, Temples in early church time, The 14th amendment, Role of the federal government, How to seek the Kingdom, The retreat in Sept, The FEMA of HHC, The Ordained Church, Needing the "world", Making the change, Purpose of the Church, Gold amongst dirt, Half the truth is a lie, What does *your* government look like?, Worse than Egypt?, Take (back) responsibility!, Are you forgiven? Why?, Voting in morality, Tough love, Homework!
7/24/10 Wheat crisis?
Minute or two of technical difficulty, History of food reserves in the USA, What changed?, Grain around the world, Starvation in food-rich nations, Who can you depend on?, Grain in Exodus time, Nixon's influence, The potential of co-ops, Weathering the weather, Conversations with an international seed buyer, Grain and the Roman empire, Where are we today?, The bondage of early Israel - sold their brother who benefitted Pharoah rather than Israel, Problems caused by OUR apathy, The need for another system, Influence of the sun, Distributing grain at the retreat, Your word is your bond, Surviving many of our mistakes, Who do you stock up for?, His Church is NOT a welfare state, Thinking Kingdom, What if YOU are in need?, Proper use of grain, Eschatology? Heaven forbid, Who can you trust?, There is enough time - just barely, Why join the network?, Acting upon the gifts you have received.
7/31/10 Beatitudes
Different kinds of love, Are you saved?, Strong delusion in the church, Rulers in today's society, Liberty or bondage?, Can the government by faith, hope, and charity work today?, The true name of Christ, Participation is key, Taxation without rights to benefits, Why are your ministers not warning you?, Saying but not doing, How to be free, Government is created in your image, The Church is the only true republic, "Ouranos" defined, Christ and Pilate, Was Christ King?, Beatitudes, Who are "poor"?, Why are they blessed?, Who "mourn"?, What about the "meek"?, Where does deception come from?, And "righteousness"?, Corollaries to the beatitudes, Who is "pure of heart"?, And the "Peacemakers"?, Rebellion vs Righteousness.
8/7/10 It can't happen here?
(Special studio recording)
Storing of grain, Supply/Demand crop cycles, Solar Max, Importance of grain throughout history, Family storage, Don't be a "foolish virgin", Proper way to use grain, Stocking up on medicines, Can you count on God to help you if you won't help your neighbor?, Kingdom is not a welfare state, It can't happen here?, There's more to church than Sunday, How much does your family eat in a year?, What about guns/ammo?, Taking charge of your life, Voting?, To whom do you pray?, Our simple message, Temples and the early church, Temples today, Beware temptation, Where can it lead?, BE the government rather than looking to government, Can't bury this message, Spread the word!, Luke 6:46 "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?".
8/14/10 Questions and Answers
(Special studio recording)
Today in history, The dominion of man, What is our job?, Call from "Rick" about bonds of trust, Learning to trust, The "buddy system" times ten, vouching for our neighbor, learning forgiveness, forming congregations, Kingdom vs Church, Worship of names is idolatry, Call from "Joey" about church as a government - the kingdom at hand, What was the early church doing?, Apostle = Ambassador, Families/Elders control donations until they are given, Ministers vs rulers and law-makers, Announcements, Christ IS our BEST example to follow, Christ's use of the word "world", God = giver of life, World = takers, Ekklesia = called out = Levites = Church, How does one become a minister?, Taxes in the Kingdom, "Burnt offerings" defined, Power in the kingdom is the choice of charity, Christ appointed a kingdom, Can this work?, Can YOU do it?, It's your call, Question from "Kendall" on altars and buildings, "Thy Kingdom Comes" book, altars of clay and stone, Call from "Dan" about service and the Holy Spirit, Acting as the Spirit moves you, God is speaking to EVERYONE right NOW!
8/21/10 Strong Delusion - Red-letter episode!
Kingdom of God from the beginning, Able, Noah, Abraham, ekklesia in those days, "Altars" defined, Moses and the promised land, Why don't we understand today?, Tithing, Baptized by Christ = kicked out of synagogue, Kingdom vs Church, 2 systems at war today, Rome = worship the emperor, President is a god - apotheos, Deification, Today's system is un-Christian and un-Jewish and un-Koran and un-Hindu..., Do good Samaritans dial 911?, Gregory's personal stories, Today's church is a social club, Love while in church but go home and pray to benefactors, Strong Delusion, The weightier matters, Benefits at the expense of your neighbor, Are governments ordained by God?, The spirit of Cain, Churches misled, Jesus' family, Who was king in Jerusalem at Christ's time?, The Gospel of the Kingdom - not a popular message, Personal Declaration of Independence, Insurance?, Super weeds!, Do you love your neighbor? Then DO it!, Woe unto preachers, Stop following those who don't preach the kingdom, Repent! Seek the Kingdom! Find others!
8/28/10 Money!
What is money?, Different kinds of money, Natural money, Money by law - whose law?, Who can create money?, Federal Reserve Notes vs United States Notes, Purposes of new money, Where money gets its power, Wholesome money?, Weights and measures, Money in the bible, Precepts of Christ, "Value" of money, Light amongst darkness, Ministrative guidelines of HHC, Making your Yes, Yes, Retreat info, Government by man a rejection of God - 1 Sam 8, Prov 1, Prov 23, To whom do you pray?, How prayers are answered, Seeking the kingdom, How?, Sacred Purpose Trust, Altars of clay and stone, Irrevocable gifts = burnt offerings, unregulated ministers, YOU always have the choice, "Feed my sheep", The prodigal children, Government of the people, for the people (minister), by the people (recognition), Churches and tax exemption, Forming congregations of record.
9/4/10 The Way to the Kingdom
Constantine's Council at Nicea, Baptism without Repentance, Death in the name of Christ, Denominations, Conforming to Christ, Appearance of being godly, What ritual?, What doctrine?, What is the Church?, Feedom without control, Altars of clay and stone, Living by the sword, True giving, Why are you afraid?, Congregations of Congregations, Episkopos, The Lowerarchy of the Church, World government, Burnt offerings, Unhewn stones, Sacred purpose trust, What the Church should look like, Anti-Pharisee or Anti-Christ?, Ekklesia, Guidelines of His Holy Church, Conversion, Bound by virtue, Choosing ministers, Empowering without losing power, Unincorporated Association - stay away, Who's the beneficiary?, Feed my sheep, Who else is teaching this?, Christ IS King!
9/11/10 The Church's role in preaching the Kingdom of God
Our only salvation, to incorporate, or not to incorporate, Nimrod and Cain, the spirit of Satan vs Christ, Your responsibilities, HHC in the Real World, Sacred Purpose Trust, Living Altars, Pure Religion, Who is the beneficiary?, Episkipos = bishop, How to love Christ, "Israel" defined, Abraham and Shem, The faith of Abraham, Apostolic Church, precept upon precept, What about "All things in common"?, the Bill of Rights, equitible conversion, the voice of the people - rejecting God by electing, Repent, expatriation, our righteousness must exceed theirs, vows, "Go cry unto the gods...", Christ's Comforter, Bonds of the Kingdom are not contractual, "feed my sheep", What is a trust?, the Constitution of Christ, the Church of the State, understanding the New Testament, Living Stones, unregulated except by Holy Spirit, the Church is a separate government, Statute of Mortmain, the rise of kings - 1000 years after Christ, Magna Carta, Barnabas' righteousness, returning every man to his possessions, role of the minister, living under God alone.
9/18/10 Pharisees, Essenes, and Caesars
Ekklesia - what it means, don't ask the Pharisees, "Temple" you say?, Who are the Essenes?, Intrigue at the time of Christ, Sadducees and Zealots, Can you be a Christian and a democrat?, setting the table of the Lord, Guidelines of the Church - continued, Gifts are given entirely = burnt offerings, Living altars of stone, Bondage in today's church, unhewn stones, in the Kingdom you never give up your rights, punishing the wicked, "righteousness", Christ the beneficiary, what ministers of HHC do, what they don't do, "logos", Infant christening?
9/25/10 Live - from the retreat
Interviewing retreat guests on this show: 1) Paul from Wisconsin, 2) Hadar from Minnesota, 3) Mark from Australia, 4) Isa from Oregon, 5) Jeff from South Carolina
10/2/10 Questions, questions...
Who can you trust as ministers?, What about the next election?, Are you capable?, What "Party"?, What's so great about the Constitution?, What makes this country great?, What are you voting for?, Who gives you permission?, What strong delusion?, Do you keep your word?, Who is my neighbor?, Does your king sleep in the woods?, How can you be more humble than me?, What's wrong with Socialism?, Who are you calling slothful?, Why care about Orders?, Why should we love our enemies?, Who are you calling a fake Christian?, How can the people remain free?, Can I trust you?, Isn't the Kingdom of God for after I die?, Were the "Dark Ages" really dark?, Should we be rebuking?
10/9/10 Cause and Effect
You always have a choice!, Intent->Reaction->New Intent, God's greatest gift to mankind, Repentance, Forgiveness, vices vs virtues, What spirit is within you?, What does God want for YOU?, This day in history, 1060 - the dawn of kings, Lady Godiva, The Doomsday Book, Castles, cathedrals, and churches, What's different about His Holy Church?, "Offices" in Roman Empire, Comments on the Retreat, the Voice of the People, What freedom did Christ bring?, Are you Christian or Pharisee?, Hewing stones of the altar, "Deserving Poor" defined, Prayers vs Doers, Is believing enough?, What does it mean to be the faithful?, To serve or to be served.
10/16/10 The Sin of Corban
New booklet - The Sin of Corban, How does God want you to form a government?, Treasure cities of Pharoah, Social Security, Offices of Power, Rejecting God?, Benefits = snares, "Christian" governments, Our Father who art in Rome? DC? Heaven?, Antics of man's government, Is your government Anti-Christ?, What can you do about it?, Structure of God's government, Standing alone together, Family is the foundation of society, Kingdom living in early America - faith, hope, charity, Now we're back to the Corban of the Pharisees, Kingdom living in early Rome, What is my "fair share"?, What about the wicked?, Baptism of Herod, Altars of sin, Justinian's apology, Sunday worship?, 666?, Cristians in failing Rome, The church of Constantine, Socialism and the public schools, Build the table of the Lord - then set it, What is "Israel" really?, Characteristics to look for in Kingdom thinking, Parables, I want a church that..., There is another King, What next?, Working out your salvation, Who do you love?
10/23/10 Christian Banking
Doing evil for good outcome, Cain's choice, going with the flow, Josiah Stamp on the Bank of England, legal title vs equitable title, Creating deposits, Corporations, Actions of the Federal Reserve, Advice from Proverbs, Just weights and measures, Understanding the program, Insurance, Interest, JFK US notes, FDIC, Fractional reserves, Where's the risk?, Forclosure, Real-world examples, More on Cain, Seth, Nimrod, Ruling over your brother, Giving power to other men, Greed in the system, Savings and Loan crisis, Acts 6:3, Temple = Royal Treasury, Compelling contributions, Christ casting out the money changers, Credit Unions, Casting thy bread upon the waters, Owning your bank, The purpose of "Church", Workable Congregations of Record.
10/30/10 The Coercive Church
What is the "Coercive Church"?, Who is part of it?, What are its precepts?, What is it missing?, Keys to reading the New Testament, Tithes, Social Welfare, Elders in HHC, Who loves you?, Culture at Christ's time, Corruption in the temple, Christ in the temple, Money changers, Mammon and Corban, Pure Religion, Another baptism, Who were the scribes?, Mark of the Beast, We need DOers, Even Satan believes in Jesus, Since when is it OK to take from your neighbors? - your preachers tell you it is!, How to repent, Does socialism work?, Are we re-living the Roman Empire?, Invisible bread lines - 40 million long, forgiveness parable, How forgiving are your ministers?, Early American churches, Forced contribution or Free Will offering?, How to solve the problem, This has worked before, Truth hurts - but not forever, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
11/6/10 The Morning After and Guilt
Lies, Deception and the Truth, Strayed from the work of God, Are you a victim?, The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, The morning after the elections, Who won?, The "strait" way, Having one purse, Voluntary or coerced?, Coveting = SIN - even if *everybody* does it, The family divided, Repent!, The TRUE forefathers of America, The Constitution?, Where is your allegiance?, Republics through history, Re-naming government, Going back to Egypt, Flesh pots and cauldrons, "Democracy" - really, Caesar's republic, Light in the darkness, Lawmakers?, Do you see the gun pointed at you?, Does your church comply with God?, Is it hung up on philosphy and doctrine?, What are the "weightier matters" Christ talked about?, Democracy then vs now, Are you an "R" or a "D"? Or a "JC"?, Have you woken up or just rolled over?, Answers to important questions, "Religion" - really, Things YOU can do, Count the cost, Beware "too good to be true" scams, UCC Redemption, Educate yourself, The solution is..., Resources available to you FOR FREE, Come to His table - like pot luck, The local Marcus Aurelius, Who are foolish virgins now?
11/13/10 Kingdom vs Kingdom (Very low audio - turn it up!)
State National movement, Citizens of State vs Citizens of United States, Constitution not ratified but acquiesced to, Sureties to debt - by contract, "Egypt" defined, Would you sell your brother into slavery?, Remember "rebuking"?, Where have all the churches gone?, Christ's plan to set men free in spirit ant truth, Apostle = Ambassador, Do you want Jesus as your king?, Taxes in the Kingdom, Crystal Cathedrals, Let God judge - you seek the kingdom, 501(c)3, Christ's government vs man's government, Do what Christ said to do - together, Washing feet, IRS Form 1023, Why file?, Church Government, Remember "righteousness"?, The Golden Calf, Bonds in the Kingdom, "Love one another", More on State Nationals, "Church" defined, Are you an apostle of Christ?, How do I find out?, Making the word of God to none effect, "Application" and the IRS, Life in a Republic, What concerns you?, "lowerarchy" of the church, Only answerable to God, Pentecost, The peril of Ananias, Religious Orders, Ruler of Rulers or Servant of Servants?, Social Assurance.
11/20/10 Two Nets
The edict of Diocletian, Rome: From republic to empire, As society changes, so changes government, "Welfare" in Rome, Quiris vs Romeus, Does God create government?, Who elected Saul?, What did God say about it?, Only God signed the 10 commandments, Power corrupts, Are you a human resource?, Honor your Father and Mother, Herod's Kingdom of Heaven, God's name isn't on the constitution, Sicking government on your neighbor, John the Baptist, Why are you here?, Being a true brother, Kingdom of Heaven is like a net cast into the sea, Recovery of early church property, Why fear Christians?, If sinners entice thee..., Justice in the Kingdom, So you want to do more..., Never being offended, No pedastels allowed, "Heal our Land" article on News with Views, The mark of the beast, HHC Books, Can't save yourself, Moses and Abraham saved many souls, The Shepherd's job.
11/27/10 What it means to seek the Kingdom
Reading the bible in the context of the time it was written, Milk and Honey, What were the Pharisees doing?, How to get out of bondage, Be like the ant, Can you forgive?, Strong delusion, Not those who say "Lord, Lord", The Living Network, Christ's "weightier matters", Feeling good vs Being good, His Church Seed Trust, Do we need possesions? Can we practice charity if we have nothing to give away?, Are we there yet?, Community Supported Agriculture, Nutrition the goal - not profit, Aspartame?, Lab rats and cancer, Correctable Diabetes, Re-mineralizing fields, Do this for your neighbor!, What spirit is guiding you?, Building congregations, What the early church was doing, The slothful should be under tribute, Keeping your word, Making your yes, yes, Step 1 - find the others, Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence - unwaranted usurpation, becoming a freeman, That was then..., Law vs Legal, Power tempts, Pilgrims learned to govern themselves, supporting one another, George III was the violator of the law, Today's "freemen", Where is the character of Christ?, Hebrew "mem", Join the Living Network because you have something to offer, The Kingdom empowers choice, Who/what are "elders"?, Giving to ministers.
12/4/10 Doctrines of Christ
Kingdom of God/Heaven at hand, The right to be ruled by God, Seeking the kingdom, It's always been here, Early Americans, becoming free souls under God, Structure of the Kingdom of Heaven, 1 minister serving 10 families, The gospel that Christ preached, Repent - from what?, Governments of Cain, Nimrod, Pharisees, What is worship?, Baptism, Obeying the commandments = loving Christ, Learning from the Holy Spirit, Saying "Lord, Lord", Tithing, Tickling your ears, Spirit vs flesh, Unforgivable sin, Even Satan "believes", Rendering to Caesar, Rome and free bread, Christ's baptism, Act upon what is given to be given more, Spiritual matters, The tree of life, letting go of vices, How to forgive, God provides, Conjuring the Holy Spirit, Church of Constantine, Loving darkness, Come to the light.
12/11/10 The Sabbath
Look at your calendar, Don't ask the Pharisees, they got it wrong, Moses in agreement with Christ, Bible is a tool - not the source, Resting, Eusubius and Constantine, Pontifex maximus, Baptism without repentance, A "way" for rulers, Sunday and common assembly, Meaning behind Sabbath, Eucharist, Acts of Marcus Auerlius, Why were Christians persecuted?, WWJD - Mimic that, Asking government to take from your neighbor = not OK, Welfare = not OK, Social Security = not OK, Public Schools = not OK, Socialism = not OK, Instead seek the Kingdom and His righteousness, Debt then work is anti-sabbath - work first, then spend, 1st day assembly - what needs to be done?, Community by love knows where the needs are, Saved by faith, judged by works, Agustus and the Senate, Details of the Roman republic, Family is key!, Then the decline, Apotheos, Now we have abandoned the way of Christ, Proverbs quotes, Repent!, The path of Israel, to the early Church, Strengthening the poor, What to do about it, Spirit + water + blood, God's spirit in you, Will you see?
12/18/10 Meet the Ministers
Brothers Jeff, Rick, and Paul get together to discuss matters important to their local areas and the Living Network as a whole. Spiritual warfare, Subtlty of Satan, Strong delusion, Our choices, Resistance, Suffering violence, The Kingdom lifestyle, Walking by the Spirit, Satan's legal access, YOU are not alone, Power of what we say, Refining silver by fire metaphor, God talking to each of us all the time, Christ's reflection in us, Repentance, Fighting against principalities, The whole armor of God, Fasting.
12/25/10 Christmas
Brother Gregory discusses the traditions which have been assembled together to arrive at the "Christmas" holiday as we know it today. He looks at scriptural basis as well as various cultural histories. Then he shows how these things tie in with the Kingdom of Heaven at hand and His righteousness, and how that applies to our lives in the present.
1/1/11 HHC Guidelines (11-20)
Spiritual constipation, Satan's force, Man-created governments, Swearing allegiance, What is a "Republic"?, Churches in early America, The spirit in today's churches, How to start a church, self-government, Stones of the altar, Burnt offerings, Responsibilities of a Minister, Guidelines of His Holy Church (11-20), Christ is overseer of His church, purpose = to return every man unto his possessions, Usury?, Recognition of ministers, no forced contributions, Waiving rights in society, Owing pharoah, Grantor gives up full control of gifts, When a minister dies, Inheritance tax, Ministers to consider requests of giver, Ministers to keep records, Who are "elders"?, Only recorse is withdrawal of recognition, May appeal withdrawal, Adding flesh to dry bones, Ministers may resign, Dissolving a non-maintainable altar, Governments that empower the people, Addressing the weightier matters in one accord, Returning to the ways of Christ.
1/8/11 Governed by God
2011 Whirlwind Tour, Christ's directives for free government, No treaties, Levites = public servants = Health, Education, and Welfare, People remain free souls under God, Boaz story - jury of peers, Cities of Refuge, Bearing false witness, Contracts supercede common law remedy, Public schools = socialism?, Made men, How 'bout welfare?, Today's ministers deny Christ - by policy, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?", Seek the kingdom, Where else are you hearing this message?, Government by brotherhood, Show me "righteousness", Show me "humility", Show me Christ, To "Do", or not to "Do", No pedastels allowed, Fear = selfish emotion, Much "good" happening, YOU are the treasure of the Kingdom, Feet washing, Do you "believe"? - Even the devil "believes", Do you DO?, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
1/15/11 You the People
You the People, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, "Community" made America great, Covenanting with Caeser is Contrary to Christ, Having form of godliness but denying the power thereof, Nation = people - neither here nor there, Subject to God - not other men, Knowledge of Gospel is a gift of God, Comfortable in sin? Churches keep you that way, Why the "Whirlwind Tour"?, The easy and hard way to learn, "gods" = magistrates or judges - make no covenants with them, Offices of power beget men of power; offices of service beget men of service, Do you desire the wealth of your neighbor?, Sunday vs Monday, Diabolos, To whom do you pray?, If you have a contract with Caesar - fulfill the contract, Even the devil believes in God - but doesn't DO what He says, We must DO!, "Repent" is not "I'm Sorry", "Coming Out" is at the END of the bible, Seek ye FIRST..., Why the early church was prosecuted, You are "merchandise", What to do about it?, Finding the Kingdom, Today's "world", Paying your tally of bricks, Ministers = bondservants of Christ, Who is my neighbor?, HHC FEMA, The Red Heifer, Being forgiven because you forgive, Doomsday?, "Coercive Church", The Purpose of the Church.
1/22/11 Who's Guarding the Republic?
Growing the Living Network, Bonds of trust, Mechanics of ministry, In God's kingdom you keep your rights, "Guardians of the Republic", Governments require consent, "Pure republic" defined, What about "democracy"?, Re-living the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, What was the church doing?, All our books are free!, The Constitution did NOT form the republic, What was left out of the Constitution?, Christ's solution, The perfect law of liberty, America - pre Declaration of Independence, "Free" education is worth exactly what you pay for it, 14th amendment, Constitution - ratified or not?, Who were "We the People"?, Administrative law, How much have you agreed to already?, "Corban" at the time of Christ, Sanhedrin = Congress, Making the word of God to none effect, Man's government says it's OK to covet, Modern churches say it's OK to covet?, Christ said NO!, "It is not to be that way with YOU", The Gospel of Churchianity, We must become the Church of Life - in Christ's name/character, At which door do you knock?, Have they gotten you to commit a crime?, Contract is law by consent, Lawmakers - not representatives, God already gave us the law, How to get back our rights.
1/29/11 Restoring the Republic
Restore America Plan - some thoughts (cont), Government of Man vs Government of God, Rejections of God, Why are we in bondage?, Idols of Jesus, "Not those that call me Lord, Lord, but those that DO the will of the father", Can't repent for others, Republic vs Democracy, What of "Full Disclosure"?, Solving deciet by deception?, Step 1 = Admitting where you are at, What to do now?, Your choices are..., Purpose of the Constitution, Unrighteous mammon about to fail, Jobs of a minister, History - when (and why) things went wrong, A little leaven..., US Federal Government was never a republic!, Purpose of Bill of Rights, What did Christ say?, Individuals coming together, Improving old wine skins, The Fate of Jerusalem, Getting realistic, Creed of the United States, Constitution is NOT your salvation - Christ is, How to pull this all together, Finding the sheep, Feeding the sheep.
2/5/11 False Prophets
People who lead away from the Kingdom of God - Cain, Nimrod, Lamech..., "Egypt" means "bondage", God's welfare system, Contractual nature of Government, Man is "allowed" to create governments - rejection of God, Warnings from Proverbs, You have coveted your neighbor's goods for your benefit - Repent!, Start coming together, Don't send people with guns to your neighbor's house, Solution is Christ, Was Moses's message different?, Be DOers, Strive - Christ said it!, United States is not a republic, Do you think you are "We the People"?, More on Restore America Plan - (RAP), What did first century church DO?, Unrighteous mammon, Example of Pompey, Do your homework, Socialism = Bread + Violence, Electing "Lawmakers"? Why do you need more laws?, Christ's "weightier matters", Finding the right(eous) guys, "Love" is pretty simple, Is your faith on your lips or in your heart?, Long way back to Christ - worth every sacrifice, Reailze the deception, Understand the Kingdom, Tree of Life vs Tree of Knowledge, Whirlwind Tour: March - May, Expose the lie and teach the truth, Focus on the Way of Christ.
2/12/11 Meet the Ministers
Brother Paul interviews Jeff Parrot (in South Carolina) and George Mason (in Massachusetts), The topic today is "The Kingdom Without and The Kingdom Within"..., Brother Jeff's view of life, the kingdom within with scripture, putting on a new nature or the new man, The difference between the empires of man and the Kingdom of God, He comes to live on the inside of us, so we yield to the Holy Spirit, How do we do community?, practicing community and handling conflict, "everything that comes from a man comes from within", what is happening in Massachusetts?, set up for the Whirlwind Tour, concentrating on health, sustaining each other on natural ways and nutrients, the need and importance of Congregation of Record, flare ups and putting on the character of Christ, how to transition to an outward witness of the internal kingdom, how the Congregations develop, recent regional gathering in South Carolina, real servant leaders, reflections on forming a Congregation of Record, what is available on His Holy Church?
2/19/11 Temples and Churches
"Grace" = "charis" in Greek = a given benefit, Who believes the Pharisees?, How about the Sadducees?, Essenes?, God will never OWE you salvation, Wycliffe and ekklisia, Who are robbers of churches?, Does God need us to sing to him?, Saving one another, Social Welfare through history, False salvation, Temples, Freedom takes courage, Civil law, Serfdom again, Notes or money?, Kingdom of Heaven is the answer - seek it and His righteousness!, Herod's welfare system, Losing spirit, Strengthen vs bail out, The sin of Sodom, Saul's folly, Temple at Ephesus, Making the word of God to none effect, Are you numbered?, Give - carefully, Today's temples, Today's churches, Who were the Tetons?, Invisible bread lines, Going the way of Christ, Moses, and Abraham, Inflation, What your minister didn't tell you, How to repent, The Prodigal Son and you, It's your responsibility, We don't tickle your ears, Stop blaming - start working.
2/26/11 Doctrines of Christ
His doctrines - not ours, The "Weightier matters", Christ preached government of the people, for the people, by the people, Free governments make life difficult for the immoral, Levite = public servants, No help for the slothful, Foolish Virgins, 4 biblical elements to put in your constitution - all 4 are violated today, The Bible is a book about government - good and bad, A little leaven, Are men property of the state?, The Higher Liberty book, Living by the Sword, Early Israelites - embryonic republics, Cashless society?, What is a minister?, Public School - tsk tsk, What is a Republic?, U.S. Constitution = Indirect Democracy, Repent and head toward pure republics - libera res publica, What is Pure Religion?, Pure Republics require Pure Religion, Global Warming?, What about the Sun?, US Grain Reserves, Do YOU love your neighbor?, Christ's motly crew, More on Ministers, Consent thee not, Creeping wolves, Making the word of God to none effect, Who were the Essenes?, Today's problem = SELFISHNESS.
3/5/11 Whirlwind Tour and Contact Ministers
Whirlwind Tour Schedule, Living Network modelled after Early Israel and the 1st century church, Why should I choose a Contact Minister?, Kingdom thinking, Holy Matrimony vs Marriage, Cain's folly, Structing the Kingdom, Job description for a Contact Minister, 1 Cor 13:3, Agape = love/charity, Our fragile society, YOU are the government that should take responsibility, Misunderstaing "names", Purposes of ID cards, CMEs and the power grid, How you have been lead astray, Generating interest for the Whirlwind Tour, How quickly technology grows, What is our priority?, "Grass roots" networking, Pearls in the congregations, Letting God be your god, What do you have to offer?, "Kingdom tracks" - home schooling, home health, Community Supported Architecture, Identifying the motives, Join us on the Living Network, law makers vs public servants, Returning to "the Way".
3/12/11 Prepare!
Japan earthquake, Caused by CME?, Watching for signs in the sun, Auroras at the time of Christ, FEMA vs F.E.M.A, What can you do?, Pure Religion defined, The cure for misery, 40,000 denominations?, Rebuke and repent, let the dead bury their dead, Do you have Jesus in your heart?, Let go!, Will the Father accept us prodigal sons?, Churches let in wolves but keep out shepherds, Humility is key, How did the early church function?, BE what Christ said, DO what Christ said, Enough Doodoo - just DO! DO!, Don't tell me you're saved - show me Christ in you, If you ARE saved you don't have to convince others, 4 ways to get out of debt, Want liberty? - set your neighbor free, How do you know who your neighbor is?, Contact ministers, You always have a right to choose, All Contact Ministers must be DOers, Don't be afraid - love one another, What is the "wrath of God"?
3/19/11 Not Ear Tickling
Fear vs Courage - source and solution to problems, To do or not to do?, The "Way", "Altars of Blood", Is Rome burning?, Dangers of speaking the truth, Socialism = living by the sword, Do you love truth?, Parable of the big horn sheep, Radiation danger?, "You can so this", Working the network, Food Matters, A dose of Radiation Reality, Can nature handle it?, Who's tending the weightier matters?, Leaders vs Law-makers, What happened to the BP "spill"?, Fukushima facts, Looking for signs in the sun, The solution defined, Christ - congregation - kingdom, Wisely meeting the needs, Social re-assurance, Regiliosity today, How to change direction, Examples, The temptation of the foolish virgin, Power corrupts! Don't give it, David repented - what about today's rulers?, Honor! Keeping your word!, Finding others who want righteousness, "Love" explained, What "love" is flowing from you?, Spiritual affects physical, Why does Christ love you?, Why do we love you?, History will happen - what part will you play?, It's your choice!
3/26/11 Live from Colorado
Greely - to be specific, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, re-learing the right to choose, re-birth to the spirit of freedom, alternative = human merchandise, Do your ministers teach Christ's weightier matters?, Striving today, You can't love Christ if you don't love service, Have you been called?, We will know you by your fruits, Changing direction isn't easy, The kingdom is in the moment, Don't turn your back on God, Signs of evil, Women in the bible, Bride of Christ, You cannot conjure the Holy Spirit, Angry? Let go!, The system is not fixable, His kingdom is not breakable, Examples of faith, The perils of "easy" Christianity, Idolotry, Where to look for God, Persevere, What seeds are growing within you?, Pure Religion, What "world" do you live in?, Preachers should know these things, Who will wake up?, Overcome!, The "doctrine" is simple - love God, love your neighbor, "His" doctrine is what "He" said, Are you going about your Father's business?, Be fishers of men.
4/2/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 1-21
Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory is in Omaha, Nebraska, on the whirlwind tour. Brother Paul begins his reading of Brother Gregory's book "The Higher Liberty" and begins by reading sections titled "Romans 13", "Social Contracts", "No King but Caesar", "Republics", "Democracy", "Deception", and "Church and State ".
4/9/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 22-39
Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory is around Dallas, Texas, on the Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues his reading of Brother Gregory's book "The Higher Liberty" and begins by reading sections titled "A Kingdom not of this World", "The Natural Law", "These Cometh from Evil, "The Rule of Right", "One Form of Government", "The Natural Error", "Consent thou Not", "The Curse and the Contract", "The Price of Surety", "Elements of the World and the Kingdom", "Mammons", and "The Dedication of the Book".
4/16/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 40-54
Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory visits South Carolina during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues his reading of Brother Gregory's book, The Higher Liberty. Paul begins this week by reading the dedication of The Higher Liberty and then picks up where he left off the previous week by reading: "Religion of the People", Mighty Hunters", "The Gospel of Love", "The Gospel of Freedom", "For Concience Sake", "Daily Bread", "Father Upon the Earth", "Modern Christians", "The Gods Many", "Sacrificed to Idols", "Denying the Kingdom at Hand", and does not quite get all the way through "1 Peter 2:13".
4/23/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 55-69
Paul Bethke is guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory visits Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues reading from the book, The Higher Liberty, and begins this week in the section titled, "1Peter 2:13" and also reads sections, "Supreme, Higher, Better, Excellence", "Unheard Cries", "Titus 3:1", "Obey Magistrates", "Be the Magistrate", "Public Servants", "Elders", "The Office of Diakonos", "Deaconus of Ten", "Union and Discipline", "Executive Officers" and finishes the broadcast reading the first paragraphs of "The Apostolic Church".
4/30/11 Live from Wisconsin
Brother Gregory hosts "Keys of the Kingdom" on the road in Wisconsin during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Gregory discusses the differences between the systems of socialism, corvee or corban or the world practiced by Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh, Caesar and selfish survivalists looking out for their own stuff versus the system of God which operates on free will offerings and service based on faith, hope and charity. Gregory lays out some real world examples of how the system of God works. Gregory discusses kingdom tracks of homeschooling and network apprenticeship programs through local congregations of record, network permaculture and healthy sustainable food production based on congregational supported agricultural (CSA) with seed saving and seed sharing programs, network health care systems based on kingdom principles of natural healing, network welfare systems to aid those families that have suffered loss or lack due to natural disasters. Gregory discusses how all this service to the network by the character of the Messiah being made manifest through us is only accomplished by doers of the Word and not just hearers only.
5/7/11 Live from Minnesota
Brother Gregory hosts Keys of the Kingdom from Minneapolis while on the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. What are we talking about when we are preaching the Kingdom? Gregory reveals some real world examples of how we fail to keep the commandments. What does true repentance look like and what is the direction we are supposed to be going look like? Gregory discusses real world examples of we should be doing to seek and return to the Way, character, name or spirit of God.
5/14/11 Snake Oil Salesmen
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! - Are your ministers preaching this?, There is another king - one Jesus, Pentecost in the New Testament, "Church" in Black's Law Dictionary, What the heck is "Corban"?, Social Security in Christ's time, Public Education?, Are you bound by debt or are you a thief?, How to get free..., Snake oil salesmen, The Right of Self-determination, Pirates, Where does government get your benefits?, Egypt today, "The Way", What Abraham, Moses, and Christ had in common, "Socialist Christian" = oxymoron, Making the word of God to none effect, "Accepting" Jesus vs the idea of Jesus, How the charlatans react to the light, Land Patents, Sovereigns without Subjects, Family Guardian, Who are the police?, WWJD?, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, How to build the Kingdom, Most haven't heard yet, HHC is not a stage show, Temples then and now, Social Security across the world, It must come from YOU, Working it out with fear and trembling, "Theology" won't get you into the Kingdom, Christ wants DOers, Signs in the sun, Are you ready?, Have you prepared - for others?, Where are the grain reserves?, Can it happen here?, Are we acting like foolish virgins?, Think Kingdom!
5/21/11 Bonds of Freedom
The Kingdom of God has been here from the Beginning, Cain's concept of kingdom, Deuteronomy's 5 conditions you MUST put in your constitution, Who's responsible?, Can you claim "fraud"?, The bible tells you how to be and stay free, Repenting, Truth gives life, Why KJV?, Why is networking hard?, Forming real congregations, Who were the apostles really?, Pentecost - freeing of souls, Buddy system times ten, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, Obamacare?, Think congregation - think kingdom, Are you a mere "human resource"?, The "feasts" are important, The bondage of eschatology vs the freedom of Christ, Seeking righteousness, The end of the world?, The voice cries in the wilderness again, Clearing the cobwebs, Government of, for, and by the people, Where to find healing, Show me the love, More than just e-mails, Does your minister say "Support one another" or "Support this ministry"?, Christ's two commandments, Christ's weightier matters, Church is singing you to sleep, Servants vs Rulers, What do you think of your neighbor?, Who are the DOers?, Freedom is within your grasp.
5/28/11 Judgment and Choice
Do we have the right to judge?, Do we have the right of choice?, Adam's choice, The Tree of Life, How the Holy Spirit works, Do we have the right to punish?, Cain's punishment, Boaz and judgment, Appeals in the Kingdom, Christ's advice, Evil will flee from the Holy Spirit, How Christians can be free, Are you a Human Resource?, The perfect law of liberty, Contracts of our fathers, Jesus will hold you to your word, Read the fine print, Seeing the truth, God's judgment, Congregations as part of the Kingdom, No more excuses, Deut 17:12, Basics of Hebrew, How the early church operated, "ye also are gods", Who made you judge?, Debtor's prison, Making mistakes, Accept God - do what he said, America is in bondage - what will you do?, What is death?, Living stones, Eucharist of Christ, Abraham's strength, If we were really the church..., The Treasury of God, Saying "Lord, Lord" vs DOing, Corruption and Extortion in the bible, Where will you stand?, Ridding yourself of Egypt, "Easy" salvation is dooming the world, Forgiveness.
6/4/11 Growing Power
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - "Growing Power" = Aquaculture meets fish farming = local food supply, Kingdom Tracks, This fragile economy, The Spirit of Commerce, Working for Christ, The Covenants of the gods book, How the system works, The right to choose, The pit, Hebrew "mem" = "flow", Being compatible with the Holy Spirit, Raw Milk, Alternatives for health, Where is the love?, Universal health care - in Christ's day, The source of power in society, You want miracles?, The Kingdom of God at hand, The essence of Nimrod, Who is your provider?, The Kingdom of God in action, Reaching the world, How to be a part of the Living Network, Liberty under God, What is your part?, Feast of tents, Pentecost, The corban of the Pharisees, Congregation extends to Kingdom, Have you been deceived?, Can you admit it?, Church vs Government, Church = Government, The Red Heifer sacrifice, What has my neighbor done for me?, Care to be cared for, Forgive to be forgiven, Love to be loved, Give life as God gave you life.
6/11/11 Righteousness of God
What is the Righteousness of God?, Words and their meanings, Sovereign Citizens, Pentecost, Tongues of fire, Chariots of fire, Understanding the language of the day, Understanding the bible - problems of language + preconceptions + influence, Who do we judge?, Making Christians think, Are you humble enough to admit when you're wrong?, Repent = turn around - from what?, Spiritual constipation, Freedom takes diligence, Is your government the Kingdom of God?, Pentecost the feast, Why be a DOer of the Word?, Are you "saved"? - from what?, What do we do?, Our constitution, Loving liberty, What part of History do you want to be on?, Did the apostles stay in the "upper room"?, Talk is cheap - faith costs, Righteousness costs, Things you can do..., His Church credit union, Living Network of thousands, Dry bones coming together, Making room for the Holy Spirit, You already KNOW what you should do - will you?, Or will you find excuses?, Internet = Haystack - finding the needle, The system of Christ - choose it!
6/18/11 The Lost Kingdom
Bureaucracy, Domestic violence, gods many = gospel of central authority, Deciding fact AND law, 5 items for your constitution, Priests in the welfare office, Who is the Lost Kingdom?, Who is "We the People"?, US Constitution = corporate charter - people are not a party to it, President same as Roman Emperor?, In Christ's Kingdom you are free!, Pedophile preachers?, State marriage = 3 party contract, Taking God's name in vain, Is the United States a Christian nation?, Are you in bondage?, Kingdom structure, Police in the Kingdom, Seed sharing, David vs Saul, Choosing your minister, Who is the "state"?, Why we need a congregation, Simply the "buddy system" - times ten, How to survive emergencies, The Kingdom of God is for the living - not the dead, Pharisees chose Caesar, US citizens elect a new Caesar every 4 years, GMOs are killers, Where is the love?, Who do you pray to?
6/25/11 Keys to Freedom
Teachings of the modern church, "Believe" or "Do"?, How to inherit eternal life, Benefactors who exercise authority, Home schooling in community, Rural electrification, Liberty Dollars, Banks vs Credit Unions, What history are you reading?, Commodity money, Beginning the journey back, Range sheep vs farm sheep, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Details from the early church, Modern Church = the great distractors, Perils of nuclear power plants, People helping people, Nobody gets left behind.

Episodes below this line come from a new 2-hour format broadcast on "Liberty Radio Live".
The program still airs on Saturday mornings at 8AM Pacific, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central, or 11AM Eastern time.
These MP3 files are about 20MB in size.
7/2/11 Liberty Radio Live
New 2-hour format, Doing better, Gospel of the Kingdom, Modern Churches = safe local clubs, Buddy system times 10, Being independent together, Is your neighbor OK - right now?, Do you send men with guns to their door to pay for your welfare/health care/schools/library?, What's the alternative?, Network where you're at, Pax Romana, What made America great?, Constitution vs Articles of Confederation, Today's Pyramids, Israel - priests to all nations, Plans for 2-hour format, An effective tool to preach the Kingdom, Be diligent, Should we judge?, Punishment in the Kingdom, Law - the weightier matter, Juries of Peers, Consitution is a corporate charter, Federal employees - are you one?, 14th Amendment citizenship, 861 argument, Have you rejected God?, Will you do it again?, Corporation defined, E pluribus unum, Motivation of Self Interest, Where is the love?, GMOs and the Food industry, What happened to our surplus?, Alternatives to Tyranny, Church ID, Chains of authentication, Coordinating world-wide aid, God's help, The ease of forming Congregations of Record, Being of one spirit, Republic vs Democracy, FAR chat room, Ways to contribute to the Living Network, The new paradigm, Benefactors who Exercise Authority, The perfect law of liberty, The real government of, for, and by the people, No force - charity, Unincorporated associations, Altars of Abraham, 1000 years of kingdom - the forgotten history.
7/9/11 On Who's Authority?
Now have a chat room, We only have authority to change us - not them, Big tyrants need little tyrants, Tomatoes in the front yard, Keeping the peace vs standing for righteousness, "stoned" misunderstood, what "weightier matters"?, Calls in Pennsylvania, Contact Ministers - quality not quantity, "Christian" labelling, Law of God written on our hearts and minds, Relationships, Kingdom tracks, Showing up for your neighbor, Don't look to the Pharisees to understand Christ - or Moses or Abraham, Small pox and raw milk, World police, Military guarantee peace?, Centralized governments are only recently the norm, Inflation - present mimics past, Is it OK to covet? Bet your minister says so, Beware false Christs, Paradise = Christians doing what Christ said, Lighting a world that loves darkness, Helping your minister, Being different than "them", Acting like Christ, "Prayer" re-defined, Help as to strengthen, Why do I need a congregation?, Study (be diligent) to show thyself approved, Seek out need, Purpose of the feasts, If necessary use words.
7/16/11 What was early church doing?
Many hands=light work. Radio syndication. Understand bible through it's context and context of history. I.D. - no guarantee if it's not who you are. People's needs haven't changed - NetWORKING is still the answer. Bible/History = Record of our lives. The PRICE of FREEdom. You DO NOT own YOUR property. "Worship" defined. CoR's are loving your neighbor. Summer Lake Retreat and how benefits. Training our children and REtraining ourselves. Preaching, yes; but DOing too. Dividing the Word and the bread (same thing). Build the net you want to catch YOU. Kingdom-iters vs. Congregation-alism. The World fears - this! "World-hood" watch. Paul's appeal to Rome (Luke 12:11) was a BIG help. The Nature of Christ - in you - is the answer to all your questions. Who will care for your children when you canNOT - "choose this day." Lawful legal records matter. Love=sharing=love. Walking toward kingdom=DOing kingdom things. Calendars are crutches. The Beast's uniform. Perfect Law = taxing yourself. Begin seeking from where you're at. Providing more than a token. Seeking = DOing - with whom, to whom. Kingdom thinking. We are NOT His holy church. Sabbath ORDER - rest AFTER laboring. Focus is service, NOT survival. One person is NOT a congregation. Live wires stay plugged in.
7/23/11 Rights and Responsibilities
On this edition of the Keys of the Kingdom on Liberty Radio Live Brother Gregory wastes no time rabble rousing and tickling the people's ears by telling them how awful and wicked their elected leaders are for taking away the people's rights and usurping power, but rather Gregory again explains the hard truth that the people freely let their rights go by letting their responsibilities go in order to covet and ask their gods many to steal and kill their neighbor to provide what the people are unwilling to provide for themselves by freely participating in the Babylonian system of Corban which was also practiced by the Pharisees, Rome. Phyllis in Pennsylvania calls in to ask questions about how to get rid of State issued driver's license and the other benefits Caesar or Uncle Sam offers his resident children. Phyllis also asks for an explanation of the differences between commissioned, licensed and ordained ministers. Claude in Vermont calls in with follow-up questions about the State's driver's license and Gregory explains why Pharaoh, Caesar or Uncle Sam will not let someone go just because the individual has filed paperwork telling their gods many that they are freeing themselves and cancelling their licenses, privileges and benefits offered by the gods many.
7/30/11 Repentance - tell me how
PCM network - a shadow of the kingdom, Tens, hundreds, and thousands in history, Why we don't see many miracles, Selfishness is anti-Christ, Nature of God, Why the kingdom fell - "they" learned and "we" forgot, We need to remember, No sitting on the sidelines, "Enterprise of Law", Central government aberration, Reason for problems in the world, And the solution, Who is your god? Whom do you serve?, Israelites and Egyptians, Tithing - according to service, We will witness miracles again, Blood of Christ - what does it mean?, Does Jesus' dying earn you forgiveness?, Might you be saved?, Images of Christ, God's opinion is reality, Is the sabbath still the sabbath?, Where is the Kingdom of God?, How to search for sheep, You've been taught lies - repent, ID questions and answers, New World Order is Chaos, Congregation forming, The Eucharist of Christ, Fallacies in today's church, What's wrong with organized religion?, Cashless society - already there, Socialism - already there, Schools as tools, Being a righteous slave, HHC Record's Ministry, Changing your spirit, Are you a as a little child? Looking to "Papa"?, Begin repentance by caring, Tickets to persecution, CMEs briefly, PCM Sponsorship, Benefits in the Kingdom, Bring questions to this show, Gospel of the Kingdom is simple, Breaking delusions, Find the real Christ, You can't fool God, Words of "fear", Washing the feet of your neighbor, Live in the powerful love of Christ.
8/6/11 It's not about "me"!
Good vs Evil - Evil is the absence of Good, Can't fight absence with absence, Tree of Life = Holy Spirit, Evil = absence of Tree of Life = absence of Holy Spirit, Putting on the full armor of God, Immersed in Righteousness = Baptism, What righteousness can I do today?, What makes you righteous?, What is the right question?, Kentucky sisters sue for social security, Lawful vs Legal, SS vs Community, Anarchy and Christ, Kingdom of God = system of Righteousness, Your legal right to work, Ghandi and precepts of Christ, How to repent, Strengthening the poor vs Socialism, Giving "drink" to your enemy, Don't repeat Adam's sin, Owning your sin - then repenting, The name of Christ - what is it?, Giving life, Feeding sheep, Avoiding unrighteousness, Your right to follow Satan, Fear comes from not beliving God can triumph, How to discuss spiritual matters, Who is the real problem?, Satan and the modern church, God's righteousness vs Man's righteousness, How do we serve?, Fishing lessons, Depending on the Corban of the Pharises, Questions to ask, Psychopathic Narcissism? Remember president Saul?, Why did Chirst come?, Yes it is MY fault, Buddy system times 10, God's form of government, Offices of Power vs Offices of Service, Heirarchy vs Higher-archy, Justin's apologies, Holding the purse strings of government, Responsibilities of Elders, 1 God; 1 Christ; 1 Church, Face your selfishness, Recognize your sloth, "Sacrafice" is not a popular message, Can't wash feet from up on a pedastel, Serving in humility = power, Putting our own house in order, We are temples of the Holy Spirit, Word twisting, Which Christ?, Belong to religion or belong to Christ?, Fruit inspectors, Self-deception, Are we the "we"?, The revelation of the Spirit, Roles of ministers, Making gods of men, If we have the same father we can walk together as brothers.
8/13/11 Our Fall is Our Fault
Who is the enemy? No enemy has been defeated without first knowing who the enemy is, so who is the enemy? Is the enemy a cabal of elite and powerful bankers, politicians, businessmen and royalty conspiring to implement a new world order? No. The real enemy is us. Not the devil, not the bankers, not governments because the devil, bankers and governments do not have any power other than what we give them. We are the enemy because of the larceny in our own hearts. This week's discussion focuses on a series of emails that were being passed around on the HHC New York group talking about identifying the enemy. Gregory also touches on the current events of the day: comet Elenin and other geologic and celestial events. Hadar in Minnesota calls in with questions about Elenin and the theory of a rapture. Richard from Florida calls in and asks about "Universal Restoration". Dee in California's gold country calls in about the great tribulation and how God allows Satan to do his thing. Mark in Texas calls in to comment on the new audio system used to broadcast the Keys of the Kingdom.
8/20/11 Interview with Timothy Baldwin
1/4: Read referenced sources to confirm/deny their accuracy; Challenge others' assertions = sparks may fly (iron sharpens iron); Education is a personal responsibility; OT/NT actually agree - not so with translators; Want to understand the bible? Understand meaning of the words; From Adam and Eve, The Deceiver uses words to deceive; God created us, then WE created governments; God gave guidelines for government; Subsequent incorporation voids previous; To what government did Abraham belong?; Christ preached...government?; Early church (and early America) cared for all social welfare through faith, hope, and free-will charity offerings; 2/4: We're looking to governments of the world now, whether overtly or through neglect; We deserve the government we're getting; Before governments can change, people must change; (Righteous) law starts...where?; U.S. Constitution allows right to contract; "Rulers" of Rom. 13 are "ministers of God" for "evil doers" (definition: those who put their trust in THEM); Modern "churches" don't preach THE (=true=full) gospel - REPENT (stop, turn around, go the right way); 3/4: World governments meant for evil doers (see definition above); Meaning of "religion" and "unspotted"; State fills vacuum created by NOT preaching THE gospel; Shirking our duty is shifting (our) power to world's governments; Align with what Christ started - ONE church; Righteous power comes from what's given; "Oath" can be "to 'pray'"; You get from to Whom you pray!; Clarifying lines blurred by others/neglect; Christ's Way antithesis to world's forced contribution; History's repeating; THE gospel = YOU be the government; Timothy Baldwin stated he'd be leaving early, and did so at end of this quarter; 4/4: Paul's "power" means original, higher, supreme "liberty" God bestowed on all; no law makers needed - we have THE law; Israel elected (and governed/policed) ministers; Stop making contracts, and start...what?; PCM => MoR = White Regiment (of Christ/Service); Constitution is for sinners rejecting God (I Sam 8:); U.S. Constitution lacks four out of five key precepts/safeguards; "Liberty" to choose makes doing what's "Right" your choice; Choosing another way is not without consequence; Greek dictionaries of the time, define usage at the time; "Punishment" is "Reward" for choosing Tree of Knowledge; Two ways to learn; Not ruling over your neighbor does not mean not rebuking; Christ withstood temptation of Power; Modern "Churches" try to alleviate/eliminate suffering (built-in motivator to repentance) of sin.
8/27/11 Are Christians Idiots? MUST HEAR episode!
1/4: We're to preach gospel of kingdom at hand - and commandments; Even Peter needed help with his unbelief; Effort to keep commandments will show lacks where our belief falls short; We follow Satan from time to time; Know "righteousness of God"; Contracts => Sin of Sodom = poor not strengthened by faith, hope, charity; Gathering to care for one another = coming together in Christ's name/character/spirit; Kingdom of God is devoid of contracts; We're bound by OUR debts; What we're told about bible, and those telling us...all wrong; Scholars disagreeing - BIG clue language is but babble; Chugging up (the[ir]) "belief hill", ignoring the "WRONG WAY" signs; Be like Peter - turn around; They want us (need us)...lazy...and dumb; 2/4: Belief has levels; Loving God/Christ linked to loving our neighbors; Kingdom is 50/50 minimum and needs ministers to effect; Power to force our neighbor, is power to force us; Only salvation is to repent; Belief, not of(from) God, imprisons; Internet, phones, etc. a means to the Living Network; World wants you angry, fearful, hating; Misconceptions connected to translations; Holy Spirit guides to truth; Preconceived notions/degrees of knowledge = degrees of imprisonment; Humility is cure to degrees of unbelief; 3/4: "Strong delusion" begins at Eden; Bible not source of truth; Back in Egypt by apostate ministers; Scribes = accountants; Compelled contributions start small; Jesus in royal treasury, etc. because He's King; Your minister is to whom you tithe; Common word for "ignorant" and "unlearned" not found in Acts 4:13; Power to heal - tempered by H.S., or else...; Belief (in what?) saves; Deceived. Daily?!; KJV translators taught by post-inquisition "church" run schools; Thayers made changes to his work; Current tax system, etc. evidences turning our backs on God; Only virtuous thrive; True ministers prepare Lord's table - for others; Love for real - forsake not gathering 10s, 100s, 1000s; Idiots vs. Idiotes; Seek!; 4/4: Same message, but in different ways; Call in to radio broadcasts with questions for others' sake; Building codes in bible as examples/application of the 10 kingdom principals; What to say to folks, when - depends; Gambling is coveting; Abraham spent 70 years getting the "many souls" out; What is/how to tell "true love" in self/others; "Sweet in mouth, sour in belly"; Your life is for learning voice of H.S.; We can't get of Babylon if not wanting to set our neighbor free; Your neighbor maybe needs to remain bound!?
9/3/11 Networking for Life
1/4: Gospel of kingdom of God - at hand - always been only salvation NOW; Extended network part of Living Network; Not "Congregationalists"; Oath = vow or prayer; "Law" enforcement - duty of all; Seek righteousness for others; Socialism breeds stupidity, etc.; Know your neighbors; Police ministers, then network about who's trustworthy; You're the government - responsible agents!; Police ministers and call them out; THAT is road to freedom - when not only for self, but others - not attained another way; Practicing charity = helping others, find others; 2/4: Fall retreat site development; CME in 1895, and at time of Christ; More prepared every day; Networking = living for another; Algae, fungus, and micro organisms; Immunity for Doers by Spiritual covering; Backyard garden knowledge/practice for children; "Quality food" shortage already; FEMA builds bonds; Sacred Purpose Trusts; Nature of "Hebrew" language; FEMA cares for needy and strengthens them; The best get the most - takes awhile to understand; 7-8 men to deal with calamity; You will need help in future; Alternative system; Tables = banks; 3/4: Apostles preached Kingdom of God at hand = daily administration of care of needy; Done by freewill offerings; Tithing - how they supported needy; Turning titular leaders, and representatives rouge?; Most common form of government in history; International "banking" system sends real aide - fast; Not righteous to neglect neighbor; "Study" = "diligent" (in loving neighbor as self); Ruling over neighbor is Satanic; Can not be free unless neighbor is free; Build w/people who will share w/you when you really need it; You're to believe your heart; Syndication; Church working to serve "'lower'-archy"; 4/4: Should be networking; Join Living Network; Form Congregations linked to other Congregations; No apathy catering to sloth/selfishness; Self-interest vs. self-less-interest; New World Order's counting on your self-interest/preservation - to betray your neighbor/community/freedom in the world; Balance self-interest with interest in others; Spiritual constipation?; Change flow from out-in, to in-out - start caring for others; Mutual love for one another; Give up life - for life (more abundant); Taking back responsibilities results in "right to be ruled by God"; Redistributing funds strengthens bonds; Witness the "miraculous" - but without needing to have your batteries charged; Winds of wisdom, not turning to and fro; Make local contacts; We've forgotten how to work together.
9/10/11 Kingdom Way
1/4: Way of God hasn't changed from the beginning; Abraham, Moses, Christ - all doing the same; "Walking in Eden" is for today - you're walking there now, or you're not following THE Way; "The Kingdom of God" is "the right to be ruled by God" = the way God rules = with a gentle hand - God is about choice; Nothing you can do so God owes you salvation; Lots you can do to be saved, and lots you can do to NOT be saved; Forgive in order to be forgiven = doing will of Father; You have no power over God; One way people try gaining power over God is to?; Character of God is "Giver of life" - not taker of life; God was patient w/Cain, but did not strive forever; Same with us, and we should be same with others; Pharisaical way is great distraction so we don't have to let Spirit guide - since we have the rule book; "Anointed" or "Christ", is an office; "Name" is "Character" ("Spirit"); Why Judean soldiers mocked Christ, etc.; Hue and cry = everyone to do something about it; Court watch - just one being there is enough, but, two or more is...; Kingdom of God has tax too; Can't take away choice; Kingdom of God is government of perfect law of liberty; You have right to support it or not; You give to individual Ministers who has right to decide use; Yes, corruption can come in, but it's our job to watch against that; 2/4: Constitution parallels Rome at time of 1st emperors; Indirect democracy is not a republic; Government is how you govern yourself; Israel very unique - autonomous families coming together; Every man to be enforcer of government; Little flock called "Princes"; Cities of refuge/redress; Christians not exercising responsibilities; Coveting = The Way...of the Beast; Men we've elected not tending to weightier matters is OUR fault!; Stop BEING the beast; "'Accepting' Christ" is a process of ongoing right choices; Gather with others to serve others; Communism/affluence has changed nothing; Can't see/get into Kingdom unless we change; Must be doers = not only not do harm, but actively doing good; Give, forgive, etc. freely w/love, not contrivances; Cast bread on water with nothing but hope it will come back = HUGE change; Devil wants us constipated with spiritual power - not giving it away; Wants us selfish, so he can eat us; There's more to; You don't have every skill; Everyone on email network should strive toward CoRs that are actually doing work of government; Step by step - steadily moving in that direction, or will never make it...ourselves; 3/4: Talking Kingdom over and over to better know what we're looking for; For living - now; Seeking weightier matters and attending to them, not sitting around having nice thoughts about someone; Actually be government of God (care for one another); Give support to get others to network; If we want people found: going to have to help, or do it ourselves; Signs in the Sun; CoRs are our Faith Emergency Ministerial Auxiliary (FEMA); Principal not limited to this network; Don't need numbers - need Christ; Durham wheat crop down; GMO = one of greatest threats to world; Back to "truth in labeling"...Christians will lead the way in this - if tending to weightier matters; Meet others making "kingdom tracks"; Extended network = any "not far from kingdom"; Generations effected; Monsanto messing with wheat too?; Bigger gardens/gardening clubs in every town; Seed Savers group through network; Getting cheaper to grow food in gardens if done right; CSAs, and farmers in the country are part of extended network; MoRs and PCMs, lead folks in these ways; Prepare for yourself by helping others prepare; 4/4: "Calendars" are big deal - to some; Most importantly, show up...; Passover = domestic and community relations, Tabernacles = larger, nationwide, alliances - point being to cultivate bonds, bring society together, support Levites = strengthen charitable governmental system; Valleys defeated when got away from international feasts; Tithingmen; "Essenes" most in accord to teachings of Christ; Cornerstone of faith of Christ and Patriarchs rooted in PRACTICALITY; The calendar chosen should guide in ways of Christ; These precepts upon precepts bring close to God; Feasts is example of practicality - they establish and build upon relationships; Does your position on calendar issues divide/ keep you from weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy and faith?; Calendar will either be life giving, or a millstone around our necks; Tools, but not to beat neighbor; Creating soil with worms; The real treasure is the people building the network - who love their neighbor...
9/17/11 Kingdom Government
Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, What is our sin?, The two "trees", "Elements" in the bible, Getting out from under Pharoah's finger, God's charity, Millions of widows and orphans, What does God's Kingdom look like? The "dry bones" of Ezekiel 37:4, Are you coming together?, Christ was a life giver - are you?, Eucharist of Christ, How is God's Kingdom different?, Seeing the world through the eyes of others, Judgement, Trust in the Lord, Flesh for the dry bones, God doesn't need a name, Counterfiets to God, False relationships, Are you easily offended?, Doing the Father's will, Our amazing choice, Charity vs Love, "Babies crying" study, More on Judjment, None hungry in Summer Lake, Parables of today, The love that strengthens, Being still, Beyond compassion, Too much trust?, Too quick to give?, The first commandment, Why are you here?, Charity is your choice, Beware of emotional heartstrings, Making your neighbor whole, What about forgiveness?, My way or His way?, What makes apostles "brothers"?, Christ didn't heal everyone, Making God's word to full effect, Listening to God, Hearing your obstacles, Precepts upon precepts, Your choice is yours - let others have theirs, "Hate" doesn't help, Expanding on Charity, Feeling the sting of our sloth, Lessons to learn, God's love is conditional, Punishment vs Blessing.
9/24/11 The 2011 Fall Feast and Retreat
Fall gathering has a purpose and not just "mumbo jumbo", Israel bound by bonds of love not contract, HHC is more than an e-mail group, Practical purposes of gatherings - passover, tabernacles... Boys meeting girls, God's foudational government, Marriage vs Holy Matrimony, The purpose of witnesses, Christ's instructoins to "strive" and "seek", Congregations as part of a Kingdom, Contrast between "Burning Man" and feast of tabernacles, Bondage of the whole world, confronting demons, posession, Mohammed's flight to Medina, giving up control, Why to form Congregations, 1789 1st judiciary act, Our FEMA vs their FEMA, Reasons to walk with HHC, Reasons not to, Addictions to encouragement, What is charity?, 2 commandments, No "popes" here, Living by faith, hope, and charity under the perfect law of liberty, Knowing by fruit, Parable of the "good samaritan", How do we know?, The "still small" voice, Conform to Christ!, Sun-Earth relationship, Dry bones needing flesh, BEing Jesus, Nicolaitans and Balaam, What breathes life into the Kingdom?, No private interpretations, No pedastels, "Blood of Jesus", John 6, Why are you here?, Receiving the promise, Emotional salvation, Preachers' responsibilities, Even the devil believes!, A more exellent sacrafice, The new Ark of the Covenant, Can you hear this message?, Infinite journey - don't stop, In all things Christ is the answer.
10/1/11 Charity Continues
The Gospel of the Kingdom is SO simple, Love God, Love your Neighbor as yourself, Return every man to his posessions and family, Family = first government under God, Conduits for the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Vampires, Sacraficial Prayer, What a free society looks like, The world upside down, Government of the people, by the people, for the people, The fall of the "early" church, What is the kingdom of God?, Who loves Christ?, What is righteousness?, Biblical punishment, Forgiveness, The "weightier" matters, Patriots?, Prayer, How do you know you've "accepted" Christ?, And your minister?, Ear-tickler or rear-kicker?, Our voice crying in the wilderness, Fall of Jerusalem 70AD, Where did they go?, Purposes for the Feasts, Teaching men to fish, Why so few DOers?, Universal Health Care - in Rome?, Ezekiel's Dry Bones, Princes of Israel, Why do you go to church?, Retiring?, My prayer, Red Heifers, To whom do you go to save you from your problems?, Amish, Going to feast vs celebrating feasts, Intellectual choice vs Spiritual choice, Be still and know, How?
10/8/11 Path Parameters
The "rock" = Peter?, Were all Pharisees Jews?, Constantine's New World Order, Moses' Republic, Christ's "weightier matters"?, Intimacy of the Church, Day of Atonement, Who needs to repent?, The theme of the Gospel, Home Schooling, Baptismal/Birth Certificates, Are you under the law?, Is the devil saved?, Central Banks of the Old Testament, "Burning Bush" festival vs "Burning Man", What was the "early" church doing?, The "Beast" and his "Image", Can you live by faith?, Community service, Rebellion vs Repentance, Where to focus - eschatology or Christ?, What should I do?, 3-step plan, Marriage licenses, Retreat topics, Supporting your minister, Cora the black-faced sheep, Punishing the wicked, Words are babble, Breaking chains with forgiveness, Titular leaders, "elect" vs "vote", "Church" vs "ekklesia", Tower of Babel, Why elect a Personal Contact Minister?, Bearing witness to each other.
10/15/11 Johnson Amendment
501c(3) Churches vs Kingdom of God, NO Exercising Authority, Perfect Law of Liberty, Satan = force, Ekklesia = Called out of the "state", Social Welfare based on Faith, Hope, and Charity, Fall Festivals, The 4th branch of government, Swearing, Culture of fear/protection, US Citizens, Federal Government is your "daddy", Under God vs Under the Constitution, Law of Nature = Divine Will, Contract law, Christ's Weightier Matters, The Bible in context, Epistles talking to those already "out" of the system, 1 John 4:4, Temple of Saturn, Pax Romana - policing the world, Temple at Ephesus = world bank, You think you're persecuted?, Was Jesus Christ king of Judea? Pilate said YES, Loving neighbor is not forcing neighbor, Jesus said DOers - not just believers, Cannot be Christian and Socialist, Malcolm X, Taking back responsibilities, Elders, Song of Moses and of the Lamb, Church incorporation, IRS Recognition, The "rock" the Church is built upon, Paul Revere, Minutemen for Christ, Making underwear for the Levites, Jubilee, His Church Credit Union, Why keep the sabbath?, Raw Milk, Called out = not involved with "world", Ron Paul the answer?, Tending God's property, First commandment - dress it and keep it, Standing in Righteousness, Feeding the sheep, Abraham's children.
10/22/11 You Shall Know Them...
Overthrowing tyrants, Keeping the Sabbath, The devil's job, The "Way", "Israel" defined, Israel (UN Protectorate) = posers, Your inner compass, Key survival skills, Forgiveness, Iron sharpening iron, Humility, All about DOing, YOU are the treasure of the kingdom, Freedom of choice, Becoming One Body, Seed Saving, Dairy animals and sheep, Focus on nutrition, "Because we love our neighbor", Prayer, False love vs Christ's love, Gene Sharp - "Dictators to Democracy", vs The Higher Liberty?, No "founding fathers" were pro-Democracy, Karl Marx is first in history, US was never a republic, 1927 - Military condemned "Democracy", 1945 - Military fought for "Democracy", Kingdom precept = buddy system times ten, Government of men = rejection of God, Beginning = "Seek ye first", End = "Come out", Read the instructions, God's kingdom IS at hand - seek it, Show your neighbor, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Where is hope?, Kingdom Economics, Precepts of the Sabbath, Rest vs Worship, Setting the table of the Lord, Self Interest vs Righteousness, Capitalism, Usury, Slavery today, Repent from your inner despot, Kingdom witnesses, Helping with unbelief, Rebuilding the Kingdom of Heaven, Give so you learn to give, Make no covenants, Gold/Silver as cash, To whom is "the debt" owed?, Dressing and keeping it, Research, Living stones build the temple, Connecting dry bones, The devil's plan, Invitation to sacrifice, DOing more, Set the whole world free, Ron Paul, Remember Righteousness, Giving up life to have life more abundantly.
10/29/11 Remembrance
Malachi 3 - those that God blessed, Kingdom of Heaven is not just a "habit", Manifesting His will, Remaining "free from things public", Nothing/nobody between you and God, We will walk with you, The (dress) "code" is in our hearts, Bringing the presence of Christ (righteousness), No pedastels, What "rock" is the church built upon?, Understanding the bible, New maladies in our environment, Role of women in the kingdom, Adam's original sin, Setting the table of the Lord, Luke 22:23 - in remembrance of me, Christ's passover meal, What is the Kingdom of God?, Liberty under God = full-time job, Discuss? or Conform?, Finding the lost sheep, Hearing the Holy Spirit, Attaining Eternal Life, Be wary of "Easy Religion", Keeping the Commandments, Timothy 6:12 - fighting the good fight, John 10:27 - My sheep hear My voice, Giving to have life more abundant, Social Security is Religion?, Or debt forgiveness?, Taxes, Unbelievers, Surviving freedom, 2 Peter 1:1, Church Structure and Elders, Life in congregation, Repenting from covetousness, Feet washers, True and false healings, Buried talents, Why are you here?, The Kingdom is "at hand"!, "Faith" = living without guarantees, Ministers failing you, Repentance, Changing yourself, Christ's "weightier matters", Live!
11/5/11 Lord Of Hosts
God's law on our hearts, Divine Revelation vs Private Interpretation, HHC Material diligently footnoted, Eusubius and the "bible", Constantine's Christianity, Finding truth in the bible, Quotes you never hear, Iron sharping iron, Forgiveness, Ear-tickling, Rejecting God, Doctrine of Christ => His Church, What "Saved by Faith" means, What about "fruits"?, Our synod is better than your synod?, What Did Jesus Do?, Cain's government, Who can name God?, To name Him or to know Him?, "Name" revealed, The "just believe" doctrine, The Fall Festival, Showing up for Christ, What about Pork?, Idolizing laws, Seeking a wife, Holy Matrimony vs Marriage, Dominion, Avoiding Charlatans, Today's problems, The buddy system - times ten, Feasts and festivals, How things work in the Kingdom, The "way".
11/12/11 Sowing Seeds of Hope
Alfalfa planting, Parable of the sower, What about water?, Pulling weeds, Learning as you go, No little dictators allowed, Opportunities to forgive, Don't be afraid to make mistakes, Anyone can become a Levite, Personal saviors?, Doers not hearers only, "Minister" job description, Q/A: Wedding ceremony, Kingdom "tracks", Maintaining rights in congregation, Early Church, Ekklesia redefined, Q/A: Tax deductions, What did Christ say about it?, What does Caesar say?, What does the world see?, Answering prayers, Practical feasts, Taking a stand: Lexington, Silly women, Christ's solution, The voice of the people, Breaking the pattern, Lost skills, Loving neighbor, Loving enemies, What is "love"?, Governmental snares, Slothful under tribute, The good news!, Punishment and reward, Why give?, Singing the song of Moses, Walking independently together, New World "Order"? or Chaos?, Accepting responsibility, Pure religion, Just DO it!, Minutemen for Christ.
11/19/11 What Is Money? - MUST HEAR episode!
Righteous money?, Too big to fail, How to satisfy, What's the downside?, Cluelessness, Who is Jesus? What did Jesus DO?, "Accepting Jesus" = saying "LORD, LORD", Fruit of the Kingdom, What did Moses DO?, Singers, Contact Minister job description, Bondage in Egypt, Strengthing society, John the Baptist's way, Herod's way, Forced servant parable, The half-hearted gospel, Forgiving to be forgiven, A system without debt notes, Israel sold themselves into bondage, So have you!, Human resources, Mediums of exchange, Barter, Issuing notes, Liberty Dollar, Following the money, Commodity money, Money and Congregations, Israel's mistake, Judge not lest you be judged, Judgement vs Discernment, Who is your king?, Which King do you owe?, Who would an observer say is your king?, Justin the apologist - 140AD, Rebuilding the Kingdom, 1 Peter 2:13, Baptims of Christ = New system of government, For whom do you strive?, Kingdom welfare and unemployment?, Brotherhood of honorable men - Where are they?, Gentiles = other nations, Christianity is a nation!, Personam Jurisdiction, How you can be the kingdom, Kingdom taxation, The pecularity of Christ's people.
11/26/11 Embryonic Republics
"Surely you will not die", Public Schools defining words, "Democracy": Evolution of a definition, Objective awareness, What's a "Republic"?, Retaining your rights, Lawmakers?, Roman Senate, 10 laws, Criminal Negligence, Jurors and Fact and Law, USSR = Republic?, Are you a socialist already?, If you DO vote, no right to complain, Rejection of God, Bible says "no" - pastors say "yes", Go and cry unto them, God will not hear you, Strong delusion, Social Security is the Corban of the Pharisees, There IS another king!, Civil laws?, Q/A: Voting, Largest trust in the world, Unrighteous Mammon, Q/A: Church "license" vehicles?, "Logos" in Justinian law, Repent!, The need for the network, Titular leaders - you choose, Tithe accorting to service, Church Functions, U.S. Republic?, Kingdom of Heaven is for the Living, Inflation, Q/A: Minister hiding?, Be courageous!, Q/A: Early church and Christ?, John the Baptist's message, The crumbling system, How to get back, God's kingdom is a pure republic, Early Church in America, "One form of government", Power rests in the individual, King of your household, Organized charity, Keeping your word, Accepting responsibility, Faith without works is dead, New understanding = new direction, Forgive the debt your neighbor owes you, Owe it? Pay it!, Touch lives, Get families together, Take care of your elderly, Promote home school, Only as a team!, Share, Make room for the Holy Spirit, Real love - not pew love, Be the government of God.
12/3/11 How Christ Can Make You Free
Saul Syndrome, Man's problems the same; Christ's solutions the same, Peter's mistake, Honoring Peter's word, Herod's baptism, John's baptism, Temples are government buildings, Compelled sacrafice, Torah and 10 laws, If you love me keep 10 commandments, NOT "Just believe", Be a DOer, Parable of the talents, Welfare by Faith Hope and Charity, How congregations work, Cain's city-state - out of the presence of God, Beating is a cycle, Forcing vs Guiding, Darkness hates the light, Distractions - TV, music, drugs, food..., Admitting you're a sinner, You need others to survive, Two paths since the beginning, Being friends with unrighteous mammon, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Seek it!, Holy Spirit can guide you to the path, Be aware not to stray, Where is your church leading you?, How do you know someone "believes"?, Saul was a great guy - election corrupted, What was Adam's sin?, Choosing the Kingdom way, Christ's "weightier matters", No exercising authority, Saul's curse, John 3:14-21, Desire to be lead by the Holy Spirit, Virtue, Christ came that the world MIGHT be saved, Leading to the Holy Spirit, Passport applications, Can't leave without one = prison camp, You are a criminal - have coveted, Social Security is NOT for the future, The fine print, Q/A: How do you know the spirit of God?, Inner compass, No voices, Not a gimmick, Easy to decieve yourself, Humility is powerful, Rebuking your brother, Q/A: Meaning of "IHS" on cross?, What was REALLY on the cross?, Ekklesia = "called out assembly", No corporation, Apostles = princes of the kingdom, Overseers, Faith takes practice, Some brothers are goats, Q/A: What is the Tree of Knowledge?, Hearing voices, Wise charity, Tricks of the devil, Serving others = serving God, Letting in the light, God wants everyone to be saved.
12/10/11 Authority, Liberty and Lies - MUST HEAR episode!
(Technical difficulties - but if you power through them there are many important nuggets to be had from listening.)
The Kingdom of God - what it looks like and how to find it, Spiritual not intellectual, Israel = priest to ALL nations, Small children understand righteousness, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Who are disciples?, The "pedastel" trap, Government of God vs government of men, Spirit and Truth yet Christ was made flesh, Must change your heart - only Christ can do that, Never stop seeking, You don't need priests to tell you the way, Helpful to know what is NOT the way, The valley of the shadow of death, Ten commandments as guideposts, Christ's "weightier matters", Story of corrupt judge, Elected by corrupt people, Churches not involved with weightier matters, Society based on vice not virtue, Stand up for righteousness, Keeping your word, Righting Peter's mistake, Pure Religion, Strengthening charity, Infinite God = Infinite Journey, Modern church makes you think you're saved, Be thankful to serve, The journey takes courage, Rebuking in love, Walking together as individuals, Addictions, Counting the cost, Righteousness - an absolute standard, Romans 1:28, Barnabas example, Minister's responsibilities, Congregation's responsibilities, Holding property for Christ, Dem bones, "Kosmos", Pontius Pilate's judgment seat, The marriage contract, Relationship over contract, Virtues and vices.
12/17/11 Authority, Liberty and Lies - Part II
Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Eating from the Tree of Life, Coming to the knowledge of Christ, Meek ministers, Sticking your neck out, Worshipping words, Very good false prophets out there, Choosing ministers, Private interpretations = denominations, Magic words?, Are you willing to be hated?, Bringing the light, God teaches us through the Holy Spirit, Doctrines of Christ = what He said, And converse, Electing PCMs, HHC e-mail groups have a purpose, DOers in contact, Striving to be in one accord, The upper room, The all-important John chapter 3, What "world"? What's in a name?, Truth/Light circle, Deeds made manifest, The SO simple gospel, Jesus baptized?, All about TRUTH, Getting on the record, You can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Holy Kisses, Call no man "father" (patri), Honoring your parents, Making God's word to none effect, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Beliving without faith, Being His disciple, Congregations of Record, Keeping your word, Knowing a good minister, Intellectual Christians, Repentance, Who do you love?, Watching for quicksand, Having eyes to see, Pentecost after the resurrection, Rome's recognition, Stop being Sauls, Israel = Where God prevails, Are you Israel?
12/24/11 Stand Fast in Liberty
"Christmas", The people of Xmas, Seasonal gift-giving, Pagan elements of Christmas, Freely giving?, How to follow Christ, Christ came to serve, Socialism, Power to the lazy, Are you comfortable in your church?, Foolish virgins, Messianics and the Pharisees, Don't forget rebuke, Fasting from hiding from the truth, Suffer the light to receive more light, Can't force righteousness, Prayer closets, Showing up, Thinking your "saved", Keeping the commandments, Parable of the wicked servant, Who are your ministers?, Soothing ministers, Rooting yourself in the Holy Spirit, Revealing evil, Separating goats in the dark, Israel's 400 years, More plagues to come, The almighty dollar, Religious Mumbo Jumbo, Emperors feared the early Christians - why?, Are you ready?, Christ's tough love, Reasons for gathering, Working out your salvation, Technicalities of the Kingdom, The substance of reality is spiritual, Don't wait - seek, Laying down your life, Pure Religion, Multiplying Talents, Planning for corruption, PCM Job Description, Christ's offer to you, Ministers vs Elders, No pedastels!, Humility is key, Where to debate, War of 1812, Disappearing amendments?, Tyrants destroy records, Why wedding cakes?, Capitalism here?, Precepts upon precepts, The Living Network, Local yet world-wide, Creating effective service, Who gets it?, Why get angry?, More on giving, Iron sharpening iron.
12/31/11 Peculiar People
Queen Elisabeth charters with East India, Corporations and incorporating, Early Church holding property, Can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God = power to the people, Debt = bondage, US bank bailout - who did it help?, Early Church vs the "world", How to get back, Titus and what to look for in a pastor, Church vs State, Religion again, Wycliff's bible, Church as a separate government, Christ came to serve - roll up your sleeves, Future echos the past, "Owning" gold, Why the Roman Empire feared Christians, Bible translations for "peculiar", Meaning of "faith" in God, God hasn't changed, Gathering around Christ - Living Network, PCM = Living connection, Why join?, Elders defined, Righteous habitations, Finding Christ in the Kingdom, Titus 2:14 and "peculiar", Levites belonged to God, Wise charity, Bishops (episkopos) defined, Appealing to the Holy Spirit, Repenting from insurance, Rebuilding the Early Church, How dependant are you?, Surviving Freedom, HHC FEMA active in Colorado, Connecting in good times and bad, Keeping your word (honor), Congregations of Record - records are important, Roman Centurian, Bands of brothers - no oath of allegiance, Honor and honesty, No selfishness in the Kingdom, Prison ministries.
1/7/12 Systems of God and man
First American Bank in 1782, Power corrupts, "Civil" government = laws men make for themselves, Altars of Abraham, Burnt offerings, Sacrafice in man's vs God's government, Pompey's bribe, Baptism of Herod vs Christ, God allows you to choose; men - not so much, Your subjection is sealed by debt, You believed it was OK to force your neighbor, Daily covetors can't expect the Holy Spirit, How to get out?, God's laws on our hearts and minds, What is a minister?, The two trees, Family = God's institution, Forgive to be forgiven, Kingdom of God is organized, Reason for congregations, Agreements must be kept, Be friends with the unrighteous mammon, Strengthen the needy to strengthen society, Separate systems, Standing alone together, Joining the Living Network, Nitsan-Parach, Republic vs Democracy, Socialism's two elements, How God's kingdom differs, Drawbacks of the Kingdom, Faith-hope-charity: practice it, A society of teams, David Cothern, God "will not hear you in that day" because you have elected substitute gods, Conditional Dominion, Battle for the planet, Trusts, Free will, Be responsibile, Red Heifer, Keeping the Sabbath, God's way out, Bible instructions for your constitution, Elders responsibilities, Ministers rely on Elders, "Feed my sheep", Strive for your neighbor, Foolish virgins, "Name" of Christ is the "Character" of Christ, Bringing together the dry bones, Freely received - freely give, Police force of the Kingdom, Scott Hostetter, No place for liars in the Kingdom, Do you want God to hear you?, Walking the plank, May need to learn to walk on water first, Embracing the Tree of Life.
1/14/12 De Jure and De Facto alternatives
Ministers have been excluded from bondage throughout history, Communitarianism, Individuals linked to community, Ten commandments, Constitution = International Government, Who are your ministers?, What is "sin"?, Ancient Egypian bondage, U.S. = massive socialist community, Kingdom of God is opposite, Responsible elders, Bottom-up, Family = building block of God's government, No incorporation to congregations, Choosing your minister, Uses of offerings, Personal Contact Ministerss vs Ministers of Congregations of Record, Congregationalism vs Kingdom, Congregation Project examples, Tents vs Cities, Sui Juris, Banks vs Credit Unions, Extend family practices to community, End of foreclosures, Is it time for you to be healed (see)?, Potential of a network of congregations, Why 10 families?, De facto vs De Jure, The Constitution arises, Attaining righteousness and justice, Singing doesn't help, Enabling the foolish - lazy - irresponsible, Discretionary charity, "Heaven", Kingdom of Heaven is here and now, How to be happy, "Thy will be done" depends on YOU, How to be free?, Casting bread upon the waters, Ministers don't stand between you and God, Pure Republics, Church vs social clubs, True kingdom living leads to surplus, Don't work - don't eat, 666, Enemy Expatriation Act, War on families, Kingdom - no need for penal system, Righteousness vs Vengeance, Recognizing motive, Who are the "wicked"?, "just enough" is not enough.
1/21/12 Free Dominion and Worship
Ethan Allen, William the Conqueror, Fountainheads of Justice, William Pitt, Who owns your home?, Why to repent, How to repent, From what to repent, "I paid in!" - not, Democracy within a Republic, To whom do you give power?, Corban of today, Ineptocracy, Can't vote out immorality, Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah - today, Unrighteous mammon, "Worship" defined, Ruling by consent, Understanding the fullness of the gospel, Choosing rulers - don't do it, Long-distance congregations, Artificial (virtual) communities, God-given dominion - trust, The government of, for, and by the people, Kingdom appointed, Where to begin?, Helping others find the kingdom, The inexhaustible source, Golden calf, People declared enemies of the state, Not those that say (sing, wave) Lord, Lord, but those that DO, Killing Charity, Herod's Temples, Covet nothing, Seek the Kingdom and righteousness, Saul's (first) sin, Christ was "king" in reality, Shake off your damnable heresies, Repent, BE the government of God, Fractional reserves, Through coveteousness you have been made merchandise (Human Resources), Keeping the commandments, How to reclaim dominion, The gospel is simple, If you do not choose Christ - you are anti-Christ, Peculiar people, Knowing your neighbor is love, Anyone/Any nation can repent, GMO dangers, Am I "saved"?, Altars of living stones, Stop hiding with Adam!, Admit your failings - then can move forward, Opportunities to forgive, Nicolaitans, Why God won't hear you, Turning your nation around, Righteous mammon, Don't be afraid, Bigscreen TVs vs Feeding Sheep, Titular leaders only, God DID NOT create the governments of men, Strengthing the poor, Kingdom of God does not come by observation, but by DOing, Sacraficing your pride.
1/28/12 Votaries and Congregants
Votary = believer, addict, devotee, fanatic, somebody who votes, Why do you vote?, "Church" defined in Black's Law Dictionary, Corban of Christ, Impure Religion, Vote = Vow, If you vote/vow then no right to complain, Fredric Bastiat - plunder a way of life..., Don't just wave empty hands, DOers needed, How to be free, Vows for God, Stones without chiseling, Congregating in free assembly, Paul's appeal to Rome, Can you see a government of love?, Expectations of Christ, Naked Levites, The devil "believes" in Christ; How are you different?, What's your vow?, Choose you this day..., No pulpits, Ministers are DOers, Stive to enter the kingdom of God, What is it to vote?, Inheritance Tax, Corruption, Israel today unlike Moses, Christ's instructions for government, Deciding for yourself, The "Born Again" quandry, Why 40,000 denominations?, A sucker born every minute, Tyrants and little tyrants, No bullies allowed in the kingdom, Gambling, Congregants = gathering in free assembly, Going up by steps = heirarchy = no no, Ancient Israel - every man a judge, Cities of Refuge, Providing for ministers, Churches today - receiving without giving, Wicked servants vs Pure Religion, Not just lip service, Setting your neighbor free, Is your church incorporated?, "Liturgy" defined, Georgia guidestones, Trusts simplified, God's trust, HHC Happenings, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, Land Ownership, Social Security, Wilderness learning, Your tally of bricks, Peter wasn't poor, Christ wasn't poor - made himself poor, Can you survive freedom?, Israel vs Early Church, Government of, for, and by the people.
2/4/12 Do You Matter?
Voting in the news this year, Free from things public, Rome: Republic before Empire, Electing exercisers of authority, Early Israel = 400 years with no king, Why go to church?, How to become free?, Is Christ sufficient for you?, Solar Flares, CMEs, Earthquakes - no fear!, God's job to judge - Vengeance his His, Choosing good servants, Monitoring your minister, Christianity is full-time, Purpose of rituals, What if?, Are you ready?, Purpose of God's Kingdom, Giving choice to others, Democracies take away choice from the 49%, Can't rule over neighbor and have Christ in you, Set them free, "Stoning", Sheep and Coyotes, Forgotten skills, Egypt's bondage = 20%, "Gleaning" is still work, Christ starts with "seek ye first", No empty lifeboats, Kingdom tax = 50% - love neighbor as self, Forgiving jerks, Finding lost sheep, Home schooling, Self organization, Was Jesus a Socialist?, Watching for selfishness, Wrong questions, Black-faced sheep, What's the end goal?, Ten commandments, "gods", "graven images", Jealous God, "hate", What does God want for you?, Taking His name in vain, Remembering Sabbath, Ronald McDonald houses, Undeserving poor?, Honoring father and mother, Who do you call father?, Tribute = patrimonial right, Killing, Adultery, Smoking?, Do I really need it?, Stealing, Bearing false witness, Coveting!, Voting to fill public coffers from your neighbor's pocket.
2/11/12 Was Jesus Political? - MUST HEAR episode!
He changed the world - turning it upside-down, The primrose path to destruction, Needs met at church? or civil government offices?, Pagan Temples, Call no man father, Birth registration, Universal Healthcare - in ancient Rome?, Vaccines, Christ was extremely political, Can you DO what Christ said?, Community-supported agricutlure (CSA), Power corrupts - Saul, David, Can't change the world's direction but can change yours, Cain's (political) city-state, Rehoboam, Rejection of God to elect rulers, Tree of life, Jesus Christ was King!, Different kind of government, Throughout Europe for 1000 years, Kingdom gives you power to choose, World gives you power to choose who will whip you, Christ crucified? Follow the money, DO or get ye from me, God hasn't changed His message or tactics, Chastising with scorpions, Tents vs Cities, "Israel" = where God prevails, Loving righteousness of God (not self), Shutting up the kingdom, "Paid in Full", Need the Holy Spirit to understand the bible, Born of water and the Holy Spirit, Essenes, Christ appointed a kingdom, His Kingdom/His Doctrines, Biblical evidence of kingdom, Are you ready for the baptism of Pentecost?, Christ's government of, for, and by the people, Laws written on our hearts and minds, Not of this "world" (constitutional order), Finding the remnant, How the kingdom works, What can you do?, Fourth of July?, Purpose of Altars, Organization, Live by faith or won't be free, Selfish love Democracy->Socialism->Communism, Church = embryonic Republic, Gathering in free assembly, Don't work - don't eat, Flouride works, CSA - make connections and grow, Tens - Hundreds - Thousands, Home health, DO or be content with bondage, Repenting, Projects, Who is Satan?, Getting Egypt out of men, Waving hands? Or rolling up sleeves?, The 20%, The sin of Sodom, Bob the Fox, Bearing witness to ministers.
2/18/12 ARE You Saved?
Can you be saved?, What does it even mean?, From which "Tree" do you eat?, gods many, Moses' system, Cities of Refuge, Ancient Israel's big mistake, Modern Jews, Christians, and Muslims all repeat it, Socialism is not loving your neighbor, Repetition of 1 Samuel 8, What about Pure Religion?, Knowing who Jesus is, Satan's twist, Today's wicked servants, Seeking the kingdom, Social Security explained, Bringing morality to an immoral system?, Another way you say?, Faith in action, Can you be forgiven? Sin = debt, Christ's purposes, Salvation and grace and works, Where do you stand?, James on salvation, Beating your neighbor, Praying vs answering prayers, The devil believes, Abraham's friendship with God, Pagan temples (Mars, Saturn, Ephesus...), What "name" will you call on to be saved?, Conjuring?, Why gather?, The power of congregations, Christ WAS king - like David, Kingdom not of this "world", Who's your Lord?, No king but Caesar, Pilate's proclamation, Christ's government of, for, and by the people, Available RIGHT NOW, DO! DO! DO!, Find others to help, Amish without the "look", Christ's doctrine, Paul echoed Christ, Restoring the kingdom to Israel, Capitalism vs Selfishism, Is Jesus REALLY your lord?, What can you do?, Opting out, Prayer in the Early Church, Careful understanding of Acts, Building the lifeboats, Enduring to the end, Who then can be saved?, "We'll pray for you", Promoting family values, Why Christians were persecuted, Knowing the real Christ, Striving for the strait gate, Why are you afraid?, Retaining your rights, The devil made me NOT do it, Getting this message out, Unmooring Christ from His message, Socialism is Anti-Christ, The fall of invincible Rome, Finding the remnant, Follow the ways of Christ or you're not saved, Prayer in action = the Living Network.
2/25/12 The Secret Path to Salvation
What does the path to the Kingdom look like?, What does it NOT look like?, Surviving early America, Tutons, Roman decline, Monthly emperors, Roman church history, The Inquisition, Colt's revolver, Foibles of governments of power, Offices of power vs service, Which spirit guides you?, Selfishism, Robbery by inflation, Richer rich and poorer poor, Federal Reserve everywhere, Why does this happen?, Sabbath illustrated, Sweden's war on home schooling, Madness in Canada, Christians and public schools, A better way, Paul's message was not "just believe", Altered perception of righteousness, Pol Pot story, No coveting!, Electing Saul = rejecting God, Man's burden is heavy, Back to the path: Home School, Home Health, Community, Pure Religion defined, Even sheep know to come together, HHC = Free Assembly, Kingdom at hand, Examples good and bad, What works?, The Constitution is not what made this country great, Be still and know, Living in the moment, Tools to build the kingdom, Spreading the message, What do you bring to support?, Keeping your word, Tea Partiers in Europe?, Real Israel; Organized, Reclaiming responsibility, No fakers, Beatitudes: blessed = happy, Unmoored rituals are useless, "scripture" = "writings", Phylactories: ritual vs principle, Divine inspiration, Cleaning your mansion, The Kingdom and personam jursdiction, Letting Christ in, "As many as I love, I rebuke", Challenging one another, Facing your sin, The full armor of God, False churches and false salvation, Giving life to help others, Coming into one accord, Going to church to serve, not be served, What can I do?, Coming home to your father.
3/3/12 Liberty Radio Live was off the air - Technical issues
3/10/12 Using and being used by Usury
Usury = Interest? Excessive Interest? or even more?, Money = value of man's energy, Federal Reserve Notes - no value, Belief of value is insanity, Wake up, Note = promise to pay, History of money in America, Usury = tip of a BIG iceberg, Kennedy (JFK) vs Federal Reserve Notes, "In God We Trust", Your passport is accompanied by an oath, Paying for use - of everything, We've become like the Pharisees, Using your talents, Esau's birthright, Does God hate you?, Property tax = use tax (usury), Understanding what went wrong, Strengthening the poor, The sin of Sodom, Wise charity, Legal title = no right to use, Income tax = use tax on labor, Why?, Freedom in Christ, Whole "system" is based on usury, "Indoctrination" video, Witness to reasoning for Vietnam war, Power corrupts, Inheritance tax = taking from widows and orphans, This is the unrighteous mammon, Finding men who want to set neighbor free, Using your talents, Establishing the righteous Kingdom, Have you abandoned God?, What congregations could/should be, Discipline in early America, Finding honest men, China in this country, "Idiotes", "Debt free" church story, Korean bank story, Mega-flare dangers, Kingdom of God is for the Living, No talent burying, Mark of the Beast, Runaway inflation in Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius mandating birth certificates, Fishing with torn nets, Kony 2012 video, Follow the money, Stalin's "useful idiots", Karl Marx loved Democracy, What is your intent?, Apprenticeships.
3/17/12 Banking and the Kingdom
Guest: Don Terry of the "Agenda 21" radio show
Being more than "right" - "righteous", Revelation book - many levels of understanding, Christ's "weightier matters", Golden calf = central bank, Discovery in foreclosure cases, YOU create money, Wrongful foreclosures, Requirements for bank standing, Stall tactics, Banks too big to fail?, Commodity money, Credit Unions vs Banks, Corporate courts, Corporate governments, Waiting on "tables", Temple of Ephesus was world bank, Learning from past mistakes, Accounts without numbers, Knowing the customers, Standing for righteousness, Trust laws are changing in all countries, Passport oaths, The mark of God, Why go to church?, "Agenda" video, Turning from the Mark of the Beast, Character of Christ, We don't all need to be crucified, Letters of Creedence, Israel Country is not Israel of prophecy, Governmnet should be in charge of making money - but you should be the government, Identification by testimony, The alternative system, Upcoming "Burning Bush" festival, No "wait-a-minute-men" needed, Don't work - don't eat, Eschewing selfishness, Your gods aren't listening to you.
3/24/12 Who is woman? Who is female?
The Living Network - join to connect, Groaning of the Earth, Earthquakes under clay, New Madrid fault, Fighting in Iraq, "Expanding Earth" theory, Connecting in good times, Preaching Kingdom - not fear, Is eschatology your comforter?, Riding the waves, Officers of power interested in power - not you, Another way, Mimicking the early church, Health insurance, Birth control?, Woman's great "progress", Nobility of motherhood, Kitchen = department of health, Kitchen = department of education, Tipping my hat, Confectionaries for the king, "Genetic" homosexuality?, The progressive path to self-indulgence, Testing man's mettle, Home schooling, Women degrading women, Husbands and wives and God, Value above rubies, Returning to family, Returning to free society, Where is Israel?, Sex outside marriage, Introspection, Elvis in the army?, Virtuous men and women, Charity with open eyes, "Blessed are the barren"?, Silly virtue, God's nature and the union of marriage, Marriage Inc.?, Women becoming "persons", Healing ability of women, Examples of community, Career women, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Physical/spiritual bonds, Stupid parents, Passports and work camps.
3/31/12 What is it to be a man? What is it not to be a man?
Real men - where have they gone?, Spiritual revelation, What is truth?, Witnessing, God's opinion is reality, A little more on Pilate, The "image" of God, Losing dominion, Walking dead, Dressing and Keeping the Garden, GMOs, Man's destruction of men, Breathing life, "Help meet", Naked and not ashamed, The fall of Adam, Government of responsibility, How to become a "real man", Personal Contact Ministers, Internet security?, Servant nature of God, Proverbs 31 and men, Adultery, Real Women, Tree of Life, Law nailed to the Cross?, Accepting responsibilities, God is forgiving, "Fig leaves", Deciding to be wise, One flesh - no ruling over, Are you under "law"?, Becoming merchandise, Adultery = Idolatry, Fleshy fruits not of Christ, Electing rulers = rejecting God, Falling to temptation, Real men and the Holy Spirit, Claudia (Gladys) and (uncle) Paul, Dating - the big lie, Men as terrorists, Know your King, The government of, for, and by the people - not US, Succumbing to temptation, How not to go wrong, Becoming "real men" again, Look to early church, Sweet smelling savor, Keeping commandments, Giving thanks, Buddy system - times ten, Walking with the living, DOing the will of the Lord, Following Christ not Nimrod, Man vs Husband, Neighbor's neighbors, What's your job?, Honoring father and mother, Righteousness is key, Calling no man father.
4/7/12 Interview with Kevin Craig - Anarchism
Doing contrary to the decrees of Caesar, Having another king, Anarchy defined, Anarchists and archists - which is bad?, Christian ethics, Where we go wrong, Christ's Prime Directive, Altars of living stone, The message of faith, hope, and charity, Abraham and Moses and Christ were on the same page, Baptism of Herod, Atonement?, Capital punishment, Word confusion, Romans 13, The Higher Liberty, Bad charity?, Resting evil, Kingdom of God defined, Offices of service, The US Constitution, BE attitudes, Importance of community, Standing alone together, The "rock" of the church, The treasure of the kingdom, Evil and Good, Lonely widow example, Deism, Battles where nobody dies, Declaration of Independence, "put away your sword", Morality and Religion in Public Schools, Little and big robbers, The hue and cry, Daytime kidnapping example, Accepting responsibility.
4/14/12 Interview with Alfred Adask
Who is Alfred Adask?, The contractual nature of government, Man in God's image = dominion, Suing government agents, Drugs and "animals", Religious freedom, Census and livestock count, Human Resources?, Dehumanization, Caananite = like Cain, Who wants to serve?, Christ's different way, 501(c)3 churches, Self-taxation, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense", Men in God's image, The world's "Made men", The two kingdoms, Church coronations, Sovereign or son of Sovereign?, Jesus WAS king, We are all kings, The right to be ruled by God, Early America = self government, What Christ's kingdom looked like, Needs met by church, Declaration of Independence discussion, A more perfect union, "Contracts, Covenants, and Constitutions", Who are "We the People"?, What about the Articles of Confederation?, The opposition of Patric Henry, Second Exodus, Views on "Republic", Group vs Individual, "Pure Republic", The US Creed, Anarchy again, Religion defined, Spiritual warfare, Won't be forced into hell - it's your choice, Turning over power of attorney, Getting it back, Rome's birth registration, The perfect law of liberty, Invisible bread lines, Righteous motiviation, Who's your daddy?, No coveting!, Gold and silver, What have state governments become?, Wheat and the Roman denari, "States" impotent, In spirit and truth.
4/21/12 Christian Anarchism
"Beloved" Anarchist; What is Christian Anarchy?; Brother Gregory repents; Anarchy/Anarchist defined; Other philosophies on government; "Anarchy" can result in chaos, but...; Titular leaders vs rulers; Israel operated with no central authority for 400 years; Government in hands of the people; Welfare system types; Faith, hope and charity; Early Rome thrived 400yrs before first Emperors - as an... anarchy!; Jesus, an Anarchist?; Are we to be anarchists?
4/28/12 God's form of Government
Why is the church talking about Government?, Is Christ confusing?, Was the Early Church wrong?, Black's and Bouvier's, US Constitution vs Articles of Confederation, Parties to the US Constitution, The bondage of Egypt, Your remedy is in equity, How we went under statutes, Who's your daddy?, Mutiny on the HMS Bounty, 1914's League of Nations, Pax Romana, Who's Herod?, 5 things God said to have in our constitution, Impure religion, "Church" defined, Two principles of law, Doctrine - what doctrine?, One form of government, Republics and non-republics, To whom do you pray for your benefits?, What the kingdom of God looks like, Social Security vs Corban, Free assembly, The road to liberty, Connected congregations = Kingdom, Setting your neighbor free, Forced faith and fidelity, Fractional reserve inflation, Using "notes" doesn't bind, Worthless legal tender, The currency of Christ, Fostering hate creates bondage, Festive gatherings, The system of John the Baptist, Rome recognized Jesus as King!, Pharisees - no king but Caesar, Rome came to make sure of it, Fall of Jerusalem, Strengthening the poor, Where is the flow?, Manning the net, Patience required, Pulling knots, Electronic Looky-loos, Choosing a PCM, What's holding you back?, How to work together.
5/5/12 Fishers of Men
Becoming fishers of men, Christ's instruction to "strive", Kingdom of Heaven for the living or the dead?, Zombies, Just believe? Even the devil believes, Not those who say..., How do I know you are saved?, Saul Alinsky and the modern church, Why Christ came, What's your part?, Parable of the two sons, Paul's politics, Romans in Judea - why?, Pilate's ruling, Whited sepulchres, Why seek the kingdom?, Back biters and truce breakers, Conversations in the upper room, Redemption, Nimrod's hooks, Coming into one accord, What about the commandments?, The baptism of Herod, Jesus a socialist?, Seeing your bondage, Dealing with it, Moving forward, Repentance is key, Gathering in congregation, The path to redemption, Peter's mistake, Making your "Yes", "Yes", Making network connections, Evidence of redemption, Are you forgiven because Christ died on the cross?, What is Redemption?, Recognizing charlatans, Legal title, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, Setting your neighbor free, Titular ministers, Altars of stone, Boasting vs witnessing, Constructive contention, Church credit unions, Congregations in action, Casting loose the slothful, Paytriot schemes?, "Covenants of the gods" book, Knowing you're redeemed, Public affairs in the Kingdom, Feeding Christ's sheep, Social salvation, Fitting stones together, Blasphemy, DOing is required, Upholding sinners, Purpose of PCMs, Tithing according to service, Foolish questions like "Are you saved?", Forgiving to be forgiven, Becoming a team, Qualifications of kingdom-seekers, Christ accepts us - not the other way around.
5/12/12 Corporations and Trusts and the Death Covenant - oh my!
Guest: Clint Richardson
Drones, 42USC666, Walter Burien, CAFR, Government hoarding money?, Miners and Title 43, 1789 Americans rejected the constitution, Who were "We the People"?, Origins of Social Security, 130 countries are Social Security members, Mark of the Beast?, Temple of Ephesus = world bank, Christians accused of robbing it?, Corban/Qorban = Social Security, Difficult to live without SSN, Cradle-to-grave coverage, Stepping back into Egypt, More on Title 42, Just say "no"?, The Living Network solution, "Religion" in the bible, Herod's baptism vs John the Baptist's baptism, Christ's "religion" vs politic's "religion", superstitio, Methodism, Eucharist - from loaves to wafers, Citizen ministers, State-defined marriage, "Death Covenant", Black's "church", Agenda 21, Five biblical requirements for your constitution, Christ's answer, No exercising authority, "freeman" defined, Revolutionary War facts, Pure Republics and Titular Leaders, State enabling acts, State Sovereignty illusion, Lady Godiva myths and truths, Doomsday book, The real first commandment, God's plan - Christ, Moses, Abraham had it, Surviving freedom, Calling no man on earth "father", The big jigsaw, Church ID, The right to be ruled by God, Denominations and Codes, Voluntary incarceration, The Insurance Portability Act, God's two laws, Christ's "weightier matters", Vaccinations, Minutemen for Christ, Taking back responsibilities, Caring for righteousness sake.
5/19/12 Religious Ideologies
"What you think will save you"?, Caesar = Apotheos + principas civitas + emperator, US President has same functions, United States: A democracy within a republic, Did God create the government?, It's all about the benefits, Keeping you weak, Darius = office; not the man, Agustus = savior of Rome, Christ's activites as king, Free bread and circuses, Modern churches make you feel good, First century church met actual needs, The Hellenization of Judea, Life after Pentecost, Golden calves, Bhudda, Brahman, Seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness, Belong to a church? or belong to God?, Kingdom of Heaven = Free souls under God, Heaven is not a socialist state, Fascism, Agustus' plan, Lady Godiva's accomplishments, Taxes illustrated, Who will be a Christian?, Abraham's altars, Setting your neighbor free, "Idiotes", Where are the pious?, No coveting allowed, Electing good Caesars?, Life as a Human Resource, Solthful should be under tribute, God's ministers = public servants, Q: PCM frustration, Q: Where you go when you die, Why is that important?, Fulfilment of the Kingdom, God of the living, Not worrying about tomorrow, Heaven = ouranos = world?, Walking on water, How "Israel" is Israel?, Threskia, No covenants with false worshippers, James 1:27 "visit" = take care of, Making the word of God TO effect, Only one church!, "Unspotted from the world", All societies need religion, Helping with unbelief, Stepping out of the boat.
5/26/12 What do you know?
Guest: "Coach" Dave Daubenmire
The Edict of Worms, Amazing power of the Roman church, Kings and the Roman church, God's many, Church and state mixed, Who is "Coach" Dave?, Why Christ died on the cross, Selling all that you have, Church and state - one-way separation?, Faith or Force?, Silent pulpits, Can't be a socialist and a Christian, Corporate churches, The Eucharist of Christ, Pure Religion in 1776, How to help the poor, Early church structure, Professional Christians?, Conforming to Christ, Bottom-up self government, The snare that weakens the poor, Inspiration, Who was John the Baptist?, Who was Jesus Christ?, Being made merchandise, Early America - produce or starve, Churches singing people to sleep, Discomfort in doing wrong, Being salt of the earth, Needing more John Waynes, Mormon vs Muslim election, Christians ignorant of who Christ was, How do we learn who someone is?, Candidates as morally bankrupt as the people, Insanity to elect the best Caesar, BE the government of Christ, The kingdom of God is "at hand", Being DOers, Kingdom of Heaven = Kingdom of God, Show me the fruit of your acceptance, Simple commandments - light burden, Homosexuality can't be genetic, Hiding behind science, Strong delusion, Rejecting God, Finding the hope, Prayer, Being light where you are.
6/2/12 Quantum Connection
How far is the Kingdom?, What course shall we follow?, Is coveting really OK?, Are you using force?, 1774 Quartering Act, Who's dying?, The invisible tax, 1924 - citizenship offered to native americans, Quantum mechanics and God, Good vs Bad angels, A good lie contains lots of truth, Today's "gospel", We keep changing - God stays the same, Today's Israel, Becoming a band of brothers, Purpose of government, 1 Samuel 8 warnings, What are you singing for?, Real church "service", The doctrine of His Holy Church, Becoming the government of, for, and by the people, Who is the "state"?, Quantum physics and facts, 4 classes of phenomena, Spiritual driving physical, Death by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Accessing the Tree of Life, Quantum entanglement, The song of Moses and of the Lamb, Good/Evil examples, Faith by the whole truth, Witchcraft, How to know you're off track, Lawyers and justice, Licensing, Life under man's government, The mark of the beast, Security through bondage, Feel-good churches, Libertopia, Being the kingdom, Roll up your sleeves, The Global Consciousness Project, Spirituality vs emotionalism, Einstein's relativity, The real altars of stone, The church is well organized, Looking at Abraham and Moses, Worshipping Christ - not ideologies, Worshipping words by hating them, Church is government, Honoring our agreements or bearing false witness, Faking the kingdom, Public school personalities, Pay attention.
6/9/12 So you think you are a Christian?
Guest: Hal Anthony - Behind the Woodshed
Seeing God from nature, The Right to be ruled by God, Kudos to Christ, CAFR, Behind the woodshed, Law without property, Miners and property, Property - know it or be it, Jus Juris vs Lex Legis, People as employees of the federal government, Citizens of the United States, The "Clean Water Act", Gold is land, Paramount Title, 42US666, Trust laws revamped, We are land (dirt) too, Maintaining status, Exposing paytriot myths, Tactics for court, Mining and legal title, Land patents, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, Settling for peace, Kingdom of Heaven by force, Dominion given to man, Sovereignty, Honoring creator and neighbor, Strengths of the Living Network, The treasure of the kingdom is YOU!
6/16/12 Cults and their Leaders
Real answers, Cutting - Why?, Soldiers' suicide, "Cult" defined, Rules that don't make sense, Enforcement without conscience, Socialism killing charity, Widows taxed out of their homes, 10 elements of a sociopath, New World Order is not new nor orderly, Adam and Eve - where did the "apple" come from?, Cain - the first cult leader, More on sociopaths, Sociopaths need little sociopath enablers, Life-takers, Hiding from the light, Actors and liars, With 40,000 denominations someone must be wrong, HHC organized bottom-up, Accountable ministers, Self-taxation, Questions invited, Open record-keeping, Upside-down from the (upside-down) world, Based on love of neighbor, Preparing wisely, Bound only by love, 1 Samuel 8 - read it!, Is your constitution biblical?, "Already saved" is cultish, Seek righteousness, Fear and trembling, Critical thinkers, Individual accountability, Singing is not "service", The strength of humility, What is God telling you?, Following God not Gregory, Most of today's governments are cults, "Made" men, Appealing to your inner sociopath, What's the solution?, Top 10 cults, Why the curiosity/obsession with the book of Revelation?, Paying it forward, Giving life vs sucking life, Offices of power vs offices of service.
6/23/12 Meet the Ministers
6/30/12 Meet the Ministers part II - Fun with Technology
7/7/12 Survive or be Subsidized
"Civilized Nations" oxymoron, Hoover Dam and the TVA, Losing individual enthusiasm, Media misdirection, Hue and Cry, What's your job in the Kingdom?, Will you be left behind?, Are you ready for freedom?, DOers make a society great, The means determine the ends, Hints from judges, J. D. Rockefeller and Ringo Starr, Jury nullification, MMS, Gibson Guitar company, Universal Health Care in the Roman Empire, Slothful belong under tribute, Who can be free?, Coveting congregations, Teamwork is needed, Juries and the law, Why won't you come together?, Things you can accomplish if you come together, Thou shalt not..., Socialism incompatible with Christianity, Beware Hollywood Christ and Moses, Chirstos = Messiah = Annointed = King, Judges in Ancient Israel, Tents vs Cities, A common purse of rights, The voice of the people, 1 Samuel 8 - take and take and take..., Realize what's already been taken, How to change?, How did you get here?, Good news - you can repent, God vs your constitution, judge = elohim = god, Who are your gods?, Who appoints them?, The sin of Public Schools, Federal Reserve Notes, Giving power to kings, Was Moses the rightful Pharaoh?, Understanding God's free government, Selecting your minister, Samuel's sons, Electing Sauls, Shofars, The blame game, Biblical "voting", "Vow" explained, Free souls under God, Proving filthy lucre, Imagine a community of 1000 kingdom seekers, Why go to church?, PCM Doers, Voting in the kingdom, No pedastels allowed, Ministering to complex people, What do you pray for?, Church = one form of government, Where to start seeking?, Daily policy is anti-Christ, The whole truth.
7/14/12 Coming to Terms
1066 and the reign of kings, The church of men, Pigs returning to mire, Governments are not your salvation, Bind yourself by love alone, Self-government, Bastille storming, Don't hate tyrants (love your enemy), Tempting leaders with power, Choose foot-washers, Dynamite, Having heaven when hell breaks loose, Words and their meanings, Marriage vs Husband and Wife, Great domestic relationship, Law vs legal (binding), Constructive contracts and obligation, Unlawful enrichment, Public Education, So shall ye be judged, Money equivalents, What does the kingdom of God look like?, Church serves the free assembly, Love and charity, Putting words into action, Who is my neighbor?, Apologies to the emperor, Hadrian and Christian persecution, Christian athiests?, Apotheos, Caesar's birth certificates, Pagan temples, Paul not a citizen of Rome, Military gaining citizenship, Head of the cohort, Being whole in posession of rights, Registering for benefits, Titlus, Born again as a citizen, Herod's baptism, John's baptism - how does it work?, 5 words for "world", Fathers of the world, Kingdom of God on Earth, "Christianity" defined, Feel-good churches, Gospel of the Kingdom, "Employee" = slave, Obligated to fund pyramid building, Modern church - send you to Pharaoh for benefits, Early church was illicit, Not of the "world" of Rome, Jesus was king, "Faith" - where is your trust?, Daily bread - from Rome?, How to turn around, Become a blessing, Pentecost - thousands cast out, Paul talks to them, Jesus high priest and king! - explained, Where do you pray for salvation?, Tithing, Sheep story - Cora and the gate, Support minister so they can find lost sheep and build congregation, 10 Families in congregation, Jesus was rich - made himself poor, Levites belonged to God, Use tax on property, Not 1600s anymore, Patience is a key, Stone and clay altars, Egypt's slavery = 20% tax - what's your rate?, Agreements with unbelievers, Maintaining connection with the Father, Laying down your life, Slothful under tribute, Stoning, Burnt offerings, Gentiles, Christ not a socialist, Golden Calf, Charagma, Mark of the beast, Robbing the temple, Israel = the place that God prevails, HHC doctrine = Christ's doctrine, Tales of betrayal, Honoring father and mother, Nicolaitans and error of Balaam, Egypt means bondage?, Unmooring principles and precepts, Traped in the benefit snare, Human traficking, Keeping your word, First century church had to be very organized, Constanine's councils, Elders police the ministers - servants of the people.
7/21/12 A Day in the Kingdom - MUST HEAR episode!
What it looks like; For the living; Why we're here on earth; God hasn't changed; What has changed?; How?; What is Israel?; Where is Israel?; Can we get there? How?; What it means that "your minister be compatible with the Holy spirit"; Freewill giving vs forced welfare; A tale of two kingdoms; Under whose authority; Natural laws, and how to use them; You, your neighbor(s), and... love; How can the Kingdom of God possibly work; The Church - instituted for a reason; Where is the land where God rules? Basic structure of the Kingdom; Basis for tithing; Some detail on ministers; gathering together - why and how; Health, education and welfare; Purposes for congregations of ministers; 1000 years of God's kingdom over the world after Christ; Israel was the Kingdom of God, before...; Here's that word, anarchy again; Minutemen - for righteousness. Christ said,...; How not to seek God's kingdom; Why to seek the Kingdom of God.
7/28/12 Open Topics
A variety of important Kingdom concepts. For example: was the Apostle Paul a citizen of Rome? If yes, what kind? What kinds were there? It makes a difference; Effect of one's status; Many people, today...; What about you and me?; Effect(s) on society; Examples of negative effects; Positive effects; Christ an Atheist? Different definitions; Why early Christians were called "atheists" and slaughtered; Adam's sin then, and man's sin today; More about ministers, and ordained ministers; "Ordained" means...; Who ordains; The first consideration; Out of the "system" vs in God's kingdom?; How to survive freedom; How to prepare; When to begin preparing; And more!
8/4/12 Strange Wives
KoK fit right door (right Christ); "Kingdom of 'heaven' includes..."; Not by force; Forms of government; Modern ministers; Why worldly governments exist; Genesis 2:18; Trees of knowledge, and life; Strange wives (Ezra 10:14); Kinds of bindings; Aspect of nature of women; Good and evil women; Different parties to 3rd party contracts, different effects; Why CoREs; First institution of God; Those in God's kingdom do this (and other things) - voluntarily; Being separate - meaning, and how to; Providing for the needy; Good shepherds; What early church was doing; Bondservants of God; Law of Nations; Purposes of Christ; SPT - what it means for your minister, and what not a substitute for; Free assemblies, and corporate bodies; You retain authority over..., but not...; Ministers have authority over..., but not...; To "set" elders...means; CoREs and MoREs; Function of The Church; The Christian network; Righteous relationships; Church service; Complimentary relationship between man and women; About eating "sour grapes"; Privilege vs Right to benefits; Pay taxes?; Taking vs providing benefits; Effectual distribution means; Life - more abundant; Shadow of the Beast, within? But how?; How become "blessed" for righteousness; How to quickly clear a room; Tickling ears, or speaking truth; Adam and Eve's roles in fall; Meaning of "obey" in Hebrews 13:17 - actually a good thing?!; Strange wives are strange...?; Bride of Christ - a matter of record; Forming CoREs; Women are to keep silent?; Reasons children might obey; Parents and spanking; Role and purpose of "Singers", and who is often best suited as.
8/11/12 Cain Syndrome
Saul Syndrome review; One syndrome precedes the other; How the two relate; Cain syndrome described; Historical background; Example of how progresses; Cain syndrome today; A better option; Different types of service; "City" defined (amazing!); How/why cities "work"; Two systems' sacrifices compared; Cain's servants described; "Syndrome" carries with it idea of disease and dis...?; Power of governments; Why some choose Cain, and why some can't; Freewill offerings; Non-charitable institutions; Cain syndrome, by any other name...; Examples of; Why not getting better; Outcome of that, or the way of repentance; Bit of Cain in us all; Babylon the Great; What must change to change world; In what way?; The "Redeemed way" vs the many kinds of forced welfare; Sin of Sodom & Gomorrah; Governments "of the Gentiles"; A kind of service - that kills; Doers of the word; Why property taxes exist; Another kind of service - that loves, cares and contributes; Traditional churches; Deserving poor; Ways to sacrifice; To expatriate from systems, or to repatriate to God; You serve God, or "gods many"; Election year promises - for a price; Start giving in ways you can - for righteousness sake; About reproof and rebuke; Results of abandoning God's way - WE can't get back - but...; Intention of Prodigal sonS; Annual feast gathering; Flow from heart makes the difference; Why you desire to do; How to breathe; Become government of God; Bread from afar; Choice - of own accord; Sacrifice; Running, as example of BoC; Start w/local congregations; Coming together "Dos" and "Don'ts"; How to know whether following Christ; Loving Christ enough, to love your neighbor enough, to...?; Network of congregations; Cells of your body; Stagnant ponds; "Stepping out of the boat"; Ways to help get this word out.
8/18/12 IndoctriNation
Guest: Colin Gunn - Co-Producer/Narrator of the film "IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America"
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/25/12 The Feet of Society
The kingdom at hand; What Jesus was telling the disciples; Society defined; Society, determined by; Cannibalistic societies; SS - what it is; What means/how to "honor parents"; Pure religion defined w/examples; Kingdom ways (spiritual events/powers) - "bizarre" or commonplace; Satan forces to do some right???; "The Adversary" - to what/by what means?; Self-interest as a good thing - best application and what's needed to effect; If not this, then..., because...; What happened at Pentecost; Christ's role; "Feet of society" defined/explained; Abraham, and altars he set-up; What binds a society together; Sins forgiven, if...; IngredienCE of society - huh?; Stinky feet need washing know-how; When "greed" is good; Forgiving is giving - examples; Matt 18:13-35; Finding lost sheep; Love vs contracts; Emotions have a place; Some say Christ was a socialist; Rights and responsibilities of Family - as established under God; Free assemblies; Individual corporate entities; Congregations as non-corporate entities; How not to diminish rights of a Family; Trust overseer/protectors, ministers and elders; How/why it works; How world's governments operate differently; What to do; Begin with this to care about others...; Gandhi said...; Jesus (and Paul) extremely political; Foundation of societies; What any society must do in order to work; The way Christ did it; What determines nature of a soul; Principles vs privileges; What it means if not safe to be unpopular in your society; Of what does Family's corpus consist; What to give, how and where to give it, and for what; How best to come together; Message of the gospel; Making underwear, walking on water, dry bones, and repairing breaches; Offices of power; Where to get going.
9/1/12 What Does a Believer Do Now?
Saved by grace?; Adultery/fornication; Intention vs form; Not all governments bad?; Imagine...; "Streets-love"; Conflicting ideas; Sacrifices for salvation; Haunted by... temptations?; In the moment; Talk about, think and study, but ultimately...; Original (higher) right to choose; Difference in governments/kinds of trusts; Minister watch - supported, or not; Sure sign not in KoG; KoG won't work most places, but...; Your Family...; Central to Kingdom; Festival sharing; Checklists not viable; Interacting w/others "on same road"; Image of self-sacrifice; Burden with seeking KoG; Events on the sun; Dark spots, cognitive dissonance, and disease; Seeking KoG - motivation that sustains; Awake?; The better question; Best way to serve; How church is organized; Ways to help; "Adaptive preference formation"; Not easy ? impossible; Prayer request answered by MoRE; Project progress, offering, a working example, and encouragement; Lots of (little) ways to contribute; Fun - with rewards; Believer in Christ (or christ's many)?; God-given "right to choose", contrary influences, and how to choose rightly; Facing God; Not being a false witness (and more); Honesty 'bout one's unbelief; Helping others - what and how; Gotta make it happen! Y/N?; Hearers/speakers vs DOERS; Seek/find, ask/given - but what else; Second nature becoming; Comfortability vs righteousness; What KoG is about; Conspiracy theories (but the real problem is...); What must change; Treasury, force, and multi-generational debt; Trusts - who regulates = differences in kind; 'Bout your minister(s); Examine and implement - what, and how; Professing faith - best practices; Connect w/contact ministers and develop assemblies of record (CoREs).
9/8/12 Does God hate you? - MUST HEAR episode!
Kingdom "at hand" meaning; "'Red' porridge", Nicolaitans/Balaam; Many (and subtle) ways to insanity; Electronic network vs live connections; Range sheep, geese in flight, a social welfare/network system of charity, and true needs; Seduction of benefits, and the behavior of "Woolly-pigs"; Birthrights, benefits, and the conquered - or... The Way (of range sheep); Kingdom's perspective; How your vote is cast; Division of Families and societies; Your riches; What doesn't work; Cost of free benefits; Freedom under God; Systematic networking w/others; God wants to love us; "Charity" that kills; At core of what makes nations great; Loyalty; Congregationalism vs kingdom net-working; "Flesh w/the life"; Huge transition before Christ; Learning to work together; Treasure of kingdom; What Christ preached; Kingdom tax rate; The "Logos"; For whom Christ died; Flesh and blood offerings; Pots, cauldrons, and the SS system; The flesh early Christians ate; Who's on the auction block; Dry bones; Christ died so we could understand...; Collision of ideas; Saved "in an instant"; Relationships or contracts; Picking a minister; Instrument of foolish shepherds; The pattern (what to start doing differently); Things God hates; Purpose for giving; "Sufficiency" of Christ's Way; Ministers sharing in offerings; Tending to needs; Together in little ways - now; To have eternal life; Faith in Christ('s Way); Who is being sought; About most talked about thing in bible; What Temples in Jerusalem were doing vs what Christ was doing; "Churches" today is product of what?; What do YOU say is going on here; Flesh of children already eaten up???; Just do this to repent, turn around, and start seeking the kingdom of God (and His righteousness)...
9/15/12 Occupy or Just Sing?
Unique thing about the 10s, 50s, 100s, and 1000s; Where systems of power stem; Ways of governing selves; Lk 19:27 ("wow!"); Maintaining an entrance - how-to; Giving - in righteousness; The majority of world's voters...; Harps of God, and the Song of Moses; Mission 1st; Principles and precepts; The way Christ talked and told us to talk; Occupy, by...; Before trying to figure cryptic,...; Start doing Way of Christ; A new song; Cornerstones, and polished stones; "Buoyancy of God"; Slothful vs diligent; 1st (read: simple) things, 1st; % having abortions who are unwed?; Whose fault is most of what plagues us; Hirelings; Purpose in suffering pain of not going right way; Using GPS, or following directions; Gotta build it!!!(???); Sons and daughters; Value of strong hands - if not attached to body?; New song/loud voice; Your survival strategy; Trusting in the Lord, or in benefits; Only thing YOU can do...; Who fills the potholes; "By ambuscade"; Darth Vader scene insights; The "10 strings", the "instrument" we're to play, and, what(?), regarding them; Passports, civilian projects, and working - for free; Orchestras as illustration in seeking KoG; Lessons in a Kipling poem; It's as simple as...; Occupy until He comes (read: do, these things, until...); The sounds of orchestras - while tuning up; "Wait, and not be tired by waiting" - Kipling poem application examples; The worship of metaphors; Better housekeeping; Not putting burdens on others, and relieving other's burdens; Who's to do the little stuff... and the big?; Cog-work of gears.
9/22/12 For the Record
Hebrew letter's meanings; Hey, Ed!; "Praise"; Nature of God; Belief/action; Why you have what you have; Relationships/offerings; Bible words for "congregation"; Effects of "Mem" and "Vav"; Written vs spoken; Calendars, or knowing the "time(s)"; What's true; A third word; Parts of speech/slight of hand; Differences/influences in use of similar words; Permission; Nature of God's assemblies; Congregants/CoREs as witnesses; Without force; Tokens and records; Flow; If all were doing just this much, then...; Projecting Christ's spirit and fruit of His loins; Ties of NT "congregation" words to their ancient OT equivalents; Nature of the witness, nature of God, and being a giver of life; Who forms, and Who's form; Ezekiel 37; "Voice"; "At hand"; Circulatory "mem system"; Without world's help; Corban of Herod/Rome; Not the way; Miracle of God; Long-distance congregations; Chain of service; Tools for coming together; Way to best care and provide; Rome in today's societies; Where to glean; Alternate means; Strangers and foreigners; Health (producing) food; "Information" as blood/life flowing; Spread of gospel; Learn to share/share to learn; Opportunity (no free tickets); Where is righteousness; Home teaching; Praise/thanksgiving, profession/confession; Not having to go to world's benefactors; Willingness and know-how; Thankful for opportunities; CoREs and MoREs; Have you a right to be ruled by God?; Who can come, and what's required? Gleaning at night; Witness to Christ; Allow self to be moved; Historical "symbol" of Christ (not what you think); Nature of kingdom; Gifts of the congregation/feasts; Sharing is...; "'Limping' marriage"; "Frank and free"; Father will meet you half-way; All, coming together; Flesh comes when...; Standing "in His way"; Structure; Some bones not connected/connecting.
9/29/12 Live from the Burning Bush Festival
What original church was doing (how operated, where operated from, how organized); Effects of coveting; Tents of the congregations; Studying actual history vs opinions/impressions of; Communities/societies of selfless charity; Who to trust, honor, be part of - and shun; The commandments, and pistachio ice cream; How to see; Welfare snares; How (good) relationships grow; Ministers have a job to do; What's our perception of OT; The treasury, responsibility, and grass-roots porters; The bravest of all; "...don't work, don't eat" (eat? what?); Ministers vs administers; Effect on Family by incorporating; A major task of ministers; Long-distance congregations; Neighbors, neighboring congregations, and (more) ice cream (yum!); Your ultimate survival tool; Review of previous words translated, "congregation" (their letters and the images/pictures conveyed); Purpose of these congregations and caliber of relationships developed; Another word translated, "congregation"; Traits of "free souls under God"; Function of the sheepfold; "Love of God" - translated; "Tufts of wool"... on the dessert floor; "General assembly" and "church of first born"; "7 men"; 11... on a hill; "Taxed", "enrolled", or neither?; Going on record loving others and other congregations; What faith is; Bearing witness to statements on the paper; Love and sacrifice/forgiving; Immersion in society/doing; Future festivals; Beginning of children's life-long relationships; Study groups; Most important of all; Gift of understanding.
10/6/12 Live from the Burning Bush Festival
Kingdom of God - how works/how be a part; Early church's/Christians' beliefs; Deriving a word's meanings; World's vs God's ways; The "next" step away from kingdom - the first, being...; Rituals vs precepts (essence of); The shofar; Use of Shepard's rod and staff; KoG in Christ's day under Pharisees; Standing, in law of nations; Honor and conscience; How governments are established; How "penalties" meted out; Type/manner of gathering; Why congregate; Actual belief in Christ; Distinction between kingdoms (and where to draw the line); Porters/gatekeepers - duties of; Where you get to change terms of contracts; New World Order - news flash!; (Whole) gospel; Purpose of tithe; "Burden to neighbor" argument; Man having "no coat" - with a twist!; "Deserving" vs "undeserving" poor; Becoming part of the journey; Shunning, rebuking, repenting, and casting pearls; Rethinking our thinking; The "general assembly" included meaning; "Perks"; Single best way to propagate ordinances of Christ!; Holy "CoWs" vs "Sacred cows"; Keeping the commandments argument; Your rights; "Forgiving" means...; How to change/where to start; Rituals from precepts taboo; What you can figure out; About "charity"; Sacrifice is done away with; How to be righteous toward unrighteous mammon; Repenting and turning, and Stopping and starting; To really know what's really going on.
10/13/12 Liberty
Establishing governments; Nearly zero welfare, yet still demanding tithes?; Rome; Appearances; "Lifting up hands"; Keeping the commandments; What is/is not love; "Turning around" looks like...; Patience and liberty; When it's your time; Liberty under God; ?????????!; Saved by grace?; What to do; Ministers many; Gathering and caring; Comfortable?; Duality of governments; Problems w/government begins...; Changing (doing); Many mentions; Flame that does not consume; The roof; Progressive lines; Lost sheep seeking the fold; "Liberty" a choice; Talking government and taxes in church - huh???; Elect (to follow) Christ; Trying to get the first grass; Ways to start; Connecting networks; Families; No diminished rights; Garden planting example; Gathering w/mind of, and guided by, Christ; Dancing the dance; Taking back; Before baptism; Sons and daughters; Carob and honey; Vipers; Fruits - by another way; The important thing; Behind the curtain look at Boaz and Ruth, and related matters of law; "Power mad!"; Freewill choice; Patrick Henry quote; "Justice" as relating to gathering and agreements; Fact and law; Repeating things; Repeating things; Terror and anguish; Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"; Walking straight; "Cities of refuge" were...; No other salvation; Seek, do, and be; Softball sized brains; Figure it out; Power to give vs power to take; Turn, and seek; God's intervention; Will you be heard; The Way back, together; God's waiting for us to...; Whenever shown something...; Back to your tents.
10/20/12 Adversaries
Iconoclastic; Understanding inspired authors; OT claimants over the world and history; Modern City-States; Wars in heaven/Peace in hell; Battling against conformity; Vast changes; Everything as usual; Shifts happen; What Abraham taught; Treasure of governments; None left behind; Paul Revere, lost?; Most common form of government; Hearts and minds; The warrior against God; Opposing, provoking, etc.; More power/corruption; Lincoln, and the draft; Serving neighbors; Grievous errors; The five basic precepts for Kings; Under whose authority; 1st time in recorded history; A certain Way; The Shew bread and the Eucharist; Love of others/God's Way; Forms of Godliness; War on The Way; Metaphysical reasons; Slightly different perspectives, but...; Progression of Socialism; Accompanied along The Way; Adversarial relationships; That spirit, in us; Seduced away; The spiritual reality that's needed; Where real choice is made; Since Egypt; The divine revelation paradox, the spark of knowing, and going on from there; A kingdom of authority - and volunteerism; Cosmic, quantum effects; The Way (to resist); Hidden knowledge... that you're hiding from; Test of wisdom and patience; Lk 8:30; Out of love; Brains as hockey pucks; The Way around the tree of knowledge; Release from bondage (of knowledge); Need for questioning from the righteousness of Christ; Accepting Christ's plow; How shadows form in our minds; About your neighbors next door and down the street; Collective consciousness and unconsciousness; Militant head; A cord short of an essential missing characteristic; The Song of Moses and The Lamb; Supra-natural; Sacrificial service-stance.
10/27/12 Coveting your neighbors' goods
Some modern science' atheistic descriptions of the universe; Opening, and common, bible theme(s); Rattling bars; Under subjection - of...; Have you believed - or have you been deceived; Yes, it is legal, however...; In every country today; "Choose another one!" (ad nauseam); Rusty wheels turn slowly; Turn and apply; Met halfway; Where's the "where" where God prevails; Moses' Israel; A friend in Christ (and in those who love Christ); Within your family; The freight train of destruction; Essential for all known forms of life; Understanding DNA; Errors sometimes allowed/not stopped; The "you" you were meant to be; Taking responsibility; God knows... get up; Our life, or life more abundant?; Who's most to blame; Divide(d) and conquer(ed); Layers of repentance; The coming flood, and seeking the high ground; We all face death; A candle can appear bright; Start. Being.; The real power; Effects of anger vs love; The love of Christ and one another; The nature of evil and evil's light; "Many mansions"; Gathering for the Eucharist; Spirit and truth; "Divine" different results; What the h...!; Non-static nature of DNA; Whether your church stands or falls; The good and bad news about changing underwear; Those willing to die for their fellow man, and false-patriotism; The opposing direction of salvation; The Constitution: some good points, and its major flaw; Union and (self)discipline of early Christians; Stalled Oxen; The social welfare system of the faithful in the Eucharist of Christ; God's model of love.
11/3/12 Spiritual Journeys in the Physical World
Heaven and hell, Song of Solomon 8:8, Darkness and light, Bearing fruit, Mysteries of the kingdom - Luke 8:10 and Matt 13:11, 1 Corinthians 4:1, Relativism, Mathematics, Galatians 1:11, Having eyes to see, Modern science, Dimensions, Heading towards the kingdom, 1 Kings 19:18, Daniel 10:12-13, Relativity, Quantum, Faith in modern science, Hierarchy of science, Membrane theory, Big bang theory, Singularity, Figuring it out vs seeking the kingdom of God and it being revealed to you, Living the character of God, Be friends with the unrighteous mammon, Finding others, Forming in congregations, Becoming the solution, Finding others, Bearing witness.
11/10/12 Fear - MUST HEAR episode!
A powerful tool; Antithesis of faith; Fear not; What's rooted in tree of life; Trend determined in structure of society; The spirit of the Minuteman; Choice in Leaders; Must start/continue; Fear, as relates to following God; Meaning of "God" (and some other words); Barking dogs, intimidation, and intellectualism; Doing what's right in the moment; Need for approval - path to becoming a lost sheep; Where faith abides; The Church, and benevolent groups and individuals of old; Religious programs of world's governments; The Problem; Source of fear; Sacrificing - before eating; Cry out to EBT card providers; Sound-bite religion; "Token charity" described; Faith vs Force; Service examples; Weak and fearful societies vs strengthening the poor; Fear/absence of faith; Living by faith and knowing; Pride's progression; Daily revelation and growing faith; The structure to creation; Service - paid by faith, hope, charity; Arms raised to God (with tools in hand and sleeves rolled up); Before the saints, or...; To be heard by God; Bearing witness; The Gospel, the only hope, and waiting on the Lord; Seek ye first the CoRE of God; Systems of fornication and idolatry, or of the communion of body and blood of Christ; Cup of Lord vs cup of devils; Where we've gone, and getting back; Don't have to do all today, but need to start. Today.; Getting ready; Forming network taking care of needs of one another; Being the kingdom of God; Agreeing with Christ; Loving (The Way of) Christ; Be a light.
11/17/12 The Essential Precepts of a Free Government
Preaching and seeking KoG, and seeking His righteousness; The strong delusion; Ron Paul's farewell address; How governments are changed; Much talk 'bout government; Plan "B" is plan "A"; All governments theocratic; Fruits worthy of repentance; Seed and bloodline, or those doing; Where can you go; The weightier matters; Living by charity; International network; Usury examples; Sources of political problems; A 501(c)3's not supposed to talk about government, huh?; What's done as a matter of policy...; Another king, One Jesus; State in the hands of the people; How to not leave anyone behind; Aide provided to local hurricane victims; Gathering with others who care; From the beginning...; Agreement with unbelievers case study; Feeding bears; The fiber (character) of the people; 10 laws and 700(+/-) statues; Statutes vs rules; "I can not tell you the answer" About Title 42 section 666 (and the red herring); Greek word for "Whole"; "Guilty, until proven innocent (that's the law you know); Mandatory support; The election of Sauls; Feeling righteous, or doing righteousness; A vast subject - effecting every aspect of your life; Bible's 'bout the living?; In the presence of God...; Where it's at!; Another kind of revolutionary spirit; Contracts, covenants, and constitutions; Anointed anyone, lately?; The higher liberty; You can do what you want; Who are the wicked?; The practicality of setting pride aside; Who you know who'd risk their life for you?; Not used to the truth; "But, I'll miss my program"; Should be under tribute, or to not be under tribute...; Join us, and let's go back to Christ.
11/24/12 More on Ron Paul's farewell speech
Possibly only "close to a real Christian" of modern political candidates; Way to liberty; How world today views itself, and why; The "face" of pride (and its appearances); Mathematical equation's proofs; Runaway inflation causes; Today's record-breaking bread-line number; Food rationing, brought to you by...; Sick people; "Responsibility" and the brain; Cost or love; "Click it, or ticket"; Raise your prices and go to... death!?; Thriving! (despite it all); Tar and feathers; "Bully pulpits"; An observation on Holland; HJR 192; Shifts of trust in US economy; Pure religion; Light bulbs; Coal and steel industries get a boost; The TSA; Cities' walls of stone, or "wall of 'stones;'" Why man refused to leave prison when pardoned; When "apathy" is an act of violence?; Take care; The politics of Christ; A specific way governments weaken folks; Doing without, and the habit of virtue; Good at service; Benefiting from one another - the miracle of sharing; Where's the important line on the border issue; Your prerogative - to give it up, or to maintain it; Through the black hole...; Working, and eating (or not, and not); And THE answer is...; Civil rights or civil privileges; Can there be free markets with debt-ism?; The "mining of wombs"; Loving actively and proactively; Salvation, and what to do about it; Why Paul made tents; What we've been doing, and not doing; Repent, and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
12/1/12 Baby Steps toward the kingdom - or "Sinners Anonymous"
Kingdom of God - here, or there?; Words' different meanings, and private interpretations; That's your opinion; "Travelling Merchants"; Need to orient according to "the scheme"; Some digging of your own; Rabbit trails vs rabbit holes; Orient, then go... do!; AA/NA's 12 steps, and what KoG is all about; Is there a gray area; How to turn around; Sin addiction; The insidious plot; Underlying all addiction; Choices, alignments, direction, and our cause-and-effect universe; The self-will/self-preservation (or selfishness), and weaning, factors; Receiving children; In My name; No longer pigs; Brutalizing wives; Essene houses; Not far from the (which?) kingdom; NT "Preach" meanings; Get "clean" through...; Drunk on blood?; Overcoming non-sharing spirits - within (how to); Depression's cure; "As you should be"; Entitlements vs hope; Force and lust, or faith and love; Whited-sepulcher syndrome; Humility, submission, and plugging in; "Fearless moral inventory" and an ancient meditation; Dealing with dirt; Preemptive service; Spiritual bands; "Stinky love"; Prompt admissions of; "Persimmons" as a synecdoche, and what it represents; Your prayer(s); Repeat after me, "wait on the Lord"; Power against returning to your addiction(s); Tradition; Making aware of addictions; Abandoning others?; Not those who say...; CoREs, and their testimony; Connect to others/other CoREs to help; Many rabbit trail loops.
12/8/12 Religious Addictions
God's speaking to you now; True message of gospel; Results of private ownership; The $55k baby; Tradition of no kids; Who you gonna call (Who's gonna hear you); Seek seekers seeking KoG; Pearls before swine; Be first; "AA" steps review; "Tradition"/"Ordinance" defined; Sold for benefits; Nature of servants; "AA" traditions; The Sabbath and debt; Common welfare; Servants who don't govern; Repent; Autonomy; Message to others; In hearts and minds; "Zombie pigs"; "Lord's name in vain" meaning; Declining outside contributions; Sin of coveting; One purse; Higher Liberty; Obama Care; Admit, and repent; So simple, it's embarrassing; The daily ministration; Pulls out own teeth; Doing what Christ said; Foolish virgins; Walls coming down; Forgiving debts; When whole gospel comes alive!; Cold turkey; Rabbi gathering his flock; A modern Christian belief; "We aren't our walls... anymore"; ...with our lives; To be accountable; Bottom-up love; Adhesion contracts; If you have been saved...; Not that you will do enough; Getting your teeth fixed (with widow's inheritance taxes); Looking to Christ; Can't stop flow, but can decide which side to be on; IF ye be dead in Christ; Can't change self, but can admit wrong; "By the time you should be teachers..."; When..., then things will change; Interest in changing hearts, not governments; Anonymity; Call into account; Non "striving" and "seeking" type gospels; Signposts; Symptoms of economic woes, breakdown of Family, and abominations before God; Make straight the way of the Lord.
12/15/12 The List
Firstfruits; Who says, "Repent"?; What you get here; That prayers be heard; Oppression of neighbors; When sick...; Unspotted; Real men and women; Real persecution vs mild inconveniences; Contract, or thievery!; Where men repent; Might have to be crucified?; Created systems vs the "Known and Recognized"; Settling disputes/forgiving people; Not politically active, and...; Virtue; Faith included with weightier matters;Smaller, but more power(full); Golem, and the (whole) truth; Virtue and Knowledge; Hopelessly enslaved; Free, under God's authority; Only way back; Fruit(full); Everywhere - taking care; Fathers, teach your children; The WHOLE truth; "'Black' Muslims"; No sheep in Christendom; Key element to freedom; Eyes open; Repenting of false preachers; Vir...tu...ous??? leaders; Raised w/o fathers; Leaders in offices of rulers vs leading in service/virtue/righteousness; What's being left out of "The Gospel"; Divine intervention; Already dead, if...; "Strengthening" means..." Region of ignorance; Own family's NOT first?; Nations can exist through...; Guard enemy from oppression; Giving/loaning so folks can engage in self-indulgence(s); "Species of property"; Present-day HS students vs 1st 5 questions in a 1945 math book (SHOCKER); Just believe?; Constitution falls short in these ways; Anti-Federalist Papers; Unicornis Existamongus; Take time to study; Actual servants; Shining example; Best survivalist tactic.
12/22/12 Unarmed and Dangerous - MUST HEAR episode!
Controversial things; Who can defend themselves; Zero tolerance gun-free zones; Simple, huge (effective) deterrent; Cognitive dissonance; Minimum wage "security" guards; % US households with guns today; Message to the world; # children dead past year/decade; Sell your coat; Right to bear/responsibility to bear; Against God and the children; In boats without life preservers; Allow competent teachers (and as for the rest,...); Anti-assault rifles; Able to see common sense working elsewhere; Private schools w/armed teachers; Gather with other home schoolers; Death trap zones; "Foolish and complacent"; Vacuums of self-defense; Gun control advocates who call 911; % of shooters on prescribed drugs; 3%. 67%.; Done abroad vs at "home"; Proven, failed policy; Stand, take the chance; Drug warning labels; Contributing to welfare of others; What Moses was able to say - as a given; Christ's system; "Unrighteous Mammon" and it's meaning; Discretionary charity; Being good vs feeling good; Time, money, energy; Fit to be under tyrants?; Time at hand; Systems which divide; "Washed from sins - in blood"; Dividing of the word (and the bread); "Kings and priests"; Access to set up such systems today?; To will, and to do; "The Church" and why established; A new song - available today; Who will say, "Amen"?; The record and the testimony; What the author meant; Walk a little bit in His way; (Job) description of "Kings"; THE offering of Priests.
12/29/12 Kings and Priests - MUST HEAR episode!
Land of enslaved/home of afraid; No more 50k/yr income; Profiting off fear; Relying on kings and priests; What about the "Us"; "Call no man Father"; Going to church to pray; Donate, deduct and negotiate; In debt/morally bankrupt; Fiscal and moral cliffs; The only real security; Sacrificing/caring; That others may see truth; Pagan temple roles; Caring for mothers and fathers; Put up, first; Losing life for Christ's sake; Disciples of Satan; More disciples of Christ; Do different, but with same energy/intensity; Linked congregations; NOT "Us"; To be a servant of God; Serving/feeding the sheep; Christians doing all they should; Virtuous increase/wicked decrease; 10-men congregations; Learning to live differently; "As much as"; Having say where your foot goes; Your neighbor; Connect with others around you; We're with "HHC"...; False social communities; There is a solution; Right of free assembly; Who are the Priests; Up to "skid-row" level of broke; How distinguish between the two systems; Turn around; How men operate; Mark of God/mark of Beast; Look for, find and follow; His doctrine; Socialist Pharisees "As much as your own"; Paying the price vs being in debt; The same apostasy; Gathering with, and expecting unbelievers to believe?; Seeking - by being kings and priests; Second fall of Rome; Finding His sheep; Investing in KoG; Putting energy, life, service into it; In your family and in the community; Gathering to serve; Pick up your cross (and doing your share); Admit been going the wrong way.
1/5/13 The Word of God
Bible over past 1000/yrs; Look up word meanings; Witness of what "I" see; Bible's 'bout government?; Annual ante; Showing your love; The right (and responsibility) to bear arms; "Corvee" presented as "Corban"; Deceitful benefits; Snared again; "That ye"; "Partakers" meaning (Oh, that's what that means!); Build the boat - first; Public dole; 666; Truth and life; The good news; "Doeth"; Where treasure's laid up; The beast; Finding Utopia; Where's your heart (follow the money); It gonna take a miracle; Gathering/gleaning to benefit others; Doing something different; Why you think scripture's encrypted; Greedy for gain/comfort; Stand!; In earnest; The little ones; "Provide for it"; It's a battlefield; A "step-back" look at the world; Supporting your congregation (and congregation of congregations); "What's in it for me?"; Seeking purpose of Jesus; Greater power; Learned to walk in a day (on level ground); Intent on service; Zombies don't eat zombies!; Intentional, alternative society; Strive; Don't have to wait; Getting busy(ier); No escape to other countries; International community network; A look at the faith we claim; Any with ears...; In the belly/out of the heart; Believers (in the ways of God); Calm the wind/heal the lame; Mutual assurance; Intimate congregations of 10; Negotiating med bills; Fullness of the gospel, and "alternative" healing; Freewill offerings - alone; Living altars of stone; Eyes that have not seen and yet can see it; Where you pray.
1/12/13 Husbands
Going to be challenged; Intro and retrospective searching; Lesson from isometrics; The words; Man's natural state; Resh, or Resh Resh; Characteristic in man; To be God, or to lead to God; To be like God; Natural relationships between God/man; "Husband" more than a piece of paper; To each, their own (clear direction); "Jezreel"; Dual meaning/application of "husband"; Self-imposed burdens - and how turn into blessing(s); Divorce in the Koran; Where begins the KoG, and concentric order of effected relationshipS; Importance of letters/words meanings; Idioms of language; How husbands and wives are bound; Striving to not be a drain; Concerned about other's rights; "No need of spoil"; Model of a good shepherd; Contributing and setting aside - and for whom; The work of being a family; "As much as"; Getting started; Working out things individually; "Believeth not" is in reference to...; Understanding text in context of text (and history); Operating in (all) the character(istics) of Christ('s character); Who put THAT into your heart; What it's probably gonna look like; Striving, to create...; Getting righteousness, right; Time to learn lessons of KoG; Husband(men) to congregations; How to lift-up others; Wives, as allies, supporting your work in love; Precepts of God vs rituals, vocabulary and philosophies of men; Unrestricted growth (strengthening) in the "isometrics of life"; God wants you to be free, but...; Virgins vs foolish virgins; Getting the domestic relationshipS, right; Family as microcosm of KoG; What becoming that microcosm prepares you for; Every waking moment? Every. Waking. Moment.; Not so profound valley... girls??? (Now that's deep!); Understanding, or... just... reading.
1/19/13 Choice
What's going on/what to do; Questioning our beliefs; "Study" defined; The word of truth vs "vain babblings"; "Church" doctrines; Social benefactors; Religious Christian society; Roman civil law; Call no man, "Patri"; What believing in Jesus looks like; Taxing the rich?; Wanting to keep the commandments, and being diligent; With neighbors, not exercising authority; Different conclusions; False faith; With your very life; The Pharisees thought they were righteousness, too; What Christ was doing vs what are you doing?; Who the kingdom's for; Unconditional love vs conditional salvation; Continuing in the way; Rings of power; Lottery ticket purchasing, and similarity to voting; Relating modern examples to time of Christ; Blind charity; Starting with your soul, and cleaning own house; Extensive or limited - same thing; Have you heard him yet; Antithesis to "Mark of Cain"; This simple, little, truth...; Simplicity of the GoK; "Greatest" = servant of all; Right to choose ? license to do wrongly; Diligent workmen; Moses explains Commandments; Givers of life, and loyal to righteousness; Just a liiiiittle demonic; Cain/Nimrod connection; Seek KoG oneself vs forcing it on others; Bonds of love; Proposed, mandatory-service bill; Adjusting behavior - rightly; Study/put into action... diligently; Lacking knowledge/desiring benefits; Learning skill/art of liberty, and exercising own responsibilities; No ToL without acceptance of God; "Sacrifice" is correlative to...; The flow of virtue; Gathering to make love real; The fire of giving; Speaking, living and sacrificing to the truth; "Of jackals, by jackasses"; "Bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people"; Follow Christ.
1/26/13 Harbingers
"The Harbinger", the book; Millions in US breadlines... TODAY; Copy/paste, copy/paste...; Self-justification vs actual righteousness; Why/how we become what we say we hate (but can't see it); Statements of vain men (then, and now); Back to where God wants us; Potential distractions; Clay and stone altars; Nebo gods; Watchmen on the wall; Living by the sword; "Presto-bingo!"; Year of Jubilee; 9/11, and another "huge crash"; Long time since true capitalism in US; We bricks have fallen; Heading back on an individual basis (with others); Listening to God; Lack of HS operating in individuals; Want more? Give more.; "With anyone you can find (who will repent)"; Kidneys of a lamb; Just like any other government, except...; "Efficiently. Fervently, Reverently. Righteously."; All you have to do...; Spiritual realm choices/physical realm fruit; Regulates the "heaven" out of you; Influenced by how much you know; Context of life, history and times of those who wrote; The great bible cover-up (you may be surprised at how, and with what!); Everybody can see righteousness if...; "'Bricks' of Lebanon"; Somebody other than yourself; "A whole lot better than a bag of beans - guaranteed!"; Devil doesn't care if you hate him; A dark "hate" (that cockroaches thrive in) and a light hate (from which they run!); Reflecting - in the negative; "Orders of right"; Lots of love, patience, and forgiveness; Guns? Yes - but only in hands of government!?; Hanging on a cross doesn't "feel good"; Reaching out/coming together for the good of others; 1st base... first; Don't want you to starve, but....
2/2/13 Lifeshare
Short study on "Study"; In "image of God"; Not in pride; Adam's other (greater?) sin; Point where transgressions turn to death; Why the "flaming sword"; Turn around to face The Truth; Multiple evidences (sins) resulting from this single transgression; Vain babblings Different places on the same road (headed away from Christ?); "Tree", - an OT perspective; Repent first; THE solution to THE problem; The only power we have; Ways Good Samaritan medical share system falls short; Gonna do something different; Medical share vs Insurance (and the gospel of fear); The kingdom way vs these others ways - performance in hard times; The discretion of Christ and the human element of divine compassion in answering prayers; Where Christianity got into problems (mostly); The two ways countries keep people in line; Seemingly, "'anti-social' behavior of Christians"; Small connected groups of families; That's why it's called, "faith"; Healing power of Christ's virtue; Excise taxes applied today, and what that is/means; The key is...; Responsibility in Whom to pick, and in what to give; Heart's doors open to Christ; What you've been given...; Strengthening the needy; Two kinds of folks notice when you're good at this; KoG working foremost in your lives; Reasons in bondage today; The world's many public religions vs Christ's private one; 1st day=1st work day; Other duties of Christ's government besides "religion"; Doing good = seeking righteousness = (these critical [critical] aspects); If no real needs today, then what?; Gospel of the "Christian conflict"; As long as there's wicked in the world...; To participate in the system of Christ; Helping people a thousand miles away; Flowing network of an on the ground, directly personal, chain of charity; World does better job than most claiming Christianity; Need to do better...; Sharing with others who are striving diligently; Explained in law; Gathering together in free assemblies; The Eucharist strengthens; Most prominent in history of man; How build real relationships; To build each other up; The reality of negotiating medical bills through Christ's system...; (Un)realistically comfortable; Sharing opens hearts, and...; The living network.
2/9/13 Predatory Governments
Seen in world today; How nature of God works; Man, as created; What makes us think we're righteous; In love, giving life; Fruit of service to God/man; The predator game, or right to be ruled by God; "Prayer" and it's different applications; Old men giving wise counsel; Facts of Rome; Know, seek, and serve... ?; Just how few are needed; The wealthier the nation...; Responsible for our servants, and the creeping nature of bondage; Take... and take... and take...; Before Saul; 70k kids off Head Start - Bad? Good?; Cause of cause-and-effect; Sabbath and debt; 1.2 Trillion in cuts. Bad? Good?; Christ's wedding feast; Baptized, or just wet; To riot or to repent; Bad and good; No matter how far off...; Nothing but hope; Entrusted wealth; Why "bad" at wedding feast; Be-attitudes, not study-attitudes; Choices to make, steps to take; Self-righteousness - good enough!?; Substitutes for the spirit; Where true repentance occurs; "More than anything else..."; Every waking spare time you have; THE "strong delusion"; All, taken care of though...; Our direction and the process; Fruit of living by sword; Drawing near; Who Paul was talking to; "Once the master of the house has risen up..."; Other nomos laws; Christ on your side of scales; The wedding garments; True ministers of Christ, and supporting all needs of society; Spitting in face of Christ?; Charity in hearts and leading of spirit inside; Same way; Don't cheat world system; Famine in society; Setting the table; Christ's garments on/woven daily; Care of family - that shining example of all ministers; A kingdom of individual responsibility; Face to face with our unrighteousness's; In faith, hope, and charity.
2/16/13 Not So Secure Socialism
What works/not works, Kingdom of God is/is not; It's the "gospel of the kingdom"; Part of Paul vs all of Paul (the whole truth); "Socialism" defined (with warnings); Ministers as distinct; Every man returned to family/possessions; How network works; Why Christians burned in N. Africa; Gotta believe in heart and mind; Not pure religion (but your religion); Marks of God/beast; Public schooling costs; What you have in common with bottles of whiskey and ballgame tickets; Find people who actually care; Cognitive dissonance vs cognitive disconnect; "As old as the pyramids"; Completely off-guard; Still waiting for the strong delusion?; Understanding the problem... enough; Faith, or death; Back in early 1900's...; Not going to change overnight; Share (charity/love); Old widow living in a shack; Christ wasn't impressed; Which way you running; True treasure of the kingdom; People save people; Working at what's real; Christ's doctrines - enough (for His purposes); Regarding world's system; What to do - whether you can be free or not; How been conquered, and the effects (already happening); Clever way to beat a rioter (hopefully not you); Who are God's people; Christ's "Secure" social security - as secure as one's faith in God; The truth vs what's written and what's said in "casual conversation" (big oops); The oath you're "assumed" to have taken; Oh, and, about that "one purse"...; No truce-breakers in God's kingdom; Altars of flesh (but without the blood); Faith, hope, and charity (alone); Grandfathered in; Loyalty that must be secured through military or forced benefits, and prayers that require invading other lands; Repent, come together, and participate; In touch w/PCMs; No time to waste; Festivals and follow-up; Strive in seeking kingdom; Becoming suitable for a more righteous habitation.
2/23/13 Destroyers of Liberty
Hierarchy vs "Christ-archy"; Judging fatherless/cause of widows; Can't be cut in half; With this intent; There's an "achy" in Christ's church; Two, or more; Socialism defined; Rank in KoG; Love created(!) by...; "Salvation"; Simple and real; Historical documentation; Two different systems - from the beginning; Just think, if... ; 1913, '33, '70; Legal title vs beneficial interest; Complexity of mankind; Just a few degrees off; Ranks of service; The plan that can set you free; Individual elders of congregations; Top down vs bottom up; Wrong from very beginning; Love neighbors as self and tending to weightier matters; Figure it out!; What's your testimony; Kingdom thinking. You think?; Hierarchy vs higher-service; Loaves of bread and sacks of grain; Examples of extreme charity; With whom to gather; Key building block of KoG; Allegiances of love and alliances of faith; The "70"; After the war... the war continued?; Bonds of loyalty and honor; Ministers you can trust; Taking on responsibility of government; Why the "Living Network"; Bunk!; The real record; What about Enoch; "Whited sepulcher" "form of godliness" vs "The power thereof" "to choose"; Free assemblies/free society; Who exercises authority in church; Totally exempt, if... ?; Doing the job of priests and kings; Need public servants to do this; Mathematics of world vs of KoG; Equal weights and measures; "In the nick of time"; The more added who come in spirit of Christ, the more who will... ?; Every minister should know about this; If you're gonna take this up, then take it up!; Until we meet again.
3/2/13 Spirit of... - Godly and ungodly spirits
Lots of different kinds of; "Spirit(s)" described/delineated; General nature of language/words - with examples; No earmarking of funds; Effects of spirit behind your Corban; Got purses?; Door to evil; Purpose dominion is given; Systems not operating by faith/hope/charity; Democracy vs Republic; Most bound/not ready to get out; What Jesus meant; Help with my unbelief; Be the children of God; Mislead to believe you "believe"; Spirits of; How Herod built his temples; Against the wisdom/spirit of God; Vulnerability to spirits "less than God"; Devil can seem very bright; Snare of welfare; Believe in the real Jesus; Wounded spirits; Why we go to church; Foundation of lies; Candle of the Lord; Meditation; Where looking for kingdom of heaven; Parallels by Buddha; Two different kinds of SS; There's coming a time...; Proposed 3% sales tax; Unless that spirit in us changes; Supreme Court has ruled; Welfare system of Christ; Saved half way; Pursuing the spirit... of God; Trauma of our sin, and sins of others, on us; "Sin" defined (aah, hmm); Combing bible to support ideas; "Holy matrimony" defined; "My cat loves birds" (kind of love that devours); Evil's desire; Another look at the altars of Moloch; The image of God, and reflections in the spirit; Hate/guilt closets in our temples; My part in wickedness of the whole world; Turn up the volume!; Spirit of the world in CoREs?; Burning... faith; Inheritance goes both ways; Justified?; Who'll admit they're a beast; Candle in the belly/heart; Problem with world today; Either way, they got us; Familiar spirits; Clean out own house; You're not thaaat wicked; The spirit of judgment; People as grass (and why); Heading toward or escaping from God's light; Toward whom we've neglected; The remainder of our days; Spirits operating in mechanisms; Battle in our hearts; Other people to forgive; God's people ask counsel;
3/9/13 What is "core" to the Kingdom of God?
Christ/God hates them; Bizarre; We're the same; "For this cause"; The fault lies...; If you really want; Tale of two sons; Entangled again, and THE key; View the Pharisees promoted; Symbols of (exorcising) authority; What it means to serve "creatures";; How/why/symptoms of our straying; Key's not only Peter's; Just start already!; Home teaching/home health, etc.; Wrath of God revealed; What early church was saying; Getting onto the solution; What the Levites were doing; World's systems built around our ignorance; Layers upon layers of deception; CoRE element to salvation (service to God); Ministers to CoREs NOT core of CoREs; Jesus hates me, this I (now) know...; Oh, they love you... like cats "love" birds!; What you always talking 'bout?; The spiritual/virtuous power to do...; What you missed, so you'll stop missing it; Been law since 1936/'60; Every dime...; Singing in churches vs what good guys could be doing; Priests, inheritance, and the Family tithe; What to do, physically, on the ground; A glimpse like what Moses had; "Patience" needs exercising; Let's grow up (in the ways of the Lord); "This job would be easier if I were a dictator"; Another key element for seeking/finding kingdom!; Right foot, left foot (repeat); Coming to wedding feast to eat, or help set the table?; Wilson, then Roosevelt; Sabbath day surplus; Personal vs national debt; Love, for love's sake; Say, "I forgive the debt"; To benefit from studies, do this...; What's more important; Let God sort it out; Talking nonsense?; How to teach the children; This makes sense!; Combing the brush/sides of road; See a need/fill a need.
3/16/13 Heights and Lows
Pervasive use/application/(side) effects of mind altering drugs/cycles; Of hate/anger/fear vs forgiveness; Understanding intellectually vs in heart/mind; "Melancholia"; Thinking changed by chemistry (or other way 'round); Revolving/devolving cycles; Manic-depression reaction, bio-genetic factors, and physiological and social influences; Substance addictions; Dealing with - or covering up; Genetic sin factors; Where(in!) the problem lies; Problems exchanged (roulette) vs what Christ preached; Cognitive disruption; Environment, and the role of choices; Above, and not vulnerable to; Solution for severe emotional trauma reaction; Healing - from source, or secondhand; Most powerful tool in your arsenal; With whom you identify; Distracted from knowing Christ vs living by faith (obedience); Dr. Breggin; Addictions which lead to bondage; Alternative to drugging self/children; Kinds of bondage; Process of being set free; "Tav" of God; Ritalin example; Collective unconsciousness/denial; Quack-like critique of Breggin's work; Enthusiastic, energetic, imaginative teachers; School subject matter/social structure enough cause for removal; Rampant misdiagnosis and overuse of unnecessary powerful drugs w/tremendous side effects; Help w/o resorting to drugs; How far reaching;"Dump-truck" load shipped... daily; Drugging/farming out children ? a solution; Educate others; Structure!; Good psychiatrists in minority; Egregious errors hard to admit; Up the dose ?; Lasting addiction; Help and community support to withdraw; Dis-inhibition, and loss of impulse control; Cure needn't addict; Many other options; Power of words... alone; Nature of Christ sets you free; Addiction as bondage; "Pride" addicts; Humility, sacrifice, charity and forgiveness sets free; Get educated/understanding; Share and gather w/others; Spirit of Christ is service.
3/23/13 Helpful, Hapless and Hopeful
"Might be saved"; Words/symbols; Your birthright... sold!; What made America great; Slaves in own land; Fabian Socialists; Money in SS?; Thinking thoughts vs walking in The Way; Largest robbery - in broad daylight; Able to look at you?; Ever told real Gospel of Kingdom?; Eat my flesh/drink my blood; Signatures, and words vs "in word and deed"; Setting table for others; Spiritual binding; Walking in the light; Nimrods vs Fathers; Way of Moses; Does whole life need changing; Acts 6; Practical ways to turn around; Find the bones!; Something to start by; Good, and bad; Doing what Christ did; Elders with cards; The work looks like; Lady in Monterrey; More of same; Next generation CoREs; Commit to doing something; Any bread coming back?; Only 30 days; Land of enslaved; Society of (the true) Christ; "Ashamed" meaning; How many understand/willing to do; Whole truth; China and others; More workers; Quiet, still, and alone (with God); Already in business of Christ - and who will accept Christ; Blind charity; Spirit of (true) parenthood; Tough; What means to "Save"; It's called gun registration, folks; Our Father, in...; All across Europe; (Any) Difference between us and the big guys; Orient oneself; KoG includes...; No one 'tween you and God; Eskimo story; Generations of children sacrificed; Non-virtuous vices; Make self poor (in service); Stone, MoRE or Congregant; No sleeping in your car; Not out of system - but system out of heart; Road toward the kingdom; Lots to believe/ to set down; Humility to see that been deceived; Monumental job; Come to sacrifice self? (be honest); Rod yielded almonds; Wasteland/desert; No new frontier; Realize you've erred?; Converts among homeless; Why life is given; Pop-tarts anyone?; Until next time.
4/6/13 Sacred Scripts
Mindset of Christ; Bible interprets itself?; Full truth vs chinks in armor; Forms of godliness; Reading bible vs having understanding; Righteousness is righteousness, and God is God; Doctrines of modern churches; How get closer to God; The "Rod"; Reason to not send children to school; What about the Apostle Paul; Writings hidden from Muslims; Spoken well of only once in bible; Property taxes sufficient to pay public schooling, etc.?; What saves more lives than anything; Maxim of law; Audio series on Romans; To find the truth; Can Spirit dwell in our hearts; Alt. societies (within societies) to steer lukewarm; Contracted away rights; Nature of bondage; Jus Naturale; "See 'Master/slave' "; Pays interest on debt only; Not Dathan/Korah's route; What's in us; How this works; Think Kingdom; Following Prophets, or Spirit inside; Fundamental/prior rights - and access(?) to; Our kids, or not; Forgive... set Lord's table; Taxes represent...; "Okay." "Okay."...; Just as guilty; Riots in the streets; Repentant hearts; Home-teaching; Stop/Start; Your church Christ's Church?; Doing different/now; Key to kingdom; On right path?; The flesh/blood we're to consume; Memorized, or written on hearts?; Words=letter of law (that kills); Satan's mantra; Idols of Christ in mind; Sign whether repented; Admit wrong; Can't beat sheep to submit; More willful acts vs submission to Way of Christ; Two laws; We say it, now gotta see it; We do worship them; Political statements; Idotes; Creed of US vs the table of the Lord; Two powers to set you free; To want to - unhesitating; Imagine; Gleaning in field at night for straw; To free selves and enemies; Judge Learned Hand quote; Living network begins in-home; The "give"-"forgive" link; (For)giving is what it takes.
4/13/13 Romans Continued
Expelled from Rome; Many sects; OT, just as clear as NT!; What Paul really said; Yes, Yes/No, No; Baptism of Herod; Pacing off fields; Freewill offerings; Roman Christians understood things; Supreme Court declares; Taking from children; Work, then rest; Form vs precept; Civil altars; Repent/be converted; Personal sacrifice; Ship wreckage; "Touching the hem"; Bear with, not break down; In faith, alone; Best way to "make aware/edify"; Willing to be crucified - and remain righteous; Like-minded with Christ; Paul quotes OT (again); Hope vs entitlements; No new gospel; If would start, strive, and continue, then...; Left foot, right foot...; Obedient? Yes, but in ., not in...; Grassroots - up; Only ritual to be seeking; The "saints"; Corporation of Christ; Be the temple; Reason lives are in shambles; Face to face; Burning Bush Festivals; Building up the people; Still living like unbelievers?; Circumcision of heart; Together - as true body of believes; These guys were industrious; One form of government; Women as ministers; Know who's really walking walk/talking talk; Tremendous system of daily mail; Learn whom to salute; Meaning of "sacrifice"; Way of sacrifice and righteousness; Self-tax; Simplicity of GoK; Have we repented/changed?); Mark, and avoid; How long will we be simple; Hear hue and cry; . in all aspects of our lives; Home-teaching (w/others if need be); Bruise Satan; Bye-bye; With whom to gather; Hopeless (except through Christ's Way); Israelites who stayed in Egypt; Obedience; "Society" according to Bouvier; Consistently, continually casting our bread...; Following in way of Christ; Walkin' da walk; Translates to in-home relationships.
4/20/13 Mysteries of God's Kingdom
Available in spiritual realm; Way back to Tree of Knowledge; Something to realize; No need for ID card; Not distinguishing. Conforming; Psycho analysis; Egos attached to civil society; Physical and spiritual egos/DNA; "Author of 'Excousia' "; Did not do away with debt; Song of Moses/Lamb; Brothers in bondage - where/how?; Who's fault; Just the opposite; The righteous way; Can't pretend; "Conversation" in the "world", and affairs of the KoG at hand; "Faith" defined; Including rich and middle classes; A personal and well regulated charity/welfare; The KoG within; Answer to all problems; Loss of freedom expands; Many never heard this; Non-violent incorporation; Shared responsibility; Guilty!?; "Sovereignty" as sin; Our right to choose for ourselves (to give away our rights to choose for ourselves); "Miss-teries" of God; Diminished capacity; Our fault; We don't own it; Can't prohibit right to contract; "On a regular basis"; Gave our power; The unpopular constitution; Employment regulated by US; Contracts are powerful - can just unmake them?; Pay Cesar; If we can't do this, then...; Never should have elected Saul; Responsibilities back first; Past Constitution; False hope/security; Still wanting benefits?; Liberty is personal/not found in despotism; Curses!; Seduced away; What need focus on; Records of testimony; The law is spirit; How to serve God; All we have to do; Become enlightened from within.
4/27/13 Churchism: Hidden in Plain Sight - MUST HEAR episode!
Without information...; Coming to terms: "Cult", "?????????", etc.; A careful look at the bible and history; Many won't understand what was just said; Why God commands this; The whole picture; If that's the case, then...; The truth is...; Essence of a minister of God; How Peter made a living; The consequences of baptism; Calling on the "name"; Difference between Christ's church and all other cults; What we say vs what we do; Token giving that makes us feel good; "Pricked in their hearts"; To Whom do we apply (pray); Love, not force, neighbors to contribute; Promise is to us and our children, if...; Put out; "Ekklesia" defined/described with example; What they were doing before; Washed, and pickled; The kind of office draws that kind of person; Kicked out vs called out; Christians persecuted for this...; Who's promoting His doctrines; The Way (back); Need for assembling; Killers of charity; Key to abundant life; Freewill offerings; Uniqueness of (true) Christian community/society; A lot of work to do; Who's to exercise authority in Christ's church; Definition of a lie; The cloaking of evil; The locusts; Seeking the right to be ruled by God; True alms giving; Different words for "Judge/judging"; About doctrines of Christ; "Licking the hand"; Finding others willing to serve; The answer; The important thing...; What made them brother and sisters; Can't understand scripture without understanding these things... (and reading it all); To church - for everything; "Lord" means "Sovereign".
5/4/13 You Decide
Kingdoms of world; Rights lost to obligations; Contract makes law; House bill 421; Dogs/vomit, pigs/mire; Sharing faith seen as rape/treasonous!; website; Signs in Sun, moon, stars...; Lost secret of liberty; The real problem/solution; The delusion and process of our bondage; Geocentric model; The political machine, it's artificial economy, and their effects; Folks who'd obey the real Christ and His message; Another connection between us, creation, and God; Can not lose "salvation"? (psst!, don't bet your salvation on it); Violation of commandments?; Name of God/Christ in vain; Anything that is thy neighbors'? Anything that is thy neighbors'; Ruling judges; Why US has a creed; How early Christians did it (and didn't do it); Behind the 8-ball; Being sold for the benefits... for millennia; We screwed up; Technicalities of this (and repentance); What responsibilities have to do with salvation; Subject parties; Way Moses/Jesus set the people free; Repercussions of attending public schools; Secret meetings; Can't be in a Republic; Made-up, artificial Jesus; Benefit/obligation relationship; Ordained, or allowed?; Layers and layers; Image of Beast; Covetous prayers, and obligational contracts; Means to take back responsibilities in true love; You can do this; Gotta come together; The Living Network website; Consent makes the contract; Way of the Ancients; Deleting things way back in 1908; "... I don't care about that,... I love you, and I want you to know the truth. And that's why we're here. To tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"; Peace on your house.
5/11/13 Churchism: Contract Makes the Law
In the beginning; The design of evil; Major attaching point; So, what, God had a bad idea???; Separation of powers - Families/possessions; How to come together; Understanding/dealing with the problem; In order to hear the hue and cry; The priority; There is a path (which we've not been taught); In our heart and mind; Not again that way; Natural governing; What to do; Not just when robbed; The way to Egypt; Know whether you're free; "Salvation" for the here and now, or... never???; What Christ did; Truth of Lady Godiva; Why deacons; Who's gonna be righteous; What's CoRE/what's not; False news - as truth; The service/worship which returns us to God and His church; Be a connection point for others; Only way get closer to Christ; Have to realize; 1st; How to know; 42 U.S.C. § 666; Main job of overseers/local ministers; One message; Pure Religion; ". but to love one another"; "More likely to go to jail" and all kinds of other problems; So many embryonic republics; Don't have to have a crystal ball for this; Pervasive (like a disease); What hard times are coming; Boasters; Cookbook offices of services; "Surely you will not die" (that's the devil talking); No respecter of persons; Doers justified; Take heed... ; Slothful vs truly needy; Love - without hypocrisy; The saints; What Christ came to do; Buddy-system x 10; Persecutions (and protection too); Once the master of the house has risen up...; Like men of faith; Charity; You ready to do that?
5/18/13 Christians and the Kingdom of God
"You keep using that word"; Any real scholar of biblical studies should know this; Politics of religion; Political correctness in archaeology (too); Spiritual/physical realm; Molded by associations/relationships; DNAR (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation) law; The word (or vibration, frequency, DNA) of God; Clearing up the confusion; Christ's gospel (of the kingdom [of God]); From THE beginning; Cain vs Abel; "Mark of" (read: character of) Cain/Beast vs "Mark of" (read: character of) God; Definition of "terrorism", and why we fear; Love of God; Fractal networking; Sacrifice of one's being for others - the DNA of Christ; Willing... to... be... crucified?; Key to life; "Prayer" (immersion in will of God) vs "The great temptation"; What means to be a Christian; ??????? under God; Choose life; "Armor of" (read: character of) God; Every cell (with a life of its own) within network of communication; Disease and confusion within our DNA; Drawing out what resides within; Path of Cain; "Drag" of unforgiveness; How the beast gets power (over us); On His Path, or in our own way; Many wrong turns; Where Christ wants to lead us; Providing daily ministration; SS as "Corban of Pharisees"; Let the light in; Only two paths; Claiming vs knowing; Whole message of Christ (even the inconvenient stuff?); Law of Anglos vs civil law; Christ's church defined as "one form of government" - Black's Law Dict.; Employee/slave connection; Way it is in world today; Word of God - to effect, or to no effect; Strengthening the poor; Finding others - for others; Scars will heal; The flow around you; Connecting to sacrifice of Christ (through our sacrificing as did Christ).
5/25/13 Christians and Pure Religion
HHC; A certain kind of people; Augustus and Herod; Corban/treasury; Since Abraham; Two religions; US Constitution facts; The idea that, "we already know"; Becoming child-like; New power (distractions) released in the world; Proofs/evidence? Yes, but listen in your spirit; What you know (that just ain't so); Lewis and Clark's air rifle!?; A book of governments; What Christ gave us; So important to understand; Real piety and it's practice; "Socialism" in principle; Long-time strong delusion; Pilate's unfortunate decision; Temples of the day; Networking before The Inquisitions; Art of massing, moving, and supplying armies; Religion in government - the new way/society/spirit; 99% of charity in the beginning... no longer fulfilled by modern church; Everyone said, "That's OK." (except Christ!); They've taken over duties of modern church; If you want to be free... ; The religion Jesus taught; Belief in God, not desire to be gods many; Ways we hide personal sin resulting from straying from basics of real faith; It's this simple; The work we do/fruit of our lives; Rituals and ceremonies; Expecting to be believed?; "Apply" and "Pray"; Turn, repent, then do this... ; Surprising rape in the military fact; Token child support and damaging children; Union and discipline; What takes to be a Christian (the way Christ said); Elements of world vs elements of kingdom of God; Fruit/evidence; Definition of "Religion" - changed again and again.
6/1/13 Christians and Real Religion - MUST HEAR episode!
Christianity - NOT a religion (what!?); "Religion" defined - today, and in 1913, and in 1856; What should have been for your welfare... ; It's not stealing (but it's still covetousness); Until John the Baptist... ; Gotta do a little overtime; Why Christians were persecuted (what Christ was really saying/doing) vs temples of Corban of the Pharisees; Ceremonies, or actually fulfilling our duties; What the "needy" really need; Repeat; Obligations to fellow man; Good "therapy"; Heal breach in the land; Essentials first; Staying afloat in world flooded in covetousness; "Piety" relates to our Father (Which? Who art in... where???); Spirit of "outcome based education" running amuck; The Way to freedom; Find someone you trust/tells you the truth; Care through faith/hope/charity; Not going to public religion/welfare offices of the day; "Augustus was sensible..."; How/why thinking relates to freedom; Care of all real needs (even without "miracles"); Pure, private religion - still legal (so far); Know which God/god you love; The Way out; Start taking steps; "Pignoration" defined and expounded upon; What we've been doing (needs to change); Two roads - same road, different orientation/direction; Kind/type of religion (road) determines direction; Saturninus; Historical explanation of Christianity; Romans Study (link to audios); Two sides, one coin; Have to forgive (and can - if we come together); Strive!; Purposes of tithe; Can only say, "Hopefully"; Grandchildren in public school?; Would not apply (pray) to public temples; Investing in KoG; Freewill offerings is The (only) Way.
6/8/13 Christians and False Religion - MUST HEAR episode! (If you have ears to hear.)
Not as much as we've believed; Where responsibility lies; Words changed in our minds; The Hebrew letters themselves... ; "Blessed are the 'cheese' makers"; Personal revelation and peripheral knowledge; Knowing divine will/law; Duty to God and man; "Devolution" defined/described with examples; Powers of the office of mankind; "Preceptation" definition challenge. Find the meaning - if you can!; Good Samaritan example; Totality of social welfare of society example; 'Pig-nation' via pignoration; Responsibility to care for true needs; How it works/to turn around; Loss of access to rights; "Free society" described/detailed; How God reigns from above; The answer is in neither of these; Rights vs privileges; Making the way straight; Men listening to God in their hearts/minds; Want rights?; "Give us this day... "; Not only ourselves; Words/meanings have been changed; A lot of repenting to do; Strengthening with incentives to work/contribute; Back to way intended/intended meaning of words; Assembling peaceably; "Blood and water"; Start looking/seeking (Jesus said so); The time is fulfilled; Forgiveness important to being set free; Baptized and still receiving benefits?; Works meet for repentance; In spirit of Christ; There's a flow; Where charity begins; Helping those seeking/starting to seek kingdom; Showing The Way.
6/15/13 Creeping False Religion - MUST HEAR episode!
A good heresy; Know who's listening; Most important person this is for; Snapshot of the economy; Everybody needs to know this; What destroyed Roman Republic; "End of the law" - which/for whom?; How Israel went into bondage; What you'd see with no EBT; Who was baptizing besides John the Baptizer; Damnable heresies vs "THIS rock"; Full daily ministration - overnight!; Christ said to DO lots of things; Plenty will want to guide you away from path; Context of Christ/Paul; To Whom the truth is committed; What sets us free; Be converted; "Mystery" to all, or some?; What is the GoK; How to get forgiven; The doing that can't be neglected; Saved by grace! Yes... but (big BUT); It's simple; Role of "works of righteousness"; One gospel; True message of the gospel; "Dispensation" defined/described; What Christians supposed to be doing; Entire social welfare; Is it being revealed to you?; Can learn by doing/giving; Going on record; Rightly dividing word of truth; Strive; Shun/depart/purge; "Little hearts on Facebook"; Be forgiven; Love neighbor as self; Know truth of meanings of words; Faith vs democracy/socialism; The revelation of Christ; It's goofy; Current US economy - and why it's so; IF you keep the commandments; This is simple stuff; Worshiping the book, or the God Who wrote it; Known by works; Do we really love God; Fruitful good work; Sacrificing for self, or others?
6/22/13 Civil Religion
Words can have multiple meanings, and if someone is regulating the definitions, then... ; Privileges vs rights; What one believes (thinks) vs does (and how); " 'Pure' religion" - in a whole new light; " 'Civil' religion" referenced often throughout history; Role of religion; Nothing in treasury of substance except... ; Repetition of lies; Store up treasure in kingdom; What "temple" means; Reason Celsus and others opposed Christian movement; Impure religion (Corban of Pharisees, et al); "Augustus, was sensible..."; Tav (mark, faith) of God; Social welfare introduced in Rome, % on welfare at Julius Cesar's seizure of power, and more; " 'Patre'-ism" and the perpetuity of debt/bondage; Expatriate (leaving our father [the State]) - to where???; Promoting values of Christ, or taking Christ's name in vain; Jezebel; American civil religion; Nothing more scientific than bible?; Similitude of religion of Christ and civil religions; Difference between history and labels; Beyond words themselves - to understanding concepts; "Endowed by our (re)creator(s) with (very) unalienable rights privileges"; Whom we pray to (prey on?) for benefits; Duty to our Father and congregation of Fathers (wow!); What keeps us together; Loyalty by love; "Private" religion; Only way to become free; Revolution... of heart and mind; FM micro radio stations; Meats offered to idols/strangled and connection to gods many; Knowing history/meanings of words, and changing way think words mean vs vain philosophies, ideologies, and eschatologies repeated over and over; Matters of law, judgment, mercy and faith; Zombie land; "While the world standeth"; "Cult" comes from word meaning... ?; Providing by faith, hope, and charity; "Wherein ye stand".
6/29/13 Lunatics and the Righteous
"The Higher Liberty" book (web search it); What's the church, and what's the bible about; A bit about marriage; The faithless approach; A "hell" of a society; There is a solution; It's like the "Matrix"; We have to start (what/how?); Seeing how to see and understand; Surviving on plastic; Like chickens in debt; A question of vows (or is it oaths???); 8 words translated "Prayer"; Loaves and fishes not out of thin air; Knowing the truth formula; What makes us decide we want to know; Vows - to God; Lost endowed right/liberty to make choices; A disservice to Christ and the truth (and possibly bearing false witness?); Redundancy of The Commandments; "Parens patriae" in US codes; Vocabulary list and their meanings; Where to turn to/what it looks like; Box within a box?; "Doeth" what/how to; No greater faith; Recommendation: Snared with nothing but love; Getting to know the material, and working together; Importance of being friends with unrighteous mammon; Ancient "Berkey" water filters; Working working; Looking for ministers and congregations; Somebody somewhere needs help; Another relevant sheep story; Be the paperwork/testimony; The church was the lifeboat; Get in the game - develop righteous relationships.
7/6/13 Cubing the Sheaves
What do words mean; Titles: "Emperor" "Augustus" "Caesar"; Implementation of US Constitution - an illegal and immoral act(?); Purposes/uses for temples of old; Strictly regulated; Shearing the sheep (or fleecing the flock); Cognitive disconnect; Paddling... together... in same direction; The little piece that failed, and the way of the kingdom; Socialism as a tool; Divine revelation and the reality of scripture; "Cubed" thinking; "; How to sacrifice our lives; Return/repent; One of the "keys"; And the word is... ; "Repent and get baptized" meant... ; Sacrificing doves in the OT; Jesus never mentions "charity"; Multiple ways some bible words translated; Hebrew word letters mean something; "Repenting" meant... ; Open letter from Australia; Coming together to... serve; "It's just good sense"; Seed banks, CSAs, etc.; Sacrifice in breast feeding and growing own food; Wiki and other open source technologies; Beginnings of independence; What's the motivation; Doing - for others; Things that can be made, and genes not turned on in DNA; Not enough hours in the day; Waiting for a chip, or already having the mark; All kinds of things can be done - home schooling, spending more time raising up sons and daughters, etc.; Productivity - are we being as productive as can be.
7/13/13 All Aboard?
Choices, choices, choices; More diluted; Evolution of eschatologies; You've already got it; Studying bible for the advantage?; Degrees and rhetoric; What do you have to believe; "Religion", the two trains of thought, and ways societies organize themselves; Minds compressed to think within a certain box?; The real problem; Why told to make no covenants; Institutions, symbols, and words; "You got it made"; Saved (by what we think?); Sophistry gets easier when... ; Trains, opposite directions, farther and farther away; Dis con nect ed from el e ment s of re al i ty; Greatest tools of cognitive dissonance; Rewriting regulations; Spirits in society (and ourselves); The truth is...; Gods many; Can't leave the law; They've got you; These are spiritual trains; What the church is for; The point is...; Don't feed the bears; Physical representation of the mark(?); All the same, and God hates them all; "Oh, I'm old enough..."; Divided and incorporated; Becoming something different - how to; 3x (= pretty important); How to evangelize; What turning around looks like; Until we start caring about others as much as we care about ourselves...; Face to face with who we really are; Created to be free souls under God; If we'd come together in love; Not just about the knowledge; "Not to be that way"; "Service" defined; Finding people wanting to go the other way; Highest ????????; "Oh no, don't be slow"; It's this simple; Common witnesses; Being sorry vs forgiving others; Sometimes loving others is hard... on them; Organized; All we're doing is seeking it.
7/20/13 New Testament Codes
Mysterious things don't know how to interpret; Genetic codes and fish experiments; The war going on (and how the Mafia works); Spirit reveals Spirit; Born without a head?; Not by flesh and blood; When you see it...; Fundamentally flawed and not biblical; To find yourself and the KoG; An independent (but backwater) nation; By charity - like Moses; It all comes down to .; Romans not all that oppressive; Antithesis of what Moses taught; Two opposing trains; Worse kind of oppression; Spiritual Messiah; Stated over and over again - but missed; Running on debt; What tyrants know; As long as we do this we can't be free; On the other train; Where true Christians drew/draw their lessons; Where the problem began; The interesting thing; THE code, and the perfect place to start; Grow up (start going the way of Christ); Constantine's church; "Divisions"; Liberty; Coming into one accord vs "barn sour" horses; What we're to be repenting from; God opens the door, but we gotta be KNOCKING!; Who were/are the wicked; Un-incorporating churches vs incorporating... Christ's ways into our activities; Defining/distinguishing God's government; "... what catastrophes may come"; Early Christian writers/writings regarding names; Understanding the Christian conflict; "By force" (at that time); People in our own community.
7/27/13 Get On Board With Christ - MUST HEAR episode!
Faith - not what we think; Can we handle the truth; "Change" is like Jello; Can't save self; Gathering to serve; What church is to be doing; Ministers; What religion really is; Atheists; The dialectic; Two realms; Righteousness vs control; Rommel, and Churchill's quote; "If you like democracy..."; How Christ's kingdom/government differs; Righteous forms of charity - strengthen; Preaching the gospel of the kingdom - how to; The "homeless" who provide for themselves - how to; Who you gonna call on?; Paid back by investments example - home-teaching; Where we get our welfare is telling; Set up networks for others (before YOU need them); Injustices; "Detroits" of Rome; Fulfilling duty to fellow man through Religion vs Politics; Offices of service; Getting the "needy" involved; What to do to start; It's gonna hurt; Where "Fear" means "Timidity"; Free souls under God, or property of the State; "Faith" defined/described; "Probity"; Have to do something different; No actions, no fruit/bad actions, bad fruit (same thing/results); Who's driving our nations, why, and what to do about it; Sophistry in the garden; "Unspotted" by what, dirt?; "Not re-translating, only quoting"; 1st absolute duty toward others; All legal systems created within...; In a true Republic; Get onboard today; It will take a miracle; Practice charity; Importance of alfalfa; Some of the greatest people (but the most Zombies too); Love into action; The beating of your heart - an analogy.
8/3/13 Jesus, the Zealot? - MUST HEAR episode!
Creeping ideas; Political factions at the time; Our modern dilemma (that's accepted today); God allows many things; "Cursing children" meaning; Saved just by what we think and say; The revolutionary idea; What makes a follower of Christ; Christ's church still around; Starting a new course (for free); Christian "ID" at the time in Rome; "Religion" at the time of the Constitution; Ever promote traditional definition of marriage?; A little uncomfortable to admit; How to walk on water; The right to be ruled by God; Doing with what you got; Getting out of Egypt/into the KoG; Men of "Probity"; Not promoting "anti-government"; If you want to follow Christ...; Your faith - visible, or ?; Kingdom tracks; Pride (in humility); Where you're at today; Faith is (everything in a) trust; 1st absolute duty...; Part of the delusion; The ways of bondage vs The Way; Feeling the sting, and the tale of two(?) sons; Right reason; The province of religion/personal faith, and how men should be governed; The driving force of the church; Why world is in a mess; Law book definition of "Church"; Christ's doctrines; What Modern Christians really believe (by what they're doing/not doing); 100 years ago; How/why we've become bound; The two NT bloodlines of Christ; Divine revelation, and the way back to liberty under God; Pufendorf; Things change; Understanding the spiraling cycle to destruction of societies; Our choice; Kinds of charities; "No agenda there!"; Understand the abortion issue in civil government; Quid pro quo; Bricks in the road to the KoG; The state of nature; The Collective fruit of our souls; "Faith" is...; Corban; "Elements" defined/described; Let's go back, together.
8/10/13 gods many - MUST HEAR episode! (Yes, another one! Important details here.)
What Christ said to preach; If you agree, then...; Conditions to salvation; Need to understand that word (but really need to understand...); Anyone doing for us what God alone should be doing in our lives; You don't own your sheep!; Unemployment laws based on slave laws of Rome(?); Original bible language words for "Judge(s)"; How law works; We walk out of school thinking, "I have these rights"; We're dealing in principles and precepts here; Fathers of earth are not forgiving; Common in the church 100 years ago in America; "What?! Where do you get that?"; What Jesus says about those who say, "Lord, Lord"; "The Living Network"; Working out our salvation; What everybody used to know; "Controversies" Jesus didn't talk much about; [In a cage], in a pit; What Wouldn't Jesus Do; Seek(!), and ye shall find; Think about what we've been told about Romans 13, etc.; But if we only approach this intellectually; The origin of "God"; When our "praying to God" amounts to vain babbling; "...votaries and dependents..."; Corban in the KoG (Israel and the early church) vs kingdoms of world; Originally in America; Christ's advice on how to get out of bondage; That "boring stuff" vs additional doctrines; Feeding and clothing, etc. could be a sin (hmm?); Jewish grammarians on the ancient Hebrew "to swear"; Modern Kosher foods; What starts our eyes to opening; What God/Christ emphases, and what we have to do; Who's greatest among you (where to look for 'em); This is a brother.
8/17/13 No Broadcast today.
8/24/13 Kingdom Health
For the living; On the way back to "do"; It's a good thing (but what about how it's being done?); But we've been doing this for a hundred years; You didn't know history repeats itself?; "News with Views" article; Ways to love your neighbor; Most didn't attend public schools; Student raped for years (and shocking related atrocities); Why is that; Christ's solutions - to their conclusions - that gives abundant life; A mindset that must be changed; 5 major ingredients for biblical constitutions; Who showed up?; How to fix health care; Wanna play?! Let's choose teams; How $17,000 reduced off med bill; Enough responsibilities for everyone!; Know word meanings; Sharing the load; Great hobby idea; Soup kitchens - where those served... help out); Who was exempt from "NervaCare"; Home healthcare example; Being real Christians/loving in ways making a difference; Getting to humility; Systems of Corban; "Get blood flowing in the community"; Congregations of 10s/50s/100s/1000s; They paid their "tally of bricks"; Monkey pus connection to cancer outbreaks(?); What works long-time, works (what doesn't, doesn't); You can call it anything you want, but... ; Not to be that way with you.; "Church" in a law dictionary today; "The Lone Ranger" (NOT); "Unicorn" - not only word been messed with; They died and they didn't die... at the same time (?!); You want to be alive again? You want to do that?; Do this first (it will change you); Signs of unhealed, spiritual wounds and disease; Looking at all things anew; And what's really dangerous; ...and He will bless you.
8/31/13 The Burning Bush
Moses' burning bush, and the "unicorn syndrome"; Bible conclusions and historical context; Look at the facts; Christ's goals/focus; What doing to seek KoG for neighbors; Oh, now that's Jesus (oh, wait, that's Jesus... no, hold on a minute...); Errors of Balaam, the Nicolaitans, and Esau; Creating the alternative; The perfect law of liberty (of choice); What Jesus taught; You're compelled; God allows; Begin to wake-up Willing to see truth; Cognitive disconnects; Painted images of Jesus; Bible - in context of history; Ignorant vs foolish and/or stupid; "When Jesus comes"; Contributing to character of Christ; "My little flock"; ALL the care and welfare; Skills of liberty; Purpose/validity of the "clergy"; Disconnects from morality examples; Who's our real clergy; Offices of power; Our sons and daughters; Choice, and the spirit of forgiveness; As in Germany, so in America; Buckyball example; Pastors in trouble; Rebuke, and discretionary charity; Power of contract; Ecclesiastical/Cannon law difference; Grass species that's a special herb for strong teeth; Providing own benefits; The Devil wants us selfish - it's in his character; A bit 'bout Paul; Together, creating the alternative; One day, walking to the zoo...; Real power is in the spirit; Difference between goats and sheep; The way it's to be done; Start living the ways of Christ.
9/7/13 What's in a name?
Jesus' comings - not numbered; The word, "Name"; In the old days...; Head of the family of man; Natural bonds of society; The GREAT disaster; A nation's rulers as product/reflection of the people; Images of Christ (on canvas, and in hearts and minds); First thing the Devil's gonna wanna do...; Seeking His righteousness (interesting); Anger and impatience; Coming with His forgiveness; Battle of egos; Not letters and spellings; Name changing customs of some peoples; Not just about translating the words (examples of); THE Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; If we want eternal life...; How God gives daily bread; "Religious organization"; "Slothful should be under tribute" (Slothful? In what?); "Keep making it up"; "Spotted" meaning; II Chronicles 7: 14, "...called by my name (my character)..."; As Rome was declining; Most under strong delusion; Herod's temple; "Mammon" meaning (and the good and bad of it); Gleanings from Dead Sea scrolls; Role of Synagogues; "To none effect"; The other way; "Holy smokes, we screwed up" - John the Baptist; Repent (out of love); This tree's getting cut down; Am I an enabler?; Trees are systems; Kingdom was there already(?); Selling seats; Forced contribution; Gather and pick trusted men; Think you're off the hook; LIFE-STYLE CHANGE ALERT!; Traits of good ministers; Targeted for political opinions; Ewe ain't no buck!!!; Fruits of socialism; Who were the soldiers and publicans coming to Jesus; Quit whining, etc. ... and start repenting.
9/14/13 Faith and Grace
Noah - not a righteous man(?); Diligence vs perfection; If I do this, then God must...; Offenses, and the desire to separate; Eschatology worship?; Noah, like King David, ...; If there's a draft in your country; Corvee systems of statutory bondage; About being responsible; Some newly added HHC web pages; One of the problems/blessings of seeking KoG; Why should go to church; Rome not built in a day; We have the bible (and common sense); They want to give us more; Not the spirit of Christ; Why the bondage of Egypt; Rockefeller paid no taxes(?); (copy and paste); "Even if it wasn't a covetous system..."; What we have to do - as a people; "Deacon" - derivation of "ten" and "serve"; Wiki editors; Money, economics, and other complex issues; Judicious giving; "Covet means"; Until we do this...; Playing that game; Baby steps; They have to participate; Not for slothful or self-indulgent rich; Yom Kippur; Because Jesus said so; Have to work ("seek/strive") at it; Commitment; Multiple prohibitions (from what, actually); What atonement brings to us - and what this day is all about.
9/21/13 Hebrews Chapter 1
Understanding the festivals; For those returning to the way of God; Be diligent; Always by grace; Understanding in our spirit, walking in Christ's way; "???????????"; Context and history important; One of Christ's "weightier matters"; But are we patient?; Knowledge via study alone or divine revelation; In all translations ("and the devil uses that"); We get to partake in sufferings!; Foundation of KoG; If our neighbor suffers...; Being served vs being served up; What we're to be repenting from - specifically; To be divinely inspired; How devil does the most damage(?); What's in a "Name" (and "Angels," and "Worship"); The two forms of government; Why Rome in Judea in the first place; "Benefaction"; What's done in our churches?; The "article on page 5" story; Playing with tests and test scores; Surprised - generation after generation; If you want mercy, then...; Glad tidings; Pay tally of bricks, and...; Sharing/partaking; Interpretation of Hebrew language falsified/distorted/twisted by some; Need to be transformed (on the right side of things); Why not go directly to our (own) children; Becoming heirs of salvation; "Love" defined; Trying to raise up; In the "name" of Christ; How world will be transformed; Together; When the Lord comes; Call to repentance.
9/28/13 Hebrews Chapter 2
Corporations, Families, and which preexisting authority; Christ's government vs others; "Debt" always considered a curse; What righteousness looks like; Are we Christians (followers of Christ); Context, context, context; Not by force; The commandments; "To give the more earnest heed"; Nature of God not found in hell; The "Amour of God" (and how to put on); Soon as we start heading back...; A strong delusion; So many pastors today; Who you gonna believe; The most important thing; So very clear; Whose fault; Change from selfishness - how to; If not saved by "works," or "saying" either, then by what?; A soul-wrenching process of repentance; Devil's favorite tool; In this world and in the next; If we're gonna hear...; Coming to the light vs lulled into sense of false salvation; If Christ is in us; Conform to His will; God wants to save; They weren't dumb back then; Chessboard of the dialectic; Words of Christ; Bringing light in - without judging; What it takes to do His will; Everybody gets a chance to repent; Not what is said; Deceiving our own selves?; A response to knowing we can't do enough; More important than God hearing us; "Without respect of persons"; Not as members of a corporation; Down to the basics; Rebukes as many as loves; Forgiveness vs absolution; Stop breaking commandments; Righteous with the unrighteousness; Actually come together; Zealous of good works; The Logos (what Christ said); How shall we escape; Convicted to point where can't do anything but righteousness. "Punishment" meant to bless us (???); Have you heard Him - be zealous for that.
10/5/13 Broken Government
Government posturing examples; Thomas Payne's "Common Sense"; Bible translations/translators, the Hebrew language, and other potential roadblocks to understanding; The best thing to do; Volunteer fire departments and the essential part of volunteerism; "Potato Chip fluffing"; Volunteers volunteer (and like it); "I couldn't take it anymore"; The "listless dog" story - a lesson; Christ has the solution; The weightier matters; Contrary, contrary, contrary; What OT animal sacrifices were really about;You're gonna cry out. Is God gonna hear?; Included in what you do when you love; What's the problem, and what repentance means; Why CoREs, and how; Not been taught the truth; Let the lazy starve(?); Sabbath and debt; Nothing but your underwear; Just not love, or also cursing the children?; Different forms of "Adultery" (ways to adulterate/things that can be adulterated); We can just know; Why we can't afford to be unstable souls, and how to not be; Covetous practices; Gleaning, gleaning, gleaning; If you're on Social Security...; That's just the way it is (and nothing can be done about it); In earnest (and with others); Hard on folks, but showing real solutions; No man is the teacher; The most important work; Physical things (on a spiritual level); "Rooting" (being rooted) occurs by doing.
10/12/13 An Unusual Epistle
Understanding meaning of words in mind of the author; How we do social welfare; Our religion, ourselves; "Freewill" - so many times in OT; A different kind of society; Truth of Lady Godiva; "Church" today (for most [surprising]); "New Zealand is so great"; What Sabbath's all about; Still short of volunteers; Elders of Families - the FaithEmergency MinistryAuxiliary of The Living Network; Service of the tents/tabernacles; Health, education, and welfare through faith, hope, and charity; What are our ministers doing?; What we get to do; Official doctrine of Church on heaven/hell; What makes one "saved"; Let's talk practical things/spirit of Christ; Requirement - stated by Jesus - to be His disciple; Gather to serve one another; Does good only when put into action; If you say you believe in Christ; "World" in the NT (most of the time); There has to be a separation - where ministers pray for their daily bread; Download the books - free (but have to seek to find 'em); Where to look for teaching, health, etc.; Gathering and getting active within local groups; Choose your side of the equation; "Prodigal Son" account - expanded upon; In direction of faith, hope, charity based society; Know whether you have Jesus' spirit; How we curse the children; Can have both a King (Jesus) and another leader?; What means, "Denying the Lord"?; In the right direction/the way of God; Doesn't happen overnight; Unless we have charity... ; KoG is "learn by doing"; Dominion and responsibility; Purpose of "Church"; Teach at home(school) as OT says; IF; "Wages (benefits) of sin/unrighteousness" examples; Jesus said it. Repeat it. That simple; Repent. Turn around. Join-in in The Living Network.
10/19/13 Judges
Not "at" His Holy Church; Meddled with, and metaphors; Clay and stone altars; Rancher goes out of business ("no wonder"); We've done it again!; All religions; "Church" doctrinal statements are missing...; "You keep using that word"; "Muddy roads" illustration; Power of Jury Nullification; How they can guarantee benefits; Depends on what you mean by "die"; Early-Christians accused of "contumacy"; Healthy to realize we can be fooled; The Early-Christian conflict; Reading ancient documents with modern dictionary definitions?; Augustus Caesar, or "Augustus" Jesus; . and all we heard about was the haircut!; George Washington - first to be hailed in US by same rank of God (What!); "Above all else..."; "Unspotted"; What doesn't save; This irked the Pharisees sooo bad; Once you understand the purpose of the altars...; What means, "Ye are all gods"; "Repent Ye" (from what?); Let's get a divine strategy; Orcs and goblins outnumber us; Can hardly survive without oaths today; Only works for charitable people; The foundation of society; Minister scribes, their witness, and determination letter uses; The "templum"; "Worship" - a fuller meaning (quite different); What if someone was a real Christian; "Gods many" duty/function/purpose, and examples of the strong delusion (and the solution); What makes us stronger; The core of what John the Baptist and Christ taught; One's character determines their fate(?); Moral principal example of religious values; Repentance "how to"; The network we're forming; "Seeming anti-social behavior of Christian martyrs"; What we're talking about here; Come strive with us.
10/26/13 Modern Christians
"Because that's what Christ told us to do"; King Herod goes the way of King Saul; Can we even imagine providing through love (charity) alone; A dentist, and the medical society of Rome; What they don't want you to know in history class; Broken bones, comfrey leaves, faith and healing (oh my!); Give and forgive to be forgiven and given unto; We want you to understand the GoK; Paul is hard to understand... or not; There's always a counterfeit; They did the same thing 2000 yrs ago; If we're off the path...; Feeling "sorry" vs Repentance (huge difference); What's the other way?; How you know they were in bondage in Egypt; What means, "might be saved"?; "Common among real Christians"; What means, " 'unspotted' from the world"?; Our children born in interest bearing debt?; Look-up "one purse" in bible; Prodigal Son's father; How can we say, "I love" if we ., or ., etc.; Did Jesus owe the tax; "Unbeliever" means...; "Oil countries" in debt too!; FDR and Hitler...; History's repeating; Socialism is Zombie-ism is Socialism; What we call the "Corban of the Pharisees" today; Jesus said, "Call no man 'P a t r e' "... not "Call no man 'f-a-t-h-e-r' "; Token giving vs Christ's Church; Pay owed taxes; One sea... two boats; "Covet means" vs "love alone"; Won't do enough, but gotta start doing; You know it's the real Christ (or not) when...; Faith/probity (conviction); Who do voodoo vs real healing; " 'Hell' of a thing"; Number in your head or in hand; How gonna get help; Remember the ant; Jesus VS Paul(???!); Worshiping images... of Christ?; What is "unrighteousness"; No socialism in early America; Life is work, work is life; Who would repent and live the law of liberty... if someone told them.
11/2/13 Goats and Sheep
Value of works; The rod and staff; Matt 25.32-46; Proclivity to Paul (but not all of Paul!); To whom Paul wrote; "This should be a real heads up"; What righteousness weighs; The force in/of nature; By their fruits...; If spirit of God growing in you...; Recognizing the brethren; To whom keys of kingdom given; "Giving" vs charity (know the difference); "Study" doesn't mean "to study"(?); Where stuff came from to feed poor, and how obtained; The brethren/the little flock; Value in "works"; What Christians supposed to be doing; Really "saved" - how to know; Effect of changes made to "Religion"; Effect of image of Israelite drawn by Pharisees; Understanding Paul; Real-life sheep hearing/not hearing their Shepherd's voice example; Why so many "goats" (and how not to be one); "Kingdom tracks" examples; Animals in some ancient scripts; Learning to lift heavy weights, and muscles of trust; Which "Father" praying to for daily bread (benefits); Baptism of kingdom/government of Jesus vs baptism of world's kingdoms/governments; Can't change course of history, however...; What Emperors were called; Is charity just about giving?; Purposes for gathering; Plutarch quote; Christianity 102; Need more monkeys; "Janice Roger Brown" quotes; "A guy told me that's how it works"; We're in bondage - y'know that, right?; Early-Christians burned, killed, maimed, tortured, etc. - for this reason; Not that they were doing everything right, but ...; Changing what we think or changing what we do (Jesus makes it clear); Going The Way of Christ? (Know for sure. [It's simple.]); Lower medical bills 1/3 to 1/2 (if seeking kingdom/righteousness of God); "Not So Secure Socialism" article; Start turning around and doing how we used to do it.
11/9/13 Divers Lusts
"?????? (nomos)," and similar words; Warlords in China; As Rome went...; It's right there in the O and NT; Who Modern-Christians are more like in history; It matters what Christ thinks you are; "Don't look behind that curtain of what Jesus said"; How we blaspheme against the Holy Spirit; Over-burdened camels, and differing forms of wealth; THE talent that must be developed; Wouldn't that be a cool tool... of the devil; Can't do it perfectly, BUT; Quotes (out of context), and (assumed) meanings of words; Some characteristics of real believers; Understand context to understand Paul; More than words; "Barking dogs" vs the Holy Spirit; I Cor 15:1-4; Delusion of Modern-Christians; "Charity" and "Love" (same thing +/-?); Can't just pick and choose; Help build Wiki site and preach gospel; What is "Saved believers"; Not about amounts; The true form of Judaism(!?); Is kingdom fully manifested?; What monks were like; Christians persecuted for being atheists; You were cast out if got baptism of Jesus; Who are the "brethren"; "Greatest destroyers of liberty..."; "Believers" occurs twice in NT; It's not a hard thing (if...); Christ's answer to whether many or few saved?; "He that doeth"; Who's Christ's brother; How the system works; Not able to do enough; Not perfect, but striving; Love your neighbor; Founded on The Rock?; Real faith = real change; Not true, don't stop; Still need grace; It's good news to know this (but beware); Bond or free... turn around... in our hearts; No respecter of persons; "Lusts" meaning; Long robes for SS office workers; Can be "effeminate men" too; Care - by means of love; Stuff we don't want to hear; Christ's example = Paul's example; Fruits of repentance; Peace be with you; God bless.
11/16/13 State Favors
"...but if you entice them in with favors..."; GMOs, and the blinding effects of turning a blind eye; How we become lukewarm; Which is greater sin; gnihtyrevE is backwards!; Definition of "Religion" changes; Jesus gives blind man sight (to his eyes only?); Genetically modified Jesus too?; Have to come together; Draw nearer to God; Seek to find; Got religion?; The value of your "works"; What Early-Believers were doing; Dead Sea Scrolls; Not to ALL who asked; HUGE difference between sacrificing 50% - up to 51%; Missing some of God's characteristics/essence; Evil needs a host; Our children, and their children (so far); Social Security - in the red; They're insane!; How we're coveting; Live by faith; Our "love" vs the love of God; The "Termites" story; Bones jiggling in the desert; You probably already have "The Mark"; Physical manifests spiritual; Images of God; Why/how vile affections?; It's happening (already, here); Living by faith is living NOT by force; Be"on top" in KoG; "Made himself poor"; How love grows; As many as I love; Repent. Conform to God; Many hungry at the Sermon on the Mount; Times are good now; Learning to spell, "Austerity"; Return to family and possessions; That's the point; Not about sexuality; Adultery = coveting; NO ill to neighbor; Changed by choices; People... taking care of themselves; Sign on and get to know people; In the "raising the dead" business; Gonna need help ('cause stuff happens); "Believers" seek THIS, not THAT; Need people in the system; Learning to love; What you're doing today; "And"; The smell of pig; 'Right behind you, Lord"; Sow bountifully; "Jesting" defined/described; "Covetousness, which is idolatry"; ALL benefits from the Church; Spirit is everything (it works through the family); World government's welfare is never charity; Repent (turn 'round), seek KoG; Congregating together... seeking for others; " 'Korah' in sheep's clothing" example; Though they may say they believe; Humility and submission; Sharing coats and meat (freewill); This is the gospel.
11/23/13 Christians: Love 'em or Hate 'em
What WE want; "Believe" vs conviction; Rome mob kills 3k Early-Christians; Value in Roman court records; Mostly misleading; Can't understand gospel just by reading bible; What OT translators didn't know; Every letter has meaning; Ideas/concepts built-in; Number of groups translating Torah - all with different conclusions!; Can't twist original intent; The rock/standard; "Orphan," expanded upon; Until able to stand on one's own; Why?; I don't want to hear it; Just do it... out of love; The secret of understanding scripture; "This rock" IS "a rock"; Right now (in your heart)...; Other meaning of Hebrew word, "Heart"; One "dot" away from being allied w/Christ; Not just a thought (at THAT level); Been the same for millennia...; A change of direction in flow; Nothing to do with location; All the governments of the world (ALL); Not if Jesus was the king!; The amazing thing is...; If God is allowed; "There is another king, one Jesus"; Who said?; "Conversation" (citizenship) based upon...; Moment by moment guidance; Gotta shut-up!; Bound by covetousness? Untangle by its reverse; Thousands become Israel(?); Herman the German; "The Higher Liberty" book; How draw near to God; Be converted (can't convert self); MAY be blotted out; If you don't make those connections...; Potential habitation for demons; Puzzle pieces; The "Forgiveness" and "Debt" connection; The spirit in you is your master; Must quit, if doesn't fit; Some systems make "word of God to none effect"; Prodigal son account "fits"; Stumbling a bit in the beginning; We have to forgive; Responsibilities first, then freedoms; Quotes out of context; Join "Living Network"; Believe real gospel; Why Paul was getting audience with kings; If no charity...; Once confronted with these facts...; This is the gospel.
11/30/13 The Beast, the Mark, and the Little Beasties
False prophets; Every country today socialist; Education in early 1900's; Do you own your property? (A widow's example); We're all walking saints, right? Right?!; False prophet fails - with examples; How do you know what you "know" is true; One of the "damnable heresies" from early on; If not Jesus, then nobody else; Kingdom is within; Mediatory agents of Christ; Since Enoch's day; Review: definition of "Religion"; Socialism takes an extra step (too far); Tendency of children with overly restrictive parents; "End of the 'world' " passages (what's being said); Effects of different relationships between ourselves/with our kind of government; Fascination with countdowns to destruction; "Fear not"; Were sheep ever to be piled and burnt on stone altars; If fear is there (comes from, instills in you, encourages it in others, etc. [at all]), then...; Living by "guarantees" contrasted with living only by faith (stop the bus!); Who do men say Jesus is; "Blessed art thou..." But why, how?; Keys; "Swear not"; Quickest way to change world; Allowing or disallowing that change; Spiritual journey in physical realm; A prophet, or a "for profit"; The bomb-shelter that didn't; By the spirit, moment by moment; "Be still and know"; Book of Revelation; "At hand"; Character of Christ; Role of the Beasties; Who's following Jesus (or Moses or Abraham for that matter); Can revelations come from both realms?; Are any demons still in hell today?; "Holy ghost was upon him"; For Gentiles too - from the beginning; Purpose for holy spirit; Only once we understand what Jesus and John the Baptist was doing; ALL social welfare - like 1st-Century Church; If all your church members couldn't get any benefits - starting right now, today...; Devil knows how to instill loyalty also; Who wrote Revelations; Seeing.
12/7/13 More on the Mark
Society gets itself in trouble; 3 generations for families, average (for what?); Who to believe; "Religion" controlled by civil government; 1st-Century Christians doing something different; Temples (think: civil government's religious buildings[?!]); Same problem faces world today; Progressive Socialism; Walking 'round the elephant; Way down the path; "Pure religion" is simple; Giving vs love (passion for righteousness); Can you name Jesus' "weightier matters"; What to expect to see in last days; Creating bonds necessary for a free/broad society; Tested and tried ; Who's the Anti-Christ (doesn't really matters so much as...); When faith in piety perishes...; Church used to be the social welfare for the people; The Early-Church and the landscape of that time; Schemes; Piety maintains society; Take-up the way of Christ; "Testimony of the Twelve Patriarchs" quotes; Original canonical books hand-written; Translators had tremendous power; Conforming and belonging to Christ; "Looking Through the Looking Glass" quote; Understand history; What conquers us (greatest destroyers...); If you want to save society...; Covetousness leads to idols; The "ultimate prepper" solution; Example of Prasutagus and Boudica from that time; Turning people into "bread"; "Covetous practices, cursed children"; Sabbath not about a day[?]; Massive debt upon birth; Repentance makes a place in us for "Mark of God"; When the middle class is gone...; Consequences of covetousness; Pandemic taxes and welfare; Scribes (accountants); Herod's baptism into his "kingdom of god"; "Stamps"/"badges" used for numbering back then... what now?; Peace on your house.
12/14/13 A Detailed Study of the Mark of the Beast
"Keys" are... key; Repent-ING; Huck Finn (types) help Jim (types) - examples; Signs of courage; NOT blind faith; Trap, hunt, and destroy (and often subtle) nature of "The Beast"; Two fundamental natures of governments; Who authored "Revelation"; Application/prayer; And if you think that's OK...; Crime the church should be standing in the way of; Kings and Priests in own home; How this relates; Why go to church?; A small group does all the work; "Unspotted by 'world' "; Message in parable of "Talents"; Reason created "Living Network"; Conviction of heart vs ideas in head; Wood for the widow; Who/what is "Image of Beast" (does it matter for salvation); Apology written by a martyr; "Unstoppable" ministers; Can we figure this with our head knowledge (and it help); What speaking to; Can knowledge and words save us; What Paul preached may shock some; Understand spirit of things; Heads already cut off; A progressive thing; Common, tolerated; What's seen in America today; Civil wars...; Duty of office of Apotheos; "EBT" equivalent used in Rome; Name for "freedom" when attained without righteousness; "And" can be important; "????????"(lambano?); Knowing of what to repent; You need that power; Is a chip required with Image of Beast?; It's not nice; Have to live by love; "In ('?????' [epi]) your hand"; Forgiving and giving; Do applications we're told of "????????" (metopon) fit usage when originally written?; Basically, are we loving one another within our churches?; Meanings of Rev. 14 words, "Wrath of God," "Drink," "Torment," etc.; Test of our love, faith, hope and humility; Smoke goes up...if; 14:12.
12/21/13 The Mark of God
Before times of judgment/condemnation; How got in trouble in the first place; Where's the real conflict; Evil can force to do good, but product will be evil because...; THE dividing line; WCG and others as illustrations; Holy Matrimony; Because they were sinners; What keeps from kingdom of heaven/God; Determining factor of the free; Characteristics of who's headed toward hell or heaven(?); Ministers need read "Temptations of Christ"; Elders to have ministers as servants; The part we play in tyranny of mankind (how and why); "Straighten out your knees"; Let's check one another; "Elders" of every family are key; Ubuntu "contribution-ism"movement; Flow happens (be sure heading right direction); Devil knows sacred texts - better; Church can become Satan's greatest tool; Christ's minister's are only titular; Reason Early-Church was persecuted; We love Jesus sooo much; What kind of mark is Mark of Beast?; Essential characteristic of Christ needing be in us; Aligned to realm of God, when...; Be aware; Baptism as a testimony; The distinction (and motivation); Understanding temples; Driven by (what) purpose; To whom to turn; Justin the Martyr's account (and, what if we're not doing that?); Contrast "civil" (public)" vs "private" religion; Folks beginning to wake up; Book, "The Lives of the Saints" (to know why Christians were persecuted); "God" meaning to Romans, Hebrews, and Greeks; Their purpose, and for whom?; Example court case against Early-Christians; "Worship" described (!); Most Modern-Christians have done this; Make straight the way of the Lord; All things possible with God; Who's heart/spirit (mark/character) in you if reject that idea?; Unless you want to be Christ's "disciple" (minister trainee); Turn 'round - start heading back now; Be on guard; Gather. There will be all kinds. Forgive them; Submerge self in the flowing, giving, nature of Christ ("no greater love than...").
12/28/13 The Misunderstood Church
One of greatest bonds of world; How our symbols of ideas can become idols... too; Are world governments the problem?; Physical idols created, and ways venerated; "Punishment" built in; Free souls under God, or property of State; Bound in the unrighteous mammon; Turning 'round from what/to what; From where our "daily bread" comes; Rebuking to (hopefully) wake us up; Can Spirit dwell in the unforgiving; Men take advantage of that; With freewill offerings alone, otherwise...; Public school vs Republic schools; Greatest mission fields on earth; More important than when the world's going to end; James Madison on churches of his day; Ages-old means of greatest jurisdiction over persons; The faith/way of Abraham; Responsibility for corruption of the church; Not because it's easy ; The Way to liberty under God; What means to test the spirit; Rituals and form - or justice and mercy; How church should be organized today; Gonna be some shifts; Creation replicates itself; Not as the world; Both are badges of servitude; "Go where spirit leads you," example of; Each must figure out who/where is real church; What should have been; Seeking that way (like Abraham did); Who crowns kings of world; Bread on the waters; "...if the house be worthy..."; Shift coming; Care about the isolated(?); Not like other governments; Lot saved twice (and for two reasons... but why?); Few "Called out," others kicked out; If they have to go to the Cain styled governments; Qualifications of Christ's ministers; Secret to finding lost sheep; This is the choice; Congregations of congregations of congregations, and network of servants who take care of one another.; We can learn to stand... alone... together... as free souls under God... in righteousness...
1/4/14 The Truth is The Truth
Mind's controlled through controlling ideas; "Dogma" (defined) vs Truth (also defined); People wanting to you manipulate you, prune your tree/branches; "Ubuntu" make-over; The "Sacrifice of Red Heifer"; And what about the Passover Lamb?; No leftovers!; Part of strategy of that holy-day; Living altars; Not sectarian/denominational; Deserving poor; How charity distributed; Lots of misconceptions about altars; The "Bless" ("Bloody"/"Sweat"/"Toil"/"Sacrifice"/"Minister of Christ") connection; A basic function of the priests of God; "Woe unto you..."; Fruit not easily obtainable; If making someone else pay?(!); What we should have been doing instead; Bring kingdom spirit into business; Role (and reward) of ministers; Labeled today as "social justice"; Only through freewill offerings - by faith, hope, and charity; Take back responsibility; Congregations are free assemblies; One man, one woman... raising a family; Minister isolating his congregation from gathering of congregations?; Dead stones, and piled-up, dead, red heifers?; Waive my rights!; Ready for what Pentecost is really about; Workers of iniquity and foolish virgins; Different kinds of societies; The reality; A republic is very different; Election of Sauls; The "American Creed"; Voting in a democracy makes you a party to it; Legal - but not The Way ; Examples of working (sacrificing) together; Federalist Papers #10 quote; Evil is very smart; "When the people find they can vote themselves money..."; Take stock; Loyalty to law, judgment, mercy, and faith... to right, and right only; Not against governments (can actually save 'em); Why "Every child a burden"; "...lost genius of own independence...; How to be free; Right reason; What we need; Churches should be providing; Caesar was right; Two different definitions of democracy; "... no protection for error"; Recommended for homeschooling: "The Higher Liberty"; Reese Commission Report in US Congress; Not US Constitution that had made nation great.
1/11/14 No Broadcast today.
1/18/14 What are you doing?
It's a test; Unfortunately...; What made "Band of Brothers" successful?; Or, the way of ... Detroit(!?); YOU decide; Think it's the ministers' fault?; The "sweet savor"; In your community; Nobody greater; Here's the test; They didn't know I was missing!; Fishing; Kingdom of God starts in the heart; Your cheat-sheet; Start caring (stop forsaking), and gather; Just like the kingdom of God...; Why being told this?; The fruit we bear as a society; We think we change ideas in our mind, and suddenly we're saved???; Christ had to go to the day-to-day guys; How history repeats; What free souls under God do; If you're a parent, you know this; What it means to be in the Kingdom of God; Inclination of heart and desires will be tested; Not some secret; Some decisions result in all our other decisions being made for us (whoa!); "Cogito ergo sum"... what I think (dependent on source of my thoughts); "Paralogism" defined/described; Big temptation under pressure of education; Is life about "proof"; What's writing on our heart/mind; Lots of countries claim to be "Christian"... too; Only talk to ourselves in about 5% of brain; Key to allowing God to write upon our heart; ...but they had to have a love for that; I want you to believe the truth; Adversary's motive; Be still to know; What we think effects our whole body; Most of what goes on is in our sub-conscious; "Positive thinking" falls short; What this has to do with the Kingdom of God...; "Loving our neighbor" likened to a baby getting up at most inopportune times; Our dong "it" isn't so that " 'it' will get done"(?!); What are we doing?; Make a decision; Into motion with whole body; Where you get help?; The reason our families are failing; If character of Christ/name of God in our heart, then...
1/25/14 Layers
"Higher" and "lower" in KoG; Takes effort; "Church in general"; Christ's doctrines (it's His church); How going to figure parables/mysteries; Thousands came to Christ... until told what He really meant; Eating at table of rulers (presidents, kings, queen, prime minister, et al); Christ's system of "You pay your way"; Charity requires freewill offerings; "Accustom to trampling on the rights of others..."; Core philosophy of both parties; Barry, the homeless guy; "All the gold in China"; Both parties going in same direction; "Corvee," like what done during '30's depression; We belong to them; ". who gives employment ... is my master . call him what I will"; Do what Christ said; " 'EMPLOYEES' See 'Master and Servant' "; "...not so much by the elevation of former slaves..."; Forcing men to work without full benefit of his labor...; "Fracking" nature of modern-churches; Foe to the armies of Pharaoh; Wow, real Christians!; Process of gathering... like mining gold; Start moving now; We made the error; Key element; Panning in local mountains... of people; Many layers to this; From beginning of our dominion on planet...; No end to what can be done if we...; We can help each other; What Paul was attempting to say; Obviously something else; Church should talk government; Very easy to fiddle with Hebrew; By revelation - not in book, but in us; What God also prohibits; Sacrifices, and national adultery; Jehovah Witnesses encounter; When party providing benefits has incurred debt; There is a way out...; Social contracts described/explained; If you love the truth; Agreements almost everybody's made; Parents, in natural law, can sell you (and many of us have been so sold); More than serfs during worst of Czarist Russia; Giving history so can understand/relate to bible; This system will fail; Until then...
2/1/14 Unusual Subjects
US citizenry; Public schooling; US passports, and denouncing Christ(?); When Calvin Coolidge napped; Home schooling - how to; Networking together; Global warming talk; If you took that oath or have a passport; Repent; America's problem; The truth of "religion"; Osho; Developing importance/value to others; Successful manipulators; Viewing extreme cases to learn and guard against the process; Sophistry; True worship - who's really being served; Osho's heroes; Addiction to words; The draw of "sucking" spirits; Protection from controlling religions; Lies that shock; Worse with US than with Rome; Examples of evil loving its own; Self-destruction has many a name/face; Christ finding a (true) home in our hearts; Gather and strive together within the living network; The real, or a created, conscience; Good to know if/when screwing up; Osho quotes - deceiving; Giving, alone, is not enough; If don't repent; Know what religion (and pure religion) means; Warning: drugs open doors you can not close; Benefit (and potential ills) of meditation; Some similarities of charlatans; Intent; Revisionist religionists; Known by fruit(s); Osho's problem with government; Reward/results/fruit of loving people vs selfish people; "Needy" vs " 'repentant' needy"; The recompense for sin (jump-starting of the kingdom); Seek and bring together those striving for KoG; THE fruit; Slave religions; Standing, thinking, "I'll can never get there," gets nobody, nowhere, fast; Intention matters (what's ours?); None saved by rebellion; Know what/how to prepare for; Million things could be doing... together; The flow of that stream; Seeing truth of/and accepting responsibility for own sins and need for making Red Heifer sacrifices.
2/8/14 The Character of Christ
In context of times; Christ's way vs the "one purse" way; "Essenes" of the time; Way of Moses; What was strife over for who'd be "greatest"; The "most loved" did differently; Order and rank; Manuel of discipline; No hue and cry (or kingdom of God) without it; The one "table" that is not a snare; Jesus answers question with a question... that gives the answer; Duel offices; High priest - only of the one(s) who look to him; It'll take a miracle; John the Baptist in desert for a reason; The Pharisee's (and our) Corban... same or different?; Peter's wrong answer (how significant); Meet others through The Living Network; KoG from another point of view; Forgiveness, and no stages of grief, etc.; "Like Christ did it - contrasted with other kinds of "givers"; "Cutters," and "cutter'-like" behavior; Leaky subconscious; Our life's ruts; Lots of ways we abuse ourselves; Dealing with the problem(s), or creating different ruts; A parents influence; Going to the pain in order to heal; Point of view matters; Stress - why there in the first place; Certain environments kill... the heart and incentive, and imprison; Family matters; If you see you "have to do this (or that)" as a release...; And what about anger; Group most prevalent in; The "real" effect of what's only imagined; "Giving and forgiving"; Why have to forgive "kindness" sometimes too; Have to decide; Cure depression (the "trick").
2/15/14 Participation
At least 10 commandments; "Our Father Who Art in... Washington"?; About Social Security; Wherein lies true salvation; "Non-participation" article; The working solution (what makes any nation great); Where corruption starts (and that you can do something about); How to get God on your side; Takes only "Sandbox" level perception; The lady with the "lazy" dog; The problem is the solution; Jimmy Stewart account; Choices made and their effects on us and others; Mandatory participation for the solution - exposing the lie; And just four kings later...; Bloated on milk?; What can be done; Everybody's signed onto the Living Network, right?; Becoming the real church; Choosing sides; Service to the sheep; Dormant righteousness inside us; When facing corrupt systems, etc.; Be part of that viable union in the heart of your country.
2/22/14 Free Justina!
Justina's father goes public after year-long battle; What signing into a hospital means; Applied "Rules of Justice" passed down through ages; Dealing with real problem of interpersonal relationships; Some case details; The "Saul Syndrome" - why/how governments have too much power; Picking on the weak; The "right" armor; The year with literally no summer - what causes something like that?; Can we admit we've been wrong?; Our mindsets create; Intent makes the crime; Demonic ambition/connection; Anger and judgment; "Resist not" (what that means); Festivals of ancient Israel; What charity is; Ways we (don't) deal with stress; Join Living Network (freely assemble); Bound/loosed on earth, bound/loosed in heaven; Nature of the Golem/The Beast (in us); The life giving flow, or "Mem"; "... that you might (MIGHT) be (MIGHT BE) saved."; Repent (really [can't fool God]); Be set free (love, give, forgive); Dealing with the stresses of life that, in ignoring, gives life to the Golem/Beast; Hating unrighteousness, or loving righteousness? (is the question... and the answer!); Givers receive...; Start meeting with others and becoming the assembly of God in your area.
3/1/14 Living as if the State did not Exist
Our own doing; "Call no man 'father'"; How much taxes actually paying when considering everything?; "If voting changed anything..."; Breaking the bonds of images ("None are more hopelessly enslaved..."); Swede, Daniel West; When "Something for nothing" is a basic moral foundation; Where your SS payments go; Check our moral code (what's it borne out of?); What it would be like with actual freedom of choice; Thinking with principals of the Gospel of the Kingdom; "Force" not necessarily really stealing; What chance do we have today; "Infinite monkey" theory; Allowing repercussions for righteousness (and unrighteousness); Redefinition of history through public schooling; How the State needs us to be and remain dependent; The "tens, hundreds, and thousands"; Make yourself friends with your neighbors; Getting caught up in the righteousness of religion; Survive and thrive as did Early-Christians during decline and fall of Roman Empire.
3/8/14 Religious Craziness
Gospel of the kingdom is really about...; What's the "sin"; Salvation? From what?; What "helping" our neighbor generally looks like; Admiral Ben Moreell quote; Connecting through CoRE relationships within the Living Network; Ruled by regulations? The law?; If eventually only a few States allowed home-teaching...; More than 54 million in bread lines in US alone - today; "...accustom to feed at the expense of others..." - Polybius; Primary instructions when Christ appointed a kingdom to His apostles; Early-church called a republic; Lots of volunteers needed to preach Kingdom of God; Dead in her house 6 YEARS before noticed; "Torment" meaning; Sense of a word/phrase's meaning.. by God, or by Satan; Why do you have the number?; How power over the people is increased; "The Higher Liberty" pamphlet; Latin "parens patriae" meaning and application in US Code; Birth of first recorded republic; Cause of societies having prevalence of cessation of marriage, and it's outcome; Platform of John the Baptist and Jesus; What the man had to say who set the standard of historians; How people used to come into America; Page 1536 in Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd edition; Is a Democracy and a Republic the same thing?; It's about direction (repent, turn around).
3/15/14 Mister Fish
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3/22/14 John the Baptist TV
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/29/14 Fathers
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4/5/14 Sacred Purpose
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4/12/14 Sacred Purpose in Practice
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4/19/14 Patriot's Day
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4/26/14 Mysteries of the Kingdom of God
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5/3/14 Heaven and Hell
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/10/14 Religion - it's not what you think
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5/17/14 Communicating Kingdom to Orcs and Goblins
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5/24/14 Serving Those who Serve Others
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5/31/14 How Do We Pray? - MUST HEAR episode!
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6/7/14 A Different Kind of King
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6/14/14 Misconceptions and Misunderstandings
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6/21/14 Spirit? What Spirit?
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6/28/14 Spirituality in a Physical World
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7/5/14 Awakening?
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7/12/14 (Pending Edit)
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7/19/14 Making Straight the Way of the Lord
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7/26/14 The Instructions of Jesus Christ
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8/2/14 The Kingdom in Action
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8/9/14 The Foundation of Education
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8/16/14 Some Questions
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8/23/14 Apostasy and Red Heifers - MUST HEAR episode!
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8/30/14 Being Kings and Priests
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9/6/14 Economies of Nations
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9/13/14 The Christian Nation
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9/20/14 Governing Ourselves
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9/27/14 Lighting the Darkness
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10/4/14 The Answer to Ebola
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10/11/14 Fervent Charity - MUST HEAR episode!
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10/18/14 The Clift in the Rock
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10/25/14 Gospel
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11/1/14 Folkhemmet
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11/8/14 The Right to be Ruled by God
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11/15/14 Christ the King
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11/22/14 Idolatry
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11/29/14 A Silent Shout
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12/6/14 Shift Happens - Even in the Bible
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12/13/14 Free Souls Under God
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12/20/14 No Broadcast today.
12/27/14 Prima Noctum
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1/3/15 The Daily Ministration
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1/10/15 Things That May Educate You - MUST HEAR episode!
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1/17/15 Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God
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1/24/15 Choice
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1/31/15 The Moral Arc
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2/7/15 No Broadcast today.
2/14/15 Liberty Under God
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2/21/15 The Kingdom - a Refuge
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8/11/2015 - Volunteer editors are taking the high-quality studio recordings from Brother Gregory and assembling them into audio files that I upload here. This editing process is months behind the current topics. In order to keep current, I will be uploading my personal recordings (lower quality) so that you may have up-to-date access to the programs. Lord willing, I will be able to change them out for the studio recordings when they become available. Thank you for your patience.
8/1/15 The New Natural
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8/8/15 The Rapture
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8/15/15 Silly Women - MUST HEAR episode!
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8/22/15 Why Congregate?
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8/29/15 Opening Roads to Righteousness
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9/5/15 Messages From God
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9/12/15 No Broadcast today - Burning Bush Festival
9/19/15 The Power of Healing
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10/3/15 The Trauma of Sin
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10/10/15 What Separation of Church and State?
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10/17/15 Cancer
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10/24/15 Partakers of Her Sins
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10/31/15 Brooking
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11/7/15 Demons and Trees
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11/14/15 CULTivation of Society
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11/21/15 Angels and Demons
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11/28/15 Angels/Demons, Good/Evil, Light/Dark...
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12/5/15 The Ultimate Survival Plan
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12/12/15 Real Church and Real Freedom
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12/19/15 Preparing For Your Future
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12/26/15 Awakening to Liberty
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1/2/16 Spiritual Contracts
Wanting to know the whole truth, Adam and Eve, Nakedness and hiding, Paul Revere's ride, "Black Lives Matter", Knowing how to give, feeling good vs salvation, saved by grace, The Naked Serpent, Refugees in Europe, Sustainable birth rates, liberated wives, Socialism spitting in the face of Christ, Self-righteousness and the Church, Study to be Quiet, Rome becomes socialist, losing eternal life, The Real Jesus - abandoned, Ends and means, What you have to repent from, Why you are back in bondage of Egypt, What you own, What to do now, Paul's "we" and "us" is not you, Becoming a surety, Excuses to keep you comfortable, Burning sheep, Head knowledge, Having eyes to see, Menstruating women, Perverting natural use, Your last free choice, US already socialist 100 years, Eating of the Tree of Knowledge, If there were more Real Christians..., World churches teaching only part of the Gospel, Stop trying to save your life!, Will God contend for you?, Where are your fruits?, Are you thinking kingdom?, God wants everyone saved, Turning from wickedness, Coming together, Lawful captives, Contract makes the law, Intent?, Evil does not want you to see your error, Christ's Sabbath keeping, Rendering to Caesar, The value of money, How to save the world, Meat with blood in it, Do you care?
1/9/16 The Enemy
"...and he is us", Wanting what we want, Church vanity, Book: "The Zealot", Muslim by force, Why are you a muslim?, Vetting european refugees, Bundy occupation in Oregon, BLM history, Private business vs government, Where's the morality?, Strong Delusion, Images we worship, Why you need the Constitution, The Hammond case, The nature of bureaucracy, Samuel and Kings, String whips and moneychangers, Conquering by division, Samuel's warning, What a free country looks like, Believing lies, Who is responsible?, Sons of Cain, Ten "Thou Shalt Nots", Signposts along the path, Addiction to sin, Living in the Tree of Knowledge, Patterns of Thought, Accessing the Tree of Life, Cleaning out our temple, Needing each other, Drinking the same Scotch, Matthew 18 patterns of Christ, Metaphors and Parables, 12 step plan, Tricked away from the Kingdom, Don't get distracted, Addictions in our mind, Spiritual vs Physical, Unholy Spirits, Loving rebuke, What is the answer and the problem?, Simon Magus and Annanias and Sophira, Seeing your part, The rut of sin, What is The Lie?, The notable year 2016, Fasting from the Tree of Knowledge, The whole world believes it's OK to covet, Being beneficial, Leaving of Christ/arriving of the Holy Spirit, Stop blocking the Holy Spirit.
1/16/16 Patterns of Prayer and Peace
Overcoming hidden bonds, Ranchers and occupation, Constitutionalists lacking information, Fulfilling the contracts, You ARE a surety for debt, So what now?, Slothful under tribute, Repent!, Pray - what is it?, Heaven and Hell, Laws on your heart and mind, Seek the Kingdom or just Believe?, "Works" and "Faith", What prayer?, Instant healing, Caring about the truth, The truth of you, Can I save myself?, Discipleship, Influence of others, Choosing to forgive, The comfort of unrighteousness, Patterns becoming 2nd nature, The intellectual curse, Peaceful prayer, Being changed by God, The Backwards Bike, The twelve steps, The Jerusalem temple, A constant state of prayer, Changing your mind, Pure Religion, Daily Ministration, The Kingdom by force - until John the Baptist, Righteousness is your pattern, Gathering to give, Meetings and sponsors, There is always somebody needing help, Preparing yourself for God, The golden rule, Forgiving what makes you angry, Bishops and Constantine, AA key - go to the meetings, No dragging into the kingdom, Where are your fruits of repentance?, Addiction to unrighteousness, Seeing your own injustice, Reaping the years of socialism, Need the whole armor of God, Are you of a reprobate mind?, Will you love those that hate you?, Who is Paul writing to?, Titus and bishops, Are you being Christ?
1/23/16 The Path to Liberty
Making Christ alive in your daily life, The *name* of Christ, Modern Christians doing the opposite, The Roman Cult, Psy Ops, "Made Men", Walking with God, Forgiving the anger, The Dark Side, You need the Whole Truth and to provide for it, Sheep and Shepherds, What is a "god"?, Strong delusion is here, Slaves in America, Truth is not a popular message, The "shipwreck" analogy, Direction = character of Christ, Greg Walden quotes, Being loyal to righteousness, Digging deep to find facts, No mercy for the Hammonds, Sitting in Moses' seat, God wants you to have what you want, The Constitution is not your salvation, Rights and Responsibilities, Phylactories, Pure Republics, The Fathers of the Earth, Democracy and mob rule, The sin of public schools, Feeling good about your sin = Modern Church, Do you want to live by righteousness?, Thomas Jefferson days, Socialism destroying society, Democratic Socialists won WWII - FDR & Hitler, No Hue and Cry, Someone else's job, Seeking DOers, Loving others as yourself, Stop trying to be masters!, Christ is the way, truth, and life, Letting God into your heart, Who are the "gods many"?, Men who are not men, Real righteousness, Examples of court injustice, Calling good evil, Doing no more ought for your parents, Judicial stupidity, Your fault!, The cost of prison, Christ's justice system, The kingdom of hell, Welfare vs Work, Biting neighbor bites back, Join the Living Network.
1/30/16 Digging Deeper
Which spirit is guiding you?, Election 2016, Economies tied together, Disaster danger, European refugees, Crazy courts, Zombie apocalypse, Robert LaVoy Finicum, Lying cops, Preparing You, Understanding present by knowing history, Sheriff vs FBI, Miners losing mineral rights, Government bragging about stealing, Ranchers losing property, Why don't we care?, Decline of education, Comparing US President to Roman Emperor, Smoke and mirrors, Knowing the whole truth and preparing for it, Separate trees in same garden, How to know the truth?, The source of faith, Drawing near to God, The "Humility" key, Zombies exist, Knowing by fruits, How the Early Church worked, Wycliff bible, Trump vs Mossolini, The Daily Ministration, Congregation vs Kingdom, Private Interpretation of the bible, Contentious spirits, Walking in the spirit, The workers are few, What it takes to be a free people, Putting on the full armor of God, The Contract Clause, Government of, for and by the people, Feeling good vs DOing good, Are you saved by a feeling or a thought?, How to have eternal life, Rule of law might rule against you, Public school vs home school, Are you a terrorist?, Your tale of bricks, Gathering to save others, Are you addicted to sin?, Cauldrons and flesh pots, Eucharist of Christ, Climate change, Is there salvation in voting?, For Tyrants?, Thou Shalt Not Covet!, Getting the system out of you, Scaring Egypt, Fathers of the Earth, Ways of Christ vs Ways of Cain, Don't get comfortable, Becoming immune to anger, Trauma and addiction, The virus of selfishness, Raised by penguins, Israel and the plagues, Spiritual overcomers, Paul's audience is not you, Seeking righteousness, Self-awareness, Get addicted to the Holy Spirit, Admitting wrongs, Congregational support, Seeing your trauma, Caring beyond the congregation.
2/6/16 Putting On the Whole Armor of God
New problems with Generation X or Y or Z? The Kingdom of God is from Generation to Generation, Societal movements affecting youth, Built-in Social Security, Benefits of Faith, Bible translation and re-translation, God writes on hearts and minds, The Longest Day, Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death, Right to tax - by contract, Dissolving the bands, China's one-child contract, Bundy vs BLM, The "world" God so loved, unalienable rights, Fruit rights, No freedom when accepting benefits, What about Common Law?, Don't attack the delusion, Admitting I'm wrong, Questioning what you already know, SAT test evolution, What kids know about Civil War history, Slaves and who owned them, Underground railroad, The source of freedom, And what it's not, Hating family, Where is Righteousness?, The cost of education, The armor of God, Rome vs Christians?, Christ was rich, Moses the rightful Pharoah?, Pentecost after Christ, How you became surety for debt, How to get the armor to fit, Armor as a team effort, What does the "full armor of God" look like?, People great, evil, and luke warm, Division by contention, Partakers of communion, Red heifers, Abraham's altars, Culture of poverty, Democratic Socialism.
2/13/16 Why Does God Allow Evil?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/20/16 Our Lost Sense of Community
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/27/16 The Mire
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/5/16 Collectivism - The Dance of the Dialectic
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/12/16 The Mire and The Way Out
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/19/16 A System for Liberty
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/26/16 Are You Too Busy to Be Free?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/2/16 (Pending Edit)
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4/9/16 (Pending Edit)
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4/16/16 (Pending Edit)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/23/16 Demystifying Patriot Mythology and Finding Truth
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/30/16 National Psychosis
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/7/16 Making a Spiritual Journey in a Physical World
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5/14/16 Emotions and Genders
"Emotions" defined; Origins of physical/chemical processes; Natural reproduction; No scientific consensus; Spiritual influences; Habits; Conscious experience; Phobias; Intensity of emotion; Arousal; Trauma; Abuse; Simplifying emotion; Mental state; Psychological expression; Natural gender differences; Passion; What is inside you?; Gal 5:1; Political circumcision?; Recognizing the Spirit behind ritual; Motivation and focus; Jeffrey Dahmer example; Worshipping form; Hating deeds, not people; Nicolaitans; Being manipulated by emotion; Addiction; Be still and know; Bondage forged in emotion; Psychosis; Re-mapping missing limbs?; Degrees of abuse; Passing on abusive spirit; The alternative reaction; Emotions moves you; Choice given by God; Where's the fruit?; Forgiving evil; Resisting evil; Stimulating emotions inside you; Abandonment; Patient love; Turning up the light; Evil's tactics; Who is making your choices?; Temptation; Bathroom debate; European cannibalism?; Restroom wars; Catering to "crazy"; Inability to see reality; Gender dysphoria; Perverting natural use of sexuality; Bad habits; Humoring psychosis; Reflection of spiritual problems; Can be dealt with; Forgiveness; Witchcraft?; Disserving sex reassignment patients; Seeing truth about yourself; Who haven't you forgiven?; Sacrifice; Serving one another; "Autogynephilia"; Have you been seeking His kingdom and righteousness?; Fruit of Christ; The Other realm; Spirit of Socialism; Deception; Taking care of your parents; Learning to love; Stick together!
5/14/16 Emotions and Genders - continued
Relevance of topic; Dwindling grain reserves; Nations are people-driven; Restroom quandary; Emotion - what moves us; Causes of emotions; Feelings; Re-mapping the body; Psychoses; Solutions to the problem; Rom 1:26; Natural domination; Retaining God in your knowledge; Sexuality = creating life; Reprobate minds; What's your psychosis?; Clouded truths; Truth shall set you free!; Benefit addiction; Cause of the problem; Separating symptoms; Spartans - power-centralized society; War purpose; Selfishness; The Christian way; Benefits NOW; The right to be ruled by God; Rom 1:1; Gospel - good news - of the kingdom; Being free; Mitigating dearths; Living by faith; What made America great; Ruling your welfare; Caring for one another; Doing as Christ said; Repentance; Keeping feasts as God intended; Strengthening the poor; Addiction anonymous; Join us.After show discussion; Simplicity of the message; Destiny; Children as young adults; Learning from mistakes; Home schooling; Getting the job done; Burning Bush Festival; Local gatherings connected nation-wide; Festival purposes; Giving life; Wise charity; Cultivating change; You change first; Resist not evil; Forgiveness.
5/21/16 Reality Check
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5/28/16 Gurus and Guides and Dissolving Bands
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6/4/16 The Art of Not Being Governed
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6/11/16 The Kingdom Within
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6/18/16 Bailing? or Bailing Out?
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6/25/16 Intentional Communion
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7/2/16 Church Governance
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/9/16 Tracking the Beast
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7/16/16 Duties and Monkeys - MUST HEAR episode!
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7/23/16 No Broadcast today.
7/30/16 The Staff of Life
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8/6/16 Being Whole
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9/10/16 Breaking Yokes
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9/17/16 Gifts of the Mind
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9/24/16 Ants and Roes and Hunters
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10/1/16 Anarchy - Not a Four-Letter Word
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10/8/16 How to Have an Anarchist Government
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10/15/16 The Kingdom of God as a Government - MUST HEAR episode!
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10/22/16 Exiting Babylon
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10/29/16 In the Beginning...
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11/5/16 What are the Keys?
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11/12/16 If You Vote You Can't Complain
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11/19/16 Nationalism: Addiction to Bondage
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11/26/16 Destruction
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12/3/16 Why Socialism?
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12/10/16 The Economy of Life
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12/17/16 Unlike Other Nations
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12/24/16 2016 in Review - Killing Care
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12/31/16 The Myth of Authority
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1/7/17 Seeing the Kingdom
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1/14/17 The Spirit of Abandonment
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1/21/17 Kingdom 101 - Basics of the Kingdom - MUST HEAR episode!
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1/28/17 Winds of Doctrine
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2/4/17 Fascist Anti-fascists
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2/11/17 The Law of Nature
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2/18/17 Strategies
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2/25/17 What Are You Doing? What Aren't You Doing?
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3/4/17 Shepherds
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3/11/17 Are You Being Put To Spiritual Sleep By Seducing Spirits?
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3/18/17 Which Christians Give Up All They Have/Possess?
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3/25/17 Why Do We Need Ministers?
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4/1/17 The Remedy - Steps Toward Liberty Under God
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4/8/17 Ordered Religion
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4/15/17 Pitching Pitch - Within and Without
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4/22/17 The Source of Your Salvation
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4/29/17 Spiritual Mechanics
Witchcraft, dimensions, keeping the commandments, spiritual law, covetous practices, socialism, work, giving, straightening the poor, racism, prejudices, what Christ said to do, being saved, love/charity/corban, networking with other congregations, what the kingdom of God looks like, what is a church 'service' suppose to be, governing yourself, how to truly prosper, learning the truth about yourself, depositing money into the kingdom of God, Spiritually connecting with others, learning to serve others, the way of Christ.
5/6/17 No Broadcast today.
5/13/17 Ordinances - MUST HEAR episode!
Preterism/prophecy, end times, meaning of religion, making contracts, name of God, gardening, weeds, soil, famine , roundup, genetically modified seeds, starvation, social welfare, pure religion, church is not about the building, Hebrew words, the way of Christ in precept and principals, spiritual health and stress, gluten, diet soda, home churches, the ways of Christ, deciding to seek a relationship, spiritual mechanics, prayer, spirit of satan is alive and well in the church today, the ways of God, research vs service, How you repent or turn around, meaning of ordinance in the bible, giving for the right reasons, caring for the needy through charity and not force(covetous practices), invest in the kingdom, guiding people back to the ways of righteousness, proverbs 13.
5/20/17 How to Get the Keys
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5/27/17 Land, Life, Love and Liberty
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6/3/17 Red Heifers and Abominations - MUST HEAR episode!
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6/10/17 Prophecy
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6/17/17 Draining the Swamp
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6/24/17 Unchurched
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7/1/17 Bursting Your Bubble
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7/8/17 Harmless Doves and Wise Serpents
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7/15/17 The Trauma of Power
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7/22/17 Fixing Foolishness
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7/29/17 Wind in the Branches
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8/5/17 No Broadcast today.
8/12/17 "The Way" Christ Said to Live
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8/19/17 Who Works Iniquity?
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8/26/17 Symbiosis
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9/2/17 No Broadcast today.
9/9/17 No Broadcast today.
9/16/17 Baptism of the Holy Spirit and of Fire - MUST HEAR episode!
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9/23/17 Not Perishing
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9/30/17 Christian Economics
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10/7/17 Scriptural Anarchy
Is Anarchy consistent with Scripture?, Or Chaos?, Church = government, 1 Sam 8, Biblical constitutions, Power corrupts, Saul's foolish thing, Bible about government, Family = God's created corporation, Elders, New Testament discrepancies, Revelation reveals God, Bible for government of, for and by people, Militia, Kingdom model, 400+ years of no tax in Israel, Duality of Hebrew, Commandments and Laws, Will God hear you?, Sabbath, Law that has been done away with, How to be humble, Usurped rights?, "Human" rights?, "Civil" rights, "Natural" rights, A plan by Robert Burk, Network = great idea, Tens/Hundreds/Thousands, Levite ministers, Tabernacles of the Congregation, Unhewn stone altars, Rich Christ made himself poor, Church registration?, Christ and Moses in agreement, Tithing, Money matters, East Timor and other holdouts, Money "exchanges", Just weights and measures, Social costs, Sureties for debt, Reversing mistakes, Protecting assets, Network of assistance, Kingdom of God is not a closed society, Compelled offerings kill spirit of giving, Will God come to your aid?, What's a "dollar"?, Inflation, Wealth in the Kingdom, Seven men, Join the Living Network.
10/14/17 No Broadcast today.
10/21/17 Prior Rights
Ben Shapiro clip, Social network outside of government, Sounds like Church, Modern Christians acting anti-Christ, Communist Manifesto, Is the IRS your Bishop?, Empowering ministers, Pure Religion, Alternatives to the world, Christians network, Family-based networking, Voluntary, USGAO - by 2019 every child will work 90% of life paying off debt, Peter's warning, Changing direction, The Coercive Church, Asking government to be our father, Right of parents to educate children, Home Schooling banned in much of Europe, United Nations Human Rights Conventions, Prior Right to choose, Waiving rights by your actions, Abortion, Symptoms of societal problems, Treating the problem, Israelites choosing bondage, Christ the capitalist, Purpose of the Church, Are you turning your neighbors into bread?, Learning from doers, Set your neighbor free, Losing prior rights, The "census" at Christ's birth, "Does your master pay the tax?", Drawing near God, Forgiveness is not automatic, Christ preached action, Preparing for the future together, To Kill a Mockingbird, Twelve Angry Men, Modern Church myths, Falling away, Divorce, Examining failure, Original Sin, The "name" of Christ, Letting down your ego, Washing feet, Enduring until the end, ICS, Doing as the Holy Spirit guides, Forgiveness releases burden, Forgiveness begets forgiveness, Loving the ones you're with, Participating in Congregation, Seek Kingdom - not comfort, Holy Spirit is comfort enough, Come to serve, Turning up the light of the Holy Spirit, Seduced from enduring, Extending care, Matt 3:17, Have faith - Charity works, Who will DO?
10/28/17 A Message to Chuck Baldwin
Making straight the way of the Lord, Acceptance can take time, Not everyone will get this, Strong Delusion, Come willing to look at our information, Chuck Baldwin's Romans 13 understanding better than most preachers, Addressing disagreements, "Done with NFL" article, Reds vs Blues, Free bread and circuses, Making the word of God to none effect, Quoting Polybius, The National Anthem, Maintaining a pure republic, Nazi = National Socilist, Calling no man "patri", Chuck's recanting of Israel position, The place where God prevails, People choosing to be ruled, Symptoms of rejecting God, Truth-preaching is a struggle, Babylon = mighty provider instead of the Lord, 4th amendment rights, Taking benefits waives rights, Constitution is not our salvation, Christ's plan, Providing for the needy, Becoming a peculiar people, What is "grace"?, Force is anti-Christ, The Gospel Christ preached, Mission of the Church, Explaining Anarchy, Corban and the Jerusalem Aquaduct, Antifa is not Anarchy, Christ and His Kingdom at hand, Biblical Constitutions, The Amish and Obamacare, The "exousia" factor, Romans admired Jesus, Giving up our right to choose, The original liberty, Who are the "wicked"?, BEing the government of God, The myth of government usurping, Kingdom of God was not part of the Roman "world", Preaching the full gospel, Functional families described, Modern preachers act like Pharisees, The Founding Fathers and Polybius, The bondage of Egypt, Getting the government we deserve, Seeking righteousness, USA = Rome, Finding God's way, What Jesus did - taught - lived, What will YOU do?, Home churches networked together, Apotheosis of George Washington, Ben Shapiro: An Orthodox Jew teaching Libertarians the Gospel.
11/4/17 The Enemy of Parents
"I have seen the enemy...", Cause/Effect nature of the universe, Wingsuits = falling with style, Finding a frame of reference, Parenting articles by Betty Freehof, Rights and where they come from, Christ's solution to lost rights, city/polis - what is it really?, "Innocent" people?, Calling men "father", Who's teaching your children?, What are they being taught?, What kind of "village" does it take?, "City on a hill" explained, Pecuilar people, Eating benefits with great appetite, Parties to the Constitution, Why your eyes are scaled, How parents love children, Anarchist governments, Doctor Zhivago, Neighbors: Interfere or protect?, Where is/was Nazareth?, Kingdom of Choice, John the Baptist's manifesto vs Communist, The battle inside, Making society your god, How important is righteousness?, Neighbor care, Some Oregon history, The real remedy, Religion as a job, Christ's healing power in action, CPS "looking after" 2.5M non-victims, Treating symptoms, Who's your daddy?, Practicing pure religion, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Freeing your neighbor, Our duties, Our faith, Our love, Super Annuation, The way back to the Kingdom, Problems of GMOs, The baptism of fire, Where is the commandment to take care of children?, Tree of Life, Your rights = responsibilities, Halloween in reverse, Changing little things.
11/11/17 The Kingdom Model and Social Costs
The Right to be Ruled by God, 2 commandments, God's nature = giver of life, News: Texas church shooting, "Assault" rifles, Guns in church, Christian right to Self Defense?, Why get married?, Repentance explained, Feeding "my sheep", Striving for Christ, Which "choice" is "pro-choice"?, Abortion: Problem or Symptom?, Procreation: simple or complex?, Man as a part of creation/nature, Physical + Spiritual + Emotional realities, Influencing realities, addictive prescription drugs, Changing the bible by changing word meanings, Defining Social Justice, Distributing other people's money, What/who is righteous?, "exousia" = right/power to choose, consequences of coveting, Effects of Social Justice, Social Cost, Human Rights vs Legal Rights, Registered charities and the IRS, Gathering naturally, God can "fix stupid", Should everyone "sell all they have"?, Seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom, Defining "Social Costs"?, Of Family, Of Neighbor's Welfare, Kingdom Social Costs less complex, Self regulation, Counting the Cost, Your responsibility toward others, GMOs, Respecting the white coat persons, WWI Ambulance Donations, 9/11 Manhattan Evacuation, Externalities, Church in the Wilderness, Golden Calf, Individuals making choices, Tending to the Weightier Matters of Law, Judhment, Mercy and Faith.
11/18/17 Your Soul
Your soul - what is it?, Agape, Charity without love, 2 kinds of love, No Greater Love (Charity), soul = life?, Language distorting meaning, Hebrew - written language, Revealing through your soul, Who's revelation?, Being heard by God, Do you have faith?, Biomimicry, Barbed wire, Love in Nature, Kingdoms not of God, Patterns of mass shooters, Saul's pattern, Soul vs Spirit, What about Body?, The Soul in Science, Heaven and Hell, Man's dominion over nature, "Mother" Nature?, Defining "love", Software of the Soul, Zombies, vampires and werewolves - oh my, Intelligent Design, God perfecting us, Soul - body - spirit connection, God's pattern of life, putting things on our hearts, Declaration of Independence, Deism, "nefesh" and "psuche", Who is writing on your soul? Teaching/Feeding your children, "Frankenstein" was the Doctor, The nature of God, "Worship" defined, Electing rulers = rejecting God, Salvation revealed, "Beliefs", A bit of Neitzsche, No love without choice, The power of humility, Laws of Nature provide consequence, Is God Logical?, Contrasting with Ludwig, Magnifying God's presence, How to see God's choices, Axioms and Ideology, "Love me, love my goats", The pleasures of serving.
11/25/17 Individuation
"Your Soul" series, Trinity?, Wanting to name God, Barbershop mirrors, Cause and effect, In the beginning, Finding our safe path, Divine revelation, The "still small" voice, Adam and Eve, Multidimensional Soul, Turning stones into bread, Hell - Heaven, Christ's mission, Satan's mission, Tree of Knowledge, Which veil to lean on?, The Way back to God, Seeing no evil, Patterns of evil and good, Being light to your community, Blind eyes, Can Good exist without Evil?, Degrees of darkness, Opening spiritual eyes, Working with the Holy Spirit, Accessing redemption, Incorporeal herediments, Drugging children, Bringing unconsciousness to the consciousness, Subconsciousness, Traumas, Discipleship explained, Jungian self, The Kingdom within, Axioms and Button-pushing, life-flesh-blood-soul, Where is your pillar of fire?, un-peaceful protests, The Soul as a doorway, Two keys: giving and forgiving, Farm vs Range sheep, Agape - love or charity?, Romulus amd Remus and wolves, Defining "love", Sunday "church" thinking too small, Letting God fix stupid, Congregating, Repentence, Committing to Christ, Allow others Liberty - God does, God does not hate Nicolaitans, Having answers, The truth stands on its own.
12/2/17 No Broadcast today.
12/9/17 State of Decay
Sweden #1 rape capitol, Voilators of human rights, How can people excuse that activity?, Socialism = neighbor not your responsibility, foreign gangs robbing in broad daylight, How to stop them, Kingdom solution, You can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Other Benefits of the Kingdom solution, Protecting those you care about, Hue and cry, Unchurching?, Still not in Christ, Some "Gregory" history, God gives the Holy Spirit as our comforter - not the church, "ekklesia", Organization of independents, Feeding His sheep, Revelation vs writing, Whose program is your soul following?, The Real Jesus?, The devil as an angel of light?, Can you be decieved?, Do you act like Christ?, Serving and laying down your life for others, Sharing the good news, Kingdom of Heaven vs "fellowship", What "law" (nomos) is done away with?, Your prodigal journey, Forgive that you may be forgiven, The broad way to destruction, Does your giving exceed your taking?, Public School for kids, Social Security for parents, Welfare for brothers..., Early Church would not take any, The Baptism of Christ, Why 7 men?, Forgetting religion, Early Christians weren't persecuted for fellowshipping, God didn't create human government, Charity and Love, It's easier to sell nonsense than to give away the truth, Covetousness makes you merchandise, Nicolaitans and Balaam = conquered people = you, Constinian Christianity, Unholy spirits, Rejecting God, Joseph's connections, Slothful under tribute, Shaking off our delusion, Temples = government buildings, Turning around, Sharing coats, Loving our neighbor.
12/16/17 As Long as You're Happy
Good News of the Kingdom of God at hand: seek it and righteousness, Pursuit of happiness, Facebook "discussions" are horrendous, Interest in politics, Righteousness and children, Who were Matthew, Mark and Luke?, And what about John?, Bible: full of truth but most misinterpreted book in history, Why revelation?, Dispensationalism, Happiness is a byproduct - what is the goal?, Dis-ease vs symptoms, Sorting out mind, soul, brain, heart, body..., Facebook stifles creativity, Rebuking those we love, Matt 7:22, "Many" not knowing Christ, Covetous practices make you merchandise, Sources we offer, Your right to choose, Sabbath keeping, Reading the fine print: Holy Spirit is a good magnifier, Pharisees had it wrong - stop asking them, The prophet Isaiah, More on "soul", Scales on our eyes, Isaiah 58 and fasting, A pointed way to Christ, Herod's two temples, Loosing the bands of wickedness, Strengthening the poor, Seeing hell in this world, Showing transgressions, How to overcome, Ministers and authority, Giving and retaining, Getting God to hear you again, 2 Cor 13:5, Removing the yoke from your neighbor, "reprobate" defined, Fasting according to the ways of Christ, Free assemblies of kingdom seekers, Putting His words into action, The Sabbath way - not borrowing against the future, Old testament charity, Finding those who can see, Compare your taken benefits to given charity, Turning things around, Christ died that you MIGHT be saved, 2 Peter 2:3, Paul - by faith you are saved, and who is not, Light each others' way.
12/23/17 Fellowship
What is the "world"?, Translators have distorted author's intent, Can you hear God's intent?, Why we educate, Greg Boyd's message, Witnessing same events differently, Gregory's turning point, The "Humility" key, The Ten Commandment benchmark, Desiring benefits taken from neighbors, Followers Christ lost, Overcoming, What about the Amish?, Pure Religion, Red Heifer, Corban, What did the Early Church really do?, Parable of the sower, Should the Church be organized?, Davey Crockett's story, U.S. vs Israel, Choice vs force, The golden calf, Why be loyal?, Are you under delusion or just have bad information?, Spiritual kingdom, Christ's name, What should be our destination?, Where is our comfort?, Caring for widows and orphans, Raising up better altars, Beyond block parties, The right doctrine of Christ, Remaining true to Christ, Constantine's church, Why Christ died, The real Israel, The "process" of becoming Christian, Not blood but faith, Getting ready to be the Kingdom, Garbage helper story, Are you an altar of God's temple?, Did Constantine corrupt the Church?, FDR's Social Security, Bundy mistrial, What grace have you?, Covenant continuity, Why do Amish wear black?, The bride and wedding feast, Rich Christ made himself poor, Being there for our neighbors, Dressing and keeping, Making room for the Holy Spirit in your heart, Loving those who don't love you, "Retreat house" idea, What made America great?
12/30/17 Testing Faith
End of calendar year evaluation - am I closer to the righteousness of the kingdom?, No need for works?, Paul and Peter and James and John's view, Saved from what?, Modern Christians not listening to Christ, Are you Paul's "we" and "us"?, Caesar as commander-in-chief, HHC audios augment articles, We connect many dots for you, False preachers tell you saved when on Paul's "list", Two trees, FDR in the bible?, Christ's plan vs Modern church plan, Michael Hudson, Sin and debt, Big bang vs God - which requires more faith?, Israel's bondage in Egypt = 20%, Your bondage?, Let "my" people go, Abraham's many souls, HHC book offerings are free, Romans 13, Making us great again, What the Pharisees did wrong, What you can do for Christ, First Christians were Jews accepting Christ, Government of God, Firing moneychangers, Your job to know Christ, Subject to higher right to choose, The wedding feast, Excuses not to come, Luke 14, Forgiveness is key, Beating hedges, "Highways" and "hedges" explained, Where's my wedding garment?, Christ's burden for you, Practising Pure Religion, What to do right now and what not to, Jesus and Jubile, Rich Christ made Himself poor, Loaves and fishes, Coming together, The Ten Commandments and debt, How to remove eye scales, Ministers and pedestals, No slothful ministers, 2008 bailout fiasco, Loosening the bands of the fist of wickedness, Prager U's "ten statements", What is right?, The way - the truth - and the life, Are you hiding from the truth about you?
1/6/18 Christ Commanded
Are you peculiar?, Christ the Anarchist, says Mark Passio, God allows man's government, Choosing rulers = giving away your right to choose, Samuel's warnings, God's safeguards, US Constitution not biblical, Liberty is accepting responsibility, Slavery or Voluntary Servitude?, Yes, you signed the social contract, Christ's plan can still save you, Natural Law explained, Joseph and Egypt, Jews: The first Christians, Anarchy and Statism, Rights and States, The pirate example, Organized religion, Two religions, "Feed My sheep", The Christian Conflict, The Lord's Prayer, Corvee systems, Passport agreement, 42 USC 666, Today's temples, Vegans eating meat with blood in it, Golden Calves, Responsibility to Christ's weightier matters, Waiting on tables, Good and bad governments, Are you an asset "of" or "to" your government?, Evidence against you, Christ's "Command", Loaves and fishes, Separation of powers, Only 1 denomination, How to organize, Why "7 men"?, Don't keep feeding pigs, Righteous caring, Metaphors and allegories, How God's kingdom works, The wedding feast and garments, Removing your eye-scales, Your father whose table you eat at, The Corban story, What is stopping you from following Christ's command?, Christ's policies, Christ's network, You can't just "say" Lord, Lord, Are you humble?, Do your feet need washing?, Christ or Constantine?, Righteousness or Tribute?, Individual journey we make together.
1/13/18 Money, Money, Money...
A uniquely different message, James' Religion, Modern Church "service", The deeds of the Nicolaitans and Balaam, Prerequisite to Loaves and Fishes, Who are "disciples"?, Companies and Ranks, The pattern Christ commanded, Stop making excuses, Christ didn't say "love your ministers", What about "money"?, The Man Nobody Knew by Bruce Barton, Stock Markets/Exchanges through history, Inflation/Deflation, Copper pennies and silver dimes, SpaceX, Going public, Profits vs Visions, Ancient Roman Republic economy, Ancient Israel - did what was right in their own eyes, Tens-Hundreds-Thousands, How Christ organized His Church, Anti-Christ Inquisitions, Apostolic Church, Am I DOing what Christ said?, Mark 6:38, Commodity Money, Early American Republic, Wampum and Whiskey, Minting coins, Spartan Nazis, Moneta -> Money, Republics without Kings, God's instructions reap benefits and avoid penalties, Power remains in the family, Creating US corporation, Citizens of the United States, The nature of contracts, Caesar's money, What really happens in Temples?, Hearths and Stones, Do you want Christ's loaves and fishes?, Why make coins?, George Washington's funding from his own pocket, WWI Ambulance donations, Where that spirit went, Back to privatization, Investing in neighbors - making America great again, Did emperors loan their money into circulation?, The real Roman Centurians, Temples of Janus and Moneta, Bullion, Token money, Pompey in Jerusalem - why?, What Rome accomplished, Agustus Caeser's coining law changes, 2 gods on one coin, Abraham's allies, What Christians would not do.
1/20/18 "Kosmos"
Kingdom of the "world" and Kingdom of God, "kosmos" = "world" - which one?, Constantine's church was never Christian, Baptism, Salvation, "Threskia" and "Religiare", "Supersticio" caused wars and death, The Cain syndrome, Spotting religion, Why "kosmos"?, To read ancient texts you must use ancient dictionaries, Clinging to the Tree of Knowledge, Belonging to God, Knowledge is wealth, The light of Christ exposes truth, Not of this "kosmos", Pilate's ruling, Other "worlds", Egypt's bondage - today, Helping you understand the Gospel, Jurisdiction, Making God's word of none effect, Love and Charity, Government shutdown, Social Security at Christ's time, Apostles were idiotes, The Pope, Christ's orderly pattern, Does your pastor know?, Is he a minister of the world?, "Fathers" of the world, "Kosmos" in constitutions, Why Israel wanted a king, Levites eating kidneys?, Altars and men, Saul's folly, What a free government looks like, Nimrod's way apart from God, Firing moneychangers, Cities of Refuge, Your relationship to the constitution, Sitting down in Tens, Congregation of saints or sinners?, Setting the table of the Lord, Voluntary societies, Indians?, Remaining free, True public servants, Property rights, Seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness, Giving up your right to choose, Listening to the Holy Spirit and following His ways, Where are the foot washers?, Matthew 13:35, Cornerstones, The Charity virtue, Laying down your life, The world in the sower parable, Have you been redeemed?, Origins of kosmos, World army threat, Allies of God, Inheriting the Kingdom.
1/27/18 Shadows of the Mind
"god" in Old and New testament, Deciding good and evil, Contracts with the United States, Universal laws, You're impaired condition, Doing due diligence, Not given to private interpretation, Leeks and onions?, Jordan Peterson vs Kathy Newman, Binding demons, "The devil made me" is not allowed, Our fallen nature, Things that just ain't so, Greek "law", Stop going to Pharisees to understand Old Testament, Essenes, Merchants of men, Minds stuck in darkness, Men carrying water?, Rewiring the mind, Capgras, The power of humility, Animus possession, Seeing with spiritual eyes, Living contrary to the decrees of Caesar, 1 Cor 6:12, Seeking means doing, The kingdom network, Lawful?, Expedient?, What power?, How you went under the power of others, How to be free, Collective unconsciousness, Usurping God, How to congregate, THE doctrine, Weeping for ancient ways, Addictions to sin, Facing your demons, Jung and Freud and consciousness, Forgiving trauma, Lighting the shadows, Christ's flocks, Natural leaders - natural followers, The job of minister, Seeing the truth, Improving yourself 12 ways, Compare you to you.
2/3/18 Blaspheming the Holy Spirit
Bible Versions, Why torture the printers?, Why stop?, Testament = witness, Mt 16:17, We won't know truth from reading/studying but it being revealed by our Father, Gates of Hell, Man's opinion of reality (God's opinion), blasphemy, Seeing yourself, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Evidence of salvation, Satan can heal too, Universalists, Prodigal son's choice - or what?, Neither works nor opinions will save you, BUT..., Forgive to break the cycle of abuse, Leaving judgement to God, Dividing over trivialities, Nourishing dry bones, The unforgivable sin?, Corpus Juris, Christ's kingdom is for the living, Pilate had no jurisdiction to judge Christ, Was the role of the Apostles the same as the Levites?, Modern church promotes covetousness, "Blaspheme" in the bible, Resh and Resh Resh, Thinking Hebrew, How to receive revelation, Christ's command, Are you following it? Or blaspheming Him?, Ciaphas only was told *he* would see Christ in the clouds, Bad blaspheming and worse blaspheming, Intentions of the prodigal son, Your intentions?, Gates of Heaven, Hard for smart men to enter kingdom, Tens - hundreds - thousands, Righteousness government, Another side to blasphemy, Our ultimate choice, Letting God in our hearts and mind, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit should fill you, Luke 12:10, Stop rationalizing why you won't gather, Biblical revelation, Forever studying and never coming to truth, The strange saga of Christ healing the blind man.
2/10/18 Placing Puzzle Pieces
Today's problems same as in the beginning, Adamah, Life's destination is the journey, Catastrophic events, Seeing the Early Church in modern terms, Watering the desert, The welfare of the world, Voting in the kingdom, Why modern preachers avoid the Tens, Hundreds and Thousands, The conflict of Cain, 666 and the SSN, Charagma?, Is taxation theft?, US Code vs Law, Codes within codes, 666 has sisters, Food rationing, Man's government doesn't love you, The Holy Spirit has all the pieces, Christ gives you options, Receiving loaves and fishes, The government of/for/by the people, Christ's kingdom transfer, Why Moses was hid in the bulrushes, Socialism lowers birth rates, votive offerings, "Church" is not to comfort you - Holy Spirit is our comforter, The job of "minister", Symposia, Christian families and government, Overcoming covetous practices, The guy with the bad back, Why congregate?, What do YOU need to do?, Think like Christ, The Happy Plowman, Can you congregate if not in the same room?, The Living Network, The socialist spirit cannot enter the kingdom, Seeking righteousness, Forgiving government, Is Christ in your nature?, Thinking a different way.
2/17/18 "Paganism", and Other Labels
How to determine truth, What influences thinking?, "Evil" defined, What drives shooters, Capgras, Lies behind labels, Comfort and the kingdom, Christ's earthly kingship, Levites and The Church, Moses' statutes, Adultery, common sense?, Treating autism, Who will lobby food?, Salvation is spiritual, Rev 2:9 and 3:9, Having another king, Sitting in Tens, Everyone has a religion, Essenes, Herod's baptism, A spirit of violence, People putting on persons, Why go to church?, Traitorous translators, What's wrong with taking government benefits?, Brain rewiring, Moses' 70 men, Cities of refuge, Emotions vs evidence, The job of the Sanhedrin, Emotion counterfeiting spirit, What's not important, Why people act like children, Your life of trauma, Repenting to love, Righteousness!, Paganism, Polytheism, Teutons vs Romans, The Tens model, Constantine's counterfeit church, Christ's way to liberty, Charity!, Want to know the antichrist?, Giving geometric shapes power?, Did Caiaphas repent?, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, What grace have you?, The Union and Discipline of Christians, More on autism, Recognizing forgiveness, Peace from the Holy Spirit, Fixing families, Feeding His sheep, Finding His sheep - they'll be sitting down.
2/24/18 Existentialism
Who are the people of Israel?, How was the Early Church organized?, Baptisms, Charity and freewill offerings, The princes of the gentiles, Being priest to all nations, Christ is the denominator of Christians, "called out" then and now, Religion, Pagans, China's one-child contract, What about Haran?, Abraham's sacrafice, Salvation from depression, What is good?, School shootings, Avoiding dysphoria, Corban, Sabbath?, Christ's other "way", Grace and charity, Eating from the Tree of Life, Are guns the problem?, Examining the evidence, Existentialism, Children in the hands of Molech, You and your mad mad mad mad kosmos, Are you setting your neighbor free?, Judge not!, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, Visiting the Valley of Hell, "power" struggles, God's other weapons, Hormone imbalances, The "Z" generation, Compare Israel's schools, How to get back to the spiritual kingdom, Millennial/Z power, Rights to use pronouns?, The lacking Modern Church, Why would any Christian be depressed?, Becoming Israel.
3/3/18 Does Seeking the Kingdom Cure Depression?
It's inconvenient to be wrong, The three-part solution, Depression - what is it?, Societal viewpoint of depression, Clinical studies of treatments, Handling addiction, Gathering to serve, "Feeling" depressed, Vaccines?, No profit in free solutions, Diagnosing depression, The "little brain", Chemical imbalance?, Doctors and studies, The cause/effect nature, Looking deeper, What about "religion"?, Doctors disagree, The placebo effect, How does seeking the kingdom of God help with depression?, Treating symptoms, What about causes?, Examining unpublished studies, Pitfalls of a "happy pill", Improving study methods, Considering exercise, Leaving hell, Antidepressant alternatives, Destructive side effects, Grouping solutions, Experiencing positive results, Creating the "concoction", Christ's way of dealing with problems, Balancing your life, Your body's chemical factory, Eating your medicine, Who's depressed?, The spiritual "gut", We are spirit too, Knowing yourself, Parasitical cycles, Toxoplasma gondii, Healthy immune systems, Putting your house in order, Benefits of congregating, God can make you better, The Facebook phenomenon, A steady diet of Christ, Overcoming your faults, Real solutions.
3/10/18 The Kingdom Pill
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3/17/18 Tribute
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3/24/18 No Broadcast today.
3/31/18 2 Peter
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4/7/18 1 Peter
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/14/18 No Broadcast today.
4/21/18 1 Peter 3-5
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/28/18 Seventies and Sanhedrins
Kingdom of God is at hand for the living right now; Spiritual, not emotional; Warnings of Peter, Paul, James and John; Straining at gnats; "Alfie"; Evidence of salvation; Noah's God; Syrian gas attacks; media-driven minds; Christ's trial before Pilate explained; Traitorous translators; I AM; Pharisees of the Modern Church; Which Israel?; Christ's truth; Noah's righteousness; We're not perfected yet; The sins of your father; Ten Commandments as guideposts; Seventies and Sanhedrins; The New Antifa; Choices you have; Jews accepting Jesus; "No king but Caesar"; Ranchers and ranch hands; Kingdom mechanics; Miracles amongst seventies; Congregating; belonging to Christ; Obeying your Father in Heaven; "Destroy" in Genesis 6 (Noah); Dressing and keeping; God's healing power; Roman games; Unconditional love?; You can't save yourself; Escaping the Tree of Knowledge trap; Being naked in the garden; Measuring the temple; Rising above the maze; Jordan Peterson; The creative, holy spirit.
5/5/18 Ideological Possession
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5/12/18 Appetite
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5/19/18 Registering Your Church
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5/26/18 Corban: What the Future Holds
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6/2/18 Ideological Subversion
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6/9/18 Jubile
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/16/18 No Broadcast today.
6/23/18 Introverts and Extroverts
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6/30/18 Christ's Opinion
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7/7/18 No Broadcast today.
7/14/18 The Opiate of the People
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7/21/18 No Broadcast today.
7/28/18 No Broadcast today.
8/4/18 Politics
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8/11/18 Politics of the Mind
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8/18/18 Boosting the Kingdom
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8/26/18 No Broadcast today.
9/1/18 No Broadcast today.
9/8/18 The Path Back
Kingdom of God = Big topic; Graven images; What God is; The right to be ruled by God; Predestination = removing responsibility; Atheism = Products of chemistry; Pre-history; Facing truth; Blind spots; Imagination; Characterizing people; Re-presenting self; God is who He is; Created in His image; Unseen identity traits; Spiritual eyes?; Deception; Closest examination of yourself; Home schooling; Restricted dominion; God's first commandment; Two trees; Tree of Life; Categorizing information; Hearsay; Nakedness; Overcoming character flaws; Trauma-caused dysphoria; Forgiveness; Adam's path; Free countries?; Slavery; Labor ownership; Numbered existence; Openness to reality; Works; Accessing Tree of Life; Causes of your delusion; Who is your father?; Feast of Tabernacles; Seeing yourself; The world you create; Prevalent spirits in today's world; Delusions of righteousness; Disciples; The problems in you; Temples; Reserve funds; Our brothers' keepers; Free forms of government; Where our blindness comes from; Cain's way; Keeping Christ's commandments; Choice by consequence; Self-deceit; Opening your spiritual eyes; Becoming a disciple; Democracy?; Early Church organization; "Thy Kingdom Come" book; Tens Networking; Intimate relationships; Seeking kingdom; Discerning God's way is everyone's job; Sharing until surplus; Foolish virgins; Sloth and covetousness; Principles of God; Parental involvement in raising children; Ministers of service; "Disciple"; Practicing humility; Where you have fallen short; How His kingdom works; Forgiving one another; Backsliding; Blaming God?; Minister performance; Are you part of "us"?; Start your journey back now!
9/8/18 The Path Back - continued
Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Liberty's up to you; Thinking a different way; Happiness; Making good choices; Finding truth; Burning Man festival; Purpose of biblical festivals; Sabbath; Honor father and mother; Dictionary meanings; Context; Religion; Forcing neighbor?; Medical care?; Stopping bad habits; Conning you; Adam's fall; Confession; Withholding judgement; Overindulging children; Recognizing your own problems; Empowering others to make choices; What made America great; Our goal; Learning Christ's Way; Being benefits to others; Punishments or gifts?; "Christian" workers of iniquity; Encouraging self-righteousness; Choosing life; vs abusing others; Bringing about change; Reflection on self; Awakenings within you; Seeing things God made; Reacting to pain; Getting the message; Loving/forgiving the pain; Healing evil within others; Receiving Christ's virtue; Hear God!
9/15/18 Divinely Inspired?
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9/22/18 Christian Culture
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9/29/18 Kingdom Questions from South Africa
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10/6/18 Inspiration of God
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10/13/18 No Broadcast today.
10/20/18 Leaving Delusion Behind
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10/27/18 Apologetics - Not What You Think
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11/3/18 The Church Forumla
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11/10/18 Eldership
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11/17/18 Should Churches Have Elders?
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11/24/18 Do You "Do" Church?
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12/1/18 Trolls
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12/8/18 Home Church
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12/15/18 Trolls (continued)
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12/22/18 Home Church - For What Purpose?
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12/29/18 Reserve Funds - IMPORTANT episode!
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1/5/19 Have YOU Been Fooled?
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1/12/19 Polybius' Anacyclosis
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1/19/19 The Fall of Rome
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1/26/19 No Broadcast today.
2/2/19 The Essence of Idolatry
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2/2/19 The Essense of Idolatry - Part 2
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2/9/19 Blessings and Curses
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2/16/19 To Tithe, or not to Tithe?
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2/23/19 Original Sin
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2/23/19 Original Sin - Part 2
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3/2/19 Rules for Radicals
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3/2/19 Rules for Radicals - Part 2
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3/9/19 Fleeing Religion
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3/9/19 Fleeing Religion - Part 2
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3/16/19 Salvation
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3/16/19 Salvation - Part 2
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3/23/19 Salvation by Vaccination
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3/23/19 Salvation by Vaccination - Part 2
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3/30/19 Salvation and the Gospel
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4/6/19 Families, Fathers and Faith
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4/6/19 Families, Fathers and Faith + Answers for Ben Shapiro
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4/13/19 How Much Truth Can You Handle?
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4/13/19 How Much Truth Can You Handle? - Part 2
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4/20/19 Was Jesus a Liberal?
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4/27/19 Romans 13
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4/27/19 Romans 13 - Part 2
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5/4/19 Structure of Government
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5/4/19 Structure of Government - Part 2
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5/11/19 Buying Swords
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5/11/19 Buying Swords - Part 2
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5/18/19 Putting Flesh on Dry Bones
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5/18/19 Putting Flesh on Dry Bones - Part 2
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5/25/19 Social Capital
Structure of the kingdom; Altering DNA; Epigenetics; Procreation; Holy Spirit in your life; Not emotion; Flow of righteousness; "Tens"; Organizing His Church; Sharing these messages; Early Christians were nearly all Jews; Synagogues; "Elders"; Social Security?; Pure Religion; "world"; "komizo"; Tithing; Selling your children into bondage; The Problem!; Untaught things about the bible; Seeking the Kingdom and Righteousness; Christ's way; Are you seeking the kingdom of God?; Serving the people; Seven men?; Workers of iniquity; Unrighteous mammon?; "Show me"; Tyranny over minds; Vices and virtues; Selfishness; Gratitude; Revealing the kingdom; Investing yourself; Envy; Private entrepreneurs; Correlation and causation; Vaccines; Improving immune systems; Federal Reserve; Capital?; Just weights and measures; Capitalism; Aiding your neighbors; Beginning repentance; Strengthening your community; Promoting the kingdom; Active congregations; What are you thinking?; Sharing loaves and fished; The New Deal failures; Income tax; Stock market folly; Listening to Holy Spirit; Evidence; Value of good employees; Social values; Kingdom operation - learn by doing; Fudging statistics; Effects of socialism; vs effects of the kingdom of God; What would save you?; Fixing the plumbing; Early vaccines; Natural interactions; Social capital; Binding units; Living Network of congregations; Loving Christ; Kingdom for the living; Reciprocity; Social norms; Empathy; Join the network.
5/25/19 Social Capital - Part 2
Types of governments; Real socialism; Valueless notes; Creating value; Democracy; Golems; Defining capitalism; Defining "Love"; Identity; Fish experiment; Reviewing The New Deal; Job creation?; Cooperation; Family creation; Social norms; Fixing the plumbing; Dry bones; Morals?; Strengthening relationships; Church?; Kingdom direction; Matt 13; Kingdom parables; Image metaphors; Goodly pearl; Being changed by seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Forming congregations; Establishment clause; Taking care of the needy; Imperial cult of Rome; "Lemon test"?; Government usurping Church?; "Socialism"; Forced offerings?; Violating the Establishment cause; "Religion"; Emerson vs Board of Education; Social Security; Public religion?; Why Christians were persecuted; Asking the right question; Why is government involved with religion?; "Charity"?; Getting back to a free system; Socialism doesn't work; Matt 19:17; Entering into life; Survival?; Get back to the ways of God.
6/1/19 Lighting Candles
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6/1/19 Lighting Candles - Part 2
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6/8/19 Fools Who Are Subject
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6/15/19 1 Corinthians 5-6
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6/15/19 1 Corinthians 5-6 - Part 2
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6/22/19 Overcoming Narcissism
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6/29/19 Bribery
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6/29/19 Bribery - Part 2
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7/6/19 Comfortable Bondage
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7/6/19 Comfortable Bondage - Part 2
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7/13/19 Statements of Faith
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7/13/19 Statements of Faith - Part 2
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7/20/19 Mysteries of the Universe
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7/20/19 Mysteries of the Universe - Part 2
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7/27/19 Vice
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8/3/19 There is no Dispensation
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8/3/19 There is no Dispensation - Part 2
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8/10/19 No Broadcast today.
8/17/19 Corinthians - Who Were They?
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8/24/19 1 Corinthians 2-3
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8/31/19 No Broadcast today.
9/7/19 Seeking Which Kingdom?
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9/7/19 Seeking Which Kingdom? - Part 2
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9/14/19 1 Corinthians 2 - revisited
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9/14/19 Structure and Guidelines of His Church
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9/21/19 1 Corinthians 4
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9/28/19 The Social Fabric of the Kingdom
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9/28/19 Agorism
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10/5/19 1 Corinthians 10
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10/5/19 1 Corinthians 11
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10/12/19 1 Corinthians 12
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10/12/19 1 Corinthians 13
10/19/19 1 Corinthians 14
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10/19/19 1 Corinthians 15
10/26/19 1 Corinthians 16
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10/26/19 What's the Bible About?
11/2/19 2 Corinthians 1
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11/2/19 Agape Explained
11/9/19 2 Corinthians 2-3
Basics of the Gospel; Daily ministration of the saints; Global warming and the early Church; Schools as tools; Predictions of Ploybius and Plutarch; School without History; Idolatry; Pure Religion; Why were there so many sick near the temples?; Tax collectors; Today's gospel of a fake Christ; Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; What the Early Church did; Christian conflict; A sabbath story; Rampant socialism; Freewill offerings of agapa love; Which Jesus?; Corinthians already living Christ's way; Letter written to them, not you; Modern Church Pharisees; Repenting right now; Witchcraft; Depression and anti-depressants; What is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?; Christ's network; You can't save yourself; Philio vs Agape; Difference between 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians; Paul moving aid from land to land; Blind man's parents; Another king, one Jesus; Prerequisite to being forgiven; How to find the kingdom; The still-small voice; Rebuking in love; Casting bread upon the waters; Did Christ have a school?; Assembling The Church; Eating the flesh of Christ; Or your neighbor?; Rightly dividing the bread; Ministration of death; How tyrants get and keep power; Beware feel-good charity; discussing "glory"; Does God change?; Seek guidance of the Holy Spirit; Many Romans saw honor in Christians; Who are the "brethren"?; The gospel is hidden to those who are lost.
11/9/19 Singularity of Love
Love - what is it?; Kingdom of God IS at hand; Taken from Pharisees and appointed to little flock; Had always been here; Saints = called out; 70 = Sanhedrin; Not lawmakers - law already exists; Sabbath explanation; Basics of the Gospel - righteousness; Love defined today; Feeling or Fancy? Answer: NO; Bible words translated "Love"; eros, philio, agape...; Agape translated love/charity; "Romanticism"; Calvinism?; Spiritual choice; Suicide love; Liberalism; Love (agape) is a utility; Climbing the Tree of Knowledge; Radicalism; Jubile; Other "isms"; Source of love; What is the love relationship?; The sin of sloth; Christ's weightier matters; Body of Christ network; Doing what Christ said = love; Why Paul appealed to Rome?; Where is your love?; Differing Corbans; Stoning; Temples of public religion; Prayer's healing possibility; Connecting to Christ; Are you rebelling or doing as Christ commanded?
11/16/19 2 Corinthians 4
Coach Dave's article; Electing kings; Christ's solution; Constitution not a biblical document; Misunderstanding "Republic"; Democracy a bad thing; Freedom of Religion; 9-11 and missing Billions; Schools without History; Sweet savors and bad savors; Do you have a plan?; What is Jesus's plan?; Repeating Rome; Ministers preaching pabulum; Thinking you're saved; Essence of a republic; Wanting benefits at neighbor's expense is NOT Christian; The real destroyers of liberty; Addressing symptoms or the root?; Socialism breeds selfishism; Indoctrinated children; Doing the will of the Father; Antifa isn't; Impeachment circus; Who will follow John the Baptist?; Making the word of God TO effect; Modern savages; Do you know Christ's commands?; Light (God/Christ) vs darkness (less than that); Preaching less than the whole Christ; Altars of clay and stone; Gathering to serve; Corinthians were DOers; Having another king; What Gospel did Christ preach?; Love is a utility; If Christians followed Christ; Matt 6:33; Share life to strengthen the poor; Moses's republic; How courts become corrupt?; How to solve?; Moses' advice for constitutions; Spirit in the people is the problem; Repentance begets awakening; There is liberty!; Kingdom begins within you; Flows outward via tens, hundreds and thousands; Will change us; 2 Cor 4; Faint not - stick with it; Rampant dishonesty; Increase God's light in YOU; Blind guides; "Free" bread from the Temple; Paul as a servant; Jesus King AND High Priest; Revelation is the Rock; Miracle of loaves and fishes; Day-to-day caring; What Paul did; International network of charity; Sit with those who will sit with you; Thanksgiving = Eucharisto; Christ died that you MIGHT be saved; Christ, king of the Jews; Israelites = spiritual identity; Modren Church's false Christ; What is not seen?; Punch-stopping story; No salvation without repentance; From what?; THE problem is Christ is not in people; Forgive/love enemy; Is the love of Christ in you; Commend ourselves to everyone's conscience; Turn up the light - in YOU; Humility; Challenge to sit in Tens; Ministers connect the network; Emotion is NOT spirit; How can you not see?; Ways of Egypt; Worse today; Eyes on the Kingdom; Moses' intentions; Living altars; Call no man Father.
11/16/19 2 Corinthians 5
"The Plan"; Democratic Hydra; Alternate media; Why are people so easily duped?; Benefits at expense of neighbor = wages of unrighteousness; Emperors didn't make Rome great; Republic - no rulers nor lawmakers; Senate = old men; Civil Law; Washington's 1st Executive Order; Pharisees vs Moses; Moses and Jesus teach the same thing; Corinthians already living Christ's "way"; Pilgrim's actual purpose; Righteous social interaction; Practicing Pure Religion; Forgiving our trespassers; Our burden; Being judged by our works; Not earning salvation; Judgement seat of Christ (Annointed); Listening to the Holy Spirit; Kingdom Daily Ministration; Awakening our conscience; "glory" - what is it?; Taking credit; World government will take from you; Love of Christ makes us humble; How we live for Christ?; Gather to serve others; See home church groups failing; School kids think socialism is good; How to become clothed in wedding garments; Rising in Christ; Tree of Knowledge temptation; Reciprocity of energy; Your best course of action; Taking eyes off government; Help one another via faith, hope and charity; Life profession; Clothing the naked brethren; Modern Church telling lies; You and your children are made merchandise; Christianity networked - sign up and awaken;.
11/23/19 2 Corinthians 6
The keys you want!; Who determines you are a church?; Thomas Paine and 1 Samuel 8; Does God hear you?; "Come out" of what?; Evidence you are in commerce; Merchant law and Admiralty; Biblical take on "blame"; Existential threats; Global warming; Seeking salvation in vaccination; Today's new Christianity, new Christ, and new Religion; Moses' burning bush; "woke" is a joke; Pharoah's dream interpretation; What Peter knew; 2 Cor 6 - Becoming safe in a world lacking reason; Some truths hurt; Laying down your life daily; Paul and working together; Christ took the kingdom from the Pharisees; Ministry in Christ/Paul time; Who is Paul's "we"?; Communion; Following Christ; Intersectionality; Rights and God; Can you GO to Church?; Do you own your Car? House? Labor?; Who are "unbelievers"?; Boys in the girl's locker room; Social Security bankrupt?; Your only salvation; Wedding garments; Where's your Daily Ministration?; Can you save yourself?; Who are the "called out"?; Paul's minister school; Charity = sacrifice = offerings = love; Modern Church says OK to covet; Extending USA PATRIOT act; What Corinthians were doing that Modern Christians are not; Making covenants with their gods; Nicolaitans; No way to excuse covetous practices; Seeking the system of God; Key difference between God's government and the world; Paul's lists; Yoked by righteousness.
11/23/19 2 Corinthians 7
Misused 2 Cor 6 quotes; Biting your neighbor; How to build a free society; Tyrant story; Who to help?; Pink milk story; "Glory" and honor; Working together; Government millionaires; Love/charity unfeigned; Charity vs force; Communion; Agreements with temple idols; Christian systems; What Christians were persecuted for; Athiesm?; 2 Cor 7; What God promised; Weaving the wedding garments; What early Christians didn't do (that the modern Christians do); Blood flow in the body; 1 Cor a harsh letter; Sorrow leading to repentance; "Fear and trembling" explained; Gun ownership in America; Depression/suicide in the Kingdom; Justin Martyr's apology (explanation); Modern Christians not DOing are not following Christ; Wages of unrighteousness; Actual message of Christ; Unemployment story; Get into His congregations; Measuring the temple; 2 Cor 8 - ministering to the saints; Who are the "saints"?; USA PATRIOT act; Anti-terrorist Act; What's the alternative?; Strong delusion affecting reality; Free speech abhored; Threatened by your speech; Groups more important than individuals?; Antifa are the fascists; Follow (the real) Christ.
11/30/19 2 Corinthians 8
Christ's messge to Pharisees; Corban: taxes vs tithings; Kingdom lawmakers; Bondage of Egypt; Cloward-Piven; Are you a Human Resource?; Getting out of Egypt; Not in hard times - yet; Daily bread for society; Saving yourself; Pets are easier to love than people; Meditating to see you're not still; Making everyone poor; Useful idiots; Pilgrims and Strangers; Will God hear you?; Fake good news; Free bread via theft; White Pine confederation; Facts about Pilgrims; God's way or tyranny?; Do you wit?; Meeting the qualifications of Christ; Fellowship and communion; Learning about kingdom through epistles; What has America forgotten?; Christianity vs Socialism; Church "service"; Keys to liberty; Testing faith; Christ's rich family; Intrigue in the New Testament; Only 2 laws; Saga of Paul's family; Climate change in Early Church times; Sharing grace; Who needs nanotechnology?; Family sacrifice; Was Christ a capitalist?; Private Religion is legal; DOing right now!; Christians are not to take away another's right to choose; Not of this world; The greatest legal mind ever; 2 Corinthians is all one letter - no chapters.
11/30/19 2 Corinthians 9
666; The Mark of the Beast a chip?; Inside your hand?; Could it be Social Security Number?; Most today already have the mark; Image of the beast; Roman ruler antics; Read our stuff; Beware detractors; Roman tessera; Not to be like the other nations who exercise authority; Nor take their benefits; Paul's mission; Overnight Christian armies; Modern ear-tickling ministers; Proof of your love/charity; Who are the "saints"?; Religion explained; The distinction of Christianity; Boasting in vain; Bounty = logia; Government not in the charity business; Take and take and take and take; Dangers of socialism; Losing the kingdom; Making better ministers; Teamwork; Saving our buddies; Operating as if the government did not exist; Start NOW!; Learning to love, loving to strengthen; Charitible problem solvers; What made America great?; Surviving decline and fall; Legal definition of "church"; Allowing evil to self destruct; Christ's way is righteousness; Not saved by works, but they are evidence; Thanksgiving; Why gather?; What's the experiment?; What Paul was really doing; Who will want to see?; Your salvation; Imagining Christianity; Repent from covetousness.
12/7/19 2 Corinthians 10
First Christians were Jews; Only a minority understood Christ; Christ warned many would not follow Him (but say they are Christians); Do YOU know what Christ said?; "Word of God" is much more than what's in the bible; When you discover you're wrong, you can do something about it; Look at all things anew; Make room for Holy Spirit in your heart and mind; Without Holy Spirit you will live in darkness; Humility!; Compartmentalizing self; Sitting in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands as Christ commanded; Epistles are specific to recipients; Religious pious duty - taking care of one another through freewill; Caesar coming-to-power stories; Welfare system their salvation in time of need; John the Baptist raised with Nazarites; Carob (not locusts) and wild honey; Do you know what Jesus would do?; Had they known Moses they would know Jesus; Gender dysphoria; Historically three generations before collapse of society; New History books; Polybius' warning 150BC; Children not being taught history by their grandparents; Republic vs Democracy; Lifting your veil = seeing with new eyes; 2 Corinthians 10 - casting down imagination and disobedience; Covetous have no inheritance in the kingdom of God; Fruits of flesh vs spirit; Examples of bizarre behavior; Strong delusion; Receiving revelation; Why Adam and Eve fled the garden; Accepting the real Jesus; Modern churches worship imaginations; This IS our home - magnify Christ HERE; Kingdom of Heaven at hand; People imagining they know Christ, often relying on instruction from men; Might believe a lie; Know Christ from revelation - Church built upon this; "Transferism"; Messiah is a capitalist; Can't drain the swamp when no one is willing to pull the plug; Charity or Tyranny; God doesn't owe you salvation; Showing fruits of spirit (works) evidence of salvation; Facing the truth; Open your mind to what you know that just ain't so; Best way to hear others is the way Christ commanded; Our "Authority" (2 Cor 10:8) = "exousia", aka "liberty"/right to choose; You have liberty of freely assembling and live Christ's "way" - right now!; Leaving out any truth makes it a lie; Early Church owned all things common; No exercising authority; Love requires sacrifice; Paul telling how the kingdom works; Denominator of Christianity = Christ; Not about outward appearance; "without our measure" - examine self; Why Christians persecuted?; Commandments not done away with; Religion spotted by the world will lose authority; Modern culture not know what a family is; Extra commands for ministers; Difference between ministers (Church) and laity (People); Paul running international welfare system; Modern churches go to the world; Early church was organized; Feeding 5000 miracle explained; Think a different way; "Glory" = giving credit; You have right to choose to let Holy Spirit into you; Covetous practices are contrary to Christ; HHC Books free online; Persevere in commands of Christ; 2 Corinthians 11 full of metaphors; More next time.
12/7/19 2 Corinthians 11
Scene at time of Early Church; Church "service"; Economy breakdown in Rome; Roman "PATRIOT Act"; Need Holy Spirit when reading bible; Boasting; "Liberty" appointed to apostles; Homeless in Los Angeles; School situation in India; Paul was part of a government; Early Church continuing Christ's work; Authority? or Liberty?; Shortcomings in the constitution; Righteous social welfare; Monogamy; Why society declines; Saved? Or workers of iniquity?; What righteousness are you lacking?; Tithing voluntary; Don't take Paul out of the context of Paul - or Christ; Deeds; Only ONE denomination; Removing part of the truth makes it a lie; What Jesus do you follow?; Accepting the gospel of Christ; Being altered toward Christ; Paul's travels; Christ's "way" only works for kingdom seekers; Christian conflict; Cleverness of Satan; The Way of Christ is what we ought to be doing; Don't forsake the gathering together, you may need help someday; Gregory's story; God wants you to hear the cries of your neighbor; Paul's sarcasm; You are in the bondage of Egypt; Slaves got paid; Corvee system of statutory bondage; Swearing and Oaths; Biting your neighbor; Paul's persecutions; FEMA of the churches; Social Security revealed; Historical tricks that weaken people; Baptism in Christ's time; Ask yourself why you haven't seen before; The genius of Christ; The Kingdom is simple!
12/14/19 2 Corinthians 12 + 13
Bible inspired?; Translators inspired?; By whom?; Reader inspired?; Having a relationship with God; Two witnesses; Keeping commandments; News this week - irrational ignoring/excluding facts; Study: Churchill causes Bengal famine?; India has always had enough food for India; But for Castes and Greed; Selfishness kills!; Religion - learning to share; Pure Religion - without force; Love creating life; Christian club barred; Freedom From Religion organization - wrong definition of "religion"; Do not license sloth; Caging immigrant children?; How to not need walls; Modern churchgoers not practicing religion; Christianity 101 - rightly divide bread from house to house; Fallacies of Modern Christianity; Who's your father?; Whistleblowers for Christ; Coveting is an illicit activity; Sycophant = false accuser; Rely on commoners not doing their homework; Church built on revelation; Are you engaged in illicit activities?; Guys impersonating girls; Catering to others' delusions; Standing for truth; Covetousness against teachings of Christ, John the Baptist; Moses; Abraham.; Firearms in Virginia - sanctuary counties; Law vs legal system; Insufficient information to rationalize truth; Setting down strong delusion; Contracts, Do Christians have a right to self-defense; Are you a Real Christian?; Global Warming "science"; Volcanoes; New storms on Jupiter; Context is critical; 2 Cor 12 scene - Paul soliciting funds from Corinth into Church network to rightly divide; "Widows and Orphans" idiom = needy; Appointing 7 men; Christians would not pray to Caesar for benefits; Understanding context; Giving brings grace of God; Vaccination salvation; lawful = natural; Divine presence behind creation; Blaming God; Cause/effect; Choosing your direction; 1 Sam 8 - no kings; Covetousness is not righteousness; Public School is socialism; Changed by your choices; Helping fellowman with difficulties; Paul's mistake with Corinth; Disinheritance due to your illicit activities; lasciviousness; Tending to weightier matters; 2 Cor 13; Hating deeds of the Nicolaitans; Reprobate - unprincipled person; Look for proof; Being humble in Christ; Serving God by serving you; Reprobate? Christ not in you; Being perfected in Christ; Most depend on covetous practices; Living in peace; Creating offices of Christ; Holy kiss; Community = share common communion; Becoming disciples of Christ; No pedestals for pastors; Minister = servant; Giving and forgiving; Reprobate = not standing the test; Time to repent; Keep your word/agreements; Learning the ways of righteousness; Communicate via the network; Stoning; Altars of stone and clay; Libya since Kaddafi; Check your faith - accept the real Jesus; Do what He said!.
12/14/19 Salty Salt
Why Paul visit Corinthians?; Early Christians decidely different than the rest of the world; Scolding Corinthians; What is Public Religion?; Persecuted Christians called "Athiests"?; Whistleblowers or psychophants; Oregon felons in office; Christ said not to be that way; Dead faith; Can't be a Christians and not follow Christ; Viginia proposed legislation to use National Guard as police; Caesar's big mistake; Conflict of law; Another Civil War?; Legal Income Tax; Turning the ship of state; Are you really following Christ; Your chosen path will alter you; Mt 5:13 - salt; Private interpretations and fools; Dry bones coming together; Pharisees lost their saltiness; The Living Network illustrated; Band of Brothers; Being perfect in Christ; Washing others' feet; People willing to believe lies; Be willing to see, face and accept the whole truth; Be changed in your hearts; What is your sin?; Do you have inheritance in the kingdom of God?; Are you listening?
12/21/19 Hey Jude
Comparing news outlets; Trump narrative; Investigating facts; Making actions "sound" terrible; "Corruption" explained; People believing what they want to believe; Knowing the truth and providing for it; "Hey Jude"; Who is "her"?; Forgiveness releases the chains of bondages; Your forgiveness is NOT their absolution; Forgive that you may be forgiven; Bible not for private interpretation; Backroom politics; Electing rulers is not your salvation; Fellowship of Christ; Melting ice; Bible is full of metaphor and allegory; "Metaphor" defined; Who to believe?; Spin; Saul and David; Oregon's illegal office occupation; We want all to repent; Timothy, Titus and Jude on liars; Gender dysphoria; Christ healing sinners; To be whole, see the whole truth; "Corruption" defined; The corrupt want you to be like them; Come to do good for others; Word of God is witnessed to in the bible; How to corrupt you via the bible; "Religion"; Lev 22:25; Unmooring meaning from metaphor; Deu 4:16; Saying "Lord, Lord" is not enough; The "way" of love = righteousness; Ez 20:44; What made America great?; Killing Levites; Ways people can overcome corruption; Jude; Who?; Encyclical; "Mockers"/"Scoffers"; Wanting the forbidden; Jude a learned individual; Sanctified/separate by God; Jesus (guy) Christ (king/anointed); Church = those called out to serve; "Saints": the new Levites; Depicting Old Testament contrary to God; Lasciviousness for Christians; Correcting corruption within self; Bondage of Egypt; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; "Body of Moses"; "Brute beasts" - who?; Jude reminding the people of the Way of God; vs way of Cain/Balaam/Core/Nicolaitan; Christ didn't come to make you comfortable in your sin; Spotted feasts; Enoch and the Saints; Jesus' instructions; Finding the salvation of Christ; God hates the spots in your religion; Identify your spots and repent from them; Caesars were also called "savior"; "power" of glory = "exousia" = right to choose; Dry bones come together; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Seek to become the light; Take the time for your neighbor; Praying to fathers on the earth; Wake up!; Think a different way; Being righteous with unrighteous mammon; YOU have to change; Nicolaitans, do new deeds; Build temples of living stones.
12/28/19 Reality Checks
Kingdom in present tense - here and now; Is your pastor telling you that?; Willingness to admit you're wrong; How to get into agreement; Truth is controversial; What iniquity will get you cast out?; Feel-good now churches; US Government has been bankrupt for a long time; Lawful money; Why you're under tribute; Are you willing to come in the name of Christ?; Impeachment update; WWJD?; Evidence you're not following Christ; "Tribal" status; Omnibus bill passed and signed; The campaign finance path; Inconvenient facts; Are you humble?; Prisoners voting?; Addresses for homeless to get benefits; Anti-Christ benefits; Repentance = thinking another way; Omnibus = welfare for politicians; Trespassers in office; More evidence; Which Father do you pray to?; Doing what Christ actually said; Signs in the sun, moon and stars; North pole shift; Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs); Schumann resonance; Constitution is not your salvation; Freedom of Religion; Militia - volunteers attending to weightier matters; More on militia; Grass roots organization; Freedom to choose; Pious (son to father) duties; Registering with the Temple for benefits; "Idiotes"; Why Christians were persecuted; First Christians were Jews; Welfare via charity; John Adams 1798 letter to militia; Local community school stories; Welfare becoming a snare and making you merchandise; Helping you pursue righteousness; Less than whole truth = lie; The full armor of God; What made America great?; What is an "Emperor"?; Commander In Chief; Philippians epistle; Written to those gathering in "the way" of Christ in Philippi; Background of Philippi; Similarities to Virginia news; Republic can't exist without spirit of Christ; "Augustus" means "savior"; Altars of living stones; How do others know Christ is in your life?; Christ's Sanhedrin; Spiritual war; Rhomaios = Greek word meaning "whole"; Finding your salvation; Paul's relationships in the bible; Explaining "ekklesia"; Only one true denomination; Are you willing to know the whole truth?
12/28/19 Philippians 1
Who were Philippians?; Understood "Republic"; How deep in dept you are; Not seeing foolishness; Christ changes your mind - daily; Roman Centurians' service; Real Militia; Liturgy defined; Paul's "captivity"; Registering births; "Saints" at Philippi; Saying "I love Christ" doesn't make you a Christian; Deacons and Bishops; Being the "real" Church; vs Fathers of the world; Obamacare not needed for Christians; Paul's lawsuit; You can practice Pure Religion right now!; "Worship Service"; Salvation is an individual process; Caring about neighbors' rights; Marcus Aurelius; Paul advancing the gospel; Strengthening early America; The problem with offices of power; Paul in a palace?; There may be truth you haven't heard; False "churches" giving "Church" a bad name; The way Christ commanded; Transformed Paul; Where is your "conversation"?; Paul NOT a citizen of Rome; Story of Gregory's dad; Kingdom citizenship; Fruits of repentance; Your jobs/responsibilities; Come together, dry bones; Evil wants you subject; Loving one another is the gospel of the kingdom.
1/4/20 Philippians 2
Christ's specific commands to DO; Disturbing news; True "worship" is homage; Are you merely saying Lord, Lord?; God doesn't need your praise; Feelings of fellowship - mafia and gangs; Progression of single-parent families; Socialist incentives for broken families; Counter to natural ways; Protestant revolution; Paul's lists of non-inheritors; Who knows what Christ actually said?; Overcoming translational problems; Mistaking emotional for spiritual; Identifying true ministers of Christ; Loving Jesus; Fulfilling "love God" by "loving neighbor"; Are you breathing Holy Spirit?; How to know your faith is real?; love = charity; What worshipping Christ looks like; Learning the ways of the kingdom; Taxation is justice for sloth/covetousness; Modern Church promotes covetousness; Strong delusion; Surrendering false doctrines; Beginning repentance; No argument against the truth; Righteous worship of Christ; Darkness is absence of light - like vacuum; Blame game; We aren't the comforter; Church shooting in Texas; Gun rights; Biblical constitutions; "Many" workers of iniquity/unrighteousness; Individual salvation; Cursing children with debt; Recap Philippians 1; Armed ministers; Alamo; Real Church operates by love; "Bishops", "Deacons" and "Elders"; Opening your heart's door to the Holy Spirit; 1:27 Conversation = citizen managing state; Jesus king and high priest; Binding by love; Dying the little death; We want you to hear from Holy Spirit; Avoiding debt; Seeing yourself; No life without sacrifice; Christ the servant made himself poor; Your sloth created today's government; Be humble; Working out your salvation; Paul's audience; Amish example; Justin writing Antonius Pius; Modern church apostasy; Early Church action; Draining the swamp?; Doing good; Avoid murmuring; Thankful for opportunity of giving; Righteous rebuking; How crazy are you?; Are you shining lights in the world?; The "state" of freedom; "liturgy" = public service; Allegiance to ways of Christ; Hard to find ministers of service; Letters of credence; Kingdom offices of service; Brethren of Christ = saints; Minister suffering that you might be free; Tens of thousands of Christians apart from world government; "President"; Church is another form of government; Things to ask your pastor; Responsibilities of ministers; Emperors taking oaths; Seek the kingdom!
1/4/20 Philippians 3
Philippi history; Roman evolution; Emperor = 3 elected offices; Armed revoultion an absolute disaster; Look up Polybius; Skills to accomplish free government; Fourth branch of government; exousia; Is Church a government?; Anarchy; Addressing your questions; Liturgy; Christ set followers free; "Rhomaios"; The Higher Liberty; Spoiling your republic; What is "worship"?; Can you be a minutman?; Or slothful in ways of the kingdom?; What you've been missing; Getting your rights back; Messianic issues; Altars and tithing; Why are you under tribute?; What the bible's all about; Righteous coffee; Sabbath meaning; Being perfect; Intersectionality heirarchy; Early Church sharing; Zombies now!; Bearing true witness; Enemies of the cross of Christ; Conversation in Heaven; THE problem; Freedom is not for the lazy; "Heaven".
1/11/20 Philippians 4
Fires in Australia; Illusive magnification; Media manipulation; CNN lawsuit; Global warming?; 1974 Australia fire comparison; Solar causes; Correlation vs causation; Free society = volunteerism; Paradise fire - excess fuel; Why start fires?; False bible narratives; Balance news sources; Early Church organization; Episkopos; Kingdom - God in hearts of every individual; Oregon Article 2 Section 22; Kylee, Kristen and Chemo; Polio facts; Saulk's testimony; Critical thinking - hearing out others; Put Doing into action; Kidnapping by medical community; Sharing stories among network; Dentist of Bergamon; Christ's commanded organization; Greatest allies of evil = good men doing nothing; Fake Gospel; Verify information; Be willing to see you were wrong; You should already be part of a network; Daily ministration of sharing; U.S. troops overseas; Seeking Kingdom is an individual activity; Philippians 4; Chap 3 recap - press toward the mark; Offering testimony that you MIGHT be saved; Paul in the context of Christ; Wholeness of Gospel; Be the benefactors who exercise love; "conversation"; God has already made the law; Pharisees were condemned; "Worship" defined; Book of Life; 1066; Doomsday Book subject to king; Are you keeping God away by not Doing?; Understanding Paul's "imprisonment"; Make straight or OK to be crooked?; Kingdom = Daily Ministration of Pure Religion; Spiritual accounting; "Religion"; Searching your soul; Forced welfare is what John/Christ preached against; "Not to be that way with you"; Perfect savages? Visit San Francisco; Weightier matters of law, judgement, mercy and faith; Gregory's father the lawyer; Christ took kingdom away and appointed to Apostles; Thrived during decline and fall of Roman Empire; Why is there a "swamp"?; Acceptable sacrifice; Temples are government buildings; "Our" father; Saints own all things common; Who's who in the New Testament; Cultures of fear; Do what Christ said!; Know them by their fruits; Getting the whole armor of God.
1/11/20 Media Madness
Network is key - local and living; Relating Early Church to today; The extent of ignorance; Good old boy politics; Which "Jennifer" to believe (about global warming)?; Aboriginis and fires; CO2 facts; Australian destruction; Looking for signs in the sun; Solar warming; Global warming in Christ's time; Seeking righteousness; Leaving judgement to God; Forced medical procedures; Injustice in justice; Sharing your homework; Carbon-filled oceans; Dragged into ways of thinking; Creating your own network; The purpose of church; Media emotion manipulation; Following Christ?; Awakening in the spirit; Feeding the 5000 explained; Giving away your children; Who was George Washington?; Tending to Christ's Weightier Matters; Making your "yes", "yes"; Bearing true witness; Why people can't determine truth; Forcing Kylee Dixon; Becoming humble; Questioning the media; Swindler tactics; Finding evidence; Patrick Henry's story; Who's thinking "Church"?; Global warming "religion"; Repentance defined; Free information for everyone; Blind guides; What made America great?; The state *is* your father; Churches contrary to Christ; Be converted by the Holy Spirit; Charity = Love; Dedicated minority; Understanding your failure.
1/18/20 Becoming Sources of Light
Unspun news; Money is not our interest; "Darkness" in the bible; Nature detests a void; Putting a light on a lampstand; Losing sight of truth; How to see clearly; Australia issues; Raising consciousness; Hating unrighteousness does not bring light; History missing from schools; Personal revelation; 1 Tim 2; Iranian excessive punishment; Fighting evil with light; Revolutionary battles without death; Second amendment; Not "getting" the bible; Instructing in meekness; Bondage worse than Egypt; Rome's unrighteous mammon; Tyrannical presidents; Being friends with unrighteousness mammon; 1 Tim 3 and "last days"; Christ's solution; Paul's Timothy list of manifested darkness; Modern Church's destructive doctrines; Wanting to sit in darkness; Christ said there would be "many"; Silly women; Righteousness begets blessing; Plowing Adamah; Power corrupts; Repent!; Solar driven climate change; Magnetic pole reversals; Filtering information through Holy Spirit; Misinterpreting Paul; Socialist Israel vs biblical Israel; Real salvation; Sedition; Coming in the name of Christ; Bearing true witness; Project Veritas; Gulags and road of bones; Why Socialism is bad; Christ gave you the solutions; Julius Caesar and Gall history; Buying consciences; Similarities to today; Using Rome as historical example to open eyes today; How to get God to hear you; Christ coming that the world MIGHT be saved; "conversation" revisited; Invasions from the north; Global warmth brought prosperity.
1/25/20 Parental Rights
Kingdom within triggers activity; Seek kingdom in the present; Prophecies given by Christ; Christ teaching the same as Moses; Divorce; Patterns of addiction; Prescribed psychotropic drugs to children; Addressing trauma; Corona virus; Polio; Herd immunity; Salvation in vaccines?; Diabetic child story; Empowerment to combat fear/anger; Releasing trauma; Seeking kingdom = seeking truth and loving righteousness; Grizzly story; Ministering to neighbors; Scapegoat analogy; Levaquin deaths; False salvations; "Church" avoidance; Delusional idolatry; "Life and Faith" novel; National purging; Willingness to see truth about ourself; Getting you to commit evil; Religion of socialism; How to use the "rod"?; Turning a blind eye to corruption; Killing millions!; Rewarding bad behavior; Christians: Caring by charity; What a world this could be; Changing governments; Mental compulsions like kleptomania; What's darkening your heart?; Rules of violence; Absence of unrighteousness is not righteousness; Christ's path to righteousness; Parental rights termination story; Better strategies; Orphanage statistics; Valuing family; What's our role?; Republics vs Democracy; David Crockett article; Making America great again; Fourth branch of government; 1909 White House council on children; Community funding of "public" schools; FDR New Deal; Social Security 1935; LBJ War on Poverty; Progressive weakening; Appetite for benefits; Soul solution; Birth certificates; Funding by conquered people; Walking in forgiveness; How the Church can help you help others; The road to freedom; Can righteousness be your motivation?; "benefits" of Christ's Way; Seeing the whole picture.
1/25/20 Sweden
Parent's prior rights; Disadvantages of taking benefits; Exercising responsibility; Reading fine print; Corporations; Church authority; Saving your children from bondage; Societal savages; Swedish freedom; Freedom of information; Freedom of labor; The rise of kings; Destroyers of liberty; Millionaires; Lady Godiva's philanthropy; Making Sweden great again; 100+% taxation?; Public vs private vs home schooling; Your right to choose; Information leads to choices; Climate challenges; Parents' school participation; Strengthening society; Gaddafi's Litle Green Book; Jefferson: every county a republic; Choice to sacrifice; Freewill offerings; Electing criminals?; Fearing Christians?; You can change your society now!
2/1/20 Which "Whole Truth" Do You Want?
What are the keys?; Bible = worldly book read by flesh and blood; Wanting to know the whole truth; Humility important to kingdom-seeking; Binding and loosening; Forgiving trauma; Societal standards of morality; Pertussis and vaccines; Polio and vaccines; Gauging immunity; Strengthening your immune system; Strengthening society; Corporation takeovers?; Why can't people see reason?; Why stop taking oaths; Chemotherapy statistics; Survival of the fittest?; Stuck mindsets; Which "whole truth" do you want?; Kingdom of God is an actual government; Repentance = change of thinking - to what?; "Holy" defined; Doctrine of Christ; Your love for God; Gaining immunity to evil; Cause/effect reality; Cursing your children with debt; Church is one form of government - Christ's; Denying Christ's authority; Feeding the 5000; Who is the "Church"?; Bible in depth; 1 Sam 8 government; How to get God to hear you; Dooming yourself; God's not mean; Preaching pure religion; How Christ loved us; Ephesians 5 revisited; Walking around the elephant; Praying for need fulfilment; Your image of Christ vs "whole" Christ; When America was great; Local homeless survey; Church's concerns for local government; Biblical rules for having rulers; Your actions bear witness to your heart; Are you being righteous?; Free governments require responsible people; No authority to change Christ; Understanding "sin"; Coronaviruses; Compromising immune systems; History repeating itself; Paul's lists of non-inheritors; "Fornication" as a metaphor; What was happening in the temples?; What Christ appointed; Most ministers doing as Christ forbid; Becoming unselfish; Ministers facilitating love; Paul's international ministration; Dishonoring Christ = filthiness/foolishness/jesting; Putting this all together; Learning by doing; Ministering like Christ.
2/1/20 Nuances of the Kingdom
Matt 16 and the keys; Israel = where God prevails; Who are Israel?; Christ was king!; Government without force; Revelation - the rock upon which His Church is built; Playing god; Who decides good/evil?; Kingdom = something we can find; Are apostles gods?; What's your worst lie?; Peter's denial; Gates of hell; Peter and the keys; Discerning need; Which wheel needs the grease?; What's the bible about?; Kingdom legislation; Moses' statutes; Adjudicating disputes in the kingdom; Christ hailed as king in Jerusalem; Pilate's ruiling; James as head of Church; Origins of "Pope"; How to know who is a minister; Understanding the Early Church; Eucharist; Health improvements from gratitude; God's quid pro quo; Bloodflow through the body of Christ; Empowering people; Abraham's army; Create the alternative.
2/8/20 Christ: More Than a Wafer
What's in your heart?; Permanent sterilization of 500,000 girls in Kenya; Coronavirus; Immunity without symptoms; Willingness to inject toxins into your body/thinking; Salvation is not collective; Foundation of Christ's Church; "Holy Spirit" explained; Vaccination mechanism; Patterns of The Way; "Forgive them not?"; Impeaching Jesus Christ; Christ's pattern for His kingdom; Sharing the gospel of the kingdom; How to know you're following the Holy Spirit; What are doctrines of Jesus?; Mimicking the Early Church; Becoming doers; vs Modern Church doctrines; Saved by Grace - no formula; Networking synagogues; Explaining "Corban"; Vessel-moving; U.S. State of the Union address; Poisoning liberty; The Way to return to liberty; Imagining Holy Spirit; Multitude of counsellors; Ukraine investigation; Fourth branch of government; Christ is more than a wafer; Forgiveness illustrated; Left/Right concept; Seeking righteousness; Joining the network; Losing liberty; Tending to Christ's "Weightier Matters"; Why socialism is bad; Pharisees' sacrifice made word of God to none effect - how?; Coveting defies salvation; Taxation is NOT theft; Laying down your life for others; Is your church Christian?; How Christ's Church operates; Justin's apology; Gauging Church performance; Thinking like Christ; Being separate from the world; Faith in action; Charity without discretion is a sin; Where to begin?; Who was Justin the martyr?; Violence done on your behalf; Constantine's church origins; Baptism without repentance; The real sin of Sodom; Bureaucrats make poor priests; How a free society operates; Church form of government; Healthy food; Creating unbreakable bonds of love; Born again; Performing the ministry; "Liturgy" = public service; Avoiding snares; Walking with God; Socialism breeds selfishness; Conforming to Christ's pattern; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Attaining life more abundant and liberty under God.
2/8/20 Why government?
Guest: James Williams; To meddle? Or not to meddle?; Lack of accountability; Reasonability; Just say "no"; Democracy illustrated; Offices of power; Conservative/Liberal clarified; Government by contract; Democracy by debt; Rocking the boat; Throwing out the idiots; Understanding your vote; Campaign money - where does it go?; Twisted legislation; Primary law of the land; Retaining rights; What would Christians do?; Allowing tyranny; Financial transparency; Who reads constitutions?; Why The Church is concerned; Vaccine Injury Court; Where's your line to cross?; Restricting government using Deut 17; Iniquity by sloth; Dealing with unrighteous mammon; The other side of Oregon; It's all about the votes; Your due diligence; Becoming God's people; Personal responsibility; The meatgrinder; We *are* the problem; Dwight D Eisenhower's Social Security Number; Children: the future; Christ's cure; Why government?
2/15/20 No Broadcast today.
2/22/20 No Broadcast today.
2/29/20 Misinformation
Reframing American history; 1908 philanthropic plan; Reece commission; Un-American activities? Revising History books; Well-placed minor changes = less than the truth = lie; Telling BIG lies; 1619 Project; Living History; Bible - same problem; Old Testament distorted view; Testament witnesses of a loving God; Churches and Temples and buildings; Ekklesia; Is your church doing what Christ commanded?; What are you missing?; Early American diseases; Coronavirii; Coronavirii and natural immunity; Vaccine shortcuts; Local bone marrow malady; Immunity without vaccine; Death rate of current coronavirus; False information as powerful as true; Your salvation; Kingdom non-inheritors; Evidence of loving Christ; Paying for salvation?; Christ's kingdom is charity; Moses too; Portion of your labor belongs to government; Socialist programs; First slaves in the colonies; Blacks and Indians held slaves; Not a racial issue; Black community today's problems; YOU are the social security for the debt; Taxation without consent; Implementing History revisions; History of hate; Standing for morality; Slavery long before blacks in America; Living at the expense of others; Kingdom - no forced taxation; Militias; Barbarians?; What made America great?; Slavery crippled America; Socialism degenerates America; Cultural effects on society; Power corrupts!; Socialism empowers the state; Taking back responsibilities together; Criticisms of the 1619 project; Christ's mandate is charity; Implementing voluntary society; Doing this will save you; Misunderstood fundamentals; Democracy a bad form of government; Networking communities; No king in Israel; Biblical constitutions; Backing 1619 curriculum; A century of brainwashing; 70+% illegitimacy in black community today; Why?; Where are your temples?; Thinking like Christ; Christian responsibilities; Repentance; Addicts on Social Security; Dealing with the debt; Information wealth at; Realistic pictures of slavery; Building Christ's society; Righteousness; LBJ's war on poverty; Strive to know the whole truth; Pure Religion.
2/29/20 Good Information
Manipulating your actions by historical ommissions; Learning "good" cultural norms; Pharisitical interpretation of the Old Testament; JFK vs modern democrats; Acceptable values promoting free, healthy society; Sexual revolution; Dooming society; What can YOU do?; Communion explained; via Church; Your real priests; How to help the poor; "Church" legally defined; Roman Imperial Cult; This system continues today; Self-destructive spririts; Old Testament proper interpretation; Strengthening society Christ's way; YOU have to do it - bottom-up; One form of government; Church "rituals"; No ear-tickling; Are you DOing what Christ said?; Virtuous characteristics; Repentance = thinking like Christ; Christ's kingship; Scholarly articles; Free government; Thanksgiving of Christ; Next steps; Local networking; Christ's one command to men; Illustrating the incorrect way; Changing Religion; Christ the denominator.
3/7/20 Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking
Who's making the history books?; Graduation without understanding; Social Justice critical theory; vs Critical thinking; Pure Religion needs to be understand; Are you easily deceivable?; Are you humble enough to accept challenge?; Critical Theory defined; Liberating human beings from the circumstances that enslave them; Pied piper; Qualifying for Christian persecution; Taking the next step; Critical Thinking defined; Facts (Inconvenient truths) being omitted; Jesus forbade socialism; Government of, for and by the people; Loving thy neighbor; Philosophical approach to culture; Examine ALL the facts for righteousness; Being a minister for Christ; Corban/Qorban/Korban; Not to be that way with you; Egocentrism; Sociocentrism; Church = Kingdom = one form of government operating by faith, hope and charity; Modern Church's anti-Christ practices; Social Justice via a moral path; Socialism available to you right now!; No tyranny in capitalism; Vengeance is the Lord's, not ours; Seek righteousness; Theory of Oppressed/Oppressor division; Black-wanted separation; Christianity is not self-denial; Coping mechanisms; Being thankful for opportunity to give; How does your soul prosper?; 2 Tim 3; Love self, and neighbor equal to self; Culture-driven dysphoria; Covetous practices; Preach whole gospel or a lie by omission; Pious performance of your duty to your father and fellowman; Public religion; Tactics matter; Christ's commanded organization; Bondage of Egypt - you've returned; Repressive tolerance; The "oppressed" want to stop you from speaking; Christianity illustrated; Cursing your children with debt; "Milk" is not enough; Changing oppressors; Avoid changing in appearance only; Bringing light to a dark world; Critical thinking is an individual process; Elders/Ministers have no authority in The Church; Appetites for benefits obtained by force; Ascending from our savage nature; James 2:5; Loving Christ and His Ways; Salvation becoming a reality.
3/7/20 Social Justice
Fair and just relations between individual and society; Christ has stuck to His story; Politics of the kingdom; Exercising authority not allowed; Is your church doing what Christ said?; King warnings; US Constitution falls short of "biblical"; How to know who Christ is; Kingdom of God is not a member of the UN; Kingdom redistribution of wealth; Synagogues and deacons; Living Christ's "way"; vs Modern Churches; Morphing definitions of "Social Justice"; Religious orders; Liturgy illustrated; Blind man's story; False Jews; Surviving the decline and fall of the Roman Empire; The reach of the Christian network; Vesuvius; Social Security; Social Contracts; Public Religion; vs Christian Religion; Reinventing history; Bondage of Egypt; How you consent; Making the word of God of none effect; One-room schoolhouses; What made America great?; Strenghtening communities; Biblical government; Sabbath and sureties; Don't forsake the gathering.
3/14/20 The Lemming Effect
Coronavirus - Most important? What about Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness; "Wuhan" virus racist?; Flu virus - new strain; "Coronavirus" around since 1960s; "SARS" is one; Viruses use living beings to reproduce; Local case of coronavirus; Many have already had it; News media wrong conclusions; Incorrectly assembling facts - same with the bible; Which "Jesus" exists in your mind?; Politicizing coronavirus; More than half without symptoms; Skewed statistics; Pandemic vs Panic; Persecutions and inquisitions via misinterpretation of bible; Lies and deception also reproduce in others; Can immunity be passed like viruses?; Bodily reactions; Plumbers have done more vs diseases than doctors; Biblical pigs and parasites; "COVID-19" name? "SARS-COV-2"? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, COVID-style spreading; The Lemming Effect; Why buy toilet paper?; Slowing the spread?; Outliving doctors; Vaccine temporary immunity vs lifetime; Spanish flu research; Swine flu scare; Polio from vaccine - continues today; Doctors and vaccines aren't your salvation; What is?; Immunity prevents spreading; Petering out; Washing hands - thinking outside the box; CDC on Vaccines; God-given immune system; Sunlight exposure; Sugar; Jesus Christ disrupted; Immune system enhancing diet; Being there for your community; Illegitimate government in Oregon; Electing law-makers; Learning kingdom practices; Prejudicial Americans; Following Christ despite miracles; Hoarding = caring for self more than neighbor; Believing in false religion; Salvation not earned; Not doing evidences non-belief; Punishment vs reward; Teaching His Way offers others the alternative; Keto diet; Open-air treatment; Vanity masks truth; Modern Church leading away from Christ; Early Church provided ALL social welfare of community via charity; Addiction to power and sloth; American bondage worse than Egypt; Effects of learning false history in school; People thinking they know already; Hating hate-speech propagates hate; Learn to trust each other; Communicate; Share the message; Character of Christ = lay down life for others; "Conservatives" are socialists too; Knowing Christ's whole truth; Who provides your daily bread?
3/21/20 Danger in Solutions
Kingdom of God = Salvation of the people; Psychology of repentance = quest for hope, thinking a different way; Life continues due to reproduction - giving life to others; Or predators - take life from others; Slicing meat thinner; Not OK to keep sinning; Beware the image of Christ given to you by ear-ticklers; Glad tiding may upset "many"; Facts matter; You need the whole Christ; Are you giving life?; New "earth" in the bible; Changing minds is hard - remain humble to improvement; Coronavirus - what is the danger?; How valid are the predictions?; Climate change?; Consider the facts; Slowing, not stopping the virus; Ways to transmit the virus; Living things reproduce viruses - like lies; Virus doesn't cause damage, but your reaction to it; Example: Bubonic plague; Average age of dying from coronavirus is 82; Who is really at risk?; Protect them!; Transmitting immunity; Disease die-offs; Does coronavirus death rate warrant economic collapse?; Virus interference - Flu vax increases vulnerability to other respiratory diseases; Fear as a contagion; Faith it the vaccine; Wuhan virus storage facility; Only 3 Italian victims had no recorded compromise; Protecting those at risk; Why Italy more affected?; Quality information sources; Elderly die from disease every year; Proper precautions; Purposefully creating panic?; Media hype?; Most not threatened; Free stuff; How to get to the place where we have more life?; Humanity has survived viruses for thousands of years; Economic depression is not warranted; Why shut down the whole economy?; Why so many CEOs retire in recent months?; Solutions; Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness; People sitting in darkness - lost the skill of caring; The "way" Christ commanded; Networks of congregations; PCR test - inappropriate; Herd immunity to polio achieved before vaccine; Viruses strengthen immune systems of society; Food shortages? - due to panic; Hoarding is not Christian; Care that others get what they need; Neighbor with multiple myeloma; Sugar's effect on the immune system; Spanish flu not worse - but practices; What we learned; Wise as serpents, harmless as doves; Angels to our neighbors; Love, not force; Creating sureties; Covetous practices; Be DOers of the word!
3/21/20 Remedies and Solutions
Remedies and Solutions; Things you haven't heard; Overcoming the world; Reasons for persecution; Coronavirus realities; Medical marshal law; Flawed testing; Gasoline surplus; Who's religious?; The will of the people; Corrupt government officers; People's lack of knowledge; Liberty vs license; What should the peoples' government be doing?; Beware the media hype; Denmark's method; Killing viruses?; What works?; Reacting to virus; Body awareness; Natural godly talents; Stress and diet; Sweating it out; Laying on hands; Vaccine methodology; Mother's milk; Spreading immunity; Thwarting herd immunity; Economic repurcussions; Sunshine and fresh air; Additional remedies; Good news; Seek righteousness.
3/28/20 Spiritual Evidence
Seeking righteousness; Gathering in groups of ten; Trading liberty for benefits; Deciding good and evil; Washington state casualty facts; "Common sense"; Fear-driven shortages; Where is your faith?; Spirits; Health: Do what Christ commanded; Belief is not thinking a thought; Satan's other way; Knowing your guides; Sacrifice brings you closer to God; Works are evidence of Christ in you; Everyone helping everyone; Diamond Princess cruise ship analysis; Existence of viruses; Tracking viruses; Ignored experts; Swine flu comparison; Complications/symptoms kill; "novel" = "new"; Immune suppressors; SARS - respiratory; Attracting other maladies - cascade; ARDS; Ventilator statistics; Mistaken experts; God-given immune systems; Danger is to immuno-compromised people; Obesity deaths 300K; Support groups - of ten; Polio statistics; Herd immunity; Working toward natural immunity; Relating kingdom to current events; No famine but hoarders - disregard for neighbors; Protecting the vulnerable; "god sense"; Non-biblical constitution; Making "Yeses", "Yes"; Amending overreactions; Vetting your sources; Social distancing; Narks; Worse than denominational; Early Church solution; Sanjay Gupta quote on asymptomatic coronavirus; Salk testimony on polio vaccine; Factors contributing to complication; Ibuprofen aggravation; Following gods of the world; Or sacrifice of Christ; Christ has a government - His "Way"; Media power over minds; Romans 13 meaning; Liberty endowed by God; Righteousness; Anti-Christ to take your right to choose; Debt and Sabbath; Culture of fear; Christ's practical "Way" explained; Repentance required; Words shift perception; Judges 10:14; Coveting; Finding those you trust; Transmitting immunity (antigens); Proper body care; Activating truth in heart and mind; Work out your salvation.
3/28/20 Untwisting Information
Wuhan Institute - virus research; Seeking real evidence; Song of Moses and of the Lamb; Get ye from me...; Become wise and awake; Finding real experts; Fear not!; Repeating Israel's bondage; Christ's religion vs public religion; Most have already had Coronavirus; Carbs!; Networking information and support; Congregational dream teams; Early Church organization; New (novel) viruses every year; Complications/overreactions to viruses; Lies like viruses; Don't panic!; Italy's flu deaths in previous years; Why Florida?; Carefully exploring statistics; Letting God write on your heart and mind; Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Ibuprofen warning; Sugar warning; Entangling yourselves; Changing bank regulations; Credit unions; Polio reference; Vaccine damage; Antigen tests; Gather in reason; Church government - key to liberty; Constitutional contract clause; No more speedy trial; Executive orders; What next? Learn to create a free society.
4/4/20 Pandemic of Selfishness
Coronavirus lockdown; Pandemic of fear; Historical viruses; Pied piper; Today's problem; Most have already had coronavirus; Today's test is not virus specific; Voluntary network to find the whole truth; Caring for others has atrophied; 300k will die from obesity this year; Personal sacrifice to improve society; Christians who are not Christians; Computer modelling; Right to pursuit of happiness; Diamond Princess realities; Diabetes complications; Get over the fear! Political agendas; Trump hate; $2T aid?; Troop gatherings and the virus; Regulating hospital bed count; What about Christ's way?; Medical transparency; Character and morality; Un-Christian hoarders; New banking and court rules; True cost of your $1000 aid; Virus spreading capability; Your body's pharmaceutical ability; No stopping the spread; Article to dispel the panic; Pandemic of selfishness; Immunity: the silent cure; Sweden's method; Oxford study; Arresting fat people?; Economic fallout; Why are food plants shutting down?; FAR cheaper to isolate every at-risk person; News vs Experts; Your responsibility to learn the whole truth; Letting God write on your heart and mind; Ignorance? Incompetence? Or greed?; Community Supported Agriculture; Overwhelming hospitals; Don't panic!; Seek righteousness; Selectively reporting only severe cases; Robbing the bank; The network God told us to create; What are YOU doing?; Rightly dividing the truth; Accountability; Visiting the sick; Doing Christ's commands; Caring for neighbor as much as self; Via faith, hope and charity; Assassinating saviors; The government you deserve; Think a different way = repent; If you want Christ.; Panic and fear strangles your health; Join the network.
4/4/20 Righteousness on God's terms
The government God instituted for mankind; Of, for and by the people; Appointed to men; Examples of man's government; Tyrants seizing power; Stay-at-home orders; Better coronavirus testing; More than half have already had it; Falsifying death records; Shutdown is killing people; "If we save one life..." nonsense; Understand how societies work; Where are your rights now?; Government assuming control; Coming together; Medical transparency; New habit - care for neighbor; Why want government to do your job?; Free, voluntary society; Failing businesses; Selfishness creating shortages; HHC Audios and Videos explaining kingdom; Why hate?; A body in one accord; Clearing misinformation; Federal Reserve shift; Apathetic people shirking responsibility; Bible instructions regarding choosing a ruler; Practicing real righteousness; Local mill story; Bottom-up organizations; Love God and neighbor; Simple principles; Who are the wicked?; Fake churches; HHC detractors; Tens - as Christ commanded; Meat cartels?; Community Supported Agriculture; From "person" to "individual"; American jurisprudence shift; Following "The Way"; Righteousness on God's terms.
4/11/20 The Road Back From Fear
No more concerning than common cold; Virus process complexity; It's the economy stupid; Conspiracy; Loyalty to truth; Jesus the Christ - the only leader not overcome by power; Followers of "The Way"; God's plan; Worst contagion = fear; T-cells; Exosomes; Vaccine process; Correlation vs causation; Isolation lengthens pandemic; Kingdom of God is an ingenious system; Righteousness begets safety; Knowing them by their works; Selfishness disease - antithesis of Christ; Who's your savior?; Vaccine salvation; MOST are already immune; Incentives for coronavirus diagnosis; Death by ventilator; Cellular communication; God's plan = you well NOW; Exosomes and viruses; Antibodies; Protein keys; Christ's problem-solving network; Keeping communication open; Who cares for YOU?; Zinc; Hydroxychloroquine; Getting zinc into cells; Avoiding enzyme inhibitors; Dying from symptoms; The solution; Prayer - requires action; Kingdom of God is a government; Caring for neighbor; If you had a network; Suicide increase due to fear/anxiety/hopelessness; China immunity without vaccine; Sharing research; Profit-seeking spirit; Passing immunity?; Lymphatic system - movement driven; Spirit driven?; Love with physical action; Becoming a light unto the world; Social distancing citations; No hiding from coronavirus - or fear; Sharing exosomes of immunity?; Body reaction to invasion; Built into creation; Invading ideas; Zombie Apocalypse here already - no mind of Christ; WWJD?; Set up your own socialism - by choice; No forcing others; Private enterprise works better than government; All are people - what spirit do they have?; People lacking knowledge - on viruses; Epidemics every year; Let thy food be thy medicine; Be ready to speak intelligently in love; Purifying the body; Self-filtering by light; Christ's way; Whole truth so they might be saved; Anger comes from within; Practice religion.
4/11/20 The Great Threat
Why economic shutdown?; Viruses and exosomes; Pharmaceutical industry within your body; Vaccination studies; Coronavirus severity; Accuracy in testing; China recovered without vaccination; Alleviating symptoms only; Natural immunity; Antibiotics; Sharing success information; Acts 15:20; Eating meat with blood in it metaphor; Freewill vs force; Pollution of idols; 2 Peter 2:20; Where we're at now; Vaccine side-effects; Causation?; Identity dysphoria; Boosting immune system; Seeking your solutions; Vaccine benefits unproven; Truth avoidance; Misplaced faith; Vaccine exemption letters; Incomplete statistics; Who survives?; Adapting to mistreatment; Religious arguments; Constructing an effective letter; Countering rampant apathy; Knowing your audience; The Church's role; Coming together in one accord; Herding cats?; Drunk on benefits?; Quick history on Social Security; Holy-spirit driven kingdom; The real miracle of loaves and fishes; Overcoming strong delusion; Suicide increase; God is your comforter; You choose!
4/18/20 Bad News about the Good News
Body of Christ - in, but no of the "world"; BC Roman army all volunteer; Most centurions never drew sword in battle; Temple of Janus - project investments; Roman republic looked like Israel; Of, for, by the people; Decline 150BC; "We The People"; Corporations and golems; Federal vs State and County; Militia by statute: well-organized; Surveying in early America; Constitutions don't grant rights to people; But you may waive them; ex: prisoner; No right to take life from others; Have you done that?; Parking-lot church example; Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions; States foreign to each other; "United States" separate; Louisiana Purchase; High percentage of Indians died from European diseases; Diseases are part of life cycle; Disease = identity issue; Your body's militia; Mercenary doctors; Militias in the kingdom (body of Christ); Loving your neighbor; Schools without tuition; Waiving liberty for benefits; Covetous practices/wages of unrighteousness; Social Security; Federal bankruptcy; Our path toward destruction; Federal persons; Repeating history; Worse than Egypt; Christ's commanded network of pure religion; "of" Christ's Church OR of the world; Why we gather; Unrighteous mammon; Workers of iniquity; Replicating lies; Broken down by light; To whom do you pray?; Remedies for good health; Padding coronavirus death statistic padding; Irresponsible Oregonians; Reopening society; Bringing light unto the world; Podcasts; Virus hysteria has gone viral; Staying healthy and spiritual influence; Drugging cells; Polio replication example; PCR tests; Shedding immunity; Protecting the vulnerable; Medical and Health systems - different; Medical about control - taking away choices; Suggestions for handling disease; Ready access to information; Others become as important to us as ourselves; Proper spirits; Modern churches drugging with "feeling good"; Sunlight and fresh air; exercise; Kingdom (body of Christ) network like body network.
4/18/20 A Word From Our Local Republic Representative
Guest: Oregon Lake County Commissioner James Williams - Early (re)public schools; James: COVID-19 statistics; Adverse effects of economic shutdown; Increased child abuse and domestic violence; Fiddling with the numbers; Re-opening plans; No State citizens - only residents; Political games; "Give me liberty or let me die"; Financial incentive for government to keep economy closed; County vs State; Personal responsibility; Media malpractice; A suggested path to follow; Already-broken businesses; Generational debt; Working together as a community; Changing with new information; Asking tough questions; What James does; PCR Test realities; Resistance to further testing; Vaccine salvation?; Hippocratic Oath; Dis-ease; Pharmacy within you; Vaccine waiver letter; Spirit of force; website; Fear -> Depression; Letting your light/love out; State citizenship; Entangling yourself via covetous practices; 4th branch of government; Christ's answers; Dietary oils; The vaccine you need; Religious convictions; Stand firm.
4/25/20 A Virtuous Network
Christ's solution for all the problems of the world; Parables; God wants to reveal to you; A virtuous network; Bible metaphors and allegories; God knows; Forgiveness; Meditation; Pushing buttons; Christ has done his part that you MIGHT be saved; Delusion = not dealing with truth; Degeneration by desiring benefits; Free assembly of tens, hundreds and thousands; Minister's job description; Body of Christ; Exosomes; Minstrels and heralds; Kingdom within you; Resentment; Humility; Realizing you don't know God; Coronavirus - is the fear warranted?; Ideas sealed by fear; Extremely low mortality rate; YouTube censorship; Death by other issues; Oregon study on fighting disease; Vitamin C; Hosea 4:6; Be well informed; What made America great?; Infected with lies; God has the cure; Anger vs forgiveness; Seeking the virtuous network; Freely assembling; Practicing pure religion; Governmental ulterior motives; COVID-19 is not even the problem; Sharing the cure; Constructing our own prisons; Mustard seed; Be teachable; PCR test; Serology test; Sweden's handling of COVID-19; Faith in God's plan; News media doesn't want to hear truth if it's not fear; Why?; Many CEOs resigned last year; Economic collapse due to overreaction of government; Being made merchandise through covetous practices; Christ's warnings; Nationalization of transportation; Network communication of information; Immunity ability; 338% increase in suicide hotline calls; God's way vs the world's way; Fauci's letter; Christ brought light to the darkness; God: "Fear not!"; World: "Be very afraid!"; Wages of unrighteousness; Strong delusion and believing lies; Fear abounds where love is lacking; Solution to all the problems; Self-organization takes effort and time; Local hospital example; Communication failures; Officers drunk with power; God-given right to freely assemble; Kennedys' activities regarding Federal Reserve; Choosing darkness vs light; Following righteousness; You can change you!; Repent!
5/2/20 The Law of Nature - MUST HEAR episode!
Kingdom of God "at hand" = now!; Not when you die; Law of Nature; Do you sit in darkness?; What strong delusion?; Instructions to be Christians; Salvation; Kate Brown news; Re-opening economy?; Joining the Living Network; Gregory history; US Constitution not of God; Bondage of Egypt; Understanding history; Samuel's warnings; US/Rome similarities; Think Kingdom!; Not against the world; What authority does world have to make you stay home?; What you can do;Where you are at; Word of God; Fallacies of world governments; "logos" -> logic; Distinguishing characteristic of Christians; Republics don't have rulers; Executive orders; Robert E Lee; Citizenship; State rights?; Becoming citizens of heaven; Bubonic plague story; Understanding the science; Body harmony; Miracle of reproduction; Allowing God to write on hearts and minds; Law of Nature = divine will = right reason; Truth about yourself; World ruled by lies; What Christ said to do; Law vs Legal; "City"; Metaphysical jurisdiction; The kingdom "way"; Whose table do you eat at?; Continuing the "shutdown"; Vaccines vs Herd Immunity; God's amazing invention of you; Christian posers; Heavenly "conversation"; What Paul was doing; Roman temples; "Covenants of the gods" book; Disobeying Christ; Gathering in righteousness; Who is your king?; How they get you; Kingdom tracks; Jesus healing the blind man; "shutdown" will effect generations; Basics of the gospel; What heaven looks like; Stealing the Ark; Pure Religion; The problem is us; Holy Spirit is your salvation; Horses, carts and mules; Having a humble heart; Vaccine damage; Mercy and Truth; Christ's burden; Praying to men for safety; Christians aren't cowards; Israel is not a bloodline; God's covenants with you; Church presidents; Standing together; Strengthening your immune system; Learning to care; America the greatest mission field; Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Strengthening the poor; Sanctifying; Why public school is evil; Absence of common sense; Vaccines and cancer; Preoccupied immune systems; Counteracting old mistakes; Origin of vaccines; Bovine coronavirus?; Share the gospel.
5/2/20 Who Cares?
What makes "news"?; Crazy 2020?; Who cares?; Epidemiologists say.; Reducing world population?; Difference between "world" and "planet"; Speculation vs evidence; Asymptomatic = Healthy person; Grease vs syrup; COVID death numbers; Convincing people they've been fooled; You have consented; China's one-child contract; YouTube censorship; Polio vaccine -> cancer?; Doing what Christ said; Changing your heart; Fire departments; Choosing to be self-sufficient; Romans 13; Tyndale translations; Pride opens the door to being fooled; Believing in the real Jesus; Guidance from Holy Spirit; Preacher disconnect; Why you're not free; 2 Peter 2:2; Right reason = Natural Law; Ethics and hope; Degenerates; Business are essential; Offices of power; Christ's instructions; Prayer power; Knowing who to believe; Serology tests for COVID-19; Control via fear; What can we do?
5/9/20 Not Acquiescing
Comprehending world events; Why study history?; Humanity-altering bill; Mankind linked back to creation; "Shutdown" idea; Article II, section 22 article; Kate Brown not Oregon governor; Preparing You website; Bible about government; Campaign finance realities; Christ = anointed = king; THE question to be asking; The WAY of Christ; Not deciding good/evil for you; 1980 law: government "servants" can do their own thing for profit; Discoveries of Louis Pasteur; Natural immunity; Bovine coronavirus; Dumbing down of schools; How to make life choices; 1980 Bayh-Dole act; Lacking knowledge; US Constitution illegally ratified; Hamilton's philosophy; Jefferson's philosophy; Fallout from shutdown; 50+% on the dole; Serology tests for COVID-19; Shedding immunity; "Plandemic" video; Shutting down information sources; RNA vaccines; Bacteria everywhere - hot or cold; Intelligent design; What's your role?; Social distancing prolongs virus; Mislabeling deaths; Debt = bondage (of Egypt); Dr Josef Mengele; Dr Anthony Fauci; Why you are under tyranny; God's way of freewill choice; Christ's "command"; What's "church", anyway?; Polio's disappearance; Bill Gates and world population reduction; Preparing You to think for yourself; Achieving good health - your choice - right now; Explaining Christ's WAY; Viral message to Christians; Polio vaccine and cancer; Censors; Holy Spirit guidance important; "Do no harm"; Vulnerability of the aged; DNA activation; Strengthening your immune system; Explaining high COVID death rate; If Christians were doing what Christ said.; Covetous practices making you blind; Cultivating the spirit of love; To whom do you pray?; Sanhedrins; Power-mad politicians - empowered by you the people; Moneychangers; Building your own prison; Not acquiescing; Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; Christ the king; No food production margin; Hear the gospel.
5/16/20 Widows and Orphans
Widows and Orphans; Community support; How to help; Ministers under strong delusion; "Visiting"; Gospel of the Kingdom; Conspiracy of the soul; Coronavirus hysteria; Power of immune systems; Recognizing universal patterns; Evolution removes freewill; George Washington's presidency; US Constitution is not biblical; What made America great; Diseases/hardships make you stronger; Acquiescence; Tyrants - big and little; US Presidential succession; Moving towards the light (righteousness); Pastor mark of the beast story; False preachers; The "Way" of Charity; Shutdown power grab; Holding leaders accountable; Living by biblical principles; Overcoming your blinders; Slothful people beget tyranny; Learning from history; Zeal killed Christ; Sureties for debt; Learning from those around us; Following the money; The Zinc key; US Constitution not popular; Patrick Henry; Financial whippings; Why we're not free; Volunteer tyrants; Germs; Antione Bechamp; Pasteurization; Snake oil salesmen; Microorganisms in your body; Strengthening immunity by seeking the kingdom; Vaccines don't cure - only stimulate; Cancer from polio vaccine - CDC website (SV-40); Willful blindness; Men in white coats are not your salvation; Bayh-Dole act; Profiting from disease; HIV/AIDS information; Retroviruses; Science is not settled; Filtering by media; Rethinking your methods - not OK to take from your neighbor; Repent = think differently; Seek righteousness of God; AIDS spread in Africa; Good men doing nothing; Seeing beyond Facebook fact checks; Love and care for one another; BE a doer of the word; Christ "way" will regenerate you; Teachers who home school; Lay down your life in love; Having life more abundant.
5/16/20 Cells in the Body of Christ
Your only salvation?; Divide and be conquered; Finding the truth; Chaos; Doing what Christ said to do; Mandatory tithes?; Strengthening the poor; "Christian" nations; Pasteur vs Bechamp; Receiving the Holy Spirit; Vices versus virtues; HIV vs AIDS?; Self-balance; Beneficial bacteria; Natural immunity; Do you need a vaccination?; Deciding good vs evil; Aligning with the truth; No comprising on righteousness; Romans 13; Deuteronomy 17; "Constitutional rights"; Kissing them goodbye; What is the kingdom of God?; Love and Charity; Seek and ye shall find; Forming congregations; Weening from addiction to unrighteousness; Politics in medicine; Covetousness not allowed; Governors exercising authority; Seeking virus solutions; Selfish cells; Preparing for further social experimentation; Prevalent spirit of destruction; Christ's direction for you; Loving the truth; Seeing your own traumas; Turning around; Being diligent; Becoming the body of Christ.
5/23/20 No Broadcast today.
5/30/20 Mechanisms Destroying Society (Proverbs 6)
Insane rioting in the news; No more hue and cry; How do we get to this point?; Illustrative story; Zombies; Recent police brutality and reactions; Bible big picture; Loss of justice; What caused a mindset change?; Mechanisms destroying society; Burning Rome; Fomenting violence; Living at the expense of others; Australian socialism; Erring like Pharisees; International shutdown abuse; Polybius; "New World Order"; God won't hear your cries unless.; Perfect savagery; Christians in Rome; Marcus Aurelius; Revealing Christianity; Signs of degeneration; "The Lucifer Principle"; Gold-star parenting; Symptoms a byproduct of evil; Evil/darkness is absence of good/light; Modern Christians with blind guides; Christ's revolution/regeneration; Modern Church preaching culture of Cain; Reducing human population; Brood care; Power in white coats?; Prov 6:6; Being wise; "Wisdom" = inspired by God; Friends and neighbors; Striking hands; Befriending unrighteous mammon; Oregon's unique situation; Removing blinders; Sluggards; Tribute; Dueling governors; The "way" forward; Rulers vs overseers; Becoming subjects; Beware of comfort; Shutdown fallout; Fake virus -> fake race war; Kingdom difference; "Bobby" example; Electing power lovers; Being Christian!; Prov 6:12; Naughty winking; Mask hysteria; Access via compliance; The finger of tyranny; God hates.; Proud look, lying tongue, hands shedding innocent blood, heart devising wicked imaginations, swift feet for mischief, false witness; Corban; Making the word of God to none effect; Running towards evil; Sowing discord; Living the commandments; Making your "yes", "yes"; Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Nicolaitans; Study history to know the future; Follow the Holy Spirit; Tithing = freewill offerings; National adultery.
6/6/20 George Floyd Died of Coronavirus?
Why the gospel is not saving us from today's turmoil; Christ's instructions; Attacking delusions; Tens, hundreds and thousands network; Deacons = servants of ten; Cause of shutdown and riots; Following blind guides and deceivers; Lincoln/Douglass debates; Media amplification; George Floyd; Police departments; Cain vs Abel; Toxicology; Greg's policeman story; Media's useful idiots; Withheld facts; Media hate speech causing death; Officer point-of-view; Not listening to the gospel; Having eyes to see; George Floyd died of coronavirus; Herd immunity "wall" against spreading; Why Christ spoke in parables; Schools doing poor job; Why socialism is bad; Doctors' death rates; "Shutdown" social experiment; Benefits of repentance; Shedding antibodies; Early-American militia; Kingdom militia; Power corrupts; Facts matter; Christ's "way" to love; vs the road to destruction; Wars and rumors of wars; Thinking differently; How man gave government ruling power; Revenue officers; Body's defense mechanisms; SV-40 infection and cancer; Christian networking; Finding good men; God gave you the power of choice - kingdom or world; Organizing real Christians; Watching the neighborhood; Ways you've been fooled; Covetous practices making you merchandise; Ways to awaken; Audio outreach; The answer in Matt 6:33; Corrupt courts; Reforming prisoners; Defunding police; Strengthening neighbors - through Church; Kingdom power grants; Want the "rich" to be your allies; Biting your neighbor gets you devoured; Minister = public service; Personal responsibility; Easy to fool vain people; Learning inspired thinking; You have an opportunity NOW; Repent and gather; YOU are our promotion manager; Information cost = giving up your delusions; Shop up!; Regaining your power to choose; Resist not evil; Letting God be your salvation; Stand up for what's right.
6/6/20 The Gullibility of People
George Floyd question; More die from doctors than police; Police are not the solution; Function of police; Gullibility of the people; What God wants; vs What you want; What to do about it; South Africa situation; Where is the solution?; Resistance is futile; Example: Kingdom caring for needy neighbors; How much will satisfy?; "Mammon" defined; Even Christ was tempted; Avoiding politics?; Christ's answer; Your choices; What your actions say about you; Becoming zombies; Cain and Abel message; Getting your rights back; Individualism; Learning by experiencing; Worship; Why do you go to church?; "Religion defined"; The true oppressors; Single-parent family problem; Degenerating society; How to recover; Anarchy; Laws are already in place; Our job!; What made America great?
6/13/20 Statues Torn Down While Statutes Remain
Kingdom "at hand", appointed, established; World's problems today stem from not doing what Christ said to do; Forced vaccinations; People lacking righteousness - e.g. looters; False Christianity in most Modern Churches; "Black Lives Matter" not concerned with Black Lives; "Black Community" term itself is a problem; People seem to need someone to hate; Synagogue/Churches of Satan - oppose Christ; Living at the expense of others = perfect savages; Police job realities; "Racism" is a racist idea fed by media; Don't rush to judgement; Judges 2:17; People whoring after other gods; Irresponsible protesting; Tearing down statues?; Reminders of why we fell for their rhetoric; Who are Christ's "workers of iniquity"? Are you?; Spirit of (self) destruction; vs Spirit of Life/Light; Evil by choice; The answer is the real Christ; Commemorating the good in others; Robert E. Lee facts; U.S. Grant had (a) slave(s); Only 4% owned slaves; Christ's instructions unclear to Christians - lack of minister integrity; History = story of every man; Love your enemy - the good in them; Dangers of sarcasm; Forgiveness; Reinventing the wheel; Hate = absence of love; Not teaching whole truth of Gospel = lie; Seeking the whole truth - facts and evidence; George Floyd incident; Dissidents; Statues torn down while statutes remain; Socialist examples; Coveting forbidden; Christ opposed socialism; Not OK to vote for government to take away from your neighbor for your benefit; Guilt is individual, not national; People are complex; Mind-changing repentance; Righteousness is a journey; Why doesn't everyone see the real problem?; Ku Klux Klan; Virtue signaling?; Genius social experiment?; What can we do?; gods who take life vs the God who gives life; Practicing pure religion; Daily looting by Christians; Righteous almost always a minority; Church wealth redistribution via charity; Mark of the Beast - you all likely have it; Evil wants you angry, rushing to judgement; "To Kill a Mockingbird"; Haters don't understand sarcasm; Magnifying the dialectic via targeted propaganda; Suppressing the whole truth; Robbing innocence; Demonstrators' spirit of destruction; Follow Christ's "way" to see the truth; Love and concern for fellow man; Stand for what is right; Leave judgement to God; Putting on the full armor of God.
6/13/20 The Innocence of Scout
Kingdom wasn't postponed; You're back in the bondage of Egypt; Perfect savages; Choose your side; Forced medical treatment; Masks; Discovering history alterations; Context matters; Innocence of Scout; Judges 2:17; Hebrew an invented language; Egypt = bondage; Swedish social experiment example; Peaceful protestors should be stopping rioters; Moses's example; Morphology of income tax; Biblical judges; Balaam/Nicolaitans; Elohim/Theos; Eternal flame of revelation; How we lose sight; Church network at Paul's time; Road to destruction; Anger not!; Civil War beginnings; Rise of the Democratic Party; Following Civil War money; First shot story; Unselfishness = key to freedom; Covetous practices have made you merchandise; Constitutional opposition; The answer is...
6/20/20 Legal Charity
Why rioting?; "Racism"? Slavery - few were black; Real problem: family breakdown; Coronavirus review; Improper treatments; Questionable reporting; Testing anomalies; Google biasing; Truth about racism in America; Faulty statistics; No systemic racism in US; Violent crimes decreasing; Recent looting = violent crimes; What's causing rioting?; 50% of all US murders are black's killing blacks; "Legal charity"; When was America great?; Statistical points of view; Rolling back statistics; The real destroyers of liberty; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Plutarch and Polybius warned us; What the Gospel actual says; Actually following Christ; Who owned slaves in America?; Who wants to know the facts?; "Social Democracy" or "Communism"?; Look for the process behind current events; 90% of black murders are by blacks; Omission of good is as reprehensible as the commission of evil; Strengthening the poor; Beyond statistics; Nothing to do with skin color!; Think about the cause; It may be within you, too; Modern Christians not following Christ; Using man's government to care for needy; Why not standing up for neighbors?; "Rat Park" study; The drug before the drugs; The original gift from God; Christ's "way" to liberty; "Beast" identity; Driving evil from your community; 250000 die yearly from medical mistakes; Ventilators come with drugs; Contributory negligence; Covetous practices have made you merchandise; 0 evidence of racial bias; Christians wouldn't need a police force; Keys = wisdom of Christ (many voices); Booker T Washington; Lacking love for neighbor - not a Christian; "Religion"; Gathering as Christ commanded; If black lives really matter.; Cultivate charity; FDR election shift; New Deal prolonged depression suffering; "Legal" charity; Corban of the Pharisees; Cloward and Piven plan; Criminalizing wanting to work; You don't have to wait!; LBJ War on Poverty; Polio correlation; Fixing broken families; Ceasing to be moral removes you from Christianity; Transitioning back to Christ; Family = only institution of God; Repent!
6/20/20 Racism
Is racism statistically a problem in the United States?; If not, what is the problem?; Riots in Christ's time; Is it Corban?; Modern Church Pharisees; Disarming police; "Black Community"?; Enemy wants you divided; Most "blacks" are just like most "whites"; Stop feeding the anger through your narrative; Christ's "Nationalism"; Romans 13; Lawmakers; Ekklesia called out; Sanhedrin without force; Are you following blind guides?; Pharaoh's power source; Knowing where you're at so you can repent; The scolding of Davy Crockett; How we're weakened; Protecting neighbors' rights; The forgotten sin; Difficulties of being free; Early Church organization; Private Religion; God gave us Liberty; Thinking like Christ instructed; Letting the Holy Spirit be your guide; Christ's specific instructions to His ministers; Misinterpreting Torah; Wages of unrighteousness; Salvation is individual; Acts of the apostles; Joses; "Legal" title; Your bondage; How to get God to hear you; Why Christ's followers fell away; Believing in Jesus inspires action; Socialism is incompatible with Christianity; Destroying others' statues is stealing; Golden calf; Christian response to rioters; Individuals have power - in righteousness; Can YOU understand?; Robbing widows; Keep perspective.
6/27/20 Repentance From Oppression
Sheep protection dog vs Sheep dog; Sheep stories; Critical theory vs critical thinking; Cain and Abel; Structures of government; God allows anti-God governments; Saul's folly - went beyond what was right; Tax types; Whiskey Rebellion; Realizing prophesy of being made merchandise; Seek kingdom of God, not Cain; Life without kings; Christ = Anointed = King; Worse than bondage of Egypt; Understand, not abolish; History helps understand present; Understanding yourself; Modern Christian enslavement; Critical thinking missing; Critical Theory is satanic; Why rioting today; Bible reading subject to your interpretation; Only way to understand is with Holy Spirit in you; Seek, persevere, strive first; Only reason for crucifixion was sedition; Egocentrism; Dividing by classes; Social Justice?; Righteousness is key; Churches lacking Christ so answers sought elsewhere; Inconsistency in law enforcement; "Tyranny of capitalism"?; Digging deeper; Shutting down facts; Shadow censoring; Platforms to publishers; No true capitalism in United States; Religious duty; Corporate capitalism; You can live your desired structure right now; BLM Marxists; Antithesis of Christ; Rushing to judgement; We don't have a Christian world!; Pharisee political party; You have no authority over your neighbor; Repressive Tolerance; Blind acceptance of government; Liberation Theology; Consequences of idolatry; Social Justice warrior is the ultimate oppressor; Romans 10:12; Repressive tolerance examples; Loyalty to righteousness; Christ's institution = The Church; Pure Religion; Oppressive structures; Polybius; Systemic breakdown of families; Ex 22:21; Forcing your neighbor to pay for your benefits; Oppressing others is anti-Christ; Getting back to liberty; Strengthening the poor; Kingdom of God is the solution; Christ's structure; James 2:5.
6/27/20 Critical Theory Revisited
Critical Theory; "To Kill a Mockingbird" movie; Eschew hate and anger; Holy Spirit is truth - critical thinking; Whole truth in the kingdom; Liberation Theology; People lacking reason; Christ told us how to change; People allowed government to shut down economy; "Black Lives Matter" organization; Christ's "way"; Wearing masks it not helping; Acts 15:20 metaphors; "Things strangled"; You are altered by not listening to God; Ungodly modern governments; Covetous modern societies; The Christian cure; Critical "Race" Theory; Winning over minds vs spreading truth; Flexible interpretation of statistics; Climate change; People must come together - society is breaking apart/polarizing/dividing; Overcoming media lies; Statue hate crimes; Real religion; Are you willing to stand with Christ?; Social Security; Racism realities; Stop blaming others; How to move forward; Doing the math.
7/4/20 No Broadcast today.
7/11/20 Immunity Deniers
Critical thinking leads to the kingdom; Explaining "racism"; Genes?; Short Romans; Labelling people is not productive; Knowing Christianity and salvation; Backbiting; Unknown history; Bible requires context; Pontius Pilate; Why Romans were in Judea; Julius Caesar and the Gauls; Jefferson wanted to free his slaves but it was illegal; Who really enslaved Africans?; Slavery damaging whites; What destroyed black families?; Slavery still lawful part of US culture; Israel's bondage in Egypt; Bible advises never to return; Biblical constitutions; Honesty in communication; COVID relevance; Hard to calm a panicked people; What stops a virus?; Political agenda; Unwarranted hate abounds; People have a tried and tested immune system; Immunity Deniers; Why we lack compassion; Becoming self-aware; Critical thinking is culturally as absent as Christ; Burning Bush Festival; Persevere at networking; What is "culture"?; Congregations having kingdom view; Welfare state destroys families, communities and cultures; Striving for self-value; Living by faith, hope and charity; Identifying the real problem; Why do you cling to your chains?; Investing in one another; Truth is truth whether you believe it or not; The only answer is not on the ballot; Be open to hearing "strange things" from others; Who will remain with Christ?; What we need to do; Are you following the good news?; Questionable COVID testing; Innovative treatment; Dietary strengthening of immune system; Working together; Immunity to lies; Evidence vs emotion; Practicing compassion; Making good judgment; Gauging reaction; George Floyd's choices; Turning on light for others; Purpose of The Church; Taking back your responsibilities; Honesty in righteousness.
7/11/20 Elements of Critical Thinking
Unused COVID-19 tests; Natural immunity; Your body is smarted than you; Virus spread and progression; Overcomers are part of the defense; Respirators killing patients?; Taiwan story - only 7 COVID deaths!; Criminal governance; Masks bad for you!; Anti-Christian Christians; Bondage of Egypt; Employed slaves; Strong families after slavery ended; What's destroying American society; Addiction to benefits; Polybius' observation; Plato's republic; Golden calf; Buying loyalty; Imperial cult of Rome/America; Voluntary servitude still exists; Compassion, awareness, good judgement, honesty, humility, willingness, patience, analytical thought and forgiveness essential to critical thinking; Old-timer story; Love everyone; Repent = think differently; Oppression = unjust treatment; Militia accomplishments.
7/18/20 Earning Damnation
Bible on government; Bible on religion; Have you forgotten what should not be forgotten?; Are you a surety for your government's debt?; Beware your preconceived notions; Scapegoats and Golden Calves; Are you willing to entertain the idea you may be wrong?; Christ's organized network; Modern day mischief; Imagining Jesus; Thou shalt not covet!; Cursing your children; How to overcome the delusion; Feeding society's cancer; No righteousness by collective; Socialism redistributes wealth, rather than creates; Self-organization of sacrifice; Tens (hundreds and thousands) concept; Choice = God's gift to YOU; Imagining you're following Christ; Opportunities for repentance; Government-compelled sacrifice; Christ's other way; Caesar's election to 3 offices; Knowledge is of little value if you don't put into practice; Daily ministration; "White Fragility" - war on individualism; Truth speakers; Covetous practices are treason to Christ; Kingdom is learn-by DOing; Earning damnation; Rioting; Bandwagons of violence; Socialist welfare state is enemy of (black) communities; Degenerative protests; Slaves and saviors; Every socialist advocates slavery; Deut 5:21; Ps 10:3; Pr 21:26; vs Righteous charity; Jer 6:13; Blood sacrifice; 2 Pe 2:3; Cloward and Piven; Salvation is...; Kingdom of God is...; Our need to be faultless; Overcoming trauma; Color of skin vs content of character; Collective kills individual; FDR's legalized (collective) slavery; "Race" is an invented social construct; Kafka trap; Focus on righteousness; Pure religion; hope vs guarantee; Taking away choice; "Black" voices; Become your own voice; Share truth; Come together; Be born again of the blood of Christ; Who are Christ's brethren?; Rom 1:26; Your choice; Signs of the times; Statues = modern scapegoats.
7/18/20 White Fragility
"White Fragility" - worst book ever?; "Black"/"White" fallacy; Modern slave trade; Understanding incorrect paths; Judgement; Purpose of prisons; "Fragility" illustrated; Ben Shapiro's review; "Racism" construct; Breaking down "racial" barriers; Holocausts; Hate; Marxism = slavery; Morgan Freeman's approach; Uncle Toms; Your salvation; Identifying Kingdom tracks; Police corruption example; Not about skin color but irrational hate; "Push" manipulation; Unreasonable concessions; We are all imperfect - remember the good; Delusional division; Muslims, Hindus, and Sikh; Admitting wrongs; Learning from mistakes; Righteousness rather than slavery; Thomas Sowell; Shelby Steele; Forgiveness; Why are we so susceptible to lies?; Personal accountability; How the "Black Community" is being destroyed; No race but mankind - children of God; Content of character; Exercising choice; Be colorblind.
7/25/20 Sitting Down With Abraham
The bad news; Bible on; Sitting down with Abraham; Matt 8:11, Luke 13:38; Kingdom of Heaven/God; Cast/Thrust out; Christ's seventy; Corban - Pharisee's vs Christ's; Why group people?; Israeli vs Israelite; Americans?; Compulsory sacrifice; "Fair Share"; Ezra 7:25; Consequences of our choices; Christ's sacrifice and ours; The "many"; Strive!; Misbelievers; Matt 24:5; Mark 13:6; Luke 21:8; Mechanism of deception; Masks vs viruses; Evil needs you to replicate; Unnatural lust; Why you think you're "gay"; Grooming; Made men; Evil revealing plans; Cults; Societal replication; Parables; Workers of iniquity; Sanhedrin walkout; John the Baptist high priest; Jesus high priest (Rabbi) - and king (Christ); No exercising authority; Republics; Responsibility or tribute; Burkas and Masks and shaming; Exosomes; Overcoming dis-ease; Mask shaming; Operating as if we lived in a republic; Tactics of "fact checkers"; 1906 study?; Not about the mask; Get you to perform; The "greater good"; Latent antibodies; Some science; Media hype; Certificate of immunity; Mandatory vaccine refusal; Compulsory?; Government only has responsibility to protect *right* to life.; Not by taking away rights; Basileia Ouranos; Jacobson vs Massachusetts (1905); Kingdom of God is a pure republic; Incorporation of United States; Case issues; 14th amendment right to liberty?; Who has power to force?; You've become member/party to constitution; Analysis of the ruling; John Marshall Harlan; Reconstruction amendments; Big government; The "person" Jacobson; Golems; Inalienable rights; 5th amendment; "public danger"?; Consent sealed by debt; Other justices ruling in favor.
7/25/20 Grave Danger
Roman Centurion's faith; Riots in Portland; Why are they angry?; Mistaking yourself for a Christian; Reason for masks; Jacobson v Massachusetts; No right to refuse vaccination?; Buck v Bell; Your options; Immunity deniers; Need to work together; Pastors abandoning Church authority; Pure religion = Church mission; Communion from government - touch not; Who are prophets of God?; Col 2:23; Be ye separate; Take care of one another via charity; Noah Webster; Repent from iniquity; Culture matters; What's yours?; "White" culture? Misnomer; Rugged Individualism; Equating characteristics with skin color = Racism; Family importance; Individually as a team; Christian tolerance; Questioning authority; Ideology of righteousness; Keys to liberty; US Already socialist - money, retirement, welfare.; Debt-based consent; Coercive burdens; Reprobate minds in need of repentance, yet think it's OK; Forgive! Love! Charity!; Become the social welfare for all; Come together - buddy system times ten; Lay down life daily for fellow man.
8/1/20 Generativity
Culture; Blending groups; Cultural appropriation?; Identity preexists culture; Cumulative collection of knowledge - correct or incorrect; Example: COVID-19; Societal viral ideas - replicated falsities; Student isolation; Multi-age education; Risk assessment of single-age education; Of shutdown; Beware caring about what the news tells you to care about; Wear a mask? Fear death; Perspective vs emotion; Lacking virtue; Taiwan - only 7 COVID deaths; Ventilator death sentence; Correcting status?; Correct thinking (repent) first; Becoming doers of the word; Worship; Communion; Knowing the "whole truth" (includes yourself); Burning Bush Festival; Gregarious sheep; Dependence begets subservience; Socialism wants to divide; Festivals - bring society together; Hope learned in infancy; Socialism anti-love they neighbor; Dress and keep or be under tribute; Exercise of will; Who cares for you? Your parents?; Shutdown killing lives and hope; Origin of status problems; The Light Side; Resolving trauma; Forgiveness heals; Cures that kill; Exposing truth; Confusing identity; Parental responsibility for what school is teaching; Fundamental lesson of public school starts with covetousness; Generativity; Israelite "elders"; Sui Juris; Seeking righteousness; Practicing religion; Integrity vs despair; Charity provider should have a face; Healthy humility; Fulfilling Christ's vision; Learning trust; Loyalty; Listening to God; Getting God to hear you; Immigration evolution; Walls?; Convalescent home deaths; Shark attack awareness; Racism; Frontline provider demonization; COVID vaccine; Pathogenic priming; Bedside inspiration; Positive health; Kingdom hope; Ministers and congregations; Nobody isolated; Developing circulatory system of body of Christ; Fear not; Forcing vaccines; Typhoid Mary; 26-year quarantine!; Cities of Refuge; Asylum state; Intentional communities; Gathering in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Seek virtue.
8/1/20 Feasts and Festivals
Feasts/Festivals not unique to Israel; Overcoming trust issues; Nurturing; Born again or dying; Herd immunity; Vaccines causing cancer; Setting people free; Twelve tribes of Israel; Bondage of Egypt; Redemption by Moses/Christ; Kingdom follies; God's opinion is reality - conform; Awakening; Walking alone together; God's creative force; Anarchy = without rulers; Biblical organization; Reaching intimacy; First commandment of Christ; Beginning of trust; True message of festivals; Altars and blood; Changing "religion"; Generativity; Festival spirit; Sufficient for self, share with others; How you love one another; Rewards of unrighteousness; Proverbs "women"; Loosening chains; "The way" of life; Developing kingdom culture; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah and Chicago and Baltimore.; Your minister - connection and communication; Rendezvous; Avoiding stagnation; Choose not to be selfish.
8/8/20 Throwing Out Salt
Study History; Dave Daubenmire's article, "Who Really Controls the Church?"; Isa 20:10; "Here a little, there a little"; Separating ourselves from God's precepts; "World" - which world?; Who are the righteous?; Modern Christian rut of delusion; "Woke", but not awakened; COVID smoke screen; Taiwan - only 7 deaths; Pervasive deception; "Hens and Chicks" congregationalism - Minister hens gathers congregant chicks around him; Moses and Christ in agreement; Christ's brethren/called out; Conversation stoppers; Oregon constitution violations; Because you haven't heard it doesn't make it untrue; Ask!; The ultimate answer; Facts matter; Be aware of anger response; Righteousness instead; Coming together in Christ; Humility; Following the money; Tithing/militia in the kingdom; Gideon's vs Saul's altars; Detailed analysis of article; Church/State partnership?; Militia is the organized people; Freewill offerings; "Idiotes"; Socialism realities; Rome/US comparison; Judeans praised Augustus Caesar; Churches abandoning Christ; Who is the bride of Christ?; God's government separate from the world; Throwing out salt; Marriage contract; John 3:29 - The Church is the bride of Christ; Jer 25:10 is now history; FDR's socialism; Churches "of" the world; Go and sin no more; Churches whoring after state to do their job; Reading Amos; Who's taking care of your parents?; Egyptian bondage; Conforming to Christ in today's world; The Church (called out) is separate from the world (government); Keeping your word; Early Church illustrated; Re-thinking what you think is Church; Corpus (body) of Christ; Churches divorced Christ; What we need to do; Social Security; Differences in ministers of Christ; Modern Church's overseer is government, not Christ; Christ's table is set with freewill offerings; You created Caesar by giving him power; His Church never divorced Christ; John 15:19 - Ye are not "of" the world, Christ chose them; Christian conflict; Sanctify = separate; No socialism in The Church; Church is government of God - no exercising authority; Paul's missions; Matt 25; Are you living by love (charity)? Or by force?; Respect for those standing up - see the whole truth; Christ commanded.; Repent and seek His kingdom and His righteousness; Call no man on earth "father".
8/8/20 The Modern Church
Wandering sheep; Congregation is not the livestock of the pastor; Belonging to Christ, hearing His voice, doing the will of His father; Ekklesia = called out; Who was the Church in the wilderness?; "City" = "terror"; Ways to care for widows and orphans; Disobeying Christ; Capturing ourselves; Post-famine Egypt; Slavery and servitude; Socialism is not righteous but covetous practice; No using force; THE gospel; Not of the world; Bible - beyond mere reading; Your duties to God and fellowman; Be humble enough to admit you're not free; NT Church appointed a kingdom by Christ; Little flock; Purpose of Temples; New Testament Pentecost; John 9:22; You're the "world", not the Church; Your choice; resource; Corban; Perfect law of liberty; Why give?; The Church = bride of Christ; "Cult"; Surety for debt; NOW is time to repent; Christ vs Pilate; Jesus Barabbas; Call no man on earth father; Never having heard it does not mean it's not true; Matt 7:21; Strive to do the will of the father; Know them by their fruits; Church organization; Essenes; Humbly consider this message; Inheriting the kingdom.
8/15/20 What's the Point?
Are you seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness?; Rom 8:35; Christ = "anointed"; Worshipping fabricated ideas of God; What is "good fruit"?; What did make America great?; Eph 3:9 Fellowship of the Mystery; Preventing God from writing on our hearts and minds; Darkness of the "world"; Have you heard the gospel of the kingdom?; Christ's commanded network; "Religion"; Putting on the full armor of God; Word of God; Entire social welfare of kingdom from freewill offerings; Titus 2:11; Salvation for the living; Bonds of iniquity; "Ungodliness"; Fatherly authority; Home teaching; "worldly lusts" - government; Christian daily ministration; "soberly" - with sound mind; "godly"; Moses and Abraham: you keep the stuff, let me have the people; repent - change your thinking; "despise" - periphroneo - regulate what you think; Church: in, but not of the world; Be ready to every good work; Obey, come in the name of, Christ; Fear a part of anger; Forgiveness frees you; Fear not!; Imaginary courage; Racing to save an already-saved world; COVID-19 vaccine; Risk assessment; 2020 US Death rates below previous years; Media feeding fear; COVID cure is natural; Control by implanted fearful ideas - hysteria; "Gates notes"; RNA/DNA vaccines; Eye on righteousness; Certificate of immunity; Swedish hospital mischaracterization by media; Socializing medicine; Early (When America was great) US hospitals built by charity; "aspirin" and Spanish Flu; Doctors are not our salvation!; Need information network outside media; Sterilizing women; Population collapse; Flu vaccines increase COVID risk; Immunity deniers; "Fact" checkers; Born again thinking; Stay tuned for solutions.
8/15/20 Reengineering You
Full armor of God; Rulers of the Darkness of the World; Making you angry; Continuous midnight; Fellowship of mystery; Why be afraid?; Siding with the victor; Local (RNA) vaccine trials; DNA vaccines; Humble doctors?; Comorbidities and immunities; Today's Polio; Monkey virus causing cancer; Fact check; Electroporation; Antigens; Tetanus; How bodies get healthy; Robust immune systems; Vaccine madness; GMOs; Long-term effects?; Sterility?; Lowering population; What do we do?; Reengineering you; "IF all goes well."; What could go wrong?; Voluntary armor; Doing your part; COVID realities; Disciplining self; Kingdom vs congregationalism as Christ commanded; Unreasonable reactions; Herding by fear; Spreading Christ's character.
8/22/20 The Great Reset
Resetting your life; Shutdown may cause death of hundreds of thousands; Coronavirus immunity; Prolonging virus will kill more people; Handfuls of aspirin?; Fear hampers immune system; Taiwan: 7 deaths; Fear and misinformation campaign; Prophecy; Isiah 34:15; "Great Owl" - scourge; Hosea 9:7; "Hatred" - animosity; Daniel 7:25; Rev 18:8; Becoming merchandise; Mark of the beast; Souls; De 4:9; Unaware of our covetousness; Joseph and income tax; Back to communion?; The religion of Cain; Nu 29:39; Mission of The Church; De 16:19; How to give to God; Think about what you forgot; Law written on your heart and mind/soul; Leave judgement to God; Job of Levites; Burning Bush Festival; Networking against the "Great Reset"; Biblical reset = repenting; Rom 8:35 - Love of Christ = Charity; Keep brethren from going to fathers of the earth; Christ died that you MIGHT be saved; His Church/Doctrine; Your deeds may separate you from Christ; The greatest reset was Christ; Unmooring meaning from practice; Promoting sensationalism and fear; Destruction of families; Christ is our salvation; Population collapse; Living life abundantly; The side of righteousness; Capitalism; One purse; Bad science; 2 Pe 2:19; Letting God reset you; Catholics; Eph 6:12; Neglecting pure religion; Government is not charity; Arresting government killers; Sitting in Christ's seat; Who is Israel?; Civil religion?; Why go to Church?; Christ's commands for His kingdom; Taking back your responsibility.
8/22/20 What Righteousness is Not
Rituals and rites; Why you're under tribute; Democracy's royalty; Biblical separation; Mark of the Beast; .and other purposes; World churches; Benefits -> fealty; Wards, counties and states; Changing history; 1619; Today's bondage of Egypt; "for benefit purposes"; Calendars; "The Great Reset"; George Floyd killed himself; Republics; "We the People"; Coronavirus immunity; Free from things public; Autonomous counties; Repenting toward righteousness; Hiding is not the answer; Congregation republic; What's your motive?; Your responsibility; Are you ready?; Understanding freedom; Tithing men; Doing your part; "Clip" story; Spiritual guidance; Judgement; The body of Christ; Voluntary humility; Christ's anointing; Wake up!
8/29/20 Exposing Blind Spots
Burning Bush Festival; RNC riots; Militia - USC Title 10; Violence out of hand; Christ gave us the solution; BLM & KKK; Anger clouds thinking; Systemic racism?; Omitting basic parts of the Gospel of the Kingdom; The Great Reset; Understanding history; Becoming merchandise; Cursing children with debt; Strong delusion; Starvation deaths; Machine part shortages; Trump is not your salvation; Food supplies; COVID pandemonium; County roundups; Being FOR Christ and righteousness; God-given immune system within you; Activating your immune system; Tetanus; Overstimulated immune response = "illness"; Avoiding hate; 28% were immune to COVID before it arrived - by memory; Coronavirus is not new; Immunity deniers; Civilization salvation; Problem is people in the dark; Government of God not to be like Gentile governments; No force! Charity; Loaves and fishes; "Love" = "Charity"; Christ's gospel = His plan of salvation; Warped definition of "religion"; Fear not! Anger not!; Deplatforming; Humility required; Why so many in prison/jail?; Sweden inmate example; Immigration percentage; Skin color doesn't cause violence; Seeing your strong delusion; Street crime increases?; Causes; War on poverty; Fatherless homes; Systemic undermining fabric of society - family; Oregon Article 2 section 22; Birthing/nursing children imparts immunity; Consequences of not being doers of the Word; "Well-regulated" = organized; Becoming "great" again; Daily ministration; Prosecutorial zeal; Myths explained; Morphing charity into force; Prison costs; Nonsensical example; Changing the nature of society; Britain example; Kingdom - incarcerate to protect, not punish; Prisons for profit; Power of the Holy Spirit; 1 Sam 8; Getting God to hear you again; Private prison misnomer; Using your gifts from God; Social Security realities; Myth: Prison slave labor; Repent and seek His kingdom; Lying media; Wake up!; Myth: violent criminals incapable of rehabilitation; Imaginary Christians; Thinking differently; Mark of the beast not forced upon you; Whose hoops will you jump through?; Spirit of Beast - force your neighbor; You want the Spirit of God!
8/29/20 Prison
Why so many in prison?; Costs per prisoner; Rehabilitation; Robust immune system; Undermining society; Streets on fire; Intelligent design; Community supervision; Sex offender?; Walled-in camp; Corrupt judge story; Legal system mistakes; Standing up for your neighbor; Handling inadequacies of society; Gen 18:20; Sodom's sin; Forcing contributions; Ez 16:49; Strengthening the poor; Castro; Gaddafi's plight; Single-parent families; School janitorial parable; New Deal + War on Poverty; Free material - online; 900AD story; Taking care of needy; Constantine's church; Ambrose for bishop; Christianity without repentance; Charlemagne's failure; Ground-up provisions for ministers; Reign of conquerors; Lady Godiva - no forced contributions; Your next step.
9/5/20 No Broadcast today.
9/12/20 No Broadcast today.
9/19/20 Kingdom Politics (Listen closely)
Relationships with each other; "City" spirit; Fire focus; Consequences of disorganization; Doing for ourselves; Huge volunteer fire department (RFPA); Importance of communication; Kingdom "politics"; Emotions; More action than just talking; Ruth Bader Ginsberg died; gods many deciding good/evil; Spiritual revelation; Man/woman differences; Arbitrary designations; Changing reality by changing definitions; "Religion" example; RBG resistance; Governments of God and world; Understanding the bible; Power vs Justice; "Politics"; Art of Governing self; Righteousness of God; "Sui Juris"; God's job for Man; Giving away your power; "We the People"; "politician" definition; Kingdom not to be like gentiles - forced offerings; Christ's appointment of kingdom to the called out; No coveting!; What to do and not to do; "Ekklesia" = called out; Was Jesus registered?; History removed from education; Self-law (Sui Juris) idiom; Not ruling over another; Iconoclast article; Man-kind includes woMAN; Opinions don't change reality; Different yet equal?; God made men and women different; If a man thinks himself wise, let him marry; Blame game; Finding the whole truth; Anything less is a lie; Competition strangles humility; Laying down your life for others/children; Dominion; What society's been doing; Putting your faith in masks; Num 5:30; Zec 7:12; Subduction quake overdue; Keeping power in hands of the people; Votive offerings; Lk 2:27; Republic before the revolution; Hierarchy in the kingdom?; Ruling over that which is freely given (charity); World upside-down; Ro 7:6; Ro 8:2 Law of sin and death; Augustus campaigned on family values and return to republic; US Parallels to Rome; World "might" be saved; Gal 3:1; Minister job vs Holy Spirit job; Feminist RBG quotes; Your salvation at hand; Identifying your battles; Sui Juris without God?; What Christ commanded; The "Name" of Christ; Making room for God; Real Christian judgement; "Heaven sent"; The choice you have.
9/19/20 Stepping Stones Back to Common Sense
God allows us to choose evil - with consequence; Events misleading us into bad choices; Inoculants; Toxic effect of viruses; COVID lie; Masking; Herd immunity; Protect the elderly; Bible misconceptions infecting minds; "Normal" SCOTUS appointments; Not political office; Kingdom of God operation; "gods"; Sui Juris church; ekklesia; European fertility study; Capitalism property rights; Family responsibilities; Slavery's harm to whites; Black self-sabotage; Socialism breeds selfishness; Seeking the cause of community decline; Families beget equality; Favoring socialism without knowing what it is; Efficiency of God's kingdom; Moral voices; Being wise as serpents; Virusing your mind; Life of the flesh in the blood; Laying down our life for one another; Calling evil good, and good evil; Unmentioned powerful black leaders; Come together to DO the will of the Father - right now.
9/26/20 Hosea 1-2 (Learning from Hosea's forgiveness toward Gomer)
Hosea born into mistaken society; People rejected God long before adulterous relationship; National adultery; Overcoming lies requires humility; Believers in "socialism" can't define what it is; Same for Jesus!; e.g. Christ's clear command(s) to His disciples; Organization/ekklesia - "called out"; Public Schools are socialist institutions; Hosea sent to call people to repentance; Going to cities/tents; Bride of Christ; Kingdom/world distinction; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah - New Deal + War on Poverty; Welfare State destroyed families more effectively than Slavery ever did; The beginning of the problem; Hosea directed to marry prostitute (Gomer); Metaphor for Israel's relationship with God; Hosea 12:7 - merchandise; Socialism = covetous practices; Reece Commission changing thinking; Binding through love; You've been trained in the ways of Baal; The bible you have; Not writings that enlighten you, but Holy Spirit; Spiritual constipation; Seeing creation from the spiritual point of view; Listening to God's direction; Learning from Hosea's forgiveness toward Gomer; Are you DOing? Hosea 1; Two kingdoms; First mistakes; Finding your salvation; Jezreel and Israel; Meaning of children names; Wages/rewards of unrighteousness = prostituting yourself; Done for gain, not love; Living land; Apotheos of United States; Children of Gomer are symbols of national aspects; Militia building; Patterns in Rome and US; Loruhamah: lamad-aleph - no mercy - in time; Want mercy? Grant mercy to others; Woman: compassionate caregiver, intuitive, wisdom; Jezreel: God sows (his spirit); Breathes into Adam, apostles; Taking of oaths; Marriage incorporation; Congregation = free assembly - not bound; Hosea 2; Ammi = nation of people; Christ's taking and appointing of the kingdom; Kings rising 1000 years later; No dominion over each other; Miracles happen; Benefits of Pharisees - put away, depend on charity; Blood freely given, not meat with blood in it; What made America great; H. G. Wells book on Socialism - "Old Things for New"; Seek kingdom of God and His righteousness; Working out your salvation; Bondage of Egypt.
9/26/20 Hosea 3-5
God's contracts; New testament quoting Old; How you've lost your rights; God restoring His kingdom; Different testaments?; Israel's kingdoms; Hosea 3; His marriage explained; Flagons; Christ's fruit; Other gods (many); Bible studying; Balaam; The solution to wanting a ruler to fix things for you; Images, ephods and teraphim; Anti-Christ governments; Hosea 4; What made America great; Doing the riot math; Real Christian protest; Are you crazy?; Lacking knowledge; What priests?; Your forgiveness depends; Modern workers of iniquity; Taking away the heart; Roman taxes; Rethinking freedom; Backsliding heifer?; Shameful sacrifices; Forbidden oaths; Government lawlessness; Words of Christ; David's spirit; What are you afraid of?; Hose 5; You've been snared; Self-salvation?; What we should be doing.
10/3/20 Hosea 6-7
Hosea has the answer; Romans 9 reference; Christians contrary to Christ; Depression and its consequences; DOing what Moses and Christ said to do; Pharisees had it wrong!; First witness; Only so much time; Solutions in Christ's gospel; Living by faith, hope and charity - not force; Sour grapes; Sabbath and debt; Fitting bible together; Shameful sacrifices; Federalist papers; Literacy -1776 vs today; Irish oppression; Bible - key to freedom; Destruction of families; 32 million illiterate adult Americans today; Universities in 1600s; Swearing; Government criminals; 1984 on steroids; Reviewing Hosea 5; Park Yeon-mi story - North Korean escapee; Wages of unrighteousness; Slaughter - blood toucheth blood; Taxation not theft - (your) covetous practice; Ephraim, Judah and Israel; Biting one another - eating meat with blood in it; Hosea 5:9; Ritalin; Stop dealing with symptoms and address the problems; Warnings to Modern Christians; Consequences/Reward built into natural system; God, the capitalist; Assyria; Getting miracles; Repent early; Christ's keys to the kingdom; Hosea 6 and dry bones; Church your insurance/welfare/instruction.; From socialism to capitalism; Symbolism vs meaning; Faith vs guarantees; Burnt offerings; Hosea 6:7; No impunity for breaking commandments; Gilead - pile of stones; City = terror; Polluted with blood; Murdering by your consent; Doing better ourselves; Journeying individually together; Hypocrisy of being against abortion but for welfare; Hosea 7; Future of Federal Reserve; Ending famine; Your life is a gift - so is your neighbor's; Are you wicked?; Politicians a product of your weakness; Seeing the whole truth; Casting your bread upon waters; Habitual sluggards.
10/3/20 Hosea 8-9
Minor prophets saying same as Major prophets same as Christ; What is Religion?; Making word of God to none effect; Studying the bible; Hosea's message; Things God hates; Insurance vs Assurance; Illiteracy and schools; Fake education; The way out of the trap; Ancient paths; Christ's "brethren"; Being diligent; Using freedom; Hosea 8; Pretending innocence; God's grace for you; Fenced cities; What are temples?; Are we too proud?; Hosea 9; Who are "Israel"?; Loving reward; Forcing education; Plight of Indian reservations; Work ethic; Egypt = bondage; Assyria; Weaving wedding garments; Mistaking emotion for spirit; Watchmen; Nice-guy ministers; The religion of socialism; Unhealthy Christians; Cursing children; Ritalin; Destroying family/freedom; Depression; Anger/fear removed by forgiveness; Love as energy.
10/10/20 Hosea 9-11
Hosea: Minor prophet told to marry a harlot; How relate to us today; Hosea 9 review; "reward" - aleph tav nun nun; Threshing floor; Tav = faith: links unseen spirit world to physical; Separate kingdom of Israel/Ephriam and Judah king followers; Pilate's official declaration - "King of the Jews" recognition; Idiotes (unregistered) followers of Christ; Sacrifice - delusion first; Church v man's government; The road of prophecy; Communist manifesto; Private property?; Use tax and legal title; Mask shaming; Minister Steve Smothermon; What made America great; Hosea's "reward" = NT "wages of unrighteousness"; Balaam = Nicolaitan; Lady Godiva; British oath of fealty; Pure Religion; Patron saint of architects; Drawing near to God; Force is foolishness; Militias; Hosea's "Assyria"; Covetous practices; Compromise; Closing door to kingdom of heaven; Delusion of thinking you know God; Christ's solution - become the benefit for your neighbor; Shared message of the prophets; Getting back to freedom under God; Love = Charity; Networking in the bible; Beware returning to the bondage of Egypt; Funeral story; Suicide; Visiting Trauma; Dealing with it; Recognizing socialism; Perfecting savagery; Hosea 10 and federal reserve; Divided hearts and minds; Foolish virgin; Learning the ways of Christ; Developing eyes of Christ; Christian courage; Golden calf (of Bethaven); Repenting of the ways of the world; Altars as systems of welfare; The origin of the blood; Tares; Seeking spiritual meaning; Tricking you from your responsibility; God's warnings of choosing a king; No king but Jesus?; Evidence; Making covenants with worldly gods; Hosea 11; Remaining involved; Ear tickling churches; Trading Egypt for Assyria; God's grief at man's folly; Graven images signed by our own hands; Your sacrifice do draw near God; Rev 2:6; Separating you from God; 2 Peter 2:18; What we are missing; Opening the door to the kingdom of Heaven; Heaven vs Hell; BLM Religion; Giving life meaning.
10/10/20 Hosea 12-13
Hosea 12; False Assyrians; Carrying oil into Egypt?; Abraham's different way; Minutemen for neighbors; Natural capitalism; Eskimo sharing story; Private property and Jubilee; Moses' statutes; Kingdom divided; The LORD as a merchant; Selling yourself a slave; Ephraim and Israel; How to be free; Rewards of unrighteousness; College the early American way; Christ's way out of bondage; Sweden's income tax; Loving your neighbor; De 17:16; Biblical constitution; "We the People"; Fake history -> fake news; Hosea 13; Kissing calves; Home/private school; Who's going to save you?; Kingdom government of, for and by the people; Making gods of men; Animal references; Bride of Christ; God's path to the kingdom; George Floyd's demise; Socialism destroys the people; Obtaining God's blessings.
10/17/20 Relating Hosea to Today
Hosea 4:6 - Lack of knowledge; How to see and hear; Incorrect understanding - Humility required; Israel = priest to all nations; Who is blind?; Relating parables; Casting pearls to swine; Facts matter; Straightening the way; Networking Christ's way; Double standards in persecution; Kingdom tracks; Acting upon truthful knowledge; RNA vaccine testing; Salvation - from what?; Rejecting God's word; Hosea 4:12; "gods" many; Deciding good and evil; Isaiah and Jeremiah's confirmation; Christians not recognizing the gospel; "Worship"; John 10:3; Missing the word in front of you; "Study"; Satan's truth; We are our own danger; Working for world governments; Cursing your children; Jer 4:22 Foolishness; Accepting Christ; Knowing God's mission for you; Nurturing mercy; Hosea 6:6; Exercising authority; Putting on God's armor; Humpty Dumpty; Warring against reality; Utopia; Rejecting knowledge of God; Adam and Eve revisited; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Perfecting Christ within you; Sophistry - changing word meanings; "Court packing"; "Originalist" or "Textualist"; Biblical constitutions?; "Gulag Archipelago"; Mao's spirit lives today; Throwing away your sight; Finding reason in unreason; Advocating kingdom; War on Poverty; Offices of power vs service; No king in Israel; Destroying good food; Hosea 10:3; Befriending unrighteous mammon; Electing the perfect king; 1 Sam 8; Making your change; What's righteous?; Alice's adventures; Calling good evil -> persecution; Hosea 10:4; Oregon's felons in office; 1 Cor 8:5 "gods/lords many"; Gal 4:8; Acts 19:26; Webster's dictionary changing definitions on demand; Bible words changing; Religion = what you DO; Temples; Altars; Red Heifer; Admitting you've been deceived and deluded; Kingdoms divided by parties; Christ's "command" for gathering; Repenting and seeking the kingdom; Shutdown's catastrophic consequences; Fear not!; Only one denomination!
10/17/20 Hosea 14
Hosea's timeless messages; Christ's commandments; Different baptisms; Knowing history; Finishing Hosea 13; Living Network; Seeking kings; Binding neighbors; Forced sacrifice; Non-followers of Christ; Social Security trust fund?; Central treasury warnings; Thinking kingdom; Hosea 14; What's your iniquity?; State marriage contracts; Missed biblical instructions; Forgiveness; Calves of our lips; Merchants of men; Works of our hands; Who's your daddy?; Dry bones; Margaret Sanger's mission; Targeted black community; Finding your salvation; Horrible Sparta; Modern slavery; Idols; Kingdom taken from Pharisees; Fasting; Loaves and fishes; Israelite family structure; Tens; Prosperity; Rewarding destruction; Strong delusion; Repentance; Tears and action; Appointing seven men; Many days without; Getting the system out of you; The good news; Getting God to hear you; Congregational mitosis.
10/24/20 Media Games
Finished Hosea; Preparing Joel; Dig into Hebrew; Visualize the author's direction; "Dominion"; God stays the same; Repeating mistakes, repeating solutions; Washing away preconceived notions; Media conflicts; Biden laptop saga; Steele dossier; Clinging to falsehoods; "Cages" comments; Lawless laws; Loving truth; Fake theology/religion -> Fake gospel -> Fake education -> Fake news.; Censorship; Witnessing spirit of unrighteousness; Appointing "elders"; Force is anti-Christ; Voting socialist; Covetous practices cursing your children; Hebrew meanings; Cows and coronavirus; Becoming immune to lies; Congregations of Christ; Spreading vs censoring truth; Protesters facilitating riots; Bible message to live by faith, hope and charity; Social Security is not a trust fund; Licenses requiring Social Security Number; USC Title 42 s/s 666; Not to be that way with you; Christ's solution; Commandment against debt; Benefit dependence; Spirit of destruction.
10/31/20 News Behind the News
Knocking = seeking truth; What is the real good news (gospel)?; Halloween; Cyclical world; Signs in the sun; Panicking the people; Objectivity; Greta Thunberg awakening; Green new deal; Finding reliable news sources; Questioning your truths; Inappropriate "study"; Testimony in action; Recognizing our limits; MacNamara studies on Viet Nam; Washington Post; New York Post; Most Americans opposed constitution; Illegal ratification; "We the People"; Media bias; Media censorship; Joe Biden history; Oregon outlaws in office; The mysterious laptop; Giuliani involvement; Massive suppression; Washington Post (Kathleen Parker) coverage; "The People" as governors; Joe Biden 1988 run for president; Twitter as a "platform"; Confusing story; Kathleen Parker story; Hampering information flow; "Editing" vs "free speech"; Platform immunity from prosecution; Platforms acting as publications; "What if" Americas; The soul of America; Why riots?; You allow removal of your bias/anger/vices; Real cause of Viet Nam brush war; Making a difference in you; Overcoming your biases; Cashless society?; Clarity in the bible; Christ's way; Knowing your limitations is good news; Electing a new Caesar is not the solution; Being of service to others allows God to hear your cries; Who should you vot for?; Power belongs in your hands; Mutual communion (welfare); Policing your minister; Your choice: seek kingdom of God or of the world; Becoming government of, for and by the people; Repentance = thinking a different way; Seeing the whole truth; Red Agorist; Voluntary relationships; Disconnect between what you say and what you do; Red markets; The God of nature/creation; How can Christians accept forcing neighbors?; Church is supposed to be Israel - ministers of God's kingdom.
10/31/20 Censorship
Hunter Biden laptop; Others not wanting you to know the whole truth; Segmenting culture; Authenticating information; Do you want to know the whole truth?; Slothful under tribute; Avoiding sloth; Righteousness = total honesty; Capitalism vs Socialism; Boat-building story; Co-ops; Media requiring you think like they do; Socialism = relationship based on force; Rightly dividing bread; Saying Lord, Lord is self-serving; No king but Caesar; 2 Chron 6:26; Taxation; Political actors; Showing you what you want to see; Deacons and Elders; Kingdom efficiency; Having eyes to see; Agorism = voluntary; Alternatives to force; Understanding societies; Cities of refuge; Ecclesiastical courts; Resolving injustice; False witness; Promoting violence?; Ps 27:12; Minister choices; Spiritual doors; Deuteronomy gems; Which master do you love?; Voting with money; Laying down your life; Kingdom capitalism; Practicing morality; Stoning stubborn sons; Not supporting the wicked; Seeing the truth about you!
11/7/20 Helping You With Your Unbelief
Kingdom of God - at hand; Took from Pharisees - political party in power; Essenes; Unrighteous world used force; Making word of God of none effect; Stimulus checks; Church-owned land in common; Jubilee; Strong delusion; Saying vs Doing; Forgive, care, love without force; New Corinthians; Social Security solvency; You are surety; Kingdom voting; How kingdom works; Christ COMMANDED.; Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Christ's appointment; Rich made poor; Private vs Public Religion; Already having the mark; The Church is.; "Ekklesia"; Incorporating church; Jews accepting Jesus; Who counts the votes?; Minister's job; The way of Christ; Deacons; Kingdom blood flow; Congregations and elders; Your status and responsibility; Biblical constitutions; Community/communion; Modern ear-tickling churches; What you can do; Joel's "Joy and Gladness"; Helping you with your unbelief.
11/14/20 The Distinction of Christianity
Realm of truth; Do you want to know?; Press bias; 2020 election; News scripting; "Roots"; Patterns of group-think; Controlling the narrative; Yellow journalism; Flu season; Viruses and lies; Toxicity; Acceptance of viruses/lies; Is the pope Catholic?; Reality = truth; Cheating mentality; Voting systems software manipulation; Solution for vote manipulation; Ballot image retention; Voting in the kingdom; Christianity's difference from the world; Daily ministration; Self-organizing volunteerism and charity; Kate Brown's next shutdown; COVID agenda; Living in the world but not of it; Christ vs world; Private religion; Public Temples of Rome; Blind man's story; Leader vs Ruler; Early Christian networking; "Snowden"; Conversations in congregations; Corruption iceberg; Thinking you already see; Make-believe saviors; Christ's solution; Benefit addiction; "1984" - Hilary's favorite book; Wishful thinking vs what you need to do; Laying down life of neighbor/parents/children for your convenience = Anti-Christ; Affirming your non-truths; Replicating Christ; Voter fraud rehashed every election - but nothing changes; Religious duty; Forced offerings vs charity; Repent, seek the kingdom and His righteousness; Righteous religion; Elder-driven kingdom; Liberty = God's gift; Inadequate (non-biblical) constitution; Kingdom government of service; Freeing your neighbor; Not supporting folly; Thou shalt not kill; Defining charity; Strengthening the poor; "Pie police"; Replacing self-evidence with victimhood; Knowing how your thinking should change; No exercising authority; Distancing from dependence; Practice the whole truth; Doers of the word; Dangerous dictator spirits; Path to the network of the kingdom; Seeing your own faults; A thousand years ago.; Christ does not need force; Behave yourself.
11/14/20 Election Irregularities
Why not ensure fair observation?; Violation of federal law?; No salvation in election rulers; But, promoting righteousness; Licensed observers; Why no media outrage?; Historical election corruption; Kingdom voting; Pharisee method; Freewill offerings = charity; What makes us Christians?; Moral basis of free society; E pluribus unum; Truth revival; Can society endure.; God's opinion; Commandments; Loving truth; We the People; Parens Patriae; Making the state your father; Rise of kings; Taxing for church; Lady Godiva; Media distraction from truth; Alcohol consumption in late 1700s; Spiritual vs emotional revivals; God is reasonable; Organizing self; Chaotic world; Providing education; Alexis de Tocqueville; What made America great; Forgotten wisdom; Christ's message; Early 1900 military influence; Blind to unrighteousness; Thomas Jefferson history; Destroying heroes; Strive for morality; Freely associate.
11/21/20 Roman Imperial Cult
Footnotes; No salvation in electing a new ruler; Pandemic takeaways; Comfort = enemy of truth; Righteous in generations?; Following blind guides rather than Christ; Start where Christ started; Corban; Living so God will hear you; What "religion" is; Simplicity of the gospel; Modern Church avoiding Christ's command; Natural consequences for not following His way; Voting machines issues; Paris accords; Death in convalescent homes; Honoring father and mother; Increased PCR testing - not virus specific; Comorbidities; vs smoking deaths?; 800 COVID vs 65000 smoking (Oregon); Thanksgiving gathering more regulated than cocaine; Mask cult; Believing lies does the harm; Diamond Princess cruise ship realities; Shutdown-caused deaths; Prolonged virus presence; Censoring science; The Great Reset?; World Economic Forum; Persecuting truth; No will in the people; Witchcraft; Forced contributions weakens souls; Loving truth; Seeking kingdom; Holy Spirit here from the beginning; Being doers; Covetousness cuts you off from God; Caring for neighbor by love; Defines your character; Pure religion - Church's mission; Getting stuck in rituals/habits/clothing.; Journey into yourself; Resetting to Babylon; Blinded by your choices; Roman Imperial Cult; Trans-humanism; Ethics?; Re-molding you; Coping with stress; Shutdown-caused starvation; Reduction in world population; Council of Milan; Constantine's corrupt counterfeit church; Displaying extreme to make you think plain evil is OK; Your part in today's savagery; "Build it better"?; Than God?; Nanotechnology; Law of Love; Constantine's councils; Gospel basics; Deut 27:18; Beast prophets are cursed; Follow the light of Christ; Deut 28:29; Local shutdown story; Standing up before unlawfulness; Fighting on Christ's terms; Mt 13:16; Fixing the inside; Duty to fellow man; Strengthening the poor; Warring against spiritual wickedness; Wisdom in the minority; How can you help your neighbor?; Learning the doctrine of Christ.
11/21/20 Sharing Life's Energy
Changing the systems of the world; Socialism; Israel choosing a king; World EChanging the systems of the world; Socialism; Israel choosing a king; World Economic Forum's strong delusion; Improving man from the outside; Intent makes the crime; Justifying means and ends; Addressing depression; Identifying problem causes; Forgiveness promotes healing; Sharing life's energy; Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Ten Commandments; Dealing with your darkness; Coming in the name of Christ; Debt; Sabbath; Covetousness; Vote tampering - do you care?; People choosing rulers; Congregation formation and connection; Follow Christ or acquire blindness; Saving the whole world; Knocking and asking = humility; Already saved?; Feeding 5000; Forced offerings condemned = unrighteous mammon; Two witnesses; How to begin; Elders in congregation; No exercising authority!; Lady Godiva; Church strengthens the poor; Fascist anti-fascists; Facing your inner self; Pharaoh Moses; Exodus; Kingdom responsibilities; Autonomy of choice; Life on this planet; Playing your part in building the kingdom.
11/28/20 Love in Action
Talk with those around you; Even if they don't agree; How do I get into the kingdom?; Will God hear you?; Hypnosis; Getting you to go along; Concentration camps and gulags; Inhumanity; Lie-ruses; Are you being manipulated?; An0maly's progression; What don't I see?; Judean "priests"; Promoting truth; Faith in vaccines; Good lies are full of truth; Replicate truth; Not those who *say* Lord, Lord, but the Doers; Actual forgiveness; Love and light; Love of desire; Do you want to see?; Loving your enemy; What you know that just ain't so; Love in action; Miracles around Christ; Why Christ came; Touched by the Holy Spirit; vs Being filled; Different than emotional experience; Unholy spirits; Husband and Wife - God's creation; Rulers and Leaders; No rulers allowed in God's kingdom; Turning up your light; Loving father and mother; Mask shaming; Immunity deniers; Modern Church posers; Mt 13:16; Seeing truth about yourself; Fertile ground in you?; Why Paul appealed; "Rhomaios"; Repentance = changing of your mind; Humility is key; Humiliation vs humbling; Resolving autoimmune issues via diet; Loving the journey; Gather in tens, hundreds and thousands; Evil's divisional intent; South African prophet?; Shooter mentality; Following the Spirit of the real Jesus; Mt 5:13; Embrace forgiveness and freedom; Nu 18:19; Levites = God's 2nd institution; Sanhedrin; Mk 9:49 - Salting sacrifice; Jn 9:39 - Judgement; Paul's appeal to Rome; Paul's legal terms; Acting upon what you're shown; Gathering with imperfection; Allowing choice; Mt 13:23; Fruit of the Holy Spirit; How to stop being merchandise; Deut 28:29; Fighting monsters; Righteous rule; Thieving, lying priests; Learning from Adam's faults; Binding and loosing; Mark of the Beast is to control others; Stop usurping God; Freedom of Religion; Pygmalion; Paine or Crockett?; Is forgiveness at you core?
11/28/20 Freedom of Religion
Focus on the Living Network; Christ's most ignored command; Practicing Pure Religion; Salvation by way of the comforter; Giving up your dominion; Are you part of His Church?; Communing with the Holy Spirit; Baptism of Christ; Freedom of religion; Socialism based on covetous practices; To oppress a nation.; Network/kingdom map; Charity vs force; Davy Crockett; Taxation; Aid in early America; "Give me liberty" speech; Repentance = thinking differently; When did God okay covetousness?; Changing understanding of what Church/Religion is; Worshipping an image of Christ; "Free Exercise" clause in US constitution; Christian character; Anti-federalist papers; Constitution's flaws; Take initiative to learn truth; Establishment of religion; Social Security will fail; Opposition to Social Security Act; Christ's pure religion; Living altars of faith; Sacrifice draws you near to God; Why do right?; Preparing for the world's fall; Setting others free; Congregate locally.
12/5/20 Protecting Ourselves Against Cognitive Dissonance
Repent and stop sinning; Evidence of faith; What makes us moral?; Signs of civilization; Loving neighbor as self; Cop/cliff story; Thought tolerance; Judgement by rumor; At least one of us is wrong; Clinging to our opinions; US election results; Cognitive dissonance; Planet Clarion?; Subtle delusion? Trump racism?; What about you?; Personal mutilation; Understanding solutions; Rationalizing lies; MRIs viewing brains during stimulus; Choosing your evil; Digging for the facts; No actual coronavirus tests; Blind faith; Shutdowns will cause death to millions of innocents; Releasing your investment in falsehood; "World" in the bible; Forcing you to do what they think is right; Protecting ourselves against cognitive dissonance; Enslaved nations today; Discomfort from conflicting ideas; Denying truth; "Israel"; Herod's salvation; "Fair share" enforcement; Both parties are socialist; Sacrifice must be voluntary; Nobody wants to have been wrong; Sacrificing your ego; Polio realities; No coveting!; Truth hidden by your choices; Gather in congregations; Caring for others you don't even know; Eschew rationalization; Truth - about yourself - will set you free; Social Security myths and truths; Religion of the Pharisees; Immunity to lies; "Free Exercise" clause; Amendment 1; Right to religious freedom; Discovering the real truth; Covetous soul of society; Paul's "we" may not include you; Obvious social contracts; What do you know about vaccines?; Cow pox?; Upcoming RNA Vaccine; Will you lay down your life for others?; If not, don't expect others to do so for you.
12/5/20 The Free Exercise Clause
Contradicting what you know with new information; Fact avoidance; Your salvation = the Real Christ; Making reasonable arguments; Resultant inaction; World agenda; Securing your freedom; Biblical constitutions; Public vs private religion; Cutting muster; The Free Exercise clause; Regulated churches; Compliance with Christ; Selling your neighbor into bondage; Cognitive dissonance; Walls of truth; Legal definition of Church; Owing Satan; Strengthening neighbors; Self-value; Where is the money you paid in?; Christ's Church organization; Getting God to hear you; Choosing to sacrifice; Building your social security; The kingdom way; Patronous = Our Father; Sending funds to Corinth; Early Church opt-out; God's spirit in motion through you.
12/12/20 Fear Not, Real Christians
Media overwhelmed by lies; No PCR test can tell COVID; Death toll comparisons; Fear not, real Christians; Have you been seduced by lies?; Removing parental rights; You've allowed lawless governments; Sabbath; Cursing your children with debt; Recognize your delusion; Betraying Christ; Evidence of your unbelief; George Floyd's life and death; Our problem; Socialism/Communism is here now; "Slanted" book; Where's the plague?; Have you waived your rights?; Bible tells how to be free and stay free; Diamond Princess lesson; Immunology; Zombies?; Oregon law proposal; Restrictable diseases; Board deciding medical treatment for your child; Parens Patria; Caesar = patronous; "We the people"; Upset people turning to Facebook?; Synthetic RNA vaccines; Fertility effects; Mask hysteria; Bubonic plague; Impact of vaccine on your community?; The real solution; Moses and Christ in agreement; Word meaning changes drive your misunderstanding; What makes society strong?; What makes you strong?; Believing you're right doesn't make you right; Un-Christian "Religion"; Lively stones of the altar; Accustom to force and fear; To whom do you pray for benefits?; Your cognitive dissonance; Forced offerings made the word of none effect; What makes Christians, Christians?; Tithing men; Freedom of religion; Are you following a false Christ?; If you need a test to know, does it matter?; Blind leading blind; Romans 13 and The Higher Liberty; Adam's blame game; Sacrifice to pursue righteousness; Seeing your covetous practices; Drawing near to God; Investing in others; Testing forgiveness; Bringing Christ into your assembly; Feel-good churches; Miracles of operating as the body of Christ; "Lord Jesus Christ"; Let no man deceive you; Have you fallen away?; Seeing the signs; Sacrifice must be voluntary; John 17:12; Is your kiss laced with betrayal?; How long will you allow your family's destruction?; Relationship takes time; Turn on the light!; Church organization commands; Love fuels the kingdom; Aid your neighbors now.
12/12/20 1 Thessalonians 1-3
Freedom of Religion; Author: Paul; Understanding what The Church was doing; Finding the root of the problem; Christ's new dominion; Working Christians; Misinterpreting Paul's theology; Fragment clues; 1 Thes friendly conversation; Governmental terminology; Are you sacrificing?; The Brethren; The Joy of the Holy Ghost; "follower" = imitator; Being a "patriot" is not enough; Herod's welfare state; No ear-tickling (flattering words); No filthy lucre; No benefits from Caesar; Where will you go?; Christ's kingship; Paul's examples; Parens patria; Samuel's warnings; Why you owe Caesar; The called out of God; People jealous of Christians; Latest stimulus package; Debt forgiveness?; Satan the adversary; Christ's "coming" is every day!; Blood flow in the body of Christ; Getting God to hear your prayer; Perfecting our faith.
12/19/20 1 Thessalonians 4
What's missing in community?; Communion = taking care of needy; Celsus - antagonist to Christianity; Ambrose; Rebutting trolls; Fake good news; Christ's mission; Capitalism; Thessalonians - what to understand; Self-organizing community; Shutdown: who's being destroyed?; Why?; War on Poverty; Arguing with fools; How to build a temple; Strengthening community; Golden calf; Band of Brothers; Sacrificing for neighbors; Taking back responsibilities; Unhewn living stones; Our pious duty; Removing the scales from our eyes; Exousia = right to choose; 1 Thes 4; Exhortation; Sanctification; Fornication?; Opting out; 1 Thes 4; Vessels; Does our walk honor Christ?; Practicing pure religion; Concupiscence?; Coveting; Desiring benefits at the expense of others; All have departed from Christ - just a matter of degree; Working together for community; Having a network to turn to; Who are brethren?; Fondness of Honor; Temptations of Christ; Re-righting the world; Are you asleep; Stoning?; Raising from the dead?; Saul's downfall; People's choice to elect a man to fight their battles; 1 Sam 8; Making your life great again; Fornication = idolatry; Creeping socialism; What weakens community?; Gifts of being pure of heart; Meeting in the clouds?; Our Father; Time to network!
12/19/20 1 Thessalonians 5
Reviewing 1 Thes 4; People who sleep; Taking away sight; How to look for the kingdom; The awake can work while others sleep; The dead in Christ; What's already happened?; How to not betray Christ; "Caught up in the clouds"; Removing scales from our eyes; Covenants of the "gods" - of the "world"; "cloud" - nephele; Forgiveness works!; Celsus' monologues; Social Security realities; Christ's solution; Beware private interpretations/distractions; 1 Thes 5; Seeing the signs; Treasure in your hands; Blood flow through the body; Becoming children of light; Casting out demons; Power vs service; Thinking righteously; Woke or awakened?; Temptation of power; Snares of the adversary; Prayer for what?; Lottery story; Holding fast to what is good; What's "evil"?; Onward to 2 Thessalonians; 2 Pe 3:10; Elements and rudiments; Angel = messenger; Conform to God's message.
12/26/20 Stimulus to Hell
Many under strong delusion of being Christian; Elements of the world; "New World Order"; Evil since the Garden; Blinders on you; Whole truth or not truth; Vaccine efficacy?; Defending accepted lies; "Stimulus" article; What Jesus said about it; Stimulus - something causing a response; Stimulating by lies; Mass hysteria; Coming out from darkness; Dominion voting machines; ID and racism?; Ecc 11:8; Unwillingness to see the light; 5000 page bills; Source of stimulus money; The "I paid in" myth; Cursing your children; 1913 Federal Reserve act; Can't be "rich" and in debt; Blame is not divisible; Sense of meaning; Our power to choose our response; Anger habit; Time to choose; Situational awareness; Consequential loss of liberty; Christ said not to be like them; What world we are leaving our children; Luke 1:79; Spirit of destruction; Power of righteousness; Overcoming temptation; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Malachi 2; Meeting righteous need; Other peoples' money; Jesus' unique way; The (social) contract; Creating the alternate choice; Tribe of Levi; Keeping choice available; Iniquity; "Church" = called out; Term limits?; Is the word of the Lord in your pastor's mouth?; The table of Caesar; What's the true solution?; Jer 33; Abundance of peace and truth; "The real destroyers of liberties."; Social Security realities; No separation of funds; Humility over vanity; Seek the big picture (whole truth); "partial" in the law; Who's your daddy?; Providing for neighbor unspotted by the world; Abomination in Israel; Jeru Salem (double peace); Result of your action; A life of righteousness; Dividing your religion; Repent - go another way; Realize the temptation toward unrighteousness.
12/26/20 Right of Conscience
Personal coronavirus research; Dying *with* COVID; Getting away with lies; Voluntary vaccine?; Standing up for/with your neighbor; Coveting stimulus money; Malachi on those walking with God; Monumental debt growth; What ministers should be; Understanding metaphors; Unbelievable cover-up; Little dictators revealed; Voted down mandatory vaccinations; Unmandated mandates; No Jab, no job; Mark of the beast; Business shutdown cases; Solutions; No right to force your opinions; Expecting too much from government; Rural vs urban divide; Making your own informed decisions; Judging not; Caring for neighbors; Finding another way.
1/2/21 The Greatest Reset
Relating today's world to kingdom of God; "world" confusion; Noah's days; Death by lack of knowledge; Irresponsible reporting; Disaster of panic; Focusing on symptoms instead of the problem; Vaccination blackmail; The Great Reset; World Economic Forum; Christ's book; Ekklesia; Elders; Faulty preconceived notions; Patriarchal system of families; Apostles waiting on tables; Early church's function; Your lack of vision; The Way of Christ; Temples of the world; Who cares about Romans?; The Greatest Reset; Making the word of God to effect; Public vs Pure religion; "catholic"; Do not be deceived; "Building back"; Exposing "them"; Boxcar loaders; Bishop letter to Trump; How we conform to Christ; Who appoints elders?; Seven men; What is the solution; New normal traditions; "No jab, no job"; Your salvation is doing what Christ said!; Your life and soul depends on it; The job of the church; "Spotted" religion; Historical fornication and marriage; Righteousness of God in the Early church; What Christ wants you to do; Marriage recordings; Who's your father?; Our strong delusion; Slothful under tribute; Cursing our children; World religion; Trusts within trusts; Federal reserve systems; Modern church in conflict with Christ; 10-family congregations; The falling away of Christians; Carlo Maria Vagano's letter to Trump; True Church?; From the government here to help; Sabbath; Fathers of the Earth; Office of The Church; Organized communities of evil; Why we gather; Modern Churches not doing their job; Love righteousness.
1/2/21 Christ's Political Drama
Government help; Pharisaical Corban; Christ's political drama; Doing contrary to Caesar; The "Way" of Christ; "Church"; Why Christ left; Rights and Responsibilities; Constitutional deficiencies; Potestas; Where is your power?; Getting your rights back; Christ's mission; Function of The Church; Redistributing your wealth; Building back better?; Allegiance; Maintaining your right to choose; Anointed succession; Early Church in the Temple; Jews accepting Christ; Archbishop letter to Trump; No Quarter; Abandoning Christ; Destruction of the natural family; Having another king; Being led to falsities; What Jesus said; "Inhumanity"; Beware having one purse; Private property; Overwhelming hospitals?; Wrath of God; Casting pearls before swine; What side are you on?; Disastrous psychological consequences; How "His Church" is different.
1/9/21 Remember Nineveh
Kingdom - someone ruling over somebody; Deciding good and evil for you; DC riots; "Walkaway" movement; Deplatforming; Rampant censoring; Build back better; George Floyd's death; Media regime; People want to be angry = playing into hands of evil; Fighting for power; Building what Christ commanded; Range sheep vs farm flock sheep; Defaming demonstrators; What Christ said to DO; Early Church history; Most common form of self-government; Viable republics in the heart of the world; Staying connected to each other; Maintaining your right to choose; Big tech censorship; Emotional vs rational; Judge not, hate not; Why evil is winning; Forgiveness the key to freedom; Jacobites; Are you listening to Christ's spirit? Or your emotions?; Still small (nonemotional) voice; Actual story of loaves and fishes; Creating bonds that connect you; Contracts, covenants and constitutions; Honesty is a kingdom policy; Why you're vulnerable; Remember Nineveh; "Their" government; Another king, one Jesus; Perfect law of liberty; Choice in the hands of the individual; Losing the battle of righteousness; Explaining the law of God; Overcoming wrong turns with humility; Prov 2:6; Power in truth, not paper; "Peace and safety"; "What do we do?"; The greatest destroyers of liberty; 2 Chron 7:14; Are you living the character of Christ?; Rom 12:2; Benefactors of righteousness; Church history; Militia; Christs commands for organizing; Thwarting today's corruption; Limiting your communication; Where's God sending you?; Electing Caesars?; What evil wants; Stop restricting your neighbor's right to choose; 25th amendment; Getting organized; Becoming wise as serpents; Renewing your mind; A role for all of "us"; Widow's mite; A minister's job; Double standards; 1 Sam 8 relevance; Consummating your fornication; God will not hear you.
1/9/21 A Kingdom Out of This World
Facebook purge; Walkaway movement; Snowden's sins; Order followers; Campaign finance reform in Oregon; Accepting lies; Wolves creeping in; The gospel puzzle; Loving to give life; Capitol invasion; Hearing both sides; Election tampering?; George Floyd perspective; Trump's alleged incitement; Governmental corruption; Courting evil; Who's investigating?; Creating fear and confusion; Demonic evil; Receiving the Holy Spirit; Double standards; Equality Act of 2019; Gender dysphoria; Withholding condemnation; Legislating morality?; Catering to delusion; Rationalization; COVID vaccine; Why emptying prisons?; The asylum state; Emotion vs reason; Fearing the Holy Spirit; Early Church mission; Nero's fire; Evil can't kill real Christians; Church exclusion.
1/16/21 The Assembly is Called! (Joel 1-2)
Events repeated from history; Golem = corporation; Covetous covenants; Are you biting your neighbor?; 1871 Act; USCON; Statutory incorporation; No private property; Legal title; Finishing the puzzle; Understanding the law necessary for understanding the bible; The Church as a network; Spiritual war against truth; Binding by benefits; Joel's timeless message; Losing your liberty; Justifying fear for vanity; Get humble; Think differently; Recovering from compound mistakes; The book of Joel; Attacking symptoms?; Pain is a message; Joel from Judea; National adultery; Evil brings destruction; "Strong strong" delusion; Law manifested; Locusts?; Joel's mission; Lacking kingdom knowledge; Sabbath; Humbly accepting truth; Preaching falsehoods; Accepting your losses; Term limits?; What can YOU do?; Are YOU listening?; Biden-bribes for you; Cursing your children; Christ = anointing; Repentance; Unforgivable sin; Jerusalem stone temple; Bible references to Joel; Becoming children of light; Offerings "cut off"?; Stimulus fallacy; Your contribution to forcing your neighbor; Palm worms and chewing locusts; Allowing corruption; Joel 1; Layers of corruption/parasites; You are already in bondage; Stop coveting - turn around; Realize your error; Where's your offering/sacrifice?; Pleasure vs Joy; All that's left is debt; 1 Sam 8 - "Take" = Joel "Chew"; Isa 43:19; Forsaking calling upon the Lord; Joel 2; Once-richest nation brought down by debt - Why?; What's the alternative?; Return to Christ; Internal invasion - devouring itself; Sanctifying a fast; Understand the real Jesus; God will meet you halfway; Restoring your loss; Surviving freedom; Christ's congregations of congregations; Dragons and owls?; 2nd Pentecost; God's character - call upon it and be delivered.
1/16/21 The Assembly is Called! (Joel 3)
Spiritual mindset taking over people's thinking; Monetary devaluation; Everyone responsible for spreading the word; Spirit of destruction; Think differently = repent!; Measuring righteousness; Confession; Religious order; Podcasts; Joel's chapters; Bible connections; Renting garments; Follow Holy Spirit; Becoming a light on a lampstand; Joel 3; Bible locations not necessarily geographical; Understand in spirit; War on humanity; Evil cannot annihilate man; Benefits begetting depravity; Bankrupt Social Security; Following God's guidance; Can't create a free society by force; Extending the perfect law of liberty; Child trafficking; Borders of Jerusalem and Judah; Joel's prophecies; Devouring the unrepentant; Assemble yourselves; Ezekiel tie-ins; Your freedom of choice; Christian right to self-defense; Double peace; Where's your salvation?; Egypt = bondage; Our goal; Their goal; Gog and Magog; "New wine"; Freely received, freely share; Fathers of the earth; Come together.
1/23/21 Heaven vs Heaven
"Covenants of the gods" chapter 6; Only Matthew uses Kingdom of "Heaven"; Mt 4:17 = Mk 1:14; Mt 6:10 Do the will of God if you want to be in kingdom of Heaven; Revelation vs Intellectual pursuit; The sin of Adam (and us); How to get God to hear your prayer; God's government here and now; How we know we're saved; Mt 16:19 one key to the kingdom; Miraculous intervention; MT 18:18; Heaven vs Earth; Our dominion and fall; Hiding from the truth; Giving life as God does; Heaven = spiritual realm, Earth = physical realm; Kingdom of Heaven "at hand"; Heaven in Renaissance paintings; Clouds?; War in "Heaven"?; Angels = messengers; Beware taking metaphors too far; "Bad guys" missing some aspect; Evil afoot; gods many seeking offices of power; Evil knows God's will, just won't do it; You need God; Divine right of kings?; Ex 23:5; "Hating" God?; Paul's lists of what NOT to do; Lucifer's fall; Calling "evil" "good"; Samuel's warning; Beasts and images; The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Ex 33:2; Sackcloth metaphor; Is 13:5; Understanding principles behind images; Talents - how we (ab)use them; Power corrupts; God's indignation built into the system; Charity vs Force; Many was to be "dead"; Acts 12:23; Knowing God's will by revelation; Jacob's ladder; Busy angels influencing Earthly events; Nu 22:23; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Jude 1:6; Dressing and Keeping; The goal of the adversary; Dominion on condition; Subtlety of evil; Man over man?; Wycliffe bible introduction; Individual dominion; Private property?; Despising dominion; 2 Pe 2 - False prophets; Pernicious ways; Human resources; Seeing yourself in this picture; Bondage of Egypt; The direct commands of Christ; Pure Religion; Living at the expense of the state; Heaven = being one with God; Isa 9:6; Kingdom "at hand"; What is His will?; Setting your neighbor free; Beatitudes; Which "father" do you pray to?; "Numbering" people; Pilate's trial of Jesus; Perfect law of liberty; Tithing; Christ is revolutionary; Repenting for righteousness.
1/23/21 Heaven Continued
Seek kingdom of heaven and righteousness of God; Misconstrued thinking; Pharisaical law enforcement; Membership expectation; Saul's foolishness; Elders in control; What Christ commanded; Mt: 20:25, De 17; Review of morning program; Despising dominion; False prophets; Sabbath keepers?; Politics of Jesus; Peter's revelation/rock; Keys of the kingdom; Selling our brothers into slavery; Dealing with debt; Children of the state; Changes you need to make; The world's governments of force; Christ's good news; "Ouranos"; "Church" specific and its mission; Being still yet active; Overcoming myths; Oppression on the rise; What are you waiting for?; Elder interactions in congregation; Two types of prayer; Finding charity and forgiveness in your heart; Methods of congregating; Meditation; The journey; Join the network!; Your most important task.
1/30/21 Jesus Was Extremely Political
Minor prophets had same message as major prophets; No king but Caesar; Your gods; The "world" of God's kingdom; Jesus was extremely political; Taxation is force; Modern Christians are OK with covetous practices; The Living Network; US Corporation; Acne - symptoms vs causes; Liberty of God in His kingdom; Thinking like Christ; Prophets of the beast; Schools in early America; Righteousness; Ministers in tens, hundreds and thousands pattern; Imperial Cult of Rome; What made America great; Things Jesus would NOT do; The power of God; Forgive and leave judgement to God; Healing the blind man; Synagogue network; Surviving the decline and fall of the empire; Blind guides; Electing savages; Passports; Roman's laws on religion - tax excluded; Modern "Rome"; Passport functions; Christian "logos"; Evil's endgame; Nehemiah 2:7-9 (passports); Becoming free souls under God - again; Republics; Freewill offerings; Saul's forced offering; Giving away your power; US Constitution; Passport = agreement owing allegiance; Guru theories; Christ's way; Distraction from the real problem; Countering guru claims; Buzzwords renew hypnosis; "Nationals" and "citizens"; Sovereign? Or bondservants of Christ?; FDR and LBJ; Passport of Christ; No oaths; Christ, the alien; His appointed trusteeship; Apostle = ambassador; "National" defined; "Internationals"; Non-Malaysian Malaysians; Cemeteries; "Permanent" relationships; Where do all the pieces fit?; The answer is Christ!; Do as He instructed!; Where's your allegiance?; Prove it!; The modern church is not the "we"/"us" of Paul's letters; Polybius quote on appetite for benefits; Becoming less-dependent on man's government; Taking care of each other; Come together in the name of Christ.
1/30/21 Passports to the Kingdom of Heaven
Early Christian Passports; Passport rules; Disadvantages to benefits; Ordained ministers of Christ; Not of this "world"; Swear not!; It's your choice - the doors you open; 22 USC 212; 42 USC 666 subsection 13; Christ's appointed trusteeship; Misinformed gurus; Awakening your spirit; Pure religion; Returning to freedom; Conforming to His Church; Christ: King and High Priest; US National owes permanent allegiance to US; Righteousness in application; Insurrection? Or vandalism?; Appetites for benefits; Observer effect; Your body as a generator; "Love"; Selfishness; Seeking in physical and spiritual realms; Peace of God's kingdom; The allure of alfalfa; No tricking your way out of bondage; Embracing pain/truth brings healing; Binary poison; Recognize what you want to believe; Samuel's warnings; Politics of Christ; Avoiding darkness; Caring for fellow man; Bill Ayers: Weather Underground; Follow righteousness of Christ; Advocating Christ; Evil principalities feed on fear/anger; Make room for Christ; Forgive; Fear not!
2/6/21 Influence of the Gospel of the Kingdom on the World
Who has authority to be your ruler?; Obeying your ruler; The "Way"; Who is anointed?; Media spin on current events; Following the science?; Immunity deniers; Influence of the Gospel of the kingdom on the world; Being in love with the truth; Nature of a lie; Are you willing to see proof?; Appropriate reactions; Trump hate?; mRNA injection realities; The difficulties with lying; Facebook jail?; Having the humility/courage to examine the facts; Seeing the light; "Keys" not given to the pope; Needing the whole truth; Where's the Garden?; Adam's sin; The way to find truth; Cloward-Piven strategy; Destroying capitalism; Your dominion; Making the state your father; Defining socialism; Living networks of people; Dry bones; Are you a slave?; Passport-holder duties; Family dissolution; The seat of Moses; Useless idiots; Spirit of destruction; Unanswered prayers?; Works are evidence of faith; Josh 7:15; Metaphor in the bible; "Cancel culture"; Walking in forgiveness; 1 Cor 3:19; Saul's folly; Getting back to Righteousness; What Abraham did; Division of power in a free government; Christ's mission; Imaginary salvation; Bible study via; What's your "normal"?; Corban of the Pharisees; War and crisis; Spinning "democracy"; Parties to the constitution; "We the People"; Eph 6:12; Modern Roman Empire; Sorceries and pharma; Are you doing what your king commanded?; Where's your evidence?; History removed from schools; The real destroyers of liberty; No exercising authority; The Church's mission; Sabbath; Socialism = coveting neighbor's goods; Deu 32:5; Who's your daddy?; Forced vaccination; Salvation where you're at right now; Ps 5:5; Repent and work righteousness; Ps 37:1; Prosperity of the wicked; James 4:5; Socialism in your heart; Submitting to God; Don't be double-minded; Realize your mistakes; Eph 4:14; Do what YOU need to do; Eph 5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words; Sons of perdition; Seek truth, love righteousness!
2/6/21 Redemption From Bondage
Living in bondage; Shooting your neighbor?; Spirit of destruction; Byproducts of socialism; Temple wealth redistribution; Levitical corruption; John the Baptist's way; Synagogues; Organization of Tens; Are you seeking that?; What do your pastors teach?; The "Way" to freedom; Compare to your "way"; How to be saved; Readying for plagues; Case math; What's the agenda?; Running towards evil; Do you love truth?; Holocausts; War's civilian casualties; Fear no evil; Love your enemy; Electing Sauls; Forfeiting your right to choose; What Christ told you to do; Hate begets hate; Love drives out evil; Prov 14:5; Modern church lies; Prov 38 prayer; His story; Daily ministration; Aligning with truth; Being in the saddle; Strengthening the poor; Jude 1:4; Do you deny God?; Cloward and Piven strategy; Exploiting others; Choice is Liberty!; Wanting to serve; Today's real crisis; Redemption - for you?; Corban; Impeaching Jesus; Understanding "redemption"; It's your choice.
2/9/21 So-called Science
2/13/21 Malachi 1
Individual responsibility; No king in Israel; Christ, the righteous king of Judea; No rulers but self; Moral character of Christ; Taking the blame for your actions; Is God hearing you?; Malachi; The bride of Christ; Levites and Apostles; Strange wives/denominations; Ekklesia - ministers of His kingdom; Scriptural interpretations; Romans 13 and your right to choose; Modern church religion; Christian strong delusion; Public religion; Denying your debt?; Choosing rulers; "Blame is not like pie"; COVID Vaccine; COVID Vaccine and parenting; COVID Vaccine and animal testing; COVID Vaccine and death; The remedy; "Studying" to show thyself approved; The harlot riding the beast; Repenting to righteousness; Malachi - Levite member, messenger of Yahweh; Names?; Angels - connection to spiritual realm; Duty of priesthood; Elder - office of family; Free college?; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Cloths of service; Breeches of Levites; Intra-family tithing; Elder representation in congregation; Needing family to survive; ShinReshDalet; Weaving charity into society; Malachi 1; Burden of the word; mem = flow, nun = fish swimming; Tribute by choice; Temple stones of righteousness; Not keeping the sabbath; Who's your father?; Intra-family respect/honor; Care via charity; Forcing contributions is not OK with God; Malachi 1:8; Substandard offerings; Altars of God; 2 Chron 19:7; Acts 10:34; Respecting "persons"; No credit for unrighteous benefits; Awakening you to life; Good news: You can fix you; Doing the right thing; Kingdom offices of service, not power; Learning to love your enemy; Faith and Works; Making allowances for others right to choose; Religion - it's not what you think; No cheating; Dry bones metaphor; Automatic salvation?; Holy Spirit is not an emotion; Turn around for righteousness.
2/13/21 Malachi 2
Malachi's important message; Mankind's problem the same from the beginning; It's our fault; Losing God-given dominion; Freeing your neighbor; Cancel culture; Taking back responsibility; Society accustomed to wickedness; Malachi 2 - failing priesthood; Cloths of service; v1 - talking to priest; Hebrew's meaningful letters; Patriarchal systems; God's curse; Shedding light on bad ideas; "Heart" (lamad-biet) and "mind"; Workers of iniquity; The armor of God; What do you believe?; Where is your heart?; Are you willing to listen?; Jab warnings; Next steps for you; Priestly corruption; Sodom's sin; Living partially in the law; Brotherly treachery; Churches crowing kings?; Repenting; What Christ said; Covering violence; Calling evil "good"; No world government welfare; The time is short; God wants you awake; Christ's guarantee; Kingdom government offices; Christ's seventy men; Letting go of the world's problems; Follow righteousness.
2/20/21 Malachi 3
Competing kingdoms; There is a designer; Extra-terrestrials?; Searching for COVID; Inconsistent "science"; Which "normal" do you want to go back to?; Theocracies; mRNA jab; Doom and gloom; You need a caring network; Preparing for freedom; Quality of life; The sheep are SO lost; The bondage of confusion; The Truth business; Returning to righteousness; Ignorance of Gospel basics; Pastors withholding the whole truth; Are you under strong delusion?; Your soul needs Christ's way; Repent; Finding truth requires humility; Malachi; YHVH; Hebrew double-tav; Spiritual understanding; Binding by common purses; Golden calf; Dumbing down children; Addiction to benefits; Malachi message to priests; 13: "torn" = spoil; Forcing offerings; Covetous practices; Your agreements with unbelievers; God's covenant with those going His way; Iniquity; Built-in consequences; New Testament "Christians"; Saul's foolishness; Your foolishness; Slandering heroes; Benefits torn from the people; Malachi 3; God's living temple is real; Double Tav (Hey) = faith in spirit and truth; Contrary to Caesar, not disobedient; Nicolaitans; Acceptable wedding garments; Do you abide Christ?; Lively faith compels action; Modern pastors conflict with Christ; US Federal government; How to convey the truth to you?; Be careful not to confuse spirit with emotion; Inheritance tax; Receiving eyes to see; Fearing God; Kingdom of God = different form of government; Drawing near to God; Getting back to Christ; "curse" = aleph-resh-resh, covenant with men; Truth already decided; double-resh; Ignoring Christ; 1 Sam 8; Deut 17; Limiting power of rulers; US Constitution failures; Generations of strong delusion; v10: windows of heaven; Distracted by modern church; Church's bank?; Why God won't hear you; Keeping you from Christ; Megachurches; Is the pope Catholic?; Benefits by charity; Protecting unrighteousness by law; The fix is repentance; The character of Christ = service; Are you serving God?; Foolish virgins; Loving God and one another; Picking new pastors; Finding the theology of Jesus; Create lively congregations.
2/20/21 Malachi 4
Malachi and the priests; Paul understood; Seducing away man's dominion; Binding and loosing; Translator-traitors; Force vs Charity; Temples; Circumcision of the heart; Scripture misunderstood; Testamental basics; Malachi 1 "torn"; National organization; Are you cursed?; "Storehouse"; Parens Patria; "Windows of Heaven"; Today's brutish pastors; Righteous care; Malachi 4; What is "doing wickedly"?; Stall calves; Doing as Christ commanded; The whole law; Roasting sheep; Christ's character; Hearing Christ's voice; Joining the network; Recovering from wickedness; Choosing your "normal"; No oath-taking; Hireling oppression; Be not a surety for debt (Sabbath); The "way" of the Lord; Biblical "devouring"; Avoiding traps and snares; "Holy" = "separate"; Everyone needs the truth; Will you hear it?; Dealing with Christ's "weightier matters".
2/27/21 Men and Women
Networking; Newsletters; Censoring; Recognizing deception; Media pushing fear; Men and Women; Dysphoria/confusion; Wanting to see truth; Malachi's prophecies; Culture's influence on learning; Deciding good and evil; Mind extends beyond the brain; Woman is man (with a womb); Person?; Woman as a vessel; Process of creation; Holy Spirit; Intelligent design; Discovering God through creation; Dominion; Dress and keep; Living separate from God; Stuck from limited truth; Garden of paradise; Following the creative spirit; Woman completing men; 1 Cor 14:34 - silence?; "Permit" - needs context; 1 Tim 2:12; Women ministers; Married ministers; Paul's wife; Rhomaios vs quiris; New Testament "Church" mission; Practicing Pure Religion; Man + Woman = one; Family; No force in The Church; Corporate church?; Drawing near the Holy Spirit; Seducing the righteous; Communism?; Charity instead of force; Lk 2:36; Important women to early Christianity; (Greg power out)Acts 21:8; Banks; Modern church depends on Caesar; Your truth vs Christ's truth; Acts 2:14-17; "Last days"; Joel 2:28; Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Committed" book - marriage misunderstood; Men using side of bed closest to door; Familial protection; Team survival; Most misunderstand church; Cats "loving" birds; Prov 15:17; Song of Solomon 8 seals; No Jealousy in real love; Loving your enemy; Rom 13:10 - love fulfilling law; Get God to dwell in us; God is not punishing you; Seeing yourself completely; Forgiveness; Love is not about what you can get; Marriage = covenant between man and woman; Adam and Eve; Responsibility of care for neighbor; No need for angry words - forgive; Exposing crap; Sharing righteousness; Hot coals and warming fires; Letting in Holy Spirit; Providing for the whole truth; Understanding slavery; Family helps avoid tyranny; Respecting righteousness; Natural Man/Woman relationship; Culture of Christ; Herdsman slaughters some; Returning men to families and possessions; Wake up!; Do what Christ commanded; Learn by doing.
2/27/21 Generating Generations
Bible language styles; Planetary dominion - dress and keep; Two trees; Real truth; Dealing with delusion; Man- kind; "Eat, Pray, Love" + "Committed" books; Incorrect assumptions; Society's order and chaos; Inheritance?; Control of means of production; Christ and marriage; Women's importance in the bible; Do you research?; Gen 2:23; Mutual, symbiotic relation; Matt 10:5; Marriage event in community; Mark 10:10 Adultery; Christ's other institution; Love's essential sacrifice; Honoring parents; Sabbath keepers; More "Committed" quotes; Sacrifice vs selfishness; Sharing lives strengthening community; Purpose of marriage; Adults without children; Generating generations; Tough love; Wasting life; Overcoming hard times; Forgiveness; Additions to unforgiveness; Stories of ancestry; Freedom by extending liberty; Strengthening your family; Living as a team; Home birthing; Single-parent families destroying community; Pure Religion; Christian FEMA; Caring via charity; Doctrines of Christ; Drawing near to God; Hard times to come; Be prepared.
3/6/21 Shadows
Inaccurate definitions; What saves you; Substituting the Holy Spirit; What should we be doing?; "Christian"?; Networking by Christ's command; Consistent messages throughout the bible; Seeing the whole truth; Cancel culture; Social welfare system of charity; Doing the word; Immunity deniers; Worshipping medicine; "Metaphysics"; Beyond material reality; Intelligent designer; Big Bang theory; Religions; Forcing contributions; "Nomology"; Tree of Life; Seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit; Metaphysical "grounding"; Piety - respect for our father; The "name" of God; Order vs Chaos; Good vs Evil; Light vs Darkness; Chaos/Evil/Darkness don't exist - absences; Finding truth; Turning Chaos/Evil/Darkness into Order/Good/Light; All you need is "flow"; Big Bang - Something coming into a realm of nothing?; God?; Truth and Lies; Influence of Chaos is growing; Order must grow; The liberty of choice; Cause and effect; How to get the Holy Spirit in us; Original sin - not born with it but a choice; "Sequelae"; Immunity to toxins by exposure; Illness - shutting down failing cells; Infertility vs miscarriage; Closing the wombs of our daughters; Lie = less than truth; Apparent reason; Repentance = letting order in; Mea culpa; Prov 2:13; Seeking righteousness; Fact checkers; What makes you vulnerable to lies?; Idolizing our philosophy; "Strange women"?; Freewill offerings; Government stimulus; Prov 4:19; George Floyd's death; Wicked dwelling in darkness; Prov 20:20; "We are here for the sake of each other"; Jordan Peterson's 12 rules for life; "Love" is not "like"; God's "love"; Going Christ's way.
3/6/21 Recognizing Christ in You
Rules for eternal life; Process for seeking; Repentance; COVID vaccine; Tools to think with; Metaphysics; Kingdom network; Cities of Refuge; "Great Reset" empire; Knowing the real Christ; Christ's commands; Constructs - seeing the evidence; Evidence of faith; Why Christ had to leave; Developing ability to love; Usurping God's judgement; Ontological Shock; Jordan Peterson's rules; Endorphins are not the Holy Spirit; Weeping; Casting bread upon waters; Fraternity; Recognizing Christ in you; Love requires truth; Dying from lies; Finding value in others; Practicing forgiveness; Order vs chaos; Consequences of chaos; Humility to change; How did we get here?; Embracing logic; The amazing human body; Why construct walls?; Abraham's altars.
3/13/21 Incentivizing Isolation
World lifestyle changes; Yearly death rates not increasing; Shutdown raising suicide; Imaginary Christians; Redemption from our delusion; Our image of Christ contradicts truth; George Floyd's death; "Acadia"; Fourth-century Christians; Blood money funding churches; Anathema to Christ; "Grooming"; Identifying delusion requires humility; Still your anger; Forgiveness; Monasticism; Isolation is anti-Christ; Acadia = noon day blahs; Inability to concentrate; Sense of uselessness; Nonsense in the media; Seeking your emotional reaction; Monastery realities; The other church; Inconvenient teachings of Christ; Cancelling heroes; Deleting history; Returning to the real Christ; Owning all things common; Religion = caring for needy; Strengthening the poor; Isolating you from your duty; Stoicism; Trinity?; Welfare; Ambrose the stoic bishop; Modern Christian mimicry; Constantinian Christianity; Having God in your heart NOW; Coming in the name of God; The miracle; Casting your bread upon the water; Forced isolation of Seneca; Neighbor interaction is key; Incorporation of Trinity into our soul; Leading others to the Holy Spirit; Process of repentance; Putting God into practice in your life; Our model is Christ; Moral requirements of charity; Incentivizing isolation; Who are Christ's brethren?; Being drawn away from the kingdom; Alterations for your life; Good Samaritan parable; Levites and priests; Abraham's army; Guaranteed income?; Thess 2:12; Pleasure in unrighteousness; 2 Cor 6:14; Unequal yoking; Je 22:13; How to repent; Lk 16:9; The only way out; 2 Thess 2:10; THE solution; Heb 8:12; 2 Pe 2:13; Feasting on benefits; Conquered people; NYT article: Guaranteed income; Single mother example; Government contrary to Christ; Weakening society; Schools as tools; Government matters; Being a peculiar people; Take the first step!
3/13/21 Are You Being Groomed?
Understanding Paul; Sitting in Tens; The Great Reset; Pandemic relief?; Pharisees; Knowing the back story; Common teachings of Moses and Jesus; Anarchy; The menu is not the meal; Paul preached Christ; Making a difference; Consequences of bad choices; Paul's "citizenship"; Paul's relation Claudia; Preparing Christians; Registering babies; Marcus Aurelius; Kingdom assistance; Benefits based on covetousness; 2 Cor 6:14; Communion; What Christianity was; 2 Thess 2:10; Loving the truth; Jer 22:13; Know your history; Woe to pastors scattering the sheep; Alternatives to unrighteousness; "Visiting"; Altars of living stones; 2 Pe 2:13; Cursing children; Balaam and Nicolaitan; You've been warned; Where is your faith?; Bankrupting your hope; Stimulus checks - Gotcha!; Jn 4:16; The sin of Sodom; Bondage of Egypt; "Dominion" = right to choose; Giving up dominion; What side are you on?; Putting repentance into practice; Prov 2:10; The strange woman; Have you been perfect?; Avoiding wicked ways; Finding God's way.
3/20/21 Falling for Fallacies
COVID "Vaccine" fallout; Up to 99% unreported; Dr. Vernon Coleman; Want-to-be parents should not get the jab; Diseases caused by vaccination; Unreported by news media; Getting cured of doctors; Gall Bladder example; Diet?; Seed oils?; Shining light on lies; Your responsibility; Hue and cry; Tact?; Accusatory questions; Christ's instructions; Essenes; Providing charity; Falling for fallacies; John the Baptist's ministry; Baptizing with fire; Force vs charity; N. T. Wright book; Creation follows reason; Paul the apostle; What's missing?; Lie = not whole truth; Bad things caused by sin?; Blaming God; False pandemics; Ebola example; Making straight the way of the Lord; Corban of the Pharisees; Widow's mite; What Christ established on the cross; False claims about Paul; The rest of the story; "Good Intention" fallacy; California; Judea/Rome repeated; Strengthening society; Living responsibly; Seeing untruths; Blinding by power; What socialism is; Ukrainian grain example; Home "church"; "Saved by faith"?; Who will not inherit the kingdom?; False faith; "No brainers" vs "no brains"; Not those who say.; Honest good intentions; 12 more rules for life; Why you don't see?; Reason for commandments; Sitting in tens, hundreds and thousands; Christ's love realized; Pain is not punishment; Following the money; Christians allowing rampant injustice; Bondage of the US; Order vs Chaos; Why liberals keep winning; Putting on the full armor of God; The fire of the Holy Spirit; Darkness does not affect light; "Greater Reset"; Purpose of the network; Paul's mission; Temple logistics; Social welfare through love; Demonetizing money; The armor of Satan; Getting back to righteousness; Who's preaching Christ?; Idolatry; No exercising authority.
3/20/21 Twelve More Rules for Life
Realizing falsities; Becoming informed; There are wrong answers; Contradicting Paul; "Libera res publica"; Militia; Israel the republic; Jethro and Moses; Walking in righteousness; Rightly caring for needy; Rejecting God; Saul's folly; Golda Meir; Moshe Dayan; Offices of power; Imagined freedom; Abraham's other way; Forced degeneration; Baptism of repentance; What Christ accomplished; Order and consequences; Chaos vs Order - both positive forces; Evil = absence of Good; Rome vs US; Valueless money; Perseverance is up to you; Know your impatience; Jordan Peterson's 12 more rules; Church-provided options; Cain and Abel; The enemy within you; Lev 26:15; Prov 2:11; Prov 23; Heb 12:5; Rebuking covetousness; Society and the individual; Allowing chaos; Diminishing your heroes; Breaking down families; Striving for truth; Awakening is a process; Does truth offend you?; Avoiding the pain of coping; Risking for righteousness; When in doubt, don't; No faking; Laying down your life for others; Focus on forgiveness; Living for other people; Overcoming; Mercenary vs Mercy; Giving life; Ezra 10:11; Providing care for community; Strange wives; Our first love; WWI ambulances; Keeping commandments; Rom 10:10; Bondage worse than Egypt; Healing gospel; Mt 7:23; Blaspheming Jesus; If you loved him.; Jn 1:20 - Why the question?; Loaves and fishes miracle; Setting men free; Turning to the real Christ; Getting back to righteousness; Discouraging dialog; Spreading darkness; "Confession" article; Mimicking mother's love; 2 Jn 1:7; Are you adversarial to Christ?; Raising adults; Teasing, affection and humor; Ministers of Christ are truth-tellers; Being the light in the room; Consistent message throughout the bible; Casting out your demons; Your faith is being tested.
3/27/21 Sitting in Darkness
Where is the truth? Do you think you know Christ?; Did Paul?; Will you be forgiven?; Missing the Truth; Spanish Flu example; COVID comparison; "Building back better"; Christian duties; Altering definitions of words; Christ's instructions; Avoiding deception; Gen 2:9; Meaning in metaphor; Trees as sources; Hiding from God; Naked Levites?; Darkness of lies and misunderstanding; Deciding good/evil for yourself; Misappropriating Paul; Working iniquity; Ps 107:10; Lacking love for light/truth/way; Micah 7:8; "Sexual preference"; Ex post facto; "Herd immunity"; Willingness to see the truth; Developing robust immune systems; Immunity to lies?; Accepting covetousness; Foolishness of force; Which "normal" to return to?; "Freedom" redefined; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Making the word of God to none effect; "Religion" redefined; The real Gospel; Jn 1:9; What "world"?; "Temple" giving of Corban; The religion of socialism; Dismissing the commandments; Heb 10:5; Christ's commands; Strengthening the poor; Lk 1:79; The "way" of peace; Things Christ forbade; Blinded by anger; Clinton firing federal judges?; Your degeneration; Gender foolishness; Getting organized; Striving like Jesus; The right to be ruled by God; What makes Christians separate; Tacitus; Remaining free from things public; Home schooling; Comfort in ear-tickling; Destroying heroes; Becoming perfected in Christ; Today's war; Social reformers; Electing emperors?; "Apotheos"; If you love Christ.; Desiring safety; Ministers are NOT your comforter; Freedom of choice; Hearts of tyrants; What true believers look like; Fleeing socialism; "With God" all things are possible; Sacrificing like Christ; The princes of the kingdom; Christian conflict; United States' religion; Inescapable bondage; Messages of minor prophets; Strange wives - mercenary, not loving; Gather in the image of Christ; The kingdom is here and now = good news; Share it.
3/27/21 Rulers of Darkness
Tacitus; Pilate's existence; Considering the evidence; The one true Church; Archbishop story; Spiritual realms; Principalities; Kingdoms of the world; Adam and Eve's dominion; "Soul"; "Spirit"; Eph 1:21; Greek "Arche"; Despising dominion; Rulers of Darkness; Legal twistiness; Prior rights; Religious obligations; Eph 6:12; What are the "high places"?; Abundant life on this planet; UFOs?; The war we're in; Trusteeship of dominion; Supplying support; Letting in the light; Spirits of wickedness; Sanhedrin; Baptizing into the system; Restoring the republic; Spiritual DNA; Hell?; Robbery through inflation; Devaluation; Bringing light to high places; Inability to own gold; Awakening others; Repent and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
4/3/21 Darkened Minds
Understanding biblical message; Darkened minds; Hebrew meanings; Commentaries?; Practicing what Christ condemned; Systems of religion; Caring for parents; Holy days?; Daily ministration of faith, hope and charity; Paul's path; Income tax in Egypt; Micah; Dispelling idolatry; Coronavirus; Research for yourself; George Floyd; Racism?; The answer is Christ; The rest of the story; Working iniquity; What's causing delusion?; Belief by repetition; Racial statistics; Prov 21:6; Robin Hood; Redistribution of wealth by charity; Strengthening the poor; Eph 4:14; Coming to serve; Given over to love of self; Who Paul's talking to, and talking about; Lust for benefits; A flock divided; Network of Christians; Media manipulation of YOU; Rom 8:38; Eph 3:10; Repenting to Christ's way; Principalities and powers; Knowing by fruits; Comforting pastors?; The name of Jesus; Metaphysics; Nature includes spirit; Romans study; COVID successes; The Living Network; Romans 8; "Spirit"; What if we need help?; The law of sin; What Paul was doing; Temple activities; Christian activities; Christ as king; Religion by force or by charity; Your salvation is in Christ; Death by sin - life by righteousness; Where you are at; Paul's heavy heart; Ps 69:22; Rom 11:9; Seeking His righteousness; Minister job description; Bishop?; Deacon?; Is your right to choose intact?; Nimrod the provider; FDR's ways; Grace?; Prelude to Micah; George Floyd the criminal; Back to COVID; History of hate;
4/3/21 Government Overreach
What is "Church"?; Metaphysics; Biblical "Principalities"; Manifesting patterns of your chosen realm; Ekklesia; "city"; Christ's calling out; Rules for His Church; Self-organization; Power corrupts; Offices of service; Bishop; Bondage of Egypt; Slavery by redistribution of wealth; Consequences of power corruption; Back to "normal"?; Opting into private religion; Modern apostate ministers; Making the word of God to none effect; Immunity passports; Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria; Pure Religion; Public servants; Giving up your right to choose; Separate Church and state; Paul Revere's ride; What really made America great; Preparing You; Gregory's life moments; Humble mind-changing; Showing the truth; Establishing the Church; The new race/bigotry/prejudice; Separating goats and sheep; Contractual nature of government; Love vs force; Presidential succession; Unfixable system; Hard times to come; Imperial cult of the United States; Citizen overreach; Christ's other way; "Holy"; What will you do?
4/10/21 Micah 1
Gun Control; Creating chaos; Are you being duped?; Darkening your mind; Confession; Addiction; George Floyd; Media spin; Insane public reaction; Paranoia; Hiding from truth; Predestined by choice; Blaming others; Micah; Grooming for demonic influence; Accepting covetousness; Making God's word to none effect; Caring as you should; Christ specifically forbade; "Corban"; 2 Pe 2:3; Becoming merchandise; 1 Cor 6:9; Unrighteousness; Salvation by grace; Fruits are evidence; Media hate speech; Website updates; Micah the Morasthite; "Micah"; What's in a name?; Restoration of Judean state; "Israel"; Nature of God; Rebuke for adultery/idolatry; Worship; You are federal employees; "Zion" = parched place; "Jerusalem" = double peace; Contradictory; Looking for Jerusalem; "Adonai"; God's opinion is truth; "Lord" vs "LORD"; "Micah" = who is like God; 4: mountains and seas; Uncomfortable days ahead - for us too; Yahweh - the existing one; "debar" - words and patterns; Conflicts with creation; Trusting men over God; Transgression of Jacob - Samaria?; Jacob's birthright deal; Have you fallen for it too?; "Samaria" = watchmen; Who are your watchmen?; Following the Holy Spirit; Glimpsing the truth; Selling your rights; Forgiving your neighbor's debt; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Christ is our foundation; v7 - harlot?; Graven images; Volunteerism; Dragons; Symbolism; Sin of Jacob - offering benefits for birthright; Esau sold his; Balaam and Nicolaitan; Through deceit you sell your rights for benefits; Arbitrary division of chapters; Admitting your mistakes; Humility; Your ministers are harlots for hire; Speaking life; If you already knew.; Teaching socialism; Abominations; Repentance; Baldness; Things your ministers aren't telling you; Drawing near God; Setting your neighbor free; Modern church drawing you deeper into bondage; Listen to the Holy Spirit.
4/10/21 Micah 2
Micah 1 review: The sin of Jacob; Message for all; 2 "Lords"; Jerusalem and Samaria; Baldness; Prostitutes and strange wives; Built-in consequences; Micah 2; God-power; Planning iniquity; Seizing from neighbors; Far from the way; Corban - freewill offering drawing you near to God; Nicolaitans and Balaam = conquered people; House of Jacob = house of FDR; Reliance on Holy Spirit; Enemies of God; Evil instrumentalities; Dividing families; Goal of Christ; Family is key!; Men vs Women?; Civil war slavery realities; Becoming ambassadors for God; The sheep of the fortress; The Living Network; By Christ's command; Where will you go?; Repent! Seek righteousness; Removing the woman's blessings; Serving others in Christ's name; Micah 3; Civic fleshpots; Ez 11:1; Devising mischief; Borders of Israel?; Repeating history; Ex 16:3; Pure religion; Christ's way - His flesh and His blood; Be saved by His blood, not your neighbor's; "We the People"; God won't hear you; Waiving rights/responsibilities in exchange for benefits; Fake faith; Understanding "Believe".
4/17/21 Micah 3
Talking about truth requires mentioning the lie; How to decide? Public School support; WWI Ambulances; Accepting covetousness; Not to be that way with you; Church vs congregation; Believing the lie; It's not settled!; Saved by whose blood?; Micah; Brutish pastors; Lie = not whole truth; George Floyd death; Police enforcement; Ethics?; Deciding good and evil; Admitting we've been lied to; Media purposefully lying; The big lie; Expert liars; Mein Kampf; Ferguson and COVID prediction; Appeal to emotion; Propaganda; Pre-judging; Innocence first?; Journalistic propagandists; Moral integrity; Today's pope; Clouded by emotion; Court corruption; Joseph Goebbels quotes; Blaming others; "Visiting" sick = caring for; "Religion" = performance of duty; Religion of socialism; Works = evidence of faith; Micah keywords; Place names or concepts?; Doing the Father's will; Buying approval from pastors; What Christians do; Corban = sacrifice; The word of God; Missing metaphors; Micah 1:14 seized by deceit; Stealing birthright; Graven images; Constitutions; Micah 2; Charity vs force; Enemies of truth (deniers); Micah 3; Rich verses; Hearing God for judgment; Bowing to the Holy Spirit; Fleshpots and cauldrons; Ex 16:3; Loaves and fishes; Ez 11:3; "Israel"; Sin of Sodom; Breaking families; Repentance required; Pretend love; See, speak, love the truth; Eating at His table; Social Security never solvent; Errant pastors as blind guides; Sitting in darkness; Ps 107:10; Is 42:7; Lk 1:79; Mt 23:16; Keep the commandments; Lk 6:39; Shutdowns causing suicide; Watchmen; Truth must be whole; Robbing widows; Transgressors of Jacob; Sin of Esau; Nicolaitans; Jude 1:16; One purse; Entangling in elements of the world; Seek the kingdom; Paul's audience; Christian conflict; Instrumentalities of tyranny; Making room for the real Christ; Transgression of Israel; Wages of unrighteousness; Mt 7:22; Babylon is not a mystery; Jn 14:15; 1 Jn 2:3; Keeping commandments; Believe in the real Jesus; Falling away - why?; Heed the watchmen; The whole gospel; Dry bones; Ezekiel the prophet; Beware altered history.
4/17/21 Discussing Micah
Show hosting; Call-ins?; Newsletters; Micah - watchmen failing to warn the people of unrighteous welfare schemes; Have believed a lie; Link to Peter's making merchandise of you; Ten-family synagogues; Modern church iniquities; Sureties for debt; National socialists; Migration of democratic party to socialism/Marxism; Jesus was extremely political; Parties at Christ's time; Joseph Goebbels quotes; Nazi religion; SSN link; Babylon burning; How Christians got into trouble; Leaving Egypt; Caller: Enjoying Micah study; "Twelve Tribes"; Anti-Paul sentiment; Pharisee missteps; One purse benefactors; Graven images; Sharing; People sitting in darkness; Owe no man; Keeping Sabbath; Luring with benefits; Cursed children; Wages of unrighteousness; Christ's weightier matters; Unfaced trauma; Consequences of commandments broken; mRNA injection disaster; Having a plan; Providing answers; Today's failing watchmen you trust; Guiding toward Holy Spirit; Seeing kingdom in others; God's love conquers all; Practicing Christ's love.
4/24/21 Micah 4
Prophecy - people want an edge; Micah's obscure message; Secret bible; Septuagint; Revealing the message; Censorship; KJV translation; Guided interpretation; Revelation = dangerous business; Why the oppression?; Micah review so far; Failed "Watchmen"; Ignoring Apostolic warnings; Saul's folly; Devising iniquity; Exercising authority; Covetous practices; Just keep singing.; Making excuses; Crucifying truth-tellers; Not those who "say"; Instructions for God's plan; Finding the remnant; Consequences of biting one another; Micah 4:1; Metaphoric mountains; "The last days"; vav-hey-yod-hey; Worship; Eating of trees; = "it shall come to pass"; Living by faith; Strengthening the poor; Lev 19:18; Charity in the Old Testament; Brutish pastors; Blindness by choice; Speaking Christ's truth; Your house of faith; Is 2:2; Repentance process; Force vs faith; "Jerusalem" = faith + deeds; Christ's reign of peace; Free society; Wars for rulers; Snares; Bondage of Egypt; Bribing Abraham; Golden Calf; Temple banks; The Christian threat; Religion; Learning war; Fear not!; Groomed for tyranny; "Modern" Christians; yod-hey-vav-hey; Getting connected to God; Taxing housewives?; "her that Halteth" hey+tzedek-lamad-ayin+hey; tzedek = faith in action; Hierarchy in Hell; Cultures of fear; Seeing your own shortcomings; Blind man story; Making the word of God of none effect; Keeping the commandments; Seeking His kingdom; Overcoming blindness; Micah 4:10; Dangers of the cities (Civil societies); God's remnant; Results of shutdown; Following the money; Ekklesia; Getting groomed for liberty; What ARE you doing?; Rev 14:8; The wine of the wrath; Rev 16:19; Mother of harlots; Imagining you follow Christ; Rev 18:2; "Hooves of brass"?; Organizing families for Church; Beasts of the fields/wilderness; Temples of lively stones; Oaths; Altars of stone/earth; mem+gimel-biet-ayin+tav; Is 39:6; Hebrew built on concepts; You're in Babylon, repent!
4/24/21 Freewill Offerings
Micah's time - followed a different way; Charity/Love vs force; Bondage of Egypt; Lev 19:18; Serving the tents of the congregation; Altars of stone and clay; Bible's bondage warnings; Really simple gospel; Being guided by the Holy Spirit; Free souls under God; Transgression of Jacob; Social Security; Biting one another; Increasing inheritance tax; Why you're in bondage; Biblical constitutions; Oaths of office; No exercising authority; Repentance; Jesus' way; Denying Christ; Q: Cities of refuge?; Free assemblies; Apathetic citizens re-electing criminals; Licensing ministers; Government of, for and by the people; Civitas of ordained ministers; The mission of Christ; Ten-family congregations; Holy Spirit is your comforter, not men; Polybius; Translators are traitors!; Israel the republic; Limiting rulers; Limiting criminals; Contractual agreements; Church-provided arbitration; Sharing with brothers; Congregate now!
5/1/21 Micah 5
Issues similar to our times; Christ: priest and king; Israel = earliest form of republic; Altars = gathering center; Are you sitting in darkness?; Inability to understand - don't want to see; Denying the spirit; Willfully ignorant; Emotional clouding; Spiritual comprehension; Consequences built into creation; Your spiritual existence; Be still and know; Humility; Micah review; Who do you serve?; Believing lies; Devising iniquity; Legal title; Finding refuge; Becoming benefit to your neighbor; Leaving judgment to God; Consequences of devouring one another; Recognizing good news; Last days; Be the remnant; Basra - fort of righteousness; Micah 5; Troops?; Bethlehem Ephratah; Kidneys and control; Meaning of words; Being happy with nothing; Listening to the Shepherd; Joining the Living Network; gimel-dalet-dalet (cut); IBT; Walking in God's spirit; Juries; Cutting muster; With whom you gather; Accepting responsibility; Double-tav = spirit and truth; God fighting battles; Filtering water; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Troops of troops; Solution for coming disaster; Choice is in your hands; Smiting Christ; Mt 2:6; Is Christ ruling your life?; Jn 7:42; The seed of David; Strange women; Fake spirit through emotion; 7, even 8 men; Ministers in service; Assyrians; Asshur?; You are in bondage; Remnant of Jacob; Religiously gathering to care for each other; One accord; Keeping Sabbath; Banking systems; Profiting from others; Young lions; Deut 17:16; Taxation; Cities = civitas = terror; Preparing you for God's way; Soothsayers; Witchcraft; Je 47:5; Getting an edge from prophecy; Unemotional spirituality; Seeing the kingdom; Home Schooling; Unemployment; Free money entitlement?; Witchcraft (kupf-shin-pi); Micah 5:12 Additional letters (yod-mem); yod = divine spark; Who else is in your room?; Mere images of Christ; mem = flow; Spiritual awakening; Being naked of authority; Adam and Eve's greatest sin; Kingdom journey within you; ayin-nun-nun + more letters; Soothsayers have sway because of lacking watchmen; Seducing you to take and take and take; par-taking in their sin; Don't need details of inner workings to work; Meditation = Awareness of moment; God makes little things great; Learn righteousness; Learn Christ; Keeping commandments.
5/1/21 Money Questions
Practical service; Email questions; Perfect monetary system?; Present value; Not debt notes; Interest?; Labor; Where's the trust?; Sabbath keeping; Why did Paul appeal to Caesar?; Religion/threskia; Germans vs Romans; Emperors; Groomed for despotism; Failed watchmen; Mister Biden's schooling plan; Drugging tomorrow's seers; Living stones; The purposes of Christ; Gregory history; Cancelling title; Robbing widows and orphans; Reuniting people with their property; Substance representing labor; Just weights and measures; Storming Masada; Roman business; Roman mission in Judea; Apostles in the temple; Denarii inflation; How to repent; Love = Charity; Networking with neighbors for Christ; Cutting wood on Sabbath?
5/8/21 Micah 6
Man: Same problems then and now; Failed watchmen; Adamah; Gatherings of gatherings; Heated clay becomes stone; Hebrew code; Is God your ruler?; God's opinion; Laws of creation; Reviewing earlier Micah; Sparing the "rod"; Cities lack nature; Faith or force; Do you have good watchmen?; Media control; Be not afraid; What Christ commanded and forbid; Walking with the spirit; Conjuring the Holy Spirit; Emotional Christianity; Repenting or daydreaming?; Deceiving yourself; Isolation is anti-kingdom; Reviewing Micah; Troops; The way of Christ vs the world; No exercising authority over your neighbor; Two witnesses; Ez 22:23; Shutdown consequences; Vexing the poor; Conspiracy; Bringing light to your darkness; Micah 6:1; Controversy and quarrel with God?; Bondage of Egypt continues; FDR creations; Ex 13:3; De 5:6; The house of bondage; Policies of God; Saul's foolish thing; Encouraging violence; Conspiracy; Christian conflict; Justin the martyr writing to Caesar; Winning WWII?; Living Christ's mission; Balaam and Nicolaitans: same error; Wages of unrighteousness; Cursing YOUR children; Burnt offerings; Levite's share = kidney?; Buying comfort; Changing ministers; Loving mercy; Choosing bondage; Abandoning God's ways; Example of Holy Spirit working; Understanding mission of God's ministers; "Elder"; Just weights and measures; Witchcraft; Taking away your dominion; Oil and sweet wine; Micah 6:16; Sabbath; Empowering covetousness; Christ's debt payment; Pharaoh casting out Israel; House of Ohmery; Learning from the Holy Spirit; Facts you should already know; Je 10:21; Brutish pastors; Public religion; Sinning with impunity; John 3:20; Humbly seeing truth about yourself; Rev 2:6; Sinful institutions you have created; Loaves and fishes; Lying in wait for blood?; Striving for righteousness; Getting into God's system; The skill of liberty; No entitlement, but grace; How to support the kingdom; Ministering to your minister; Circumcision; Serve one another.
5/15/21 No Broadcast today.
5/22/21 Micah 7
News today relating to Micah; Ministers a news source; Mark of the beast; Daily bread from the world; Making you merchandise; Paying the piper; Population decimation; Christ's commands; Networking congregations; Freedom or not?; Your church or His church?; Believing in Jesus; The whole Jesus; Gad; Fortune; Stories of gods; Fake faith; Socialism divides yet binds; God's money; Micah review; Poor watchmen; Believing lies; Devising iniquity; Living Christ's way; Burning sheep?; Living in darkness; Honoring parents; Being part of the remnant; Dead faith; Biting your neighbor; Saying "Lord, lord"; Altars of clay and stone; Remnant of Jacob; Laboring without pay; Failing to practice pure religion; Steps to seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Empty churches; Products of socialism; Perfect savages; Micah 7 - Woe is me; Tax collectors; Lack of good men; "Blood"; Proverbs 23; Proverbs metaphoric women; Running to evil; Trapped by socialism; Robbing neighbors; Hebrew's meaningful letters; Strong delusion; Living network; Bribing judges; Following the money; Teaching for love; Doing righteousness with both hands; Freewill offerings; The Higher Liberty; Honoring your parents; Your badge of servitude; Be willing to look at the light; Repentance; Waiting upon the Lord; Finding good watchmen; Micah 7:9; Love vs force; Legal consent; Humility is key; Who is your enemy?; Mammon; Seeking salvation; Building walls; Assyria; Staying out of debt; Bearing fruit; Covetous practices; Stop procrastinating; The rod; When you're good, your great; Interdependence; Love = charity; Abraham's faith; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Outlawing private religion; Facing death; Join the network; Fear not.
5/22/21 Becoming Willing Christs
Kingdom in the moment; "I AM"; Deciding good and evil; Inventing God; Atheists; "god"; Patterns in nature; Degrees of knowledge; Forestry; Fauna; Cultivation; Nature's way; Global warming?; Media agenda; Overpopulation?; Deathly fear; Desiring the whole truth; Mister Scientist; Selfish pride; Letting go of knowledge; Souring by bitterness and unforgiveness; God's way requires His Holy spirit; Who decides for you?; Lessons for Joseph?; Processes built into creation; Wars and rumors of wars; Israel and Moses's rulebook; Making God happy; The love *of* Christ; The called out Church; Stone temples; Becoming Christians or perfect savages; Anti-christ ministers; Recognizing lies; Loving mercy; Becoming willing Christs; Catholic guilt; Picturing words; Giving freely; Knowledge sources; Spirit of life; Delusions of salvation; Force is not fair; The selfishness of socialism; Strangled meat; Laying down your life.
5/29/21 No Broadcast today.
6/5/21 Amos 1
Amos, minor prophet and shepherd; Levites often shepherds; Network of ten-family synagogues; Ministers were communicators of information; Freewill support; Consequences of choosing rulers; Amos' poetic nature; Modern Christian 40,000 denominations; Amos explaining situation; History repeating itself; Avoiding confusion; "Christian" nature; Knowing Christ; Stimulus checks cursing children; Tav-kuf-vav-ayin - Tekoa (stockade?); Town or character? "Day of the Lord"; Satan "believes"; World in decline, watchmen not warning; Amos, contemporary of Joel; Amos 1; "Carmel"; earthquakes; Who are your shepherds?; Following science? Or media?; Omitting Christ's instructions; Covetous practices; "Insurrection?"; Jan 6th Temple defiled; Your daily bread; What captivity?; Your first choice; Where your rights are going; Study: Interfering with natural processes; "Gimel" = cause/effect; Inspiration of authors; Drawing near the solution; "3, even 4"; "brotherly covenant"; Repetition/sequence of transgressions; Levites taking bribes; Bottom-up networking; Early Israel = Republic; Alexander the Great; Sloth begets tribute; Why bribes?; Jethro's advice; Levitical charity; Red heifer confusion; Burning sheep doesn't bring people together; Sharing reality; Returning to righteousness; Overpopulation?; Retaining responsibilities; Cities of refuge; Transgressions today; Today's "Israel"; Consequences to not following instructions; Contrary to God's ways; Repentance; Blood in your teeth; Amos 1:15; King's captivity = exile?; US Constitution; World in bondage; Christ's daily solution; "Telkoa" warning watchman?; "Carmel" - also in Micah 7:14 = be fruitful; Top of Carmel = first fruits; Instruments of Iron = force; Believing lies; Pure Religion; Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; Household of faith?; Archibald MacLeish quote; Taken away right to choose; Division is destructive; Gather as Christ commanded; Coveting is not OK; "Altar calls"; Who's your salvation?; Show up!; Avoiding delusion; Humility is key; Join us.
6/5/21 Usurpation? Or Sloth?
Networking without Internet; New CDC reporting numbers; Deception; Abandonment of "the republic"; "We the People"; US Constitution; Nonsensical arguments; Mission for Christ's ambassadors; Covetous practices; Thinking like Christ; Fraud?; Legal title; Real bondage/merchandise; Daily ministration; Following the Holy Spirit; Are you owned?; Christ = king/anointed; Canaan invaded?; Kingdom-seeking work; Family is key; Reversing covetous practices; Meditation; "United States"; "Act of 1871"; Where you are at today?; Your cleverness is not the answer; Repentance; Right to choose; Seeing the big picture; Christ's solution; "Tens"; Living Stones; Golden Calf; Abraham history; "Many souls"; Who to follow; Pursuing righteousness; Admitting you've been wrong; Establish relationships; Invest in others; Called out; Finding truth; Christ won - conform to Him; Research these topics on and
6/12/21 Amos 2
Amos prophet/shepherd/tender of trees/poet; English translation; Song of Moses; Deut 32?; Moses and Jesus in agreement; Poetic connections; Truth free of charge but costs you your delusions; Offices of power; Saving yourself?; Knowing by fruit; Amos' warnings; Coming out of hell; Wrath of God is built into the system; Risking self for others; Strengthening the poor; One purse; Ps 50:1; Seeing in faith; Amos 1: Introduction; Repeated transgressions of the people represented by place names; Misrepresenting Moses; Unmooring metaphors; "Brotherly covenant"; Ten-family congregations; Holy Levites; Love vs force; Seeking God's righteousness; Amos 2; Have you rejected God?; Will you repent?; The story of the wayward lamb; Unrighteous mammon - be friends with it; FDR's welfare and LBJ's war on poverty; Wilson's golden calf; Transgressions of Moab/Judah/Israel; Amos 2:6; Egypt = bondage Free souls under God; Community: Actively caring for neighbor; Police?; "Princes" of Israel; Pledging; Inheriting the Earth; Treachery with your neighbor; Selling your birthright(eousness); The first commandment; Amos full of extra (Hebrew) letters; yod-mem; biet = families at stake; Tricking you out of your inheritance; Command to gather in Tens; Rejecting commandments; Avoiding sloth; "National Adultery"; Nazarites - who are they?; Wanting ears tickled; Letting go of treachery; What is Amos sharing?; Abraham's army; Militia; Remaining at liberty; Amos 2:16 - courage; Living by the sword?; Weaker by socialism; Unrighteous communities; Forming free assemblies using the brotherly covenant; Loaves and fishes event; Burning Bush Festival; Cannot escape built-in consequences of creation; Dogs in cages; Knowing yourself - in spirit and truth; You can't think yourself into salvation.
6/12/21 Guru Theories
HHC Regional groups have one purpose; "Elder" is not what you think; Releasing preconceived notions; "Religion", "World"; Pitching in for neighbors; Becoming human resources; The poem of Amos; Wanting Egypt; Replicating lies; Satanic salvation; What is the kingdom?; Dogs in cages; Why God hardened Pharaoh's heart; One Child contract; Not needing benefits; Why God sent plagues; Minister responsibilities; Cause/effect universe; Antonomasia; Christ's actual instructions; Degeneration of society; Biblical advice to slaves; Christian names?; Righteous name changes; Spiritual suicide?; Identifying intent; Invisible enemies; Things we "must" do; Republic usurped? Or abandoned?; Abraham's army; Knowing by fruit; Who shows up?; Supply and demand; Getting Egypt out of you; The only solution; Specific gurus; Where "the contract" is; Jesus Christ's redemption; Know the comforter; Finding the "good guys"; Sanhedrins; How the kingdom works.
6/19/21 Amos 3
Amos poetic prophet; Nature of God is incorporated into creation; Built in rules; Follow or societal degeneration; Breakdown of family; "Tribal"; Families helping families; Appeals courts; Militia; Binding without force; Networked families are the biggest threat to totalitarianism; Turn around to the narrow way; Repent; Amos 2 transgressions; Watchmen sharing warnings; Doing with Christ commanded; You MIGHT be saved; Church (called out) in the wilderness; "ekklesia"; Golden calf; One Purse; HJR 192; "Cash"; Redacting history; Slaves in Africa; Judging by content of individual character; Christ's weightier matters; Cloward and Piven; State Welfare; Cursing children; Who are your watchmen?; "Clergy"; Wealth redistribution; Amos the watchman; Amos 3; Words the Lord has spoken against YOU; Micah 3:1-5; Cauldrons and fleshpots; Regulating rulers; Bondage of Egypt; Amos 3 families; shin-pi-heh; Going back to Egypt; Or walking with God (the garden); Loving God and Neighbor; Socialism violations all God's commandments; Lion roar - made a kill; Snaring birds; Analogous to iniquities happening; 3:7 - God revealing to prophets; Freedom of choice; US Constitution non-biblical; Temple den of thieves; Your covetous practices have made you merchandise; Making the state your father; Following trails; 13: Altars of Bethel; Spiritual revelation; Quest for righteousness; Seeing nature of God; Sitting in Tens and practicing righteousness of God; Metaphor of Samaria; Forcing sacrifice; Levites called out - belonged to God; Early Church assume role of Levites; Bible's repeated message; "Already saved" article; Fake Christians; Wrong ministers; Listen to Holy Spirit - comfort with truth; What have you already done?; Public vs Pure Religion; Festival practical purposes; Living Network; Saving society; Stop procrastinating; Avoid the wages of unrighteousness.
6/19/21 Ten Commandments
Myocarditis; Blindly following orders; Advisors having your interest at heart; Cancelled documentary; Are you "already saved"?; Testing your salvation; The formula for righteousness; Happy Days; Selfishism; Sexual revolution; Disrespect of parents; Whole truth?; Redefining religion; FDR's new deal; Fake heroes; One-world rule; "Different" is not necessarily "better"; Ten commandments; Guideposts to understand self; God's pattern in creation; Egyptian bondage; Deciding good/evil for you; Graven images; Serving other gods; Taking the Lord's name in vain; Sabbath?; Is God writing upon your heart and mind?; Honoring father and mother; Successful societies; Bringing community together; Killing and adultery; Overeating?; Forcing your neighbor; Bearing false witness; Covetousness; Strengthening neighboring families; Undermining your future; Learning forgiveness; Bipolar; Communion; Successful marriages; Speaking up for truth; Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
6/26/21 Amos 4 - MUST HEAR episode!
"Minor" Prophets?; Need Holy Spirit guidance to understand; How to seek it; The keys; Loving God and neighbor; Why covenant with the gods many?; "Religion"; Bondage of Egypt; Modern "churches" are of the world; Binding and loosing; Do what He says; "Nudging" bible verses; Playing Church; "Ekklesia" = called out; Seeking His Kingdom; Are you being misled? Amos 4:1; Poetry; Different bible versions; Blame game again; Symbolic "woman"; Caregiver?; "Husband" Authority/Father; Patri/Patronous; Holding you to your agreements; "Bashan" (biet-shen-vav) = fruitfulness/faith; Repent!; Christ took kingdom away from Pharisees; It was already "at hand"; Conforming to Christ or the world?; Your choice; More drink?; Following Christ; Defining "Church"; Ordinances of Christ; "Corpus" (body); Who are called out?; What for?; Deciding good/evil for you; Church is a government; Sharing parables; Walking the "Way"; Consequences of "world" government; Breakdown of families; Skills of freedom; Rituals and ceremonies; Amos 4 - oppressing the poor; Public religion; Modern watchmen; Saving yourself; Repent!; Fat "cows" (kine); Genesis (41:2) cow dream interpretation; gimel-resh-vav-tav; (vav-tav) connects to faith; Moses' faith teachings; Samaria metaphor - ref Micah 1; Sharing truth; Amos 4:5; Free offerings?; Living by faith or force?; "Paid in full"; Covetous practices; Clean teeth; Christ's commands; Withholding rain and empty reservoirs; Righteousness is your salvation; "Palmworm" (chewing locust) ref Joel and Declaration of Independence; Becoming merchandise; Returning to the "Way"; Repent!; Idols and snares; Evidence of repentance; Recognizing idolatry; Goodnewsmen; Sin of Sodom; "Community"; Dividing the flock; Cause and effect; Socialism has existed here for 100+ years; Forming a living network; Fat leaders - palmworms; Consequence/effect built into creation; Henry's Concise Commentary; Worship; Flow of charity in the kingdom; Organized networking; Information resources; Soul-searching self; Letting God write upon your heart and mind; Sloth brings tyranny; Keeping rights secure; "MY" people; Drawing near to God; No time to waste; Repent!
6/26/21 Discussing "Keys" Document
Amos, Micah and Joel saying the same things; Choosing to live apart from God; Subjecting yourself to man's government; Neighbors biting neighbors; Human resources; Repeating history; The Christian difference; Pope Peter?; Celibacy?; Vestal virgins; Amos's fat cows; Peter and the keys of the kingdom; Divine revelation; Binding/Loosening on earth and in heaven; Mt 13:20; Discussing "Keys" document; Matt 16:13; Identity of Jesus; "Christ" = Anointed; Which misunderstanding to address first?; 1000 years; Where are we at in prophecy?; Clergy = clerks; "Church" defined; Separate (holy) ministers; Built on liberty; God's opinion is the truth; Levites; Heb 10:4; Sin and separation from God; Simple bible, simple commandments; Keeping them; John 8:43; Having ears to hear; Getting the truth; The "rock" of your knowing.
7/3/21 No Broadcast today.
7/10/21 Amos 5
How things work in the kingdom; Gospel = good news - kingdom at hand; Jews and gentiles; MANY "Christians" contrary to Christ; Are you deceived?; Israel fallen; Error of Baalam and Nicolaitans; Bondage of Egypt; Imposing "fair share"?; Octavius; Hating Romans?; Romans were invited to Judea; Weakening/degenerating society; Real history?; Amos the shepherd/farmer/poet/prophet; Burning Bush Festival; Seeking the kingdom of God; The "way"; Government of, for and by the people; Pure Religion; Review of Amos 1-4; Communist manifesto; Holy Spirit is not emotion; Brotherly covenant; Church = "called out"; Baptism; Charity vs force; Consequences of transgression; Covetous practices; Horns of the altar; Today's watchmen; Being heard by God; Amos 5; Christ appointed the Church - 1000 years; Constantine's counterfeit church; Symbolic meaning of words; Moses' beginnings; Assisting neighbors; Standing together as a free people; Seek the Lord!; "House of God"; Power seekers; Power of choice; Believing you're not free; "Affinity spaces"; "inclusion" is actually "exclusion"; National adultery; Escaping responsibility; Turning judgement to "wormwood" - lamad-ayin-nun-heh - bitterness; Your right to judge; Despising dominion; Law of nature; Committing to righteousness; Can you see covetousness in the systems of the world?; Biting each other; Righteousness flows through the people individually; Hearing your neighbor's cries; Hewn houses; Robbing widows and orphans; Treading upon the poor; Denying your own reality; Hating (fear of) rebuke; Question everything!; Your choices create your government; "Saved" in your imagination only; Follow Christ!; Jesus came that you MIGHT be saved; Traitorous translators; Do you want to know?; Are you doing the will of the Father?; Returning to a free society; Admitting your error; The noise of your songs; Card-carrying bondservants; Righteousness, not covetousness; Sacrifice, not greed.
7/10/21 It's NOT the Government's Job
Guest: James Williams - Lake County commissioner; "Bootleg" fire; "RFPA"; Fire-fighting stories; Funding; Links to the Gospel; Taking back responsibility; Censorship; mRNA vaccine response; Vaccinosis; Conspiracies; What can we do?; Public school control; Who should "do something"?; Guardianship by government?; TLC for neighbors; Commandments of men and God; Honoring father and mother; "Corban"; Defiling men; Becoming the light; Doing what's right can be contagious; Community involvement; Where are the churches?; There's always someone that needs help; Not just token help; The transition back; Bondage of Egypt; Share these messages!
7/17/21 Amos 6
Amos 5: Quick review; Symbolic poetry; Pictorial Hebrew; Letters with meaning; Facilitates reasoning process; Stories more powerful than mere facts; Personifying animals; Capacity of reason; Justin the martyr vs Celsus; Temple functions; Sacrifices to idols; Keys to understanding; Trials of the saints; Amos: where Israelites went wrong; Pharisees had a jumbled truth; Awakening from darkness; Returning men to families and possessions; Power of choice; Fundamental precept of the bible; Amos 5: Bethel and Gilgal; Christ's parables; Straying from righteousness; "Beersheba" well of 7-fold oath; Turning temple into den of thieves; Offerings of force or freewill; Elder discussion; Pledging; Clergy; Cursing your children - bondage of Egypt; Conforming to Christ; Building a bridge from death to life; Strengthening the poor; "Memoir on Pauperism"; "Legal charity"; "Religion"; Putting everyone on welfare!; What made America great; Entering into Egypt; Moving from force to freedom; Amos 6; Beginning your spiritual journey; Good Samaritans; Calneh and Hamath = Faith; Abraham's gospel; Cutting ourselves off from the Holy Spirit; Sacrificing selfishness; Modern doublespeak; Not OK to covet neighbor's goods; Gospel truth; Cultish behavior; Supporting the truth; Loving your neighbor; Outlawing personal responsibility; Why you are captives; What God hates; Loving unrighteousness?; Rejoicing in debt?; Standing with God; Your mountains of Samaria are liars; There is no new deal; God's deal or Satan's deal?; Where is your humility?; Improving your understanding; Pilate's "world"; Pilate's choice; Pharisees' self-condemnation; Charity without morality?; Inevitable senseless rioting; Gathering in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Nicolaitans; The REAL solution; Aflame with righteousness; Extreme isolation of pandemic reaction; Seeking HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness; Revealing symbolism; Our books are free online; Home church movement?; Burning Bush Festival; The need for locality; Is Christ in your heart?; Repent!
7/17/21 Help With Unbelief
The keys are...; Most have no idea; Facebook conversation; Given to the apostles to know; Celsus the critic; Modern Christian Nicolaitans; Ignoring Christ; Seek to conform to Christ; Home "church"; Christ's organization plan; Understanding "pure religion"; 1 Cor 8; Knowledge vs Charity; "agape"; Why Christians wrote to emperors; The Way to freedom; "Exousia" concept; Biblical use of "elder"; "Appointment"; Serving servants; Do you want to see?; Offices of "Authority"; Force is not allowed; Acting upon the Holy Spirit's guidance; Could nearly everybody be wrong?; "Faith"; Why tyranny grows; Error of Balaam and Nicolaitans; Consent not; Benefits from exercisers of authority; Mission of The Church; "Patri"/"Patronous"; Activity in the Temples; Joining the network.
7/24/21 Amos 7
Minor prophets - how it relates to us today; We make mistakes!; Learn or suffer; Two kingdoms divided; Kingdoms today; Early American freedoms; "grasshoppers"; Fire(wood) stories; Ebb and flow of disaster; Nature's compensation for dearth; God's interaction via creation; Swarms of offices; Pelosi on abortion; (No) Poverty in the kingdom; Necessities of a free people; Our reaction to plagues; Depending on Pharaoh?; Who to believe?; Volunteerism in action; "Decimation"; Free societies work together; Why people came to America; White Pine confederation; Amos' symbolic poetic idioms; gimel-vav-beit; grasshopper symbolism; Teachers' unions - not kingdom solution; Governments won't change until men change; Rationalizing rioting and looting; Minding nature's rules; Plumb line of righteousness; "The Way"; Where's your share?; "Permitting"; "cash"; Amos 7:2; Kings and officers not leaving much for the people; 1 Sam 8; God's repentance; Aiding one another; "The Way" of Christ; Prophecy for our time; Blaming Amos; Who is Amaziah?; Farm-flocked sheep; Weakened (conquered) people; Lady Godiva's "way"; Standing with your neighbor; Who is "Israel"?; Have you gone into captivity?; Senseless abortion; Being prepared; Examine your sources of information; Amos waking up people; Israel's cancel culture; The Saul Syndrome; How you are rejecting God; Social atheists; Guaranteed spoils; Problems with your thinking; Creeping evolution of permits (tyranny); The solution: Loving your neighbor; Recognizing the harlot; Preaching repentance; Imaginary righteousness; Amos 7:17 - detailed scrutiny; "polluted"; "forth of his land"; "sanctuaries of Israel"; "high places"; "desolate"; Deadly vaccinations; Going under the sword; Cancelling seers; Repeating historical mistakes; Care for your neighbors; Pelosi, your high priestess; Are you following Christ?; Sacrificing to save others; Legalizing sin; Repent!
7/24/21 Avoiding Confusion
Local wildfires - fight or flight; Experience and motivation; Amos' forewarned destruction; Community requires forgiveness; Christian = follower of Christ; Overpopulation?; Creating quality people; The deal of freedom; Vaccine warnings; What will you do?; "Decimation"; You're back in the bondage of Egypt; FDR's Social Security; Waiving your rights; Learning how to live in a free society; Reciprocal covetousness; Is 28:10; Straying from God's precepts; Misconceptions about Abraham; Warlord? Or militia?; Lessons from Abraham; Avoiding confusion; Cultish practices; Externalizing identity; Controlling the narrative; "Basra" = fortress, protection; The workers are few; "kafar" chet-pe-resh = confounded, confused, ashamed; Ps 71:24; beit-vav-shem also confounded, ashamed, confusion - divided from revelation; kof-lamad-mem = ashamed, confounded, confusion - what you do; Unrighteous pastors; Explaining "elders".
7/31/21 Amos 8
Prophets saying the same thing; Dog returning to vomit, pig to mire = legal charity = state providing for needy of society; Religion defined; Saul's folly; WWI ambulance story; Transitioning your mind; What makes you safe?; The greater threat; Volunteerism; Problem at Amos' time; Exercising authority destroys free society; Lady Godiva; The sin of Sodom; You have been warned again and again; Corban of the Pharisees; Changing society back; Entitlements and guarantees; Justin's apology; Social security; Sabbath; Israel's worship of Moloch; Amos is poetry - full of symbols; Amos 8: "Basket of summer fruit"; kof-lamed-vav-beit; Hebrew "word" construction; Cancelling Amos; Fake good news (gospel); Flu report; Removing morality from society; What are you doing for the poor?; Nature of evil; Slothful in charity will be under tribute; Repent - change your thinking; Public School example; Trapping ourselves in these systems; Using money without value; Inflation (of imaginary value); Dividing society; Inflation story; Deceitful balances vs just weights and measures; Ways to think differently than the world; Corban = Social Security = Legal Charity; Making the word of God of none effect; "New moons"?; Who are your priests?; Salvation from your covetous practices; What made America great; Your feasts = welfare; Amos 9; Are you hearing and receiving the words of the Lord?; Amos 8 side notes; "grasshoppers" and "locusts" - From "husbandmen"; Swarms of offices of power; Those lacking faith digress to force; Today's failing media; Paying what you owe; Living by faith, hope and charity; Referencing Nahum; Referencing Alexis de Toqueville; Righteousness is genius; When "America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great"; Covetousness is not good; Despotism seeks division; Prov 1:12; Knowing by fruits; Seeing beyond strong delusion; Seeking the kingdom because of love; Right to choose is a gift from God; Idiotes (unregistered) Apostles; Coming together under the perfect law of liberty destroys division; Incentivized sloth; Your image of Christ; Sharing this message; Gather together; Work together; Re-assemble the body of Christ.
8/7/21 Amos 9
Notes on; Overlapping prophetic messages; Who is God?; "Yahweh"; God's opinion IS reality; Patterns of creation; Cause/effect universe; Inspiration; Presenting non-reality; Wrong answers?; Have you been listening to Christ?; Strong delusion; Allowing nonsense; False beliefs; Faith compels action; Do you act from revelation or vanity?; Spiritual drought; Portents; Reasons to help others; Amos' prophetic poem; Rejecting God; Levite ministers of government; Force or Freedom?; "Horns of the altar"; Jesus' humor; "Eye of the needle"; Charity study; Explaining Christian community; Legal charity; Daughters of the harlot; Understanding altars; kuf-resh-nun (horns); Ex 27:2 +tav-yod-vav; Can you hear the Holy Spirit?; Faith/sacrifice binds people together; Awakening your divine spark (yod); Systems of faith; Have you seen the truth?; Swarms of grasshoppers; Amos 9:1 altar - of force; Social Security has NEVER been solvent; Cutting yourself off from the Holy Spirit; Repent!; Act!; Consequential smiting of lintels of covetous altars; Mem-Lamed-Tet + yod; Inability to see truth; Digging into hell - are you?; First followers of Jesus were Jews; Council of Milan; Doing what Christ said; Carmel = fruitfulness; Being bitten by the serpent; Binding by faith, hope and charity; Where did YOU go wrong?; Why are you back in Egypt?; Paths of repentance; Sophistry locked in by pride; Sifting - trial by God; Days/ways of old; Free society; Melting mountains and hills; Having God prevail in your heart; Why Amos adds (Hebrew) letters; resh-aleph-hey + tav = seeing by faith/revelation; Are you living by faith?; Faith is a gift - which we often block; Family is instituted by God; Christ appointed kingdom to disciples (same as Levites); Saving others; Not dividing by the sword; Repenting together; Keeping His commandments; "city" = terror; Robbing widows and orphans; How Early America was great; Bible message consistent throughout; Cities of blood; Prov 1:10; One purse = socialism; Joint heirs; Don't forsake the gathering.
8/7/21 Annotated Amos
Amos on societal corruption; God is built in to system He created; Nature reveals; Learning how to be a free people; Returning to bondage; Golden calf = reserve bank; "god" = ruling judge; Supreme Court - deciding good and evil for you; 1 Sam 8 wanting a king; Moving the Temple; Korah the sheep; Black/white faced sheep; Basics of the kingdom; Swindoll's commentaries on Amos; Amos 2:6-8; (Julius) Caesar comparison; Federal Reserve; Selling your neighbor into bondage; vs showing up for your neighbor; "Corban" of the Pharisees; Amos 3:10; Electing Sauls; Early American public schools; Mountains of Samaria; Cities of blood; Amos 5:11; Robbing widows and orphans; Hewn vs unhewn stone; Tax complacency; Righteousness is key; Church symbolized as women - caregiver; Helping dysphoria; Amos 8:4; Inflation; Unjust weights and measures; Biting one another - meat with blood in it; Forced offerings; "Intentional Community"; Gathering in free assemblies; Living kingdom where you are; Values driving action; Sacrificing self; "Religion" and the "priestly"; "legalism"; Your right to choose = freedom.
8/14/21 Explaining Tens, Hundreds and Thousands Networking
Covetous practices; Do you understand?; Most *want* to covet, Polybius; Home church group discussion; Modern church differences with early Church; Christ "commanded"; Governmental officers exercising authority; Wages/rewards of unrighteousness; Synagogues; Small groups of ten; Family - instituted by God; Modern Christian apostasy; Kate Brown's new graduation rules; Jesus commanding His disciples; Early Church "families"; Ex 18:25; "rulers"; Individuality; Joseph and his brothers; Escaping bondage; "Religion"; "World"; "spotting" religion; Doing no more ought for your parents; Social Security has never been solvent; Are you really following Christ?; Cognitive dissonance; No SS trust fund; How much do you help your parents?; Public aid; Networking in the bible; Providing daily bread; Electing new Sauls; Potestas and imperium; US Constitution not a biblical document; "Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions" book; Repentance; Loving Christ = keeping commandments; Public health - a church concern; Force vs freewill; "Tens"; Church organization; Dumbing down children; Justin's apology explaining Christianity; Church: resources are the people; Herod's temple; Treasury and sacrifice; Paul's congregations; New Testament "Charity"/"Love"; "Rabbi" rulers; "President" in congregation; Explaining "tens" and "hundreds" networking; Equality among families; Megachurches; Calling out ministers; Jesus the king; Dr. Shiva presentation on "public health"; Many workers of iniquity; Fat, dumb and happy; Solution starts with repentance; Learning forgiveness; Village idiots; Loving one another; Dysphoria; Christ's bottom-up organization; Appointing a kingdom/government; Falsely thinking you are free; Pentecost; Blind man story; Working daily in the temple; Understanding the extend of welfare; Cutting Church muster; Kingdom public health system is intrinsic; Kingdom not of this world.
8/14/21 "Commanded"
Home churches; Like early Church or Pharisees?; When God won't hear you; Christ's commanded organization; Mark 6; Protestant; Popes; Calling no man father; Ten family groups; Synagogue; Early Christians were Jews; Ex 18:25; Lk 12:15; Understanding covetousness; Gambling; Wanting gain at others' expense; Rebuttal of HHC article "Commanded"; No coveting!; Make-believe freedom; Mark 6:40; Simplicity of charity; Luke 9:14; Tithings/symposia; Groupings of Ten in history/languages; Doing what Christ said; Interconnecting groups; Importance of the meaning of words; Pure Religion unspotted by government; Exercising authority; Do you?; Mt 20:25; Mark 10:42; Lk ?; Daily Ministration is caring for needy; Public religion; "Benefactor"; Bread sacrificed to idols vs Christian charity; Home "church" social clubs; Good tax men?; Helping you with your unbelief; Romans 13; Exousia; The Higher Liberty.
8/21/21 Equality of Poverty
Keys: "The Way" of Christ; Identifying metaphors, US Constitution not biblical; What makes us susceptible to delusion; "contract" clause; Minor prophets overlapping; Nahum words; burden -> "tribute"; Relevance to today and tomorrow; Willingness to see our own error; Living altars; Levite temple; Despotic bindings; The Church's role in social welfare; Lady Godiva story; Doomsday book; Appetites for benefits; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Well-organized poor?; Encouraging idleness; Weakening the poor; Lev 25:35; Bondage of Egypt; 20% income tax; What covenants have you made?; Usury; Israel - not civil society but free society; Israel's Pure Republic times; What's your source for truth?; Lev 25:38; Turning brethren into servants; Abdicating your right to choose; Legal charity; Criminals and government; Australian attacks; Actors = paid liars; You fix it!!; Freedom requires responsibility; Becoming a doer of the word; Testing effectiveness; Criminalizing crossing state lines; Christians abandoning Christ; Problems stemming from slavery? Progressive socialism; Cancelling access; VAERS; Know the facts; Avoid hysteria; Supporting caregivers; Licensing ministers; What made America great; Equality of Poverty; "Free" benefits; Frightened by love; Solution to mandates; Mark 6; Luke 9:13; Organizing Israel; Militia; Loaves and fishes - what was the miracle?; Corroding society; Forced vs freewill contributions; Rethinking education; Home school associations; Which "Equality"?; Identity politics; Alexis de Toqueville story; Sharing with ministers through the body of Christ; Fake news; And fake "Good News"; Democracy within a republic; It's not allowable to take away neighbor's right to choose (a.k.a exercise authority); Offices of service vs offices of power.
8/21/21 Satisfying Equality
Returning to Draconian measures; God's Kingdom = right to be ruled by God; Christ's solution; Enemies of the people; How YOU became a criminal; Equality and equity; Moving targets; Why people come and why they leave; The name of Christ; Practical reality; Racism in rulers; Equality of outcome; The art of staying free; Daily sacrifice; "Associations"; Pact of the catacomb; Crucifixion plaque; Recognizing Jesus as King of Judea; Offices of service; Juries; Understanding Paul; Capitalism and Socialism; Individual rights to choose; Thinking Christ's way; Charitable associations; Charity spotted by government; Despotic equality; Religious order; Your duty to the body of Christ; Standing up for neighbors; Maintain conversation; Is the Supreme Court your god?; Victory by separation/isolation; "Egoism"; Accepting you might be wrong; Your right to decide; Good citizens; The goal is righteousness; Range sheep stick together; Legal Charity; Liberty is the blood of life; Your first choice.
8/28/21 Preparing You for the Truth
What does "not a part of the world" mean?; Learning word meanings; "Exousia" = power of choice; John the Baptist - "repent"; concordance; context of the time; Tapping in to Holy Spirit; Doves and flickering; Baptism; Opinions and truth; Believer? How do you know?; Need truth to be saved; Set down what you thought was true; Vulnerable to deceit; Freedom of speech in the kingdom; Why we gather; Invisible bonds; "scripture"; Indwelling of Holy Spirit; "Study" = be diligent; No magic words; Actions are evidence; "Charity"; Burning Bush Festival next weekend; Sept 7th "call in sick" day for protest; Government workers being fired; Medical coercion; Media censorship; Preparing you for the truth; Cancelling - don't want conversation; Following science; Vaccine agenda; John the Baptist gave the solution; Corruption in government; Are we doers of the word?; Seek the kingdom and righteousness and the rest will work out; Laborers are few; Doing the work; Prov 23; Understanding biblical "meat"; mem-beit-ayin-mem; Greek "broma"; Victuals?; Dainties?; Benefits!; What "normal" are you looking for?; Plutarch quote about benefits; And Polybius; Appetites for benefits; Force is not OK; Legal charity; Evidencing the problem; Christ has the solution; Shutdown removes purpose -> suicide; You will need a network; Business license? Lk 3:11; "meat" instructions; Stop being the "many"; Societal pressure; Tiberius = 2nd Caesar after Augustus; Two high priests?; "Seeing" God's salvation; Are you fruit-bearing?; Getting back to the ways of Christ; Synagogues; Universe and kingdom are reasonable; Lavish temples; How are you seeking?; Baptizing publicans; "violence"; Moving towards the light per John the Baptist; Building Christ's network; "Cast out" vs "called out"; John and Jesus relationship; THE solution: Love one another = charity!
8/28/21 Soft Despotism
Festivals driven by the people; Force and fear; Stopping the nonsense; Do your own research; Meat?; Benefactors; Lk 22:25; Christ's rules; Sacrifice; Judean welfare; "Soft" Despotism; Egoism; Connecting in a network; Developing the skills of freedom; Prov 23; "Dainties"; Meats given; Right to steal?; Who is tithing?; Traveling ministry; Paul, tentmaker; Scientific warnings; Perversion; Becoming savages; Sureties for debt; Hearing one another; Tutelary Church?; Who are your guardians?; Dishonest elections; Sovereign people; Gathering to help each other - rich and poor; Gratitude?; Moral ties; Willful sacrifice; Guaranteeing life without happiness; Wages of unrighteousness.
9/4/21 No Broadcast today.
9/11/21 Conversation
Deciphering current events; Evolving science; Why do we believe what we believe?; Flat earth?; Mental bigots; Blind faith?; We think we know; "Conversation"; Rituals and ceremonies; Administrating public affairs; Corinthian Christians; Clarifying the kingdom of God and His righteousness; "Threskia"; What Paul was doing; Pharisaical apostasy; "Corban"; Nahum - prophet of vision; Linking to today's problems; Nature; Body "cell" analogy; CO2; Breathing; Healing; Paralleling the body of Christ; Movie "God"; God's image in creation; Reproduction miracle; Intercellular communication; Population reduction?; Angel = messenger; Interpreting messages; Toxicity; Aroura borealis; Power of compassion; Is spirit electrical?; God's "speaking"; The beginning; Genesis 1; Spiritual forming physical; Witchcraft; Gathering as Christ commanded; Seeing things fit together; Defining "Gimel"; Gen 1:1; "Darkness"; "Deep"; "Elohim" - aleph-lamad-heh-mem; Spiritual element; Christ came to save the whole world; Germ/terrain theories; Armor of God; Spiritual coincidences?; Cutting yourself off from God; God/Jesus "breathing"; Nahum - the book of vision; Reason for illness; God/light/day - begin with aleph; Rights; Darkness - heh-shem-kuf; Blaming and judging; Setting others free; Church - for His purposes; Corporation of Christ; Marriage for having children; Loving our enemy; Adam and Eve cut themselves off; Recent audio recordings; Solution to the madness; Nahum - burden of Nineveh - "massa"; Doctrine of His Church; Sharing of messaging; Decide for yourself.
9/11/21 Numerous Doctors
World-wide displacement; Government force; Fake gospel; Liberation theology; Finding the contract; Gregory history; People are dying; The threat of coercion; VAERS; Avoiding forced medical treatment; 10 USC 1107 (a); Can you refuse?; Dangers of this injection; Why animal trials are needed; Do your own research; What is love?; Divisive people; Cause/effect universe; "Wrath" of God; Holding therapy; Building health centers; Join the network!; Numerous scientists; Population reduction; Natural immunity efficacy; Booster addiction; Avoidance is not enough; Follow Christ.
9/18/21 Canon Law
Can't trust the news anymore; What about churches?; False Christs deceiving many; Covetous practices; "Works" are evidence of salvation (or not); Upsetting the lie; "Christ" commanded US; Our mission; Death rate manipulation; "Age" is a morbidity; Arsenic and green wallpaper; Protecting young and old; Seeking solutions; 2 Cor 3:6; Body subject to spirit; Spirit of love giveth life; Hate?; vs Loving your enemy; Canon law; Justice or legal systems; Greek "Kanon" = straight measuring rod; Are you on the straight path?; Responsibility; Executive orders; Supreme moral authority?; Church established by Jesus Christ; Turn to His spirit; Applying the law; Statutes of Moses; John 8:44; Devil: father of lies; 1 John 2:4; Keeping commandments; Church = called out - government; Rhomaios vs Roman citizen; Idiotes; Forced contributions are not OK; Attacking delusion; Living at the expense of your neighbors; Jerusalem's righteous king; Love = charity; Therapy for strong delusion; Oregon October showdown; What needs to happen; 1 John 2:22; Cognitive dissonance; Absolute truth; Vaccinations; UN Universal declaration of human rights; Bioethics; #6 - informed consent; No forcing your neighbor; Stop dividing; Social Security is same as Corban of the Pharisees, making word of God of none effect; Repent and come together in name of Christ; Full armor of God; God's love - hot coals for you?; Coming in Christ's name; Seek kingdom of God and His righteousness; Being the government of God - of, for and by the people; Take care of one another; You choose: kingdom of God or kingdom of the world.
9/25/21 Nahum
Understanding Nahum via things happening now; Nahum added letters to most words; "World"; Are you following the Holy Spirit/Comforter?; Selling all you hath; Dark winter; The light hurts their eyes; Learning the whole truth to provide for it; Seeing how God works; Pursuing "Happiness"; Mandates of Christ; Natural Law; "Nahum" = comforter/consoler; Uncomfortable truth; Elkoshite?; Being trapped; Cause/effect universe; Pandemic precursor; Willingness to see truth; King Manesseh; Adultery and Idolatry; War on Poverty; Losing our religion; Salvation; Written near end of Assyrian empire; Mandating your neighbors; Causes of your present predicament; Calvin's confusion; Rejecting God's righteousness; Cemetery story; Surviving hospitals; Surviving tyranny; Identifying tyrants; Mt 7:1 - Judgement; Volunteerism; Micah 3; Mt 7:15; Biting one another; Nahum 1; Book of the vision; "Name" of Christ; Saving the whole world?; "Burden"; Tribute; Weakening the people; Saul's folly; Private vs public funding; Nineveh?; Today's burden; Mt 11:30; Jesus: king and high priest; Cursing your children; Jealous God?; kuf-nun-vav-alef - separating yourself from God; kuf = resh + zayin; Christ's command to gather; God's "effect", or "wrath"; To which father are you connected?; "furious" - can you upset God?; Built-in automatic result; "adversaries"? Of righteousness; Doing what Christ said; Socialism is not religion; Reinstituting bonds; Way of righteousness; Nahum investigation involved; Unique words; "enemy"?; Democracy -> Socialism -> Communism; Selfishness; Gal 5:15; Treating only symptoms; Witnessing love and sacrifice; Denominational division; Peculiar people; Preparing for famine; Expecting vengeance; 1 Sam 8 warning; Acquitting the wicked?; Giving responsibly to strengthen the poor; Words missing from translation?; Repentance to get to Christ; God's consequence is slow, but inevitable; Seek real righteousness; Don't complain, repent!
9/25/21 Our Journey
The keys; The ways; Fasting; The secrets to the ways of liberty; Deceitful meat; Was Paul anti-gospel?; Hard to understand?; What law?; Demonic and heavenly dimensions; How to differentiate; What's missing?; Characteristics of heaven; Autophagy; Marley's chains - and yours; Forgiveness actualized; Doers of the word; Paul's network of charity; Acts - of the apostles; Sanhedrin(s) = spiritual legislature; Do you have covenants with other gods?; Judging good and evil?; Natural Law and legal systems; Living stone altars; Abraham and the five kings; The chemical factory within you; Mt 6:23; Emergency property seizure; The new "temporary"; Seeing tracks; Treasures in heaven; Nero's performances; National insolvency; Rom 13:9; Christian persecution; Public religion; Stoning; Overcoming addictions; Sabbath keeping; Thievery in the bible; Seek the kingdom.
10/2/21 Nahum 1 - Nahum's vision
Can't fix everybody else; Evil's goal; "Resist"; Outlandish crimes; Democracy; The fear motivator; "For your safety"; Nazis?; Nahum's vision; Living network; Burden of Nineveh - "massa" = tribute; nun-shen-alef; nun = fish in water; Socialism destroying society; Sweeping you away; Chet-zayin-nun = vision; Seeing yourself to see the truth; You need the Holy Spirit as a guide; Isaiah's similar vision; Spiritual vision; Isa 1:1; Prov 29:18; Keeping the law; Remaining free; Proverb's instructions; "Women" as caregivers; What is the character of the caregivers of your society?; Appetites for benefits; Forced offerings are anti-Christ; Sitting and eating with rulers; Jer 14:14; Nahum's "Jealous" - kuf-nun-vav-alef; How you became sitting in darkness?; Imaginary salvation; God's consequences are built into nature; Enemy - lamad+alef-yod-biet+yod+vav; Pharisee's "law"; Living at the expense of others; Lam 2:9; Gentiles; Pastors without vision; American slavery - bondage of Egypt; "Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions" book; Gospel "truth"; Acquitting the wicked; Dalet = selflessness = charity; Unrighteous mammon; Commit to the kingdom and righteousness; Tough love; Ez 7:26; Exercising authority = taking neighbor's choice away; Soften your heart; Blame, but forgive; Repent!; Ez 12:27; Individual journey taken together; tav-beit-lamad "world", like "kosmos"; Judge not!; Finding love for neighbor; Prepared by faith, hope and charity; Think differently; Nahum 1:13; Practicing pure religion; Bans - of Liberty or Tyranny?; Moses and Jesus in harmony; Leave judgement to God; Repent and follow righteousness; Molten systems of evil; Reassemble the real Church; Golden calf; Making word of God of none effect; Graven images; Follow the way of the Lord; Not brutish pastors; "vow"; Casting bread upon the waters; Welfare Anonymous?; God sends vision - not intellect; Family = God's institution; Church = called out; No saving yourself; Networking; Helping others prepare.
10/9/21 Nahum 2
Self-organizing free society; vs Modern Christian; Tyranny on the rise; Perfect savages; Jab or no job; Evidence censored; War with evil since the garden - deception; "Trees"; Christ's commands to disciples; Binding by love; The way of the world; Early American colleges; Wages of unrighteousness; "Gentiles"; Christ's nation; Trickle-up government; Recognizing addition to benefits; Meat with blood in it; Why evil is winning; Christ's sheep story; The solution; Revelations on Nahum; Time of the essence; Loving Jesus; Statutes of Moses; Natural Law; Covenanting with the world; Originating "gods"; Peter's difference; Leaving judgement to God; Acting in the name of Christ; Dominion; Rights to refuse; Vatican II; Reliance on the Holy Spirit; Slothful, disorganized society; Repentance; Next steps; Surviving freedom; Ananias vs Hoses; Your choice; Sacrifice; Solemn feasts; Daily ministration; Nahum 2:1; Who dashes in pieces?; Viewing desolation; What scattered the flock?; What bonds fortify society?; Thomas Sowell's voice of reason; Willingness to see truth; Social Security; Cancel culture; Why not get the jab?; Nahum footnotes; mem-pei-yod-tzadek; Stronghold of God; Charitable altars of men; Sophistry - look it up; Becoming walls; Praying to courts; Is your church teaching Jesus?; Will God hear your cries?; Days of preparation; Upon whose table do you depend?; Chariot charging; Not those who "say"; Paul's lists; Taking care of your own - and others; Nahum 2:7; Who is Huzzab?; nun-tzdek-beit; "Marred"; Those that should be standing - Huzzab and the maids; Plagues and famines; Need of repentance; Nineveh; Back in Babylon/Egypt/Cain; Righteousness has no covetous practices; Divine intervention required - your choice; Or sit in darkness; Knowledge is not enough!; Seek first!; Strive and persevere; Finding young lions; Peculiar tactics; "streets" (outside); "rage" - there should be none; Name of Christ is sacrifice; Are you willing to connect?; What is God and His prophets claiming?; Are you living by faith, hope and charity?; Leading to righteousness; Return to the father.
10/9/21 Warnings From Highly-cited Scientists
Going to heaven or hell?; Resistance to force; COVID studies; Demand autopsies; Micro blood clots; Propagating untruths; False senses of security; Breakthrough variants; Animal analogues; Listening to super achievers; Let the participant beware; VAERS; Warnings from highly cited scientists; Refusal rights; Vaccines are not your salvation; Polio example; Temporary exceptions; Laborers are few; Relying on faulty studies; Solution? Seek His kingdom and His righteousness, strengthen the poor, come together that you might live.
10/16/21 Nahum 3
Absolutely essential for YOU to sit down in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands to care for neighbors; Roman Senate; What binds you together?; "Libera Res Publica"; Biting one another; Clarifying times of the minor prophets; Pharaoh Moses; Conflict with Pharaoh; Captivity and bondage - then and now; Right to revolt?; Practicing fervent charity; Pure Religion; Review Nahum 1; World-wide Social Security; Making yourselves merchandise; No exercising authority; Forced Social Security; Violating Sabbath; "Nineveh" and Assyria; Owning you; Losing freedom; Abandoning Christ; Called-out Levites; Caring for neighbor as self; Churches made America great; Perfect law of liberty; Your complicity in forcing your neighbor; Deleted history; Nahum 3:1; Who is your source of truth?; Daily ministration; Modern Christian (bloody city) liars; Blood - mem-yod-mem; Becoming prey; Jer 26:15; Ez 7:23; Neighborly love or tyranny; Ez 22:2; Your idols; Ez 24:6; Hos 6:8; You live in the bloody city, and you are the prey; Nahum 3:2; Chariots; "Emperor"; Biblical constitutions; Returning to republic; Our whoredoms, harlot and witchcraft; tet-vav-biet-tav; Woman = caregiver = social welfare system; The Church established by Christ; "Witchcraft" - 3785 kaf-shin-pei + yod + mem; Loving your enemy; Gimel = cause/effect = reward/punishment; "gazingstock"; Untranslated meaning; Nineveh; Bondage of Egypt; Do you see your mistakes?; Seeking God's kingdom; Come together; Nahum 3:8; "populous" - aleph-mem-vav-nun = architect/workman; Better to know the Holy Spirit/comforter; Seek righteousness; Nahum fond of "kaf" (crown); Finding the bride of Christ; Coming in the name of Christ; Comprehending Nahum's metaphors; Share this message; Gather together to operate in a free society by faith, hope and charity; Repent ; America's greatness; Witness your iniquity; Choose Christ; creating bands of free society; Christ came to save others; Will you?; Hear His voice; Do what He says; Understand His kingdom and righteousness.
10/16/21 Corruption
Bayer and Agent Orange; War crimes; "Whoredom"; War on innocents; Understanding free society; Are you a little tyrant?; Power-lust; Worse today than the bondage of Egypt; Blaming others for your faults; Free money story; Forcing your neighbor is tyranny/archism; Rejecting bamboozling; "We The People"; Your debt; The way back to liberty under God; Covetous practices; Offices of power and service; Juries waiving rights; Identifying corruption in you; Revealing corruption in government; "For the children"; Ezekiel unfolding; Christ's "weightier matters"; Suing government; Child refugees; Gather with others with the love of Christ.
10/23/21 Introducing Habakkuk
Habakkuk; Tying things in to Jesus Christ; Patterns that bring life; Predestination by choice?; No love without choice; Breathing into existence; Are you listening?; Deciding good/evil; Christ's kingdom not of this world; Ensnaring yourself and your neighbor; Studying "Prophets"; Prophesying disaster; Why prepare?; False images of Christ; Micah's vision; Song of Moses and of the Lamb; "Form" religion; Watering the desert; Disciples = students; Being of one accord; Protection of the Holy Spirit; "The Way"; Witnessing the gospel; Living at the expense of others; Volunteerism; Stealing choice; Cancel culture; Cause and effect; Knowing the real Christ; Rightly dividing bread and water; Living by faith; Mountains of Samaria; YOUR Choice; Habakkuk - another poet; Listening to God; Judge not!; Skipping bases; Involving the state in marriage; Birth registration; Marcus Aurelius; Freewill offerings = Charity; vs Legal Charity; 8th of 12 minor prophets; Late 7th century BC; Rom 1:17; The "just" living by faith; Rom 11:18; Knowing by fruit; Synagogue of Satan; Christ church does Christ's will; Who are "the just"?; False confessions; Paul's lists; Evil Christianity; Propagating covetousness; Finding better solutions; Rom 2:1; Examples of covetousness; Becoming righteous police; Rom 7:7; Sin reality; Col 2:14; Two "laws"; Rom 13:9; National adultery; Harlots; Keeping commandments; Love fulfils the law; Gal 3:11; Are you living by faith or force?; Sitting in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Eating with foreigners; Eph 5:3; Paul's "we" and "us"; Needing repentance; Parental neglect; Jericho's walls; Submitting to God's character; Heb 10:38; Faith vs Force; The Church established by Christ; 2 Tim 3:2; Forgiving your neighbor's debt; Flattening righteousness; Stealing hope from your children; Mammon; Befriending unrighteous mammon; Seek righteousness; Becoming a doer; Starting your journey; Bloodlines?; Descaling your eyes; Perseverance; Saving others; God's love; "His Holy Church"; 2 Tim 3:12; Networking congregations; Demonstrating the body of Christ; Kings and priests; Recognizing false beliefs; Sowing Christ's character; Be still; Faithful bishops; Who's called out?; Are you?
10/23/21 Pastors
Old vs New testaments; Both important - Christ quotes Old testament; Living by faith; Church roll call; Members?; Who's "we"?; "World" at the time of Christ; Sitting in darkness; Your tree of knowledge; Being willing to see truth about yourself; "Brutish pastors";;; Are you listening to the Holy Spirit?; Pastors today; NT: Shepherd - poimen; Shepherds of righteousness; Herdsman; No office of "elder" in the Church; OT: resh-ayin-heh; Authority of pastors; Pastors tend pastures; Fertile soil and good health; Shepherding for better life; "resh" for rulers; The just/righteous shall live by faith; Giving to ministers; Seek the love of Christ; YOUR Temple; Forcing your neighbor; Mark 6:39; Paul's not the problem; Charity and freewill offerings; Beware mistranslations; Peter's wealth; "Idiotes" = unregistered; Nazarene Essenes; Justin's apology explaining the Church; Birth registration; Marcus Aurelias; Find and love the truth.
10/30/21 Habakkuk 1
Reaching for the Kingdom; Deut 5; Ten commandments; Sabbath; Making God happy?; Recognizing metaphors; Freedom of choice; Tree of Life; Keeping the commandments; Not-love; Bondage of Egypt; Lk 22:25-27; Cutting yourself off from the Holy Spirit; Covenants; Gods many; Oaths; beit-resh-yod-tav; Faith in a house of authority; Debt; Cognitive dissonance; Covetous practices; Militia; Habakkuk - 8th of 12 minor prophets; The Just shall live by Faith; Unchanging God; Jewish Christians; Jesus: King and High Priest; Burden of Habakkuk; Finding the faithful; FDA resignations; Following media; VAERS; 1 Sam 8:18; Why God doesn't hear you; Befriending unrighteous mammon; "Incense"; Insurrection - against God; Sabbath pretenders; Usury; Habakkuk - crying out, but not being heard; Kenosha riot story; Who are the righteous?; Habakkuk 1:4; Law = Torah; Wicked authority; College funding story; Chaldeans; Golden calf; Owning your children; Freedom will take a miracle; "Violence", Binding your salvation; Evening wolves; Tav-vav; Connecting/separating faith; Giving up your right to decide/choose; The help that will save you; Who's your "god"?; Hab 1:12 - prayer; Facing hard times - for correction; Join the e-mail network; And the Living network; Become God's peculiar people; Wicked devouring righteous; Inflation; Temple of Ephesus - a bank; Apostolic treasury; The benefit snare; Are YOU seeking His kingdom and righteousness?; Praying to the world; Repent - think a different way; Organize yourselves into Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Rejecting the lie is not enough - receive the truth.
10/30/21 Deuteronomy 5
Deuteronomy: Exodus continued, Understanding the Old Testament; Living by faith; What is the Church/Kingdom of God?; The Ten Commandments; Redefined words causing confusion; Words = symbols of ideas; Learn, keep and do; The name of Moses; The role of Moses; Giving away our power to other gods; "Israel"; Synagogue of Satan; Kingdom deep within you; heh+(chet-kaf)+yod+mem (statute); "aleph" picture; God's love for us; No kings in Israel; "Judgement"; Receiving the Holy Spirit; Earning salvation; Covenants; Keeping the commandments; Moses' fires; Letting light in; Emphasizing bondage; "gods"; Your daily bread; Making graven images; Altars; Golden calf; Serving institutions; Taking the LORD's name in vain; Keeping Sabbath; Your right to choose; Honoring your parents; Good/bad is a matter of righteousness; "Corban"; Killing - via government; Adultery - beyond what you think; Taxation?; Bearing false witness; Covetousness = your system of government; Be still and know; Be aware of your appetite for benefits; What ARE you doing?; Your next step - take it.
11/6/21 Habakkuk 2
Seeking richer understanding; Serving the "net"; Many don't like what they hear; "Cult?"; Thinking for yourself; Faith in false information sources; Humility lacking; Bondservant's of Christ; Lk 16:13; Mt 6:24; Mammon? Entrusted wealth; "Corban"; Two mammons?; Is taxation theft?; Recognizing your bondage; 1 Sam 8; Instructions in Matthew; Pure and impure religion; Getting answers from God; Hab 1 review; Corruption by power; Ignoring the "weightier matters"; Kenosha trial example; Slothful under tribute; Keeping His commandments; Protecting the sheep; Practicing forgiveness; Seeing what we need to see - us; Roman Imperial Cult; Baptism of Jesus; Leaving Egypt as a society; Hab 2:1; What WE need to do; Network of the body of Christ; Waiting on the LORD; Tower/rampart - 3320 vav+aleph+tav+(yod-tzdek-beit)+heh; Knowing when and where to run; Built into creation; Bondage of Egypt vs today; "violence"; Participating in confiscation; Living by love; Admitting delusion; The wine you are drunk on; Unrighteous mammon; How long will you live by the blood of your neighbor?; Biting you back; Where is your faith?; Pretending Christians and Jews; "nakedness"; Having no king (anarchy); Modern politics; Teaching covetousness; Repent -think differently (righteously); Strengthening our neighbors; Graven images; Knowing your salvation; David's example; Hoping people awaken; Serving one another; Christ's wine; The Lord wants YOU to be His temple; "Holy"; 1 Cor 3:16; 1 Cor 6:19; Living Christ's way; Allowing Holy Spirit to guide you; No trick to salvation; Becoming an inheritor of the kingdom; God wants to bless YOU; Joining us; Gathering in love; Tough love; Know your comforter; Recognizing righteousness.
11/6/21 Mammon
English translations of the bible; Why Hebrew is confusing; Letters have meaning and form ideas/words; Adding letters to change meaning; "Mammon" - Aramaic origins; Wealth put into trust; Mt 6:24; Lk 16:11; Tribute into treasury; Rulers exercising authority (removing your choice); Cognitive dissonance; Living a lie; Seeing the whole Jesus; True riches; Consistent bible theme; Origins of the word "mammon"; Human resources; Kingdom Social Security; Christ the king; Jesus' string whip; Mt 27:6; Mk 7:11; Corban; Federal Reserve Act trust; Hab 2:4; Cause/effect universe; Join us!
11/13/21 Habakkuk 3
Time to talk Kingdom!; DNA; Quantum Biology; Procreation; Life; How do you know murder is wrong?; Idolatry; Seeing truth; Altering your perception; Habakkuk 3 as poetry (pattern); Meaning added to message; Your choice; Cause and effect; Your source of life; Hab 3:1; Poem/song; Hebrew word "afraid" yod-resh-aleph+tav+yod; Habakkuk's prayer; Modern-day interpretation; Prophecy edge; "Charagma"; Judging others; Wickedness; Kyle Rittenhouse; Rain in the desert; Cultivating Holy Spirit; Revival; shem-nun-yod-mem; Mercy by faith; Looking to Tree of Life; Looking for power in knowledge; "Timon"; Are you hearing God?; Timeless spiritual message; Fear not!; Focus on spiritual; Seek peaceful confirmation; "Pestilence"; Hab 3:5 - see in the spirit; "Measuring"; Hab 3:6; Mountains and hills; Horses/Chariots - symbolic; God is not mad; Serving God and life; The will of the Father; Spiritual message - not of fear; Overwhelming anger and hate; Come together in righteousness; Devouring the poor?; Wicked want you eating of Tree of Knowledge; City of blood/oppression; Rely on the Holy Spirit; The LORD's way; Vibrations; What does it mean?; Christ's international body of charity; Psalm 7:1 - "Shigionoth"; Laying down your life for others; Giving life/choice; The devolution of charity; Kingdom not for cowards; Land of the brave?; Song of Moses and the Lamb; Understanding the Old Testament; Witnessing events around us; Social safety nets; Christ's commands; Holding YOU in trust; De 33:2; Who are the saints?; Our job; Baalam and Nicolaitans; Giving power to men; Returning choice to the people; God's judgement - your eyes have been darkened; Opportunity for awakening; Spirit first!
11/13/21 Summing Up Habakkuk
Habakkuk - Poetic prophet; Poetry and your brain; Gods/judges; Retaining your right to choose; China's one-child contract example; Cause/effect universe; The fat of the net; Sun's effect on the world; Spiritual vs emotional; Defending foolish ideas; Rom 1:17; Gal 3:11; Heb 10:38 - The just live by faith; Making America great; Diversity; Your primary choice; Biblical translation; Chariots of salvation; The Way of Christ; Seeing the whole truth; Hab 1: Burden of violence; Returning to paradise; Perseverance; Roman price controls; Be careful what you pray for; Kyle Rittenhouse example; People snared in captivity; Leaders of light; Fake good news; Are you living by faith?; Cities of blood; The Lord's temple = YOU; Pestilence - wantonness; Burning coals; Abhor lies; The song of Moses and the Lamb - and of Habakkuk; Believing in life; Receiving life by laying down yours; Survivalists; Sing His song.
11/20/21 Seeing THE Truth
Adding more to Bible section at; Zephaniah - the "Revelation" of the Old Testament; Trends of Change; THE truth; Relating to ourselves; Zephaniah = "Yahweh has hidden"; Kyle Rittenhouse trial; Criminals wreaking havoc; Media spin vs facts presented; Vigilantism; Fire story; Sitting in darkness; What can't YOU see?; Why can't some see THE truth?; Tree of Knowledge; Tree of Life; Information filters; Understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom; Loving/strengthening your neighbor; Ex 14:3; Entangled in the land; biet-vav-resh; Confused? Perplexed?; Enmeshment; Hierarchy in the family; Moving targets; Mt 22:15; Moses ruling by reason; Confusion rampant; Cancelling conversations; Unwillingness to see truth; Learning from sheep; Sheep/Christians don't see well in the dark; Guiding with light; Moneychangers and mammon; Debt/Inflation is not OK; Repurposing safe drugs; Gibraltar example; Loving darkness; "Man of the mountain"; Porters of the Temple; Providing for need; Malmonitis - Head of the porters; Man of the mountain of the house; Temple treasury should flow; Rev 16:5; Psalms 134; Following Christ's commands; Forming congregations; Kingdom structure; Thinking "kingdom"; Safety in staying together; Everyone must learn for themselves; Cognitive dissonance; "Believe" in the real Christ; Practicing pure religion; 2 Pe 2:20; Knowing yourself; Making slaves of your brothers; Making yourself merchandise; Coveting what belongs to your neighbor; Banks; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Wages of unrighteousness; Find one another and gather; Scattering the flock; The alternative network; Learn to be a free society.
11/20/21 Waning Immunity
"His Holy Church"; Early Church network; Dark Ages?; World government - top down; "They all say they are kings"; Waning immunity?; "Vaccination"; Christ's healing; Shadow self; Repent and think a different way; Contagious ideas; Changing world restrictions; Acceptance of facts; Man no more; Training ministers; Selective sharing; "Gilgal'; Have you been divided?; What's the end goal?; The lie people believe; Put down your delusions.
11/27/21 Modern Heretics
Modern church?; Seminary; Afghanistan; Faithfulness and martyrs; Allegiance; "Clap-trap"; Image of Christ; Soviet Union - oppressive regime; Cults; 40000+ denominations preaching contrary to Christ; Would die rather than repent; Prison of the mind; How do we know when we're being manipulated?; Christians - no exercising authority; Christ's mission - set captives (YOU) free; The Name of God; Atheism?; Roman social welfare - crime not to enroll; Seeking God's Kingdom; Repentance; Seminary lessons; Blooming where you're planted; Modern heresies; Brainwashing; Zephaniah; Setting up governmental systems; Saul's folly; Day-to-day choice; Peculiar people of Israel; The simplicity of the Kingdom of God; Biting one another; Margaret Mead; Who is in apostasy? Ekklesia - Called Out; Social welfare by charity, not force; Choice is key; "Gestapo"; Societal degeneration; Your only hope; Unregistered apostles; Loving Jesus and neighbors; True love; Social Security; Not of this "world"; Forgiveness; Sharing; Pilgrim capitalists; Conforming to Christ; Corban - of Christ; Drawing near God; Organizing by tens, hundreds and thousands; Consequences of covetousness; Cryptic prophets; Helping with your unbelief; What made America great; Your comforter; Seeking truth; Legal charity; We are not to covet!; Understanding the bible; Filling congregations with light; Adam and Even fled light; Modern (house) church?; Synagogues; Rhomaios; Faith in the (non-biblical) Constitution?; Taking care of one another leads to free society; Courts and juries; Freeing yourself?; Losing your inheritance; Strong delusion; 2 Thes 2:11; Believing the lie; Why we gather; Bondage of Egypt; 2 Pe 2:18; Working iniquity; Finding the light in others; Roadmap to the kingdom; Judge not; Satan's "light"; Join with us.
11/27/21 Yeshua's Mission
Workers of iniquity - opposing Christ; Understanding where Israel went wrong; Acts 7; Constantine vs Christ; "Worshipping"; The will of the Father; Baptism; Loving your neighbor; Sabbath keeping; Uncircumcision; Substitute Holy Spirit - Emotionalism; Waiting on tables; First century banking; Renewing Corinth; God's welfare system; Tithing; Function of a minister; Mimicking Pharisees; Ezra - Weeping and Shouting; Church buildings?; Things YOU should know; Two systems in the world; Flowing funds/blood through the body; Knowing prophetic symbolism; Relating to the Holy Spirit; Destruction by Legal Charity; Sharing like John the Baptist; Praying to Government or Church? God not hearing you - why?; Yeshua's mission; Practicing Pure Religion; Building families together; Creating Kingdom bonds; info; Recognizing your bondage; 2 Peter 2:20; "Legal title"; Property/use tax; HHC Information is free; Titus 1:15; Wages/Rewards of unrighteousness; Believing in your religion; Serving the people voluntarily through love and faith; Don't be like the Nicolaitans and Balaam; Live the Good News.
12/4/21 Christ's Way to Freedom
Got questions? We find answers; Knowing the bible; Confederate secession; Constitutional ratification?; U.S. separate government; Missing history; Denominations; "Accepted" biblical interpretations; Modern brain washing; Twisting cognitive dissonance; Living for the herd; Life cycle; Political hijacking of agenda; Preaching anti-Christ; Psychological "enmeshment"; Questioning basic "beliefs"; Examining the idols you worship; Early Church networking; Organizing by tens, hundreds and thousands; Jethro and Moses; Resolving conflict; What binds the kingdom together?; "gods"; Golden calf; Pharaoh's gold; History of God's kingdom; Emotional pressure on children; Parental giants; Allowing children choices; Setting righteous boundaries; Freedom of speech; Autonomy of families; Church = called out to serve congregations; Free society; Taxless, but responsible for needs of neighbor - voluntary; Bound by love; Seeing reality around you; Blind guides; Substituting emotion for spirit; Trying to show light in darkness; Light-haters; Creating connections of substance; Trajan conversing with Theophorus (Ignatius); The charity difference; "Religion"; James 1:27; Visiting (caring for) the afflicted; Fitting the puzzle; Setting the people free; No compelled contribution; Bondage of Egypt; Free assemblies, freewill offerings; Tithing according to service; Fifties; Minister job description; International network of charity; Paul's tent-making; Story of Ignatius of Antioch; Christian and Rhomaios - in possession of your rights; vs Quires - subject citizen; Paul's appeal to Rome; Baptism of thousands; "Elders"; Are you a "god"?; Ignatius' writings; "Presbyter" = counsel: position/office of family; Family = corporation of God/Nature; Congregation = free assembly (not corporation); Ignatius' sense of humor; Taken to Rome/away from Antioch; Appeal of Christianity; Social safety net; Becoming merchandise; Free country?; Gather to strengthen others.
12/4/21 Ignatius of Antioch
Offices of the family; Families purposefully gathering together; "Religion"; Caring for neighbors; The kingdom of God at hand; Pure Religion; Cursing your children with debt; Home churching; "deacon"; Christ's way vs Judean/Roman Temples; "Ignatius of Antioch" or "Theophorus"; Writer/humorist; Tens, Hundreds and Thousands exemplified; Allowing others' right to choose; No force!; Jesus made manifest; "place of God"; Translators are traitors; "presbyter" = "elder"; Holy Spirit's presence; Returning choice to individuals; Adam and Eve hiding; Your church's doctrines - of Christ or men?; Being "with" the Father; Ignatius's journey; John 10:34; Choosing gods; "Elder" is not a Church office; You can't free yourself; Church hierarchy; Constantine's church and councils; Apostolic succession; Feel-good ministers; Holy Spirit is your comforter; Being bound by love; Harmony with God; Choose well your deacon; Daily ministration of charity; Remove tyranny from your heart.
12/11/21 John 3
Good news of the kingdom; Repercussions of becoming free; Moses' good news; Calling out Levites; Learning how to love your neighbor; One purse = socialism; Honoring (fattening) mother and father; Bondage of Egypt; Where you are at; Compelled offerings are not charity; Legal charity weakens society; Power corrupts; God's way; Examples of weakened society; Delusion of freedom; Misinterpreting John 3; God remains the same; Praying for mercy; Extending mercy to neighbor; John 3 abused; Greek based; Pharisees/Sadducees/Zealots were political parties; Stone temple fallacy; Nicodemus the Pharisee came to Jesus; Explaining the gospel; Baptism; Seeing/entering kingdom of God; Getting to our fallen state; Selling our birthright; How we got into trouble; Gathering for one another; Share, forgive, give in love; Your mark of the beast; Born again process; Guiding spirit; Understanding heavenly things; "Master" of Israel?; Better "Teacher"; Temporal context; Sanhedrin were to teach the law, not legislate; Drawing near to Holy Spirit; Do not mistake emotion for the Holy Spirit; Judge not; Keeping the Sabbath holy; John 3:16 God loving the "world"; 3:17 - the world MIGHT be saved; 3:18 the "name" of Christ; 3:19 - the world's evil deeds; 3:20 The DOers of evil - taking a bite of their neighbor; Repent and do truth; Faith without works is dead; Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit; v22 - Jesus baptizing; Christ, the anointed, the messiah; John the Baptist the rightful High Priest; Our deeds are evidence of who we are; Congregationalism vs Kingdom; Men and their families; Family is a Godly unit; Synagogue; "Corban" = sacrifice; Making men merchandise; The "way" of the real Christ; "Born again" in earlier history;
12/11/21 Born Again
Being born of water; And the spirit; Individual journey taken with others; Pictorial languages; Making living things stronger; John 3:22; Baptism; Apostasy; John 4:2; Parenthesis; Using Greek sources; "Disciples"; Engaging in covetous practices = evil; Slothful under tribute; Gathering Christ's way; Voluntary society; Washing feet; Calendars; Born again workers of iniquity?; John 3:19; Bound in debt; Altering the deal; Church and State; Caring for neighbor; Apprenticeship; Recognizing your bondage; Doing truth; Dark deeds; Your need to help; Forgiving debt; Finding your way back to the father; Developing kingdom skills; Cultivating forgiveness; Releasing anger; Redemption; Christ's baptism; Are you ready?; Getting God to hear you; Reacquiring your rights; Great reset?; Seeing what you're missing; The Real Jesus; Early Church organization; Get ready - repent.
12/18/21 Christianity as a Nation
Sitting in darkness; Humility required; Private interpretation - what YOU THINK is true; Questioning all things; "Born again"; Mt 12:40; Jonah 1:17; Revelation of the Holy Spirit vs your Intellect; Original languages; "Trinity"; The "Way" of Christ; Be in one accord with Him; John 3:5; Baptism politics; Appointing the 70; High Priest; Following blind guides; Law of cause and effect; Non-compliance? Or Repenting?; "Gentiles"; "Nationalism"; Another king; Your accepted lord and savior; "Augustus Caesar"; Roman revolution; American independence; Owning the land; 1913 American Creed; Deeds of the Nicolaitans; Realizing context; Making the word of God of none effect; Democracy within a republic; "Gabbai"; Loving darkness?; Media/Church/Government deceptions; John's baptism and jurisdiction; FDR's public religion; Jesus' Church - "not to be that way"; Modern church - Okay to covet; Doing what Christ said; His process; Forming congregations of record; Repent - new cause for new effect; "Nationalism"; Political independence; Paul's "polituma"; Constantine's church; "Nation" - Native with common ancestry or place; Abraham's journey; "Altars" of living stones; David Crockett article; Common systems of law; Keeping commandments; Doing contrary to Caesar; Promoting charity; Societal degeneration; What is righteousness?; Who's your king?; Republics; Pompey's invitation to Israel; US Constitution - people were not a party; Emphasizing values; Reaping effects of sloth; Natural obligations of a free people; Promoting mutual safety; Legal definition of "Church"; "Religion"; Christ's free society; Weightier matters; Church "general" and "specific" - one form of government; No exercising authority; Your chance to repent; Gospel of the Kingdom; Do the will of the father.
12/18/21 Christianity as a Nation - Continued
Government of God; Took from Pharisees, appointed to disciples; "Jesus Christ is King"; Pilate's position; Why Rome was there; Defiling the Temple; Your ministers; Where is your salvation?; Christ told you; John 3; Are you born again? Or under strong delusion?; The evidence against you; Becoming the nation of God on Earth; Cemeteries?; Rev 11:18; Kingdom of God = Kingdom of Heaven; Daily Ministration; Great destroyers; Rev 19:15; Rev 20:3; Rev 22:2; Where are the inhabitants of the Kingdom?; Why say but not do?; Are you turning around?; "peculiar"; shem-gimel-lamad-heh; Titus 2:14; Being zealous for good works; 1 Pe 2:9; "gentile"; Being God's Holy nation today; Ekklesia; Obtaining mercy; No slackers in the kingdom; Honest "conversation"; Turning the world upside-down; "visitation" - widows and orphans; Submitting to governors?; Owing Caesar; Surviving freedom; Kingdom form of government = Republic; Duties and rights; Realizing your slothfulness; Does this work?; The way out; Christ's weightier matters; Continue the conversation.
12/25/21 No Broadcast today.
1/1/22 Remission of Sins
Setting the captive free; What did Jesus say?; Context is critical; Misunderstanding Paul; John 3 and "Born Again"; Denying Christ's directives; Forcing your neighbor to provide your benefits is evil, not love; Hating the light; "Clinic" story; Dumbing down society; The new "Normal"; "Remission" - 10x in bible (aphesis); 7 more times as another word; Release from bondage; Joseph's bondage; Egypt's bondage; Your neighbor's bondage; Mt 26:28; Parable teaching; Christ's blood shed for many for remission of sins; What sins?; Adam's (original) sin?; Blasphemy?; Commandments?; Pilate judging Christ; John 3:17; John 5:34; MIGHT be saved; Networking the body together; "Religion"; Altars; Rom 10:1; 1 Thess 2:16; Repentance required; James 2:12; Patterns of creation; Why you are deceivable; John 14:21; 1 John 5:2; Who's preaching Christ?; Patience of saints; Living by fear; Ex 20:6; "Commandments" = guiding statements; "Honoring" father and mother; Becoming part of Christ's network; Caesar's offices; Recognizing Rome in the United States; The Christian Conflict; Free bread and circuses; The "Way" of Christ; Contracting with world gods; Essenes; Worldly governments naturally doomed; Force vs service; John the Baptist's difference; Knowing your children are cursed; Titus 1:16 = Modern Christianity; James 2:17; Nicolaitans; Appetite for benefits by force predominant today; Not to be that way with us; Christ is the answer; Ending socialism (one purse); "Legal Charity"; Mk 1:4 baptism of repentance; Denying love; Unrighteous wages; The burden you've created; Social Security has never been solvent; Vitamin D deficiency; The whole truth; Lk 3:3; Repentance leads to remission of sins; Seeking righteousness; Lk 24:45 Understanding; Ministers of Christ teach repentance; Charity and grace; Acts 2:38; "Gift of Holy Ghost"; Immersion in repentance; Letting go of darkness; What God has said from the beginning; Is 42:7; Mic 7:8; Mt 11:5; Mk 10:51; Laws done away with; Lk 7:21; Awaken to your bondage.
1/1/22 Corpus Juris Secundum
"Remission" in the bible; Rom 3:25; Release from bondage (of sin); Holy Spiritual guidance; Evil, covetous practices; Involving family; Corpus Juris Secundum; Natural vs civil law; Consequences of sin; Baptism of Repentance; Bondage of Egypt; Preparation for famine; Crop failures; "Meat"; Tribute; Modern church not preaching Christ; Republic; Can't save yourself; DO like Jesus; Enticing you; Public schools; Seeing the meaning of the bible; Un-salaried ministers; Rome recognized Christ; Fitting together the bible; Fixing covetous practices; Undermining understandings; The path to freedom; Challenging false preconceptions; Luke 24:47; Acts 2:38; Immersion in repentance; Lk 1:79; Love of neighbor; Fear not!; Serving the people; See the pattern; Laying down your life; Changing society toward Christ's way; Spread these messages; Take responsibility; Rom 3:13; Mt 23:23; Militia; Mt 15:18; Pure Religion; Persevere together; Forgive; Recreate free society.
1/8/22 Cancelling Jesus
Correlating bible solution with current events; Christ's unworldly kingdom on Earth; Exploitation - Capitalism vs Socialism; Controlling people; "Remission" connection; Forgiveness requirement; Cancelling Jesus; Commandments: Love God, love your neighbor; Christ's "name" = His character; Modern Christian stumbling blocks; What "law" was done away with?; Egalitarian Indians?; Social welfare via charity; Your deeds are evidence of your repentance; mem-kuf-shem-vav-lamed (stumbling block); Healing a sick society; Christ's instructions valid today; Davy Crockett story; Legal charity; Saul's folly; Early Christ social welfare; "Corban"; "Cash" vs "notes"; Degeneration of society; Mass formation of psychosis - sitting in darkness; Isolation + Deprivation + Anxiety + Singular solution imposed by authority; Aversion to "church"; Christ offers the solution; Seeing the stumbling block; Repentance required for salvation; Abraham's altars; Exploding sheep?; Passover reason; Baptism of repentance; Lovers of pulpits; Cursing children/innocent blood; The "us" and "we" of Paul; Prov 1; Social Security; Desiring the blood of your neighbor; Prov 1:13; One Purse (Socialism); Taking away neighbor's lives; Meat with blood in it; Is 59:7; Rom 3:15; No coveting!; The way of peace; Lk 1:77; Knowledge for remission process; Who are prophets?; Humility is required; Who truly believeth? Acts 10:43; Do YOU believe?; Who is Jesus?; Are you willing to learn?; His warnings; His instructions; His love; His kingdom; Col 2:14; Hand-written ordinances; Repenting from sloth; Unrighteous tables/altars; Two witnesses; Strengthening the poor; Heb 9:22; Sacrificing for neighbor; No love without sacrifice (corban); Drawing near to God; Mk 11:25; Mt 6:14; Mt 18:35; Lk 6:37; Lk 11:4; Lk 12:10; Blaspheming the Holy Spirit; Gather and fear not; Serve one another; Recreate our social bonds; Community is communion.
1/8/22 Mass Formation Psychosis
Mass Formation Psychosis; Lemmings?; Sheep?; Needing a shepherd; Parallels to modern society; Too smart to be fooled?; Capgras; Face masks; Isolation; Depravation; Flattening freedom; Gregory's uncle; Anxiety; Suicide; Focused single solution offered by authority; Identifying the purpose; Society's sickness; Visitation by the Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; Making excuses; Things to learn; Social bonds; Sitting in darkness; Not to be that way with you; Exercising righteousness; Importance of community; Forgiveness; Communion; Rightly dividing bread from house to house; Fervent charity; Drawing near the Holy Spirit; Immersion in repentance; Acts 10:43; God's logic; Testing your forgiveness; Importance of "works"; John 3; Heb 9:32; Unchanging God; Mk 11:26; Christ's teachings; Shedding your blood for others; Heb 10:18; Remission/forgiveness; Blaspheming the Holy Spirit; Acts 5:31; Forgive to be forgiven.
1/15/22 Searching for Solutions that Make Sense
Connecting to real people; Practicing pure religion; Mass Formation Psychosis; Isolation+Deprevation+Anxiety; Freeing your mind; Searching for solutions that make sense; Abraham freed many souls; "Samaritans"; "Pharisees"; FDR's Pharisees; Augustus Caesar - savior of Rome; Unregistered Christians; Ten Commandments and Slavery; "Neighbor"; Sitting in darkness; Are you DOing?; Advocating slavery; Application = prayer; Calling "slavery" "freedom"; Anti-Christian; Synagogue of the adversary; Government fraud?; Hiding the light; Seeing truth about yourself; Rebuilding the temple; Golden Calf; Temple at Ephesus; Social bonds of a free society; Dysphoria - what are yours?; Making the word of God of none effect; "Church?"; Christ the King; Why you're in bondage; Free men?; Taking care of society's welfare; What not to do; Baptism of Constantine; Legal charity - entitlement; Governments and charity; Your right to do wrong; Consequences; Good lies; Setting yourself free; Facing/Doing the truth; Killing care; Bondage for your children; Getting out of bondage; Altering your thinking; Moral bonds; How real Christianity works; The Great Teacher; War on Poverty?; Christ's "way" to freedom; The rich/poor division; Pandora's box of delusion; Make-believe Christians; Baptism is not for watering down the gospel; Shedding blood - fleshpots; Prov 1:16; Appetites for benefits; Suffering the disadvantage; God's intervention; Justin's apology; Tyrants are afraid of care; Leaving the garden; Your duty; Worship that opens your eyes; Satan; Davy Crockett article; 1908 plan to remove historic events from curriculum; Governmental gifts, gratuities and benefits; "Covenants of the gods" book; Admitting the problem; Who do you follow?; Essenes; Daily ministration; Building your support network; "Cash" and Capitalism; Christ's government; Making America (and the world) great again; The road of unrighteousness; Tutelary despotism; Humility is key; Voting in the Kingdom; Turn around and think like Christ.
1/22/22 Who to Trust
Tree of knowledge; Tree of life; Pattern of the universe; No love without choice; Divine plan?; Man's job; Man's choice; Trust; Changing your mind; Faith, hope and charity; Limitations on trust; Who do you trust?; Trusting yourself; John 3; Born again?; Calling "evil" "good"; Coveting is evil; Choosing to see reality; Testing all things; 1 Cor 1:10; Why Christ came; 2 Cor 13:11; Why we gather; Trusting first in God; 2 Tim 3:17; Mountains of Samaria; Doing what Jesus said; "Love" and "Not Love"; Fentanyl; Why do you go to church?; Medical Power of Attorney; Preparing You; Perfecting yourself; Are you doing with Christ said to do?; Gathering in the same mind; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Repentance; Christ's directives; Church government; Desiring benefits at neighbor's expense; Taking away choice; Shortages; Inflation; If Christians were Christians; Fear not!; Legal Charity; The real disease; FDR's corban; Unbiblical constitutions; Extinction of American freedom; Being there for your neighbor; Comforter/advocate; Advocating for others; Pied piper; Networking together; Nicolaitans and foolish virgins; Becoming prepared; Compliance; Works are evidence; Your confession; Relieving fear; Encouragement; Emotional socialism; Strengthening each other; Spreading charity instead of tyranny; Internalizing Christ; Awakening to your covetous practices; Backsliding; Test yourself; Creating bonds; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Taking back responsibilities; Recognize your social value.
1/22/22 Three Days and Three Nights
Making an episode; Conformity; One denomination; Christ's doctrine only; Importance of context; Essenes; Three days and three nights; Mt 12:40; Jonah 1:17; Understanding Jonah; Evil and adulterous nation; Lk 22:16; Eating again; Corban sacrifice; No socialism; Christ's weightier matters; Weakening society; Christ's government; Are you merchandise?; Wages of unrighteousness; Calendars; Guys hauling water; Didache; Why is the Church a woman?; Master = teacher; Becoming trustworthy; "Adulterous" generation; Mt 28:1; Jesus the poor carpenter?; Made himself poor?; Jesus and Moses in agreement; Giving free choice to your neighbor; Rising from darkness; What do you know?; Jesus was king!
1/29/22 No Broadcast today.
2/5/22 No Broadcast today.
2/12/22 Improper Conclusions
In the news; Rumors of wars; Tree of mis-information?; Fact checkers; "Sexual Politics of Meat"?; Placing value on facts; How to know the unknown; Tree of Life, Studying the bible?; Seeing stumbling blocks; Consequences of wanting rulers; Running towards death; What's your direction?; Practicing Pure Religion; Who's your daddy?; "Born Again" - from above; Nonsensical ideologies; Defining terms; Magic phrases; Emotional vs Spiritual; Importance of humility; The presence of God; Fleeing/loving the light; Drawing near to the Tree of Life; Finding the way back to Christ; Worshipping idols; Living Christ's way; Family; Taking back responsibility; Early American way; Finding humility; Politics and Religion; "Hebrew Roots" - of the Tree of Knowledge; Covetous practices; Un-taxed land; Love God + Love your neighbor as yourself; "Ideology"; Understanding symbolism; "Politics"; Controlling yourself; Sacrifice; Giving your life to others; Guidance from the Tree of Life; Night makes us appreciative of Day; Evidence of born again; No force allowed; Kingdom politics: Governance of an area; Higher Liberty; Right to choose; Dealing with conflict; Allowing choice; Sabbath stumbling block; Earning your rest; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Know your history; Zephaniah; Gimel - cause and effect; Go to the light or remain in the darkness, Evidence of your bondage; Choose (the tree of) life; Knowing your enemy; Previewing Zephaniah; "Satan"; Move from love, not fear.
2/12/22 Politics and Zephaniah
Rome: 500 years before a Caesar; Consent of the governed; Land owners vs Legal Title; Public Schools; Art or Science of government or governing; Paving the highway of your mind; Church replacing Levites; Joses -> Barnabas; Christ made himself poor; Focus on kingdom ways; CMEs; Seeking righteousness; Zephaniah - Yahweh has hidden; Coming judgement; Pretend salvation; Evidence; Zeph 1:2; Relation with God/god; Doing the will of your Father/father; Alef-shemech-pei; Modern Christian priests; Opportunities to repent; Stumbling blocks; Image worship; Conforming to Christ; Isa 3:6; "Beast"; Every-day choice; Cause/effect universe; Attracting dark forces; 1 Sam 8; Kof-mem-resh; Your priests; Believing in Jesus; 2 Kings 23:5; Cain's altars; Social Security/National Insurance; "Malcham"; Help spread this message; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
2/19/22 Zephaniah - Reading in the Dark
Pulling off layers of misinformation; Personal bigotry and vanity; Proof for the wicked; Workers are few, distribute via networking; Organizing yourselves in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Christ is the answer!; Loving your neighbor; Sabbath article; Incorrect images in our mind guide use down incorrect paths; The way we should live; Corban and taxes; Private interpretation of the bible; Reading in the dark; 1 Thess 5:21; What is good?; "Holy Spirit"; Tree of Life; Doing what Christ said; Families; 2 Pe 1:20; Private interpretation?; Getting to the basics of the gospel; 2 Cor 13:5; Reprobates; Depending on love; Rom 12:2; Conforming to the age; Rewards of unrighteousness; Mt 24:5; Test interpretations; The real question; Mk 13:6; Lk 1:1; Lk 21:8; Jn 5:30; Hunger for benefits at expense of our neighbor; 2 Tim 3:16; "scripture"; Are you inspired?; Zephaniah - hidden protection; Hiding truth; "beast"; Errors of Balaam and Nicolaitans; mem-lamed-kof-mem; Malcolm/Molech; Your children belong to the state; Title 8:15; Give power to God instead; Cursing children; Renewing your mind; Rejecting Jesus; Zephaniah 1:8; Strange apparel; Missing the obvious; Anti-Christ welfare; Self-deception; Fish gate?; Merchant people?; Human resources; God's cause and effect universe; Legal title; Great day of the LORD; Bloodletting; Protected places; Zeph 2; Built-in smiting; Gathering as Christ instructed; Strengthening the poor; Humility; "hid"; Creation's principle; Repenting; Kingdom tracks; Coveting is not OK; Being His people; Nothing new under the sun; Problem and solution are the same as ever; Systems of love; Our job; "Worship"; Free society; Cormorant and bittern?; Eschew selfishness; Cities; Zeph 3: Jerusalem = double peace; Doing violence to the law; Righteousness is key; Fallacies of language; Trusting in the name of the LORD; There is still time to repent; Be humble, repent, seek His way and His righteousness.
2/26/22 Conscience
Constitution in opposition to God's instruction; Ukraine events; Superiority attitude; Overarching plans; No exercising authority; "Democracy"; "Republic"; Early Roman history; Thriving Christians; Weakening societies; Christ is the way to Liberty; Patrick Henry story; Understanding the gospel of the kingdom; Making yourself merchandise; Doctrines of men vs doctrines of Jesus; Government wolves; The Living Network; Moses and Jesus in agreement; "Divorce"; Family = corporation of God; Tree of knowledge; Tree of life; Fire of Holy Spirit - revelation of truth; 1908 meetings deciding history to teach; Manipulations of power; Opposing the Great Reset; Finding Zephaniah; Bonds of love; The ultimate enemy; Love/Charity/Sacrifice; Banking tyranny; Evil wants no opposition; Ukraine the tool; Finding truth; Recognizing what's missing; "Conscience"; Value system of Christ; The red letters; Social conscience; "Huckleberry Finn"; Where your morals come from; Deciding good and evil; Misinformation; Doctrine = teachings; We have brains to think with *plus* the breath of God; Manipulated deception; Tables and banks; International social welfare; Creeping inflation; Why give you knowledge; Gardens; Trees are sources; Born again - from above; chet-yod = life; Tree of "life" - hey-chet-yod-yod-mem; Our guidance must come from God; "Knowledge" = dalet-ayin-tav = (faith in own ability to figure out good/evil); "midst"; Cultivating pride; Covetous practices; Bondage of Egypt; Imaginary imaging and institutional idolatry; Pictograms - "naked" in Chinese; Conscience decision process; Gimel = cause/effect; Modern churches not teaching basic doctrine of Jesus; Tithing and conscience; Freedom of choice; Moses' altars; Rev 2:23; Statutes/ordinances; Giving power to Beelzebub; 1 Cor 8:7; 1 Cor 10:29; Why give other men the right to make your decisions?; What home-churches are missing; Spiritual confirmation; The greatest destroyers of liberty; Paul's movement of aid; Repent and think like Christ.
2/26/22 Conscience Continued
Delivering sheep; "Conscience" in Net Testament; Old Testament has the idea using similar words; Christ's moral philosophy; Repenting and seeking His solution; Parting the Red Sea; Saving yourself?; Hearing the cries of others; Inescapable consequences; Your right to choose; Eusubius' bible collection; Our need for inspiration; Tithing in conscience; Levites get the kidney?; Early Church networking; Recognizing the existence of the kingdom of God; Tribute; Returning to the bondage of Egypt; Gather in righteousness; Saul's folly; Government of, for and by the people; Family is God's building block of His kingdom; Secret technology; Disregarding Christ; Who can you trust?; East Timor; Ukraine; Persecuting Christians; Pure Religion; 1 Cor 10:21; Charity alone; Union and Discipline of Christians; Be there for one another.
3/5/22 Lighting the Tree of Life - MUST HEAR episode!
War?; Appreciating the Good News; Political boxes at the time of Christ; Paul - the lawyer; Constitutional "law"; "Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions" book; "We The People"; Christ's commands for His Holy Church; Separate from the "world"; Senile rulers?; Understanding the Kingdom; The Living Network; Doctrines of men; "Conscience" in the bible; Deciding good and evil; Darkness = absence of light; Lighting the Tree of Life; Sharing our discoveries; Denominating; WWJD?; Holy Spirit; Leaven of the Pharisees; Interpreting Torah; Christian Pharisees? - Caiaphas?; Christ on trial; Pilate and wife Christians?; Roman political drama; Burning empires; Mt 16:6-12; "Leaven"; Teaching doctrines of men; Solutions for Ukraine; Doctrine-driven division; "Born Again"; No socialist Christians; Choosing to sin; No forcing your neighbor to provide your benefits; World-wide networking; Sanhedrin; Today's governmental folly; Force is not love; Mark 8:15 Leaven of Herod; Education example; Fire departments; Legal iniquity; "Militia"; Right-of-way; The Rock of The Church; Conscience: reins the heart (Old Testament); Who will hear the gospel?; Setting down the doctrines of men; The Church is separate from the people - called out; Improper Levites; Strong delusion - overcome it; Christ came to set you free to make choices; Sacrifice is essential; Christ's sacrifice; Rome's proclamation regarding Christ; The Harlot; Kingdom legislature; Mt 9:35; Knowing in your heart and mind; Golden calf drawing; Altars of stone and clay; Unhewn stones; Allowing the people to remain free; Sacrificing control; Giving up or taking away choice; Deserving rights; Morality vs legality; Seeking righteousness; Regulating what you think is not our job; Propagating the doctrines of Christ; Righteousness first; Misinterpreting Christ; "Rich man" example; Taxes and tithes; "Free" men; Setting your neighbor free; You can still repent; "Exousia" = liberty: right to choose; Romans 13; Opposing God; Who are rulers?; Afraid of liberty?; Conform to Christ.
3/5/22 Shaking the Branches of your Tree of Knowledge
Who's Lying; Teaching lies; Motorcycle priest; Judging by content of character; Believers; Lying to ourselves; Distractions; Seeing ourselves as we really are; 1 Tim 4:2; The Living Network; Early Church daily ministration; Acts 21:25; Leaven; Corban = Sacrifice; Harlots, daughters and beasts; vs Bride of Christ; Constantinian church; Council of Milan; "Bishop"; Choosing your minister; Families and Congregations; Acts 21:25 isn't about food; "Shambles"; Sacrifice to idols; Temples and tables, snares and traps; Moneychangers = porters of the temple; Treasuries and banks; Temple of your mind; What happened in temples?; Roman republic; Family trees; Meat sacrificed to idols vs meat shared; "Blood" and "strangled" benefits; Deceitful meats; Ps 69.22; Covetous practices; Public schools; Militia; Rom 11:9; Pure Religion; Socialism and slavery; Taking care of your fellow man; Religion (threskia); Seared consciences; Weakening the poor; The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah;
3/12/22 Acts 21:15
Kingdom not of this "world"; "Disciple"; Ukraine; Acts 21:25; "Eucharist" of Christ; "Call not man father"; Greatest destroyers of liberty; Gentile conversion to the "way"; Christ forbids exercising authority; Uninspired bible translators; Knowing Christ; Following Christ; Understanding repentance; Seek and ye shall find; Gas price increasing; "Capitalism" abandoned; Polybius; Annihilation of Corinth; Image of the Beast; Emperor = Commander in Chief; Doctrines of The Church; Salvation of Christ; Lie = not the whole truth; "Bride of Christ"; Modern church fallacies; Understanding The Gospel; Was Christ political?; Why you can't see; Self-governing societies; Caring about neighbors; Tribute; Inflation; Harlots riding the Beast; Taxation story; Legal title; God gave us life and choice; How do we use them?; Taking life from others; Mystery ingredients; Ukraine information; What's really going on?; Russian position; What's causing darkness?; Rome/Corinth history; War atrocities; Right of self-determination; Controlling money; World economic forum; Social media encouraging division; Keeping peace?; Digital currency?; Cashless society?; Ukraine's attraction; Whistleblowing; Noah Harari historian; Coming together; What are "gods"?; Imagined? Or allegory?; Altars of living stone; Imagined understanding; Ukraine's value; Ukraine's poverty; Biological experimentation; Who cares about Ukrainians?; Corruption from people sitting in darkness; Meat with blood in it; Temples; Your covetous practices; Social welfare in early America; United States mission field; Seek the way of Christ.
3/12/22 Facts Matter
Dividing the people; Altering facts; Events of Acts; Mark Antony and Cleopatra; Debasing money; Acts 21:25; Benefits brought by sacrifice; Pious duty to father; Roman grain projects; Russian oil projects; Ukrainian corruption; Gaps in our knowledge of history; Temple functions; Real religious services; Temple at Ephesus; Saturninus; Sharing meats; Temple of Social Security; Sacrifice to idols; Rampant suicide; Meat with blood in it; Christ's commands; Are you living Christ's way?; Welfare snares; The Saul Syndrome; "Masses"; Earning liberty; God's gifts; Shows of death and destruction; Strengthening the poor; Early Christian Republic; Bank notes; Israelites in Egypt; Understanding what we're doing; Are you devouring your neighbor?; Repenting from Anti-Christ spirit; Buddha; Being a human resource; Seek the solution.
3/19/22 Why Christ Was Killed
News now and at the time of Christ; Unfolding history; Taxation without consent; HHC source material; Cleansing the Temple; Hamilton; Borrowing; Killing Jesus; Preaching Kingdom of God; Temple usage; "Emperator"; Marrying Ukrainians; Perestroika; Degenerating the people; "Second Temple"; Returning to the bondage of Egypt; Legal title and use tax; Jubilee restoration; Changing society; Living at the expense of others; Legal Charity; Biolabs?; Seeing behind the scenes; Recovering liberty; Bondage of Egypt; Owning gold; Stimulus checks; Searing the conscience of the people; Disarmament?; Militia; The goal of "evil"; God's first commandments; Christ came to set you free; Ultimate cancellation; Priests in Christ's time; Following corruption; Arts of the Temple; Reserve banks; Why Christ was killed; Bottom-up networking; "Democracy"; Centralizing power; Merchants of the Earth; Organizing for Righteousness; Admitting your covetous practices; Repentance from tyranny; Not of this "World"; Coining money; Christ's way to freedom; Basics of the gospel; Economy of God; Measuring your church; Fervent charity; Why we gather; Incomplete images of Christ; Frightening rulers; A better way?; Funding temples; Cities of refuge; Conducting yourself fairly; Governments of, for and by the people; Minister function; Are you drawing near the kingdom?; Recognizing socialism; Why corruption continues; Unnatural behavior; Dimensions; Schizophrenia; Be still and know.
3/26/22 Idolatry
What's going on in the world - and why; Typesetting; Discovering truth; Attacking delusions; New world order?; Becoming idolaters; Meat sacrificed to idols; Who are the Ephesians?; Giving to Caesar or Christ?; Anointing kings; 1 Sam 8; Decline and fall of empires; Eph 5:3; Making you merchandise; "Fornication"; "Idolatry"; Golden calves; Reserve funds; Temple banks; latria (worship); World gods; "Idolatry" = eating free bread from temples of Rome; Welfare; "god"; Claudius; "Uncleanness" in thought and life; Taxation; Public schools; Manipulation of children; Willingness to sacrifice; Born again from above; Compounding iniquity; Changing your thinking; "Covetousness"; Saul's foolishness; The rich and the poor; "Not convenient"; Recognizing your iniquity; Doing your duty; Owning nothing; Need for the word of God; Rom 1:29; 1 Cor 10:14; "Idolatry"; "god" = ruling judge; Choice with consequence; Judge not, or be judged; Socialism = "one purse" political system; Strengthening the poor; Graven images?; Harari - snake in the garden; Trees of knowledge and life; Sharing and charity; Col 3:5; "Concupiscence"; "Worship" is not praise; Doing no more ought for your parents; Epithumia; The Harlot; Mark of the Beast; FEMA; Militia; Focus on righteousness; Wrath of God; Repentance; Living altars; Wise charity; "Corban" of the Pharisees; Gal 5:19; Lusting for benefits; Fallen Christians; Enslaving your neighbors; Welfare snares; 1 Cor 10:15; Cup of blessing, Eucharist of Christ; We're the bread; Fellowshipping with devils; "Shambles"; Covetous practices; Nicolaitans; Josh 22:17; "Peor"; Ps 106:26; Num 25; National Adultery; Conquered people; Wages of unrighteousness; 1 Cor 10:6; Lust not!
3/26/22 Idoaltry Continued
Ukrainian issues; Listening to Christ; Idolaters; Supreme court rulings; Faking belief; Cult membership; National "Fornication"; Your need for repentance; Worshipping statues?; Owning gold; Legal title to property; Imperial Cult of Rome; Use tax; Christ's form of government; Mark of the beast - charagma; Appointing judges; Death by disease; Robust immune systems; Eph 5:5; Col 3:5; Churches promoting idolatry; 1 Cor 10:6; You are the reserve fund; "Peor"; Nu 25:18; Nicolaitans; Hos 9:10; Wrath of God; Inheriting the kingdom; Becoming the treasury; Doctrines of The Church; Essentials of faith; Distractions from Christ; Leading people toward destruction; Brain anatomy; Monkey heaven; Biblical allegories; Drawing near to God; Follow Christ's doctrines.
4/2/22 Commonwealth
Paul's new words; "Messianic Jews"; Fictions and frauds; From which tree do you eat?; Home churches; Emotions impede understanding; "R"s and "D"s; Have you been had?; A place for the Tree of Knowledge; "Studying"; Being still; Russian impact on (petro) dollars; Law of Nature; Divine will; Understanding how we're going wrong; Seeing yourself as you really are; Allowing choice; Fixing your spirit; "Ideas of the Commonwealth" movie; Thomas Paine; Inflation - the secret tax; Charity strengthens; "We The People"; Universal service?; Taxation without representation?; "One purse"; Prov 1:10; Taking away from others; Doctrines of Jesus; Tweedledee and Tweedledum; Recognizing lies and liars; Gathering in tens, hundreds and thousands; Socialism = one purse; Dainties of rulers (Prov 23:1); Are you a god?; Wages of unrighteousness; Christ cares about YOU; Speaking to fools; "Commonwealth"; Rich neighbors; Repentance; States originally separate countries; Biblical advice on agreements; "Republic"; Seeking truth to be free; Jubilee; Communication through the network; Difficulty getting into the kingdom; Eye of the needle; Laying down your life for others; Becoming merchandise; Why you can't see the kingdom; The journey; Turning off intellect; Forgiving your enemies; Unloading baggage; Using legal tools; Burnt offerings; Kingdom differences; Bible - book for the government of, for and by the people; God is reasonable; Consequences of choice (wrath of god); Learn the doctrines of Jesus Christ.
4/2/22 Progressivism
Societal movement toward progressivism; What did Jesus do?; Loving treacherous people; Consequences of rejecting God; Blaspheming the Holy Spirit; Communion; Worshipping men; Willingness to enslave neighbors; The Ukraine Show; Overcoming oligarchy; Christ's differences; Understanding Paul; Experiencing spirit; Emotional counterfeiting spirit; Shedding; Communication among life; Control by emotion; Giving choice to all; Commonwealth; Serving the people; Modern bondage of Egypt; Follow the white rabbit; Hearing the Holy Spirit; Finding the whole truth; Legislating power; Affidavits; Plugging into the Tree of Life; Leading people to liberty; Evidence of your salvation; Who are you coming to save?; Charity = Love; Prepare for freedom.
4/9/22 Dearths
"Dearth"; People shortage; Forest management; Practicality in education?; "Religion"; Believing in "God"; Understanding the Old Testament; Cognitive dissonance; Dearth of common sense; Seeking the truth; Medical kidnapping; Power corrupts; Unproven accusations; Proving innocence?; Born again? Or strongly deluded?; Becoming Real Christians; Medical kidnapping story; Food as your medicine; Natural immunity; Real Christians don't covet; vs Imaginary Christians; Modern Christian misconceptions; First Christians were Jews; No exercising authority; Temple assistance; Hearing the Holy Spirit; "Dearth" = Greek "limos"; Emperors and Christ; Christian Jews in Rome; Matt 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 4:25; Climate change?; Acts 7:11; Dearths leading to bondage; Inability to own gold, land, children.; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Understanding nature; Acts 11:28; Thriving through dearths; Union and discipline of Christians; World-wide organized network of charity; Choosing foolishness; FEMA?; Trusting 7 men; Friends of Christ's Church; Asking governments to take from your neighbor; Christian conflict; Why do bad things happen?; Who inherits the kingdom?; Back in the bondage of Egypt; Legal Charity; Devaluing money; Implementing the solution; Standing fast; Extending liberty to your neighbor; Denying Holy Spirit; Seeing the problem; Finding kingdom within you; Galatians; "Apostolic"; Orthodox?; Societal categorization; Jews? Gentiles? Pharisees? Sadducees? Zealots? Essenes?; Pretenders; Epistles written before "Gospels"; "Church" legally defined; Rituals and ceremonies; Aiding your neighbor; Christ's weightier matters; Call no man "father" upon the earth.
4/9/22 Measuring Truth
Dearths in the land in the bible; "limos" = shortage; Corporation of God; 3-party contracting; Marriage licensing and registration; Breaking contracts; Roman temples; Social welfare systems; Sacred protection for ministers; Thwarting corruption; Forcing contributions; Kingdom appointed to apostles; "Church"; Who canonized the bible?; Misinterpreting Moses; Doctrines of Jesus Christ; Constantinian church; Ecumenical councils; Following the real Christ; Taking care of the needy; Using the bible; Are you doing the will of the Father?; Where might we be straying?; Ask questions; Interact; The legal mind of Christ; His form of government; Elder-supported network of charity; What can you afford?; Choosing your government; Setting captives free; Is the "State" your father?; Change the way you think/act.
4/16/22 Church and State
Twitter purchase; Schools as tools; More on Abraham; What is the truth?; The two trees; Humility; Cannon of the bible; Bringing light into darkness; Born again from above; Caring for neighbors; Hebrew language; Setting down preconceived notions; Double-tav; Faith in spirit and truth; Gimmel - cause and effect universe; "Garden" = protected place; Protection from lies; Idolatry; Living at the expense of others; Killing care; Becoming free souls under God; Socialism; Capitalism; Property rights; What you do with your wealth; Redistribution; Sharing; Freewill offerings; Biblical free societies; Modern churches' misguided focus; Separating church and state; Church service; Christ's commanded organization; Daily ministration; Tribalizing society with social media; "states"; Empires; World "dainties" provided by force; Censorship; vs Free Speech; Having conversations; Gender?; Lack of logic; Keeping society free; "Religion" based on the bible; US Constitution not biblical; Allowing choice; Covetous practices are idolatry; Jefferson's separation of church and state (1802); The Church's doctrine; Seeking the kingdom of God; God's ego?; "Worship" = fulfillment of duty; Doing the will of the father; Davey Crockett story; Establishing religion; "states" as republics; Corban = sacrifice/treasury; Relating to Social Security; = RELIGION; Modern "worship" = feeling; Used to be homage, submission; "your worship" title; Purpose of Church vs purpose of civil government; Whose table do you set?; Time to repent; Being of the world church; Owning nothing; Listening to liars; Returning to your natural rights; Degenerating society; Social duties; Legal charity; Harmonize with Christ.
4/16/22 Church and State - continued
Church and State; Thomas Jefferson's letter; No laws establishing religion; Religion is not synonymous with Church; Ten commandments; One purse; Covetous practices leads to bondage; Religious duty; Called-out Church; Worship; Knowing how to help; Christ's Church ; Homage; Social virtues; Restoring natural rights; Force and fear; Caesars' utopia; Seeing the solution; Allowing enslavement; FDR's New Deal; Cursing your children; Helping people help others; Religion of Saul; Husband/wife team; How the early Church worked; Christ's weightier matters; Levites; Golden calf; Arts of the Temple; Conquered people; Acts 6; Creating free assemblies; Cities of refuge; Deciding good and evil for you; Following righteousness; Ekklesia; Mt 25:32; No exercising authority; Pursuing Christ's way; Meat with blood in it; 2 Cor 6:17; Fellowship with unbelievers; Honorable tithing; Communion; Righteously caring for needy; Erastus; Practicing pure religion and the perfect law of liberty; Belong to God.
4/23/22 The Timing of God
Men can create too; Two trees in the garden (protected place); Full armor of God; Destruction by vanity; Mule skinners; Indian story; Why eat of the Tree of Life?; Understanding timing; Following Holy Spirit; Truth about the "world"; World hating Jesus; Knowing spirit; Sacrifice; "Disciples"; Christ's form of government; Preparing for catastrophe; Signs in the sun; HHC History; Spiritual and physical realms; Putting people on pedestals; Respecting persons; "Born again"; Hiding from God; Are you doing evil?; John 7:7; False churches; Emotionalism vs Spirit; Church and State; Laying down your life righteously; Imagined salvation; Idolatry; Clinton Executive Order 13083; "Nullification"; Only one salvation; Workers of iniquity; Thomas Jefferson's letter; Church =/= Religion; Saul's folly; Right to sin; Christ's solution; Seeking righteousness; Freedom is the ultimate division of power; God's natural corporation; Christians are not insurrectionists; "Dead" - to us; Doctrine of nullification; Being "in the word"; Traitorous translators; Spirit first; Having a ruler; Perfect Law of Liberty; Charity; Jesus's timing; Finding the Holy Spirit; Baptism of Christ; Sanhedrin; Legal strategy of Christ; Returning to (The Church of) Christ; John 7:6; Free bread and circuses; Seeing with spiritual eyes; Blindness to the gospel; Weakening the poor; Bondage of Egypt - how have you gotten there?; Covetous practices; Altering history; Find the way of righteousness.
4/23/22 Hopeless Enslavement
Church vs Religion; Covetousness is idolatry; Conforming to Christ's government; Doing the will of the Father; Walking in darkness; Democratic society; Knowing righteousness; What made America great; Degenerating society; Expecting government to fix things; Doctrine of nullification; Right of self-determination; State Nationals?; Entanglement in bondage; Why you're under tribute; Ways to repent; Teaching biblical principles; Defeat from within; Your treason; Communion; Private religion; Taking care of parents; Operating in charity; One purse; Blood flow in the body; Becoming human resources; Legal jargon; Equitable/constructive conversion; Judiciary act of 1789; "Devolution"; Hopeless enslavement; Made men; Are you paying attention?; Becoming one of God's people; How?; Search the spirit; Taking another's labor by force; "Use"; You are already marked; Rev 18; The way you need to go; Gather to love your neighbor.
4/30/22 What the Kingdom of God Looks Like
Kingdom = government, ruling authority in your life; Understanding what Kingdom and Righteousness look like; Deeds of the Nicolaitans; Error of Balaam; Bondage of Egypt; Pessary; God - giver of life; Vacant cities; Christ's free nation; "Gentile"; Careful criticism; "fake good news"; "Bishop"; Nicaean Council; Ambrose; Milan - command to become Christians; Humility; Lies accepted as truth; Threatened by opposing opinion; Twitter drama; Letting go of hate; Worshipping false images; Food shortages?; Fear and hate; Leaving judgement to God; God's pronouns?; Spiritual and physical realms; Diminishing individual value; Wrath of God; Standing for righteousness; Fear not!; Recognizing your void of Holy Spirit; Listening; Learning to follow Christ's "way"; Overseeing service; "World" power; Corporate church; "We the People"; Constitution = corporate charter; Wishful thinking; Who are you?; Knowing who you are; Remaining free; Constantine's "bishops"; Church rank in Christ's Church; Believing in symbols only; Have you gone back to the bondage of Egypt?; Lovers of darkness; "Born again"; Fruits of the Spirit; "Nicolaitans"; "Balaam"; Conquered people; Property ownership and Legal Title; Loving the light; Which spirit do you hear?; John 3:19; Filled with delusion - dysphoria about reality; Running from the Light of God; Doing truth; Redistributing wealth; Thanksgiving - happy to share; Freedom = right to choose; Sureties for debt; Welfare snare; Taxation - consequence of slothfulness; Charagma, identifying number, 666; Robbing widows and orphans; Finding true Christianity; "agape"; Do truth!
4/30/22 How the "World" Works
Accepting lies; In/of the "world"; "woke"; "The Dark Places of Wisdom"; Meaning lost in translation; Physical and Spiritual realms; Mind and Soul; Creating your reality; Freedom = right to choose; FDR programs; Passports; Gypsies; "Charagma" = mark = badge of servitude = ID; Apostles/Ambassadors; Acting in the moment, dragging the past; "Turtledoves"; Capitalist Israel; Christ's priesthood; Socialist programs; Keeping Christ's commands; Influences on your spiritual mind; Free nation - free speech; 2 trees to choose from; Betraying God; Separation habits; Media brainwashing; Saving the whole world; Awakening your tree of life; Repentance; Mistaking emotion for spirit; Learn to choose wisely.
5/7/22 Corruption in Your Government
Edward Mandell House; Today's problems; Letting go of your delusions; Be not afraid/angry; Enslavement to your preconceived notions; Woodrow Wilson; Following the leading of the Holy Spirit; Abandoning pure religion; Fixing public school; The path of righteousness; Deut 17:16; Bondage of Egypt (in the US); Government corruption around you; "Chattel"; Treating symptoms or cause?; How Woodrow Wilson got elected; Bull Moose party; Ratification of the US constitution; "We The People"; Arguing morality; Willingness to see the truth; Freedom of speech/opinion; God's opinion; Choice and consequence; Legal title; Prov 13:17; US Constitution not a biblical document; Mt 23:8; Receiving anointing; "Rabbi" - "Master"; Reece commission; 1 Sam 8; Revisiting Romans; Written to Romans following Christ; Essenes; Pontius Pilate; Christ's forbidden acts; Only 1 master; Only 1 father; Honoring natural fathers and mothers; Finding the truth; Why write to Romans?; Woe to the blind guides; Stop swearing oaths; "Sanctify"; "Religion"; Christ's "Weightier Matters"; Having another king; Christians frightening rulers; Becoming human resources; Paul, the doer; Lady Godiva; Altering your thinking; Changing history; Getting back to Christ; The Way of Christ; Romans 10; Christian conflict; Charity vs Force; Rom 10:1 "Might" be saved; God wants ALL to be saved; John 5:34; Christian atheists; Temples in DC; Imaginary Christianity; Submitting to righteousness; What "Law"?; Registration for benefits; Organizing yourselves; Strengthening society; Foolish virgins; Tithing; Wages of unrighteousness; God casting away people; Who offers you dainties?; Put a knife to your throat; Free stuff from government = covetous practice; Setting down their religion; Consequences of selfishness; Repent.
5/7/22 Colonel Edward Mandell House Misquote
Edward Mandell House; Chattel - economic slaves; Deut 17; Bondage of Egypt; Climate change; Straying from the Gospel; Magna Carta; Pearl Harbor; Ukraine; Getting the whole story; Understanding human nature; Altering the heart of America; Father stories; Surviving Egypt; Imparting truth; Creating voluntary societies; Tithing; Daily ministration; Opinion vs truth; Hearing the word; Wages of unrighteousness; Benefits by charity; Social Security; "Very soon - registering biological property."; Pledging; Income tax; Compelling submission; "Fiat" currency; Israel's golden calf; Temples as banks; Sacrifice; Becoming collateral; Substituting Holy Spirit; Power-seeking governments; Taking away choice; Creating American utopia; Love = sacrifice; The solution; Free practice of religion; Gather together in love.
5/14/22 Banking on the Kingdom - Part 1
Hating free speech; Fear of truth; Guidance through misinformation; Truth about yourself; USC Title 42 section 252; Freely sharing; Ignorance of the law; section 666; True Christians; Importance of humility; Bondage of Egypt; Getting God to hear you; Kingdom basics; Who's your authority?; "family"; Public schools by force; Covetous practices making you merchandise; Student loans; Social Security insolvency; Christ had to leave; "Heaven"; Trees: Life/Knowledge; No exercising authority; Love and righteousness; Vessels of the Holy Spirit; Eph 5:21; Submitting to Holy Spirit; US Constitution instrument of bondage; Right to contract; Seeing your failings; Institutions of covetousness; Poising your children; Federal Reserve; Real money?; "Coining" money; Just weights and measures; Temple of Moneta; Stanek v. White; Natural law; Problem with "Notes"; Substance and value; Musical notes; Fiat money?; Redeeming notes; Lawful money vs legal tender; Discharging debt; Who owns your property?; Understanding the law - not on your side; Obsession with dominion; Jubile; Getting back to God; Finding the truth; Christ's instructions for salvation; HJR 192; Why Panama?; Remaining redemption; You are a surety for debt; Christian kingdom - Voluntary society; Learning righteousness; Degenerating society through welfare; Daily Christian practice; Kennedy and US Notes; Viet Nam?; Nazis fighting nazis?; Cursed children; Marriage licenses?; Complicit churches; Outlawing immorality?; Oppression not allowed; Addiction to benefits; Perfect savages; The way to a free society; What are you waiting for?; Christ's treasury; Church of Constantine; The body of Christ; Kingdom within you; Giving choice to others; Finding salvation; Judge not; Bring the love of the Holy Spirit.
5/14/22 Banking on the Kingdom - Part 2
Temples as banks; "Tables" = bank; US Notes; Viet Nam; Graven images of God/Christ; Worldly gods; DMV story; USC 42 s/s 666; Evidence of membership; Christ's rules for ministers; Non-biblical constitutions; Stifling free speech; Fascism; Relying on your larceny; "Ekklesia"; "Symposia"; Who are "called out"?; Diligence; Taking care of your neighbor; Body of Christ; Becoming perfect; Indian stories; Dominion; Fractional reserve banking; Laying down your life; Defending the golden calf; Denominations; Ez 7:19; Wrath of God; Ez 44:12; Rom 11:9; Stumbling blocks; 1 Sam 25:31; Being tested; The solution; Returning every man to their freedom; What saves you?; Legislating morality; Repent of state welfare.
5/21/22 Banking on the Kingdom - Part 3
Banking; Turning over "tables"?; "Trapezia" = "bank"; Charity for the people; No force; Doctrine of "sleep"?; Actual doctrines of Christ; Weightier matters; What is important? Love + charity + righteousness; Altering word definitions; "Religion"; Welfare by force; The art of the Temple; Mint?; Capitalism; Labor producing children; Chores; Allowing choice; Taking care of the moment; Doctrines of distraction; Demanding benefits from bankrupt nations; Tyranny in the hearts of the people; Gain without usury; Desiring truth; Sharing truth; Evil bankers?; Reserve funds; Inheritance; Participating in debt; Covetous practices; Deceitful meats; Constantine's financial woes; Temples = government service buildings; Using "notes" as money; Edward Mandell House; Advocating the Federal Reserve system; Organizing in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Listening to Holy Spirit; Loving your enemy; Legal Title; Turning back to righteousness; Slothful under tribute; Mercy; Products of YOUR labor; Wise charity; Right/responsibility to choose; Gleaning; Socialist states; Jesus in the Temple, turning over tables; Forgiving debt; You as the treasury; Acts 6; Seven men; Self-organized free societies; Fervent charity; Daily ministration; Social Security; (Property) use tax; Killing care; Wearing out Moses; Reviving care; Corban; Sacrifice; Tithing according to service; Legal charity; LBJ plan; Federal Reserve system; Cashing notes story; Lawful money; Realizing your situation; Goat? Or Sheep?; The way of Christ; Altering your thinking; Rights linked with responsibility; Born again?; Ruling your neighbor? Legislating morality; War on poverty; Caring for one another; Edict of Milan; Seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness.
5/21/22 Clarifying Capitalism
Kingdom Reserved Fund; Self-governing voluntary community; Refusing "government" aid; Societal degeneration; Climate change; Virtue; Biblical capitalists; "Capital" based on "head"; Concentrating value; Property rights; Labor: means of production; Abraham's wealth; Family laws; Damnable heresies; Christ's doctrines; Being like Christ; Raising pigs; Farming; "Capitalism" defined; Capitalists in nature; Disregarding the law; Killing care; Welfare snare; God's natural way; Covenanting with worldly gods; Sabbath; Cause/effect universe; Paying your tally of bricks; Overcoming today's bondage; Altars of stone and clay; Strengthening the poor; Loving others as yourself; Do what Christ said.
5/28/22 Living Liberty
Capitalism haters; Means of production; Vocabulary triggers; Spreading falsehoods; Fake money; Industrial history; Christ the capitalist; Weakening the poor; Capitalist banks?; Schools as Tools; Reece Commission; Liberty under God; Creating the alternative; Pharisee's incorrect interpretation; "Pacta servanda sunt"; Keeping your agreements; Living liberty; 2 Thess 2:9; Who is "Satan"?; Believing a lie; Pleasure in unrighteousness; Guns in schools; Degradation of society; Seeking beyond symptoms; Loving the truth; What are you missing?; Living at the expense of others; Saving your children; Natural laws; Human capital; Owning your labor; Social Security (Corban); Defaming whistle-blowers; "CFR"; Fake news; United Nations; Recognizing the problem; Mark of the beast; Advocating Christ; Colonel Curtis Bean Dall; Hearing the whole truth; (Louis) McHenry Howe; Coveting neighbor's goods; Ten Commandments; Sabbath; Deceitful meats; "My Exploited Father-in-law"; Mammon; "Capital"; Loving your neighbor; Sureties for debt = assets; Dominion; 2 Peter 2:3; 2 Tim 3:1; Becoming merchandise; Breaking down families; Natural affection; Repentance; Forms of godliness; What you need to do; Spotted religion; Trying early Christians; Counting the cost; Justin's apology; Strong delusion; Willingness to see more truth; Humility; Knowing Christians; Becoming "rich"; Prov 15:27; Capitalism is an endowed right; Romans 13; Greedy for gain; Prov 1; Why you are under tribute; Unbiblical constitutions; Fear not; Gather as Christ commanded; Inflation; Learning how to be free; Seeking His kingdom; Distorting history; Ps 69:22 -> Rom 11:9; "Table" = "bank"; YOU ARE the reserve fund; Fervent vs Legal charity; Organize yourselves!
5/28/22 Pacta Servanda Sunt
Pacta Servanda Sunt; Intent makes the agreement; Owing allegiance; Reserves; Sinning in the eyes of God; Covetous practices; Ex 23:32; Jesus in accord with Moses; Wise giving to strengthen; Mercy; Deut 7:2; "Dainties" of the king; Pure Religion; Mt 20:25 = Mk 10:42 = Lk 22:25; Not to be that way with us; What brought you into bondage?; Self-sufficiency; Are you repenting?; Thinking like Christ; Bank notes; "Stagecoach"; Cashless society; Being the bad guy!; Legalizing the Christian Church; Covetousness is NOT OK; Finding The Church; Following the Holy Spirit; Reserve Funds; Rationing; Faking repentance; New Deal Christian church; Having another king; Fascism; Democratic socialist leaders; Real money; Legal tender purchases legal title; Caring about your neighbor; Addiction to entitlements; Is your fate sealed?; Wrath of God = Consequence; Repent now.
6/4/22 Offices of The Church
Banking today; Why history is important; Doctrine of Jesus; Your tree of knowledge; Tree of life; Fake Good News; Modern church vs Early Church; Church established by Christ; Covetous Pharisees; Owning nothing; Censoring truth; "Legal Title"; Killing care; Failure of Communism; Finding lies; Counterfeit Holy Spirit; "Elders"; Offices of The Church; Deacon; "Tens"; Systems of free societies; Legal covetousness; Families; Bishop Ambrose; Normal?; Constantinian church difference; Early Church writers; Choice strengthens community; Christian "relief"; Working together; Operating charity; Edict of Milan; Freedom of Religion; Augustus Caesar; Early Senate; Binding people; The cost of religion; "The State"; Recognizing free society; Temple religion; Christ's way; Baptism; Evidence of daily ministration; The job of The Church; Iniquity and idolatry; Corban of Christ; Anointing; Are you anointed?; Acts 2:46; Redistribution of wealth; Strengthening the poor; Ministry (Diakonia); Acts 11:29; Acts 14:1; Neglecting widows; Centralizing treasuries; Bonds in a free society; Learning to work together; Modern Church neglect; Temple dependence; The Egyptian way; Returning to liberty under God; Welfare?; Banning private religion; "Corban"; Cain and Abel; Nimrod - provider instead of God; Laboring for the government; The "way" of Christ; Becoming perfect savages; Finding The Church; Using dictionaries?; Podcasts; Returning to Pure Religion; Socialism is not Christian; Helping others; Images of Heaven; Christ new world order; Church restrictions; Believing in Jesus; Learn to work together.
6/4/22 Offices of The Church (continued)
Setting the captive free; Herod's legitimacy; Corruption; Interpreting scripture; Agreeing on meaning; What's "good"?; "Light" of Christ; Combining DNA; Where is spirit?; Elders; Understanding early church; Appointing elders; Greek "father"; Why Romans were in Judea; Christ's claim to kingship; Church government; Modern church differences; Doctrine of Jesus; Trauma; Mt 24:11; Are you being deceived?; Surviving writings; Ambrose the bishop; Pagans; Constantine's church; Rich Christ?; Weakening society; Receiving salvation; Righteous sacrifice; Lk 6:26; Inheritance tax; No income tax in the kingdom; Repent from nonsense.
6/11/22 Identifying Your Problem
Bankers are not your problem; The way back to liberty; Great apostasy; Substitute Holy Spirit; Trinity?; Souls free to choose; Hierarchy of values; Non-Christian doctrines; Translating Hebrew; Double-tav; The constitution is not your salvation; Nicaean council; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Building the kingdom of God; Elders; Free assemblies; Your comforter; Working righteousness; Loaves and fishes; Organizing a free nation; Loving Gods nature; Lost in translation; Doctrine of Jesus; Finding the Holy Spirit; Deut 7; Canaanites; Traffickers of men; "Freemont"; Coming to neighbor's aid; Robbing Israelites; Daily ministration; To whom do you pray when in need?; What made America great?; Strengthening society; Charity vs "legal charity"; Becoming human resources; Winning via the "way" of God; "smite" - nun-kof-hey; Finding meaning in context; vav-hey-kof-yod-tav-mem?; variation in Hebrew meaning; Utterly destroy?; chet-resh-mem? Or tav-chet-resh-yod-mem?; Faith!; Delivering by faith; Israelites were priests to all nations; Not making covenants; chet-nun-nun? Or tav-chet-nun-mem; Showing no favor; Sheriff story; Rules of the legal system; Pacta servanda sunt = agreements must be kept; Showing favor example; Samuel/Saul showing favor example; Translational misunderstandings; Synod of Elvira; Putting your faith into action; No king in Israel; Uniting by love; Networking care; Red heifer; Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Worldly churches; Marrying Canaanites; Progressive socialism; Redistributing wealth; Understanding Christ's way; Practice and persevere; Wrath of God; Having the heart of God; Deut 7:4 "Destroy" - shem-mem-dalet; Traitorous translators; Deut 7:5 Destroy - nun-tav-tzedek? Or tav-tav-tzedek-vav; Note the extra letters - double tav; Faith in spirit and truth = doing; Living in darkness; Lively stones; Breakdown of society - family first; "Pillar" - torn down by faith; Change your world.
6/18/22 Does God Make Sense?
Hebrew "letters" have meaning; Mistranslating of meaning; What do YOU think God is?; Naming God; Hierarchy of values; Observing spirit; Making sense of life; Defining terms; Religious duty; Superstition; Replicating false ideas; Errant Pharisees; Avoiding darkness; Feeling good about bad ideas; "Destroy", "Smite", "Possess" in Deuteronomy; "Dominion"; Inconsistent reality; Deut 7; A holy nation; Subject citizens vs free society; Israel's strength; "smite"; "destroy"; "Right" to health care?; Freely assembling for charity; Doubling Hebrew letters; "Destroying" - by faith; Abandoning kingdom; Bondage of Egypt; Jealousy of Christians; Offices of power; Modern Christian fallacy; Why you're in bondage; Fathers of the Earth; Praying for daily bread; Public religion; Forcing strangers to pay for your benefits; Christ's religion; Lev 19:33; Mischief; Za 7:10; Identifying evil in ourselves; Mal 3:5; Adultery; Harlots and beasts; Human resources; Cities of blood; Government debt; Upside-down world; Double-tav = in spirit and truth; Believing in Jesus?; Holy = "separate"; Willingness to see truth - humility; Micah 7:8; Lk 1:79; Force is not peace; Keeping the commandments; Following righteousness; Selfishness; Deut 7:16; Welfare snares; Repentance; Doing what Christ said; "hornets"; Which side are you on?; Ex 23:28; Hornets, not swords; Evidence of faith; Beasts of the fields; Cultivating faith, hope and charity; Strengthening the poor; Go Christ's way.
6/18/22 Daily Bread
Seeking righteousness; "Mischief"; Good "News"; "Garden" = protected place; Augustus Caesar - savior of Rome; "Pagan Christianity"; Christ's instituted Church; Sanhedrin; Doing like Jesus; Free bread; Ps 14:4; Ps 37:25; Ps 41:9; Workers of iniquity; Do you have faith?; Fervent charity; Imaginary Christians; Biting one another; Mt 6:11 - Daily bread; Ez 13:19; Phylacteries; Bread and circuses; Benefits ruining the Roman people; Deut 5:21; Working together with neighbors; Covetousness; Prov 23:1; "Corban"; Feel-good churches; Eucharist of Christ; Caring for widows and orphans; Church treasury; Sermons; Giving to Caesar; Repent and do the will of the father.
6/25/22 Moral Decay of Society
Aborting children in the bible; Pessary; Roe v Wade; Biblical constitutions; Entitlements; Worker abuse; Networking of Christianity; Living at others' expense; Moral decay of society; Politics of the bible; Limiting the power of government; Liberty; Righteous paths; Religion: threskia/religare and superstitio; Death by communism; Genesis 11; "Shinar" shen-nun-ayin-resh; Two trees/rivers; One-language Earth?; Extended meaning of words; Sudden Adult Death Syndrome; Knowing good and evil; Censorship; Science; God's truth; Gen 11; One: alef-hey-tav; Going the wrong way; Brick towers; Hebrew word analysis; Thomas Jefferson on slavery; Bricks in the tower of Babel; One purse; Socialism; Owning things common; Levites; "Go to" = choice; Firing clay bricks; Binding with "slime" (asphalt?); chet-mem-resh = troubled?; Limiting your own choices; Not understanding each other; Repentance - finding your way; Government by force; Inflation; Individuals? Or bricks stuck together?; Golden calf; Limiting YOU; Fascist anti-fascists; Confounded speech - pronouns?; Scattering by natural law; Allowing neighbor's rights; Finding your way back to liberty under God; Generations of Shem; "Ur"; Becoming bricks today; Gen 9; Setting others free; Believing Holy Spirit; Gen 10; Cities of blood; Willingness to see our mistakes; Weakening the poor; Abraham's new way; Melchizedek (Shem?); Are you a Canaanite?; Losing dominion; Gen 12; Birthing slaves; Power to contract; Christ wants to love you; Welfare snares; Be willing to bless others.
6/25/22 The Story of Bernard Daily
Bernard Daly - Irish immigrant; Landed Americans; Silver Lake (Oregon) fire; Licensing doctors; Abortion; Changing the way you think; Glimpsing history; Doctors and good health; Empowering the state?; Creating a trust - 1922; Enabling students to higher education; True (public) charity; Educating women; Scholarship funding; Guidelines of His Church; Licensing ministers; Giving back? By force or charity; Preserving liberty; Legal charity; Guidance of the Holy Spirit; Moral behavior; "Great" America?; Strengthening the poor; Ruining colleges; Sureties for debt; "Dump" example; Subsidizing sloth; License taxes; Waiving responsibility to self-govern; Choosing your dictator; Cultural impatience; Depraving the populace; Create the daily ministration of Christ.
7/2/22 The Hippocratic Oath
Common knowledge among Christians?; "Community"; Defense of neighbor; Herman the German; Caesar and the Gauls; Aiding Ukraine; Slavery; Tribute; Bondage of Egypt; Socialism; "Church" form of government; Becoming merchandise; The Flood; Drowning fact-checkers; "The" truth; Hippocratic oath; Dentist death story; "Pessary"; Essenes; Duty to protect neighbors; Free grain from Pharaoh; Diet?; "No poison nor pessary"; Violating precepts - enforcement = cause/effect; two rivers = choice; Tower of Babel; Burning Bush Festival - August 21; Abortion; Power of Choice; Pharoah = Caesar = FDR = LBJ.; Options in Egypt; Choosing bondage; Neighbors who don't love you; One-earth language?; Gen 11 beit-shen-paya-hey (language - only 1 time); Ex 28:32 as "binding"; Zeph 3:9; Care by charity; Loving Christ; Governments of the gentiles; Offerings by consent - not force; Temple handouts; Social justice; "Apostasy"; Income tax; Public schools; Blind guides - even ministers; Choosing your river; Fitting stones together; Lawyers and politicians; Mt 22:35; Lk 7:30; Evidence of iniquity; The devil of John the Baptist; Story of the blind man cured; Real belief in Jesus; Iniquitous Pharisees; Ur and Haran; Changing OUR lives; Lk 11:45; Preaching the whole gospel; Jubile; Ways to love your neighbor; Righteousness required; Fraud?; Law "Nailed to the Cross"; Eschewing excuses; Repent of the world's persuasion.
7/2/22 Apostasy
Socialism incompatible with Abraham/Moses/Jesus, Warnings throughout history; Organize yourselves in charity; "gods"; Holy Spirit; How do YOU go back?; Apostasy; Thinking differently - like Christ; Defection; Political parties in Christ's time; Mt 23:1; Enslaving neighbors = anti-Christ; Fringes and Breeches; Renouncing the kingdom; Christ - king of Judea; "Woman"; Absolute truth; False Christians; Pure Religion; "Politumai"; Caring for neighbor; Becoming peculiar; Are you helping or weakening?; Defining "religion"; Slothful in duty; Early American republic; Lady Godiva; What made America great?; Covetousness is not OK!; WestPoint story; Societal degeneration; Personal sacrifice; Actively reversing selfishness; The sin of Sodom; Davey Crockett's condemnation; Christ - life giver; Sacrificing womanhood; Rediscover morality!
7/9/22 Attacking Your Delusion
Deuteronomy - Moses on Kingdom of God; Inaccurate understanding of Moses; Burden of government; Tower of Babel; "Cities" in the bible; "Law"; Demon stories; Biting one another; Mystery Babylon; Burning Bush Festival - August 21st; Read the bills!; Oregon government corruption; US Constitution and Articles of Confederation; Condemning slavery; Altering your view of history; The rest of the truth; Apathy of the people; Acquiescence; How much truth can you handle?; Attacking your delusion; Solution to the lies; Nimrod's city and tower; Turning clay into bricks; Vs fitted stones; Bringing the bible into your reality; "Praise"; Children of God; "Begotten"?; The source of you doctrine; "Son of God"?; Born again workers of iniquity?; Babylon and Social Security; Giving power to government; Biblical constitutions; Forcing your neighbor; FDR "Notice" Aug 14, 1935; Thomas Sowell quote on Social Security; Desiring man's benefits; Legal (forced) charity; What Jesus DID; What Moses DID; Searching for the whole truth; Having one language?; Eating from the Tree of Knowledge; Loving the truth; Or sitting in darkness; Denying Christ; Repentance; Forgiveness; Following Holy Spirit; Overwhelming proof; Willingness to believe you're wrong; Identifying meaning in words; Pax Romana; Recognizing deceit; Condemnation; Entitlements?; How you MIGHT be saved; Your opposition to Christ; True Christians won't covet neighbors' goods; Conditions of the soul; The solution; Selfish superiority; Social welfare based on love; The "name" of Christ; "Breeches"; Linen; Hackling flax; Loving neighbor as much as self; Freewill; Replace legal charity with fervent charity; Christ's instructions; How we went wrong; Why we gather; What's important?; Causing bondage; Power to stop demons; Spiritual armor; End result cultivated by state social welfare; Daily ministration of love; Come together as Christ COMMANDED.
7/9/22 Withdrawing from the Kingdom
Mystery Babylon; Mark of the Beast; Sharing this information with you; Tree of life; Born again; Holy Spirit; Nicolaitans and Error of Baalam; Setting down your misunderstandings; Withdrawing consent?; Church establishment; Confessing; Conforming to Christ; Licensing your minister; Elders; Freely assembling; Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Making records; Obeying the truth; Opportunity to love your neighbor; Eph 2:7; Works are evidence of Faith; Authority of the Scripture; Misinterpreting Paul; "Begotten Son"; Mt 16:16; Bearing fruit; "Praise"; Perfect law of liberty; "Belief"; Christ' criteria; Warning of incorrect direction; Making rules; Participating workers; "Contact Minister"; "Congregation"; God's trust; Giving up your dominion; Membership; Protecting your right to choose; Votive offerings; Gather together.
7/16/22 Subsidizing Irresponsibility
Defining the kingdom; Capacity to understand; Contextualizing meaning; Parables; Explaining the times; Tents vs Cities; Bible at; Dominion given by God; "Soul"; Words having multiple definitions; "Religion" example; Bondage of Egypt; Duty towards fellow man; Social Security - no guarantee of benefits; Keeping your agreements; Deals with devils; Getting back to the Garden; Power of truth; Message to the Christian Churches; Demoralization; Weaponizing guilt; "personkind"; Nihilism; Advice via prophets; Two Trees; "The Great Reset"; Original sin; Your comforter; Read the instructions; Spiritual revelation; Covetous practices; Directives from Christ; "gods"; "Son of God"; Augustus Caesar?; Repent + Seek the kingdom (dominion) of God + His righteousness; Rights/Responsibilities; Teaching good values; Truth vs opinion; Finding "real" Christian churches; Conforming to Christ; Public schools; Concerning yourselves with the poor; Forfeiting your duties; Breaking down the family; Ecological utopia?; Historical sources; Subsidizing irresponsibility; Sacrifice strengthens self; Catching snakes; Strengthening the poor; Losing your dominion; Dressing and keeping; Trail of tears; Right to choose; Social welfare; Perfect law of liberty; Feeble churches; Following Christ's instructions; Returning to the garden; Toxic immorality; Finding righteousness; Counteracting reason; Opinions of reality; Divine revelation; Love requires freedom (of choice); Doing ought for parents; Treasuries; "Call no man on Earth father"; "Postmodernism"; Legal title; Strengthening society; Working through your mistakes; Application = prayer; Walking the way of Christ; Becoming individual; Hearing from Holy Spirit; Elder-driven assemblies; Daily ministration; Networking; Thriving as real Christians; Escaping the cult; Take back your responsibilities.
7/16/22 Modernism
"Christian" workers of iniquity; Accusations toward the churches; Social justice seekers; Charitable institutions; Marriage failing of late; Extinction?; Cataclysms; "Age of Reason"; Seeking truth; "Modern Church" teachings; More harm than good; Idolatry; Wrath of God; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Communist Manifesto; Hopeless enslavement; Your war with Hell; Forbidden (by Christ) Exercising Authority; Runaway inflation; Abiding in His love; The Way of Christ - antithesis of modernism; Lady Godiva; Doomsday Book; Postmodernism; Denominationalism; Hue and Cry; Division and conquering; What can you do?; Gathering to be of service to each other; Thriving as Christians; Tolerating differences; Perfecting ideology; Peter's revelation; Hearing Christ; Recognizing patterns in history; Taking back your responsibility; Accessing the Tree of Life; Forgiveness; Patience; Charity; Trust in God.
7/23/22 No Broadcast today.
7/30/22 Setting Things Straight
Preacher robbed, Distancing from Christ; Rich Christ, poor Christ; Stable birth; Carpenter or more?; Kingdom networking; Sources of truth; Censorship; Relying on Holy Spirit; Separating spirit from emotion; Free speech; Gathering as Christ commanded; Hollywood Jesus; Green/yellow grass; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Communication network; Binding by daily ministration = charity/love; Shipwreck find; Bronze coin; "Moneta" Temple?; Minting in Alexandria; Interpreting the bible; Herod's baptism; "Ouranos"; Turning over tables; Firing moneychangers; Caesar's coin; Repeating History; Votive offerings; April taxes; "Corban" making word of God of none effect; Riot in Christ's time; Herod's socialism; "Recession"; Legal tender; Lacking knowledge; Kingdom within you; Repentance; Becoming human resources; Minister purpose; Family = corporation of God; America in bondage; Good shepherds; Brutish shepherds; Right to choose; Waiving your right; Anti-Christ ways; Kingdom by force?; Weakening people; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Federal Reserve temple; Listening to the good shepherd; Mark 6; Organizing together; Widows; Orphans; Ekklesia; Minister requirements; Lion concerns; Free assembly; Escaping the bondage of Egypt; Recognizing righteousness; Grief; Love; Evidence of love; Sabbath keepers; Community; Rule of force and violence; Saviors; Militia; Organized evil; Korah the sheep; Learning to stick together; Tithing; Bussing rioters; Familiarizing yourself with righteousness; Gathering with sinners; Loving your enemy; Following Holy Spirit; Caring for one another; Recognizing metaphors; Needing neighbors; Share; Love them all!
7/30/22 Tribalism
Consequences of not doing what Christ said; Non-Christian Christians; Living by violence; vs Charity; Showing up for neighbors; Societal virtues; Tribalism; Abraham's tribes; Ur and Haran; City-states; Belonging to a king; Roman republics (tribes); Strengthening society; Altars of clay and stones; Sophistry; Taxes vs tithes; Inflation; Community defined; Sons of God?; The real solution; "The Beast"; And "The Harlot"; Seeking the kingdom; Culture = values/virtues to pass down; Voting for benefits; Sabbath; Welfare snares; Early Christian tribes; Local and traveling aid; Being a doer; Love is sacrifice; Knowing Moses and Jesus; Fathers of the Earth; Substitute Holy Spirit; Pontius Pilate; Historical nonsense; Join the Living Network.
8/6/22 Connecting Rich and Poor
Romans 13 video; No civil governments are created by God; Setting captives free; False doctrine; Knowing Moses; Strong delusion; Working iniquity; You are conquered people; Loving the whole truth; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Humility; Accepting that you may be wrong; Fitting the pieces together; Broken prophets; "exousia" - power to choose; Mt 20:25 "exercise authority"; Governments of the world; Mark 10:42; Luke 22:25; Jesus taking kingdom from Pharisees and appointing to little flock; Synagogue; Tens; Loaves and fishes; Choosing to share; Or choosing bondage; "Religion"; Kingdom you retain the right to choose; Daily ministration; Sons of God; Anointing; 1 Peter 2; Whose authority?; Creating free societies; Highly productive people; Rich and poor; Capitalists; Distributing wealth; God's design vs man's design; Bonds of love; Studying; Facebook friendships; Kingdom-seeking network; No king but Caesar; What the apostles were doing; Doctrine of Christ alone; "Nicolaitans"; Forfeiting your liberty; Blasphemy; Reducing poverty; Politeuma; Returning choice to the individual; Holy Spirit; Friend influence; God allows men to create governments; Inclusive division?; Charity; 1 Sam 8 corruption; Limiting rulers; Virtuous connections; Covetous practices; Focusing on Christ's government; Ez 16:49 - The sin of Sodom; Strengthening the poor; Belonging to government; Power corrupts; "Blasphemy"; Critical thinking; God created family; Born poor; "Social capital"; Responsibility of choice; Making room for Holy Spirit; Diligence; Busted taillight story; FDR's chaos; Consequences for bad choices; Communism by racial conflict; Fear not!
8/13/22 Make Your Choice
Bible about choice; Al Sharpton; Private interpretation of the bible; Inspiration; God's opinion is The Truth; Seeking to do God's will; Exousia - right to choose; No exercising authority - Mt 20:25, Mk 10:42, Lk 22:25; Exercise dominion - "katakurieuo"; No coveting; No covenants with their gods; Avoiding the wrath of God; "god"; Consequences of choice; "Gentiles"; Exercise authority - "katexousiazo"; Deciding good and evil; Tree of Life; Why study history?; Fake good news; Forgiving student loans?; Sabbath; Qui bono?; Who gets the benefit?; Who suffers?; Reproducing stupidity; Learning experiences; "Ekklesia" - source of wisdom?; Modern church - source of foolishness; Evidence of knowing the gospel; Churches of the adversary of Christ; Ekklesia - more than "assembly"; "Church" = called out; Appointing to them a kingdom; "parens patria" - making the State your father; Facilitating love in Acts; Temple areas; Administering charity; Social security; "Draco"; Codifying laws; Historical welfare; Choosing to give to neighbor; Waiting on "tables"?; No magic words - do the will of the father; Witchcraft; Delusional Christianity; Valueless notes; Ancient welfare states; Have you heard Christ's solution?; War on farmers/ranchers; Water flow rights; Giving rulers their power; Identifying historical changes; Finding pastors of truth; Haran's death; Finding liberty; Living stones of altars; Juries; Case precedents; Situational rulings - deciding fact and law; Christ's "weightier matters"; Mercy; Your willingness to enslave others; "The Rich" are also your neighbors; Suffering disadvantages; Prison system reasoning; Not punishment; Protect the innocent; Apostasy; Minister's job; Welfare a snare and trap; Sharing daily bread; Prophets of the beast; Reversing covetous practices; reactive nature; The way of righteousness; Political service of ekklesia; Strengthening society; Or perfect savages; Sharing; Stop being slothful!
8/13/22 The Purpose of Ekklesia
"Ekklesia"; Advocating home Church gatherings; Being led away from the kingdom of God; The called out; Not just "assembly"; Draco of Athens - 600BC Ekklesia; Church = one form of government; Misuse of "Church"; Separate from the world; Offices of service; "Agora"; Unarmed Spartans; Understanding real history; Assembling the puzzle; Strategists; The error of democracy; Direct/Indirect democracies; vs Republics; The Saul Syndrome; Social Welfare by Charity alone; Libera res publica; THE doctrine of Christ; Ekklesia as a governing body; Electing a different Christ; Symposia; Purpose of ekklesia; Jesus' 70; Moses' 70; Sanhedrin; Draconian; Media distractions; Corruption in Samuel's time; NT Waiting on tables; Returning power to the people; Minister representatives; Windows to the kingdom; Controlling your wealth; Rich pastors; Strengthening the bonds of your free society; Abiding in His love; Understanding your need for repentance; Feeding sheep; Do the will of the Father.
8/20/22 No Broadcast today.
8/27/22 Pathos, Ethos and Logos
Fall festival; Connecting with others; Keys of the Kingdom; Information online; Holy Spirit; Nature of delusion; Logos - Pathos - Ethos association; Pathos = emotions; Ethos = authority/trust; Logos = Right reason - reality; Moses' burning bush; De-escalation video; Dangers of assuming; Police and Ethos; Respecting "persons"; Looking at all the facts; Revelation and the Tree of Life; Christ's instructions; Moses and Christ in agreement; Moses' assignment; Understanding logos; Relating bible to reality; Being free souls under God; Bondage of Egypt; Being subjects to debt; Jesus came to set the captive free; Human resources; Abraham's journey; Codifying laws; Welfare systems; Sitting in darkness; Making America great; Welfare by The Church; Freewill offerings; vs Taxation; Arming IRS; Ekklesia; Age of reason; Applying "Church"; Biblical "word"; "world"; "Logos" is more than just "word"; Identification; Augustus vs Jesus; Temples built without hands; Fear not!; Operate by faith, hope and charity; Removing history; Willingness to see the whole truth; Contextual understanding; Witchcraft; Julius Caesar; Importance of family; Repent = think differently; Imagining you are free; Pursuing the logos of Christ; Joining the network; Accessing Holy Spirit; Going another way; Helping you see the truth; Roman republic; Gaius Julius Caesar; Returning men to their family; You belong to the government; Numbered for benefits; Reason!; Making God's word to none effect; Keeping commandments; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Preacher ethos; Admitting denial of Christ; John 17 - world hating; Counterfeit sons of God; Taking oaths?; Loving your neighbor; Why gather?; Becoming free; Cities of Refuge; Join the Living Network.
8/27/22 What is Fervent Charity?
"The Word" (logos), Understanding right reason; 1 Pe 4:8; (Fervent) Charity covers sins; Selfish society; "Tao"; Law of nature; Tribalism; Valuing sacrificing for others; Finding God's righteousness; Idolatry/covetousness; Function of temples; Greed for gain; Socialism; Sons of God; Sureties for debt; Legal (binding) charity; Welfare snare; One purse; Dark ages?; Pathos and Ethos; Gathering as Christ commanded; Signs in the sun; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Forgiveness; Grace; Levites; Ordained ministers; Knowing the Holy Spirit; Public religion; "Ekklesia"; Redistributing wealth; Following false churches; Destruction of Corinth; Addiction to benefits; Government stimulus; Contextualizing scripture; Capitalism's free society; Repent = think differently; Who owns you?; Ex 20:6; Loving Christ's commandments; Deut 5:10; Jn 14:15; Jn 14:21; No king but Christ; Ekklesia vs free assemblies; Belong to Christ.
9/3/22 Pentecost
The solution to all the world's problems; Sin; Wrath of God; Christ's instructions; Strong delusion; "Born again"; Testing your faith; Doctrine of Jesus Christ; Identity politics vs Individual; "Jesus Christ" - not a name; "Christ" is a title - what's the significance?; Who's your christ/king/president/ruler?; Seeing truth about yourself; "logos"; Recognizing distorted truth; Taxation and exemptions; Only one denominator for Christians; Christ acting as king; Kingdom not of this world; Mt 10:34; "sword"; Guns; Leading of the Holy Spirit; Conformity to doctrine of Jesus; Pentecost; The Way; Identity religion; Measuring the kingdom; Home congregating; Practicality; Repentance; "Corban"; Centurions; Making word of God to none effect; Charity; vs Force; Baptism of Christ; Synagogues of Christ; Gathering in free assemblies; Legal charity; Saving yourself?; Cain; Doers, not sayers; Saying lies?; "Adamah"; Cain vs Abel; Living stones; Social Security; Sureties for debt; God of reason; John 9:22; Conjuring salvation; John Locke; Jeffersonian bible; Idolatry; Understanding context; Nazareth?; Essenes; Table of devils; Saul's folly; Forced offerings; Political Jesus; Post-Pentecostal society; What repentance looks like; Government of, for and by the people; Permitting choice; Perfect law of liberty; Kingdom of God at hand; Setting neighbors free; Christ was king; Other nations; Appointing a kingdom to the apostles; Rules for His kingdom; Knowing Christ; Preaching Christ first; Rabbit trails vs rabbit holes; Mt 21:43; Losing liberty; Crucifixion; Ekklesia; The seventy; Acts 2:46; Seeking His kingdom and grace; Putting children into debt; Making God's word TO effect; Staying rational; Synagogues of Satan; Find your synagogue.
9/3/22 The Salvation Solution
Seeking truth; Salvation/survival; Kingdom of heaven at hand; Israelites?; Essenes?; Sacrifice - forced or freewill; What will save us?; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Principles of the kingdom; Pentecost; Christ the king; Golden Calf; Canaanites; David and Goliath; Practicality of the bible message; Learning liberty; Relying on each other; Leaving Egypt; "Logos" vs "Rema"; Apostles in the Temple; Levites; Caring for the needy; Born Again or under strong delusion?; Fervent charity; Power of righteousness; Thinking like Christ; Tricking you into bondage; Inalienable rights hampered by debt; Lying pastors; Pure (unspotted) religion; Degenerating your brain; The real love of Christ; Bishop Ambrose; Church of Constantine; Are you living by faith, hope and charity?; Rome ruined by public religion; Burnt offerings; Agape; Do your pious duty.
9/10/22 How Much Jesus Do You Believe In?
Believing in another Jesus; Only one doctrine of Jesus; Light/darkness model; Spiritual reality; Contrast; Sons of God; Which savoir do you pray to?; Doctrinal contrast; Marcus Tullius Cicero; Why Rome was in Judea; Melchizedek?; Dominion over this planet; Deception of freedom; Significance of 2BC; Rich Jesus; Enrollment of Pater Patria; "Unregistered"; Annual Temple tribute; Sacrilege; Altering the character of a people; Free money from the government; Tessera ID; "Idiotes"; Mourning Caesar; Learning the message of Christ - to set men free; Sparking interest in facts; The reasoning of God; Emotion vs Spirit; Game distraction; Find a humble position; Virtues; Whole doctrine of Christ; Corban of the Pharisees; Covenanting with the Temple; Charity!; Drawing near to God; Forcing neighbors; Loving the pulpit; Decluttering your mind; Appetites for benefits; Deceitful meats; Freewill offerings; Hebrew name/number of membership; Make your choice; Lack of knowledge and context; Networking in tens; Sharing with the needing; How are you providing for your neighbors?; Love requires sacrifice; Six mistakes according to Cicero; Divination; Escaping the system; Corruption from power; Where is the treasure of the kingdom?; "The Button" story; Making yourself subject; No coveting; Fixing your heart; Don't worry; Learn to discern; No impossibilities; No straining at gnats; Foolish virgins; Breath of life; Developing your mind; Fake good news; Walking with Holy Spirit; Compelling others' belief; Rise of savagery; Are you part of Paul's "we"/"us"?; Be part of "us".
9/17/22 No Broadcast today.
9/24/22 No Broadcast today.
10/1/22 Enthusiasm for Truth
Bible basics; Twisted news; More storms?; Mis-reporting of "facts"; Believing the bible; Finding truth; Global warming - Which globe?; Setting down what you've already accepted; Second opinions; Holy Spirit; Rome and USA; Recognizing warnings; Essenes; Doctrines of Christ; Strong delusion; Pride?; Dangerous paths; Christian exclusions from benefits of Rome; Journeying together; Christ's weightier matters; Understanding "law"; Owning gold; "Torah" tav-vav-resh-heh; Black's Law Dictionary; Which "law" nailed to the cross?; Revelation; Hebrew letter meanings; Hearing Holy Spirit; Faith; Tav = Seal of higher realm = Faith; Evidenced by works; Vav = connecting/dividing symbol; Willingness to see truth; Resh = process (action) of clarification; Heh = expression of thought = action; Doing the word; Forgiving the mis-informers; Hiding from God; Doing His will; Torah = Teaching through revelation; Charity; Organized Christianity; The Seven men; Volunteering; Differing Torah versions; Shem's blessings; Melchizedek; Scripture examination; Seeking truth?; Logos; Handwritten ordinances; Pure Religion; This "world"; Codes of law - statutes?; Ge 26:5; "charge"; Mal 2:14; Honoring father and mother; Divine spark; Natural Law; Mis-interpreting statutes; Sabbath; Bondage of Egypt; Betraying the planet; Seeing kingdom; Falling for dainties and deceitful meat; Your power of choice; Taking back responsibilities; Abraham's altars; Ex 16:28; "mitzva"; Pompey peace-keeping force; Hearing the case; Pax Romana in Israel; Seeking righteousness; Acting upon your revelation; Earning your rest; Killing care within you; Connecting with God; Mt 19:17; Keep the commandments; Prayer; Is your society in debt?; Cursing your children with debt; Jn 14:15; Loving your neighbor; Unequal yoking; Wages of unrighteousness; Mercy; Communion; Knowing by fruits; Mt 7:20; Mt 22:37; Straying into trouble; Love truth.
10/1/22 Patterns of Truth
Government of God vs of the world; Bible = book about government; Of, for and by the people; Choosing a CEO (king); Commander-in-chief; Separation of powers; Degeneration of society; Covetous practices; Accepting truth; "Torah"; Embracing humility; Strengthening generations; Obeying God; Law of nature; Wrath of God; Deut 17; Declaration of Independence; Waiving your right to choose; Taking your labor; Debt; Sabbath; Putting debt on your neighbor; "Israel"; Income tax; Tapping into the Tree of Life; Which Jesus?; The table of charity; "We the People"; Illegal constitution; Robbing widows and orphans; Blaming others; Forgiveness; Free society requiring faith; Drawing near to God; Christ's "way"; Doing the will of the father; Live without bondage.
10/8/22 Misrepresenting Truth
Torah = law?; Fake good news; Ten Commandments; Endowed rights; Miracles; Torah discrepancies; Shem and Melchizedek?; Paul's ministry; Christians in the Temple; Synagogues and symposia; Families; New Corinth; Naomi's land; Following the law of nature; Boaz; Juries; Sanhedrins!; Doctrines of Jesus Christ; Paul - more than a missionary; Synagogues of Satan; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Society bound by love; Community; Rulers; Returning to bondage of Egypt; Deciding fact and law; William Penn trial; Gregory's jury service; Waiving your (jury) rights; Owing IRS; Economic fragility; Paul's appeal to Rome; Christ's government; Recognizing Jesus as king; Temple membership; Daily ministration; Deceitful meats; Welfare snares; Inflation; Nature's way; Finding the keys of the kingdom; Hating your neighbor; To whom do you pray?;; Owning your labor, car, house, children.; "Christians"; Law of Nature = right reason; Mt 1:23; Is 7:14; The path of Christ; Repentance; Mt 9:13; Hosea 6:6; Septuagint quotes; The answer; Doing the will of the father; Two witnesses; Conforming to Christ; Mark 7:6; Surviving freedom; Lk 3:5; Getting back to Christ's gospel; "Mammon"; Salvation of Christ; Rethinking Christianity; Lk 4:18; Many false Christs; "Study"; Humility is critical; Be willing to let go of false beliefs; Is 58:6; Jn 6:31; Nimrod - provider instead of the Lord; Abraham's army; Legal Charity; SHARE; Becoming DOers; Jn 12:38; Stepping towards the kingdom; Acting upon belief = your testimony; Acts 7:14; Sanhedrin is not legislature; Diligence; Danger in dramatization; Tree of Life; Coming into the light; Making our individual journeys together; Love one another.
10/8/22 Uncovering Truth
Natural/scientific laws; Miracles; Gravity; Mathematics; Inspired bible; Evidence of truth; Biblical contradictions; Private interpretation; Setting aside accepted lies; God's love for the world; Love requires choice; Bondage; Inheriting rights; Septuagint; Masoretic text; Holy Spirit is 100% accurate; Biblical versions; Translational sources; Seeking Holy Spirit guidance; Mt 1:23 and Isa 7:14; Two witnesses; Doing away with false interpretation; Early Church functionality; Matthew's canonical gospel; Synoptic; Preach to the whole "world"; "Creature"; Institutions; Anti-Christ spirits; Historical Rome; Bonds of free society; Insurance; Christs commands for gathering; Anonymous "Matthew"; Translating Hebrew; Dominion over men?; Mt 28:5; Matthew writing to Jews; Divine nature of Jesus; Constantinian differences; Leading by Holy Spirit; Rewards of Hell; Circumstantial translations; Dainties of rulers; Civil law = systems of jurisprudence; Destroyers of liberty; Central treasury warnings; Sureties for debt = bondage; Sharing good news audios; More on two witnesses; Heart and soul; Doing the will of the father; Gathering in tens, hundreds and thousands; Repent and think Christ's way.
10/15/22 Branches of Government
Natural Law pre-exists all other law; Believing in God; Pentateuch; Private interpretations; Essenes; Temples and Religion; No king but Caesar; Jesus the king of the Jews (citizens of Judea); Appointing gods; Jesus v Pilate; Not of this world; Why Rome was in Judea; Law of nations; Nationalism; Asylum; Are you seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness?; Why persecute Christians?; 4th branch of government; Supreme court; Theos/Elohim; Threskia - not what you think; Born again?; Constitutionalists; Constitution - bylaws; SCOTUS - constitutional interpretation; Signers of the constitution; Quick outline of law; Life on Earth; Examining nature and science; Reason and resonance (inspiration); Tree of Knowledge; Your salvation; Making America great; Municipalities; Legal systems; 3 branches of government; Judiciary act; Equity; Remedies? The covenants we make; Fourth branch of government = you; Procreation; Brothers in bondage; Have you enslaved your neighbor?; Funding schools; Government of, for and by the people; Faith, hope and charity; The snare of covetous practices; Early American freedom; Votive offerings; Individual freedom?; Respecting neighbor's property rights; Private education; Force via government = tyranny; Joseph; Christ's other way; Taking back your responsibilities; Baptism into which kingdom?; High priests; Judean government; Faith? Or Allegiance?; Misinterpreting torah; Right to choose = free nation; Doing with Christ said; Loving neighbor; Biblical constitutions; Legalizing the constitution; Democracy; Republic; Common purse; No coveting!; Being accustom to taking from others; Sharing in love; Jury nullification; Judging fact and law; Being judged as you have judged; Alienable privileges; Forfeiting your rights; Administrative courts; Breaking your chains; Christian school assignment story; Respecting right to choose; Modern pastors' fallacy; Constantinian church; Bishops; Who's your savior?; Repentance; Love your neighbor.
10/15/22 Regulating Life
What law is; Morality?; Regulating life; Perceiving reality through our senses; Faith; Monkey story; Bobcat story; Inherited psychosis; Making people; Inheriting obligation; Moses as heir to throne; Temptation of tyranny; 4th branch of government; Keeping families together; Building altars; gods; Jury nullification; Legalizing the intolerable; Power of Christ's way; Branches of government; Freemen; Bill of Rights; States foreign to each other; Citizens of the United States; Administrative courts; Jury oaths; Bondage of Egypt; "Let my people go"; "Worship"; Your right to choose; Stepping up to your responsibilities; Following Christ's instructions; Psychosis = soul illness; Loneliness; Gathering with other families; Your quest for liberty under God; Rediscovering the light; Temptation to use force; Forming the living network; Living in righteousness; Begin by caring.
10/22/22 Contextualizing Matthew 1
Do we see what we think we see?; Brain dependence; Witness variations of events; OJ Simpson trial; Two eye-witnesses?; Bible - a witness; Who is Matthew?; Mark?; No original copies; Angels?; Why we read Matthew; Mt 1 - generations; Cities of refuge; "Israel"; Roman government; Why go to Pilate?; Determining truth; Whole truth or lie; Abraham . Jesse, David; David - a king?; Children of God; Lineage to Jesus who is called Christ; Corrupt judges -> king?; Appointing judges; "Apotheos"; "God" vs "god"; God's judgement; Exercising; Captivity and bondage; Choosing a ruler; Deut 17; Principas Civitas (first citizen) = President; Love requires choice; Forgiveness; David's repentance; 4th branch of government; Sanhedrin; Law exists; atrophying bonds of society; Reading bible is not enough; Empty throne in Jerusalem; Sick society; Today's corruption; Importance of communities; Communion; Home gatherings for kingdom purposes; Self-organizing Christians; Doing the father's will; Caesars called son of God and savior; Protecting neighbor out of love; How to exercise your responsibilities; The key to liberty; Volunteerism; Christ's gospel; Forcing neighbors is not love; Teaching sound doctrine; Sharing this message; Find each other; Daily ministration; Pure Religion; The Way; Matthew writing to Jews; Jesus king and high priest; Pilate's determination; Emperors and Christ; Lev 4:3; Anointing kings; Today's harlots; Emmanuel; Jesus set captive free; Nazareth?; Doctrine of John the Baptist; Mass psychosis; Diverging from reality; Being a king after God's own heart; Isolation vs Community; Willingness to admit you're wrong - like Paul; Sharing; Thanksgiving; Choose Charity.
10/22/22 Journeying to the Kingdom
Our mission as Christians; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Organizing free societies; Letting the people decide; Solar power; Awakening; Social Morality; The Kingdom Way; Law of Nature; Your personal journey; Absolute truth?; Zombies and vampires; Tree of Knowledge; Sharing the Good News; Living Network; Excuses; The spirit guiding you; Caring enough to work - together; King Saul; Catholic methods; Commitments; "Not of this world"; Jews accepting Jesus; Christ as king; Animal sacrifice; Sophistry; Burnt offerings; God makes sense!; Understanding metaphor and allegory; Finding the answer from within; Repentance; Lobotomies and shock therapy; Drugs; Interfering with personal development; Knowing the ethics of God; Caring for neighbor; Let in the Holy Spirit.
10/29/22 No Broadcast today.
11/5/22 Conversation
Reality exists - find it; Hell?; Law; Gauging California; Free Speech; Bill of rights; We the People; Inalienable rights; Natural Law; Comparing Rome to US; "Religion"; "World"; China plans; Studying the past; Sins of City-states; Censorship; Doing His word; Peculiar people; Elders; Organizing yourselves; Rightly dividing aide; Ambrose the first bishop of Constantine; Daily ministration; Conversation; Constitution; Taking care of society's needy; Christian government; Fathers of the Earth; Who's your father?; Temples; The Living Network; How to obtain and retain rights; Life expectancy; Good men doing nothing; Doing no harm; Importance of Free Speech; Bearing arms; Protection of others; Mass formation of psychosis; Child mutilation; "Conversation"; Willingness to listen; Flow of ideas; Testing truth; Right to choose; Opposing liberty; Networking; Charity; "Oil" in the bible; Anointing; Vanity; Love = charity; Hearing meaning in others' words; "Jewish"?; Knowing meaning of words; Paul's conversation; Benefits at the expense of your neighbor; Caesars; Distorting education; Ps 37:14; daleth-resh-kof; Journeying toward clarification - upright conversation; Deceitful meats; Redistributing wealth; USC 15 - Parens patriae - state is the father; Becoming savages; Ps 50:23; Cain and Abel; Moses' story; Who will you follow?; Legal title; Salvation of God; Gather together - no excuses.
11/5/22 Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech; Interpreting Paul; Biblical context: Author vs translator vs reader; Understanding lawyers; Natural law; Contractual nature of government; Bobbie Ann Cox; Dishonesty; Avoiding distraction; Networking like Jesus; Land ownership; Pure Religion; Early Church organization; Fear not!; Real love?; Modern pharaohs; Caring about neighbors' rights; Dearths; Christian Levites; Sophistry; Redistribution of wealth; Wise charity; Sin of Sodom; Bill of Rights; Pure republics; Free societies; Deleting history; Covetous practices OK?; Recognizing gods; Faith and allegiance; Do you believe in God?; Belief begets action; Appointers of gods; Getting to the Living Network; Secrets on Internet?; Being righteous; "Sin"; Avoiding resentment; Oil of Christ; Forgiveness; Sabbath?; Loving your enemy; Repentance; Hebrew word/sentence construction; Taking care of the needy; Burnt offerings; Interact with your neighbors.
11/12/22 False Prophets
Our conversation with the world; Which "conversation"?; Which "world"?; Examining contrary information; Seeing truth; False Christs; World elections; Right to choose?; Legislation limitation; Kingdom voting; Republics; God's creations; Imprisonment; Taking away neighbors' rights; Defending yourself; Public school taxes; Satisfaction in covetousness; The astounding wealth of the 1800s; Freedom of speech; Law in the kingdom; Measuring belief; Delusion in the media; Foolishness; False prophets; Listening to Holy Spirit; Born again?; Imaginary truth; Brainwashing; Cain's way; Oregon measure 114; Natural right to self-defense; Militia; Hosea 4:6; The Saul syndrome; Christ as your king; Reverend Mark Knutson? Persecution of Early Church; Charity; Rome's degeneration; Social Justice; Gun laws vs crime; Mass shootings; Ambrose; Apostate church; Socialist preachers; Forcing neighbors; Corban; Reforming public school; Illegal home schools; Shirking responsibility; Defending neighbors' rights; Rev 16:13; Delusional "christians"; Rev 19:20; Image of the beast; Worshipping Rome; Pax Romana; Bondage of Egypt; Serving God; Rev 20:10; Symbolism; Lk 22:36; Living by the sword; Mark of the Beast; Benefits of the Beast; Savages; Devilish reverends; Lacking knowledge; Basic Christianity; Calling evil good; Repentances; Legal definition of "Church"; Helping sinners?; Make your choice; Coming together as Christ commanded; Embryonic republics; 1 Samuel 8; Going broke slower; Laying down your life for fellow man; 501(c)3; Real Christians; Bouvier's "Church"; Show yourself approved.
11/18/22 Bonus Episode: Measuring Corruption
Divine intelligence; Bible: For government of, for and by the people; Measuring corruption; Attacking self-defense; Measuring yourself; Bars you don't see; Oregon measure 114; Citizens; Understanding whole truth; "Second amendment rights"; Guns as a health crisis?; Expectation from gun laws; How to lie with statistics; Patrick Henry speech; Community safety; Revealing missed/hidden details; Providing for the whole truth; Comparative crises; Recognizing truth in statistics; Suicide increases; Addressing homelessness; Allowing criminal elements; Working the system; Oregon Article 2 section 22; Apathetic society; Erosion of rights; Legal charity; Organizing; Degenerating society; Societal help (welfare) by charity; Altering attitudes; What made America great; Righteousness; Imagining you're good; "Not to be that way"; Republics; The road to socialism; "Religion"; Loving your neighbor; Taking back your responsibilities; Militia purposes; Come together and be a doer.
11/19/22 Sabbath and the Economy
Manipulation of society; Free society under God; Bible about government; Remember righteousness; Oregon local government issues; Repairing our faults; Ignorance - Knowledge kept from you; Democracy = bad; Anarchy = no rulers; Patrick Henry; Cherishing liberty; Correcting ideas; Willingness to know the whole truth - humility; Fruits of democracy; Gold and silver to pay debt; Public Education; Church a viable republic; Ignorance -> tyranny; Knowing history; Law of nature; Statutes?; Juries; Growing broke slower; Paying "the debt"; Happiness in America; Capitalism; Weakening the people; Gun violence; "War on Poverty"?; Legal charity; Learning solution by doing; The will of the Father; Mass formation of psychosis; Conversation; 2 commandments; Loving neighbor; Depression; Science vs religion?; Defining religion; "Superstitio"; Addition to government benefits; Scattering the flock; Repentance from destructive ideas; John 1:1; "logos"; Prophets of the beast; Daily ministration; Economic collapse?; "Sabbath"; God's government; Wanting kings; Bondage of Egypt; Social security; Insurance vs Assurance; Killing care; The Solution; Christ said it best; Covetousness; Free bread; Law based on spirit; Getting rid of depression; How to find the kingdom of God; Blind guides; Fraud?; Abundant life; Sacrificing; It's your fault; Listening to Holy Spirit; Anger; Forgive!; Your armor = love; Strengthening the poor; Doing His word; Born again; Becoming human resources; Cursing your children; Character of His name; Making contact; Seek righteousness; Come together - religiously!
11/19/22 Keeping the Sabbath
Buying guns in Oregon; Debt crisis; Keeping the Sabbath; Lip service to God; Covetousness Day; Woman's call?; Dues in the kingdom; Alternative to Internet?; Oregon Article 2 section 22; Apathetic society; Deserving of tyranny; Doing as Christ instructs; Freedom of Conversation; Gun deaths; Suicide; Prolonging agony; Podcasts; PTSD; Shutdown depression; Sources of truth; Early Church gathered on Sunday; Welfare snares; Q: Militia; Defining USC militia; Well-organized; Christian families; Volunteering; Networking in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Bondage of Egypt; "Covenants of the gods" book; Taxation; European suicide rates; Revolutionary battles without fatalities; Strength of character; Forming communities; Bands of brothers; Becoming real Christians; Traitors in your midst; Join us.
11/26/22 God's Authority
Relating Kingdom to today's government; God's authority; What is a god?; Producing children; Labor of parenting; Caring for others; Code: Parens Patriae; Who's in charge of your children?; Pater Familias; Losing your rights; Understanding the God of Nature; Julius Caesar priest; Marion reforms; Rome and the Jutes; Abraham's army; Sin of Sodom; Wrath of God; What makes a brother?; Abraham and Shem; Tyranny; President of the Senate (Principas Civitas); Presidents; How you lost your rights; Following statutes; Israel's escape; Corvee = statutory labor; National debt - who owes?; Beneficiaries responsible for debt; We the People; Perverting the constitution?; Israel, the republic; Free from things public - statutes; Law before statutes; Lex Legis and Jus Juris; Natural Law is not subject to statute; Studying history; Centralizing loyalty; "Taskmaster" = mac mas (mem + semach) [Ex 1:11]; Which son of God?; Dividing bread rightly (charity); Biblical climate change?; Power to choose; Persecuting Christians; Understanding creation; Lucifer; Vice; "Picker" story; Virtue; Can't fight darkness; Givers and takers; Potestas = power to exercise dominion; Substitute fathers; Merum + mixtum = imperium; God created family; Living in God's character; "Get your own dirt"; Tree of Life; Home school; Creating your own school; Responsibility of being parents; Selfishness; Wise charity; Humility; Taxing the rich?; Master-slave; Your covetousness; Selling your brothers into bondage; You have the power; Avoiding selfishness; Paying to Caesar; "Roman"; Legends; "Prostitute"?; Recognizing symbolism; Reclaiming your responsibilities; Collective consciousness; Christ = anointing; Seeking the light; Satan the ear-tickler; "Born again"; Perfect law of liberty; Death by Caesar; Roman temples; Making "suspicion" a crime; Walking in the light; Unpayable debt; The way of God; Religion; Genius of Caesar; Christians care by love/charity; Become doers of the word.
11/26/22 Listening to Holy Spirit
Militia; Voluntary government; Statutes; Law of Nature; Rights and responsibilities; Oregon Measure 114; Health Crisis; Ministers of the beast; Protecting your community; Having a free society; Roman government offices; "genus"; Volunteers vs mercenaries; Big and little tyrants; Jesus as king; Following His way; Listening to God; Becoming the light to the world; Listening to Holy Spirit; Meditation; Francis of Assisi; Strengthening community; Premonition; Keeping the commandments; Covetous practices; Whose side are you on?; God's purpose for you; Rome and Tarquinian kings; Usurpation; Commitment to serve your fellow man; Doubting the lie; Atheists; Conversions; Pacta servanda sunt; Persecution of Christians; Police in the kingdom?; Saturninus trials; Organization of Roman government; Degeneration of the people; Returning every man to his family; Repent and seek the Kingdom of God.
12/3/22 The Key to Liberty
Finding our way; Progression of Rome; Christ preached a government; Communicating with God; Fixing things beyond our control; Inflation; Suicide; The Garden; "Safe" places; Name-calling; "Age of reason"; Making people reasonable; Muhammad; Group vs individual; White Pine confederation of tribes; Manifest Destiny; Societal struggles; Law of Nature; Dominion; Cows and trees; Dressing and keeping; The right to be ruled by God; "Mankind"; Wilson's election; Origins of government; WWI deaths vs WWII deaths; Single-battle death tolls; Armor vs technology; Culture matters; Societal progression-regression cycle; Taking kingdom from the Pharisees; Tree of Life; Kingdom AND Righteousness; No oppressing your brother; Individual rights; Family = procreation; Taking kingdom away from Pharisees; Lk 19:32; LK 22:29; Lk 22:25; Understanding Christianity; Creating chaos; Spirit of Cain; Opportunities to learn; Covetousness; Benefits; Ps 69:22; Unchanging God; Ro 11:9; Reasons to war; Fear and panic; Utopia; Society without taxation; Government offices of service; "Covenants of the gods" book; Marriage terms; Ownership of children; Bonds of society; Seeking kingdom first; Ruthlessness of nature; Violence does not bring peace; "Love" that giveth life; The key to liberty; Office of "man"; And "woman"; Pater familias; "Elder"; Finding your way back to the kingdom; "civil" law; Getting to utopia; Dystopia; Respect in the family; Light of THE truth; Allowing Holy Spirit into your heart; Devouring children; Finding the real power; The new normal; Sexual revolution?; Get back to basics.
12/3/22 Offices
The Law; Ten Commandments; Sabbath?; Borrowing life/time?; Confession; Totalitarianism; Chinese reaction; Cancelling/turning off; Degrees of freedom; Military example; Leadership; Civil law; Who's in charge?; Seeking kingdom of God and His righteousness; Know your goal; Fear leads to manipulation; Wokeism; Corrupting power; Saul syndrome; Pedestals; Transhumanism; GMOs; Salvation?; Jesus said, "Fear not!"; Following Christ to overcome fear; Pater Familia; Offices in The Church; Ministration by world governments; "Beast" system = anti-Christ; East Timor example; Take-over transition to new world order; Evidence against your Christianity; How to repent and seek His kingdom; Substituting ritual for spiritual life; Panic = caught up in fear; The voice of truth; Cultivating truth (Spirit of God) within you; Whole truth; Quantifying offices; Family - institution of Kingdom; Coming together respecting each other's rights; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Baggage; Loving the light; Peculiar people; Union -> Communion; Pure Religion; Following the anointing of Christ; Fear not!
12/10/22 Exodus 1
Coming out of her; Bondage of Egypt, Walled-in camp, Revelation; Interpreting Torah; "Called out"; In, but not of the "world"; Roman Offices; Republic -> Empire; "Temples"; Creatures; Kingdom of God; Ex 1; Genesis review of Israel; Taken by pirates; Egypt and slavery; "Corvee"; 20% tax; Reserve fund; Understanding history; Ex 1:8; Task masters = mem-semech; Tribute; Work projects for Pharaoh; Dearth salvation; Pharaoh's grain; Prosperity in Israel during bondage; Grain trade; Affliction; Service with "rigor"; v15 Midwives kill sons; "Charged" - statutory law; "One child" in China; Sold themselves (Gen 47:24); Civil membership; Moses; Abortion; Becoming savages; Missing covetousness; Natural Law; Forced payment; Acts 7:19; Moses; Trial of Stephan; Abortion; Population collapse; Lowering birthrate; "Brephos"; Pessary; Exceeding fair? "God of the city"; Public religion; vs Pure religion; Moses - rightful Pharaoh; Moses as prophet; Individuals vs groups; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Christian trials; "Let MY PEOPLE go"; Setting men free; Snared by welfare; Bondage in the whole world; Bible: Religion or Government?; Church = one form of government; PS 69:23; Ecc 2:14; Rom 11:10; Darkened eyes; John 3:19; Covetous practices; Christ forbade it; Ignoring Christ's teachings; Marcus Aurelius; Evil; Jn 8:12; Ac 26:17; Rom 13:11; Free bread?; Moses pulled from the water; Archeological evidence of Moses; Red heifer?; Emotional righteousness?; Providing for the way of Christ; Levites; Strengthening the poor; Repentance; Becoming doers of His word; Lessons of Exodus; Missing the Gospel; Charity; Lady Godiva; Hating leaders; Kingdome of God other form of government; Learn to be free souls under God.
12/10/22 Exodus 2
Exodus as important as gospels; Coveting; Stoicism; Marcus Aurelius; Virtue; Divine will; Stoics hating Christians?; Only individuals find kingdom; Bible study program; Pearls in programs; Repentance; Asking Jesus questions; Ex 2: Birth of Moses; tet-vav-biet (goodly, bringing prosperity); God of the city; Moses had 2 horns?; Secret for 3 months; Daughter of Pharaoh (Tuthmosis I?); 2:11 - Moses flees to Midian; Moses: learned of Egypt; Hatshepsut very philanthropic; Moving from bondage to freemen; Branches of government endowed with powers; Men hauling water; Moses + Zipporah begat Gershom; Rights vested in individuals; Offices of power; Folly of king Saul; Ignorance in modern churches; Hearing the cries of others; 2:23 reason of the bondage; God respecting His children; Effectual individuals; Bondage/merchandise; Covenanting/contracting away your rights; Thief example; Consequences from law of nature; Biting one another; Reducing religion; Beneficial consequences; Idolatry; Egyptian collapse after Israelites left; Song of Moses and of the lamb; Tiffany question - natural instinct; Conflict in men, not animals - war, abortion, .; Caring for next generation; And care for neighbor; Passenger pigeons; Need for gathering together - regularly; Idea of covetousness; Fear not, forgive, and love; Learning to rely on tree of life; Covetousness changes nature; Domestication; vs Free souls under God; Do good because it's good for you.
12/17/22 Exodus 3
Exodus = coming out - of bondage; Moses' mission; Declaration of Independence; Nature's God; Right reason; Two trees; Inspiration; Simplification; Coaxing you out of the Tree of Knowledge back to Tree of Life; "Church" discussion; Idea ology; Distorting the puzzle; Knowing Moses; Children of God; God's plan for Christ; Piecing together truth; Church networking; Returning to bondage; Fair shares?; Ekklesia = "called-out assembly" to do something; Little flock; Free people under God; Plight of Joseph; "Stimulus"; Exodus 3:1; "Horeb"; Burning bush; Nature replenishing itself; Bringing Moses out; Grounding; Oppression - strengthening; Are hard times coming soon?; Reasons for being in bondage; Taxing the rich?; Sabbath; 1 Sam 8:18; 2 Cor 6:17; Taskmasters; Serving God - being bondservants; God's "name"?; "I AM THAT I AM"; Serving through faith; (abad?) tav-ayin-beit-daleth-vav-nun + aleph-tav; Finding the right path; Seek first the kingdom and righteousness; Ex 3:15; "Levites" and "Church" called out; One form of government; Legal charity; vs Fervent charity; God of their fathers; Teaching elders; Ex 3:19; Altars; Judging begets judgement; Thriving through hard times; Portable wealth; Are you in the bondage of Egypt?; Ex 3:22; Borrow = vav-shem-aleph-lamad-hey (ask); Neighbor?; Gifts by faith; Plunder/spoil?; Moses account; Don't bind yourself; Love and charity; Kingdom through generations; Believing without signs; Becoming alive to Christ; Church authority; Public religion; Jesus' transfer of kingdom; World jealousy; Saul's folly; Servant government; Gauging your Christianity; Accepting Jesus as king; Synagogues; Losing your (pure) religion; Welfare snare; Live by faith.
12/17/22 Exodus 4
Exodus = departure from bondage; Set the captive free; Pure Religion - charity; vs Force; Redistributing YOUR wealth; 20% taxation to Egypt; Moses' right to the throne; Ex 4:1; Stop believing the lie; Rod of Moses; Relating Moses to today; "Miracles"; Blood upon dry land?; Moses - slow of speech; Anger of the lord?; Ex 4:15; Teaching kingdom; Jethro; Priests of Egypt?; Separation from bondage; v20: returned to Egypt; Gathering autonomous families together; Limiting priest's authority; Biblical constitution; Deut 17; "Israel" born of faith; Faith vs force; v24; Circumcision?; "Wrath" of God = consequence; Caesar, son of god; "JESUS CHRIST KING OF THE JEWS"; Follow Jesus or not Israel; Moses meets with Aaron; Jumping scenes; Retelling stories; Moses knew arts of the temple; v31 The people believed; Questions answered; Willingness to see our own error; America: land of benefits; Handling taxation money - not charity; Ruling by violence; Government without losing rights = Kingdom of God; Joining the network; Take a risk and gather in love.
12/24/22 Exodus 5
The meaning of Exodus; Israel, a family; Abraham - man of faith; Heart and mind; "Gimel" as a double letter; (tav, gimmel, mem, lamed); Hebrew double meaning; Serving tabernacle of the congregation; Honor/fatten; Creation of generations; Community; Socialism; Nimrod's "new deal"; Doctrinal statement of Jesus Christ and His Church; Metaphor and allegory; gimel-yod-mem-lamad; Cause+effect; Justified repayment; Consequences of understanding real Jesus; Describing "gimel"; Double-gimel; Ex 5:1; chet-gimel-gimel (feast); gog - magog; Covetousness; Taxation; Knowing by what people do; Religion; Sophistry; Distorting doctrine; Trinity; God doesn't owe you; Love/Charity; Private interpretation; Added letters to Hebrew words; Inerrancy; Interpreting through Tree of Life; Letter doubling: spiritual + physical or spirit + truth; Faith; Religious duty; Pharisees out of agreement with Moses; Language distortion; Letter of law; Cause/effect idea; "Burning Bush"; Blessings/curses; Nakedness; Breeches; Voluntary community; Power of choice; Charity = giving out of love; Charity story; Weakening the poor; Exodus 5:1 - feast unto God; "Worship" requiring sacrifice; Making bricks?; Water filters?; Finding straw for bricks; Ex 5:12 - making contacts; Moses not understanding; Extra burden - get straw - making contacts; Indian well; Filtering drinking water; Strengthening Israelites; Diminishing birthrate; Living by faith, not force; Living altars/stones; City of blood; Setting your neighbor free; Ex 6:1; "driven out"; Trickling truth; "Rabbit Stick"; Kingdom patterns; Networking to meet extra burdens; ex: overcoming censorship; Bible truth: Become free souls under God.
12/24/22 How to Become a Prophet
Reprinted books; Nostradamus; Revelation; Wanting an edge; Fake Christs; Censorship; Workers of iniquity; Pharaoh's hardened heart; Gender assignment; Grooming; Society born in Family; Guarding your generations; Public school; Paying forward violence; "Doctrines" taught by Jesus; Pure Religion; "Whole truth" or lie; Covetousness; Hitting girls; Mountains of Samaria; Altars of clay and stone; Judging others; Bringing questions to the Tree of Life; Spiritual depth; Emotion vs spirit; The Great Reset; GMOs; The will of God; Egyptian income tax; Brickmaking; Burdening Israel; "Community"; Depending on each other; Networking contacts; "Love"?; Confirming truth; Sabbath; Delusion; Doubling Hebrew letters; Creation of physical world; Two trees; Spiritual direction; Surrendering your will for His; Meditation; Dopamine; Signs of obedience; Charity vs force; Waiting upon the Lord; Recognizing God's will; Q: Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie?; Humor of Christ; Discernment of charity; Strengthening the poor; What did Jesus do?; Servants and sons; Be willing to serve.
12/31/22 Exodus 6
What did the author mean to share?; Making Moses a "god"; Sanskrit; White Pines peace treaty; Picture languages; Symbols and patterns of ideas; Knowing the author/teacher; Passing the test; Re-creating "good" feelings; Addiction to bondage; Power grids; Becoming "Man"; Trees in the Garden; Choosing to see; What is evil?; What is darkness?; Ex 5:6 "officer"; Moses' fear; Living in darkness/evil; What are we wrong about?; God wants you to be free souls; Canaanites = Human traffickers; Becoming merchandise; Overcoming evil; Hardening Pharaoh's heart; Consequences of choice; Phylacteries; Meditation; Ex 6:1; "Studying"; God's puzzle; Prayerful meditation; No "am" in Hebrew?; YHVH; Double-letter words (double Tav); Doing the word; Egyptian bondage strengthening Israelites; Moses' outstretched arms; Following the precepts of God; Faith; Getting to Israel; Exodus from one Way into another; What will it take to get YOU to move forward?; v10; Circumcision of the heart; Cruel bondage; Admitting when you're wrong; Ex 6:13 - "charge" (command) to leave; Moses and Jesus in agreement; Real Christians practice Pure Religion; Egyptian mercy toward Israel; Preparing for liberty under God; v14-25 - Aaron/Moses lineage; Hearkening unto Moses; Turning belief into action; Bloodline is not enough; Lovers of light; Taking steps towards the kingdom; Snowden/Stossel conversation; Turn your belief into action.
1/7/23 Exodus 7
Why cover Exodus?; Darkened eyes; Moses the genius; Drawing near; "Corban"; "Hardened" heart; chet-zayin-kuf or kof-beit-dalet?; Jordan Peterson's "Exodus"; Leading to Holy Spirit; Setting the whole world free; "Anti-semitic"; "Israel"; Pentateuch; Tree of Life; Awakening?; White Rock Gathering; Psilocybin; Getting back to the garden; Cleaning out your temple; Emotional chemicals; Reviewing Exodus 6; Giving righteousness; Israel today; Saul's folly; "Communism"; Worsening the bondage of Egypt; Barley vs Wheat; What you need to do today; nun-tav-nun = heir to the kingdom (via faith); Conditional giving; Consequences of violating the conditions; Jokes; Stories; Doubling Hebrew letters; Hebrew before Moses; Drawing near to God; "Anguish" = impatience; Forced offerings?; Social safety net; Going all the way to righteousness; kuf-tzdek-resh; Cruel bondage; "Sin"; Fasting from impatience; Leaders destroying the people; Ex 7; Aaron the spokesman; Two witnesses; Congregation = free assembly; Hardening Pharaoh's heart; Understanding the signs; Knowing God's plan; "Armies"; Public religion; Charity = love; Ex 7:8; "Spake"; Viewing scripture through lens of Holy Spirit; "Magicians of Egypt"; Staves before Pharaoh; Beginning of plagues - rivers to blood; v23 more stubborn; God wants everybody saved; Italics in the bible; "Serpent"; Covetous practices; Corban?; Get your sources straight; Substitutes block; Force begets bondage; Charity = love; Love/charity your neighbor.
1/7/23 Anointed Instruments of God
Interview with Dr Malone; Pre-planned propaganda; Widespread access to Internet and mobile phones; Fear trumps reason; Becoming a GMO; Grass-roots networking; People want to believe their government is good; Who's the puppet master?; Signs and wonders; Living "kingdom"; Excuse-making; "Debt" in the Ten Commandments; Approaching Holy Spirit; Changing definitions of words; Going back to Liberty under God; Fleeing the Tree of Life; Honoring the creator; Addition to Tree of Knowledge; Echoing "news"; Fear of the truth; Manipulating data; Following the Holy Spirit; Censorship; "Memory holed?"; Public distractions; Dr. Shiva and Twitter; Playing the victim; Spirit of the beast; FDA/CDC separation; Spiritual problem; Exodus study program; Creating a better future; Prayer; Knowing what kingdom looks like; Setting your neighbor free; All about sacrifice; Righteous in generations; Caring for neighbors' kids; Living in but not of their world; Extending God's arm; Be an anointed instrument of God.
1/14/23 Exodus 8
Exodus in depth; "The way out"; "shem-mem" = "names"; Authorship of Exodus; Origins of Hebrew language; Covers a lot of history; "name"; Seeing yourself as you really are; Moses as Pharaoh; Skill of Freedom; Setting the captive free; Bondage of Egypt; Child labor; Income tax; "Persons"; Choosing to be taxed - bondage; Inflation; Removing preconceived notions; Hardening heart of Pharaoh; Honor? (kabed); "increase"; Days upon your land; Removing dominion; Legal title; Landed Americans; Ex 7:14; Translating Hebrew; Seeing through deception; Humility to see all things new; Italic words in bible; Monotheism; Cities of Blood; Children imitating parents; Finding the way out; Raising the debt ceiling; Ex 8:1; Letting Holy Spirit into your heart; Frogs?; Wanting to let your neighbor go; Ex 8:4; Armies of Moses; No bondage for priests; Grain as wealth; Levites; Arts of the Temple; Servant aleph-biet-dalet+yod+kuf; Why frogs?; Magicians and enchantments; Messages to Pharaoh; Frog clog; Dying frogs?; v16 lice; Biting gnats?; No-see-ums; Magicians converting; Next, flies; God's/Moses' way; v21 warning of flies; Desert balance; Law of Nature; Sparing Goshen?; Genius Moses; Meditation; "Yahweh"; Rameses?; Moses' timing; Swarming flies; Winning the hearts of Egyptians; Grievous (kabed - increase); Sacrificing outside Pharaoh's jurisdiction; Pharaoh's deceit; Letting God harass your enemy; Flies to light; Tura Limia; "Admonitions of Epur"; Evidence/witness; Written Hebrew; Moses' mission; Forgiveness to all; Filling your heart with God's love; Leave vengeance to God.
1/14/23 Exodus 9
"Keys" of the Kingdom; Hab 2:14; Cities of blood; Common purse; Whose blood do you live on?; Debt ceiling; What did Moses mean?; Dates of Moses; Masoretic texts; Ages of biblical characters; Shem and Abraham; Melchizedek = righteous king of peace; vs Forced offerings; Snare of welfare; Ex 9:1 - Fifth plague - livestock die; Spirit of Babylon; Today's world in bondage of Egypt - forever; "harden"; Pharaoh's heart; Miracle?; Visions of Moses; Meaning of the message; Severing cattle; Sprinkling ashes?; Knowing the Holy Spirit; Tularemia; Sparing Israel; Evidence of belief; Revelation; Breath of God; Sixth plague - dust and boils; Pharoah's free choice; Manipulation?; v13 - serving God; Deluge of hail; Moses's instructions; No hail in Goshen; Network of love; "sin" = miss the mark: chet-ted-aleph+tav+yod; limited food in Egypt; "Wicked" ayin-shin-resh; What's important?; Sabbath and debt; Wrath of God; The Way (of Christ) Out; Meditation - setting the scene for prayer; Doing God's will; Skill familiarity; Automating bad practices; PTSD; God working in you; Psylocibin; Righteous welfare; Following the Holy Spirit; Are we the beasts?; Selfishness vs sacrifice; Dealing with trauma; Practicing freedom; Government of, for and by the people; Serving someone; Altars of clay and stone; "Corban"; Communism; Chezak - strengthen (the poor); Pure religion; Our path to destruction; Form the Living Network to love your neighbor.
1/21/23 Exodus 10-11
Bondage of Egypt?; 20% income tax; Social safety net; Climate change; Capitalism; Oregon split - a new captivity?; A new Moses?; Kingdom taxes?; Things Christians should know; Covetous practices; Pharisees; Eating from the Tree of Life; Rulers and dainties; Education by plagues; "Hardened" heart; Benefit addiction; Seeking His kingdom and His righteousness; Follow along at; Fundamentals of scripture; Free stuff!; Setting the captive (you) free; "Charagma"?; The Beast; Creeds and doctrines; Restoration of Church property; Your choice today; Rightly dividing the bread; "Instant Christians"; Repentance; Learning the hard way; Guidance from the Lord; What are we missing?; Weaving wedding garments; Destroying family relationships; Ex 10:1 - Eight plague (locusts); Kabed - hardening; Being fruitful; Noticing value; Serving Pharaoh; Humility; Grasshoppers; Warnings to Pharaoh; Regular gatherings; Water vases; Relationships with Egyptians; Providing for one another; Salvation from illness; God's way vs the way of the world; Law of nature; Who can go?; A different hardening of Pharaoh's heart; Marriage commitment; v29; "Spoken well"; dalet-biet-resh-tav; God is speaking to you right now; Social safety net; Repenting of covetousness; Repercussions; Ex 11; Selling your brother into bondage; Working as a team; What is a woman?; Are you ready for freedom? Greatness of Moses; Borrowing silver and gold; "Israel"; "Anger" of Moses; The great psychologist; Organizing Israel - then and now; Fulfilling your commitment; Instituting the Passover; Two trees to use; Modern Passover stories; Ritual of shared sacrifice; Curing depression; "Borrow" - shin-aleph-lamad = "ask"; vav+yod+shin-alef-lamad+vav = give up entirely; Ref Ex 3:22; vav-yod-tav-vav = "gave"?; Come together to care; Extend your love; Become a doer of the word.
1/21/23 Letters From Listeners
Free souls under God; Anti-Christians; Decrees of Christ the King; Creation; "God"; Jesus's instructions; Letters from listeners; Eating from the Tree of Knowledge; PayPal; Substantive economy; Marriage commitment; Setting aside your willfulness; Consequences of our choices; Lack of humility; Revelation from James; What God wants; Manipulation of Pharaoh and Pharisees; Negotiating with God; Natural consequences; Federal Reserve; Boat story; Being faithful to your father; Mammon; Your suretyship; US Constitution is not a Christian document; Accommodating tyranny; Sowing seeds; Money; Christ's decree: Organize in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; "Tabernacle"; Doing Christ's word; Army of Moses; Freeing the people; Being thorough; Embassy of Heaven story; Christ's "system"; Battling the beast; Spiritual power; Pursuing the answer; Repentance; Remaining faithful; Walking in the spirit; Seeing into the heart; Walking into hell; Evil bowing before Holy Spirit; Christian jural society; Israelites walking with God; Upsetting God?; Wrath of God; Judging the innocent; Faith compelling action; Actions are evidence; Basics of the kingdom; God wants you to be a super hero; Hating Pharaoh?; Legitimate bondage; Creating God's system; Masoretic text; King James bible; Keeping a daily ministration; Canaanites; Becoming merchandise; Foolish virgins; Wedding feast?; Where's your Pure Religion?; Switching trees; God writing upon your heart; Language of love; Importance of sharing; Love as a utility; Forgiveness and patience; Charity unspotted by the world (unrighteousness mammon); Overcoming noise from the wicked; "Yeshua"?; "Names"; Hebrew letters; Leaving with Moses; Hear God directly.
1/28/23 Exodus 12
Exodus 12 - pivotal point for those in the bondage of Egypt; United States a different country; Declaration of Independence? Communist Manifesto? Real estate forfeiture story; Fascism; Corporations coercing government; Lessons from Exodus; Commodity money; "portion" -> "statute"; Masoretic text -> King James bible; Ge 18:19 Judgement - mem-shin-gimel-tet; Altering meaning by changing letters; Moses' writing style; Finding Christ's message; Pharisees; Holy Spirit; "gods many"; God's inspiration; Tree of Life; Law of Nature = Right reason = Will of God; Exodus panel; Moses's communications with God; Abortion holocaust in Goshen; Soul; "Leaven"; Feelings; Love utility; What Israel's learned so far; Christ's appointed network; Ex 12:1; 1 lamb per house; v3 - 1st time for "congregation" ayin-dalet-hey/tav; Hebrew letter variations; Congregations of witness/testimony; Faith is key; No waste of meal; "Soul", life and mind; Lamb without blemish - hasn't been used for breeding nor castrated; Husbandry; "assembly"; Ex 12:6; Assembling congregations; Tribes?; Government as free souls under God; Checking your thinking; The exodus formula; Symbolic; The whole lamb, roasted; "Pertinence"?; Preparing the lamb; The rich man's house (biggest); Sharing feast - poor included; Doorposts and lintel; Saturated with blood/soul/mind (character) of Christ; Strong family; Social bonds of a free society; v11 "Make haste"; "Passover" of plagues; Ritual or witchcraft?; Depth of acceptance/understanding; Memorial/Remembrance in action; Pure religion; Plagues coming; v14 ordinance - chet-kuf-hey + tav; v15 Putting away leaven; "Loins" girded; Moving according to God's guidance; "unleavened bread"; Timing?; v21: To elders; First born?; chet-mem-tzedek = cruel; No hating neighbor; Elder = head of family; tzedek-kuf-nun; Connecting with family; Honoring father and mother; Humility; Leaven = benefits (bread of Egypt); Flowing of faith; tav+mem; Doorposts of your heart; Double-tav, spirt and truth; Fleshpots of Egypt; Cities of blood; Live by faith!
1/28/23 Exodus 12 continued
Understanding Exodus; Israel's different culture; Start eating from the Tree of Life; Source of Creation; Your access to Holy Spirit; Willingness to see the truth; Freedom from bondage; Educated Israelites; "leaven" 7603; Spelling and meaning; Cities of blood; cruel leaven? 2556; Biet = household, Aleph = spark of man and God; Vav+tav+yod+kof+mem (observe); Feast of charity - without leaven (cruelty); Tenth plague; Pharaoh casts out Moses and his people; Repentant Egyptians; Wicked?; Anger usurps God; Learning God's will; v33 Urgency; Spoiling the Egyptians; 600,000 men on foot + children and animals; Unleavened cakes; Raca; Why so cryptic?; Why we forgive; Keeping up with Moses; Reachable Holy Spirit; God's gift of grace; Passover not for strangers; Assembling together - congregating; Recognizing freedom; Welfare snares; Circumcision; Organizing Militia; Deaths of despair; Falling US life expectancy; Spirit of destruction; Suicide; Restricting individualism; Stories; "Ben Won't Die"; "Books in the Mud"; Despair not; Surviving; Utility of Christ; Shutdown suicide; Purpose of commitment; Living for others; Dietary junk; Coupling; Appreciate help; Commands for Christ's love; Awakening to your weaknesses; Paying it forward; Generational social bonds; Connections through God; Saving neighbors; Working for your wage; Cruelty of unwise charity; No greater love; Learning the song of Moses and of the Lamb; Fertility rates; Anti-Moses = Anti-Christ; Moving toward God's way; Organization in Tens; Find the love that comes from Christ.
2/4/23 Exodus 13
Normalizing immorality; Dishonoring parents - Corban; Fattening; "Corvee"; Pharaoh Moses; Family development; Breaking down families; Paying off debt; Learning the skills of freedom; Living Network; Patterns of gathering; "leaven"; Sacrifice; Two trees in the garden of Eden; Defining "good" and "evil"; Patterns of evil; Saving neighbors; Moses' insight; Spirit giving life; Identifying the creator (God); The flood?; The song of Moses and of the Lamb; Degenerating society; Covetous practices; Egyptian benefits; Your sacrifice; Cities of blood; The bible and inspiration; "Fear not!"; Stones of the altar; Charity; Religion; Mt 20:20; Right/Left hands; Israel in Egypt; Holy Spirit guidance; Zebedee boys; "Christ" vs "Jesus"; Exercising authority; Appointing the kingdom; God is reasonable; Noah's listening; Matthew on leaven; "Turtledove" sacrifice; Drawing near to God; Ex 13:1; Taking care of society's needy; "Sanctify"; Sacrificing; Remembering exodus; Wrath of God; Without "leaven" (cruelty); Law in your mouth; Passover memorial; God of nature; v10 "ordinance"; Natural consequence; Spiritual reality and understanding; Creating the alternative system; No forcing neighbor; Moses' instructions on memorial; Firstborns; Sacrificing for the poor; "Redeeming"; Celebrating newborns; "The LORD slew?"; Blaming God; More than yeast; Life and death; Circumcision; Identify the important matters.
2/4/23 Applying for Bondage
Ex 14:17; Honor or harden? (kabad); Wrath of God; Law of Nature; Biblical "Worship"?; Obeying God; Spiritual reality; Connecting with God's spirit; Other, lacking spirits; Sin; Removing leaven; Home environment; Returning to trauma; Twins; Taking care of one another; Discipline through love; Home school; Generations; Higher, spiritual realm; God as spirit; Divine design; Spirit within you; Choices for us; Two trees; Misinterpreting God; Moses' lineage; Slavery by agreement; "Jim" in Huckleberry Finn; Chattel slavery; Percentage of your labor belonging to government; Are you for slavery?; 1 Kings 18:18; Problem with Baalim; Why follow the Ten Commandments?; Consequences of going against the Law of Nature; Jezebel's table; Avoiding bondage; Emotionalism vs spirit; "Corban"; Drawing near the Tree of Life; Fear not; Corvee systems; Living a different way; Priests not under bondage; Having "religion" and "gods"; Sophistry; Compelled sacrifices; Bondage of Egypt; Learning from history; Registration; Charity; Roman welfare; Caesar son of God?; "Apotheos"; Roman grain/bread dole; Christian republic in Rome; Democracies always fail; Living at the expense of your neighbor; Understanding the bible; Covetousness = Idolatry; Constantine's Christian Church; Bible is about governments; Public religion vs Pure religion; Emotional substitution for spiritual things; Lake of Fire; The Beast; "Rhomaios"; Studying?; Sabbath; The way to the truth; Signs of salvation; Born again?; The infinite Christian journey; Network with your neighbor.
2/11/23 Exodus 14
Misunderstanding Moses; Ancient builders; Learning from history; Challenges; Israel's perceived threat to Egypt; Racism problem?; Intelligent design; Dogma; Settled science?; Holding "truth"; Perseverance; Seeking an infinite kingdom; Bible inspiration?; Accessing the Tree of Life; Spiritual eyes; Exodus 13 review; Disputed information; Keeping an open mind; Altars; Removing "leaven"; gimel-biet-lamad-kof = quarters?; Yeast?; Or Cruelty?; Fixed income?; Excuses not to help; Reason for memorial; "law" = torah?; Torat?; Forced sacrifice; Why God won't hear you; Writing on your heart and mind; Part of your being - not emotion-triggered; Imprisoning yourself; James 1:19-25; Wrath?; What is "hate"?; Engrafting; Perfect law of liberty; Ex 14:1; Crossing the Red Sea; Honor and hardening; Image worship; Retrieving Israel; "Covenants of the gods"; Gathering in Tens; Pharoah's pursuit; Crying out?; Whiny Israelites; Fear not!; Be still!; Ex 14:14; Careful verse sequencing; Understanding Moses' message; Crossing the Red Sea; "wall" chet-vav-mem-hey; v17; Law of Nature; Guidance from Holy Spirit to influence Pharoah; Letting love flow through you; Flight of the Egyptians; Removing chariot wheels?; Believing by visual evidence; Recognizing God's guidance; Sing the Song of Moses.
2/11/23 Exodus 15
Ex 15 - critical point - song of Moses; What is the celebration?; Proper connections; Man's design; Science reexamined; Blind, pitiless indifference; Testing hypotheses; Wanting no God; Chariots - why remove wheels?; Crossing the Red Sea; Learning Moses' lessons; Believing in God; Breaking the laws of nature; Ex 15:1 First song; Song of praise; Evidence of God's existence; Habitation of God; Condemning ourselves; Is your house full of leaven?; Worshipping = serving; Lyrical wording; Cause/effect universe; Finding fault; Understanding "gods"; Pillar of fire/smoke; God's response to prayer; God's purchase of Israel; Mountains and altars; Explanation of the song; Prov 24:17; Rev 15:2; Mt 7:12; Being judged as you have judged; Realization through faith; Mt 7:1; Seeking righteousness; Surviving freedom; Making families stronger; v22 - bitter waters made sweet; "Statute"; Living waters?; Je 2:13; Spirit; Jn 4:10; Haters of freemen; Moses/Jesus agreement; Rights are a part of the Law of Nature; Moses' dedication; Retaking responsibilities; Are you willing to go all the way?; Social Security solvency; Prov 24:29; Prov 25:21; Correcting misunderstandings; Rom 12:20; Making room for God in heart and mind; Lk 6:37; Saving others; Calving; Congregate to help others.
2/18/23 Exodus 16
Connecting via the network; Systems of tens, hundreds and thousands; Practicality; Make-believe Doers; Who God hears; Forgiveness and care of others; Guidance for Moses; Pillar of smoke and fire; Song of Moses; Sorry vs repentant; What got you into bondage?; Our spiritual existence; Walking with God - in spirit; Divine revelation; Look to Holy Spirit; Removing "Yeast"?;Your spiritual problem; Choosing to remain blind; Willingness to sacrifice; Moral stories; Commandments?; Translator agendas; Ex 16:1; Israel's arduous journey; "Fleshpots"; Fleeing by faith; Torah; Murmur - tav-lamad-vav-nun-hey; How the people are thinking; Against the LORD; God in hearts and minds; Remedying the murmuring; "Come near" - kuf-resh-biet; -> "Qorban" - kuf-resh-beit-nun" = freewill offering/sacrifice; Manna better than the fleshpots of Egypt; Liberty of God; Gathering manna for neighbors in need; Morning job; Function of the pillar?; Resting on Sabbath; v31 - omer of manna reminder; "Murmur" with extra tavs - complain? Or those already having faith, doing more; God hearing them; Mt 7:1 Judge not; Lk 6:37; Prov 24:29; Love your enemies; Testing your forgiveness; Egypt's forced contributions; Not to be that way with us; Avoiding dainties of rulers; Wages of unrighteousness; Keeping your right to choose; Corban of the Pharisees; God hearing murmurs?; "Fleshpots" = cities of blood, cauldrons of flesh; Eze 11:7; One purse; Reducing leaven; Network of faith, hope and charity; "Amalak"; Micah 3:3; Biting neighbors; Is 59:1; Sin = separate from God/pattern; Continuous theme throughout the bible - missed by most; Calling for real justice; "Cockatrice"; Fear not!; Wanting you to die; Welfare snares; Works of iniquity; Legal charity - running toward evil; Coveting is not born again; Je 26:15; Je 7:6; Robbing widows and orphans; Born of your sloth; Being God's good child; Je 22:3; Stop oppressing; Ukraine reference; Je 22:17; Burdening Moses, instead of God; Elder-driven kingdom; Lam 4:13; Your priests; Spreading the Gospel; Keeping the Sabbath; Eze 7:23; Eze 9:9; We have forsaken the LORD; Repent now! Congregate now! Open your eyes and see the kingdom.
2/18/23 The Theme of the Bible
Song of Moses; Song of the Lamb; Theme of the bible; Tales of bricks; Temples = banks; Valueless money; "Covenants of the gods"; Natural Law rights; Change to "Precedent"; Yod-hey-vav-hey; Freedom of choice; Altering your reality; Manna; Bringing you near the Lord (qarab); Fleshpots of Egypt; Walking in His way; Repentance; "Corban"; Questioning "fleshpots"; "Amalek" - blood licker; Bringing yourself into bondage; Organizing as Christ instructed; Ez 9:9; Freeing society; Ez 16:38; Harlots and adultery; False priests; Cities of blood; Ez 22:2; Revealing abominations; Idolatry = covetousness; Ez 24:6; Wrath of God; Prov 1:10; Socialism -> Communism; Welfare snares; Prov 6:16; Shedding of innocent blood; Hosea 6:8; Deut 17; Nahum 3:1; Hab 2:8; Rev 14:20; Understanding righteousness; women respecting husbands; State as head of the family; Holy Matrimony vs marriage; Ez 38:14; Graduated Income Tax; Taking care of the needy; Think differently; Liberty from responsibility?; 1 Pe 2:16; 1 Thes 5:3; Gal 5:1; Do you want to be free?; Ez 39:25; Are you Israel?; Biting one another; Doing no more ought for your parents; Are you willing to see your own error?; Murmuring in faith; Doing the father's will; Fallen human nature - Legal Charity; Lk 6:39; Mt 23:16; Blind guides; Contrariness to Christ; Religion unspotted by the world; Sanctifying/separating gold; Social security; Jn 3:3; Born of the spirit; Jn 3:19; Evil deeds; Fleeing the light; Fear not!; Murmuring against the ways of God, or with God; "Tav"; Moses' parents' leap of faith; Being drawn towards righteousness; 1 Sam 8; Helping locals survive; Spirit is not emotion; Substitute Holy Spirit; Testing spirit?; Pillar of fire and smoke; Altars of stone and clay; Congregations; Believe God within you.
2/25/23 Exodus 17-18
Common theme of the bible; Gospel of the Kingdom of God; Bondage = human resources; Covetous practices; Joseph's bones; Information available to make choices; Two Trees; Fleshpots; Setting captives free; Learning how to be free; Right Reason; "Leaven"; Forgiving covetousness; Ex 17:1; Thirsty people; Who are elders?; Knowing the Lord is among you; Keeping the commandments; Biting one another; Are you willing to learn?; Fighting Amaleks; Moses' heavy hands; Proxy wars; Avoiding war; Amaleks attacking Israel; Moses' hands being supported by others; Personal invincibility; Amalek = people who lick blood; Warring with blood-lickers (socialism); "commandment"; "congregation" (edah); tav+resh-yod-biet+vav = chide, tempting the Lord; Belief by signs and wonder?; Participation in congregation; Doing the father's will; Hearing Holy Spirit; Moses' altar; Creating memory; Wedding cakes; Altars; Remembering important events; Sumer goddess; Redistributing wealth; Social welfare systems; Top-down vs bottom-up; Jahovahnissi - banner; Saving Ukraine?; Ex 18:1; Jethro and Midian; Following Holy Spirit; v13 - judging the people by Moses (elohim); chet-kuf+yod (statute); Explaining righteousness; weakening Moses and the people; Teaching people their responsibilities; Organizing people; Walking in righteousness; God = ruling judge; Jury; Power to acquit; Exercise rights; Deciding fact AND law; Understanding Jethro/Moses/Christ; Shin-resh - responsibility over something; Conventical act of 1619: William Penn story; Finding able-bodied men hating covetousness; Christ's "weightier matters"; tav-vav-resh-tav+yod+vav (Torat) - law in hearts and minds; Pure republic; Courts and appeals courts; Networking by tens, hundreds and thousands; Repenting to do God's will; More on Midian; Take the journey with us.
2/25/23 Pivoting Into Exodus 19
Moses as Judge for Israel; Egyptian courts; Centralized government; Chariot wheels; Distributing God's power; Spirit-led insight; Republic vs Democracy; Bondage of Egypt; Land-ownership tribute; Legal title; Blind leading blind; Advice from Jethro; Today's statutory courts; What Moses taught; Justice and mercy; Christians in name only; Burnt offerings; Home schooling; Following Christ's instructions; Comfort of bondage?; Increase in death tolls; Misunderstanding metaphors; Networking Israel; Hating covetousness; Going toward God; Buddy-system x 10; Force vs charity; Farm story; Sharing; Altars of sacrifice; Priest function; Rulers - over what?; Tempting rulers; Patterns of Tens; The way of John the Baptist; Governments of the gentiles; Extent of your love; Burning sheep?; Storing Manna?; Killing care; Legalizing propaganda; Loving the whole truth; FDR's national socialism; Networking by love; Drawing near to Holy Spirit; Jacob and Israel; Extra Hebrew letters and substitutions; Yahweh and Elohim; Israel's struggling with God; Be a benefit to others.
3/4/23 Exodus 19
Foundation of law; Pharisees and Sadducees; Commander in chief; Society on the move; Following the Holy Spirit; Self-organization; Governmental slavery; vs Voluntarism; The Living Network; Juries; Bible about religion or government?; Unconditional "love"?; Team husband and wife; Strengthening your children; Tough "love"; Exercising responsibility; Moses' instructions toward the kingdom; Altars of clay - and stone; Legal (bound) charity; Becoming merchandise; Ex 19:1; "god" as an office; Jacob vs Israel; Contending with God's unconditional love; Loving your enemy; Seeing evil around you; Loving the light of truth -> Born again; Holy Spirit as your guide; Deciding good/evil for yourself; Considering the importance of warnings; "Put to death"?; Identifying metaphors in Exodus; Fasting; Meeting with God; "Break through"; Getting back to the Tree of Life; Love of God on the mountain; Are you a god? Over what?; Wise use of gifts; "say"? Or "Make known"?; tav+aleph-mem-resh; Sacrificing like Christ for others; Christ's commands; Preparing for the kingdom journey; Gathering together to care about others - as a holy nation of kings and priests; Laying down your life for another; Turtle doves; "nagash" come near; sanctify (yod+tav+kuf-dalt-sin+vav); Gen 2:3; Ex 13:2; Organized assistance; Ex 19:10; Ex 19:14; Ex 19:22; Ex 20:1 Keeping the commandments; Fringes on prayer shawls; Breeches; Are you listening to the Holy Spirit? Or other spirits?; Neighborhood watch?; Finding ministers among you; Knowing Israel today; Moses and Christ in agreement; "The Way"; Grow the light in your congregations.
3/4/23 Exodus 20
Understanding the Ten Commandments; What you think Christianity is; Hypocrisy of modern Christianity; Passover; Eating a whole lamb; Sharing; Pure religion; Trees of Knowledge and of Life; In the beginning; Adamah; Divine spark; Artificial Intelligence; Are you self-aware?; Words having changed meanings; What do you know of God?; The Flood; Right to choose; vs "Pro Choice"; Forgiveness; Did God kill Pharaoh's men?; Do you listen to God?; Giving your neighbor freedom; Revealing truth; Men and Women; Families; Sacrifice for righteousness; Ex 20:1; I am; Elohim, the office; Brought out of = yod-tzdek-aleph; House of Jacob vs Israel; Nearing the Tree of Life; Seeing Moses' truth; Covenanting with other gods; Graven images; Idolatry; "Hate" lamad+shin-nun-aleph+yod; genetic memory; Serving idols; Saving your family; Joseph's weeping; Learning lessons; Having Holy Spirit within you; Taking God's name; It's not good that you be alone; "Within thy gates"; Sabbath; Debt; Honoring parents; Killing; Adultery/fornication; Stealing; Horse thieving; Gossip; Coveting; Drafting; Slavery in Egypt?; Corvee bondage; Institutions of forcing neighbor; Euthanasia; Degeneration of society; Loving God and neighbor; Modern church acceptance of covetousness; Becoming merchandise; Following God's guideposts; Seeking the fruits of God's kingdom; Fear from the light; Defeating evil; v19 - statement of pride; Fear not!; Hating wise counsel; Do you love the light?; Gods of silver and gold - reserve funds; Talking with animals; Exemplifying creation; Realizing God's patterns; Altars; Caring about neighbor as self; "Hewn stones"; Burnt offerings; Regulating ministers; Hierarchy in the kingdom; No exercising authority; Organize yourselves per God's spirit.
3/11/23 Exodus 21
Interpretations of Exodus; "Commandment"; Explaining the Law of Nature; Big Bang Theory; Intelligent Design; Diversity in atheism; "Leaven"; Waiting upon the Holy Spirit; When in doubt, Don't!; Still-small voice; God's people?; Living by faith - or by force; Understanding the commandments; Baptism; "Son of God"?; Cooking meat and milk?; Levels of love; Sabbath; Corvee system of statutory labor; FDR; Tribute; Rituals and ceremonies; Moses' government; Protection draws subjection; "Worship"; Misunderstood rules; Taking God's name; Keeping holy the Sabbath; Personal ritual? Or way of life?; Debt; Honoring father and mother; "Fatten"?; Making the word of God of none effect; Adulterating - bodies, environment, neighbors.; Stealing; Bearing false witness; Coveting; Fear not!; Golden calf; Altars; Free societies; Taking the Lord's name in vain; Breeches?; Juries; Lowerarchy; Ex 21:1 - judgements - explanations of Natural Law; Buying servants?; Selling yourself; "Frank" marriages; Domestic relations - Husband and Wife; "Marriage"; Who's your master?; Freemen; Law? Or instructions?; Judges = gods; City-states vs Republics; Protecting women; Cost of injury; Death?; Premeditation; Lay in wait - concealed weapon?; Deciding fact and law; Appeals courts; Stoning?; Recognizing metaphor; Fear of being shunned; Don't bite your neighbor.
3/11/23 Exodus 21 continued
Pride and Prejudice?; Moses' writing style; Milk and meat; Sabbath; barak (bless); kuf-dalet-shin (make holy/hallow); calf rescue story; Working to earn your rest; Gods of the world; Social Security; God consecrates Sabbath; Bondage of Egypt = debt; How free are you?; Taking Lord's name in vain; Corvee statutory bondage; City-states; vs Altars; Religious orders; Indentured children; Ex 21:12; Taking from altar that he may die; Societal poor and needy; Signing up for bondage; Recognizing metaphor; Steps in the desert?; No ruling over neighbor; Treating as dead; Squanto; Precedents; Old testament charity; Caring forever; Learning to forgive; No murder!; Juries not for vengeance or punishment; Protecting the innocent; Cursing father and mother?; qalal - vav+mem+kuf-lamad-lamad; 2 Sam 16:5; Doing less than we should (no more ought?); System injustice story; Satisfying the injured party; Changing the way we think (repentance); Foolish virgins; Indulging in forgiveness; Owning others - merchandise; Who owns you?; Belonging to Moses or Christ; Setting neighbors free; Children property of parents; Learning wisdom of God; Ex 21:23 - Ceiling limits; Responsibility for damage you do; Agreements; Reason; Understanding justice; Stoning oxen?; Redemption; Forgiving to be forgiven; Restitution; Statements about Natural Law; Rethink your approach to the God.
3/18/23 Expanding on Exodus 21
Monotheism?; "God" is an office; Elohim = Judges; Apostles are also gods; Demons?; Official duties; Who is your god?; Reserve funds; Saul's folly; Egyptian bondage; Moses' statutes/judgements; Ex 21 - examples of judgements = precedents; Common law; "Freeman"; Defining "god"; Family - first institution of God; Who chooses good/evil for you?; Self-evident commandments?; Criminals; Monotheism?; Ex 21:6; Involuntary servitude; Moses servitude; US servitude; Son's of God?; "Apotheos"; Bill Clinton's haircut?; Are you willing to hear?; How to be of God; Psychopathy; Ruling over neighbor; Mind shadows; Demonic influences; Loving the light of truth; Christ's instructions to those awakening to their bondage; Deciding fact and law; Kingdoms of the "world"; God sets the captive free; Dealing with Pharoah; Going up by steps; Overruling unjust statutes; Appeals courts; Cities of Refuge; Moral authority; Hammurabi codes; Letting in the light; Putting people to death; Gen 11:28 Haran's death?; Origins of your "laws"; "Surely put to death" - mem-vav-tav (mut); To let die; Two trees reference; Removal from the Tree of Life; Childhood trauma; Biblical "killing"; What to do to live?; Thinking like Christ; Misconceptions; Honoring father and mother; Serving false gods; Repenting and seeking the kingdom; Networking; Freedom from depression; Your responsibility for you; Daily personal sacrifice; "mut" = flow towards death; Allowing wrong choices; Religion of death; "Aleph" relationship of God with man; aleph-mem-tav; aleph-dalet-mem; (adam); dalet-mem = just blood; Deceit of Laban; Cause/effect universe; Just economy; Self-defense; Tyranny?; Stoning?; Checking your doctrines; Foolish virgins; Seek righteousness and save others.
3/18/23 Exodus 22
Setting down false teachings; Reducing world population; Decapitation; Reasons for war; Controlled opposition; "AI"; Biasing you; Are you willing to see whole truth?; The solution to liberty under God; Your choice; Meanings of metaphors; Sabbath; Deliverance from Egypt; Precedents of Moses; Societal amnesia; Christ's weightier matters of law, judgement, mercy and faith; Perfect savages; Putting people to death; Drawing near Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; Caring for others; Seeking righteousness; Dwindling crowds; Ex 22:1; Intentional crime; Finding moral people; Restitution?; Imagining you're saved; Loan forgiveness?; Subsidies?; Relating to individuals; Elohim; Responsibility; Ex 22:16 - social justice?; mem-hey-resh = surely endow; Word repetition; Undermining commitment; 22:18 - witches?; Slighting mother and father; What made America great; mem+kuf-shin-pe+hey; removing from altars; Community; Circumventing laws of God; Masoretic text; Justice vs oppression; Afflicting widows and orphans; Getting God to hear you; Inheritance tax; Usury; Credit unions; Deciding fact and law; Ending homelessness; "Revile"; tav-aleph-resh; Seeing Hebrew; vs Fabricating meaning; Contribution to charity; Meat with blood in it; Being priests to all nations; Blacking out trauma; Patterns of anger; Vices; Awareness of self; Substitutive forgiveness; Abel and Cain; Gen 4:6; Shepherding vs plowing; Receive the breath of life.
3/25/23 Exodus 23
Exodus 23; Plethora of interpretations; Numbering chapter and verse in the bible; Masoretic text; Have you heard this before?; Have you been deceived?; Are you willing to change your mind - repent?; Going up by steps; Dominance; vs humility; Nakedness; Two trees; Hierarchy?; Ex 20:26; Altars; Coveting; Property rights; Bondage of Egypt - setting the captive free; Lowerarchy; Serving your neighbor; Covetous practices; Taxation; Misinformation and the "wicked"; Violence; Idolatry; Col 3:5; National adultery; Two commandments; Loving neighbor as yourself; False witness; Moses' government; Ruling over people?; Ruling vs leading; False reporting; Anti-democracy; Wresting judgement; Having one purse; Centralizing wealth; Italics in the bible; Israel the republic; Identifying "evil"; THE sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Exercising authority; Deciding fact and law; Learning the Way of righteousness; Pure republics; Solvency of Social Security?; Annexing your labor; Waiving your rights; Countenancing the poor; Meat and milk; Loving your enemy; Forgiveness; Misunderstanding bible basics; Realizing blind spots; Precedents; Baptism of John the Baptist; Ex 23:7; Robbing widows and orphans; Gathering for others; Weakening Israel?; Land Sabbath?; Debt and the poor; Pure religion in a pure republic; Other gods making choices for you?; Reserve funds; Willingness to rob neighbors; Feast of unleavened bread; Force vs Charity; Bringing gifts to your god; Becoming a benefit; Not "if you have a need, let me know"; Turning ministers into beggars?; Food laws?; Ex 23:20; Cutting off other nations; Putting selves to death; Coming together to save others; Taking sickness away; Making righteousness your goal; Heb 11:17; Noah in the New Testament; Taking back responsibility; Peaceful invasion of Canaan; No covenanting with their gods; Seek His kingdom and righteousness.
3/25/23 Exodus 24
What is the kingdom of God?; Waiving rights; Inalienable rights?; One-child contract; Population collapse; Lowering IQ; Learning how to come to neighbor's aid; Leaven; Exodus 24; Moses and Christ in agreement; Exodus 24 - covenant confirmed; "Judgements" = precedents; Oxen; Recognizing metaphors; Red Sea crossing; Offerings and altars; Castration; Bulls vs cows; Butchering; Feasts; Where did Moses get so many Oxen?; Burnt offering; Table of the Lord; Marcus Aurelius story?; Making agreements; Consent -> Obligation; God's provision; City-states; "Glory" of the Lord; Tiberius fire story; Moses in the cloud; Resequenced Exodus?; Seminary story; Moses' arts and sciences; Altar-building; "Put to death"; Gen 9:4; Right to kill?; Understanding existing law; Sanhedrin; No legislation; Cities of refuge; Wrath of God; Overcoming the wicked; Working at caring; Forgiveness; Submitting to the will of the father; Q&A - Isabelle on milk and meat; Intention of pharisees; Mother/Father balance; Cement bag story; What's your intent?; Weakening society; Legal charity; Family; Q: Pam from Maine - Gen 1:27 - 2:2 vs 2:7 "formed"; Adamah and breath of life; Translation overlap (life); Jesus' breathing on Apostles - new understanding; Noah and "beasts of the field"; Dominion; Israel; Holy Spirit revelation; Join the Living Network.
4/1/23 Exodus 25-26
Reviewing Exodus 24; Covenanting; Did some disagree?; Altars; Other gods; Burnt offerings; Life in the blood; Sacrifice; Fire story; Degradation of society; Shepherding; vs Cursing; Giving choice to others; Sprinkling blood?; Fervency vs force; Empowering people; Romans 13; "be obedient" (shama = hear); Hearing continuously; Altars/ministers; Social safety net; Priests; Pure religion; vs Legal charity; Doing and hearing; What you owe society; Seeing your bondage; Finding your religion; Rebellious children; Exodus 25 - boring?; Explaining temples; Groves?; Freewill offerings; Commodities as money; Things vs metaphors; The Ark; Testimony in the Ark; Mercy seat; Forgiveness; Strengthening the poor; Temples of Holy Spirit; Bankrupting your nation; Repentance; If you won't do, you won't hear - neither will God; Candlesticks?; The light in you; The pattern to follow; Badgers skins?; Beadwork?; Adding stability to structure; Bringing offerings willingly; Saul's folly; Constituting your society; Precedents vs statutes; God in your heart; Waiving your rights - jury; Conquered people; Your appetite for benefits; Exodus 26 - Tabernacle; Tabernacle: Mobile yet sturdy; People's need for symbols; Unmooring symbols from meaning; Why so much detail?; "Ranks" of Levites; Minister requirements; Governments of service; William Penn trial; Ark of Testimony; Bringing offerings for charity; Your holy place; Mobile feasts; Untrustworthy people; Red heifer; Electing better Sauls?; Individual change; Directing energy at symptoms; Awakening to your bondage; Open your eyes.
4/1/23 Exodus 27-32
Keeping on track with the message of Moses; Understanding tabernacle; Travel logistics; Livestock needs; Exodus 27 - building altar; Court of the tabernacle; Complex symbolism; Deliverance from bondage; Ex 28 symbology - breeches, altars; Aaron separated; Head tax; Religion; Counterfeiting gold?; Arts of the temple(s); Ex 31;Ex 32 - starting to go wrong - Golden Calf; Missing Moses; Burning gold?; Alchemy?; Essentiality of choice; Kingdom treasury; Repentance; Creating bonds of love; Aesthetic worship?; Living by the sword; Putting people to death?; Anger waxing hot; Wrath of God; Ensuring your neighbor's support; Israel's nakedness; "Slay" brothers?; "Fell"?; "In and out the gate"?; Expulsion of those not with Moses; Idolatry; Banking on one purse; Egypt is bondage; Moses returning choice to the people; Burnt offering; Responsibility of forgiveness; Wrath for taking choice away from neighbor; Unknown wars; Find the way back to peace and freedom.
4/8/23 Exodus 33
Symbolism in Exodus; Unmooring meaning from ritual; Altars of God - freewill offerings only; Freedom of choice; Improper word translations; Preparing to draw near to God; Divine inspiration; Ever-present apostasy; Symbolic Hebrew; Entering captivity; Pharaoh's "free" bread; Degrees of burden; The road to liberty under God; Exodus 32 review; Processing Exodus; Ways to get lost; Burning gold?; Golden calf; "god"; Right to choose; Idolatry; Government "services"; Forcing kingdom of heaven?; Col 3:5; Giving up you God-given rights; Pilate's riots; Purpose of offerings; Corban; Fervent charity; "Put to death"; Exodus 33; "ornaments"; non-geographical land; Perizzite; Are "ornaments" jewelry?; Portable land; "curse" vs "honor"; Do you know Moses?; Tabernacle of the congregation; "worship"; The blame game; Exodus 33:13 The Way; "Israel"; Straying from the path; Personally knowing God; Taking care of the needy of your society; Loving the truth; Sloth = absence of diligence; Loving your enemy; Seeing God's "face"; Getting rid of your ornaments; Triggered by truth; Honoring father and mother; God is like "hell" to His enemies; kuf-biet-dalet (kabad) = honor; Things we don't and can't see - and why; "Stiffnecked" = cruel/hard + neck; "ornament" = mouth/trappings; Your witness - by mouth and deeds; Ayin-dalet-yod; (inspired) kindness/severity of giving/selfishness; Moses's message = Christ's message; Being saved - individually; Network of fervent charity; Assembly = ayin-dalet; Mt 5:23; Retaining your right to choose; The solution; double kof?; Actualizing the Way; Networking to love your neighbor; Receive the glory (grace) of God.
4/8/23 A Deeper Approach to Exodus 33
Grasping Exodus truth; Knowing God; Can you handle the truth?; Importance of DOing; Circumcising of the heart; Apostasy; Abundance of life; Prayer closet; God's way to live; Deut 30:6; Jer 4:4; Red Sea crossing; Rom 2:29; Loving your enemy; Understanding God's revelation; Mt 5:23; Caring about Israel; Putting down ornaments?; ayin-dalet+yod; ayin = divine providence - 5 states of kindness; Dalet = selflessness/charity; Virtues and vices; Humility; Kingdom-seeking process; Israel's judges; Choice belongs to the people; Social security; "Stiff necked" analyzed; Ex 33:3; Hard/cruel/severe hearted; Turning the wrong way; "Fleshpots" in the bible; Power of choice = freedom; Exercising care; Contributing your pieces of the puzzle; Aaron's options; Making excuses; Electing liars; Recognizing truth; Self-government; Carrying out deception; Organizing in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Look at who you've elected; Habits of bondage; "Idiotes"; National adultery/fornication; Ex 33:5; God knows your heart; Priest to all nations; Milk and meat; Strengthening the poor; Firing nice ministers; Following righteousness; Deut 4:24; Deut 5:25; Heb 12:29; Sacrifice; Perfect charity; Gathering in the name of Christ; Following God's direction; Hear your brother.
4/15/23 Exodus 34
Structure of kingdom of God; Hampered by orthodoxy; Pharisees and the Torah; Holy Spirit guidance; Making gods many; Violence; Cause and effect universe; Epigenetics; "trechery"; Hebrew syntax; Divine inspiration; Moses' pattern; Inability to see truth; Witchcraft; Idolatry; "Worship" defined; Serving God; Affirmation?; Moses' love; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Jn 15:12; Jn 10:11; Understanding temple structure; "wall" - leaping over/obstacle to understanding; Golden calf; What is a name?; Keeping the Israelites together without Moses; Gold earrings?; One purse; Central banks; Removing compassion for neighbor; Covetousness; Col 3:5; National adultery; Wrath of God; Children of disobedience; Eph 5:5; Whoremonger?; 1 Cor 5:10; Council of Milan; Movie Ten Commandments; "Religion"; True love of neighbor; Tough love; Iniquity in your society; Moses facing the light; Repentance; Legal charity; Exodus 34:1; Where their love/loyalty went; "Merciful"; God's "love"; Blocking God's love; "Gracious" chet-nun-vav-nun; Not holding a judge; "visiting"; Accountability; Terrible?; Speeding up cause/effect; Temple treasure; Ex 34:12; Snares; Hearing the anguish of your brother; Sureties for debt; "Destroy" shin-beit-resh = hope?; Shining light on legal charity altars; Defending your wealth; Perfect savages; Righteous mammon; Telling you where you're at = bondage of Egypt; Your benefactors; Unleavened bread symbolism; Belonging to God; Meat for the needy; Social safety net; Keeping the Sabbath; Debt makes gods; Protection network of love; Living Christ's way; Be the light.
4/15/23 Milk and Meat
Understanding biblical text; The entire picture; Navigating problems; Disaster among modern Christians/Jews; Doing the will of the father; Right Reason; Evidence of Sin; Virtue; Consequences of Sin; Righteous mammon; Mis-defining words; "Worship"; Ignoring Christ's requirements; "Smiting"; "Put to death"; Portable wealth; Golden statues; Practicality of God's plan; Wave offering; Ex 23:19; Ex 34:26; Milk and meat; Libera res publica; Naked = stripped of authority; Tree of Life; One purse; "Street"; "Adultery" in the bible; God's binding; Network of caring; Aaron's folly; First fruits to the House of the Lord; Sacrificing freely; Property tax; Ministers' pure religion; Seething a kid in mother's milk?; Food law?; Popularity of priests; Are you in a free society; Excessive compassion; The witch next door; Weakening children; Requiring responsibility; Overcoming; Redistribution of wealth; Social safety net snare; Strengthening the poor; Seeking public servants; Waving offerings to the (other) priests; Indian feast story; Anxious to come to neighbor's aid; "My Left Foot"; Raising adults; "Charlotte's story"; Making schools based on liberty; Status to be free; The Way of the Lord; Ministers empower people; Nicolaitans and Balaam; Becoming a conquered people; Repentance; Comprehending the metaphor; Public vs Private religion; befriending unrighteous mammon; Brickmaking for Pharaoh; Putting to death; Knowing the gospel; Tabernacles of the congregation; Approach the light.
4/22/23 Exodus 34 - revisited
Mixing meat and milk; Bizarre interpretations; Listening to God; Quieting your mind; Meditation; Doing mischief; Carrying your weight; Peculiarity; Covetousness; Interpretation of the Holy Spirit; Drawing near to the Lord; Middle of Leviticus; The second Ten Commandments; Re-reading for deeper understanding; Making connections; Connecting you with the Holy Spirit; God gives you free choice; Falling away; Exodus 34:1; The second set of commandments; Avoiding mischief; God commanding Moses; Eating of the Tree of Life; God writing upon your heart and mind; Accepting the consequences of your choices; Wrath of God; Forgiveness?; Recompence; Sin of the golden calf?; Idolatry; Col 3:5; The way back to God; Covetous practices; Common purse; Arts of the temple; Grain reserves; Church by grain?; God's protection?; Eph 5:5; 1 Cor 5:10; Contractual fornication; Proclaiming of the name of God; Mercy + Justice; Accountability; God's criteria for graciousness; Longsuffering; Abundance; Strengthening; Driving out mischief; Avoiding snares; Rom 11:9; Altars of sacrifice; Organizing Israel; Precedents of Moses; Are there just people to belong to your jury?; Contracting with public religion; nun-tav-tzedek = "destroy" and "overturn"; Eating of sacrifices to other gods; Molten gods?; Appearing before the LORD - not empty-handed; Mimicking Israel; Ex 34:27; Moses' social safety net; Justice + Mercy + Faith; Placement of "seething kid in mother's milk".
4/22/23 The Path Back
Kingdom of God = Big topic; Graven images; What God is; The right to be ruled by God; Predestination = removing responsibility; Atheism = Products of chemistry; Pre-history; Facing truth; Blind spots; Imagination; Characterizing people; Re-presenting self; God is who He is; Created in His image; Unseen identity traits; Spiritual eyes?; Deception; Closest examination of yourself; Home schooling; Restricted dominion; God's first commandment; Two trees; Tree of Life; Categorizing information; Hearsay; Nakedness; Overcoming character flaws; Trauma-caused dysphoria; Forgiveness; Adam's path; Free countries?; Slavery; Labor ownership; Numbered existence; Openness to reality; Works; Accessing Tree of Life; Causes of your delusion; Who is your father?; Feast of Tabernacles; Seeing yourself; The world you create; Prevalent spirits in today's world; Delusions of righteousness; Disciples; The problems in you; Temples; Reserve funds; Our brothers' keepers; Free forms of government; Where our blindness comes from; Cain's way; Keeping Christ's commandments; Choice by consequence; Self-deceit; Opening your spiritual eyes; Becoming a disciple; Democracy?; Early Church organization; "Thy Kingdom Come" book; Tens Networking; Intimate relationships; Seeking kingdom; Discerning God's way is everyone's job; Sharing until surplus; Foolish virgins; Sloth and covetousness; Principles of God; Parental involvement in raising children; Ministers of service; "Disciple"; Practicing humility; Where you have fallen short; How His kingdom works; Forgiving one another; Backsliding; Blaming God?; Minister performance; Are you part of "us"?; Start your journey back now! Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Liberty's up to you; Thinking a different way; Happiness; Making good choices; Finding truth; Burning Man festival; Purpose of biblical festivals; Sabbath; Honor father and mother; Dictionary meanings; Context; Religion; Forcing neighbor?; Medical care?; Stopping bad habits; Conning you; Adam's fall; Confession; Withholding judgement; Overindulging children; Recognizing your own problems; Empowering others to make choices; What made America great; Our goal; Learning Christ's Way; Being benefits to others; Punishments or gifts?; "Christian" workers of iniquity; Encouraging self-righteousness; Choosing life; vs abusing others; Bringing about change; Reflection on self; Awakenings within you; Seeing things God made; Reacting to pain; Getting the message; Loving/forgiving the pain; Healing evil within others; Receiving Christ's virtue; Hear God!
4/29/23 Exodus 35-36
Christ Messiah; Believing you are a Christian?; Are you with the father?; What does your image of Jesus look like? What Moses taught; The Exodus journey; Wave and heave offerings; Information network; Herding; Self-organization; Social network of charity; Getting out of Babylon; Being ready to leave; Re-learning neighborhood; God's real salvation; Exodus 35; Symbolism of the temple; Why burn sheep?; Abraham's army; Guidance by Holy Spirit; "Congregation" Ayin-dalet-hey (witness); Thought, speech and action; Children of Israel; Honestly consecrating yourself; Strong delusion; Evidence of Christianity; Reputation; Truth vs wishful thinking; Ex 35:2 - sabbath; Working to earn your rest; "Put to death"; Kindling fire?; "Blue" tav-kuf-lamed-tav; Breeches; Exploring the symbolism; Seeing things truthfully; Individual improvement; Babysitter cows; Promised land; Tabernacle; Egyptian social safety net; Heave (moving up) and wave (spreading out) offering; Millionaire ministers/public servants?; Graft and corruption; Burnt offerings; Becoming merchandise/human resources; Ex 35:21; "Contribution"; Freewill charity; Cities of blood; Garments?; What God needs from you; Caesar's title of "son of god"; Practicality; Tabernacles of the congregation; "Worshipping"; Bible for government of, for and by the people; Ex 36; Wise-hearted people; Egyptian bondage; Religion? Or socialism?; Not OK to covet; Constantine's *new* church; Altar of incense?; God writing on your heart and mind; Lycurgus; Sweet savor rising up (freewill offerings); Body of Christ; Jury precedents; Seek His kingdom and His righteousness.
4/29/23 Exodus 37-39
Building the tabernacle - substantial, mobile structure; Badger hides?; Movers of the tabernacle; Courts; Moses' precedents; Non-vengeful God; "Put to death"; Misinterpretation; Reviewing Ex 36; aleph-yod-shen; Extra Hebrew letters; What were Levites doing?; Living altars; Voluntary society; Forming "community"; Having communion; Service through faith; Heave and Wave offerings; Worshipping from their own tent?; Herod's baptism; Function of temples; Herman the German; Forcing your neighbor to pay for your benefits; Constantine's church; Thieves of socialism; Following Christ; Rehashing Ex 37; Incense altar - very small; "Horns"; Killing bugs; Strengthening your nation; What bound the Israelites?; "Sweet" incense; Ex 38; Burnt offerings; Families are building blocks of the kingdom; Raising children; Carrying the altar; Connecting you to history; Tabernacle of testimony; Needing information from Holy Spirit; Ex 39; Color symbols; "Treachery"?; Tithing; Counterfeit temples; Follow Christ!
5/6/23 Exodus 40
Exodus 40; What's missing from our understanding?; Charity; Strong delusion; Covetous practices; Benefits -> consequences; Perils of the shutdown; Sabbath; Social safety net; Votive offering; nun-dalet-resh (nadar); nun-dalet-biet = freewill offering; Oppression; Redemption; Moses' people; Wimpy economy; American example; "Cash"?; The society Moses created; Hierarchies of service; Constitutions and Deuteronomy; Ex 40; Setting up for business; Tiny tabernacle; Offerings burned by fire?; Social welfare through charity; Family priests; Bondage to God; Ex 40:1; Sacred symbols; Approaching the bible; Burnt offerings; Symbolism of incense; Following Moses and Christ; Cost-sharing programs; Garments; Waiving your rights; Feeling the pain of tribute; Garment coloring for high priests; Biblical practicality; Herod's temple defiled; Nu 11:16; Appointing 70; Luke 10:1; Law of nature; Are you hearing the voice of God?; Nu 12:3; Duties; Juries; Empowering individuals; Appetites for benefits; Sharing with neighbors; Nimrod the provider - instead of the Lord; Sacrificing for neighbor; Help from the priests; Washing at the laver; Jesus washing feet; The called-out; Doing what God is telling you to do; Drawing near to God; Freedom of hate speech; v34 cloud covering; Cursing your children; Grievous bondage; Legal charity; Col 3:5; Wrath of God; Idolatry; 1 Cor 5:10; Sabbath-keeping to remain free; Setting your neighbor free; "Love"; Strengthening the poor; Repent and seek His kingdom and righteousness.
5/6/23 Turtledoves
Finished Exodus; Most are clueless about the bible; Strong delusion; Today's bondage (of Egypt); Turtledoves?; Gen 15:9; 400 years of bondage; Livestock surveys; Pound of flesh; Sacrificing a dove?; tav-vav-resh (turtledove); *And* gimel-vav-lamad (young pigeon); Blind leading blind; Severity of covetousness; Following the taxation money; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Commands to be fruitful and multiply; Women vs girls; "I know where I'm going"; Burnt offerings; Leviticus "turtledove" yod-vav-nun-hey - from "wine/vine"; (Jonah?); Extra Hebrew letters; "Meat offering"; mem-nun-chet-hey; Temple granaries; Government subsidies; "Covenants of the gods" book; Grain reserves; Theocratic socialism; Bonds of love; Wealth in the kingdom; "Fair share?"; FDR's New Deal dictators; Balaam and Nicolaitans; Selling yourselves into bondage; Sons of God; Julius Caesar and the Gauls; Covetousness = idolatry; Col 3:5; Constantinian Christianity; "Leaven" of the Pharisees; Who will see this?; Mt 20:25; Mk 10:42; Lk 22:25; Acts 17:7; Jesus, the other king; Constantine's formation of church; Repenting and building Christ's network; Living by faith; Sin offerings; Widow's mite; Strengthening others; Business of the tabernacle; Peace offerings; Melchizedek; Ante-up!; Widows; Congregations; Trespass offerings; Wave and heave offerings; Share this message.
5/13/23 Turtledoves - expanded
"Dove" has many meanings in Hebrew; Gen 15:9 "young pigeons"; Intent for chosen words/spellings; PETA'S bible rewrite; Interpretation confusion; Who will believe the truth?; Healing; Signs and wonders and witness; Strong delusion via modern religion; Burnt offerings; "Ox"; Muzzling the ox?; Look at context to gain understanding; Repeating history's mistakes; Steps in the desert?; Breeches and nakedness; Is your "church" anti-Christ?; Gen 15:9 "Land"; Brief history of Genesis; The flood; City-states; Altering "History"; 1954 Reece commission; Gregory history; Lies by omission; "Sumer"; Goddess of welfare; What happened to Sumer? Rome?; Jesus' teaching on welfare; Christian "doves"; Social safety nets; Bonds of freedom; Golden Calf; Gen 15:9 Abram's ritual; tav-vav-resh (turledove) vav-tav-resh; Protecting the carcasses; Measuring against Abraham's other experiences; Entitlements; Eating meat; God's refuge; Abram's "Deep sleep" = horror of great darkness; Encouraging today's scavenging; Gen 15:12; Bondage of Egypt; Separating the turtledove by fire/lamp; Dream interpretation; Aborting children; Pure religion without turtledove; Seeking His Church (His Doctrine); Valuing pearls; Jer 8:7; gimel-vav-zayin-lamad = young pigeon?; seize/plunder?; Jer 48:28 "dove" yod-vav-nun-hey = actual dove; "Cities" = terror; Civil systems of law; Jer 48:20...; Spoiled people; Returning to "Mire"; Leaving the "cities"; Individual responsibility; Charity only vs taxation; Eating meat with blood in it; Jer 48:28; Beware of the snare; Living "of" the city; No exercising authority; "Strange Fire" conference video; Corban of Pharisees = FDR's New Deal = LBJ's Great Society = Not new; Christ's solution; The Way of righteousness; Making excuses; Pagan "Christian" churches; Will YOU see the truth?; Cutting yourself from God; Peace!
5/13/23 Leviticus 5
Turtledoves; Just turtle? Tav-vav-resh; To seek (verb); Order; Claim to estate; Ox; Leaning on Holy Spirit; Succession?; Vav = connecting letter; Lacking knowledge; Sureties; Experiencing bondage; Law of nature; Recognizing Christ; Sharing podcasts; Nu 6:10; tav-resh-yod-mem?; Strengthening society; Sloth; Subsidizing homelessness in Oregon; Taking a stand; Comedy?; Christ's commands for Church organization; Penal systems; vs Recompense; Stoning?; Judeo-Christian values; Forgiveness; Red Sea crossing; Fervent charity; Reprobates; Portland riots; City-states and legal charity; Communicating with Holy Spirit; Learning from God; Humbling self; Reward requires effort - strive, seek, persevere; The way of the Lord; Weaning from welfare; Cops?; Filling butts?; Primitive skills; Creating Christ's network; Wages of unrighteousness; Lev 5:1; Unclean carcasses; Sacrificing to idols; Altars of stone; Whole truth?; Trespass offering; Sin offering; Recompense to priest; Charity = love; Dividing away from dove goddess?; Priestly offerings; Digging into deeper meaning; Making amends to community; Minister's purpose; Symbolic representation of oil; Effect of understanding charity; Scavengers; Forcing neighbors; Join the Living Network; Revolution of actual caring for one another; Heave and wave offerings; Q (Pam): Is this hell?; Glimpse of hell?; Which way are you drawn?; Heaven/hell is in the moment; We can't save ourselves; Come together for one another; Spiritual journey in a physical world; Eating of the tree of life; Corruption in your government; Kingdom of God; "Band of Brothers"; Consistent sacrifice for others; Reparations; Awakening care; What to do today; Trespass; Jer 8:7 turtle?; Your "Estimation"; Forgiven; God sparing His people; Come back to God.
5/20/23 Explaining Moses' Way
New Testament sources; Old Testament complexities; Weeping elders; Losing sight of Moses' message; The life of the Israelites; Embracing your bondage; Nimrod mighty provider; Translations; Hebrew metaphor; Two trees; God's opinion; Out of Egypt?; Or Israel?; Song of Moses and of the Lamb; Knowing the difference; Knowing the truth; Nazi's in the bible?; Nissi - goddess of social welfare; Binding yourselves together; Independents vs gathering together; Independent (cement) story; Abraham's journey; Cities and social welfare; Care concerning "comfort"; Indus valley flooding; No right way to covet; Civil authority vs responsibility; Recognizing bondage; Gen 2:15; "garden"; Turtledove; Abraham's deep dream; Gen 15:9 "heifer" ayin-gimel-lamad-hey; Or cart/wagon; "Moses"; She-goat: Zayin-ayin = Strength; Olive oil example; Trade; Offerings; Ram: 0353 = strength or help; Doing as Christ said; alef-yod-lamad; Male (Zayin-kuf-resh) sheep?; Or "memorial"; Sincerely giving your best; Why use a priest?; Binding your neighbor; Strange fire; Freewill offerings; "Moab"; Torah inspiration; Repenting from idolatry; Mammon (Entrusted wealth); Treasure in motion; Styles of offerings; Lev 14:22; Lev 15:14; tav-resh-yod-mem; Tav-vav-resh - many words, different meanings; Public religion; Nu 6:10; Seeking realistic meaning; Sacrifice; Stones of the altars; Organizing yourselves; Forcing neighbors; Networking; Goading into rebellion; Taking up righteousness; Joint heirs; Hierarchy of service; What is God showing you?; Learning skills of free society; Rethinking "burning up" offerings; Human resources; Misinterpretation of the bible; Addressing depression; Exercising charity; It's time to seek!
5/20/23 Participating in Christ's Kingdom Today
Confusing the message of Moses; Doves, turtledoves and young pigeons; Song of Moses and of the Lamb; Choosing to live apart from God; Examples of caring for locals; Members of Babylon; What The Church can do today; Hospital treatment of unnumbered; Taking caller's questions on this show; Network organization; Home churches; Liberty under God; Deluded "christians"; Government of, for and by the people; The "world's" care; Mark of the Beast; Thriving Christians; The strait gate; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Love and charity; Christ's "way"; How to participate; Perfect law of liberty; Managing justice; Locality of congregations; Catacombs; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Wise charity that strengthens; Righteousness; Your responsibility to seek the kingdom; Biblical "fire"; Where's your temple?; The greatness of the kingdom; Satan worshipers; Charity vs force; Peter's tax misstatement; Demanding loyalty; Faith and allegiance; Societal inflection points; Appointing 7 men to wait on tables?; Covetous practices; Repentance = thinking a different way; "Strange fire"; Church function; Tabernacle; Abraham's and Moses' social safety net; Elderly care stories; Two "Lamech"s; Illegal immigration; Cause/effect universe; Minutemen; Pretend history; Practical organization; Chat room Questions; Living by the sword vs full armor of God; Your remarkable body; No coveting allowed; Corban; Insolvency of Social Security; Dead Sea Scrolls; Historical Gregory; Christ's commanded gathering pattern; Fear not!, Stop procrastinating.
5/27/23 Unclean
"Unclean"; Baptism - not about the water; Sacred names?; Turning you back on God; Adam and Eve fled; Unmoored rituals; Sabbath; Listening to Holy Spirit - Tree of Life; "unclean" = tet-mem-alef; Good becoming evil; God giving freewill choice to man; Basis of our choices; Cleaning up idolatry; Twisting sound doctrine; Moses' welfare system; Purposes of temples; How to become clean; Stinky Jacob?; Gen 34:30; Burying under Oak tree?; Altars; Accepting false ideas; Faith, hope and charity; Knowing who is in need; Jehovah-nisei?; gods of Sumer; Cities = terror; God of Jacob; Welfare by charity alone; Exercising love; alef-lamad-hey = god, swear, oath, oak; "hiding/hid"; Ps 9:15; Ps 31:4; Today's net/pit/trap; Ps 35:7-8; Seeking kingdom of God and His righteousness; Fasting from idolatrous benefits; Ps 64:5; Humbling ourselves; NT "Unclean" or "Foul"; Morality; Recognizing the way of Christ; Christian Conflict; Atonement confusion; The role of priests; Constantinian "christians"; Robbing widows and orphans; Uncounted deaths; The real and only solution; Food laws?; Physical contamination; Mark of the beast; Archibald McLeish quote; Social Security; Today's grievous bondage; Hearing the cries of your brothers; Your choice has been taken away - relinquished; "Person"; Doctrines removing choice; The opiate of the people; Prov 23:1; Bishops of Christianity; Marriage contracts; Prov 1:10; Your "church" and the beast; The nature of caring; Cities of blood; Are your eyes darkened?; Unsound doctrine; Who's your father?; Micah 3; Our unseen sin; Habakkuk; Message through entire bible; And borne out throughout history; What made America great; Gal 5:13; Repent and build the alternative system.
5/27/23 Propaganda
"Make America Clean Again"?; Humility to being wrong; Relearning Hebrew; Rebuilding the temple; Pure Religion; Propaganda Gospel?; New Testament "world"; "Propaganda" defined; Disinformation by government; Changing your thinking; Corban of the Pharisees; Teachings of John the Baptist; "Polis"; Baptism; Synagogues; Organizing in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Propaganda of John the Baptist?; Political Jesus; Offices of August Caesar; Commander in chief; Setting people free; Redemption; Bondage of Egypt; Weakening Sodom; No exercising authority over your neighbor; Opposing Capitalism; Origin of the Federal Reserve; Propaganda regarding Social Security; Name-calling; Illegal propaganda; Charity alone; Cheating welfare; What made America great; Transfer propaganda; Taking care of the needy; Freedom of Speech; Testimonial propaganda; Bandwagon propaganda; Legality of Propaganda; Paying government to lie to you; Legal Charity; 10 USC 2241a = propaganda within US; Unconstitutional government officers; Oregon Article 2 section 22; Blind eyes; Legal communism; Organize Christ's Church today; Anti-propaganda acts; Hatch Act Modernization Act of 2012?; Getting the world system out of you; "Public Diplomacy"; Cloward and Piven; Bearing false witness; Owing taxes; Preparing for the failure of the unrighteous mammon; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Pressing state propaganda to US population; A corrupt populace; Private ownership of "public" systems; Early understanding of the Gospel; Rekindling morality; Ex 23:1; Mt 5:39; Firstfruit giving; Mt 5:43; Taking back our responsibilities; Propaganda in the Garden; Gen 3:4; "Propaganda" origins; 1066 tax encouragement; Turtledove; Mystery of His Kingdom; Personal sacrifice; Sophistry; The cure for depression; Modern Church not teaching the Way; The divine spark in you; Using HHC networking tools; Participate!
6/3/23 John 5
Propaganda and conspiracy theories; Rearranging truth; Tree of Knowledge; Sensory manipulation; Divine spark; Logic; "Intelligence"; God-given tools; Drawing near to God; "Corban"; Caring for parents; Jahovah-nissi?; Distinction of Christ's way; Choosing good and evil; Cultivating Holy Spirit; Evil cultivating evil; Freedom is the right to choose; Censorship; Repentance; Fasting from pride and vanity; Walking in the Holy Spirit; Possessing freedom to choose; Love requires sacrifice; Excuse making; Agreeing to go into bondage; Despising dominion; "idiotes" = "unregistered"; Waiving your rights; Forced offerings now allowed; Preferential treatment to Pharisees; Calling no man "father"; Lk 21:1; Jacob and altars of Bethel?; Gen 34; Strange fire; Sanhedrin; Right to freedom of religion; Amos 3:13; Getting closer to the Tree of Life; Sacrificing for neighbor; Daily ministration; John 5:1; Bethesda pool; 38-year infirmity; Will you be made whole?; On the sabbath?; v11 serious miracle; "Sin no more"; Sabbath not a day; Burnt up in fire?; Masculinity; Turning the world upside-down; John 5:17; Sons of God; Honoring father and mother; Why they set up altars; Anonymous giving; Watching for abuse; Quickening; "The" son of God; Doers of the word; Relying on Holy Spirit; Learning from John the Baptist and Jesus; Pharisee neglect of 38-year infirm man; Seeing God; Conversing with God; Eternal life?; Is the love of God in you?; Sin?; Actions evidence of sin; Studying?; Where's your sacrifice for others?; Silly women?; Be still and know.
6/3/23 Insurrection - replay from 1/9/21: "Remember Nineveh" + "A Kingdom Out of This World"
[Remember Nineveh] Kingdom - someone ruling over somebody; Deciding good and evil for you; DC riots; "Walkaway" movement; Deplatforming; Rampant censoring; Build back better; George Floyd's death; Media regime; People want to be angry = playing into hands of evil; Fighting for power; Building what Christ commanded; Range sheep vs farm flock sheep; Defaming demonstrators; What Christ said to DO; Early Church history; Most common form of self-government; Viable republics in the heart of the world; Staying connected to each other; Maintaining your right to choose; Big tech censorship; Emotional vs rational; Judge not, hate not; Why evil is winning; Forgiveness the key to freedom; Jacobites; Are you listening to Christ's spirit? Or your emotions?; Still small (nonemotional) voice; Actual story of loaves and fishes; Creating bonds that connect you; Contracts, covenants and constitutions; Honesty is a kingdom policy; Why you're vulnerable; Remember Nineveh; "Their" government; Another king, one Jesus; Perfect law of liberty; Choice in the hands of the individual; Losing the battle of righteousness; Explaining the law of God; Overcoming wrong turns with humility; Prov 2:6; Power in truth, not paper; "Peace and safety"; "What do we do?"; The greatest destroyers of liberty; 2 Chron 7:14; Are you living the character of Christ?; Rom 12:2; Benefactors of righteousness; Church history; Militia; Christs commands for organizing; Thwarting today's corruption; Limiting your communication; Where's God sending you?; Electing Caesars?; What evil wants; Stop restricting your neighbor's right to choose; 25th amendment; Getting organized; Becoming wise as serpents; Renewing your mind; A role for all of "us"; Widow's mite; A minister's job; Double standards; 1 Sam 8 relevance; Consummating your fornication; God will not hear you. [A Kingdom Out of This World] Facebook purge; Walkaway movement; Snowden's sins; Order followers; Campaign finance reform in Oregon; Accepting lies; Wolves creeping in; The gospel puzzle; Loving to give life; Capitol invasion; Hearing both sides; Election tampering?; George Floyd perspective; Trump's alleged incitement; Governmental corruption; Courting evil; Who's investigating?; Creating fear and confusion; Demonic evil; Receiving the Holy Spirit; Double standards; Equality Act of 2019; Gender dysphoria; Withholding condemnation; Legislating morality?; Catering to delusion; Rationalization; COVID vaccine; Why emptying prisons?; The asylum state; Emotion vs reason; Fearing the Holy Spirit; Early Church mission; Nero's fire; Evil can't kill real Christians; Church exclusion.
6/10/23 Emotions and Genders - replay from 5/14/16
"Emotions" defined; Origins of physical/chemical processes; Natural reproduction; No scientific consensus; Spiritual influences; Habits; Conscious experience; Phobias; Intensity of emotion; Arousal; Trauma; Abuse; Simplifying emotion; Mental state; Psychological expression; Natural gender differences; Passion; What is inside you?; Gal 5:1; Political circumcision?; Recognizing the Spirit behind ritual; Motivation and focus; Jeffrey Dahmer example; Worshipping form; Hating deeds, not people; Nicolaitans; Being manipulated by emotion; Addiction; Be still and know; Bondage forged in emotion; Psychosis; Re-mapping missing limbs?; Degrees of abuse; Passing on abusive spirit; The alternative reaction; Emotions moves you; Choice given by God; Where's the fruit?; Forgiving evil; Resisting evil; Stimulating emotions inside you; Abandonment; Patient love; Turning up the light; Evil's tactics; Who is making your choices?; Temptation; Bathroom debate; European cannibalism?; Restroom wars; Catering to "crazy"; Inability to see reality; Gender dysphoria; Perverting natural use of sexuality; Bad habits; Humoring psychosis; Reflection of spiritual problems; Can be dealt with; Forgiveness; Witchcraft?; Disserving sex reassignment patients; Seeing truth about yourself; Who haven't you forgiven?; Sacrifice; Serving one another; "Autogynephilia"; Have you been seeking His kingdom and righteousness?; Fruit of Christ; The Other realm; Spirit of Socialism; Deception; Taking care of your parents; Learning to love; Stick together! Relevance of topic; Dwindling grain reserves; Nations are people-driven; Restroom quandary; Emotion - what moves us; Causes of emotions; Feelings; Re-mapping the body; Psychoses; Solutions to the problem; Rom 1:26; Natural domination; Retaining God in your knowledge; Sexuality = creating life; Reprobate minds; What's your psychosis?; Clouded truths; Truth shall set you free!; Benefit addiction; Cause of the problem; Separating symptoms; Spartans - power-centralized society; War purpose; Selfishness; The Christian way; Benefits NOW; The right to be ruled by God; Rom 1:1; Gospel - good news - of the kingdom; Being free; Mitigating dearths; Living by faith; What made America great; Ruling your welfare; Caring for one another; Doing as Christ said; Repentance; Keeping feasts as God intended; Strengthening the poor; Addiction anonymous; Join us.After show discussion; Simplicity of the message; Destiny; Children as young adults; Learning from mistakes; Home schooling; Getting the job done; Burning Bush Festival; Local gatherings connected nation-wide; Festival purposes; Giving life; Wise charity; Cultivating change; You change first; Resist not evil; Forgiveness.
6/17/23 Ecclesiastes 1-3
Written by Solomon?; kuf-heh-lamed-tav; Spiritual teacher; Consulting God; Making symbolism reality; Revealing God's word; Our divine spark; Subjecting ourselves; Solomon; "Sacrifice of fools"; = "Corban of Pharisees"; Solomon's corvee; Bondage of Egypt (Captivity); Ecc 1:1; Who is "the preacher"?; "Christ" = anointed; Altars of freewill offerings; Vanity = habel - hey-biet-lamad; Vapor or breath (invisible)?; Shedding light on the visible; Patterns of nature; Cause and effect; Historical insight; "Exercised"; God's healing; "Wisdom" and "Knowledge"; Beastly hearts; Repeating vanity; "Sorrow"; Labor/mischief; God the capitalist; Ecc 2:1; Vexation of the Spirit (Grasping for the wind); Ecc 2:12; Madness and folly; excelleth = profiteth = destroy?; Meditation; Corrupting power; Public religion; Rom 2:5; Importance of commandments; Substituting emotion for spirit; Sacrifice of fools; Seeking righteousness; Weakening your children; Legal charity; Knowing the whole truth; Redistributing wealth Christ's way; Honoring parents; Letting everyone do their part; Encouraging effort and diligence; Mental illness; Destroying society; Choosing your source/tree; Reward without labor?; Welfare; Reparations; The right to work; Ecc 3:1; Empty things that don't give life; Ecc 3:9; Ayin-nun-hey (anah) = exercised?; Reason for today's bondage; Caring for those you don't even know; Punishment?; Hearing the anguished cries of your brothers; Seeking the kingdom - network of congregations; Doing good; Ecc 13-15; What Israel learned; How you got into bondage; The Song of Moses; The simple solution; Freeing those you've enslaved; Networking; Controlling your own labor; Be there.
6/17/23 Ecclesiastes 3-4
Roots with Solomon; Right after Proverbs; "The Teacher"; Vanities; hey-biet-lamad; vapor or breath; from empty/void; Ex 20:7 - in vain; Taking His name in vain; "His Holy Church"; 319AD - another church; Bishops; Same as "Abel"; Grabbing air?; Caring cycle; Tree of Life; "Shav" = emptiness/falsehood, vain; shin-vav-aleph; Hebrew letters have meaning; Ruining the Romans?; Sharing; Bondage of Egypt - don't return there; Sacrifice of fools; Social Security insolvency; "Reek" resh-yod-kuf = empty (out); Lev 26:20; Job 39:16; Women/churches; Church = caregiver of society; Freewill offerings only; Gen 37:24; resh-yod-kuf; Tohu = vain/vanity/confusion; Gen 1:2; soffa = shen-pei-hey - lip, bank, brim; 2 Kings 18:20; Isa 36:5; Belonging to God; Saving you; Jer 8:8; Leaven; Forced offerings; Repentance; Ps 41:6; Seeking government of God = love; Legal charity; Ecc 3:12; Doing good; Spiritual vs emotional experiences; Patience with other people; Forgiveness; God the capitalist; Child of God; God's rewards; Chosen people; Man's animal nature; Living in the flesh; Vanity is emptiness; Fasting from our beast nature; Direction; Ecc 3:22; Your works are your portion; Ecc 4:1; "comforter" (nachum) = repentance; What to do about you?; nun-chet-mem; Imagined oppression; Prov 6:10; Being the government of God; Prov 24:33; Prov 11:17; Isa 9:20; Gal 5:14; 2 Cor 11:20; Nazarene Essenes; Networks of charity; No flesh-eating; Forming congregations; Helping families; Building blocks of the kingdom; Witnessing ministers; First fruits of your labor; Opportunities to forgive; Your oaths; Fervent charity; The song of Moses and of the lamb; Your road to iniquity; County collector of Property Tax; Sharing this message; Operating society; Being a peculiar people; Documentation; Purposes of Christ; Start the flow.
6/24/23 Ecclesiastes 5-6
Eusebius; Constantine's new church creation; Ecc 5 - sacrifice of fools; Snares, nets and bondage; Connecting the prophets; Handling the truth; Modern liberals; Desire for others to fail; How to get offerings to God; Confusion about the truth; Darkness; Paying to feel good; Taking responsibility; Forgiving trauma; Desiring vanity of vanities; Patterns of nature; Opening spiritual eyes; Testing forgiveness; Strengthening others; Narcissism; Seeking victimhood; Getting God to hear you; The song of the fool; Living in light; Seeing yourself; Ecc 5:1 - relating to your life; Loving your enemy; Who you trust to be your god?; Red sea example; First fruits; Yahweh Nissi?; Legal charity; Saul's foolish thing; Today's Constantines; Temptation to live in darkness; World creatures; Fasting from temptation; Reviewing Ecclesiastes so far; Humility; Filling YOU with holy spirit; Preparing for dawn; "Vexation"; Shepherds; History repeats itself; Hearing the cries of your brother; Voluntary charity; Laying down your life; Bible books part of whole message; Foolish virgins; Christ's commands to organize; Existence of wickedness; New deals; Strong family units; Recognizing your part - duty; State social welfare; Fervent charity; Casting your bread upon the waters; The road to liberty; Caring about neighbor; Re-empowering the people; Ecc 5:1; What comes out of your mouth?; Giving consent; Prov 1:10; Social Security; Prov 6:2; Mt 5:33; Swear not; Seeing your contract with "gods"; Ecc 5:9 "profit"; "field"; "conversation"; Income tax; Sharing wealth via business; "Hurting" the rich; Laboring for the wind - for self; God the capitalist; Natural filtering of those walking in darkness; Facing your trauma; Wicked for our benefit; Cultivating victims; Vampires on the pulpit; Mark of the beast; Ecc 6:1; "Under the sun"; Your power from God; HHC books; Ability to look at the light; Meditation; Take the next step!
6/24/23 Ecclesiastes 6 + Networking - Listen closely, can you hear?
What the kingdom of God looks like; Loving God; Existence of Moses; Ecclesiastes; Sacrifice of fools; Taking oaths; Pagan gods; Clinging to delusions; Vanity; Corban of the Pharisees; Shepherds; Getting out of the world systems; Well-read apostles; Idiotes; Bearing witness; Being diligent; Mt 22:17-21; Gurus?; Ecclesiastes 6:1; Charity; Snares and traps; Living in darkness; Prov 1:10; Identifying the spirit of God; Nimrod; Increasing vanity; Having life more abundant; Your need for repentance; Seeing your part in trauma; Networking; Legal charity; Your goal; Hearing the cries of others; Law of nature; Right to choose; Sparing "the rod"; Minister's job; Free assemblies; Seeking the Holy Spirit; Q and A; Knowing who you are?; Saving yourself?; Witness testimony; Being hurt by Gregory's teachings?; Value of fiat money?; Notes; Redeemability; Bank loans; Defrauding bankers; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; Going back into bondage; Avoiding the light; Mark of the beast; Seeking the Kingdom; Learning to help one another; Pretend salvation; Coming together; Q: Unrighteous Mammon?; Following the still-small voice; Meditation; "I don't know" prayer; Knowing yourself; Waiting upon the Lord; Gregory history; Bible about law and government; Kingdom in the moment; Seeking the kingdom so nobody has to take the world's benefits; His Holy Church; Early Church; "Other" witnesses; Christian checklist; Follow God's leading; Congregating; Serpent lies; "Assembler"; Voluntary society; Not-so-early Church; Fasting and prayer; Declining empires; Instructions for Christ's ministers; Seven men throughout the kingdom; "Tables"; Credit unions; Crossing the Red Sea; "Rhomaios"; Fitting the puzzle; Acts 19; Tax burdens for shipping; Trust; Fractional reserve banking; Non-participators; Invest in one another; 1 Cor 12:13; 'Why the Network"; Mt 5:46; First fruits; Joining the journey; Lk 6:32; 1 Cor 1:12; Don't be a foolish virgin.
7/1/23 Ecclesiastes 7
Jeremiah; Bride of Christ?; Drawing near to God - Corban; Loquaciousness of Jeremiah; Teachings of Baal/Error of Balaam; Nicolaitan; No coveting allowed; John the Baptist's system of sharing (charity); World government treasuries; Capitalism; Vampires; Owning what you produce; God's gift of life to you; Rebelling against God?; Trees in the garden; Fasting; Sacrificing; Ecc 7:1; Sacrifice of fools; Slavery in Genesis; 20% Income tax?; Bondage of Egypt; Bondage of Canada; Sedition?; Foolish virgins; Parthenos; "name"; Property rights; House of mourning or mirth?; Saul's folly; Social welfare corrupting the house of mourning; Reparations for blacks?; Legal charity; The song of fools; Profiting from fellow man; Patient in spirit (debt?); vs Proud in spirit; Pure religion; What Jesus says; Entitlements; Slavery reality; Hearing the cries of your brother; Socialism; Provisions in the early church; Oppression; Weakening society; Finding the way of God; Mt 5:22; The fool; Anger; Idolatrous Christians; Free bread - covetous snare and trap; Believing in "Jesus" or "Yeshua"; Mammon; Christ's commands for gathering and charity; Living in darkness; Born of God? Again?; Equity?; Fasting from vanities; Share; Living by faith, hope and charity; Jesus locked the door; Righteousness; "mighty men"; Capitalism's heart; Opening the gates of your heart; v20-22 come together; Find your divine spark.
7/1/23 Ecclesiastes 7 - continued
Bible study; Translations; Different testaments; The song of Moses and of the Lamb; John the Baptist; Corban; Social Insurance; Christian systems of social welfare; Sanhedrin; Dearths; Roman shipping; Keeping the populace happy; Military history; Ecc 7:22; Tree of Knowledge; Revealed truth; The bible solution; God hearing your cries; Saving yourself?; Overcoming error; Seeing your own foolishness; Ecc 7:25; Reason; Wickedness; resh-shen-ayin; Hoping in the foolish; vav+hey+sumac-kof-lamad-vav-tav; Spiritual madness; Double-lamad; Living in darkness; Force in the world; Julius Caesar and the Gauls; Overlooking crime; Corruption; Media in time of Rome; Hating Christians?; World starvation; Illness; Immunity; Perfect savages; Foolish virgins; Doing Christ's way; Daily sacrifice; Willingness to receive help; Need to give; Snare/Net; mem-tzedek-vav-dalet-yod-mem; vav-chet-resh-mem-yod-mem; Binding your allegiance; Income tax; Depression; Fervent charity; Inventions; Superfluous families; Ecc 8:1; Seeking His kingdom first; Capitalism; Trading; Choosing to give; The invention of God = Liberty; Drawing near to God; Give and forgive.
7/8/23 Ecclesiastes 8
Revealing what pastors should know; Attributed to Solomon; Confusing translation; Bible's common theme; "Gentiles"; "leaven"; Christ's weightier matters; Equity vs equality; Vanity; Intent and the law; Witchcraft; Choosing the tree of knowledge of good and evil; Fleeing the light; Government of, for and by the people; Cain and Abel; Playing "God"; Knowing truth; And providing for it; Sacrifice; Kidney?; Casting bread upon water?; Charity = love; Wages of unrighteousness; Keeping the king's commandments; Ecc 8:1; Wisdom; Offerings; Power corrupts; Taxing labor; Slaves?; Socialism; Seeking the tree of life; "Corban", drawing near; Ecc 8:1; Oaths; Social security; Rights and responsibilities; Being free; College; Not to exercise authority over men; Kingdom of God is in the moment; Fasting of the tree of knowledge; Aiding your neighbor; Abraham's altars; Listening to revealed warnings; Wicked - unrighteousness; Levites at Christ's time; Repentance; Davey Crockett article; Cursing the darkness?; Staying in the light; Punishing the wicked?; Time out; Helpful prisons; Choosing to live in darkness; Sabbath; Ecc 8:16; Not sleeping?; Parenthetical phrase; Law of Nature; Following the Holy Spirit; Falling for handouts; Preparing for need; Kings and horses?; Revelations of God; Time for judgement; Knowing what you need to do; Learning to be still; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Consequences of your choices; Legal charity = song of fools; Setting aside vanity; Humility; Be the wise man.
7/15/23 Ecclesiastes 9
Quoting Ecclesiastes; Linking to New Testament; Acts 6; Paul quoting David; Doers of the word; Madness; Deut 28:28; Contiguous message through the bible; "Blindness"; Studying?; Believing in the Real Jesus Christ; Keeping the commandments; Saul's folly; Sacrifice of fools; Destroyers of liberty; Humility - willingness to see truth about self; 2 Pe 2:16; Loving your neighbor; Sharing these messages; Offering choice; Proposing reason; Spirit of love; Speaking truth; Ecc 9:1; Awakening to your foolishness; Loving truth; Stop taking oaths; vav+hey-vav-lamad-lamad-hey+vav+tav "madness"; Double letters; Imaging you're already saved; Choosing to see; Denying truth; Ability to see truth; Public schools; Your way vs their way; Social security; Bondage of Egypt; biet-gimel-dalet (treachery/deceit); More abundant life; Eating flesh of your neighbor; Family; Tribute systems; "Chance" (occurrence); Strengthening; Snaring; Wisdom; Creating righteous systems; Destroying cities in history; Rome; From gold to notes; Poor men; Ex 23:3; Eating from tables of rulers; Forgetting wisdom; Ecc 8:7; Quietness; biet+nun-chet-tav; Freeing your neighbor; Slaves in Genesis; Seeing your curse/foolishness; Ps 69:22 Table; Property ownership; Rom 11:8-9 Table; 1 Cor 10:20; Setting the Table of the Lord; Ecc 5:1; Lk 22:30; Acts 6:2; Isa 28:8; Mal 2:2; Have you been snared by covetous practices?; 1 Pe 2:8; What pastors are missing; Socialism - ideology of hate; The gods of this world; Repent and love the light.
7/15/23 Call-in Questions and Answers
Madness; Foolish acts; Realizing insanity; Gregory history; Patterns in the madness?; Being still; Continuity in the bible; Categorizing people; Leaving Egypt?; Altars of sacrifice; Bondage of Egypt; Women as property?; Freely giving all Church material; Sharing truth; Conforming reason; Social safety net; Turning blind eyes; Altering history books; Income tax; Waiving your rights to your labor; "Legal title"; Combating madness; Making the state your benefactor; Call: Q: Setting self free; Dealing with temptation; Sacrificing for others; Righteousness; What's your motive?; Setting intellect aside; Q: Meditation; Milking goats?; Following the Holy Spirit; In the moment; Being still; Waiting upon the Lord; Finding Witnesses; Doing more; Counting your blessings; Remembering the wisdom; Avoid rationalizing; Breathing; Q: Ecc 9:9 and animal care?; vs people care; Forgiveness; Sacrifice test; Addressing trauma; The end of learning; Patience!; Learning the needs of others; "The gatherer"; Ministers; Beasts of the fields; Stinking; Folly; 1 Sam 13:13 - Saul's folly; Government of, by and for the people; Scrubbing out folly; Awareness of weaknesses; Biblical warnings; Idolatry; Welfare; Forgiving the debt of your neighbor; Knowing the rules; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; "Checkmate"; Blooming in the moment; Democracy in Ukraine?; Keeping His commandments; Invitation to join us; Fear not!; Do the truth!
7/22/23 Ecclesiastes 10
Quick review; Vanity; Deciding good/evil for yourself; Distractions; Divine revelation; Science; "Woke" vs "awakened"; Religion; Sacrifice; Altars of God; Nissi turtledove goddess?; Bondage in Egypt; Caring for needy; Just weights and measures; Faith, hope and charity; Sacrifice of fools; Coveting your riches; Strange fire; Church nurturing society; First fruits; Rejecting Christ's way; Selfishness degenerates society; Forced sacrifice; Income tax; Corban; Social security; Song of Moses vs Song of fools; Soapworks?; Consenting to biting your neighbor; Graft and corruption in government; Freeing your neighbor; Being wise; Bearing false witness; Socialism; Pretend Christians; Madness; Taxing tea; Society condemning itself; Truth's light; Ecc 10:1; Little folly; "Reputation" - yod-kuf-resh; Foolish virgins; Building social bonds; Patriotism?; Calling out evil practices; Stinking ointment; Wisdom - of men or God?; Tree of Life; Organized knowledge; From reality to superstition; Networking congregations; Rulers of fools; Cain's altar; Abel's altar; Social welfare through charity = freedom; Cause/effect universe; Consequences - wrath of God; Boundaries; Easy way or hard way; Christ's solution; Serpents and babblers; Ecc 10:12; Covetous fools; "Gracious" - chet-nun-nun; Offering grace to neighbors; Collateral (surety) for debt; Exercising choice; Perversion of the mind; Making the mistakes of history; Cities of blood; Keeping Sabbath; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; Seeking His kingdom and His righteousness; Seeing your fault and repenting; Sharing; "Folly" shemec-kuf-lamad-vav-tav; Ecc 2:3; Organize yourselves.
7/22/23 Discussing Foolishness
Where to find the kingdom of God; Coveting your own riches; Sharing economy; Extent of the truth; Levites belong to God; Book of Ezra; Rebuilding the "Temple"; Sacred areas; Capitalism and socialism; Redistribution of wealth; Networking in the bible; Offerings and benefits; Righteousness; Following Holy Spirit; Wars and rumors of wars; Worshiping ideas; Natural law; Wanting to see the truth; Ideologies; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; God's opinion; Church incorporation; 1 Sam 13:13 - Saul's folly; Fatherless children; Vanities; Burnt offerings; Ecc 7 :25 - folly/madness; kuf-sumach-lamad; Discerning meaning from Hebrew; Moving from wisdom of God; Jer 10:1; Christmas trees?; Spirit of greed; Wrath; Worlds of other gods; "Brutish" = burn/consume; Assembling blocks of knowledge; "Visitation"; Mark of the beast; Ecc 10 - a little folly; Public schools; Starting local networks/congregations; Plagues in Egyptian history; Charity and love; Being part of healing; Getting into the kingdom; Elevating folly; Becoming merchandise; Forgiveness; Caring about neighbor's freedom; Not wasting time; kuf-sumach-pei = money; Sharing freedom; Capitalism required for charity; Getting the Holy Spirit; Keeping knowledge out of the way; Marriage licenses; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Pagan holidays; Congregation participation; Blood flow in the body of Christ; Feast of Tabernacles; Imagined salvation; Learn the kingdom.
7/29/23 Ecclesiastes 11
Obscure book?; Casting bread upon the waters; Literal interpretations; Nakedness?; Losing dominion; Bondage in Genesis; Hearing the cries of your brother; "Madness"; The source of your choices; Intellect; Biblical alignment; Hearing the wisdom of God; Bondage of Egypt; Free bread from the government; Queris vs Rhomaios; Covetous; Modern Christianity; Pure Religion; Temples; Your duty to God and your fellow man; Ossuaries; Ensnaring tables; Making your brother/neighbor a resource; No forced offerings; Being in the garden; 2 trees; Saul's folly; Repentance; Corban of the pharisees; Turning to Christ's way; Being doers of the word; Fools won't hear; Non-inheritors of the kingdom; First fruits; Being prepared; Hoarders; Tithing; Ecc 11:1; "Casting" your bread; Caring for your neighbor; Acts 6:3; Christ "commanded"; Organizing yourselves; Serving tables; Funds movement; Institutions of 7 men; World-wide social welfare by charity; Lk 19:23 "bank"; Porters of the temple; Aid beyond the Roman Empire; Worship; Stinky oil?; Learning to be still; Ecc 11:6; Earning salvation; Depending on men for your salvation; Leaving judgment to God; To whom do you pray?; Being a part of the Living Network; Sharing this message; Preparing for the unknown; Rising anxiety in society; Learning by doing; Putting away evil; Mt 5:22; Repenting from foolishness; Ecc 9:10; Gal 2:10; Eph 4:3; Being diligent; 2 Cor 8:17; 2 Tim 2:15; Stop hiding from God.
7/29/23 Surviving Liberty Under God
Wisdom of God; Different spirits; Living souls; Literal interpretation; Gen 2:9; "Beasts" - Chet-yod; of the "Field" Shin-dalet-hey; Gen 2:20; Gen 3:14; Ex 9:19 difference; Ex 22:5; Biet-hey-mem-hey; Lev 27:28; Cain's wives?; Blame Game; Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Seeing evil; Your problem; Stabbing Nero; Nero's extended history; Constantine's vision; Roman symbols; Killing for Jesus?; Principles of righteousness; Constantine's church; The Way of Christ; Exodus route; Pillar of fire?; Realizing you're not free now; Social safety nets; Temple functions; Just weights and measures; Redistribution of wealth; Building principles; "SATOR" squares; Trusts; Widows; Government corruption; Ending world-government welfare; Finding men you trust; Condemning yourself; 2 Pe 1:10; Being doers of The Word; Ja 1:22; 2 Pe 1:15; Pure Religion; Christian integrity; Q: Stinky oil?; Sweet savor making God happy?; Foolish virgins; Investing in one another; Foolishness; Tainted charity; Setting up Christ's kingdom; Caring for one another; Weakening society; Squandered oil; 3-party State marriage; Networking Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Worship; Spreading the message; Perfect savages; Responsibility; Show up for your neighbor.
8/5/23 Ecclesiastes 12
Vanity; God writing on your heart and mind; "Born Again"; Tree of Life; Repeating lies; Jury Nullification; Acquittal; Fourth branch of government; Rejecting responsibility; Modern Christian Pharisees; Sacrifice of fools; Christ's weightier matters; Welfare snare; Understanding Moses; Ezra; Corvee; Coveting neighbor's wealth; Bondage of Egypt; Corban/Quorban/Korban; Altering societal thinking; Eating at a ruler's table; Jobs of the "state"; Biting one another - anti-Christ; Cancelling John the Baptist; Davey Crockett story; Benefits by love via The Church; Egyptian slaves; The believer's lie; Society's blind eyes; The way back to liberty under God; No substitute for the righteousness of God; Freewill offerings of charity; Ecc 12:1; Seeing your deeds; Thinking "kingdom"; Systemic slavery; Strong delusion; Conscripted fathers of the earth; Who keeps your house?; Ecc 12:4; Daughters of music?; Grinding stone story; FDR turning truth into a lie; "Grasshoppers"; Fear of God's/Christ's way; Almond trees shin-kuf-dalet, but also "to keep watch"; Fear not; Getting accurate news; Loving your neighbor vs coveting; Our responsibility; Tribute; Christ's commands; Time to repent; Dust returning to earth; Animal study story; Not wanting to see (despising watchfulness); Gripped with fear; Eating of the Tree of Knowledge or of Life; Christ, the teacher; Teaching knowledge?; God's law; Setting proverbs in order; Imparting the infinite; Romans 13; Freedom of choice; Free souls under God; The whole [duty] of man; Judgment in Natural Law; Allegiance; Government of, for and by the people; Anti-Christ churches; Saving others; Casting your bread upon the waters; Isa 40:23 creator giving choice; Thinking differently; Draw near to God.
8/5/23 Expounding on Ecclesiastes
Paper letter; Understanding charity and compassion; Squashing Corinth; Linking to Ukraine; Cleverness of the wicked; Polybius and Plutarch; Toxic charity; Charity->Anticipation->Expectation->Entitlement->Dependency; Lifestyle; Ecc 12:5 Almond Tree; Thomas Sowell; Distributing responsibilities; Your duty; Worship?; Doing the will of the father; Network of righteousness; shin-kuf-hey - to give to drink; Flourish?; Or Despise?; Lam 2:6; Ps 74:10; "Blossom"?; hey+shin-kuf-dalet; Grasshoppers; The problem is us!; Casting your bread upon the waters; Being awake; Hating the truth; Knowing God eschews anger; Humility; Direction of your journey; "Rome" as a metaphor; Relationship of the states; Residents vs citizens; Original republic; Moses' government; Precedent; Christ's "weightier matters"; Juries; Waiving your rights; Changing your direction; "Born again"; Human resources; Carnal mind; Tree of knowledge of good and evil; Accessing past and future; Creation; 2nd hour summary still to come...
8/12/23 Previewing Ezra
Prophecies; Listening to the Holy Spirit; Struggling to understand; Humility; Pride bias; Connecting disregarded dots; Strange fire; tav+biet-ayin-resh+vav; "Forced labor" = mem-sumak (4522) = 4522 tribute (corvee); sumak-biet-lamad synonym; Mari tablets; Social Security accounts?; Unpaid forced labor; Bondage of Egypt in Genesis; Taxed labor; Levites belonging to God; Why female goddesses?; Graven images; Rabbit trailing; Ezra-Nehemiah; Exemption to travelling ministers; Rome; Militia; Legionnaires; Practicality; Revealing the biblical message; Know Moses, know Christ; Ten new laws of Ezra?; Setting down your baggage; Kindling fire?; Milk and meat?; Ex 24:4; One-purse treasuries; "Corban" = sacrifice; Wages of unrighteousness; Flesh of the cauldron; Freewill offerings vs forced; Recognizing "dots"; Revelation via Holy Spirit; Stone temples?; Leaven; Reserve funds; Systems of society; Distraction by fear; New laws?; Looking to Pharisees for understanding?; (Graven) Images of Jesus; You are in the bondage of Egypt; Coveting neighbors' things; First fruits offerings; Strong delusion of Modern Christians; Col 3:5; Uniqueness of the Temple; Hiding from truth; Waiting upon the Lord; Gathering together; Hebrew "tax" words; Daniel "walking" = halak: portion of corvee; Dan 4:37; Living stone temple; Keeping His commandment; Iniquity?; Nebuchadnezzar's pride; Following Christ's commands; Correcting misconceptions; Enemies of the truth; Kingdom relationships; Falling to the flesh; Hiding from God; Sharing your light; Burning Bush Festival; Feasts of Israel; Priests to all nations; To whom do you pray for daily bread?; Destructiveness of pride; Realize where you have been wrong.
8/19/23 Misunderstandings Producing False Doctrine
Ezra/Nehemiah linking to many other books; Common (misunderstood) theme in the bible; Pharisee syndrome; Misunderstandings producing false doctrine; Saving ourselves?; "Confess"; Things we DO; Meanings of words in context; "Done away with"?; "Corban"; First fruits; Levites; Social welfare snare; Goats?; Sacrificing on altars; "Nissi" goddess; Society's sickness; Debating existence of God; His Holy Church Internet presence; Living Network; The table of Caesar; Trust law; Robbing widows and orphans; Inflation; Income tax; Social Security; Gen 15:9; She-goat = "strong"; Turtledove = "piece of your estate"; Honor = "fatten"; "Nethinim"; Mere servants?; Forced offerings = bondage of Egypt; God not hearing you; "gods"; ayin-zayin; Hewing stones; "Leaven"; Milk and meat; Red heifer; Gregory's background; Weakening the people; Socialism; Learning the teachings of Moses and Christ; Lev 7:23; Christ's instructions; Seek His kingdom FIRST; Gather in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Share; Synagogues; Walking by faith and the perfect law of liberty; Holy Spirit; Divine inspiration; Christ's "seventy"; Setting men free; Loving the light; Spirit and truth; Being doers of the word; Nakedness and breeches?; Owning your responsibility; "Micro"; Burning Bush Festival - Camping event; Leve 7:23 - eating no fat?; Sophistry; Intentional ambiguity; Organizing yourselves; Power remaining with the people; Free assemblies; Symbolism; shin-vav-resh; Meaningful letters; Separating lies from truth; Joseph's inspiration; Reassigning meaning of words; Legal robbery; Sanhedrin; "scapegoat"; Being strong; "zayin" = service, nourish, setting men free; "ayin" = divine providence; Wrath of God; Loving neighbor; Helen Keller story; Kindness; How to be a part of God's kingdom; Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots; Making the word of God to effect; Chasing goats?; Limiting your biblical understanding; Practicality; Do the will of the Father.
8/19/23 Real Networking
Real networking; Working for those willing to DO; Join to help others; Sheep; And goats; Separation; Distance from the kingdom; Hebrew letters are symbols of ideas; Avoiding sophistry; False followers of Christ and Moses; Living by force; Levites' purpose; Hazards of gift-giving; Knowing your job; "Scapegoat"; aleph-zayin-lamad + ayin-zayin; Chasing goats; Revealing Moses' teaching; Lev 7:23 eating fat?; Tearing from the beast; The Way of Christ; Inheritance; Irrevocable trusts; Robbing widows and orphans; Systems of love?; "Love" = sacrifice; Memetic desire; Honoring father and mother; Children imitating your actions; Leading by example; Mt 9:13 - calling sinners to repentance; De 29:4; Servant mentality; World systems of social welfare; Serving other gods; Living by faith; Writing upon your hearts and minds; Inspiration; Mass formation of psychosis; Eze 12:2; Wanting to neglect responsibilities; Wrath of God; Prov 20:12; Getting past your walls; Isa 6:9; Understanding the bible; Mt 13:11; Act upon what you see; Additional 1.5 hours to come.
8/26/23 Explaining Christianity
Ezra and Exodus; Tree of knowledge vs Tree of life; Your opinion does not change God; Hiding from God; Denying responsibility; Knowing thyself; Bondage of Egypt; Reducing the value of money; Trajan's persecution of Christians; Explaining Christianity; What the Torah says; Interpreting Abraham and Moses; Centralizing the Temple; Charity; Lovers of soft things; Cyrus's release; Religion; Duties to God; Moses' government; Ezra's mission; Man's errors; Your generations; World vs Christians; Private Religion; Free bread of Rome/Babylon/Egypt; Law of Nature; Hearing the cries of your brothers; Robbing widows and orphans; Repentance; Nazis?; "Cylinders"; How good was Cyrus?; Legalizing The Church; Ignatius of Antioch; Governing ourselves; Connecting dots; Republics; Democracies; What Christ said; Christian Roman Soldiers; Attacking delusion; Urim and Thummim = stones?; Ex 28:30; Ezra 2:63; Revealing the word of God; Eucharist; Impure Religion; Wave offering; World government religion; Coercive church; Word meanings; Living network of charity; Biting your neighbor; What you should do; Commandments; Honoring father and mother; Urim aleph-vav-resh-yod-mem = lights; Thummim tav-mem-yod-mem = perfection; Priest seeing truth?; John the Baptist; Investigating what you've been told; Kings and high priests; Sanhedrin; Corruption; Lawmakers; Executive orders; What made America great; Gabbi and Molchi; Ministers without authority; Peculiar people; Freewill vs force; Servant government; Returning to Jerusalem; Leaven; Altars; Conversation; Good news; Guarding against corruption; Constantine's church; Kings in the home; Good news of hard times; Set the captive free.
8/26/23 Bringing Ideas Together
Assembling information; Religion; Tough Teutons; Medical protection; Kingdom networking; Showing up for neighbors; Creating the alternative; Connection with remote groups; "Urim" and "Thummim"; Sharing; What is "love"?; Conducting God's love; Bringing your light; Sacrifice; Choosing to make God's word to effect; Red Sea crossing; Ex 28:30; vav-aleph-tav; Letting light into your heart; Corruption of power; Empowering tyrants; Spiritual narcissism; Congregating to help others; Families - foundation of the kingdom; Standing together; Licensing ministers; "Blue thread"; Plans of evil; Perverts and puppets; Becoming a doer; Making it on your own?; More summary to come.
9/2/23 No Broadcast today - Burning Bush Festival
9/9/23 Piecing the Puzzle Together
Preterism; "Short work"; Kingdom of God is at hand; End of Christianity?; The puzzle; 2 Cor 4; Hidden things of dishonesty; Right reason; Superstitio; Repentance; God's writing upon your heart and mind; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Moses's intent; Abraham's altars of charity; Social safety nets; Congregating to love; Modern church apostasy; Born again; Believing in God; "Put to death"; Living altars; Jehovah-Nissi; 2 Cor 4; False teachers perpetuating false information; Sitting in tens, hundreds and thousands; Early Church examples; Son of God; Public feasts; Suetonius; Nero's rules punishing Christians; Pilate's aqueduct; Rulers burning their countries; Christ's solution; Apology of Justin; Becoming true Christians; What to do today; Bondage of Egypt; 2 Cor 4; Roman republic; American republic; Binding by commonwealth; Strange fire/woman; Prov 7:5; Cities of blood and cauldrons of flesh; Metaphoric zombies; Ps 69:22 = Rom 11:9; Offices of power vs offices of service; Corban of the Pharisees; Robbing Ephesus?; Evidence of your Christianity; Kingdom connections; Ten-family congregations; "commending" ourselves; Christ's appointment of the kingdom; Charity alone; Modern corban; Righteousness of God; Knowing the right way; Living stones; Weaponry; Setting your neighbor free; What The Church should be; Nicolaitans and Balaam; The way of truth; Public religion; vs Pure religion; Do you want to see?; Covetous practices; Col 3:5; Eph 5:5; Born into bondage; Being a doer of the word; 1 Cor 5:10; Hating capitalism; "Deceitfully" (Dolo); Why you're in bondage; Ekklesia; Burning sheep?; Freewill offerings; Your choice; Self-organization in love; Humility; Caesar's offices; Seek His Kingdom and Righteousness.
9/9/23 Consenting to Corban
Preterism; God is the same; Corban; Contextualizing the Gospel; Factions of ideology; Labels; Mints; gods; "Religion"; Gathering in Christ's Way; Exercising authority; Covetousness of public education; Q: Acquiring property without titling; Legal title; Embassy of Heaven; Cemeteries; Irrevocable trusts; "Ravens"; Kingdom of God; Christ's Church goals; Coming to the aid of your neighbor; Empowering neighbor destruction; Consenting to Corban; Christ's commands; Stones of the altar/temple; Following Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; "Israel"; God's system; Gospel of hope; Equity; Obedience; Religious orders; Tests of faith; Wrath of God; Getting out?; Where are you going to?; Renouncing dishonesty; Social Security Numbers; Ensnaring and corrupting YOU; Made men; Fear not!; Love; Manifesting truth; Banding together; Free assemblies; Slaves of Christ; Knowing Holy Spirit; Using your talent; Government of, for and by the people; Q: Cemetery property; Kurds?; Malaysia; World War 2 allegiance; Seeking the kingdom; Learning to love one another; Simplicity of Christ's kingdom; Signs and wonders; Depression; Christ's purposes; Why we gather; Sowing hope; Rebuilding the temple; Tacitus; Coming in Christ's name; 1000 years of Christian flourishing; Preparing for dearths; Tacitus' dream of restoring the republic; Romans at Christ's time; Making Rom great again; "Republic"; 2 Cor 4; Tacitus didn't like Christians; Deaths during the American revolution; Corrupt governments; Commending men to their consciences; Bearing witness; Bands of brothers; Quoting Tacitus; Cities of blood; Rationing; The moneychangers; FBI; Christ is the solution; War crimes of Julius Caesar; Right reason; Decreasing family sizes; Families helping families; God's plan for you; Tacitus' misunderstandings of Christians; Faith; The Teuton difference; Shield maidens; Herman the German; Repent and seek the kingdom and righteousness of God.
9/16/23 How to Seek His Kingdom and Righteousness
What we should be seeking; Solution to injustices and corruption; 1 Sam 8; Cities of Refuge and Israel's judicial system; Statutes; Freedom without responsibility?; Defining religion; Private and public religion; Roman centurion Christians; Cancel culture; Counter-faith; Instructions for kingdom seeking; Christ's appointed government of service; Exercising authority; Anarchy; US Indirect Democracy; Foreign states; Knowing ourselves; Mt 7:14; Mt 24:5; Willingness to know the whole truth; Repeating principles in history; Prophecy; Offending people; Christians in mind only; Listening to God's answers; Offence at truth; Deceiving the elect?; Learning where you're not right; "mankind"; Gen 1:1; Good vs Evil; Light vs Dark; Adam's nakedness; The bible's destination; Blaming God; Missing the Christian solution; Addiction to benefits; Mercy; Altars of clay and stone; Public bribes; The problem is us!; Fixing the problem = repentance; Governing by force and fear; Creating the next generation; Psychology of Totalitarianism; Mattias Desmet; Contempt of facts; Natural Law; Jus juris vs Lex legis; Keeping your agreements; "pacta servanda sunt"; "gods"; Contracting for benefits; Creeping sloth; Just weights and measures; Doing your own research?; Science vs ideology; Meaningless jobs; Capgras; Identifying the source of the problem; Lighting the darkness; Blaming God; Natural remedies; Ruling over neighbor; Recognizing biblical truth; Pendulum synchronization; Denial of truth leads to chaos; Gospel of the Kingdom; Repeating Adam's sin; Letting in the light; Cutting yourself off from God's way; Daily bread; Where do you get yours?; Your responsibility; Changing ideologies; Tree of Life; Walking in light; Following false saviors; Mt 23:9; Who's your father?; Buying love; Stop hiding.
9/16/23 Totalitarianism
Totalitarianism; Münster Anabaptists; Church crowning kings?; Doomsday book; Symptoms of amoral societies; Population collapse?; Generations; The image of God; Virtues vs vices; Revelation; Two trees; Science; Productive conversation; Inspiration; Allowing people into power; Giant Roman ships; Cooperating without central authority; Socialism breeds sloth; Setting the captive free; Hearing the true Christ; Governments of service; Pure religion; Advocating covetousness; Corvee systems; Free bread for Israel?; Judiciary act; Administrative courts; A divided collective; Liberty from responsibilities; Corruption by power; Public education; Turning away from God; 1 Samuel 8; The temple you need to build; Citizenship; What makes a good leader?; God's kingdom operation; Confronting delusion; Depopulation; Realizing the kingdom of God; Strangers and pilgrims; What made America great; Pendulum synchronization; 1.5 more hours of summary to come.
9/23/23 Leaving Judgement to God
God's righteousness; Man's government corruption; Corruption among the people; Dysphoria with the truth; Standing up for truth; Challenging yourself; Raising adults; The allure of legal charity; The welfare snare; Coveting your neighbors' goods; Cities of blood; Just weights and measures; Striving for the kingdom; The 1971 "Jesus movement"; Working righteousness; Seeing your problem; "Conversation" (politumei) = kingdom citizenship; Free assemblies of peculiar people; Freewill offerings; Fleshpots - biting your neighbor; Body of Christ; Daily ministration; Tables of rulers; Loving your neighbors; Kingdom vs congregation; Prodigal sons; Conversation with each other; Ideologies; False Christs; Tree of Life; Emotional revival?; Revelation about YOU; Mechanism of Science; Selling yourself into bondage; One purse; Moving to "cities"; Civil governments; Commander-in-chief; Taking responsibility for your sin; Sharing truth; Letting go of anger; Forgiveness; Adultery; Usurping God; Ideological subversion; "Love"?; Sacrificing; Ten Commandments; Blaming others; Listening to Holy Spirit; Vanity vs humility; 1066 William the conqueror; Taking oaths; Who crowned William?; Diving right of Kings; Saul's folly; Clergy of Constantine; Setting the captive free; Festivals; Protection draws subjection; The "world" of Rome; Opportunities of giving to others; The gods of your system; Insolvency of Social Security; Allowing your neighbor's right to choose; Ex 23:32; "Put to death" metaphor; Altars; Love vs force (Totalitarianism); Prov 1:10; Swear not - stop taking oaths; Why people are in bondage; Your "conversation"; When America was great; Returning responsibility to family; Christ's "weightier matters"; Corban of the Pharisees; Is your church comfortable?; Taxation is covetousness; Repentance; Jury nullification; Right reason = will of God; The Love of Christ; Thinking "kingdom"; World temples; Where the Gospel begins; The walking dead; Families bound by love; Loving truth; Share; Leave judgement to God.
9/23/23 Psychology of Totalitarianism
Psychology of Totalitarianism; Hidden information; Mass hysteria; Enlightenment; Riots; Bringing light into chaos; Holy Spirit's touch; Opportunities for bondage; Jury nullification; Riot of Corruption; Jury oaths; Deciding Fact AND Law; Conjured realities; Sharing the light; Limits on the Tree of Knowledge; Our duty to our brothers; Unconsuming light; Losing yourselves to the masses; Hypnosis; Removing corruption?; Legal charity; Accepting lies - cutting yourself off from the light; Communism? Democracy?; Flocks and hives; Union and discipline; Making covenants with other gods; Following ideologies rather than the wisdom of God; False Christs; Saving yourself?; Church doctrine?; Eating neighbors' flesh; Ensnaring yourself; Real salvation; Repurposing society; Oppressing women; Needing God's love; Creating the pattern of the Kingdom; Another hour of summary to come.
9/30/23 Matthew 2
Matthew the man; Charity in the early Rome; Cities and tents; Codified rules; "Citizen"; Paul the Rhomaios; Early American citizenship; Understanding Matthew; Sons of God; Defining "religion"; Intimate charity; Sexual revolution; Legal charity; The sin of Sodom; Early Church kingdom; Right provision of bread; Baptism of Jesus Christ; Jews in the Early Church; Justin's apology; Caring for neighbor as selves; Charity vs force; Matthew 1 = Generations; Walking by faith; Sacrificing for the needy; Corban?; Saul's folly; Bonding society; Forcing your neighbor; Imaginary belief in Jesus; Covetous practices; Altering sexuality; Treating symptoms; Solving social problems; Matthew's birth story; Gospel of James?; Directions of Jesus; "Patri" = father; Contextualizing the gospel; Benefit addiction; Public religion; Temple of living stones; Matt 2; Luke 2:4; Micah 5:2; Bethlehem; Pretend Christians; Wise men?; Troubling Herod; Jesus' mission; Matt 2:6; Rule people? Or "feed" (shepherd); No covetous practices; 1 Sam 8; Rejecting God; Repent and see; "Worship"; Moving stars?; Supporting Christ's kingdom; Dream warnings; Nu 24:8; "Unicorns"; Degenerating the people; Hosea 11:1; "Out of Egypt"; Herod executing children; Jer 31:15; "City" = "polis" = community of people; Existence of "Nazareth"?; Nazarene Essenes; Where was John the Baptist?; Death of Zachariah?; Long line of Kings; No king in Jerusalem at Christ's time; Until 1099 (crusades)?; Anarchy?; Moving by love; Worshipping Christ; Jer 3:13; Herod Antipas?; Kingdom of God is at hand; Your responsibilities; "Love"; "Polis" on a hill; Power in hands of individual = Republic; Mammon; Jesus rich, made himself poor; Different kind of governor?; Surviving the days ahead; Matt 3:1; Preparing the Way of Christ; "Kingdom of Heaven/God"; "ouranos"; Christ's new world order - seek it!
9/30/23 Matthew 3
Taking back your responsibilities; Corruption, abuse and neglect of world government; "Governor" - hegemon - leader of any kind; Shepherd?; Matt 3:1; John the Baptist's "way" = charity; "Heaven" - for the living; Social safety net; Helping the needy; Seven men; After you die?; "locusts" or carob?; Rabbinical baptism; Reserve funds; Demanding loyalty; Living altars of God; Loving your neighbor; Doing what's right; Vipers; Legal charity; Humility; Signs in the heavens; Defeating armies of darkness; Concerning battles; Changing your mind; Baptism of fire; Winnowing?; Hearing from the Holy Spirit; Zacharias; Gospel of James; Sanhedrin walk-out; Elizabeth's whereabouts; Spiritual protection; Slaying Zacharias; Matt 2:3?; Another hour of summary yet to come.
10/7/23 Matthew 4
Matthew writing to a Jewish base; Lev 14:2 leper offerings; Extra work for Priest; Turtledove altars; "Religion"; Doctrine of Jesus; Badmouthing Paul; Implementing Christ; Rightly dividing bread; The other FEMA; Jehovah-Nissi; Essene interpretation; Doing what Jesus taught; Connecting the testaments; Taking the kingdom from the Pharisees; Appointing to His little flocks; "Meat"?; Temple: den of thieves; Understanding Jesus; Salt of the modern church; Solving the world's problems; John the Baptist's preparation of The Way; Network of charity; Binding ourselves by faith, hope and charity; Gathering of friends; John's respect for Jesus; Matt 4:1; Jesus led by Spirit; Temptation; "Son of God"; Gospel of James; Welfare snare; Stones to bread?; Living stones; Corruption of priests; Wave offering; Handling money; Firing moneychangers; Word of God; Temptations of Christ and us; Fate?; Fasting?; Temptation -> Corruption; Sanhedrin; Opulence of priests; 2 Cor 8:9; Repentance; Religions of force; Oregon article 2 section 22; Media control; Perverting altars; 1 Sam 8; Fixing corruption; Matt 4:5; Jumping out of the system?; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Turning neighbors into bread; Matt 4:8; "world"; Your power; Worship = service; "Angels"?; The love from Christ; Mt 4:17; Kingdom of Heaven/God; Separate from the "world"; Receiving Holy Spirit; Christ's commands for His Church; Kingdom within your reach; Simon and Andrew; James and John; Synagogues; New kind of "net"; Unrighteous leaping; Adversary to God - other "son"?; Public religion = legal charity; Exercising Authority; Process of repentance; Selling yourself into bondage; Distractions from neighbor's needs; Tempting God to take care of you?; Burnt offerings; Evolution of "giving"; Systems of social welfare; Following the money; Caesar's hut?; Democracy; Return to Pure Religion.
10/7/23 Matthew 5
Raiment of John the Baptist; Matt 3:4; Camel hair and leather belt?; Parthia; Magi?; Essene message; Hemyan; Linking to Iran?; Priests to all nations; Ephesus; Parthian battle techniques; Mustering Militia; Religion's essential social bonds; Altars of Jehovah-Nissi; Lev 14 leprosy; Hocus-pocus; Cat allergies?; Milkmaids and smallpox; Matt 4 review; Free bread and circuses; Tempting God; Sons of God; Faithful maidens; Contracting with other gods; Systems of social welfare; Freewill offerings; The road to pure religion; Long term care facilities; Fishers of men; The "way" of Christ; Living Network; 1 Pe 2:5; Rev 2:17; 1 Cor 3:16; Temple of the Holy Ghost; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Matthew out of chronological order; Sermon on the mount; Beatitudes; Keeping commandments; Rationalizing; Denying Christ; Expanding challenges; Rom 1:25; Non-inheritors of the kingdom; Insufficient Christianity; Another hour of summary to come.
10/14/23 Matthew 6
News behind the news; Bible is about government; The war for your soul; Vatican II councils; Whole truth; Matthew writing to Jews; The solution; Christians without a clue; Christ's doctrine; Needing something to believe in; Reviewing Matthew; Genealogy; Wise men; Supporting Christ's ministry; "Magi"; Rightful kings?; Corban; Matt 3:4; Camel hair?; Parthians?; Knowing history; John the Baptist's lineage; Rome/Parthia history; Social safety net systems; Jesus' government; Religious duty; Public religion; Temples in Jerusalem and Rome; "Nazareth"; "polis"; Foundational knowledge; Richness of Jesus; Julius Caesar; No coveting!; "Hemyan"; 16th Amendment; Changing the way you think; Sharing wealth; Idolatry; Anti-Christ governments; Caring for each other; "Happy" sermons; Spiritual fulfilment; Christ's Republic; Destroying Rome; Matthew 6 decrees; Beatitudes; Alms - for needy of society; Compassionate choice; "love"; arrows?; No force!; Fair share?; People's choice; World's forced benefits; Lord's prayer; Which "father"; Praying to God for your daily bread; Forgiving debt; Or NOT forgiving; The choice before you; Fasting instructions; Invisible god; Rich ministers; Your treasures; Learning to love; Matt 6:24; Serving 2 masters; Choosing Christ's system; Mammon; Sharing your treasure; Anxiety and appreciation; Christ, Abraham and Moses created networks of charity; Seeking kingdom FIRST; Hypocrites; Taxes = tithes; Injustice story; Christ's intention; Parthian shot?; True Christianity; Seeking righteous mammon; God's protection; Network together in faith and truth.
10/14/23 Anxiety and Thankfulness
Christ High Priest and King; Firing moneychangers; Taxation and Tithing; Benefitting at neighbors' expense; Your bondage; Hoping for repentance; Taking away power of authority; "Almsgiving"; Riding the beast; Merchandising humanity; Anxiety vs Gratitude; Walking in faith; Enemies; Unnatural affection; Phil 4:11; Moses' influence; Believing in God's provision; Greek "thankfulness"; Beatitudes; God's fuel; Poor in spirit; Awakening Holy Spirit in you; Psalms 107:1; Give thanks unto the Lord.; "yada" and "tada"; Force use by modern Christians; The "love" utility; Your greatest fears; Conduiting Holy Spirit; Lam 3:22; Forgiveness and health; Seeing your own error; Phil 4:6; Being careful?; "Peace", 1+ hours of summary yet to come.
10/21/23 Matthew 7
Contextualizing Matthew; Christ's history-changing message; Parthia and India; Digging deeper; Son of God controversy; Rome's free bread and circuses; Earlier congregations; Baptizing Christians; Welfare snare, Bondage of Egypt; Income tax; Never to go there; Choosing rulers; Julius Caesar's temples; Covetousness; Christ vs Caesar; Robbing your neighbor; Covetousness is not OK; Attacking delusion? Or saving lives?; "Christians" working iniquity; Freewill; Dopamine?; Fasting; Analyzing the Gospel; Pursuit of happiness; John 5:34; Rom 10:1; "Might be saved"; Our freewill choice; Living in light; Matt 6:22; Focus on truth; George Floyd example; Bringing light into the room; Matt 7:1; Turning neighbor into resource; Saving yourself?; "Judgement" = crema; Decree; Responsibility; Protecting neighbor; Peoples' courts; Juries; Deciding fact and law; Corban of the Pharisees; Seeing your error; Keeping commandments; Sacrifice; Matt 7:5; Your beam; Idolatry; Col 3:5; Hypocrites; Pearls of truth; Heading families; Taking care of society's needy; Approving corruption; The way of the Kingdom; Faith; Strait gate; Loving truth; Racism?; Wolves in sheep's clothing; Knowing by fruits; Fruit of modern church; Your chosen gods; Dainties; Wanting to see; Unrighteous mammon; Changing the way you think; Matt 7:21; Laws of force; Why Rome was in Judea; "Born again"; The fruit of your faith; "Belief"; Seeing your darkness; The rock of Christ; Decrees of Jesus Christ; Doers; "Authority" (power); Who is the higher power in your life?; Liberty; Siding with righteousness; "Evil"; Being wise men; Gathering in Christ's way; Scattered flock; Revelation-based judgement; Matt 8:1; Multitudes; Touching lepers; Christian minorities; Repent an do Christ's doctrines.
10/21/23 Matthew 8
Judging; Which rules?; Right to choose; Spiritual choices; Perspective; Cultural revolution; Barbarians; Knowing yourself to know others; Your idols; Two trees; Socialist degeneration; Daily travesties; Perfect law of liberty; Matt 8:1; Healing the leper; John the Baptist; Parthia; Jesus the king; Immediate cleansing; Lev 14:2 Law of the leper; Pharisee party; Possession; Jesus' plan; Healing; Vaccines; Reproduction; Intuition and revelation; Jesus and the Old Testament; Charity + Faith + Hope; 8:9 - man under authority (exousia); Stories by Christ; How will you choose?; Ideologies; True sons; Starting your journey; Accepting the love of God; Peter's mother-in-law; 8:17 Isaiah reference; Taking care of needy of your society; Making The Lord your Lord; 1+ hour of additional summary to follow.
10/28/23 Matthew 9
Writing to Jews and Parthians; Social safety nets; Courts; Circumstantial evidence; Media falsification; Missing information; Translated bible; Preconceived notions; "Patris"; Twisting presented information; Ideology; Believing in Holy Spirit; Patterns of evil; Connecting with God who gives life; Jesus quotes; "Christ" = king of government at hand; Kingdom not of this "world"?; Rightful king of Judea; Protection draws subjection; Pursuit of happiness; "Blessed"/happy; Righteous relations with neighbors; "Conversation"; Administrating civil affairs; Saul's foolishness; Christ's healing power; Matt 9:1; His own city (polis); Meditation; Spiritual awakening; Discipleship; "Publicans"; Government corruption; Devotion to sin; What sin?; "Q gospels"; Voluntarism; Matt 9:12; Tending the sick; Evil's control; Delusion; "Mercy" and sacrifice; Fasting?; Separate from the world; Matt 9:18; Faith; "Worship"; Making whole; "Nazarite" vow; What is death?; Raising from the dead; Understanding Holy Spirit; Acting upon faith; John the Baptist's ministry; Devils; Synagogues; Spiritual and physical realms; Matt 9:36 "Multitude"; Scattered flocks; Too many shepherds; Few laborers; Chapter breaks added; Matthew story over years; Sanhedrin; Sacrifice of the world; Heaven's operation; Deceitful meats; Welfare (unrighteousness) snares; "Bridegroom"; Who is the bride?; Gospel solution; Red-letter decrees of the king; "Church"; Levitical criteria; Body (incorporation) of Christ; 40,000 denominations?; Who is the harlot?; First-century doers; Christ's table; Caring for all neighbors; Repent (think a different way); Don't miss the gospel (of the kingdom)!
10/28/23 Matthew 10
Many words from Christ; Our journey as individuals; Matt 10:1; Disciples/students; Parables?; Sickness and disease; Bible sources; Uninspired translators - Inspired readers; Hearing the Word of God; Trauma; "Sickness" = nosos - disease; "Disease" = infirmity/weakness (soft/effeminate); Transference of traits/identity via trauma; Overcoming trauma; Consequential disease; Giving "power" to disciples; Listing apostles; Immigration?; Population collapse?; The design of God; Preaching the gospel; Leprosy?; Rotting of the soul; Why gather?; Preparedness; Conduits of Holy Spirit; Judging; Wise serpents; Protecting sheep in the midst of wolves; Living for your children - strengthening; Sin of Sodom; Resurrecting righteousness; Sanhedrin (Council); Subjection; "Swear not"; Taking God's name in vain; Other churches; Governments of power; Confrontation; Speaking from the heart/spirit; Dealing with demons; Letting God work in your life; Fear Not!; Repentance; "Israel"; Power of choice; Confess? (homologeo) - agree/say the same; Doers of the Word; Artificial Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; Knowing yourself; The Way of Christ; Matt 25:34-46 lookahead; "Brethren"; Name of Christ; Where is your faith?; Who is your comforter?; Helping with unbelief; Parthia v Rome; Building social bonds; Christian soldiers; It's time to repent.
11/4/23 Matthew 11
Gospel = "good news"; Matt 10 - decrees to disciples; Revelation; Who is Jesus?; Simon a rock?; Fathers on the earth; Equality; Family; Levites; Degeneration of society; Welfare snare; Herod's legal charity; Honoring parents; Stone temples; Respecters of persons; Pure religion; Parallel service; Matt 11:1, Command = "diatasso" (appoint, ordain); 2 Pe 2 2:15; Rev 2:14; Idolatry (covetousness); Fornication?; Stumbling blocks; Registration of men; Blind man story; In but not of the world; Herod's other temple; Taxation; Jude 1:11; Spots?; Media influence; Shifting standards; Repentance; John the Baptist; Bondage of Egypt; Hearing truth; Nazarite?; Death?; Single gospel message; Born of Holy Spirit; Nearing Tree of Life; Kingdom of Heaven/God; New world order; Matt 11:12; Lk 16:16; Violence?; Burdens?; Superstition; Religion; Making your "yes", "yes"; Cities of blood; Coming together in love/charity; Matt 11:15; Seeing your faults; Killing care; Prodigal son; Saul's folly; Children of wisdom; Missing History; Freely disseminating truth; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Matt 11:24 Sodom?; Knowing Jesus; Christ's light burden; 1 Cor 1:20; The "wise"; The right of choice; Foolish wisdom; Gaul's history; Learning to come together; Kingdom truth; Admitting your wrongs; Making the foolish wise; 1 Cor 3:19; The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Ez 16:49; The solution; Strengthening the poor; Brethren; Supporting your chosen minister; Fear not!; Sabbath?; Seeking righteousness; Conforming to Christ daily; Leaven?; Living Network; Freeing the whole world; Only one creator; Don't waste any time.
11/4/23 Matthew 12
Encyclopedia; The whole gospel; Being doers of the word; Concordances; Following Holy Spirit; Knowledge vs guidance; Personal paradise; Respecters of persons; "Sacred"; 1 Sam 8; Returning to freedom; Matt 12:1; Porters of the Temple; Two witnesses; High Priest and King; Prodigal son; Sabbath violation?; Worshipping symbols; Leaven; FDR; Your bondage; Unrighteous mammon; The Sabbath way; Taking the kingdom from the Pharisees; Two "Israels"; "Synagogue" Free assemblies; Perverting Moses' religion; Anti-Christian benefits; Serving our Father; "Brethren"; Strengthening the poor; Devaluing money; Sheep rescue story; Calf rescue story; Plotting against Christ; Loving their delusion?; Left of righteousness; Sanhedrin?; Romans 13 pamphlet; exousia = liberty of choice; King (and High Priest) Jesus; Moses' court system; Cities of refuge; Casting out criminals; Stoning; "Rulers"; Burnt offerings; John the Baptist threat; One purse; Why didn't you know?; Pharisees' self-incrimination; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; Things Pilate knew; Returning to righteousness; "Gentiles"; Overpopulation?; Freeing slaves?; "Faith"; Distraction; Speaking up; Boards and board members; Ready for conflict; Focusing on the kingdom; Promoting HHC material; Fasting; Waiting upon the Lord; Trauma; "Soul"; Submitting to God; Word trickery; Depopulation; Communism; Joining the network; Blasphemy of Holy Spirit; Forgiving; Emulating John the Baptist; Helping your minister; Brothers of Jesus; Speak up!
11/11/23 Matthew 13
Exodus foundation; Given dominion; Deciding good and evil; Source of life; Blaming others vs taking responsibility; The Church as social welfare; Understanding biblical history; Graven images; "Idolatry"; Ideology; Where is your faith?; Col 3:5; Covetousness; Golden calf; Bonds of love; Daily ministration of Pure Religion; Concupiscence; Sabbath metaphor; Living for Christ; Parables; Spirit first; Advocating truth; Knowing the spirit; Realizing you're at fault; Matt 13:1; Brethren; Sower parable; Composition of your heart; Force vs Charity; Explaining John the Baptist's system; Kingdom operation; vs Temple operation; Matt 13:10; Eph 5:5; Covetousness nullifies rights; Why parables?; Revelation; Inspirational intelligence; Levels of understanding Christ's message; Matt 13:15; Converted hearts; Seeing your nakedness; "Blessed" - consecrated or happy?; Public religion; Accepting the Straight Way; Offended? Scandalized; Parable of the tares; Rapturing tares?; Mustard seed parable; Leaven parable; Righteous mammon?; Knowing which "world"; Matt 13:36; 1 Cor 5:10; Harlots; Fornication; Field of tares and barley is the "world"; Wicked thinking they are children of God; Self-deceived; Hidden treasure parable; Selling all you have?; Snares and traps of Legal Charity; Natural Law; Sleight of hand; Being the "elect"?; Guru theories; Net-works; Messages to His apostles; Doctrine of Christ; Corban; Salvation; Christ's family/homeland?; Learning knowledge; Providing for neighbors; Bringing the light; Sacrifice in love; Loving God and Neighbor; Giving choice - free assembly; Gathering to save all; Righteousness; Be a doer of the Word.
11/11/23 Matthew 14
"Leaven"; Bottom-up management; Danger of repose; Community of Early Church; vs Free bread of Rome; Mammon - righteous and unrighteous; "Corban" and "doron"; Matt 14:1 Death of John the Baptist; Herodias; Knowing history -> language; Needing the Holy Spirit; Self-deception; Gathering in tens, hundreds and thousands; Developing trust; Facing truth; Giving to have life more abundant; Sacrifice; Seeing the darkness within you; Killing children; Pythagoras?; Judicial system of Israel; Jews who aren't Jews; Welfare states vs righteousness; Feeding the multitude; Manna?; Twelve baskets left?; Feeding Levites; Comparing Mark with Matthew; Barabbas; Pontius Pilate and the crucifixion of Christ; "Commanded"; Focusing on the message; Hospital closures; Practice of giving; Matt 14:22; Walking on water; Jesus: Son of God; Ministers of service; Cities of Refuge; Making the sick, whole; Healing by faith; Help with unbelief; Seeking the kingdom; Herod Antipas; "Tetrarch"; No king in Jerusalem; History of the time; Exile of Herod Antipas; Parthia?; Societal degeneration; Revolutionary war: Christ's revolution; Invest in the kingdom.
11/18/23 Matthew 15
Judea at the time of Christ; Misinterpretation of Old Testament; Making the word of God to none effect; What was wrong with their sacrifice?; Abraham's welfare; Networking; Victimless charges; Peter's role; God's purpose for mankind; John the Baptist's way; "Religion"; Charity vs force; Christ the king; Righteous solutions; Praying for sight; Benevolence of the creator; Traditions/ordinances; Matt 15:1; New Sanhedrin; People's relationship with government and God; Holy Spirit revelation; Accepting the whole truth; Walking with the Lord; Transgressing tradition; Forced offerings; Bondage by agreement; Becoming sureties; Assigning your labor to government; Herod's baptism; "Leaven"; Finding fault with Jesus; Honoring father and mother; "Corban" and "doron"; Scattered flocks; Commanders in chief; Spirit of justice; Taking care of one another; Corporations (golem); Finding good guys; Knowing Moses' way; Pharisees' transgressions; Public religion; This system continues today; Blinding your heart; Commandments of men; Fervent charity; Matt 15:10; Tempting God; Seek His kingdom and righteousness; Tares; Blind leading blind; Do you understand?; Unclean; Fear not; What the kingdom of God looks like; Canaanite woman; From what "table" do you eat?; Returning power to the people; "Free" bread; Loving your neighbor; The decay of modern welfare; Being tested; Seeing "Canaan" in you; Belonging to God; Seeking help; Believing without signs; Biblical commands; Magdala; They did all eat!; "Religion"; Where is your treasure?; Sacrifice; Christ's requirements for ordination; Degenerating society; American bondage; Repent and think Christ's way.
11/18/23 Matthew 16
Understanding the gospel of the kingdom; Distorted biblical text; "Dark ages"; Global cooling; Thriving Christians; Killing children; Listening to God; Matt 16:1; Exposing Pharisees; Tempting signs; Welfare snare; Taking care of ourselves; Adulterating the sacrifice; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Faith!; Leaven = cruelty; Oppression; Prophets; Simon-Peter's activity; Sons of God; God within you?; v17 The Rock; "Church"; Ekklesia = "called out"; Levites and apostles; Little flock; Free assembly; Personal relationships with God; Tithing; Sacrificial offerings; "Blessed"; Revelation from God; Where is your faith?; Examining the Greek; Who received the keys of the kingdom?; Binding and loosing; Seat of King in Jerusalem; Following the ways of Christ; Simon's authority; Wives and husbands; Access to Holy Spirit; Rebuking Christ?; Caring for parents; Feeding the herdsman; Care makes us men of God; Laying down your life; Freewill; Allowing choice of other; Unburdening neighbor; Discussing v17-19; Levites belonged to God; True faith; Apostles' learning journey; Mt 21:42; Ps 188:22; Is 28:16; Training your children; Gregory childhood story; Community around you; Helping others with their burdens; Cornerstone; 1 Pe 2:8; Importance of conversation; Blessed = happy - for receiving revelation from God; Respecters of persons; Mt 18:18 repeats binding and loosing; With no mention of Peter; His "name"; Burden of temptation; Doing unto others; "Pope" Gregory; Councils of bishops; Constantine's "church"; Q: Steven - communication; Letting Holy Spirit talk; Addiction to ideology; Profundity of silence; Q: Christian virtue; Righteousness first; Systems without solutions; Individual right to choose; Avoiding corruption; Patience in listening; Be ruled by Holy Spirit.
11/25/23 Matthew 17
The mysterious keys; Matthew study at; The solution to Social Security; Understanding Temples; Bone ash?; Illegal to own gold; Removing history; Truth and lies; "Leaven"; Baptizing with the Holy Spirit; Explaining the keys; Drawing near to God; Corban of Pharisees vs FDR's Social Security; Privatizing?; Dumbing down school children; The narrow way to eternal life; Covetous practices; Wycliff bible forward; Government of, for and by the people; Wrath of the lamb?; Genesis 1 creation; Matt 17:1; Elohim aleph-lamad-hey-mem; Judges; Law of nature, right reason; Believing in God; "Son of God"; Receiving benefits from the Temples; What is The Church?; Transfiguration; Cloud? Pillar?; Matt 17:10; Luke's description; Keys + 6 days; The "rock"; Fleeting happiness; Bible interpretation; Mountain where transfiguration occurred; Your source of knowing; History?; Caesar's money; Use tax; Legal/lawful title; Mark 9:30; What's important?; Curing a lunatic?; Faithless - infidel; Inspiration required; Iniquitous Israel; Returning to the bondage of Egypt; Rome's free bread; No forced offerings in the kingdom; Covetousness = idolatry; Your unbelief; Moving mountains; Matt 17:21 - missing in some bibles; Different ancient texts; Importance of prayer and fasting; Proximity to the light; Fasting from your desires; Trinity?; The workings of the universe; Temple tax (tribute); Receive? No, "take"; Ref 1 Sam 8; Foreign aid; Consequences of having a king/ruler; Getting God to hear us; Christ's contract with Caesar; Jurisdiction; Ruling judges; Brightness of God's light; Binding and loosing; Unrighteous mammon; Free your neighbor.
11/25/23 Matthew 18
Forming little groups; Well-organized free assemblies of Christians; Government paranoia; Socialism breeds sociopaths; Receive? Or take?; Believing things Christ actually said; "In my name"; "Liberty"; Sophistry; Knowing in the moment; Confusing language; Biblical instructions; Allowing freedom of choice for all; Following Holy Spirit; Prayer and fasting; Matt 18:1; Appointing the kingdom to disciples; Greatest servant?; Humbling yourself; Seeking righteousness; Divine intervention; Offending believers; Story of Pharaoh; Living in darkness; Being God's children; Mt 18:8-9; "Geenna" (Hell?) - burning landfill; Metaphors; Coveting is not OK; False Christs; His "name"; Angels; Father of Light; Allowing for darkness; The solution; Networked congregations of families; Free assemblies; Purpose of congregation; Knowing His sheep; Revealing wrongs to the wrongdoer; Exercising love and service; Making amends for your iniquity; "Stoning"; Mt 18:18 - keys of the kingdom; Social bonds of conscience; Loosening by forgiveness; Being merchandise; Social security; Mk 13:6; Lk 21:8; Cursing children with debt; Deceiving the little ones; Serving God first; Jn 14:26 your comforter; Understanding; Acts 9:15; God not hearing you; Helping others avoid temptation; Relying on Holy Spirit; Holding people accountable - for their good; Criminal collecting Social Security; Mt 18:23; Reprobate servant; Forgiving the debt of humble servant; Torment?; Corruption?; Check the beam in your own eye; Lost sheep; "Son of man"; Children of God; Untranslated "the"; Two sons parable; Doers; Idolatry = covetous practices; Bonds of love/charity; Cowards of America; Building the kingdom today; Repentance; Don't give offense.
12/2/23 Matthew 19
Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Mt 19 packed with information; Continuance of Mt 18; Family = God's institution; Orchestrated attacks on family/male relationship; "Mating"; Man's dominion; Our connection with God; Finding "The Way"; Mt 19:1; Things happing during transit; Some getting healed - according to their faith; "Lawful"?; Divorce; Historical context; Patria potestas - authority of father; What made Rome so strong?; Taking from others = evil; Rome in Judea to determine rightful king; Jesus quoting law of nature; Sanhedrin not lawmakers; Israel's republic; Altars; Family is the key; Cause of increased divorce; Parallels with today; Appetites for benefits; Legal Charity; Corruption; Killing care; Living by righteousness; Networks of caring; "Israel" breaking ten commandments; Repentance; Mt 19:10 - marriage, not celibacy; Taking care of widows; Supreme authority of family; Single-parent families; Call no man father (patri/patronus); Customs of good families; Welfare changing nature of society, men and women; Accepting truth like a child would; Believing in false Christs; Mt 19:16; Master/teacher; Keep the commandments; Welfare a trap; Unbelief; Living by faith, hope and charity; Pure religion; Loving neighbor as yourself; Following Christ's way; Contrary to most modern churches; Stopping legal charity; Perfect savages; "idiotes"; Human resources; Selling your property; Corporate body of Christ; Levites; Christ the capitalist; Belonging to God as a servant; Returning power to the people; Inflation; Calling "debt", "money"; First and last; Lk 22:26; Knowing the real Moses and Christ; The Higher Liberty; Making slaves of your neighbor; Join the Living Network; Unite the whole flock; Share these messages.
12/2/23 Matthew 20
Undermining the family; Early America; Loving neighbor as yourself; Submitting to Holy Spirit; Ten commandments; Mt 20:1; God, house holder; Parable of hiring workers throughout the day; God's a capitalist; Christ's "way"; Huck Finn reference; Covetousness leads to bondage; Admitting being wrong; Is your labor yours?; The Egyptian bondage deal; Militia; Population reduction; Killing care by legal charity; Blind Christians; "Jerusalem"; "Not mine to give"; Christ giving his own life; Opening our eyes; Organizational structure; Family dynamics; The Judgement; Wrath of God; Paul in Rome; Hoses in Acts 6; Levites owning property?; Tithings; Burnt offerings; Altars; Criteria of being minister; Q: Eye of the needle; Narrow gates; Small door in the gate; "Hardly"; Camels a rarity; Rich man difficulties; Class interdependency; Professional courts; Teuton family; Shield bearers; Serving spouses; Investing in our neighbors; Look in the hedges; Bleeding America; Theocracies; Free from things public; Bee sting story; Appreciating life God has given you; Sacrifice in the name of Christ; Nature of the Beast; Biting neighbor and unborn children; Tyrants; Following God's leading; Sharing our message; Casting seed; Meaning of "covet"; Prophets of the Beast; Blessings to you.
12/9/23 Matthew 21
Bible is about the kingdom of God at hand; Took kingdom away from Pharisees; Young Jesus in Egypt; Abraham's similar story; The keys of the kingdom; Ps 109:11 Extortioner (lender) Nun-shen-hey; Debt notes?; Just weights and measures?; Inflation; Prayer of Ps 109; Catch (ensnare) all you have; Ownership of your labor; Giving evil for good; Bondage of Egypt; Seeking His kingdom - for the living; Government of, for and by the people - by charity; Welfare dainties a snare; "Idiotes" = unregistered; Jesus was rich; Made himself poor; Requirements of the Church; Intrigue in the bible; Jesus' Sanhedrin; Re-consecrating the temple; Liberty of choice; Incomplete truth = lie; Mt 20 review; "In", not "of" the world; Caesar, son of God; "benefactor"; Tyranny; Covenanting with Pharaoh; Living by love; Faith without works; Mt 20:25; Giving sight to the blind; Mk 10:42, Lk 22:25; "benefactors"; "Augustus"; Neglecting care; Mt 21:1; Fulfilling prophecy; Zach 9:9; Moses and Jesus in agreement; Modern "church" doctrine excluding Jesus; Hyrcanus vs Aristobulus; Mark 11:9; "Hosanna in the highest"; Heir to the kingdom; "Nazareth"; Temple of God; Casting out moneychangers; "Sold doves"?; Turning over; Mt 21:12; Jesus in Jerusalem; Judean kingdom divided; Rightful king in Jerusalem; Baptism of Herod; Jehovah-Nissi?; Provisions from the Temple; Redistribution of wealth; By force or by charity?; Tithing; String whip?; Porters of the Temple; Publicans; Kingdom freewill choice; Corban; Central treasuries; Church of Satan; Left and right sides; Allowing neighbor right to choose; "dove"; To whom do you pray?; "praise"; Fig tree story; Faith moving mountains; God not hearing you; Christ's system of charity; Mt 23:23; Christ in the treasury - instructing; Questioning Christ's authority; Voting; Borrowing against the future; "authority" = "exousia" = liberty = right to choose; Being a doer; Sarcasm of Jesus; Wandering in the dark; Realizing anti-Christian practices; Forcing neighbors is not OK; Constantine's "church"; The way of righteousness; Vineyard parable; Informing the kingdom will be taken from the Pharisees; Mt 2:6 "governor"; God's laws are omnipresent; Lk 13:9; Fear not!
12/9/23 Matthew 22
Gal 2:16 Faith and works; Law = nomos; Gal 3:22; Faith *of* Jesus Christ; John 3:16; Which "world"?; Roman republic; Choosing to want a king; Kingdom of God; Free societies; Are modern Christians Christians?; Keeping the commandments; Jesus' "weightier matters"; 2 Thess 2:10; You MIGHT be saved; Delusions of Darkness; Pleasure in unrighteousness; Redistributing your labor; Charity, not force; Making you merchandise; Reading the instructions; Iniquity; Matt 22:1; Wedding feast; Hearing God?; Hate, darkness, cold, evil, .; Extortioners today; Pharisees who don't bear fruit; Welfare snare; Parable of two sons; John 3:19; Believing the lie; Moneychangers; Wedding feast; Dominion with directive; Freewill choices; Name of Christ; Are you coming to serve others?; Networking in love; Anointing from heaving; Who's attending the wedding?; Lacking wedding garment?; Lady Godiva; Garment = "beged" = Treachery; Mt 22:11; Is 64:6; What side are you on?; Charity/love; Which works?; Are you living by faith, hope and charity?; Garments woven - warp and weft; Is 52; Humility; Mercy; Ten-family congregation; Entangling Christ?; Taxes = forced offering; Network of connected congregations; Getting God to hear you; Tribute money; Trade resources; Your salvation; Ruth and Naomi; Sadducees and life after death; Theocracies; Ps 110:1; Day of wrath (consequences); Bloodied temple; Making your yes, yes; Knowing who and how to help; Letting in Holy Spirit; Tempting Christ; Form congregations.
12/16/23 Matthew 23
Bible studies; Lack of vision; 1 Cor 3:3 Carnality; God gives increase; Rejecting the will of God; Fear not; Recreating ourselves in the image of the "world"; Show prep; "Exousia"; Tree of Knowledge; Hiding ourselves from God; "Son of man"; Keeping the commandments; Coveting by covenanting; Cities of blood; Allowing choice for your neighbor; Nicolaitans and Balaam; Factions at the altar; Misinterpretation of Old Testament; Mt 23:1; Scribes and Pharisees; Avoiding division; Power in the hands of the people; Scribes; "Religion"; Meanings of words; Heavy burdens?; Gospel of sharing; Different "corbans"; Progressive taxation; Fringes and Phylacteries; Meditation - waiting upon the Lord; "Rabbi" = master? Teacher?; Christ = anointed; Calling no man on earth "father"; "Father" in Rome = Patronus; Community; or Division; Knowing Christ (spiritually); Conscripti patri; Helping broken families; Oversight - in charge of charity; Electing Caesar?; Christ's government; Wanting to see the truth; Devouring widow's houses - then and now; Unjust taxation; Having eyes to see; The Church = entire social welfare; World welfare is a trap; "Proselyte"; Circumcision?; Leaven?; Blind guides; Mt 15:14; Is 30:20; Lk 6:39; Ac 13:11; Swearing? Oaths?; Your choice to give; Understanding your government; Mt 23:23 Weightier matters; Using government to force your neighbor; Legal charity; Iniquity; Doing what Christ/Moses actually said; Repentance and seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Fasting from force; Doctrine of Christ; Wrath of God?; Set Christ's table.
12/16/23 Matthew 24
8 Woes; Israel's government; Dangers of roaming armies; Loyalty to righteousness; Ensnaring yourself; Grievous burdens; Straying from Christ's way; "Scribes"; Numbering people; Precedents of Moses; God's laws; Love of benefits; Matt 24:1; Destruction of the Temple; "Stone" = "lithos"; "thrown down" = "katalithaceti"; Christ being there for you?; Falling away; End of the world?; Many deceived; Mk 13:6; Damnable heresies; Public school?; Unrighteous charity?; Cursing your children; Many already deceived; "Afflicted" metaphor; Abomination of desolation; False Christs and prophets; Seers vs sayers vs doers; Dan 9:27; Dan 12:11; Covetousness practices; Daily sacrifice?; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Full repentance; Eph 5:5; Idolators; Fornicators; The harlot church; Living stones; Matt 24:29; Organizing yourselves; Accounts of men standing in the clouds; Are you acting like Pharisees?; The alternative system - government of God; Matt 24:32 Parable of fig tree; "Son of man"; Making your choice; Faith comes from God; Understanding your iniquity; "polis"; Making God's word to none effect; Sharing this message; Allowing neighbors opportunity; Don't hide your light.
12/23/23 Matthew 25
God's righteousness; Repent first; Greek "logos"; Meaning of Matthew?; Egyptian knowledge; Tree of Life; Preconceived notions; Pervasive lies; About Matthew; Imparting inspiration; Truth in the bible; Mt 24 end of age; Nicene council; Tree as a source; Family laws; Abomination of desolation; Addiction to truth; God's opinion is reality; Limiting God by our minds; Recurring abomination; Losing choice; Choice brings opportunities to choose more; Parable of two sons; Son of Man; Christ's commandments; Government of, for and by the people; Acting naturally; Propagating falsehoods; Matt 25:1 Ten virgins; Metaphor-rich; Bride vs harlot; Foolish virgins; Journey to stay awake; Oil; False religion giving good feelings; Gift of faith; Setting aside pride; Mt 25:10; Do you have sufficient oil?; Saying Lord, Lord; Many thinking they are Christians, but not so; False image in your mind; Leaven = cruelty; Righteous benefits; Becoming human resources; God is a capitalist!; Strengthening others; Talent parable; Usury; Producing more; Re-producing; Socialism is not natural; Cultural dilution; Being fruitful with our gifts; Thriving Christians; Matt 25:31; Separating sheep and goats; Personality; Right/Left sides; Need for Church; Entire social welfare for those following the Way; Goats going their own way; Sheep hear his voice; Wedding garments and oil; Inheriting the kingdom; What's in your heart?; "Brethren"; Strengthening the poor; Beastly government; Legal charity contrary to Christ; Righteousness performed is evidence of true faith; Focus on righteousness.
12/30/23 Matthew 26
Why kill Jesus?; "Religion" - good and bad; Problem with Temple sacrifice; Blind man story; Family function; Inheritance tax?; Pure Religion; Caring for YOUR parents; Apostles working daily in the Temple; Jehova-Nissi?; Foolish virgins of Matt 25; Wedding feast - be there; Being fruitful; Matt 26:1 "logos"; Christ = king = anointed; The "name" of Christ; Your daily bread; Crucifixion preview; God, the capitalist; Palace of high priest?; Caiaphas; Watching and praying; Plotting against Jesus; Firing moneychangers; Sanhedrin; Moses' precedents; Misunderstanding Old Testament; Helping like Christ; Parental statistics; Work ethics; "Subtilty"; Mk 14:1; Mk 7:21; Defiling men; Government by men of service and charity; Leading astray by deceit; Anointing Jesus by the woman; Simon the leper?; Christ in the royal treasury; Nicodemus?; King of Judea; Simon the jar-maker (leper?); Spikenard oil - expensive!; Gospel of Nicodemus; Matt 26:14 - Judas Iscariot; v17 passover; Man carrying water; Humility and sharing; Tree of Mercy?; Superstition; v21 betrayal; "Is it I?"; "Son of Man"; Parables of Christ; v26 bread and body; Eucharist?; Thanksgiving; Mercy; "Blessing" bread first - "eulogeo"; Daily sharing of provisions; Pilate facing Caligula; Are you hearing Holy Spirit?; Whole roasted lamb; Sit and eat with poor brethren in your house; Witnessing repentance; Apostolic betrayal; Strengthening the poor; The gift of faith; "watch"; Willingness to do what the Father wills; Wicked men - intent on sinning; Learn to watch and pray!
1/6/24 Matthew 26 continued
Good news; Insurrection; Declining Roman Empire; Repentance; Moving from light into darkness; Archeology; Excavations in Rome; Cover-ups in Tepe (Turkey); Uncovering important mysteries; Spiritual insight; Simon the jar-maker; People preferring darkness; Hating Christians; Walking in forgiveness; Anger at the truth; Changing your jurisdiction; Essene charity; Sanhedrin; Hi priests; Wave offerings; Values of Christ; Preparing yourself for Holy Spirit; "name" = character; Christ's praying; Worldly distractions; Fasting; Why Rome in Judea; Matt 26:51 cutting off an ear; Spiritual enemies; Praying for answers; No exercising authority; Caiaphas; Seeking false witnesses against Christ; Holy Spirit causes choice; Matt 26:58 following from afar; Fixing spiritual things; Reaching for God; Council = Sanhedrin; "Elder"; Unrighteous Sanhedrin; The Way of Christ; Temple of God; Sons of God; Temple functions; Sharing/charity; Seeking righteousness; Matt 26:64 to Caiaphas directly; (Righteous) Son of Man; Second coming?; Holy Spirit provides courage; Peter's denial of Christ; Breaking Peter; Benefits from Pharoah; Hearing the cries of your brothers; Watching and praying; Degeneration of society; God's judgement matters; "His Holy Church"; Inheritance in the Kingdom of God: Mark 7:21; God's healing; Being a good servant; Paying your tale of bricks; Gal 5:19; Adulterating your body; Christ's ultimate remedy; Forgiveness required; Matt 27 introduction; Repent and seek His kingdom and His righteousness.
1/6/24 Matthew 27
Relating bible to everyday life; Mistaking emotional for spiritual; "Pagans"; Mt 27:1; King James Bible is a product of men; God allows choice; Arrested by Temple guards; Delivering to Pilate; Jurisdictions; Persecuting Christians; Your subjection; Church exemption; Bondage of Egypt; Redefining "religion"; Repentance of Judas; Original text of Matthew; How many Marys?; Understanding "oil"; Why did Judas betray Jesus?; "Treasury" = "Corban"; Going the way of Christ; Judas's misunderstanding; Constantine's christians; Jeremiah 18:2; Reincarnation?; Jer 32:7; While you are sleeping; Cheating Caesar/the unrighteous mammon; Mt 27:11 Jesus before Pilate; Procula?; Fitting the narrative?; Robe put on Jesus; Potter's field; Witness stand story; People's court; Turning up Holy Spirit; Mt 27:15 (notable) prisoner release; Barabbas = "son of the father"; Pilate riot put-down story; Knowing Pilate's history; Crowd brought by pharisees; Pilate's inability to prevail; Types of law; Did Romans crucify Jesus?; Sharing truth; Deut 19:10 shedding innocent blood; Ps 106:38; Prov 1:10; Prov 6:16; Seeing your delusion; Why God won't hear you; Gal 5:14 Loving neighbor as thyself; Achieving freedom; The song of Moses and of the Lamb; Imagining you're a Christian; Covetous practices; Scarlet Robe; Matthew's varied chronology; Organizing as Christ commanded; Carrying Christ's "cross"; Thoughts on Herod; Casting lots for Christ's torn garments; Mark 15:24; Lk 23:24; Forgiveness of Christ; John 19:2; Pilate's signage; Crucifixion reason; Matthew's lack of detail; Signs?; Many women attending; Practice forgiveness.
1/13/24 Matthew 28
Seeing Matthew in a different light; Biblical times; Repetitive history; Control over your life; Tower of Babel; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Comfort in darkness/lies; What is missing; 1 Cor 5:7; "leaven"; Collapse of Rome; No coveting!; Fornicating with the world; Snared by debt; Christ's table; Greatest destroyers of liberties; Your inheritance in the kingdom; "Love"; Your deception; Denying Tree of Life; Morality; Legal charity; Corban taxes; Welfare via fervent charity; Changing ourselves?; Betraying/denying Christ; Dan 7:13; Destroying liberty; "Second coming"; Mt 28:1; Lk 24:9; Women at the tomb; Jn 20:19; Doing the will of the Father; Inconvenient truths; Christ's weightier matters?; Flashbacks?; Angelic light; Socialism is anti-Christ; Nimrod the hunter? For the Lord?; Subtlety; "Worship"; Knowing Christians; Socialism in the United States; Degenerating society; Bondage of Egypt; Real awakening?; Translation comparisons; Alterations of word meanings; Straying from the simple course; The Way of Christ; The gospel message; 1) Repent - change your thinking; 2) Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness; 3) All the rest added unto you; Benefit bribery; What made America great?; The "watch"; Mt 27:65; Bribing the soldiers; Seeing the light in others; Missing the big truths; Burnt offerings; Fornication/adultery; Exousia; Opposing God; Making God's word of none effect; The Great Commission; Teaching corrupted gospel of the kingdom; The mountain?; Jn 21:1; Flight of Elizabeth; Unexplained biblical passages; Watching and praying; Tempting God?; What are you doing to seek the kingdom?; Mt 28:18 "power"; Covenanting with other gods; Fixing society; Setting the captive free; Convincing to kill; Gathering in love; Freedom of Religion; Baptism - bringing others into the kingdom; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Doing Christ's instructions; Election sign story; Fear not!
1/13/24 Acts 2
John's gospel; Biblical differences from what is taught today; Acts 2:1 - Pentecost; Deception and delusion; Humility!; Paul a false teacher?; How do we know?; Guidance of Holy Spirit; Vengeance?; The Church called out; Democracy; What's destroying America?; Writing upon your soul; Tree of Life; One accord in one place; Speaking in tongues; Forgiveness; Joel 2:28-32; "Jerusalem"; Servants of God; Mt 24:29; Is 13:10; Calling on the name of the Lord; Submitting to God; Conflict within ourselves; Jesus as highest son of David; Hell?; Dead walking?; Fasting; Geography of God; Bringing judgement against the world; Repentance; Baptizing without water; Receiving Holy Spirit; Christ's house of charity; Awakening people to their situation; Getting this message out; Acting upon what you hear; Living Christ's way of networking in tens, hundreds and thousands; "Corban" - sacrifice to draw near to God; Perseverance; Apostles' doctrine; Loving truth; Consistency of Christ; Meditation; Errant biblical interpretation; "together" in tens, hundreds and thousands; Unrighteous mammon; Income tax; Constitution corporate charter; "We the people"; Authority behind constitution; "Golem"; Deut 17 constitution; Davey Crockett article; Your right to choose; Tracing history of liberty; Holding the kingdom of God; Why death in the world; Modern "communion"; Adding to The Church daily; Setting the captive free; Ministers; Loving your neighbor; Peoples' responsibility; Getting active; Rich man parable; Church boards of directors; Votive offerings; The biblical pattern of free government; Acts 2:44-47; "Steadfastly" "proskartereo"; Church corporation of Christ - created by God; "His Holy Church"; Gospel of Nicodemus; Forming new Greek words; exousia replacing eluthoria; Your pathway to salvation; "breaking bread"; Charity vs compelled sacrifice; Giving of yourself; Spreading the whole gospel; Learning the ways of the kingdom; Being there for one another; Become what you are supposed to be; Don't cheat Christ!
1/20/24 The Science of God
Practice explaining kingdom; Churches not following Christ; Power to perform miracles; Networking with others; Reporting on a heard discussion; Misinterpreting Moses; John 1:1; The "cause" of everything; "word" = "logos" = right reason, correct understanding; "pi"?; Things we've forgotten; God is what He is; Believing; Jn 1:14; Christ's prayers; "Son of man"; Chris came to serve man; Wise charity; Wealth redistribution; Your responsibility; Capital (re)allocation; Law of nature; Parable of the talents; "Be fruitful and multiply"; Selling your rights; Bondage of Egypt; Today's taskmasters; Republics; Democracy; Terms of your agreements; Government oversight; Understanding the rules; Wrath of God; Altars of clay and stone; The way of righteousness; Sureties for debt; Strengthening your community; Choosing your minister; Helping neighbors; The treasure of the kingdom; Anti-Christ churches; Heave and Wave offering; "Body" analogy; Doing your part; Redefining terrorism; Dis-, mis- and mal- information; "Legal Charity"; "Clerics"; Public Religion; Climbing out of your hole; The cleverness of Christ; Humility is key; Matt 20:25, Mark 10:42, Luke 22:25 - Exercising authority; Organizing like Christ said; Repentance; Stories of archeology; Monolithic stones; Replenishing the earth; Laying down your life for others; Illegal immigrants; More stories; Warnings from God; Wages of unrighteousness; We know Christ's answer; Living by faith, hope and charity; Nimrod vs Abraham; Limiting choice; Make decisions like Jesus.
1/27/24 John 1
John's gospel; Mark's gospel as a template?; "Q" gospels; Ancient wonders; Loss of knowledge; Ten-family congregations; Networked together; Climate change; Charity; Defining "religion"; Public vs Pure religion; Who wrote "John"?; God's revelation; Gnosticism?; "logos" = "word" = truth; Trees of Knowledge and Life; Humbling your heart; Secret knowledge?; Choosing to live in darkness; Born again?; "Wisdom"; Importance of context; Light = good; Darkness is not an opposing force; John 1:1 "logos" more than just "word"; Rev 1:8 "Beginning"; Verifying Jesus as Messiah; Help with unbelief; Denying Satan; James vs Paul; Gospel of James?; Relying on Holy Spirit; 4 Gospels in bible = 4 witnesses; Blaming others; Understanding the gospel; Darkness can't receive light; Bringing the light; Comfort of ignorance; Which "world"?; Loving fellow man; Kingdom at hand; Family = God's government; Father?; v12 "power" - to choose = liberty; Will of God = logos; Being fruitful; John the Baptist?; Cause/effect; "Grace"; Forgive to be forgiven; Knowing God; Sacrifice; Baptism; Corban of the Pharisees; Sin of world government; "Lamb of God"; National adultery?; Which "law" done away with?; US Constitution not a biblical document; "Israel"; Hebrew; Spirit descending on Jesus; Son of God?; Conflict with Caesar; Roman welfare; Temples; "Rabbi"; Introducing apostles; Christ = Messiah = anointed king; Convincing Nathanial; Nazarene? Your judgement; Jn 10:34; Acts 19:26; gods many; May your eyes be opened.
1/27/24 John 2
"Idiotes"; Temple functions; Mining mountains; Satisfying investors; Sharing profits; Capitalism morphing into socialism; Pensions; Centurions; Corinth history; Roman ingenuity; Producing genius; Government offices; Brother Gregory interviews; Knowing the solution; Christian pharisees; Death of innocents; Confronting evil individuals; Walking with truth; Nicodemus; Consistent theme of the bible; Doing right now!; John 1:12 giving liberty; Why Israel went into bondage; Sons of God; "logos"; vs "rema"; John the Baptist; Christ as king; Romans in Judea; Right reason?; John 2:1 marriage in Cana; Already had disciples; Whose marriage?; Stone waterpots; Beginning of miracles; "Glory"; Finding the solution - what's the problem?; Behind the scenes; Protecting the innocent; Repentance; Biblical constitution; John 2:12 cleansing the temple; The changers' money; Overflowing "tables" (trapeza); Selling doves?; Merchandise (emporion); Joseph reference; Hearing the cries of your brethren; Breaking Moses' rules; Corban of the Pharisees; Baptism; Wages of unrighteousness; Zeal?; Confusing emotion with spirit; Song of Moses and Song of the Lamb; Meditation; Are you a temple?; Avoiding group judgment; Following Holy Spirit; Creating memories; Testimony of men; Parasites?; Being in one accord with God; The pathway to accord; Focus on you seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
2/3/24 Amplifying John
Gospel of "John"; Assembling the puzzle; "logos" = right reason = divine will; Truth?; Inspiration?; Hiding from God; Fleeing the light/truth; Imaginary wisdom; Pure religion; The solution to all problems; Cockroaches; Parasitoid; Biblical parables and metaphors; Why people can't see truth; Obesity; Darian Gap; Sources for "John"; Wall of light; Tree of Life; Cities of blood; Christ's "weightier matters"?; Biting one another; Making Internet safe?; What is precious?; Early Church functions; Ananias and Sapphira; Welfare trap; Hating the light; 1 Cor 15:33; "Q" gospels?; Mail evidence; Trusting translators?; Baptism; Kingdom of God; Taking back responsibility; John 1 - "logos"; Statements of Jesus the king = doctrine; Mt 12:35; Seeking righteousness; Taking away choice from neighbor; Addressing the actual problems; Modern church drug; Paul's lists; Christian economy; Patrick Henry; Two Penny Act; Jury nullification; Chronic deception; Feeding the beast; Bondage of Egypt; Care via charity; John 2 - Wedding of Cana; Who got married?; Mis-sequenced stories; "Emporia"; Moneychangers; John 1:12; Becoming like Christ; John 5:27 - given authority; Today's moneychangers; 2 Thess 2:10 - loving truth; Believing lies; Col 3:5; 1 Cor 5:10 - fornication of this world; Mark 7:9 - commandments; One purse; John 3; Church and state; Immoral social welfare; Becoming sureties for debt; Active sacrifice for others; John 3:21 DO truth; Which evil deeds?; "Redemption"; Peace.
2/3/24 Modelling Reality
John's "logos" = right reason; Rural health; Gun violence?; Criteria for being ministers; John's feminine aspect; Strong women working with men as a team; Horses in battle; Consistency in human nature; "Cities" in Exodus; Fixing the planet?; Climate change; Pollution; Ignoring the data; Landfills; The engineering of man; Practicing pure religion; Expanding understanding; Seeing abundant life; Cutting ourselves off from Tree of Life; Historical social welfare; Storing grain; Religion; Servant ministers; Minister to each other; Diakonis - minister of Ten - connector for congregations; Altering perception of reality; Performative and recursive; Going the way of Christ; Cursing your children; Taking care of neighbors; Righteousness in your life; Desiring to improve; Regulating truth; Sharing success; Identifying fruits to know neighbors; Blessing your community; Networking with others; Strengthening others; Doing the will of the Father; Countering fake Christianity; Sharing/Charity/Love; Persevering in congregation; Fear not!
2/10/24 John 4
Making gospels part of our life today; Bible study?; Or straining at gnats; Jn 3:15 - eternal/everlasting life; "world" of Jn 3:15; "Kosmos"; Loving the "world", though not bearing fruit; Conflict with Christ; "Born again"; Roman republic; Predestination; Judging by works; John 4:1; Two penny act; Patrick Henry; Social welfare by exercising authority; Following Christ/Moses; Jn 3:22; Baptism; Mt 3:11; Public religion; Not the water; John 4:4 - Samaria; Woman at the well; Jacob as Samaritan father?; Flowing of Holy Spirit; Worship; Seeking true worshippers in spirit and truth; Covetousness is iniquity; The "world" you live in; Ex 33:10 - Worshipping in tent door; Welfare snares and traps; Num 7:5; Charity to strengthen the poor: Num 18:21; "Elders"; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Lev 1:3; Pure religion; Money - just weights and measures; Jn 4:31- prayer; Deciding fact and law; Sparrow story; Earning liberty; Samaritans coming to Christ; Living His "way"; Bride of Christ; Biting one another; Believing Jesus; Hearing Christ; Comparing your church to Christ; Robbing widows and orphans; Emotion vs spirit; Willingness to receive righteousness; It's our fault!; Voluntary offerings; Your prayer; Repentance; Making America great again; Fear not!
2/10/24 John 6
Finishing John 4; Creeping fear; John's sequencing; "Q"uote gospels; Baptizing; John 9 blind man parental story; Doubt; Christ's system of welfare; "Corban"; "logos"; Spirit-giving life; Making God's word to none effect; Covetous practices; Sabbath; "Leviathan"; Robbing Ephesus = world bank; Witches; Christ's living water; Your available choices; God's still-small voice; The right reason of God; HHC Podcasts; Unleavened bread; Auroras; Carrington event; John 6:1; Logging story; Feeding of 5000 (men); "Make" them sit (pipto); Relating to Exodus; Who Christ came for; How the multitudes were fed; Teaching care; The bigger miracle; Organizing yourselves; John 6:11; Sharing is essential; vs Forced offerings; Be not afraid; Rice-bowl Christians; True bread from heaven; The source of life; Predestination?; Loving the light; The real Jesus; Christian cannibalism; John 6:60; Q: Abraham and his son; Long life spans; Child sacrifice?; Listening to the fallen; Giving life - pure religion; Sadomasochism; "Evil"; Extra-biblical Abraham; Haran's death penalty; Isaac's succession; Abraham's altars; Sacrificing Isaac; Priests of the family; Taxing Abraham?; Early sheriffs and support; Come together.
2/17/24 No Broadcast today
2/24/24 Jural Assembly + US Invasion + Rebuilding The Kingdom + Oregon Corruption
Kingdoms (governments) of the world; America vs United States; Republics; Sanhedrin vs Sanhedrin; "libera res publica"; Davey Crockett story; Legal charity (bad thing); Making people dependent on government; Shining light on slavery; We the People?; Oregon General Jural Assembly; Guaranteeing a republic; "citizen"; Deciding fact and law; Whiskey; "of, for and by the people"; Assembly; Social welfare?; by Taxation?; Social security; Owning up to your faults; Hearing the cries of your brother; Illegitimacy for peacefulness?; Desiring benefits at expense of neighbor; Intervention spending; National debt = your debt; Due to your covetousness; Weak borders; Threat of invasion; Bankrupting America; Taking care of your roads; Following Christ's ways; Future prophecy; No majority needed; Living by faith; Recognizing benefits by force; Gal 5:15 biting one another; Homeless; Nukes?; Kingdom of God - what does it look like?; Early Church groups of Ten; Jesus' commands; Banking system collapse; Who can you trust?; Network of trust; "sit down" organization; Spiritual guidance; God's gift of faith; Courage; Greek "logos" = right reason; Facing danger for neighbor; Bonds of a free society; Minister authority?; Guest: Corruption; Leaving judgment to God; County commissioner; Countrymen not wanting freedom; Seeking help labels you?; People reclaiming responsibility; Taxation; Oregon bill on land use; Private property?; States giving authority to Federal; County oversight of federal land; Legal bribery; Illustrating insanity; False reporting by press; Ignorance-driven strategy; Importance of understanding; Campaign financing; Doing basic research; Money for bill support; Holding officers accountable; Immorality; Campaign finance reform?; No freedom for the slothful; Finding truth; People of character; Your reaction to truth; Justice; Overwhelming fear; Real Christians; Persecution; Righteousness takes sacrifice; Keep your eyes open.
3/2/24 John 7
Weakening the poor; Food lines; Feeding 5000; John's stories; Feast of booths; Gifting to Levites; Sharing network; Charity vs "civil" offerings; John 7:1; "Jewery"; Instructions of the Gospel; Organizing to provide for one another; Commerce; Capitalism; Seeking to kill Jesus; "world"; Jesus' brethren; Milk and Meat; Leaven; Thinking like Christ; Causing people to stray from Christ's way; Covetous practices; Tough love; Stone Temple?; Knowing God's will; Elements of the kingdom; Righteous judgment; Graven images; Bondage of Egypt; Socialism; John 7:26; Talking in the Temple; Not knowing Christ, Moses or God; Being a doer of the word; God's constitution; Gentiles; The "flow" of life and love; Hearing Christ's message; Forgiveness; Usurping God?; Having eyes to see; Nicodemus (mentioned only in John) = without blood; Jurisdiction of Judea; "dekapolis"; Deacons and their role; Elder-driven kingdom; Contextualizing John 7; Picking on Galilee?; Country folk; Degradation of cities; Relying on neighbors; Learning Kingdom basics; Taking back responsibility; Power of Holy Spirit; Imaginary Christians; Living by faith, hope and charity; Seeing your own part in your situation; Pure republic of God; Recognizing strong delusion; A new Exodus?; Repentance; Connecting to Holy Spirit; Faith in God's control; Sabbath; Gather in His name and righteousness.
3/2/24 Explaining Early Christianity Using Today's Economy
Early Christianity; Love = Charity; Economy; Tolls and fees; Social welfare systems; Assisting society; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Heave and wave offerings; Coercion; Immigration rules; Surety for debt; Taxation; Marrying of Church and State; The snare of bondage; Agreeing to covet; Parable of the merchants; Private Religion; System of Cain; Being fruitful; Persecution; Federal Reserve Notes; Working for corporations; The way of Moses and Christ; Christ's redemption; Buying property; Legal tender; One purse; Samuel's warnings; Hearing the cries of your brother; Gen 42:21; What is needed for a free society; Col 2:20; Inheriting bondage; Subjection to ordinances; Caring for others' liberty; Master/slave relationships; Making the word of God to none effect; Christ's instructions against man's government; Biblical constitutions; Second coming?; Prov 12:24; Slothful under tribute; Jury nullification; Understanding history; Jerusalem without a king; Polybius; Corruption today; Range vs Farm sheep; Voluntary network organization; Romans 13; Overcoming misinformation; Liberty; Who's your daddy?; Making your "yes", "yes"; Freewill offerings; Volunteer fire departments; Getting your rights back; Living peaceably; Focusing on righteousness; Obeying God; Moneychangers; Turtledove sacrifice?; Matt 5:37; Early Christians in Great Britain; Jn 9:22; Was Paul a Roman citizen?; "Rhomaios"; Imagining you are free; Born into bondage; Paul's appeal to Caesar; Kingdom not of this "world"; Soldiers as Christians?; "Ekklesia"; Serving God or Mammon; Why you're in bondage; "Commerce"; Value exchange; What makes you a Christian?; Right reason; Strengthening the poor; Seek the real kingdom of God.
3/9/24 John 8
US State of the Union Address; Bribery; Political Jesus?; Exodus study; Social safety nets; Setting captives free from bondage of Egypt; Baptism into Corban; Welfare snares; Sweet savors of the altar; The Way of John the Baptist; "idiotes"; Golden calves/statues; Christ's way of liberty; Mistaking emotion for Holy Spirit; Abraham leading out of bondage; Practical altars; Taxation; Church-provided Social Welfare; Pervasive darkness; John 8:1; Stoning; Wrath of God; Love = charity; Learning what real Christians were doing; Alternate jurisdiction; Light of the World; Awakening to righteousness; Jesus in the Temple treasury?; Covetous practices; Caiaphas became a Christian?; Pilate?; Prodigal sons; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Which "sin"?; Workers of iniquity; Col 3:5; Disobedience; Eph 5:5; Cutting yourself off; 1 Cor 5:10; Hearing God's words; More than just home congregations; Republics vs democracies; Organized religion; Knowing the way of Christ; Networking together; "death"; Leaving judgement to the Father; Wanting to kill Jesus; Bringing anger to the surface; Mark 9:35; Mark 12:41; Luke 5:3; "sat"; How the kingdom works; Lk 16:6; Anarchy; Unseen corruption; John 19:13; Rome's purpose in Judea; Are you doing righteousness?; The Devil; Your control; Christ's "weightier matters"; Injustice; Your bondage; Parens patria; Marriage licenses; New World Order; Finding others to gather with; Surviving freedom; Sharing Christ's light; Seek His kingdom and righteousness.
3/9/24 Fascism
John 8 on State of the Union?; Warring against Christ's way; "Devil"; Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; vs Tree of Life; Man's dominion; Manipulating knowledge; Making poor choices; Holy Spirit enlightenment; Followers of Moses; Fascism; State of the Union = Bondage; Corvee; "Legal title"; Christ's criticism of government; "I am"; Burning bushes; Avoiding speculation; Hearing God's instructions; Doing God's word; God doesn't owe you; Accusing of own faults; Providing for whole truth; "Fascism" defined; Demonic deception; Modern Israel vs God's Israel; Israel/Hamas conflict; Historic Judea; Passports and allegiance; Israelites and Canaanites; Oppression; "Internationals"; History alteration; Biblical alteration; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Learning God's will; Rom 16:17; 2 Pe 2:18; 1 Cor 1:10 No division; Leaving judgment to God; Death of a loved one; Allowing others liberty; 1 Cor 11:18; Don't censor; Gal 5:13-21 inheritors of the kingdom; 1 Cor 3:3-9; Public religion of Social Security?; Income Tax on labor; US Constitution; Deut 17; Appetites for benefits; First Civil War troops mission; Repentance; Siding with righteousness; The "way" of Abraham, Moses and Christ; Democracy vs Republic; Free assemblies; Desiring a ruler?; Defending the rich; 14th Amendment; "personhood"; Corporations; Tending to the living with righteousness; Law of nations; Excise tax; Waiving your rights; Sureties for debt; Debt to Jesus?; "Tens, hundreds and thousands"; Decrying the constitution; Titular authority; Landed Americans; Gold/Silver/Gun confiscation; Slothfulness; Militia; Campaign financing; Walking according to Holy Spirit; Christ's "weightier matters"; Cleptocrats; Taxation due to covetousness; No excuses; Monitoring your minister; Knowing everyone in your free assembly; Public education; Law of Nature; Freewill offerings; A New Rome; Turning your back on God; Returning every man to his family and possessions; President = Caesar; "Apotheos"; "Free" benefits?; Have conversations; Gather with others; Empowering the people; Bringing light into the room; Love requires sacrifice; Sharing/charity; Reassemble God's kingdom.
3/16/24 John 9
Gospel of John - beloved disciple; John so far; Gospel of "the Kingdom"; John 8 State of the union (Judea) Kingdom of God on Earth; Take kingdom away from those in the seat of Moses and give to another group; Christ's group of 70?; Sanhedrin; Where is Kingdom of God today?; How to serve God; Sitting in darkness; John 9:1; Blind man; Accomplishment; Leaders; Individual responsibility; Working in the day; Light of the world; Hearing God in your heart; Tree of knowledge; Bible information; Punishment vs consequence; Receiving Spirit of God; Receiving sight; John 9:12; Siloam = "sent"; Sabbath? - keeping it holy; Why the clay?; Unmooring metaphors from precepts; v17; Parental witness; Christ = messiah = anointed; Jesus as the king; Synagogue?; "Corban"; Tithe vs Temple tax; Pilate riot; Graven images; Golden calf; Bondage of Egypt; Herod's temple; Making the word of God to none effect; Blind man cast out; Parents afraid to be cast out; v35 - Jesus heard; Julius Caesar's free bread; Legal charity; August Caesar's "hut"; Kingdom government differences; Baptism; Who is the Son of God?; No forcing your neighbor; Addiction to benefits; Repentance; Rightly dividing bread from house to house; Blindness to the Way of Christ; Relating gospel events; "Son of God"; Firing porters of Temple (moneychangers); Taking benefits at expense of your neighbor; Whoredom, fornication and idolatry; Mt 20:25; Mk 10:42; Lk 22:25; Exercising authority not allowed; Church as benefactor; Col 3:5; Modern church social welfare; Modern Israel anti-Moses; Eph 5:5; 1 Cor 5:10; National adultery; Going out of the world?; Finding truth, way and light; Ex 20:17; No coveting; Charity alone; Micah 2:2 oppression; Becoming whole again; Rom 7:7; Rom 13:9; 2 Tim 3:2; Militia; Be on the side of Christ!
3/16/24 Various Stories
Increasing our message reach; Allowing Cains; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Molding adamah; Adam's extra breath; Extra-biblical information; Edmund Burke's "Little Platoon"; Social contract; Creating law; Right reason; Pilgrim story; Feuding; Perfect law of liberty; Government of, for, and by the people; Navigation by stars; Replenishing the earth?; Private interpretation; Jar maker = leper?; "Corban"; "Exousia"; One-child contract; Edmund Burke history; Reorganizing society; Serving public interest; Learning the kingdom; Following the pattern to strengthen the pattern; US uni-party; Corruption; Where's the sin?; Widespread violating moral law; Covetous practices!; Envy -> equality?; Legal charity; Loving neighbor as self?; Love = Charity; Who is more deserving than you?; French revolution; Synagogues - of Satan?; Militias; Care/love based on charity; Hardening Pharaoh's heart; Learning to provide for one another; No force!; Social welfare trap; Christ's "flesh"; Are you living by faith or force?; Repentance and righteousness; Owing predecessors; Following the real Christ; Free assembly; Promoting lawless society; Requirements for regaining freedom; Forwarding love through your network; Being Doers of the word; Helping others you don't even know; Laying down life to save others; Militia functions; Fundraisers; Davey Crockett story; Legal charity destroys society; Does your church agree?; Working together; Pot luck; What made America great; Keeping the masses weak; Our own network; Work to improve yourself; Exercise your talent; Seek His kingdom and righteousness; Get involved!
3/23/24 John 10
Kingdom of God and how it works; Bible study; What is the truth? Right? Wrong?; Tree of Knowledge; Rabbit trails; Understanding bible in historical context; Stoning Jesus?; How are you conforming to Moses and Christ?; Timing of "John"; Moses talking to the light; Getting comfort; Knowing Jesus; World needs saving; "I am"; John 10:1 "Verily verily"; Truth about yourself; Saul's folly; Forced sacrifice; "parable"; side-by-side comparison; Deut 17; Organizing in Kingdom of God; Suggestions for your constitution; Serving your fellow man; Jesus as the door; Capitalists with charity; Kingdom nature; Eating flesh of Christ?; Repentance = thinking differently; Good shepherd; Freedom of choice; Hearing the voice of the shepherd; Other sheep?; Humility; Laying down our lives; Feast of the dedication?; Being of the Father; Solomon's porch?; Graven images; Hewing stones of the altars; Supporting Christ's ministry; Scattered flocks of the world; "Blasphemy" - making one's self "God"; Evidence of truth; Works?; Fighting evil; Patterns of networking; Free assemblies; Christ's wealth; Government of, for and by the people; Christ's crafty escapes; Accepting untrue truths; Sophistry; Strengthening the poor; Welfare snares; Deliverance into death?; Pure republics; Campaign financing corruption; Taking back your responsibilities; "Jesus Christ is King"; Rome in Judea?; "No king but Caesar"?; Think like Christ.
3/23/24 County Commissioner Interview
Making gospel relevant to today; CAFOS?; Land use and Water rights; War against farmers; SB-85; Water impact examples; Congressional influence; Neighbors not gathering; Regulating damagers; Moral opinions; Doing the right thing; Loving your dictator; Offering reason and alternatives; NIMBY?; Learning how to live with neighbors; Your slothful actions; Owning land and being free?; Biting one another; Forcing neighbors; Electing Sauls; Realizing your wrongs; Following the money; Whistleblowing; The (mark of the) Beast; Your salvation; Legal charity; Seed production; Abusing water rights; Corruption begins with the people; Referencing king David; Consequences; God's plan; Standing against corruption; Militias and tyranny; Loving your neighbors; Water districts and irrigation; Encouraging productive water use; The right thing to do?; Who to help?; Kingdom solutions; Individual rights; Working together; Stewardship; Why you're losing your liberty; Dog story; Innovation for property use; "Play farmers"; God-given rights; Awakening others; Christ's "weightier matters"; "Statutes"; Seek His kingdom and righteousness.
3/30/24 John 11
Need for understanding the true gospel as the kingdom; Appointing His kingdom to a new group; Bible at the time of Christ; Power of the Pharisees; Christ instructing in royal treasury; Samaritans following Christ; Jews following Christ; Home church vs Early Church; "Clergy"; Daily ministration of Pure Religion; Cults; Roman "Senate"; Rome in Judea; Hyrcanus; Julius Caesar the priest; Names for God; Natural law; Monotheism; Fearing challenge; Media and government propaganda; John 11:1 Lazarus; "Son of God"; Commander-in-chief; Judges; Welfare snares; "Corban"; Waking Lazarus; Death is sleep?; Doubting Thomas; Do we know the real Jesus?; Theocratic government; Civil government; Biblical constitutions; Bondage of Egypt; Deut 17; Raising the dead; Whole truth; Guiding you to Christ; Simon, Lazarus' father; What's Mary doing?; Resurrection; "I am"; Secrecy; "Disciple"; Fleeing the Tree of Life; Being fruitful; Unbelievers usurping God; Blame game; "put to death"; "stoning"; Cruelty not allowed; Unsnaring social welfare; Being lovers of one another; Repenting from Legal Charity; Walking in darkness; Willingness to see truth of your own error; Nicodemus?; Jesus' troubling; Why did Jesus weep?; The "glory" of God; Looking to God to be your ruling judge; Punishment?; Legislating morality?; Christ raising us all from the "dead"/asleep; Death cult of Public Religion; Letting go of your fear; Love requires sacrifice; Valuing whole truth; Why Christians were persecuted; Keys of the kingdom; The only way back to liberty under God; The solution starts with "repent"; High priest; Who's taking care of your parents?; Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Christ's command; Plotting to take Jesus; Strengthening the poor; Believing without miracles; Simon the jar maker; Distractions from pure religion; Being (sitting) still; Stop believing the lie.
3/30/24 Chasing Understanding
John's gospel; Simon, parent of Lazarus, Mary and Martha - not mentioned; Nicodemus = "without blood"; Joseph - major contractor; Spreading Christianity; Weakening poor; Legal charity; Social Security; Maintaining republics; Jury nullification; Statutes?; Administrative rules; Knowing what Christ was doing; "Disciples"; The comforter; Born again of the spirit; Keeping away the Holy Spirit; Why you're in bondage; Corruption; Christ's "groaning"; Jesus, the resurrection; Letting in Holy Spirit; Loving your enemies; Evil within; Humbling yourself before God; Civil governments; Making government for yourself; Sabbath; Debt; Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac; Resisting God's kingdom; 1871 argument; "We The People"; Agreements with Pharaoh; Republics; Religious activity?; Sacrifice; Government of charity; Living Christ's way; Congregating; John 11:38; Mt 9:30; Jewish Christians; "Corban"?; Mark 1:43; Mark 14:5; Spiritual protection; Dan 11:30; Abomination that maketh desolate; What "woman"?; Riding the beast; Lk 19:41; Engaging in covetous practices; Hating truth; Darkened eyes; Hewing stones of the altar; Stones upon stones; Appointing elders?; Spreading righteousness; Waiting upon the Lord; Humility; Making your "yes", "yes"; Practicing Pure Religion; Chase understanding.
4/6/24 Clergy and Laity
Bondage; Changing our thinking; Ten Commandments; Natural order of things; Family; Man-made governments; Nimrod - mighty provider instead of the Lord; Men and women; Understanding relationships; Clergy and Laity; Levite services; Social credit score; Canadian socialized medical system; Nicolaitans = conquered people; Welfare snares; The word of God; Burnt offerings; Freedom of choice; Dan 11 - Daily sacrifice cessation; Belonging to God - separate; Early American charity; Division between Clergy and Laity?; No exercising authority; "Clergy" - people ordained for religious duty; Altars - more than sheep burning; Sending community aid; "Rhomaios"; 1 Sam 8 commander-in-chief (Emperor); Saul's foolish thing; Deut 17; What priests do; LBJ great society; Power in Kingdom of God; Golden calf?; Love = Charity; Good servant parable; Modern Clergy; Learning to care for one another; "Religion"; Covetousness; Babel; Entanglement; Sacrifice of self; Pretend love; Just weights and measures; Legal title; "Pastor" = shepherd; Following the tracks (evidence); Altering history; Forcing peace?; "Laity" - those to remain a free nation; Christ's "Weightier matters"; Mercy?; Deceitful meats - benefits; Social Security Act; "Born Again"?; Tabernacles of the congregation?; Are you seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness?; Idolatry; Repentance; "Elder"; Called-out Levites; Restoring every man to his possessions and family; Free assemblies; Lady Godiva; Doctrine of Christ vs Constantine; Christ appointing His kingdom; Separate social welfare system; Signing up with Christ; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Woodrow Wilson; Interpreting like pharisees; Underwear?; Embryonic republics; Knowing those you assemble with; Justice, mercy and faith; Evidence of your love for Christ; Buddha; Brahman; Putting care into practice; Binding and loosing; Forgiveness; Minister = servant of Christ; Submitting to the will of the father; Set your neighbor free.
4/6/24 Clergy and Laity - Digging Deeper
Kingdom keys; Clergy and Laity - What is right; Defining "Clergy"; Appointing Christ's kingdom; Ordaining;