Keys of the Kingdom

Welcome to my website. Here I make availble to you personally "recorded" copies of the "Keys of the Kingdom" online radio program produced by His Holy Church.

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All the programs are approximately 54 minutes long. All are MP3 files. Click on the Air Date you are interested in to hear the program, or right-click and download the MP3 file to your computer. Each MP3 file is about 9.5MB.

Note: (7/2/11) As of 7/2/11 "Keys of the Kingdom" is broadcast in an extended, 2-hour format, broadcast on "Liberty Radio Live" ( The program still airs on Saturday mornings at 8AM Pacific, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central, or 11AM Eastern time. These MP3 files are about 20MB in size.

Note: (8/14/11) In an effort to ensure that the most recent episodes are available to you, I am uploading some audio (MP3) files before I have a summary written. These episodes will simply say "Summary pending". There are some episodes that for one reason or another I wasn't able to take notes on, and would have to listen to again before being able to post a summary. These episodes are labeled "NEEDS A SUMMARY". If you would like to help, please listen to the episode and write a summary in a similar format to those already posted, and e-mail that summary to Let me know what episode it is for (date), and I'll see that it gets added. Thank you!

Air DateNotes
7/11/09 Poor quality, but understandable
Talking about the ekklesia, the Church, the called out and who is the head of the Church with a peek at climate change, now and then. How selfishness and jealousy brings people into bondage in Egypt. FEMA vs FEMA False religion, corban, social security, making the word of God to none effect...Christ's government, how it works, and how it doesn't work. The Living Network and how it works. Birth certificates in Rome and the persecutions of Christians... Christians social services... Stoning the wicked.
7/18/09 Poor quality, but understandable
What are names? Sophistry in language, God vs gods, Picture of the Kingdom - Ancient Israel, Pharisee interpretation, Overivew of the HHC books, What is a "cult"? Electing benefactors, Peter vs Marcus Aurelius, Marriage licenses, Membership in the Kingdom, Contact Ministers, How does HHC fit in, but not of this world.
7/25/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality
Living Network, Australia and New Zealand, Voting for Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God - defined, Modern Christianity, Usury, Christ's alternative, Holy Matrimony, Living by Faith, Hope, and Charity, Love thy neighbor, Churches of Record, Actual vs Virtual Community, How to use the Network, Audacity of Hope, Living Stones.
8/1/09 Normal quality
"His Holy Church", incorporation, Republic vs Democracy, Early Americans, Seeking the Kingdom, Constantine's church, Ambrose and Jerome, The Kingdom in AD Europe, True ministers of Service, Religion in the Kingdom, Taxes, Prayer, Do we need ministers?, forming Congregations of Record, Forgiveness, Salvation.
8/8/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality - Must hear!
gods many and their covenants, the lost sheep, where is the kingdom?, was Christ rich?, Levites, religion, Good Samaritans or Good Babylonians?, the US Constitution, strong delusion, invitation to Oregon, Abram's journey, caring for the needy, mutual assurance, early Rome and the Gospel, more on Contact Ministers, the Gospel today.
8/15/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality
Weekend in Summer Lake, New online subscription form, The Living Network newsletter, Record Keeping vs Registration, turning neighbors into Human Resources, Debt, who Christ was, who is your god?, HEW and FEMA, loving your neighbor, witchcraft, Sabbath rest, Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, feel-good churches, what is your backup to the current (failing) system?, new videos, nature of love, structure of the Kingdom
8/22/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality - Must hear!
Understanding the Kingdom of God, prophesy, interpreting Christ's words, what was the Temple?, stone upon stone, the "true" needy, honoring your parents, who is preaching the gospel of the Kingdom?, the right to be ruled by God, where is your treasure?, rescinding documents, fall festival, e-mail groups, strong delusion, networking congregations, wanting OTHERS to be free, minutemen for each other, making a nation, anniversary of English Civil war, organizing your congregation, sovereign sheep, come together NOW, government of the people, by the people, for the people, Motto of Moses, what is the Temple?, running out of time...
8/29/09 60 second lead-in to program, Normal quality, but has slight glitches
What is the "world"?, Church and State, Marriage vs Holy Matrimony, Christ's government vs Moses' government, treaties with the world, IBT, Abraham's journey, "even the stones would cry out", Why pharisees couldn't execute Jesus, is the church taxable?, the voice of the people, "Imperium" defined, the loss of individual rights, "sovereign sheep" (love that one), The Living Network newsletter, relevant case citings, Gregory's journey, Patri/Patronus, Herod's baptism, Televangelists and their missions, the real meat of this endeavor
9/5/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality, but has slight glitches
Church according to Acorn International, What is the Church?, How do you know in whom the Holy Spirit dwells?, Who were the Essenes?, Early Israel - pre Saul, 4 precepts for the constitution, Example of bravery, rights and responsibilities, How to join the network, fishing net analogy, Contact Minister functions, tens, hundreds, thousands, Church (Acorn) incorporation, need for redemption, How the Church should act, offices of power have to hate you, proper motivation of government, e-mailing vs doing, Oregon retreat, widening coverage of the message, why Chist had to be crucified.
9/12/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality - Live from New York!
Buddy system X 10, things to protect against, Insurance or Assurance?, Socialist Christians?, Good money vs Bad money, this day in history, what makes a network work?, who is your father?, offices of service vs offices of power, more on the retreat, distractions, the Big Apple, what did Christ say?, Obamacare, the sabbath day, how to get out, the weightier matters - justice, mercy, forgiveness, giving, God's name, what do we do with the network?, "Don't let go", preaching the Kingdom, more on the Amish, how to save yourself, the audacity of hope.
9/19/09 Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality - slight glitches
This day in history - The Hundred Years War, the perfect law of liberty, Battle of Saratoga 1777, Who will fight your battle?, covenants traded rights for benefits, are all benefactors bad?, Altars of Baal, Samuel's warnings, Swine flu shots and Dr. Blaylock, Vaccines causal to later problems, squaline, Christ and rights, How to be part of another world, Retreat next week, Flus and other disasters, Medicines from nature, "Red button" story, "Lottery winner" story, Sabbath?, Adultery?, Pure Religion?, Mennonite "Insurance", offices of Power or Service?, How to get closer to the Kingdom, Ministers defined, The books so far...
9/26/09 Excellent recording - Normal quality - Live from the retreat!
News with Views article - Water control, the Gospel of the Kingdom, 2 kinds of hunger, Special guest: Troy and Genie, Troy's background in Christian music, living with the Amish, mission work in Haiti/Dominican Republic, getting back to basics, history of cities - Joseph in Egypt, Network - no place for envy or jealousy, Matt 28: 18-20, Troy and Genie's bouts with Authority, Scripture Rock, the sheep and the goats, another King, the early church, setting your neighbor free, US doesn't recognize dual citizenship, ALLegiance to the Creator, the Dark Side, our Redeemer, Passports, the two Gospels, Ransom Atonement, Christ IS King, who is your father?
10/3/09 Very Faint! - Find a quiet place/time and crank up the volume
Retreat winding down, why fall festivals?, Revival of the gospel, Earthquakes then and now, Auroras in Christ's time, How the network works, Gamma ray bursts, latest newsletter, What is Religion?, Contracts and licensing, our daily bread, today's misled church, the lost sheep, you want an e-mail?, what happened at the retreat?, What the Kingdom will look like, What Christ said, the "Butte" story, Obama - greatest ally, sheep, coyotes, and mountain lions, fire and brimstone, Red heifer, State of Being, Churchianity, State created by man, not God, Next year's retreat, Feasts bring people together
10/10/09 Still Faint! - Find a quiet place/time and crank up the volume
Land holders - Allodial title, the original kings, Leaders, Contracts, covenants, and constitutions, fear and trembling, faults of THE constitution, what the majority wants, how to prepare, purpose of the network?, early America, early States, had the church been doing its job..., 501(c)3 - authority?, incorporation, should we file?, IBT story, make your Yes Yes, "cut muster", SS#, Employer/Employee, Citizens -> residents, Humbolt story, Banking in the Kingdom, Joining the network, It's all about your neighbor!
10/17/09 Still Faint! - Find a quiet place/time and crank up the volume
Changes to website (, New Google maps - maintained by local Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God = right to be ruled by God, "Weightier Matters" - if your preacher doesn't know them, you need a new preacher!, Brother Gregory's local church, fullness of the gospel, Sabbath made for man, We won't give doctrine for Sabbath or Name, We Require "Seek the Kingdom", Ten Commandments - which ten?, Pharisees and the Old Testament, Hebrew letters - meaning and sequence, When is the Sabbath?, 2 different words for "month", looseness of translations, Hebrew letter "tav", Earn your day of rest, Sunday in the early church, Name - God does not need an ID card, Who names you?, Who named God?, Focus on weightier matters, Open your heart and mind, Purpose of the Feasts, The Cross, What are the weightier matters? See Matt 23:23.
10/24/09 Clear signal - good recording - excellent topic!
The Kingom - seek it and God's righteousness, Taking a bite of your neighbor, City = cauldron, we are the flesh, Fleshpots, Ezekiel 11:3, Micah 3:3, Common purse, Proverbs 1, metaphors in Bible, words vs spirit, The source of Dogmas, Anger, Hebrew letter Mem - flow of energy, water, love, Hebrew word construction, Meeting with local ministers, Online pamphlets, Blood sacrifice, Burnt offerings, Kidneys?, How you see your neighbor, Socialism, Social Security, Public Schools, REPENT!, Altars of Faith, Christ's Government, What is Church?, Local corruption near Gregory, The Answer, give life to others, the weightier matters, Families and the courts, Changing the course of history, Surviving Freedom.
10/31/09 Clear signal - good recording
The bizarre holiday Halloween, Trick or Treat - celebrating extortion, Gregory's memories of Halloween, Thinking outside the box and into another box, Idolotry of letters, what's in a name?, Simon->Peter, Saul->Paul, character is necessary to survival, survival without virtue, Levites and the 1st century church, practical feasts, socialized medicine, Home Schooling, apprenticeship, Family is key, Making the network work, back to halloween, ritual giving EVERY DAY, be good - get paid = no virtue, polity of the church, traps of "free" education, the chelation treatment example of family, who were the essenes?, True Israel vs Israel today, Does your church look more like the Kingdom - or Babylon? Jeremiah 10 - Christmas trees, the Sheep and Bulls story, Ministers of comfort vs ministers of repentance, how to become charitable again, Nation under God?, feel-good churches, Forming congregations of record.
11/7/09 Clear signal - good recording - slight lead in
the Holy Spirit, believing you believe in Jesus/God, Today's church affirms your doubts, Judge them by their fruits, encouraging sloth, did God make earthly governments?, Christ as a king, Gospel of the Kingdom = about government, "Religion" in the bible, the "weightier matters", Humbolt County boy's camp story - slave labor, Pennsylvania Judge story, the latest Newsletter, contacts now world wide, local networks can help physically, join!, If you are not DOing - your faith is dead, Christian Self Defense, how to participate - if you dare, Wasting your "oil", local DA drug story, Mexican cop-killer story, corruption abounds in the "world", current wheat reserve only 6 months, FED - unjust weights and measures, are you willing to sacrifice your comfort for others?, Repent, get busy, wake up, being under strong delusion, Find a BETTER way.
11/14/09 Technical difficulties, First Amendment Radio offline for first half - recording provided by John Coffee
Networking world-wide, Forming a congregation of record - 3 step plan, Commissioned ministers, CNNi Interview, Hebrew letter formation, God "allows" sin, need to repent, Punishment, Travel documents, Church is a government - of God, to take care of YOU, Network of homes, distributed storehouses, wheat storage example, Who is abandoning society?, Grist mill, Shop Fire in Spoon River, Insurance in the Kingdom, Judgment vs Forgiveness, Christ and the blind man, Living - not just trying, What is a Contact Minister?, Seeking the Kingdom, Carolina seminar.
11/21/09 Clear signal - good recording - slight glitches - Listen to this one!
This day in history..., Hot Air in the churches, "Church" in Black's Law, Salvation by Works?, Ministers who tickle your ears, Forgive that you MIGHT be forgiving, Is Jesus your King?, How do you take care of your widows and orphans?, Who do you pray to?, Public schools, Is it "legal"?, AFV, UCC, Strawman, Continental Congress?, Patrick Henry whipping story, Licensed churches?, Delivering congregations into bondage, Christ came to set you free!, What are YOU going to do about it?, How much do you love your government benefits?, Seek a better government, Repent, Home school, Home health, Home industry, Meeting in Fort Mill South Carolina, Find others if you CARE about others, Christ came to save OTHERS, The True American Revolution, Force your neighbor? Then you belong in bondage, Leadership, Burnt offerings, 168AD Rome, No place for Apathy in the Kingdom, Orphanages today, SHOW that you're living like Jesus, George Washington story, getting the leaders you deserve, Gospel of the Kingdom - Responsible for 1) Self, 2) Family, 3) Community, Seek and ye shall find, "Be" attitude.
11/28/09 Clear signal - good recording
On this day..., Magellan, Mount Etna, earthquakes, LA water supply, Grocery reserves, Today's economy, Remember New Orleans?, YOU need to do it - join the Living Network, E-mail groups vs in-person meetings, "Born again" - meaning, Minister e-mail story, Are you DOers of the word? Or merely hearers?, Advance of technology, Coconut Grove fire, Public Meetings in Fort Mills, WWII, Strike Thee With Thy Staff article, Real Christians wouldn't have a Muslim problem, We don't punish the wicked - God does, More of this day in History, News blackout in U.S., Taking the gloves off, Church is the ENTIRE system of social welfare, Don't change the world - change yourself, love your neighbor, Israel left Egypt with the young, old, weak, and strong - come out together, Freedom vs the illusion of Freedom, Come together because you love the ways of Christ.
12/5/09 Live from Fort Mill (Jeffrey Parrot)
Round table discussion, Christ in us, The "baggage" of this world, Listen to the Holy Spirit - not the world, Proper expression of Christ, The Kingdom in you can grow infinitely, Can drive out demons but have to change, an unforgiving heart, Putting the cart before the horse, How do we get closer to Holy Spirit?, Devil uses sophistry, Basics - Faith, Hope and Charity, Praying to God? Or men who exercise authority?, Repent, Salvation issues, Faith vs Works, Garden of Eden, Since Christ - Holy Spirit available to us, Christ in you?, Hiding in the world, What does the Holy Spirit in us look like?, Salvation, Solving ALL the problems of religion, Pentecost, Children are "music", What to expect from the Holy Spirit, Can you be offended?, Choosing to receive the Holy Spirit, Meeting next fall in Summer Lake, Let go, be patient, turn around, seek the Kingdom.
12/12/09 Some glitches, Note the "Rick Warren" mentioned herein is really "Rick Joyner"
Just back from Carolinas, Spirit of evil is alive and well, Image of Jesus, Home schooling, Contractural nature of Government, Does the Blood excuse you from bondage?, Rattling your cage, Muslims vs Christians, Don't stop seeking when you *think* you've found salvation, CMEs, Aurora Borealis at the time of Christ, John Paul Jackson and "The Perfect Storm", Adam's sin, Message to Gregory, Upcoming plans, Tithing, The decisions are yours, power of the Holy Spirit, Story of the grandson crushed by a rock, Spiritual constipation, News with Views article on Self Defense, Emptying hell, Will God listen?, Fall Festival.
12/19/09 Some glitches
This day in history - Henry VIII, Noah vs the world, Abram vs City-states, Religion, Chuck Baldwin article, Socialism, The true cause of today's problems, Civil war, Citizens are surety for debt, Titanic movie, HHC books, Strengthening the poor, Praying to government, Who is YOUR father?, Networking and Contact Ministers, Finding the lost sheep, Pharoah's tax, Abe Lincoln's story, TalkShoe conference call, Slave to salvation videos - tea party video (#4), Nimrod to now videos, Universal Service, China's one-child contract, people who think they're saved, Power-corrupted leaders, Meetings in Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, His Church economy, Credit unions, Band of Brothers, God vs Anti-God, What to do?, Ron Paul people, Peter's denial, Pentecost.
12/26/09 Recorded via dial-up - more glitches than normal
Time and Space, Where is the Kingdom, What's coming?, Building a net, things forgotten, Paul the tentmaker, Fall of Jerusalem, Elders, Presbyters, Are you ruled by your neighbor?, leader sheep vs ruler sheep, New book: The Higher Liberty, exousia, Titus 3:1 what does it mean?, The "buddy system", What is "peculiar"?, Constantine's church, The Greatest Destroyers, Future events, Talk Shoe conference call, next week's show.
1/2/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 1 - Listen up!
"Thy will be done" is part of the program, Entrance is a choice, Men didn't get dominion over other men, Unalienable rights, Contracts a Crime?, "You cannot be ignorant *and* free", Religion defined, True Hebrew, Essenes, Fullness of the Gospel, Training your children, today's Continental Congress, Taking oaths, How to get freedom back, Announcements, First Century Church, What is a Republic?, The Constitution, Duty of Government, Your daily bread, World Rule, Weightier matters, Government corruption, Rattling your cage, Can you hear the Gospel?, the Tree of Knowledge.
1/9/10 The World Around Us
World turmoil, unemployment, tragedies caused by government, unjust weights and measures, the Living Network, What is "His Church"?, laws in agreement with Christ, Judgment in the Kingdom, Character of Ministers, Character of the Network, Jesus and Peter, your salvation, Network meetings, Talkshoe conference call, New book - "The Higher Liberty", Prophets of the beast, Mystery Babylon, Sheep parables, Love for the sake of Loving, Today in history, William Pitt introduced Income Tax (1799), Colonial history, Christ's forgiveness, what will you do today?
1/16/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 2
This day in History, League of Nations, Corban of the Pharisees, Kingdom of the "world" vs Kingdom of God, the nature of evil, 2 Timothy 3, Thy Kingdom Comes - Chapter 1, need for repentance, are you a slave?, Religious freedom clause, Righteousness defined, Man in Eden, 1st command of God = "Dress and Keep", Translators are Traitors!, Who rules your life?, Legal Title, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Family, Covenants and Oaths, purpose of prohibition, Israel = Where God Prevails, different that Israel the country, Saul as king = rejection of God, Ten Commandments quote, Apostle = ambassador of Christ, "Heaven" in Matthew, Imperium and patronus, setting the captive free, what does Satan want?, false gospels, freemen in America, The truth shall set you free.
1/23/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 3
Chapter 2: Concept of the Kingdom, Abraham - man of faith - uncivilized, faith as an action word, salvation always a gift, Abraham left with many souls, Moses left with many souls, Origins of the bible, Romans in Christ's time, "a" kingdom vs "the" Kingdom, Abraham's new way, the first corporation, Where are rights?, Marriage vs Matrimony, public schools, are you a criminal?, make your yea, yea, the State as Father, who is your Father?, How to get from Egypt to Kingdom of God, Announcements, 'Thy Kingdom Comes" - on the net, US Constitution, dominion, starting a congregation, folly of the Puritans, Cauldrons of flesh, different kinds of "law", running out ahead of the LORD, the 400 year kingdom, becoming a surety, Remember the Ant, BE the kingdom, they will spit you out, the civil law of Cain, what NOT to do.
1/30/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 4
Explanation of origin of "Thy Kingdom Comes" and "Covenants of the gods", God created man, man created government, Man-made government is in the image of man, Golems, the coming of socialism?, Freewill offerings, Ekklesia, Do today's churches "save" you or put you back in bondage?, Israel today, What did God say?, Christ?, Who needs a church?, Helping your neighbor seek the Kingdom, OUR responsibilities, King James' bible, Early church's influence, Care about others - even jerks!, Who will hear the call?, Christ's "little flock", Character of a minister, Tea parties, AAA vs HHC, Seed banks, Functions of a Contact Minister, use of e-mail groups, Show me where I'm wrong, Common ground = the Gospel of the Kingdom, Imagining the possibilities of the Network, the Prodigal Son, Socialist = selfish, seek the Kingdom.
2/6/10 NOT the Kingdom of God
What is NOT the Kingdom of God?, Pitfalls, "The Higher Liberty" book, A better strategy, Is knowledge power?, Christ has all the bits and pieces we need, Hiding lies in truth, How do you know what is true?, Dangers of mis-intrepretation, New Declaration of Independence?, What about Court?, books are knowledge - not spirit, Bible is already filtered by translator, Spirit guides understanding, How to join the Living Network, Social Security Act, Adam's mistake, God tells the truth all the time, Shut up and listen!, New equipment for radio show, taking back responsibilities, vice vs virtue, All have rejected the ways of Christ, Socialism & public schools, Contracts - Covenants - Constitutions series - FREE online but will cost you your delusions, the REAL forefathers, Look for Christ in the individual, Praying to the Court, Changing your personal direction, BE the society you want, Do you work for Christ?, Signatures of value - signature IS participation, purpose of banks, The perfect law of liberty, Military service and oaths, Corban in Judea, Birth certificates, The REAL cause of the problem is...
2/13/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 5
"Thy Kingdom Comes" written in response to the question from "Covenants of the gods", "Government" in the Bible, "Abortion" in the Bible, Marriage as an institution of God, Democracy vs Self Government, Virtue, Don't make covenants!, Apostate Churches, HHC Booklets online for FREE, Have YOU been faithful to Christ?, Iconoclasts, Christ came that you MIGHT be saved, What is Righteousness?, The actual First Commandment, The virtue in Early Rome, Power in the Church, Communion of People, Structure of the Kingdom, Why would government want you to be free?, Good "sheep story", Samuel's warnings, Strong Delusion - you're not free!, Saul's salvation, Gideon's virtue, Biblical kings, Possession of the foot, What is Heaven?, Value of the Family, John the Baptist, following God's guidelines is your choice, jobs of the minister.
2/20/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 6 (Disconnect from 11:40-12:40)
Meaning of Words - the Devil's greatest deception, Baptism of Christ - set free from laws of Pharisees, Family and child behavior, Early America strove to seek God's government, Property Tax = usury, Baptism of Herod, the Pilgrims and charity, The REAL forefathers, What sets man free?, Patrick Henry - the barefoot lawyer, "beast" nature of government, Strive to be like Christ - WWJD, Pentecost, Lifeboat example, the Character of Christ, unrighteous mammon, Christ loved Peter even when he denied, Government in Christ's Jerusalem, Herod's promise to Messiah, Thanksgiving = Eucharist, Abraham's journey, surviving freedom, Communities without Kings, reign for 1000 years after Christ, the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abram and Brahma, What was Abraham doing that made him the man of faith?, Altars of living stone, Casting bread upon the water, corporate government, the Prodigal Son, ministers are living stones upon which you lay your sacrifice.
2/27/10 The Pharisitical Approach
Pitfalls toward the Kingdom - Pharisitical approach, Doctrine from outside, the emperor's coin, "Temples" at Ephesus and Janus, Spain's cooperative corporations, US not a republic anymore, "lawmaker" vs "representative", Pharisees made metaphor into ritual, Keeping your word, Peter and Jesus' tax, "Alexander the Great" story, Gulf War syndrome, Ex-parte hearings, the mis-understood John the Baptist, Romans 13, Real men face one another openly, Freedom of Speech in the Kingdom, putting people on pedastels, Be watchful, careful, cautious..., Living by your "Yea".
3/6/10 Have you been deceived? (New audio system, new problems...Very faint, worse after 10 minutes, gone after 28 minutes)
What we've been decieved by and how, who is to blame?, replacing Pride and Vanity, we're not "tickling ears", Tough love, Weekend Christians, Return go God!, (quieter) Problems with "rescinding", forcing your neighbor?, unlawful becoming legal, salvation by free will, George Washington vs George III, the real Sin of Sodom, "Walk the Plank" mentality, Golden Calves and common purses, Freedom for the big flock, (no need to listen beyond 28:00 mark).
3/13/10 Picturing the Kingdom
Vastness of the Kingdom, "Adawma", Hebrew - a different kind of language, translation of King James, Adam's sin, Amish case on animal registration, Christ on Networking, Congregations of Record - all autonomous, Diversity of Talents, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, networking of home churches, Free Will must always be allowed, Choosing a Contact Minister, possible activities for congregations, "Sucking" vs "Breathing out", Loving in an active way, Reacting to evil/danger, Influence of the Holy Spirit, Where does the problem originate?, How to change?, Driver's License history, Size of congregations, Deacons, Elders, "The Plan", personal traditions, "Logos" - a legal term, waiting on the LORD, criteria of a Congregation of Record, Creedence Letters, Assurance, Health care solutions, avoiding division.
3/20/10 Congregations of Record - what are they?
It begins with Moses and takes you to the Church in the wilderness and then to the early Church and how it worked and how it can work today. How the guidelines can work today. And how they do not work today... Including a church of record. Individual ministers. acceptance and recognition form including a letter of determination... In the second half of the show went through the guidelines one at a time. Some of the basics. Records, separate status of ministers, the individual stones of the altar. Two Tables. The one the sets you free and the one the brings you into bondage... Live, eat and breath justice and honor. Giving in the moment as you see fit. Giving entirely... We only got to ten and then we had a call from Jack in Texas.
3/27/10 The Church (Ekklesia) - Then and Now
How is the church different today than the first century?, Essenes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Apostles = Ambassadors, "Swear not!", Health Care, Public Schools, Good ideas? Or contradiction of Christ?, Home Churches, Our message - The Gospel of the Kingdom, Christ and socialism, Do you love Christ? Or the IDEA of loving Christ?, Altars in the Church, Giving and sacrifice, Minister defined, His Church Credit Union, Elders from the families, The Congregation, Letters of Creedence, "Logos" = Word - but what does it mean?, Minister defind more, Excluded vs Exempted, "feed my sheep", Constantine and the Church, All gifts freely given, What the church is NOT, The rest of the plan - Guidelines 13-20.
4/3/10 The Kingdom and How It Works
1066-1090 vast shift in power, The "Inquisition", Symbols of Christ, The sin of Sodom, Christ's solution, The Kingdom is for the LIVING, starts with the Family, Altars of Clay, Striving, These are GOOD times, Socialistic governments, Temples of Gold, the Temptation of Christ, Abraham the father of most faiths, What was he doing?, What were Moses and Christ doing?, Why don't most people know this?, Outreach of HHC, "Adhocracy"?, The struggle of liberty, Discussion of the Polity of His Church (10 points), Prime Directive of the Church = Luke 22:25.
4/10/10 Three questions
Patterns of the early church, what Christ came to do, what he would NOT do, the end result, Israel today - judge them by their fruits, Corban and Qurban, Start NOW - don't wait until you die, (1) What must we do to be saved?, Christ and his "little flock", Pure religion, "logos" and church ID, Returning every man to his family/possessions, What about "Works"?, Fruits of today's church - the whole world is in bondage, singing the song of the lamb, and of Moses, Raca, Making yea yea, (2) What did Christ do?, (3) What is the baptism of Christ?, purpose of taxes, Crystal Cathedrals vs Living Stones, Churches of Record established by Christ, letters of Creedence, Spiritual vs Physical world, serving God by serving Others, BE the flock of Christ.
4/17/10 Qualities of Ministers
Paul the tent-maker, Acquilla & Priscilla, welfare of the synagogues, who were the "scribes"?, Altars of earth and of stone, can't change government - change yourself, no exercising authority!, Mark of the Beast, Who do you pray to?, how quickly life changes, Christ's better way, what is "Israel"?, what is your responsibility?, what skills do you need?, Churches of RECORD, Who are Elders?, 501(c)3, form 1023, creating reality by our choices, strong delusion from the church, Ministrative Guidelines, what do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about it?, the Essenes, Boundaries for the outside world, What are you looking for in a minister?, our authority, Free Church Report book, Burnt Offerings, Living your word.
4/24/10 Kingdom of God - the basics
The Kingdom of God is for the living - not the dead, Who are ministers of Christ?, Government of Power vs Government of Service, "Tithing", "Liturgy" defined, Is your church based on service?, Owning all things in common?, Is it incorporated?, "Under" the IRS?, Where do you send your needy?, Was Christ a King?, Is he YOUR King?, "Mammon" defined, Thy Kingdom Comes book, What is the plan?, Be not only hearers of the Word, but DOers!, The vanity of words, Do you keep your word?, God's word?, The best decievers, Ministers and Orders, the secret of the Kingdom..., In but not Of, "in tents" vs "intense", overcoming deception, You've been taught to look to the world - repent, and look to the Kingdom, Characteristics of ministers, Grow up!, Why will the world hate us?

Please Note: The recordings are having more and more "dropouts" of late. This may be because of an increased audience and the First Amendment Radio servers being unable to distribute network "packets" to all the receivers in time. I don't think it is my local Internet connection as other broadcasts I listen to do not suffer the dropout problem.
5/1/10 Christian Opportunities in History
Study history to avoid repeating mistakes, World-wide Kingdom, Dissention in the EU, If you owe it - pay it!, Income tax is based on contract - government can't interfere, Christians and the Federal Reserve, Free books, Israel in Egypt, Christians and the Depression, Are Social Security and Welfare Charity?, Davey Crockett story, Charity is critical for the well-being of society, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah,, The Living Network, The journey back to Christ - repentance, Re-learning how to love our neighbor, Who do you pray to?, Your job in the Living Network, Seed saving, health care, Congregations of Record - paperwork, Feed my Sheep!, Be the benefactors who do NOT exercise authority, Altars of Clay and Stone, Retreat grounds, Imagining the future.
5/8/10 Heaven and Prayer
The meaning of words - babble, words Heaven = Ouranos = Sky, Frame of reference for Bible reading, Is Christianity division or unity?, Religious "Heaven", not definite like math translations: two = deu = dos = zwei..., No good translation in English for "Ouranos", People in Christ's time were more intelligent than we give them credit, Location of Kingdom of Heaven, Did the Jews reject Christ?, Who do you pray to?, How we are like God, Paradise Lost, Why aren't humans free?, Repenting, The "Adversary", Every election of man is a rejection of God, Satan's seduction, How do men get dominion over you?, Church Government, What does God want?, When will God hear my prayers?, Physical vs Spiritual reality, How do I get to the Kingdom of Heaven?, Bearing witness, Being still, Proverbs 23 before Psalm 23, The "tares" are everywhere, "Man as he ought to be", Don't get distracted, Choose who you will serve.
5/15/10 The Free Church Report
Many in the world speaking of Faith, Hope, and Charity, Oil Slick in the Gulf, Bailouts, Where has the "Church" lead us?, False gods, The baptism of covetousness, Who will you serve?, Is your motivation fear or love?, The early church, "Does your master pay the tax?", Who are "elders"?, Go to the ant, Strive, Little Hitlers, description of Congregations of Record, Why a network?, "Liturgy" defined, The role of "minister", Kingdom of God vs all other governments, Character of Christ, what is the bible about?, Can't change government - change yourself, Repent = turn around = change direction, The Government is not your father, How to repent, Do Do Do Do Do Do!
5/22/10 The Living Network
The Kingdom is here NOW, Moses and Christ in agreement, Need to understand the fullness of the Gospel (of the Kingdom), Early church was serving people - not building buildings, The "Trinity", Theology vs acting in the character of Christ, Christ knows "why" you give, Christ and the Pharisees, Network "spectators", Christ's "weightier matters", Working out your salvation, Nakedness and underwear in the bible, Where Satan's authority comes from, "Accepting" Jesus, God's Righteousness vs Man's "righteousness", What are you sacrificing?, "Free Church Report" book, Get back to Christ - what did He say?, Ekklesia vs Church, Ghandi?, Coming out, Christ's appointed Kingdom, Thou sayest it - a separate jurisdiction, Coming together, The first corporation, The new Levites, Christ = "another king", The apostles were princes of that Kingdom, "Leaders" vs "Rulers", Casting your bread upon the waters, Government? It's the Church!
5/29/10 CNN Feature Airs
Featured link on CNN main page!, Reading of the article, commentary, Why Brother Gregory lives in Summer Lake, Why is Brother Gregory "Brother Gregory"?, Social Welfare of the ancient Israelites, Rebuttal of "abandoning society", Commentary on commentary, Pharisees vs Essenes, What is "His Holy Church"?, Withholding judgment, Shepherding analogies, Church vs Government, Davey Crockett story, Breakdown of the Family, What Christ was telling us to do, Corban of the Pharisees, Avoiding "pidgeon-holing", Where to focus our efforts, Repenting, The Kingdom is not a Welfare State, What does "in my name" really mean?, Feasts and Families, Building a community with Faith, Hope, and Charity.
6/5/10 Visualizing the Network
Comments on CNN Feature - (World's Untold Stories - Christians Unplugged), Interest world-wide, Growing the Network, "Love thy Neighbor" in operation, Acting locally - thinking globally, Visualizing the network, Joshua 22, The "Cora" story, How to be free, "We are all kings", Where we are today - back in Babylon, How to escape, Weeding out the tares, John 3:16, More about Reuben, Living Altars, Are your leaders manifesting the spirit of Christ?, God's promise, The return of the kings, Were The "Dark" Ages really that dark?, Striving for our neighbor, Can this work?, What do I do next?
6/12/10 Fear Not!
(Special studio recording)
What Christ came to preach, Saving the world?, What is "peculiar" about His people?, Whom shall I fear? - Whom shall I not?, The Cain philosophy, Coming into one accord with Christ, What's the bible about?, The Truth that most don't want to hear, Abram in Haran, Liberty defined, The myriad of gulf oil scenarios, Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?, Do you so love the world?, More on Socialism, Where is Christ?, Am I like the prodigal son?, What must I do and why?, Gnostics and Faith, Pharisees - proud of their humility, The Fall retreat, The Kingdom of Heaven is for the Living!, Strive for it, Feed His sheep, From dry bones to flesh, Mark of the Beast article, Vows of poverty?, Pure Religion defined, Living by Faith, Hope, and Charity in Spirit and Truth, Sitting at the table of rulers, Are you a minister?, What is a "Vow"?, Why don't we see more miracles today?, Fear not!
6/19/10 Different Religions
Live from the Medford Green Expo, Out-of-the-box thinkers, Religion defined, Rome's social welfare programs, Benefits have strings attached, Early Christianity was different, Commandments and Christ, Tale of two SS recipients, Supporting Parents, Temples in the first century - Saturn, Janus..., Pure Religion vs World Religion, Why Christions were persecuted, Rome before Caesars, Different "Religions" vs Christ, What the "evil one" wants, What you can do about it, The choice we must make, Local sources of food, Comments on Chuck Baldwin's survival article, The greatest gift we can give, Other radio shows, Overlook dogma in favor of love, Words about the retreat, Signs of the times, Preparation.
6/26/10 Snare
(Special studio recording)
God gave man dominion over the Earth = Kingdom of God, Man via Tree of Knowledge began to separate from God, hiding & fleeing - losing some of that dominion, what people heard at Sinai, Authors of the bible were inspired, but not translators, You need to be inspired when you read it, Many are hiding from God, "gin" defined, Conspiracy theories, Seduced by Government to do things contrary to the nature of God - taking from your neighbor, Karl Marx time, Decline of the middle class, Rejecting God - warned by prophets, Getting the government you seek, Seize the vote?, Democracy's changing definition, The sophistry of Satan, Graven Images, Laws and binding authority, What Christ taught, Paul and the Authorities, The snare of the fowler, Peter and the tax, Becoming the body of Christ, The Kingdom of Heaven will triumph, "Snare" in the bible, Vote = Prayer, Congregations of Record - conforming to Christ, More on "anger", Canoe in the Rapids analogy, Why participate in the network?, Characteristics of ministers, How Christ can live in you, "Robbers", Snared by your works, The keys to the kingdom, doing unto others, Socialism is having "one purse", Can't out-vote the selfish, Get involved, Help others!, Come together, The snare of today's churches.
7/3/10 Word of God - Excellent History lesson
Bible - Authors were inspired, translators were not necessarily inspired, History of translations, Compiled by Eusubius under Constantine, What about Constantine?, meeting of bishops, Kingdom of God at hand = right to be ruled by God, Why was Jesus brought before Herod? Pilate?, Structure of government at Christ's time, 3-part kingdom, Who was king in Jerusalem?, Herod and the prophesies, The Royal Robe given to Christ, Baptism of Herod, "Word of God" translations, Pharisees (scholars) didn't even get it, Need inspiration to understand the bible, What is your motivation?, Brother Gregory's motivation, All will fall short, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Homework!, "bondage" in Egypt, Treasure Cities, How did WE get back into bondage?, Tuten Moses III?, (re-) Constructing His Church, Why was Rome in Judea?, A bit on passports, Congregations of Record, Congregations of Congregations, Election in the Kingdom, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, and Ministers.
7/10/10 Journey Without End
Who is Paul from Wisconsin? King-dom(inion) and Free-dom(inion), Earthly kings vs Kingdom of God, Knowledge vs Inspiration, Why this WILL work, Brother Gregory's walk, Authority of the Bible(s), Dead Sea Scrolls, Turmoil on the network, King James version - conflict of interest?, Word meanings at the time of Christ, How to read the Bible(s), "Original" Greek and Hebrew, Getting out of the system - Rev 18 vs Matt 6, Journey without end, Traps along the journey, What was nailed to the cross?, The weight of Pilate's proclamaion, Communicating to the world, A new approach?, Rattling the bars, "bondage" in Egypt vs "freedom" today, Announcements, Radio outreach, Media appearances, The HHC website, What it's like in Wisconsin, Why are we here?, What shall we do?, Random acts of kindness vs loving your neighbor, My journey, Sparking curiosity, Was Jesus "king"?, How to reach the lost, the Gospel of the Kingdom, HHC Books, Leadership by service, peace upon your house.
7/17/10 Was Christ really King?
Structure of government in Christ's time, Why did the pharisees ask permission from Rome?, Making covenants, What is "faithfulness"?, Herod the Great's method, Dead stones vs living stones, A word or two on oaths, Hosanna in the highest!, The "palm" tradition, Christ in the treasury, Apostles = ambassadors, Church is a government, "This Rock", Who has the Keys of the Kingdom?, Help reading the bible, Temples in early church time, The 14th amendment, Role of the federal government, How to seek the Kingdom, The retreat in Sept, The FEMA of HHC, The Ordained Church, Needing the "world", Making the change, Purpose of the Church, Gold amongst dirt, Half the truth is a lie, What does *your* government look like?, Worse than Egypt?, Take (back) responsibility!, Are you forgiven? Why?, Voting in morality, Tough love, Homework!
7/24/10 Wheat crisis?
Minute or two of technical difficulty, History of food reserves in the USA, What changed?, Grain around the world, Starvation in food-rich nations, Who can you depend on?, Grain in Exodus time, Nixon's influence, The potential of co-ops, Weathering the weather, Conversations with an international seed buyer, Grain and the Roman empire, Where are we today?, The bondage of early Israel - sold their brother who benefitted Pharoah rather than Israel, Problems caused by OUR apathy, The need for another system, Influence of the sun, Distributing grain at the retreat, Your word is your bond, Surviving many of our mistakes, Who do you stock up for?, His Church is NOT a welfare state, Thinking Kingdom, What if YOU are in need?, Proper use of grain, Eschatology? Heaven forbid, Who can you trust?, There is enough time - just barely, Why join the network?, Acting upon the gifts you have received.
7/31/10 Beatitudes
Different kinds of love, Are you saved?, Strong delusion in the church, Rulers in today's society, Liberty or bondage?, Can the government by faith, hope, and charity work today?, The true name of Christ, Participation is key, Taxation without rights to benefits, Why are your ministers not warning you?, Saying but not doing, How to be free, Government is created in your image, The Church is the only true republic, "Ouranos" defined, Christ and Pilate, Was Christ King?, Beatitudes, Who are "poor"?, Why are they blessed?, Who "mourn"?, What about the "meek"?, Where does deception come from?, And "righteousness"?, Corollaries to the beatitudes, Who is "pure of heart"?, And the "Peacemakers"?, Rebellion vs Righteousness.
8/7/10 It can't happen here?
(Special studio recording)
Storing of grain, Supply/Demand crop cycles, Solar Max, Importance of grain throughout history, Family storage, Don't be a "foolish virgin", Proper way to use grain, Stocking up on medicines, Can you count on God to help you if you won't help your neighbor?, Kingdom is not a welfare state, It can't happen here?, There's more to church than Sunday, How much does your family eat in a year?, What about guns/ammo?, Taking charge of your life, Voting?, To whom do you pray?, Our simple message, Temples and the early church, Temples today, Beware temptation, Where can it lead?, BE the government rather than looking to government, Can't bury this message, Spread the word!, Luke 6:46 "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?".
8/14/10 Questions and Answers
(Special studio recording)
Today in history, The dominion of man, What is our job?, Call from "Rick" about bonds of trust, Learning to trust, The "buddy system" times ten, vouching for our neighbor, learning forgiveness, forming congregations, Kingdom vs Church, Worship of names is idolatry, Call from "Joey" about church as a government - the kingdom at hand, What was the early church doing?, Apostle = Ambassador, Families/Elders control donations until they are given, Ministers vs rulers and law-makers, Announcements, Christ IS our BEST example to follow, Christ's use of the word "world", God = giver of life, World = takers, Ekklesia = called out = Levites = Church, How does one become a minister?, Taxes in the Kingdom, "Burnt offerings" defined, Power in the kingdom is the choice of charity, Christ appointed a kingdom, Can this work?, Can YOU do it?, It's your call, Question from "Kendall" on altars and buildings, "Thy Kingdom Comes" book, altars of clay and stone, Call from "Dan" about service and the Holy Spirit, Acting as the Spirit moves you, God is speaking to EVERYONE right NOW!
8/21/10 Strong Delusion - Red-letter episode!
Kingdom of God from the beginning, Able, Noah, Abraham, ekklesia in those days, "Altars" defined, Moses and the promised land, Why don't we understand today?, Tithing, Baptized by Christ = kicked out of synagogue, Kingdom vs Church, 2 systems at war today, Rome = worship the emperor, President is a god - apotheos, Deification, Today's system is un-Christian and un-Jewish and un-Koran and un-Hindu..., Do good Samaritans dial 911?, Gregory's personal stories, Today's church is a social club, Love while in church but go home and pray to benefactors, Strong Delusion, The weightier matters, Benefits at the expense of your neighbor, Are governments ordained by God?, The spirit of Cain, Churches misled, Jesus' family, Who was king in Jerusalem at Christ's time?, The Gospel of the Kingdom - not a popular message, Personal Declaration of Independence, Insurance?, Super weeds!, Do you love your neighbor? Then DO it!, Woe unto preachers, Stop following those who don't preach the kingdom, Repent! Seek the Kingdom! Find others!
8/28/10 Money!
What is money?, Different kinds of money, Natural money, Money by law - whose law?, Who can create money?, Federal Reserve Notes vs United States Notes, Purposes of new money, Where money gets its power, Wholesome money?, Weights and measures, Money in the bible, Precepts of Christ, "Value" of money, Light amongst darkness, Ministrative guidelines of HHC, Making your Yes, Yes, Retreat info, Government by man a rejection of God - 1 Sam 8, Prov 1, Prov 23, To whom do you pray?, How prayers are answered, Seeking the kingdom, How?, Sacred Purpose Trust, Altars of clay and stone, Irrevocable gifts = burnt offerings, unregulated ministers, YOU always have the choice, "Feed my sheep", The prodigal children, Government of the people, for the people (minister), by the people (recognition), Churches and tax exemption, Forming congregations of record.
9/4/10 The Way to the Kingdom
Constantine's Council at Nicea, Baptism without Repentance, Death in the name of Christ, Denominations, Conforming to Christ, Appearance of being godly, What ritual?, What doctrine?, What is the Church?, Feedom without control, Altars of clay and stone, Living by the sword, True giving, Why are you afraid?, Congregations of Congregations, Episkopos, The Lowerarchy of the Church, World government, Burnt offerings, Unhewn stones, Sacred purpose trust, What the Church should look like, Anti-Pharisee or Anti-Christ?, Ekklesia, Guidelines of His Holy Church, Conversion, Bound by virtue, Choosing ministers, Empowering without losing power, Unincorporated Association - stay away, Who's the beneficiary?, Feed my sheep, Who else is teaching this?, Christ IS King!
9/11/10 The Church's role in preaching the Kingdom of God
Our only salvation, to incorporate, or not to incorporate, Nimrod and Cain, the spirit of Satan vs Christ, Your responsibilities, HHC in the Real World, Sacred Purpose Trust, Living Altars, Pure Religion, Who is the beneficiary?, Episkipos = bishop, How to love Christ, "Israel" defined, Abraham and Shem, The faith of Abraham, Apostolic Church, precept upon precept, What about "All things in common"?, the Bill of Rights, equitible conversion, the voice of the people - rejecting God by electing, Repent, expatriation, our righteousness must exceed theirs, vows, "Go cry unto the gods...", Christ's Comforter, Bonds of the Kingdom are not contractual, "feed my sheep", What is a trust?, the Constitution of Christ, the Church of the State, understanding the New Testament, Living Stones, unregulated except by Holy Spirit, the Church is a separate government, Statute of Mortmain, the rise of kings - 1000 years after Christ, Magna Carta, Barnabas' righteousness, returning every man to his possessions, role of the minister, living under God alone.
9/18/10 Pharisees, Essenes, and Caesars
Ekklesia - what it means, don't ask the Pharisees, "Temple" you say?, Who are the Essenes?, Intrigue at the time of Christ, Sadducees and Zealots, Can you be a Christian and a democrat?, setting the table of the Lord, Guidelines of the Church - continued, Gifts are given entirely = burnt offerings, Living altars of stone, Bondage in today's church, unhewn stones, in the Kingdom you never give up your rights, punishing the wicked, "righteousness", Christ the beneficiary, what ministers of HHC do, what they don't do, "logos", Infant christening?
9/25/10 Live - from the retreat
Interviewing retreat guests on this show: 1) Paul from Wisconsin, 2) Hadar from Minnesota, 3) Mark from Australia, 4) Isa from Oregon, 5) Jeff from South Carolina
10/2/10 Questions, questions...
Who can you trust as ministers?, What about the next election?, Are you capable?, What "Party"?, What's so great about the Constitution?, What makes this country great?, What are you voting for?, Who gives you permission?, What strong delusion?, Do you keep your word?, Who is my neighbor?, Does your king sleep in the woods?, How can you be more humble than me?, What's wrong with Socialism?, Who are you calling slothful?, Why care about Orders?, Why should we love our enemies?, Who are you calling a fake Christian?, How can the people remain free?, Can I trust you?, Isn't the Kingdom of God for after I die?, Were the "Dark Ages" really dark?, Should we be rebuking?
10/9/10 Cause and Effect
You always have a choice!, Intent->Reaction->New Intent, God's greatest gift to mankind, Repentance, Forgiveness, vices vs virtues, What spirit is within you?, What does God want for YOU?, This day in history, 1060 - the dawn of kings, Lady Godiva, The Doomsday Book, Castles, cathedrals, and churches, What's different about His Holy Church?, "Offices" in Roman Empire, Comments on the Retreat, the Voice of the People, What freedom did Christ bring?, Are you Christian or Pharisee?, Hewing stones of the altar, "Deserving Poor" defined, Prayers vs Doers, Is believing enough?, What does it mean to be the faithful?, To serve or to be served.
10/16/10 The Sin of Corban
New booklet - The Sin of Corban, How does God want you to form a government?, Treasure cities of Pharoah, Social Security, Offices of Power, Rejecting God?, Benefits = snares, "Christian" governments, Our Father who art in Rome? DC? Heaven?, Antics of man's government, Is your government Anti-Christ?, What can you do about it?, Structure of God's government, Standing alone together, Family is the foundation of society, Kingdom living in early America - faith, hope, charity, Now we're back to the Corban of the Pharisees, Kingdom living in early Rome, What is my "fair share"?, What about the wicked?, Baptism of Herod, Altars of sin, Justinian's apology, Sunday worship?, 666?, Cristians in failing Rome, The church of Constantine, Socialism and the public schools, Build the table of the Lord - then set it, What is "Israel" really?, Characteristics to look for in Kingdom thinking, Parables, I want a church that..., There is another King, What next?, Working out your salvation, Who do you love?
10/23/10 Christian Banking
Doing evil for good outcome, Cain's choice, going with the flow, Josiah Stamp on the Bank of England, legal title vs equitable title, Creating deposits, Corporations, Actions of the Federal Reserve, Advice from Proverbs, Just weights and measures, Understanding the program, Insurance, Interest, JFK US notes, FDIC, Fractional reserves, Where's the risk?, Forclosure, Real-world examples, More on Cain, Seth, Nimrod, Ruling over your brother, Giving power to other men, Greed in the system, Savings and Loan crisis, Acts 6:3, Temple = Royal Treasury, Compelling contributions, Christ casting out the money changers, Credit Unions, Casting thy bread upon the waters, Owning your bank, The purpose of "Church", Workable Congregations of Record.
10/30/10 The Coercive Church
What is the "Coercive Church"?, Who is part of it?, What are its precepts?, What is it missing?, Keys to reading the New Testament, Tithes, Social Welfare, Elders in HHC, Who loves you?, Culture at Christ's time, Corruption in the temple, Christ in the temple, Money changers, Mammon and Corban, Pure Religion, Another baptism, Who were the scribes?, Mark of the Beast, We need DOers, Even Satan believes in Jesus, Since when is it OK to take from your neighbors? - your preachers tell you it is!, How to repent, Does socialism work?, Are we re-living the Roman Empire?, Invisible bread lines - 40 million long, forgiveness parable, How forgiving are your ministers?, Early American churches, Forced contribution or Free Will offering?, How to solve the problem, This has worked before, Truth hurts - but not forever, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
11/6/10 The Morning After and Guilt
Lies, Deception and the Truth, Strayed from the work of God, Are you a victim?, The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, The morning after the elections, Who won?, The "strait" way, Having one purse, Voluntary or coerced?, Coveting = SIN - even if *everybody* does it, The family divided, Repent!, The TRUE forefathers of America, The Constitution?, Where is your allegiance?, Republics through history, Re-naming government, Going back to Egypt, Flesh pots and cauldrons, "Democracy" - really, Caesar's republic, Light in the darkness, Lawmakers?, Do you see the gun pointed at you?, Does your church comply with God?, Is it hung up on philosphy and doctrine?, What are the "weightier matters" Christ talked about?, Democracy then vs now, Are you an "R" or a "D"? Or a "JC"?, Have you woken up or just rolled over?, Answers to important questions, "Religion" - really, Things YOU can do, Count the cost, Beware "too good to be true" scams, UCC Redemption, Educate yourself, The solution is..., Resources available to you FOR FREE, Come to His table - like pot luck, The local Marcus Aurelius, Who are foolish virgins now?
11/13/10 Kingdom vs Kingdom (Very low audio - turn it up!)
State National movement, Citizens of State vs Citizens of United States, Constitution not ratified but acquiesced to, Sureties to debt - by contract, "Egypt" defined, Would you sell your brother into slavery?, Remember "rebuking"?, Where have all the churches gone?, Christ's plan to set men free in spirit ant truth, Apostle = Ambassador, Do you want Jesus as your king?, Taxes in the Kingdom, Crystal Cathedrals, Let God judge - you seek the kingdom, 501(c)3, Christ's government vs man's government, Do what Christ said to do - together, Washing feet, IRS Form 1023, Why file?, Church Government, Remember "righteousness"?, The Golden Calf, Bonds in the Kingdom, "Love one another", More on State Nationals, "Church" defined, Are you an apostle of Christ?, How do I find out?, Making the word of God to none effect, "Application" and the IRS, Life in a Republic, What concerns you?, "lowerarchy" of the church, Only answerable to God, Pentecost, The peril of Ananias, Religious Orders, Ruler of Rulers or Servant of Servants?, Social Assurance.
11/20/10 Two Nets
The edict of Diocletian, Rome: From republic to empire, As society changes, so changes government, "Welfare" in Rome, Quiris vs Romeus, Does God create government?, Who elected Saul?, What did God say about it?, Only God signed the 10 commandments, Power corrupts, Are you a human resource?, Honor your Father and Mother, Herod's Kingdom of Heaven, God's name isn't on the constitution, Sicking government on your neighbor, John the Baptist, Why are you here?, Being a true brother, Kingdom of Heaven is like a net cast into the sea, Recovery of early church property, Why fear Christians?, If sinners entice thee..., Justice in the Kingdom, So you want to do more..., Never being offended, No pedastels allowed, "Heal our Land" article on News with Views, The mark of the beast, HHC Books, Can't save yourself, Moses and Abraham saved many souls, The Shepherd's job.
11/27/10 What it means to seek the Kingdom
Reading the bible in the context of the time it was written, Milk and Honey, What were the Pharisees doing?, How to get out of bondage, Be like the ant, Can you forgive?, Strong delusion, Not those who say "Lord, Lord", The Living Network, Christ's "weightier matters", Feeling good vs Being good, His Church Seed Trust, Do we need possesions? Can we practice charity if we have nothing to give away?, Are we there yet?, Community Supported Agriculture, Nutrition the goal - not profit, Aspartame?, Lab rats and cancer, Correctable Diabetes, Re-mineralizing fields, Do this for your neighbor!, What spirit is guiding you?, Building congregations, What the early church was doing, The slothful should be under tribute, Keeping your word, Making your yes, yes, Step 1 - find the others, Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence - unwaranted usurpation, becoming a freeman, That was then..., Law vs Legal, Power tempts, Pilgrims learned to govern themselves, supporting one another, George III was the violator of the law, Today's "freemen", Where is the character of Christ?, Hebrew "mem", Join the Living Network because you have something to offer, The Kingdom empowers choice, Who/what are "elders"?, Giving to ministers.
12/4/10 Doctrines of Christ
Kingdom of God/Heaven at hand, The right to be ruled by God, Seeking the kingdom, It's always been here, Early Americans, becoming free souls under God, Structure of the Kingdom of Heaven, 1 minister serving 10 families, The gospel that Christ preached, Repent - from what?, Governments of Cain, Nimrod, Pharisees, What is worship?, Baptism, Obeying the commandments = loving Christ, Learning from the Holy Spirit, Saying "Lord, Lord", Tithing, Tickling your ears, Spirit vs flesh, Unforgivable sin, Even Satan "believes", Rendering to Caesar, Rome and free bread, Christ's baptism, Act upon what is given to be given more, Spiritual matters, The tree of life, letting go of vices, How to forgive, God provides, Conjuring the Holy Spirit, Church of Constantine, Loving darkness, Come to the light.
12/11/10 The Sabbath
Look at your calendar, Don't ask the Pharisees, they got it wrong, Moses in agreement with Christ, Bible is a tool - not the source, Resting, Eusubius and Constantine, Pontifex maximus, Baptism without repentance, A "way" for rulers, Sunday and common assembly, Meaning behind Sabbath, Eucharist, Acts of Marcus Auerlius, Why were Christians persecuted?, WWJD - Mimic that, Asking government to take from your neighbor = not OK, Welfare = not OK, Social Security = not OK, Public Schools = not OK, Socialism = not OK, Instead seek the Kingdom and His righteousness, Debt then work is anti-sabbath - work first, then spend, 1st day assembly - what needs to be done?, Community by love knows where the needs are, Saved by faith, judged by works, Agustus and the Senate, Details of the Roman republic, Family is key!, Then the decline, Apotheos, Now we have abandoned the way of Christ, Proverbs quotes, Repent!, The path of Israel, to the early Church, Strengthening the poor, What to do about it, Spirit + water + blood, God's spirit in you, Will you see?
12/18/10 Meet the Ministers
Brothers Jeff, Rick, and Paul get together to discuss matters important to their local areas and the Living Network as a whole. Spiritual warfare, Subtlty of Satan, Strong delusion, Our choices, Resistance, Suffering violence, The Kingdom lifestyle, Walking by the Spirit, Satan's legal access, YOU are not alone, Power of what we say, Refining silver by fire metaphor, God talking to each of us all the time, Christ's reflection in us, Repentance, Fighting against principalities, The whole armor of God, Fasting.
12/25/10 Christmas
Brother Gregory discusses the traditions which have been assembled together to arrive at the "Christmas" holiday as we know it today. He looks at scriptural basis as well as various cultural histories. Then he shows how these things tie in with the Kingdom of Heaven at hand and His righteousness, and how that applies to our lives in the present.
1/1/11 HHC Guidelines (11-20)
Spiritual constipation, Satan's force, Man-created governments, Swearing allegiance, What is a "Republic"?, Churches in early America, The spirit in today's churches, How to start a church, self-government, Stones of the altar, Burnt offerings, Responsibilities of a Minister, Guidelines of His Holy Church (11-20), Christ is overseer of His church, purpose = to return every man unto his possessions, Usury?, Recognition of ministers, no forced contributions, Waiving rights in society, Owing pharoah, Grantor gives up full control of gifts, When a minister dies, Inheritance tax, Ministers to consider requests of giver, Ministers to keep records, Who are "elders"?, Only recorse is withdrawal of recognition, May appeal withdrawal, Adding flesh to dry bones, Ministers may resign, Dissolving a non-maintainable altar, Governments that empower the people, Addressing the weightier matters in one accord, Returning to the ways of Christ.
1/8/11 Governed by God
2011 Whirlwind Tour, Christ's directives for free government, No treaties, Levites = public servants = Health, Education, and Welfare, People remain free souls under God, Boaz story - jury of peers, Cities of Refuge, Bearing false witness, Contracts supercede common law remedy, Public schools = socialism?, Made men, How 'bout welfare?, Today's ministers deny Christ - by policy, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?", Seek the kingdom, Where else are you hearing this message?, Government by brotherhood, Show me "righteousness", Show me "humility", Show me Christ, To "Do", or not to "Do", No pedastels allowed, Fear = selfish emotion, Much "good" happening, YOU are the treasure of the Kingdom, Feet washing, Do you "believe"? - Even the devil "believes", Do you DO?, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
1/15/11 You the People
You the People, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, "Community" made America great, Covenanting with Caeser is Contrary to Christ, Having form of godliness but denying the power thereof, Nation = people - neither here nor there, Subject to God - not other men, Knowledge of Gospel is a gift of God, Comfortable in sin? Churches keep you that way, Why the "Whirlwind Tour"?, The easy and hard way to learn, "gods" = magistrates or judges - make no covenants with them, Offices of power beget men of power; offices of service beget men of service, Do you desire the wealth of your neighbor?, Sunday vs Monday, Diabolos, To whom do you pray?, If you have a contract with Caesar - fulfill the contract, Even the devil believes in God - but doesn't DO what He says, We must DO!, "Repent" is not "I'm Sorry", "Coming Out" is at the END of the bible, Seek ye FIRST..., Why the early church was prosecuted, You are "merchandise", What to do about it?, Finding the Kingdom, Today's "world", Paying your tally of bricks, Ministers = bondservants of Christ, Who is my neighbor?, HHC FEMA, The Red Heifer, Being forgiven because you forgive, Doomsday?, "Coercive Church", The Purpose of the Church.
1/22/11 Who's Guarding the Republic?
Growing the Living Network, Bonds of trust, Mechanics of ministry, In God's kingdom you keep your rights, "Guardians of the Republic", Governments require consent, "Pure republic" defined, What about "democracy"?, Re-living the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, What was the church doing?, All our books are free!, The Constitution did NOT form the republic, What was left out of the Constitution?, Christ's solution, The perfect law of liberty, America - pre Declaration of Independence, "Free" education is worth exactly what you pay for it, 14th amendment, Constitution - ratified or not?, Who were "We the People"?, Administrative law, How much have you agreed to already?, "Corban" at the time of Christ, Sanhedrin = Congress, Making the word of God to none effect, Man's government says it's OK to covet, Modern churches say it's OK to covet?, Christ said NO!, "It is not to be that way with YOU", The Gospel of Churchianity, We must become the Church of Life - in Christ's name/character, At which door do you knock?, Have they gotten you to commit a crime?, Contract is law by consent, Lawmakers - not representatives, God already gave us the law, How to get back our rights.
1/29/11 Restoring the Republic
Restore America Plan - some thoughts (cont), Government of Man vs Government of God, Rejections of God, Why are we in bondage?, Idols of Jesus, "Not those that call me Lord, Lord, but those that DO the will of the father", Can't repent for others, Republic vs Democracy, What of "Full Disclosure"?, Solving deciet by deception?, Step 1 = Admitting where you are at, What to do now?, Your choices are..., Purpose of the Constitution, Unrighteous mammon about to fail, Jobs of a minister, History - when (and why) things went wrong, A little leaven..., US Federal Government was never a republic!, Purpose of Bill of Rights, What did Christ say?, Individuals coming together, Improving old wine skins, The Fate of Jerusalem, Getting realistic, Creed of the United States, Constitution is NOT your salvation - Christ is, How to pull this all together, Finding the sheep, Feeding the sheep.
2/5/11 False Prophets
People who lead away from the Kingdom of God - Cain, Nimrod, Lamech..., "Egypt" means "bondage", God's welfare system, Contractual nature of Government, Man is "allowed" to create governments - rejection of God, Warnings from Proverbs, You have coveted your neighbor's goods for your benefit - Repent!, Start coming together, Don't send people with guns to your neighbor's house, Solution is Christ, Was Moses's message different?, Be DOers, Strive - Christ said it!, United States is not a republic, Do you think you are "We the People"?, More on Restore America Plan - (RAP), What did first century church DO?, Unrighteous mammon, Example of Pompey, Do your homework, Socialism = Bread + Violence, Electing "Lawmakers"? Why do you need more laws?, Christ's "weightier matters", Finding the right(eous) guys, "Love" is pretty simple, Is your faith on your lips or in your heart?, Long way back to Christ - worth every sacrifice, Reailze the deception, Understand the Kingdom, Tree of Life vs Tree of Knowledge, Whirlwind Tour: March - May, Expose the lie and teach the truth, Focus on the Way of Christ.
2/12/11 Meet the Ministers
Brother Paul interviews Jeff Parrot (in South Carolina) and George Mason (in Massachusetts), The topic today is "The Kingdom Without and The Kingdom Within"..., Brother Jeff's view of life, the kingdom within with scripture, putting on a new nature or the new man, The difference between the empires of man and the Kingdom of God, He comes to live on the inside of us, so we yield to the Holy Spirit, How do we do community?, practicing community and handling conflict, "everything that comes from a man comes from within", what is happening in Massachusetts?, set up for the Whirlwind Tour, concentrating on health, sustaining each other on natural ways and nutrients, the need and importance of Congregation of Record, flare ups and putting on the character of Christ, how to transition to an outward witness of the internal kingdom, how the Congregations develop, recent regional gathering in South Carolina, real servant leaders, reflections on forming a Congregation of Record, what is available on His Holy Church?
2/19/11 Temples and Churches
"Grace" = "charis" in Greek = a given benefit, Who believes the Pharisees?, How about the Sadducees?, Essenes?, God will never OWE you salvation, Wycliffe and ekklisia, Who are robbers of churches?, Does God need us to sing to him?, Saving one another, Social Welfare through history, False salvation, Temples, Freedom takes courage, Civil law, Serfdom again, Notes or money?, Kingdom of Heaven is the answer - seek it and His righteousness!, Herod's welfare system, Losing spirit, Strengthen vs bail out, The sin of Sodom, Saul's folly, Temple at Ephesus, Making the word of God to none effect, Are you numbered?, Give - carefully, Today's temples, Today's churches, Who were the Tetons?, Invisible bread lines, Going the way of Christ, Moses, and Abraham, Inflation, What your minister didn't tell you, How to repent, The Prodigal Son and you, It's your responsibility, We don't tickle your ears, Stop blaming - start working.
2/26/11 Doctrines of Christ
His doctrines - not ours, The "Weightier matters", Christ preached government of the people, for the people, by the people, Free governments make life difficult for the immoral, Levite = public servants, No help for the slothful, Foolish Virgins, 4 biblical elements to put in your constitution - all 4 are violated today, The Bible is a book about government - good and bad, A little leaven, Are men property of the state?, The Higher Liberty book, Living by the Sword, Early Israelites - embryonic republics, Cashless society?, What is a minister?, Public School - tsk tsk, What is a Republic?, U.S. Constitution = Indirect Democracy, Repent and head toward pure republics - libera res publica, What is Pure Religion?, Pure Republics require Pure Religion, Global Warming?, What about the Sun?, US Grain Reserves, Do YOU love your neighbor?, Christ's motly crew, More on Ministers, Consent thee not, Creeping wolves, Making the word of God to none effect, Who were the Essenes?, Today's problem = SELFISHNESS.
3/5/11 Whirlwind Tour and Contact Ministers
Whirlwind Tour Schedule, Living Network modelled after Early Israel and the 1st century church, Why should I choose a Contact Minister?, Kingdom thinking, Holy Matrimony vs Marriage, Cain's folly, Structing the Kingdom, Job description for a Contact Minister, 1 Cor 13:3, Agape = love/charity, Our fragile society, YOU are the government that should take responsibility, Misunderstaing "names", Purposes of ID cards, CMEs and the power grid, How you have been lead astray, Generating interest for the Whirlwind Tour, How quickly technology grows, What is our priority?, "Grass roots" networking, Pearls in the congregations, Letting God be your god, What do you have to offer?, "Kingdom tracks" - home schooling, home health, Community Supported Architecture, Identifying the motives, Join us on the Living Network, law makers vs public servants, Returning to "the Way".
3/12/11 Prepare!
Japan earthquake, Caused by CME?, Watching for signs in the sun, Auroras at the time of Christ, FEMA vs F.E.M.A, What can you do?, Pure Religion defined, The cure for misery, 40,000 denominations?, Rebuke and repent, let the dead bury their dead, Do you have Jesus in your heart?, Let go!, Will the Father accept us prodigal sons?, Churches let in wolves but keep out shepherds, Humility is key, How did the early church function?, BE what Christ said, DO what Christ said, Enough Doodoo - just DO! DO!, Don't tell me you're saved - show me Christ in you, If you ARE saved you don't have to convince others, 4 ways to get out of debt, Want liberty? - set your neighbor free, How do you know who your neighbor is?, Contact ministers, You always have a right to choose, All Contact Ministers must be DOers, Don't be afraid - love one another, What is the "wrath of God"?
3/19/11 Not Ear Tickling
Fear vs Courage - source and solution to problems, To do or not to do?, The "Way", "Altars of Blood", Is Rome burning?, Dangers of speaking the truth, Socialism = living by the sword, Do you love truth?, Parable of the big horn sheep, Radiation danger?, "You can so this", Working the network, Food Matters, A dose of Radiation Reality, Can nature handle it?, Who's tending the weightier matters?, Leaders vs Law-makers, What happened to the BP "spill"?, Fukushima facts, Looking for signs in the sun, The solution defined, Christ - congregation - kingdom, Wisely meeting the needs, Social re-assurance, Regiliosity today, How to change direction, Examples, The temptation of the foolish virgin, Power corrupts! Don't give it, David repented - what about today's rulers?, Honor! Keeping your word!, Finding others who want righteousness, "Love" explained, What "love" is flowing from you?, Spiritual affects physical, Why does Christ love you?, Why do we love you?, History will happen - what part will you play?, It's your choice!
3/26/11 Live from Colorado
Greely - to be specific, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, re-learing the right to choose, re-birth to the spirit of freedom, alternative = human merchandise, Do your ministers teach Christ's weightier matters?, Striving today, You can't love Christ if you don't love service, Have you been called?, We will know you by your fruits, Changing direction isn't easy, The kingdom is in the moment, Don't turn your back on God, Signs of evil, Women in the bible, Bride of Christ, You cannot conjure the Holy Spirit, Angry? Let go!, The system is not fixable, His kingdom is not breakable, Examples of faith, The perils of "easy" Christianity, Idolotry, Where to look for God, Persevere, What seeds are growing within you?, Pure Religion, What "world" do you live in?, Preachers should know these things, Who will wake up?, Overcome!, The "doctrine" is simple - love God, love your neighbor, "His" doctrine is what "He" said, Are you going about your Father's business?, Be fishers of men.
4/2/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 1-21
Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory is in Omaha, Nebraska, on the whirlwind tour. Brother Paul begins his reading of Brother Gregory's book "The Higher Liberty" and begins by reading sections titled "Romans 13", "Social Contracts", "No King but Caesar", "Republics", "Democracy", "Deception", and "Church and State ".
4/9/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 22-39
Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory is around Dallas, Texas, on the Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues his reading of Brother Gregory's book "The Higher Liberty" and begins by reading sections titled "A Kingdom not of this World", "The Natural Law", "These Cometh from Evil, "The Rule of Right", "One Form of Government", "The Natural Error", "Consent thou Not", "The Curse and the Contract", "The Price of Surety", "Elements of the World and the Kingdom", "Mammons", and "The Dedication of the Book".
4/16/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 40-54
Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory visits South Carolina during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues his reading of Brother Gregory's book, The Higher Liberty. Paul begins this week by reading the dedication of The Higher Liberty and then picks up where he left off the previous week by reading: "Religion of the People", Mighty Hunters", "The Gospel of Love", "The Gospel of Freedom", "For Concience Sake", "Daily Bread", "Father Upon the Earth", "Modern Christians", "The Gods Many", "Sacrificed to Idols", "Denying the Kingdom at Hand", and does not quite get all the way through "1 Peter 2:13".
4/23/11 The Higher Liberty (read aloud) - pages 55-69
Paul Bethke is guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory visits Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues reading from the book, The Higher Liberty, and begins this week in the section titled, "1Peter 2:13" and also reads sections, "Supreme, Higher, Better, Excellence", "Unheard Cries", "Titus 3:1", "Obey Magistrates", "Be the Magistrate", "Public Servants", "Elders", "The Office of Diakonos", "Deaconus of Ten", "Union and Discipline", "Executive Officers" and finishes the broadcast reading the first paragraphs of "The Apostolic Church".
4/30/11 Live from Wisconsin
Brother Gregory hosts "Keys of the Kingdom" on the road in Wisconsin during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Gregory discusses the differences between the systems of socialism, corvee or corban or the world practiced by Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh, Caesar and selfish survivalists looking out for their own stuff versus the system of God which operates on free will offerings and service based on faith, hope and charity. Gregory lays out some real world examples of how the system of God works. Gregory discusses kingdom tracks of homeschooling and network apprenticeship programs through local congregations of record, network permaculture and healthy sustainable food production based on congregational supported agricultural (CSA) with seed saving and seed sharing programs, network health care systems based on kingdom principles of natural healing, network welfare systems to aid those families that have suffered loss or lack due to natural disasters. Gregory discusses how all this service to the network by the character of the Messiah being made manifest through us is only accomplished by doers of the Word and not just hearers only.
5/7/11 Live from Minnesota
Brother Gregory hosts Keys of the Kingdom from Minneapolis while on the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. What are we talking about when we are preaching the Kingdom? Gregory reveals some real world examples of how we fail to keep the commandments. What does true repentance look like and what is the direction we are supposed to be going look like? Gregory discusses real world examples of we should be doing to seek and return to the Way, character, name or spirit of God.
5/14/11 Snake Oil Salesmen
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! - Are your ministers preaching this?, There is another king - one Jesus, Pentecost in the New Testament, "Church" in Black's Law Dictionary, What the heck is "Corban"?, Social Security in Christ's time, Public Education?, Are you bound by debt or are you a thief?, How to get free..., Snake oil salesmen, The Right of Self-determination, Pirates, Where does government get your benefits?, Egypt today, "The Way", What Abraham, Moses, and Christ had in common, "Socialist Christian" = oxymoron, Making the word of God to none effect, "Accepting" Jesus vs the idea of Jesus, How the charlatans react to the light, Land Patents, Sovereigns without Subjects, Family Guardian, Who are the police?, WWJD?, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, How to build the Kingdom, Most haven't heard yet, HHC is not a stage show, Temples then and now, Social Security across the world, It must come from YOU, Working it out with fear and trembling, "Theology" won't get you into the Kingdom, Christ wants DOers, Signs in the sun, Are you ready?, Have you prepared - for others?, Where are the grain reserves?, Can it happen here?, Are we acting like foolish virgins?, Think Kingdom!
5/21/11 Bonds of Freedom
The Kingdom of God has been here from the Beginning, Cain's concept of kingdom, Deuteronomy's 5 conditions you MUST put in your constitution, Who's responsible?, Can you claim "fraud"?, The bible tells you how to be and stay free, Repenting, Truth gives life, Why KJV?, Why is networking hard?, Forming real congregations, Who were the apostles really?, Pentecost - freeing of souls, Buddy system times ten, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, Obamacare?, Think congregation - think kingdom, Are you a mere "human resource"?, The "feasts" are important, The bondage of eschatology vs the freedom of Christ, Seeking righteousness, The end of the world?, The voice cries in the wilderness again, Clearing the cobwebs, Government of, for, and by the people, Where to find healing, Show me the love, More than just e-mails, Does your minister say "Support one another" or "Support this ministry"?, Christ's two commandments, Christ's weightier matters, Church is singing you to sleep, Servants vs Rulers, What do you think of your neighbor?, Who are the DOers?, Freedom is within your grasp.
5/28/11 Judgment and Choice
Do we have the right to judge?, Do we have the right of choice?, Adam's choice, The Tree of Life, How the Holy Spirit works, Do we have the right to punish?, Cain's punishment, Boaz and judgment, Appeals in the Kingdom, Christ's advice, Evil will flee from the Holy Spirit, How Christians can be free, Are you a Human Resource?, The perfect law of liberty, Contracts of our fathers, Jesus will hold you to your word, Read the fine print, Seeing the truth, God's judgment, Congregations as part of the Kingdom, No more excuses, Deut 17:12, Basics of Hebrew, How the early church operated, "ye also are gods", Who made you judge?, Debtor's prison, Making mistakes, Accept God - do what he said, America is in bondage - what will you do?, What is death?, Living stones, Eucharist of Christ, Abraham's strength, If we were really the church..., The Treasury of God, Saying "Lord, Lord" vs DOing, Corruption and Extortion in the bible, Where will you stand?, Ridding yourself of Egypt, "Easy" salvation is dooming the world, Forgiveness.
6/4/11 Growing Power
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - "Growing Power" = Aquaculture meets fish farming = local food supply, Kingdom Tracks, This fragile economy, The Spirit of Commerce, Working for Christ, The Covenants of the gods book, How the system works, The right to choose, The pit, Hebrew "mem" = "flow", Being compatible with the Holy Spirit, Raw Milk, Alternatives for health, Where is the love?, Universal health care - in Christ's day, The source of power in society, You want miracles?, The Kingdom of God at hand, The essence of Nimrod, Who is your provider?, The Kingdom of God in action, Reaching the world, How to be a part of the Living Network, Liberty under God, What is your part?, Feast of tents, Pentecost, The corban of the Pharisees, Congregation extends to Kingdom, Have you been deceived?, Can you admit it?, Church vs Government, Church = Government, The Red Heifer sacrifice, What has my neighbor done for me?, Care to be cared for, Forgive to be forgiven, Love to be loved, Give life as God gave you life.
6/11/11 Righteousness of God
What is the Righteousness of God?, Words and their meanings, Sovereign Citizens, Pentecost, Tongues of fire, Chariots of fire, Understanding the language of the day, Understanding the bible - problems of language + preconceptions + influence, Who do we judge?, Making Christians think, Are you humble enough to admit when you're wrong?, Repent = turn around - from what?, Spiritual constipation, Freedom takes diligence, Is your government the Kingdom of God?, Pentecost the feast, Why be a DOer of the Word?, Are you "saved"? - from what?, What do we do?, Our constitution, Loving liberty, What part of History do you want to be on?, Did the apostles stay in the "upper room"?, Talk is cheap - faith costs, Righteousness costs, Things you can do..., His Church credit union, Living Network of thousands, Dry bones coming together, Making room for the Holy Spirit, You already KNOW what you should do - will you?, Or will you find excuses?, Internet = Haystack - finding the needle, The system of Christ - choose it!
6/18/11 The Lost Kingdom
Bureaucracy, Domestic violence, gods many = gospel of central authority, Deciding fact AND law, 5 items for your constitution, Priests in the welfare office, Who is the Lost Kingdom?, Who is "We the People"?, US Constitution = corporate charter - people are not a party to it, President same as Roman Emperor?, In Christ's Kingdom you are free!, Pedophile preachers?, State marriage = 3 party contract, Taking God's name in vain, Is the United States a Christian nation?, Are you in bondage?, Kingdom structure, Police in the Kingdom, Seed sharing, David vs Saul, Choosing your minister, Who is the "state"?, Why we need a congregation, Simply the "buddy syste" - times ten, How to survive emergencies, The Kingdom of God is for the living - not the dead, Pharisees chose Caesar, US citizens elect a new Caesar every 4 years, GMOs are killers, Where is the love?, Who do you pray to?
6/25/11 Keys to Freedom
Teachings of the modern church, "Believe" or "Do"?, How to inherit eternal life, Benefactors who exercise authority, Home schooling in community, Rural electrification, Liberty Dollars, Banks vs Credit Unions, What history are you reading?, Commodity money, Beginning the journey back, Range sheep vs farm sheep, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Details from the early church, Modern Church = the great distractors, Perils of nuclear power plants, People helping people, Nobody gets left behind.

Episodes below this line come from a new 2-hour format broadcast on "Liberty Radio Live" (
The program still airs on Saturday mornings at 8AM Pacific, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central, or 11AM Eastern time.
These MP3 files are about 20MB in size.
7/2/11 Liberty Radio Live
New 2-hour format, Doing better, Gospel of the Kingdom, Modern Churches = safe local clubs, Buddy system times 10, Being independent together, Is your neighbor OK - right now?, Do you send men with guns to their door to pay for your welfare/health care/schools/library?, What's the alternative?, Network where you're at, Pax Romana, What made America great?, Constitution vs Articles of Confederation, Today's Pyramids, Israel - priests to all nations, Plans for 2-hour format, An effective tool to preach the Kingdom, Be diligent, Should we judge?, Punishment in the Kingdom, Law - the weightier matter, Juries of Peers, Consitution is a corporate charter, Federal employees - are you one?, 14th Amendment citizenship, 861 argument, Have you rejected God?, Will you do it again?, Corporation defined, E pluribus unum, Motivation of Self Interest, Where is the love?, GMOs and the Food industry, What happened to our surplus?, Alternatives to Tyranny, Church ID, Chains of authentication, Coordinating world-wide aid, God's help, The ease of forming Congregations of Record, Being of one spirit, Republic vs Democracy, FAR chat room, Ways to contribute to the Living Network, The new paradigm, Benefactors who Exercise Authority, The perfect law of liberty, The real government of, for, and by the people, No force - charity, Unincorporated associations, Altars of Abraham, 1000 years of kingdom - the forgotten history.
7/9/11 On Who's Authority?
Now have a chat room, We only have authority to change us - not them, Big tyrants need little tyrants, Tomatoes in the front yard, Keeping the peace vs standing for righteousness, "stoned" misunderstood, what "weightier matters"?, Calls in Pennsylvania, Contact Ministers - quality not quantity, "Christian" labelling, Law of God written on our hearts and minds, Relationships, Kingdom tracks, Showing up for your neighbor, Don't look to the Pharisees to understand Christ - or Moses or Abraham, Small pox and raw milk, World police, Military guarantee peace?, Centralized governments are only recently the norm, Inflation - present mimics past, Is it OK to covet? Bet your minister says so, Beware false Christs, Paradise = Christians doing what Christ said, Lighting a world that loves darkness, Helping your minister, Being different than "them", Acting like Christ, "Prayer" re-defined, Help as to strengthen, Why do I need a congregation?, Study (be diligent) to show thyself approved, Seek out need, Purpose of the feasts, If necessary use words.
7/16/11 What was early church doing?
Many hands=light work. Radio syndication. Understand bible through it's context and context of history. I.D. - no guarantee if it's not who you are. People's needs haven't changed - NetWORKING is still the answer. Bible/History = Record of our lives. The PRICE of FREEdom. You DO NOT own YOUR property. "Worship" defined. CoR's are loving your neighbor. Summer Lake Retreat and how benefits. Training our children and REtraining ourselves. Preaching, yes; but DOing too. Dividing the Word and the bread (same thing). Build the net you want to catch YOU. Kingdom-iters vs. Congregation-alism. The World fears - this! "World-hood" watch. Paul's appeal to Rome (Luke 12:11) was a BIG help. The Nature of Christ - in you - is the answer to all your questions. Who will care for your children when you canNOT - "choose this day." Lawful legal records matter. Love=sharing=love. Walking toward kingdom=DOing kingdom things. Calendars are crutches. The Beast's uniform. Perfect Law = taxing yourself. Begin seeking from where you're at. Providing more than a token. Seeking = DOing - with whom, to whom. Kingdom thinking. We are NOT His holy church. Sabbath ORDER - rest AFTER laboring. Focus is service, NOT survival. One person is NOT a congregation. Live wires stay plugged in.
7/23/11 Rights and Responsibilities
On this edition of the Keys of the Kingdom on Liberty Radio Live Brother Gregory wastes no time rabble rousing and tickling the people's ears by telling them how awful and wicked their elected leaders are for taking away the people's rights and usurping power, but rather Gregory again explains the hard truth that the people freely let their rights go by letting their responsibilities go in order to covet and ask their gods many to steal and kill their neighbor to provide what the people are unwilling to provide for themselves by freely participating in the Babylonian system of Corban which was also practiced by the Pharisees, Rome. Phyllis in Pennsylvania calls in to ask questions about how to get rid of State issued driver's license and the other benefits Caesar or Uncle Sam offers his resident children. Phyllis also asks for an explanation of the differences between commissioned, licensed and ordained ministers. Claude in Vermont calls in with follow-up questions about the State's driver's license and Gregory explains why Pharaoh, Caesar or Uncle Sam will not let someone go just because the individual has filed paperwork telling their gods many that they are freeing themselves and cancelling their licenses, privileges and benefits offered by the gods many.
7/30/11 Repentance - tell me how
PCM network - a shadow of the kingdom, Tens, hundreds, and thousands in history, Why we don't see many miracles, Selfishness is anti-Christ, Nature of God, Why the kingdom fell - "they" learned and "we" forgot, We need to remember, No sitting on the sidelines, "Enterprise of Law", Central government aberration, Reason for problems in the world, And the solution, Who is your god? Whom do you serve?, Israelites and Egyptians, Tithing - according to service, We will witness miracles again, Blood of Christ - what does it mean?, Does Jesus' dying earn you forgiveness?, Might you be saved?, Images of Christ, God's opinion is reality, Is the sabbath still the sabbath?, Where is the Kingdom of God?, How to search for sheep, You've been taught lies - repent, ID questions and answers, New World Order is Chaos, Congregation forming, The Eucharist of Christ, Fallacies in today's church, What's wrong with organized religion?, Cashless society - already there, Socialism - already there, Schools as tools, Being a righteous slave, HHC Record's Ministry, Changing your spirit, Are you a as a little child? Looking to "Papa"?, Begin repentance by caring, Tickets to persecution, CMEs briefly, PCM Sponsorship, Benefits in the Kingdom, Bring questions to this show, Gospel of the Kingdom is simple, Breaking delusions, Find the real Christ, You can't fool God, Words of "fear", Washing the feet of your neighbor, Live in the powerful love of Christ.
8/6/11 It's not about "me"!
Good vs Evil - Evil is the absence of Good, Can't fight absence with absence, Tree of Life = Holy Spirit, Evil = absence of Tree of Life = absence of Holy Spirit, Putting on the full armor of God, Immersed in Righteousness = Baptism, What righteousness can I do today?, What makes you righteous?, What is the right question?, Kentucky sisters sue for social security, Lawful vs Legal, SS vs Community, Anarchy and Christ, Kingdom of God = system of Righteousness, Your legal right to work, Ghandi and precepts of Christ, How to repent, Strengthening the poor vs Socialism, Giving "drink" to your enemy, Don't repeat Adam's sin, Owning your sin - then repenting, The name of Christ - what is it?, Giving life, Feeding sheep, Avoiding unrighteousness, Your right to follow Satan, Fear comes from not beliving God can triumph, How to discuss spiritual matters, Who is the real problem?, Satan and the modern church, God's righteousness vs Man's righteousness, How do we serve?, Fishing lessons, Depending on the Corban of the Pharises, Questions to ask, Psychopathic Narcissism? Remember president Saul?, Why did Chirst come?, Yes it is MY fault, Buddy system times 10, God's form of government, Offices of Power vs Offices of Service, Heirarchy vs Higher-archy, Justin's apologies, Holding the purse strings of government, Responsibilities of Elders, 1 God; 1 Christ; 1 Church, Face your selfishness, Recognize your sloth, "Sacrafice" is not a popular message, Can't wash feet from up on a pedastel, Serving in humility = power, Putting our own house in order, We are temples of the Holy Spirit, Word twisting, Which Christ?, Belong to religion or belong to Christ?, Fruit inspectors, Self-deception, Are we the "we"?, The revelation of the Spirit, Roles of ministers, Making gods of men, If we have the same father we can walk together as brothers.
8/13/11 Our Fall is Our Fault
Who is the enemy? No enemy has been defeated without first knowing who the enemy is, so who is the enemy? Is the enemy a cabal of elite and powerful bankers, politicians, businessmen and royalty conspiring to implement a new world order? No. The real enemy is us. Not the devil, not the bankers, not governments because the devil, bankers and governments do not have any power other than what we give them. We are the enemy because of the larceny in our own hearts. This week's discussion focuses on a series of emails that were being passed around on the HHC New York group talking about identifying the enemy. Gregory also touches on the current events of the day: comet Elenin and other geologic and celestial events. Hadar in Minnesota calls in with questions about Elenin and the theory of a rapture. Richard from Florida calls in and asks about "Universal Restoration". Dee in California's gold country calls in about the great tribulation and how God allows Satan to do his thing. Mark in Texas calls in to comment on the new audio system used to broadcast the Keys of the Kingdom.
8/20/11 Interview with Timothy Baldwin
1/4: Read referenced sources to confirm/deny their accuracy; Challenge others' assertions = sparks may fly (iron sharpens iron); Education is a personal responsibility; OT/NT actually agree - not so with translators; Want to understand the bible? Understand meaning of the words; From Adam and Eve, The Deceiver uses words to deceive; God created us, then WE created governments; God gave guidelines for government; Subsequent incorporation voids previous; To what government did Abraham belong?; Christ preached...government?; Early church (and early America) cared for all social welfare through faith, hope, and free-will charity offerings; 2/4: We're looking to governments of the world now, whether overtly or through neglect; We deserve the government we're getting; Before governments can change, people must change; (Righteous) law starts...where?; U.S. Constitution allows right to contract; "Rulers" of Rom. 13 are "ministers of God" for "evil doers" (definition: those who put their trust in THEM); Modern "churches" don't preach THE (=true=full) gospel - REPENT (stop, turn around, go the right way); 3/4: World governments meant for evil doers (see definition above); Meaning of "religion" and "unspotted"; State fills vacuum created by NOT preaching THE gospel; Shirking our duty is shifting (our) power to world's governments; Align with what Christ started - ONE church; Righteous power comes from what's given; "Oath" can be "to 'pray'"; You get from to Whom you pray!; Clarifying lines blurred by others/neglect; Christ's Way antithesis to world's forced contribution; History's repeating; THE gospel = YOU be the government; Timothy Baldwin stated he'd be leaving early, and did so at end of this quarter; 4/4: Paul's "power" means original, higher, supreme "liberty" God bestowed on all; no law makers needed - we have THE law; Israel elected (and governed/policed) ministers; Stop making contracts, and start...what?; PCM => MoR = White Regiment (of Christ/Service); Constitution is for sinners rejecting God (I Sam 8:); U.S. Constitution lacks four out of five key precepts/safeguards; "Liberty" to choose makes doing what's "Right" your choice; Choosing another way is not without consequence; Greek dictionaries of the time, define usage at the time; "Punishment" is "Reward" for choosing Tree of Knowledge; Two ways to learn; Not ruling over your neighbor does not mean not rebuking; Christ withstood temptation of Power; Modern "Churches" try to alleviate/eliminate suffering (built-in motivator to repentance) of sin.
8/27/11 Are Christians Idiots? MUST HEAR episode!
1/4: We're to preach gospel of kingdom at hand - and commandments; Even Peter needed help with his unbelief; Effort to keep commandments will show lacks where our belief falls short; We follow Satan from time to time; Know "righteousness of God"; Contracts => Sin of Sodom = poor not strengthened by faith, hope, charity; Gathering to care for one another = coming together in Christ's name/character/spirit; Kingdom of God is devoid of contracts; We're bound by OUR debts; What we're told about bible, and those telling us...all wrong; Scholars disagreeing - BIG clue language is but babble; Chugging up (the[ir]) "belief hill," ignoring the "WRONG WAY" signs; Be like Peter - turn around; They want us (need us)...lazy...and dumb; 2/4: Belief has levels; Loving God/Christ linked to loving our neighbors; Kingdom is 50/50 minimum and needs ministers to effect; Power to force our neighbor, is power to force us; Only salvation is to repent; Belief, not of(from) God, imprisons; Internet, phones, etc. a means to the Living Network; World wants you angry, fearful, hating; Misconceptions connected to translations; Holy Spirit guides to truth; Preconceived notions/degrees of knowledge = degrees of imprisonment; Humility is cure to degrees of unbelief; 3/4: "Strong delusion" begins at Eden; Bible not source of truth; Back in Egypt by apostate ministers; Scribes = accountants; Compelled contributions start small; Jesus in royal treasury, etc. because He's King; Your minister is to whom you tithe; Common word for "ignorant" and "unlearned" not found in Acts 4:13; Power to heal - tempered by H.S., or else...; Belief (in what?) saves; Deceived. Daily?!; KJV translators taught by post-inquisition "church" run schools; Thayers made changes to his work; Current tax system, etc. evidences turning our backs on God; Only virtuous thrive; True ministers prepare Lord's table - for others; Love for real - forsake not gathering 10s, 100s, 1000s; Idiots vs. Idiotes; Seek!; 4/4: Same message, but in different ways; Call in to radio broadcasts with questions for others' sake; Building codes in bible as examples/application of the 10 kingdom principals; What to say to folks, when - depends; Gambling is coveting; Abraham spent 70 years getting the "many souls" out; What is/how to tell "true love" in self/others; "Sweet in mouth, sour in belly;" Your life is for learning voice of H.S.; We can't get of Babylon if not wanting to set our neighbor free; Your neighbor maybe needs to remain bound!?
9/3/11 Networking for Life
1/4: Gospel of kingdom of God - at hand - always been only salvation NOW; Extended network part of Living Network; Not "Congregationalists"; Oath = vow or prayer; "Law" enforcement - duty of all; Seek righteousness for others; Socialism breeds stupidity, etc.; Know your neighbors; Police ministers, then network about who's trustworthy; You're the government - responsible agents!; Police ministers and call them out; THAT is road to freedom - when not only for self, but others - not attained another way; Practicing charity = helping others, find others; 2/4: Fall retreat site development; CME in 1895, and at time of Christ; More prepared every day; Networking = living for another; Algae, fungus, and micro organisms; Immunity for Doers by Spiritual covering; Backyard garden knowledge/practice for children; "Quality food" shortage already; FEMA builds bonds; Sacred Purpose Trusts; Nature of "Hebrew" language; FEMA cares for needy and strengthens them; The best get the most - takes awhile to understand; 7-8 men to deal with calamity; You will need help in future; Alternative system; Tables = banks; 3/4: Apostles preached Kingdom of God at hand = daily administration of care of needy; Done by freewill offerings; Tithing - how they supported needy; Turning titular leaders, and representatives rouge?; Most common form of government in history; International "banking" system sends real aide - fast; Not righteous to neglect neighbor; "Study" = "diligent" (in loving neighbor as self); Ruling over neighbor is Satanic; Can not be free unless neighbor is free; Build w/people who will share w/you when you really need it; You're to believe your heart; Syndication; Church working to serve "'lower'-archy;" 4/4: Should be networking; Join Living Network; Form Congregations linked to other Congregations; No apathy catering to sloth/selfishness; Self-interest vs. self-less-interest; New World Order's counting on your self-interest/preservation - to betray your neighbor/community/freedom in the world; Balance self-interest with interest in others; Spiritual constipation?; Change flow from out-in, to in-out - start caring for others; Mutual love for one another; Give up life - for life (more abundant); Taking back responsibilities results in "right to be ruled by God"; Redistributing funds strengthens bonds; Witness the "miraculous" - but without needing to have your batteries charged; Winds of wisdom, not turning to and fro; Make local contacts; We've forgotten how to work together.
9/10/11 Kingdom Way
1/4: Way of God hasn't changed from the beginning; Abraham, Moses, Christ - all doing the same; "Walking in Eden" is for today - you're walking there now, or you're not following THE Way; "The Kingdom of God" is "the right to be ruled by God" = the way God rules = with a gentle hand - God is about choice; Nothing you can do so God owes you salvation; Lots you can do to be saved, and lots you can do to NOT be saved; Forgive in order to be forgiven = doing will of Father; You have no power over God; One way people try gaining power over God is to?; Character of God is "Giver of life" - not taker of life; God was patient w/Cain, but did not strive forever; Same with us, and we should be same with others; Pharisaical way is great distraction so we don't have to let Spirit guide - since we have the rule book; "Anointed" or "Christ", is an office; "Name" is "Character" ("Spirit"); Why Judean soldiers mocked Christ, etc.; Hue and cry = everyone to do something about it; Court watch - just one being there is enough, but, two or more is...; Kingdom of God has tax too; Can't take away choice; Kingdom of God is government of perfect law of liberty; You have right to support it or not; You give to individual Ministers who has right to decide use; Yes, corruption can come in, but it's our job to watch against that; 2/4: Constitution parallels Rome at time of 1st emperors; Indirect democracy is not a republic; Government is how you govern yourself; Israel very unique - autonomous families coming together; Every man to be enforcer of government; Little flock called "Princes"; Cities of refuge/redress; Christians not exercising responsibilities; Coveting = The Way...of the Beast; Men we've elected not tending to weightier matters is OUR fault!; Stop BEING the beast; "'Accepting' Christ" is a process of ongoing right choices; Gather with others to serve others; Communism/affluence has changed nothing; Can't see/get into Kingdom unless we change; Must be doers = not only not do harm, but actively doing good; Give, forgive, etc. freely w/love, not contrivances; Cast bread on water with nothing but hope it will come back = HUGE change; Devil wants us constipated with spiritual power - not giving it away; Wants us selfish, so he can eat us; There's more to; You don't have every skill; Everyone on email network should strive toward CoRs that are actually doing work of government; Step by step - steadily moving in that direction, or will never make it...ourselves; 3/4: Talking Kingdom over and over to better know what we're looking for; For living - now; Seeking weightier matters and attending to them, not sitting around having nice thoughts about someone; Actually be government of God (care for one another); Give support to get others to network; If we want people found: going to have to help, or do it ourselves; Signs in the Sun; CoRs are our Faith Emergency Ministerial Auxiliary (FEMA); Principal not limited to this network; Don't need numbers - need Christ; Durham wheat crop down; GMO = one of greatest threats to world; Back to "truth in labeling"...Christians will lead the way in this - if tending to weightier matters; Meet others making "kingdom tracks"; Extended network = any "not far from kingdom"; Generations effected; Monsanto messing with wheat too?; Bigger gardens/gardening clubs in every town; Seed Savers group through network; Getting cheaper to grow food in gardens if done right; CSAs, and farmers in the country are part of extended network; MoRs and PCMs, lead folks in these ways; Prepare for yourself by helping others prepare; 4/4: "Calendars" are big deal - to some; Most importantly, show up...; Passover = domestic and community relations, Tabernacles = larger, nationwide, alliances - point being to cultivate bonds, bring society together, support Levites = strengthen charitable governmental system; Valleys defeated when got away from international feasts; Tithingmen; "Essenes" most in accord to teachings of Christ; Cornerstone of faith of Christ and Patriarchs rooted in PRACTICALITY; The calendar chosen should guide in ways of Christ; These precepts upon precepts bring close to God; Feasts is example of practicality - they establish and build upon relationships; Does your position on calendar issues divide/ keep you from weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy and faith?; Calendar will either be life giving, or a millstone around our necks; Tools, but not to beat neighbor; Creating soil with worms; The real treasure is the people building the network - who love their neighbor...
9/17/11 Kingdom Government
Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, What is our sin?, The two "trees", "Elements" in the bible, Getting out from under Pharoah's finger, God's charity, Millions of widows and orphans, What does God's Kingdom look like? The "dry bones" of Ezekiel 37:4, Are you coming together?, Christ was a life giver - are you?, Eucharist of Christ, How is God's Kingdom different?, Seeing the world through the eyes of others, Judgement, Trust in the Lord, Flesh for the dry bones, God doesn't need a name, Counterfiets to God, False relationships, Are you easily offended?, Doing the Father's will, Our amazing choice, Charity vs Love, "Babies crying" study, More on Judjment, None hungry in Summer Lake, Parables of today, The love that strengthens, Being still, Beyond compassion, Too much trust?, Too quick to give?, The first commandment, Why are you here?, Charity is your choice, Beware of emotional heartstrings, Making your neighbor whole, What about forgiveness?, My way or His way?, What makes apostles "brothers"?, Christ didn't heal everyone, Making God's word to full effect, Listening to God, Hearing your obstacles, Precepts upon precepts, Your choice is yours - let others have theirs, "Hate" doesn't help, Expanding on Charity, Feeling the sting of our sloth, Lessons to learn, God's love is conditional, Punishment vs Blessing.
9/24/11 The 2011 Fall Feast and Retreat
Fall gathering has a purpose and not just "mumbo jumbo", Israel bound by bonds of love not contract, HHC is more than an e-mail group, Practical purposes of gatherings - passover, tabernacles... Boys meeting girls, God's foudational government, Marriage vs Holy Matrimony, The purpose of witnesses, Christ's instructoins to "strive" and "seek", Congregations as part of a Kingdom, Contrast between "Burning Man" and feast of tabernacles, Bondage of the whole world, confronting demons, posession, Mohammed's flight to Medina, giving up control, Why to form Congregations, 1789 1st judiciary act, Our FEMA vs their FEMA, Reasons to walk with HHC, Reasons not to, Addictions to encouragement, What is charity?, 2 commandments, No "popes" here, Living by faith, hope, and charity under the perfect law of liberty, Knowing by fruit, Parable of the "good samaritan", How do we know?, The "still small" voice, Conform to Christ!, Sun-Earth relationship, Dry bones needing flesh, BEing Jesus, Nicolaitans and Balaam, What breathes life into the Kingdom?, No private interpretations, No pedastels, "Blood of Jesus", John 6, Why are you here?, Receiving the promise, Emotional salvation, Preachers' responsibilities, Even the devil believes!, A more exellent sacrafice, The new Ark of the Covenant, Can you hear this message?, Infinite journey - don't stop, In all things Christ is the answer.
10/1/11 Charity Continues
The Gospel of the Kingdom is SO simple, Love God, Love your Neighbor as yourself, Return every man to his posessions and family, Family = first government under God, Conduits for the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Vampires, Sacraficial Prayer, What a free society looks like, The world upside down, Government of the people, by the people, for the people, The fall of the "early" church, What is the kingdom of God?, Who loves Christ?, What is righteousness?, Biblical punishment, Forgiveness, The "weightier" matters, Patriots?, Prayer, How do you know you've "accepted" Christ?, And your minister?, Ear-tickler or rear-kicker?, Our voice crying in the wilderness, Fall of Jerusalem 70AD, Where did they go?, Purposes for the Feasts, Teaching men to fish, Why so few DOers?, Universal Health Care - in Rome?, Ezekiel's Dry Bones, Princes of Israel, Why do you go to church?, Retiring?, My prayer, Red Heifers, To whom do you go to save you from your problems?, Amish, Going to feast vs celebrating feasts, Intellectual choice vs Spiritual choice, Be still and know, How?
10/8/11 Path Parameters
The "rock" = Peter?, Were all Pharisees Jews?, Constantine's New World Order, Moses' Republic, Christ's "weightier matters"?, Intimacy of the Church, Day of Atonement, Who needs to repent?, The theme of the Gospel, Home Schooling, Baptismal/Birth Certificates, Are you under the law?, Is the devil saved?, Central Banks of the Old Testament, "Burning Bush" festival vs "Burning Man", What was the "early" church doing?, The "Beast" and his "Image", Can you live by faith?, Community service, Rebellion vs Repentance, Where to focus - eschatology or Christ?, What should I do?, 3-step plan, Marriage licenses, Retreat topics, Supporting your minister, Cora the black-faced sheep, Punishing the wicked, Words are babble, Breaking chains with forgiveness, Titular leaders, "elect" vs "vote", "Church" vs "ekklesia", Tower of Babel, Why elect a Personal Contact Minister?, Bearing witness to each other.
10/15/11 Johnson Amendment
501c(3) Churches vs Kingdom of God, NO Exercising Authority, Perfect Law of Liberty, Satan = force, Ekklesia = Called out of the "state", Social Welfare based on Faith, Hope, and Charity, Fall Festivals, The 4th branch of government, Swearing, Culture of fear/protection, US Citizens, Federal Government is your "daddy", Under God vs Under the Constitution, Law of Nature = Divine Will, Contract law, Christ's Weightier Matters, The Bible in context, Epistles talking to those already "out" of the system, 1 John 4:4, Temple of Saturn, Pax Romana - policing the world, Temple at Ephesus = world bank, You think you're persecuted?, Was Jesus Christ king of Judea? Pilate said YES, Loving neighbor is not forcing neighbor, Jesus said DOers - not just believers, Cannot be Christian and Socialist, Malcolm X, Taking back responsibilities, Elders, Song of Moses and of the Lamb, Church incorporation, IRS Recognition, The "rock" the Church is built upon, Paul Revere, Minutemen for Christ, Making underwear for the Levites, Jubilee, His Church Credit Union, Why keep the sabbath?, Raw Milk, Called out = not involved with "world", Ron Paul the answer?, Tending God's property, First commandment - dress it and keep it, Standing in Righteousness, Feeding the sheep, Abraham's children.
10/22/11 You Shall Know Them...
Overthrowing tyrants, Keeping the Sabbath, The devil's job, The "Way", "Israel" defined, Israel (UN Protectorate) = posers, Your inner compass, Key survival skills, Forgiveness, Iron sharpening iron, Humility, All about DOing, YOU are the treasure of the kingdom, Freedom of choice, Becoming One Body, Seed Saving, Dairy animals and sheep, Focus on nutrition, "Because we love our neighbor", Prayer, False love vs Christ's love, Gene Sharp - "Dictators to Democracy", vs The Higher Liberty?, No "founding fathers" were pro-Democracy, Karl Marx is first in history, US was never a republic, 1927 - Military condemned "Democracy", 1945 - Military fought for "Democracy", Kingdom precept = buddy system times ten, Government of men = rejection of God, Beginning = "Seek ye first", End = "Come out", Read the instructions, God's kingdom IS at hand - seek it, Show your neighbor, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Where is hope?, Kingdom Economics, Precepts of the Sabbath, Rest vs Worship, Setting the table of the Lord, Self Interest vs Righteousness, Capitalism, Usury, Slavery today, Repent from your inner despot, Kingdom witnesses, Helping with unbelief, Rebuilding the Kingdom of Heaven, Give so you learn to give, Make no covenants, Gold/Silver as cash, To whom is "the debt" owed?, Dressing and keeping it, Research, Living stones build the temple, Connecting dry bones, The devil's plan, Invitation to sacrifice, DOing more, Set the whole world free, Ron Paul, Remember Righteousness, Giving up life to have life more abundantly.
10/29/11 Remembrance
Malachi 3 - those that God blessed, Kingdom of Heaven is not just a "habit", Manifesting His will, Remaining "free from things public", Nothing/nobody between you and God, We will walk with you, The (dress) "code" is in our hearts, Bringing the presence of Christ (righteousness), No pedastels, What "rock" is the church built upon?, Understanding the bible, New maladies in our environment, Role of women in the kingdom, Adam's original sin, Setting the table of the Lord, Luke 22:23 - in remembrance of me, Christ's passover meal, What is the Kingdom of God?, Liberty under God = full-time job, Discuss? or Conform?, Finding the lost sheep, Hearing the Holy Spirit, Attaining Eternal Life, Be wary of "Easy Religion", Keeping the Commandments, Timothy 6:12 - fighting the good fight, John 10:27 - My sheep hear My voice, Giving to have life more abundant, Social Security is Religion?, Or debt forgiveness?, Taxes, Unbelievers, Surviving freedom, 2 Peter 1:1, Church Structure and Elders, Life in congregation, Repenting from covetousness, Feet washers, True and false healings, Buried talents, Why are you here?, The Kingdom is "at hand"!, "Faith" = living without guarantees, Ministers failing you, Repentance, Changing yourself, Christ's "weightier matters", Live!
11/5/11 Lord Of Hosts
God's law on our hearts, Divine Revelation vs Private Interpretation, HHC Material diligently footnoted, Eusubius and the "bible", Constantine's Christianity, Finding truth in the bible, Quotes you never hear, Iron sharping iron, Forgiveness, Ear-tickling, Rejecting God, Doctrine of Christ => His Church, What "Saved by Faith" means, What about "fruits"?, Our synod is better than your synod?, What Did Jesus Do?, Cain's government, Who can name God?, To name Him or to know Him?, "Name" revealed, The "just believe" doctrine, The Fall Festival, Showing up for Christ, What about Pork?, Idolizing laws, Seeking a wife, Holy Matrimony vs Marriage, Dominion, Avoiding Charlatans, Today's problems, The buddy system - times ten, Feasts and festivals, How things work in the Kingdom, The "way".
11/12/11 Sowing Seeds of Hope
Alfalfa planting, Parable of the sower, What about water?, Pulling weeds, Learning as you go, No little dictators allowed, Opportunities to forgive, Don't be afraid to make mistakes, Anyone can become a Levite, Personal saviors?, Doers not hearers only, "Minister" job description, Q/A: Wedding ceremony, Kingdom "tracks", Maintaining rights in congregation, Early Church, Ekklesia redefined, Q/A: Tax deductions, What did Christ say about it?, What does Caesar say?, What does the world see?, Answering prayers, Practical feasts, Taking a stand: Lexington, Silly women, Christ's solution, The voice of the people, Breaking the pattern, Lost skills, Loving neighbor, Loving enemies, What is "love"?, Governmental snares, Slothful under tribute, The good news!, Punishment and reward, Why give?, Singing the song of Moses, Walking independently together, New World "Order"? or Chaos?, Accepting responsibility, Pure religion, Just DO it!, Minutemen for Christ.
11/19/11 What Is Money? - MUST HEAR episode!
Righteous money?, Too big to fail, How to satisfy, What's the downside?, Cluelessness, Who is Jesus? What did Jesus DO?, "Accepting Jesus" = saying "LORD, LORD", Fruit of the Kingdom, What did Moses DO?, Singers, Contact Minister job description, Bondage in Egypt, Strengthing society, John the Baptist's way, Herod's way, Forced servant parable, The half-hearted gospel, Forgiving to be forgiven, A system without debt notes, Israel sold themselves into bondage, So have you!, Human resources, Mediums of exchange, Barter, Issuing notes, Liberty Dollar, Following the money, Commodity money, Money and Congregations, Israel's mistake, Judge not lest you be judged, Judgement vs Discernment, Who is your king?, Which King do you owe?, Who would an observer say is your king?, Justin the apologist - 140AD, Rebuilding the Kingdom, 1 Peter 2:13, Baptims of Christ = New system of government, For whom do you strive?, Kingdom welfare and unemployment?, Brotherhood of honorable men - Where are they?, Gentiles = other nations, Christianity is a nation!, Personam Jurisdiction, How you can be the kingdom, Kingdom taxation, The pecularity of Christ's people.
11/26/11 Embryonic Republics
"Surely you will not die", Public Schools defining words, "Democracy": Evolution of a definition, Objective awareness, What's a "Republic"?, Retaining your rights, Lawmakers?, Roman Senate, 10 laws, Criminal Negligence, Jurors and Fact and Law, USSR = Republic?, Are you a socialist already?, If you DO vote, no right to complain, Rejection of God, Bible says "no" - pastors say "yes", Go and cry unto them, God will not hear you, Strong delusion, Social Security is the Corban of the Pharisees, There IS another king!, Civil laws?, Q/A: Voting, Largest trust in the world, Unrighteous Mammon, Q/A: Church "license" vehicles?, "Logos" in Justinian law, Repent!, The need for the network, Titular leaders - you choose, Tithe accorting to service, Church Functions, U.S. Republic?, Kingdom of Heaven is for the Living, Inflation, Q/A: Minister hiding?, Be courageous!, Q/A: Early church and Christ?, John the Baptist's message, The crumbling system, How to get back, God's kingdom is a pure republic, Early Church in America, "One form of government", Power rests in the individual, King of your household, Organized charity, Keeping your word, Accepting responsibility, Faith without works is dead, New understanding = new direction, Forgive the debt your neighbor owes you, Owe it? Pay it!, Touch lives, Get families together, Take care of your elderly, Promote home school, Only as a team!, Share, Make room for the Holy Spirit, Real love - not pew love, Be the government of God.
12/3/11 How Christ Can Make You Free
Saul Syndrome, Man's problems the same; Christ's solutions the same, Peter's mistake, Honoring Peter's word, Herod's baptism, John's baptism, Temples are government buildings, Compelled sacrafice, Torah and 10 laws, If you love me keep 10 commandments, NOT "Just believe", Be a DOer, Parable of the talents, Welfare by Faith Hope and Charity, How congregations work, Cain's city-state - out of the presence of God, Beating is a cycle, Forcing vs Guiding, Darkness hates the light, Distractions - TV, music, drugs, food..., Admitting you're a sinner, You need others to survive, Two paths since the beginning, Being friends with unrighteous mammon, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Seek it!, Holy Spirit can guide you to the path, Be aware not to stray, Where is your church leading you?, How do you know someone "believes"?, Saul was a great guy - election corrupted, What was Adam's sin?, Choosing the Kingdom way, Christ's "weightier matters", No exercising authority, Saul's curse, John 3:14-21, Desire to be lead by the Holy Spirit, Virtue, Christ came that the world MIGHT be saved, Leading to the Holy Spirit, Passport applications, Can't leave without one = prison camp, You are a criminal - have coveted, Social Security is NOT for the future, The fine print, Q/A: How do you know the spirit of God?, Inner compass, No voices, Not a gimmick, Easy to decieve yourself, Humility is powerful, Rebuking your brother, Q/A: Meaning of "IHS" on cross?, What was REALLY on the cross?, Ekklesia = "called out assembly", No corporation, Apostles = princes of the kingdom, Overseers, Faith takes practice, Some brothers are goats, Q/A: What is the Tree of Knowledge?, Hearing voices, Wise charity, Tricks of the devil, Serving others = serving God, Letting in the light, God wants everyone to be saved.
12/10/11 Authority, Liberty and Lies - MUST HEAR episode!
(Technical difficulties - but if you power through them there are many important nuggets to be had from listening.)
The Kingdom of God - what it looks like and how to find it, Spiritual not intellectual, Israel = priest to ALL nations, Small children understand righteousness, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Who are disciples?, The "pedastel" trap, Government of God vs government of men, Spirit and Truth yet Christ was made flesh, Must change your heart - only Christ can do that, Never stop seeking, You don't need priests to tell you the way, Helpful to know what is NOT the way, The valley of the shadow of death, Ten commandments as guideposts, Christ's "weightier matters", Story of corrupt judge, Elected by corrupt people, Churches not involved with weightier matters, Society based on vice not virtue, Stand up for righteousness, Keeping your word, Righting Peter's mistake, Pure Religion, Strengthening charity, Infinite God = Infinite Journey, Modern church makes you think you're saved, Be thankful to serve, The journey takes courage, Rebuking in love, Walking together as individuals, Addictions, Counting the cost, Righteousness - an absolute standard, Romans 1:28, Barnabas example, Minister's responsibilities, Congregation's responsibilities, Holding property for Christ, Dem bones, "Kosmos", Pontius Pilate's judgment seat, The marriage contract, Relationship over contract, Virtues and vices.
12/17/11 Authority, Liberty and Lies - Part II
Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Eating from the Tree of Life, Coming to the knowledge of Christ, Meek ministers, Sticking your neck out, Worshipping words, Very good false prophets out there, Choosing ministers, Private interpretations = denominations, Magic words?, Are you willing to be hated?, Bringing the light, God teaches us through the Holy Spirit, Doctrines of Christ = what He said, And converse, Electing PCMs, HHC e-mail groups have a purpose, DOers in contact, Striving to be in one accord, The upper room, The all-important John chapter 3, What "world"? What's in a name?, Truth/Light circle, Deeds made manifest, The SO simple gospel, Jesus baptized?, All about TRUTH, Getting on the record, You can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Holy Kisses, Call no man "father" (patri), Honoring your parents, Making God's word to none effect, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Beliving without faith, Being His disciple, Congregations of Record, Keeping your word, Knowing a good minister, Intellectual Christians, Repentance, Who do you love?, Watching for quicksand, Having eyes to see, Pentecost after the resurrection, Rome's recognition, Stop being Sauls, Israel = Where God prevails, Are you Israel?
12/24/11 Stand Fast in Liberty
"Christmas", The people of Xmas, Seasonal gift-giving, Pagan elements of Christmas, Freely giving?, How to follow Christ, Christ came to serve, Socialism, Power to the lazy, Are you comfortable in your church?, Foolish virgins, Messianics and the Pharisees, Don't forget rebuke, Fasting from hiding from the truth, Suffer the light to receive more light, Can't force righteousness, Prayer closets, Showing up, Thinking your "saved", Keeping the commandments, Parable of the wicked servant, Who are your ministers?, Soothing ministers, Rooting yourself in the Holy Spirit, Revealing evil, Separating goats in the dark, Israel's 400 years, More plagues to come, The almighty dollar, Religious Mumbo Jumbo, Emperors feared the early Christians - why?, Are you ready?, Christ's tough love, Reasons for gathering, Working out your salvation, Technicalities of the Kingdom, The substance of reality is spiritual, Don't wait - seek, Laying down your life, Pure Religion, Multiplying Talents, Planning for corruption, PCM Job Description, Christ's offer to you, Ministers vs Elders, No pedastels!, Humility is key, Where to debate, War of 1812, Disappearing amendments?, Tyrants destroy records, Why wedding cakes?, Capitalism here?, Precepts upon precepts, The Living Network, Local yet world-wide, Creating effective service, Who gets it?, Why get angry?, More on giving, Iron sharpening iron.
12/31/11 Peculiar People
Queen Elisabeth charters with East India, Corporations and incorporating, Early Church holding property, Can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God = power to the people, Debt = bondage, US bank bailout - who did it help?, Early Church vs the "world", How to get back, Titus and what to look for in a pastor, Church vs State, Religion again, Wycliff's bible, Church as a separate government, Christ came to serve - roll up your sleeves, Future echos the past, "Owning" gold, Why the Roman Empire feared Christians, Bible translations for "peculiar", Meaning of "faith" in God, God hasn't changed, Gathering around Christ - Living Network, PCM = Living connection, Why join?, Elders defined, Righteous habitations, Finding Christ in the Kingdom, Titus 2:14 and "peculiar", Levites belonged to God, Wise charity, Bishops (episkopos) defined, Appealing to the Holy Spirit, Repenting from insurance, Rebuilding the Early Church, How dependant are you?, Surviving Freedom, HHC FEMA active in Colorado, Connecting in good times and bad, Keeping your word (honor), Congregations of Record - records are important, Roman Centurian, Bands of brothers - no oath of allegiance, Honor and honesty, No selfishness in the Kingdom, Prison ministries.
1/7/12 Systems of God and man
First American Bank in 1782, Power corrupts, "Civil" government = laws men make for themselves, Altars of Abraham, Burnt offerings, Sacrafice in man's vs God's government, Pompey's bribe, Baptism of Herod vs Christ, God allows you to choose; men - not so much, Your subjection is sealed by debt, You believed it was OK to force your neighbor, Daily covetors can't expect the Holy Spirit, How to get out?, God's laws on our hearts and minds, What is a minister?, The two trees, Family = God's institution, Forgive to be forgiven, Kingdom of God is organized, Reason for congregations, Agreements must be kept, Be friends with the unrighteous mammon, Strengthen the needy to strengthen society, Separate systems, Standing alone together, Joining the Living Network, Nitsan-Parach, Republic vs Democracy, Socialism's two elements, How God's kingdom differs, Drawbacks of the Kingdom, Faith-hope-charity: practice it, A society of teams, David Cothern, God "will not hear you in that day" because you have elected substitute gods, Conditional Dominion, Battle for the planet, Trusts, Free will, Be responsibile, Red Heifer, Keeping the Sabbath, God's way out, Bible instructions for your constitution, Elders responsibilities, Ministers rely on Elders, "Feed my sheep", Strive for your neighbor, Foolish virgins, "Name" of Christ is the "Character" of Christ, Bringing together the dry bones, Freely received - freely give, Police force of the Kingdom, Scott Hostetter, No place for liars in the Kingdom, Do you want God to hear you?, Walking the plank, May need to learn to walk on water first, Embracing the Tree of Life.
1/14/12 De Jure and De Facto alternatives
Ministers have been excluded from bondage throughout history, Communitarianism, Individuals linked to community, Ten commandments, Constitution = International Government, Who are your ministers?, What is "sin"?, Ancient Egypian bondage, U.S. = massive socialist community, Kingdom of God is opposite, Responsible elders, Bottom-up, Family = building block of God's government, No incorporation to congregations, Choosing your minister, Uses of offerings, Personal Contact Ministerss vs Ministers of Congregations of Record, Congregationalism vs Kingdom, Congregation Project examples, Tents vs Cities, Sui Juris, Banks vs Credit Unions, Extend family practices to community, End of foreclosures, Is it time for you to be healed (see)?, Potential of a network of congregations, Why 10 families?, De facto vs De Jure, The Constitution arises, Attaining righteousness and justice, Singing doesn't help, Enabling the foolish - lazy - irresponsible, Discretionary charity, "Heaven", Kingdom of Heaven is here and now, How to be happy, "Thy will be done" depends on YOU, How to be free?, Casting bread upon the waters, Ministers don't stand between you and God, Pure Republics, Church vs social clubs, True kingdom living leads to surplus, Don't work - don't eat, 666, Enemy Expatriation Act, War on families, Kingdom - no need for penal system, Righteousness vs Vengeance, Recognizing motive, Who are the "wicked"?, "just enough" is not enough.
1/21/12 Free Dominion and Worship
Ethan Allen, William the Conqueror, Fountainheads of Justice, William Pitt, Who owns your home?, Why to repent, How to repent, From what to repent, "I paid in!" - not, Democracy within a Republic, To whom do you give power?, Corban of today, Ineptocracy, Can't vote out immorality, Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah - today, Unrighteous mammon, "Worship" defined, Ruling by consent, Understanding the fullness of the gospel, Choosing rulers - don't do it, Long-distance congregations, Artificial (virtual) communities, God-given dominion - trust, The government of, for, and by the people, Kingdom appointed, Where to begin?, Helping others find the kingdom, The inexhaustible source, Golden calf, People declared enemies of the state, Not those that say (sing, wave) Lord, Lord, but those that DO, Killing Charity, Herod's Temples, Covet nothing, Seek the Kingdom and righteousness, Saul's (first) sin, Christ was "king" in reality, Shake off your damnable heresies, Repent, BE the government of God, Fractional reserves, Through coveteousness you have been made merchandise (Human Resources), Keeping the commandments, How to reclaim dominion, The gospel is simple, If you do not choose Christ - you are anti-Christ, Peculiar people, Knowing your neighbor is love, Anyone/Any nation can repent, GMO dangers, Am I "saved"?, Altars of living stones, Stop hiding with Adam!, Admit your failings - then can move forward, Opportunities to forgive, Nicolaitans, Why God won't hear you, Turning your nation around, Righteous mammon, Don't be afraid, Bigscreen TVs vs Feeding Sheep, Titular leaders only, God DID NOT create the governments of men, Strengthing the poor, Kingdom of God does not come by observation, but by DOing, Sacraficing your pride.
1/28/12 Votaries and Congregants
Votary = believer, addict, devotee, fanatic, somebody who votes, Why do you vote?, "Church" defined in Black's Law Dictionary, Corban of Christ, Impure Religion, Vote = Vow, If you vote/vow then no right to complain, Fredric Bastiat - plunder a way of life..., Don't just wave empty hands, DOers needed, How to be free, Vows for God, Stones without chiseling, Congregating in free assembly, Paul's appeal to Rome, Can you see a government of love?, Expectations of Christ, Naked Levites, The devil "believes" in Christ; How are you different?, What's your vow?, Choose you this day..., No pulpits, Ministers are DOers, Stive to enter the kingdom of God, What is it to vote?, Inheritance Tax, Corruption, Israel today unlike Moses, Christ's instructions for government, Deciding for yourself, The "Born Again" quandry, Why 40,000 denominations?, A sucker born every minute, Tyrants and little tyrants, No bullies allowed in the kingdom, Gambling, Congregants = gathering in free assembly, Going up by steps = heirarchy = no no, Ancient Israel - every man a judge, Cities of Refuge, Providing for ministers, Churches today - receiving without giving, Wicked servants vs Pure Religion, Not just lip service, Setting your neighbor free, Is your church incorporated?, "Liturgy" defined, Georgia guidestones, Trusts simplified, God's trust, HHC Happenings, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, Land Ownership, Social Security, Wilderness learning, Your tally of bricks, Peter wasn't poor, Christ wasn't poor - made himself poor, Can you survive freedom?, Israel vs Early Church, Government of, for, and by the people.
2/4/12 Do You Matter?
Voting in the news this year, Free from things public, Rome: Republic before Empire, Electing exercisers of authority, Early Israel = 400 years with no king, Why go to church?, How to become free?, Is Christ sufficient for you?, Solar Flares, CMEs, Earthquakes - no fear!, God's job to judge - Vengeance his His, Choosing good servants, Monitoring your minister, Christianity is full-time, Purpose of rituals, What if?, Are you ready?, Purpose of God's Kingdom, Giving choice to others, Democracies take away choice from the 49%, Can't rule over neighbor and have Christ in you, Set them free, "Stoning", Sheep and Coyotes, Forgotten skills, Egypt's bondage = 20%, "Gleaning" is still work, Christ starts with "seek ye first", No empty lifeboats, Kingdom tax = 50% - love neighbor as self, Forgiving jerks, Finding lost sheep, Home schooling, Self organization, Was Jesus a Socialist?, Watching for selfishness, Wrong questions, Black-faced sheep, What's the end goal?, Ten commandments, "gods", "graven images", Jealous God, "hate", What does God want for you?, Taking His name in vain, Remembering Sabbath, Ronald McDonald houses, Undeserving poor?, Honoring father and mother, Who do you call father?, Tribute = patrimonial right, Killing, Adultery, Smoking?, Do I really need it?, Stealing, Bearing false witness, Coveting!, Voting to fill public coffers from your neighbor's pocket.
2/11/12 Was Jesus Political? - MUST HEAR episode!
He changed the world - turning it upside-down, The primrose path to destruction, Needs met at church? or civil government offices?, Pagan Temples, Call no man father, Birth registration, Universal Healthcare - in ancient Rome?, Vaccines, Christ was extremely political, Can you DO what Christ said?, Community-supported agricutlure (CSA), Power corrupts - Saul, David, Can't change the world's direction but can change yours, Cain's (political) city-state, Rehoboam, Rejection of God to elect rulers, Tree of life, Jesus Christ was King!, Different kind of government, Throughout Europe for 1000 years, Kingdom gives you power to choose, World gives you power to choose who will whip you, Christ crucified? Follow the money, DO or get ye from me, God hasn't changed His message or tactics, Chastising with scorpions, Tents vs Cities, "Israel" = where God prevails, Loving righteousness of God (not self), Shutting up the kingdom, "Paid in Full", Need the Holy Spirit to understand the bible, Born of water and the Holy Spirit, Essenes, Christ appointed a kingdom, His Kingdom/His Doctrines, Biblical evidence of kingdom, Are you ready for the baptism of Pentecost?, Christ's government of, for, and by the people, Laws written on our hearts and minds, Not of this "world" (constitutional order), Finding the remnant, How the kingdom works, What can you do?, Fourth of July?, Purpose of Altars, Organization, Live by faith or won't be free, Selfish love Democracy->Socialism->Communism, Church = embryonic Republic, Gathering in free assembly, Don't work - don't eat, Flouride works, CSA - make connections and grow, Tens - Hundreds - Thousands, Home health, DO or be content with bondage, Repenting, Projects, Who is Satan?, Getting Egypt out of men, Waving hands? Or rolling up sleeves?, The 20%, The sin of Sodom, Bob the Fox, Bearing witness to ministers.
2/18/12 ARE You Saved?
Can you be saved?, What does it even mean?, From which "Tree" do you eat?, gods many, Moses' system, Cities of Refuge, Ancient Israel's big mistake, Modern Jews, Christians, and Muslims all repeat it, Socialism is not loving your neighbor, Repetition of 1 Samuel 8, What about Pure Religion?, Knowing who Jesus is, Satan's twist, Today's wicked servants, Seeking the kingdom, Social Security explained, Bringing morality to an immoral system?, Another way you say?, Faith in action, Can you be forgiven? Sin = debt, Christ's purposes, Salvation and grace and works, Where do you stand?, James on salvation, Beating your neighbor, Praying vs answering prayers, The devil believes, Abraham's friendship with God, Pagan temples (Mars, Saturn, Ephesus...), What "name" will you call on to be saved?, Conjuring?, Why gather?, The power of congregations, Christ WAS king - like David, Kingdom not of this "world", Who's your Lord?, No king but Caesar, Pilate's proclamation, Christ's government of, for, and by the people, Available RIGHT NOW, DO! DO! DO!, Find others to help, Amish without the "look", Christ's doctrine, Paul echoed Christ, Restoring the kingdom to Israel, Capitalism vs Selfishism, Is Jesus REALLY your lord?, What can you do?, Opting out, Prayer in the Early Church, Careful understanding of Acts, Building the lifeboats, Enduring to the end, Who then can be saved?, "We'll pray for you", Promoting family values, Why Christians were persecuted, Knowing the real Christ, Striving for the strait gate, Why are you afraid?, Retaining your rights, The devil made me NOT do it, Getting this message out, Unmooring Christ from His message, Socialism is Anti-Christ, The fall of invincible Rome, Finding the remnant, Follow the ways of Christ or you're not saved, Prayer in action = the Living Network.
2/25/12 The Secret Path to Salvation
What does the path to the Kingdom look like?, What does it NOT look like?, Surviving early America, Tutons, Roman decline, Monthly emperors, Roman church history, The Inquisition, Colt's revolver, Foibles of governments of power, Offices of power vs service, Which spirit guides you?, Selfishism, Robbery by inflation, Richer rich and poorer poor, Federal Reserve everywhere, Why does this happen?, Sabbath illustrated, Sweeden's war on home schooling, Madness in Canada, Christians and public schools, A better way, Paul's message was not "just believe", Altered perception of righteousness, Pol Pot story, No coveting!, Electing Saul = rejecting God, Man's burden is heavy, Back to the path: Home School, Home Health, Community, Pure Religion defined, Even sheep know to come together, HHC = Free Assembly, Kingdom at hand, Examples good and bad, What works?, The Constitution is not what made this country great, Be still and know, Living in the moment, Tools to build the kingdom, Spreading the message, What do you bring to support?, Keeping your word, Tea Partiers in Europe?, Real Israel; Organized, Reclaiming responsibility, No fakers, Beatitudes: blessed = happy, Unmoored rituals are useless, "scripture" = "writings", Phylactories: ritual vs principle, Divine inspiration, Cleaning your mansion, The Kingdom and personam jursdiction, Letting Christ in, "As many as I love, I rebuke", Challenging one another, Facing your sin, The full armor of God, False churches and false salvation, Giving life to help others, Coming into one accord, Going to church to serve, not be served, What can I do?, Coming home to your father.
3/3/12 Liberty Radio Live was off the air - Technical issues
3/10/12 Using and being used by Usury
Usury = Interest? Excessive Interest? or even more?, Money = value of man's energy, Federal Reserve Notes - no value, Belief of value is insanity, Wake up, Note = promise to pay, History of money in America, Usury = tip of a BIG iceberg, Kennedy (JFK) vs Federal Reserve Notes, "In God We Trust", Your passport is accompanied by an oath, Paying for use - of everything, We've become like the Pharisees, Using your talents, Esau's birthright, Does God hate you?, Property tax = use tax (usury), Understanding what went wrong, Strengthening the poor, The sin of Sodom, Wise charity, Legal title = no right to use, Income tax = use tax on labor, Why?, Freedom in Christ, Whole "system" is based on usury, "Indoctrination" video, Witness to reasoning for Vietnam war, Power corrupts, Inheritance tax = taking from widows and orphans, This is the unrighteous mammon, Finding men who want to set neighbor free, Using your talents, Establishing the righteous Kingdom, Have you abandoned God?, What congregations could/should be, Discipline in early America, Finding honest men, China in this country, "Idiotes", "Debt free" church story, Korean bank story, Mega-flare dangers, Kingdom of God is for the Living, No talent burying, Mark of the Beast, Runaway inflation in Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius mandating birth certificates, Fishing with torn nets, Kony 2012 video, Follow the money, Stalin's "useful idiots", Karl Marx loved Democracy, What is your intent?, Apprenticeships.
3/17/12 Banking and the Kingdom
Guest: Don Terry of the "Agenda 21" radio show
Being more than "right" - "righteous", Revelation book - many levels of understanding, Christ's "weightier matters", Golden calf = central bank, Discovery in foreclosure cases, YOU create money, Wrongful foreclosures, Requirements for bank standing, Stall tactics, Banks too big to fail?, Commodity money, Credit Unions vs Banks, Corporate courts, Corporate governments, Waiting on "tables", Temple of Ephesus was world bank, Learning from past mistakes, Accounts without numbers, Knowing the customers, Standing for righteousness, Trust laws are changing in all countries, Passport oaths, The mark of God, Why go to church?, "Agenda" video, Turning from the Mark of the Beast, Character of Christ, We don't all need to be crucified, Letters of Creedence, Israel Country is not Israel of prophecy, Govermnet should be in charge of making money - but you should be the government, Identification by testimony, The alternative system, Upcoming "Burning Bush" festival, No "wait-a-minute-men" needed, Don't work - don't eat, Eschewing selfishness, Your gods aren't listening to you.
3/24/12 Who is woman? Who is female?
The Living Network - join to connect, Groaning of the Earth, Earthquakes under clay, New Madrid fault, Fighting in Iraq, "Expanding Earth" theory, Connecting in good times, Preaching Kingdom - not fear, Is eschatology your comforter?, Riding the waves, Officers of power interested in power - not you, Another way, Mimicking the early church, Health insurance, Birth control?, Woman's great "progress", Nobility of motherhood, Kitchen = department of health, Kitchen = department of education, Tipping my hat, Confectionaries for the king, "Genetic" homosexuality?, The progressive path to self-indulgence, Testing man's mettle, Home schooling, Women degrading women, Husbands and wives and God, Value above rubies, Returning to family, Returning to free society, Where is Israel?, Sex outside marriage, Introspection, Elvis in the army?, Virtuous men and women, Charity with open eyes, "Blessed are the barren"?, Silly virtue, God's nature and the union of marriage, Marriage Inc.?, Women becoming "persons", Healing ability of women, Examples of community, Career women, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Physical/spiritual bonds, Stupid parents, Passports and work camps.
3/31/12 What is it to be a man? What is it not to be a man?
Real men - where have they gone?, Spiritual revelation, What is truth?, Witnessing, God's opinion is reality, A little more on Pilate, The "image" of God, Losing dominion, Walking dead, Dressing and Keeping the Garden, GMOs, Man's destruction of men, Breathing life, "Help meet", Naked and not ashamed, The fall of Adam, Government of responsibility, How to become a "real man", Personal Contact Ministers, Internet security?, Servant nature of God, Proverbs 31 and men, Adultery, Real Women, Tree of Life, Law nailed to the Cross?, Accepting responsibilities, God is forgiving, "Fig leaves", Deciding to be wise, One flesh - no ruling over, Are you under "law"?, Becoming merchandise, Adultry = Idolatry, Fleshy fruits not of Christ, Electing rulers = rejecting God, Falling to temptation, Real men and the Holy Spirit, Claudia (Gladys) and (uncle) Paul, Dating - the big lie, Men as terrorists, Know your King, The government of, for, and by the people - not US, Succombing to temptation, How not to go wrong, Becoming "real men" again, Look to early church, Sweet smelling savor, Keeping commandments, Giving thanks, Buddy system - times ten, Walking with the living, DOing the will of the Lord, Following Christ not Nimrod, Man vs Husband, Neighbor's neighbors, What's your job?, Honoring father and mother, Righteousness is key, Calling no man father.
4/7/12 Interview with Kevin Craig - Anarchism
Doing contrary to the decrees of Caesar, Having another king, Anarchy defined, Anarchists and archists - which is bad?, Christian ethics, Where we go wrong, Christ's Prime Directive, Altars of living stone, The message of faith, hope, and charity, Abraham and Moses and Christ were on the same page, Baptism of Herod, Atonement?, Capital punishment, Word confusion, Romans 13, The Higher Liberty, Bad charity?, Resting evil, Kingdom of God defined, Offices of service, The US Constitution, BE attitudes, Importance of community, Standing alone together, The "rock" of the church, The treasure of the kingdom, Evil and Good, Lonely widow example, Deism, Battles where nobody dies, Declaration of Independence, "put away your sword", Morality and Religion in Public Schools, Little and big robbers, The hue and cry, Daytime kidnapping example, Accepting responsibility.
4/14/12 Interview with Alfred Adask
Who is Alfred Adask?, The contractual nature of government, Man in God's image = dominion, Suing government agents, Drugs and "animals", Religious freedom, Census and livestock count, Human Resources?, Dehumanization, Caananite = like Cain, Who wants to serve?, Christ's different way, 501(c)3 churches, Self-taxation, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense", Men in God's image, The world's "Made men", The two kingdoms, Church coronations, Sovereign or son of Sovereign?, Jesus WAS king, We are all kings, The right to be ruled by God, Early America = self government, What Christ's kingdom looked like, Needs met by church, Declaration of Independence discussion, A more perfect union, "Contracts, Covenants, and Constitutions", Who are "We the People"?, What about the Articles of Confederation?, The opposition of Patric Henry, Second Exodous, Views on "Republic", Group vs Individual, "Pure Republic", The US Creed, Anarchy again, Religion defined, Spiritual warfare, Won't be forced into hell - it's your choice, Turning over power of attorney, Getting it back, Rome's birth registration, The perfect law of liberty, Invisible bread lines, Righteous motiviation, Who's your daddy?, No coveting!, Gold and silver, What have state governments become?, Wheat and the Roman denari, "States" impotent, In spirit and truth.
4/21/12 Christian Anarchism
"Beloved" Anarchist; What is Christian Anarchy?; Brother Gregory repents; Anarchy/Anarchist defined; Other philosophies on government; "Anarchy" can result in chaos, but...; Titular leaders vs rulers; Israel operated with no central authority for 400 years; Government in hands of the people; Welfare system types; Faith, hope and charity; Early Rome thrived 400yrs before first Emperors - as an... anarchy!; Jesus, an Anarchist?; Are we to be anarchists?
4/28/12 God's form of Government
Why is the church talking about Government?, Is Christ confusing?, Was the Early Church wrong?, Black's and Bouvier's, US Constitution vs Articles of Confederation, Parties to the US Constitution, The bondage of Egypt, Your remedy is in equity, How we went under statutes, Who's your daddy?, Mutiny on the HMS Bounty, 1914's League of Nations, Pax Romana, Who's Herod?, 5 things God said to have in our constitution, Impure religion, "Church" defined, Two principles of law, Doctrine - what doctrine?, One form of government, Republics and non-republics, To whom do you pray for your benefits?, What the kingdom of God looks like, Social Security vs Corban, Free assembly, The road to liberty, Connected congregations = Kingdom, Setting your neighbor free, Forced faith and fidelity, Fractional reserve inflation, Using "notes" doesn't bind, Worthless legal tender, The currency of Christ, Fostering hate creates bondage, Festive gatherings, The system of John the Baptist, Rome recognized Jesus as King!, Pharisees - no king but Caesar, Rome came to make sure of it, Fall of Jerusalem, Strengthening the poor, Where is the flow?, Manning the net, Patience required, Pulling knots, Electronic Looky-loos, Choosing a PCM, What's holding you back?, How to work together.
5/5/12 Fishers of Men
Becoming fishers of men, Christ's instruction to "strive", Kingdom of Heaven for the living or the dead?, Zombies, Just believe? Even the devil believes, Not those who say..., How do I know you are saved?, Saul Alinsky and the modern church, Why Christ came, What's your part?, Parable of the two sons, Paul's politics, Romans in Judea - why?, Pilate's ruling, Whited sepulchres, Why seek the kingdom?, Back biters and truce breakers, Conversations in the upper room, Redemption, Nimrod's hooks, Coming into one accord, What about the commandments?, The baptism of Herod, Jesus a socialist?, Seeing your bondage, Dealing with it, Moving forward, Repentance is key, Gathering in congregation, The path to redemption, Peter's mistake, Making your "Yes", "Yes", Making network connections, Evidence of redemption, Are you forgiven because Christ died on the cross?, What is Redemption?, Recognizing charlatans, Legal title, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, Setting your neighbor free, Titular ministers, Altars of stone, Boasting vs witnessing, Constructive contention, Church credit unions, Congregations in action, Casting loose the slothful, Paytriot schemes?, "Covenants of the gods" book, Knowing you're redeemed, Public affairs in the Kingdom, Feeding Christ's sheep, Social salvation, Fitting stones together, Blasphemy, DOing is required, Upholding sinners, Purpose of PCMs, Tithing according to service, Foolish questions like "Are you saved?", Forgiving to be forgiven, Becoming a team, Qualifications of kingdom-seekers, Christ accepts us - not the other way around.
5/12/12 Corporations and Trusts and the Death Covenant - oh my!
Guest: Clint Richardson
Drones, 42USC666, Walter Burien, CAFR, Government hoarding money?, Miners and Title 43, 1789 Americans rejected the constitution, Who were "We the People"?, Origins of Social Security, 130 countries are Social Security members, Mark of the Beast?, Temple of Ephesus = world bank, Christians accused of robbing it?, Corban/Qorban = Social Security, Difficult to live without SSN, Cradle-to-grave coverage, Stepping back into Egypt, More on Title 42, Just say "no"?, The Living Network solution, "Religion" in the bible, Herod's baptism vs John the Baptist's baptism, Christ's "religion" vs politic's "religion", superstitio, Methodism, Eucharist - from loaves to wafers, Citizen ministers, State-defined marriage, "Death Covenant", Black's "church", Agenda 21, Five biblical requirements for your constitution, Christ's answer, No exercising authority, "freeman" defined, Revolutionary War facts, Pure Republics and Titular Leaders, State enabling acts, State Sovereignty illusion, Lady Godiva myths and truths, Doomsday book, The real first commandment, God's plan - Christ, Moses, Abraham had it, Surviving freedom, Calling no man on earth "father", The big jigsaw, Church ID, The right to be ruled by God, Denominations and Codes, Voluntary incarceration, The Insurance Portability Act, God's two laws, Christ's "weightier matters", Vaccinations, Minutemen for Christ, Taking back responsibilities, Caring for righteousness sake.
5/19/12 Religious Ideologies
"What you think will save you"?, Caesar = Apotheos + principas civitas + emperator, US President has same functions, United States: A democracy within a republic, Did God create the government?, It's all about the benefits, Keeping you weak, Darius = office; not the man, Agustus = savior of Rome, Christ's activites as king, Free bread and circuses, Modern churches make you feel good, First century church met actual needs, The Hellenization of Judea, Life after Pentecost, Golden calves, Bhudda, Brahman, Seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness, Belong to a church? or belong to God?, Kingdom of Heaven = Free souls under God, Heaven is not a socialist state, Fascism, Agustus' plan, Lady Godiva's accomplishments, Taxes illustrated, Who will be a Christian?, Abraham's altars, Setting your neighbor free, "Idiotes", Where are the pious?, No coveting allowed, Electing good Caesars?, Life as a Human Resource, Solthful should be under tribute, God's ministers = public servants, Q: PCM frustration, Q: Where you go when you die, Why is that important?, Fulfilment of the Kingdom, God of the living, Not worrying about tomorrow, Heaven = ouranos = world?, Walking on water, How "Israel" is Israel?, Threskia, No covenants with false worshippers, James 1:27 "visit" = take care of, Making the word of God TO effect, Only one church!, "Unspotted from the world", All societies need religion, Helping with unbelief, Stepping out of the boat.
5/26/12 What do you know?
Guest: "Coach" Dave Daubenmire
The Edict of Worms, Amazing power of the Roman church, Kings and the Roman church, God's many, Church and state mixed, Who is "Coach" Dave?, Why Christ died on the cross, Selling all that you have, Church and state - one-way separation?, Faith or Force?, Silent pulpits, Can't be a socialist and a Christian, Corporate churches, The Eucharist of Christ, Pure Religion in 1776, How to help the poor, Early church structure, Professional Christians?, Conforming to Christ, Bottom-up self government, The snare that weakens the poor, Inspiration, Who was John the Baptist?, Who was Jesus Christ?, Being made merchandise, Early America - produce or starve, Churches singing people to sleep, Discomfort in doing wrong, Being salt of the earth, Needing more John Waynes, Mormon vs Muslim election, Christians ignorant of who Christ was, How do we learn who someone is?, Candidates as morally bankrupt as the people, Insanity to elect the best Caesar, BE the government of Christ, The kingdom of God is "at hand", Being DOers, Kingdom of Heaven = Kingdom of God, Show me the fruit of your acceptance, Simple commandments - light burden, Homosexuality can't be genetic, Hiding behind science, Strong delusion, Rejecting God, Finding the hope, Prayer, Being light where you are.
6/2/12 Quantum Connection
How far is the Kingdom?, What course shall we follow?, Is coveting really OK?, Are you using force?, 1774 Quartering Act, Who's dying?, The invisible tax, 1924 - citizenship offered to native americans, Quantum mechanics and God, Good vs Bad angels, A good lie contains lots of truth, Today's "gospel", We keep changing - God stays the same, Today's Israel, Becoming a band of brothers, Purpose of government, 1 Samuel 8 warnings, What are you singing for?, Real church "service", The doctrine of His Holy Church, Becoming the government of, for, and by the people, Who is the "state"?, Quantum physics and facts, 4 classes of phenomena, Spiritual driving physical, Death by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Accessing the Tree of Life, Quantum entanglement, The song of Moses and of the Lamb, Good/Evil examples, Faith by the whole truth, Witchcraft, How to know you're off track, Lawyers and justice, Licensing, Life under man's government, The mark of the beast, Security through bondage, Feel-good churches, Libertopia, Being the kingdom, Roll up your sleeves, The Global Consciousness Project, Spirituality vs emotionalism, Einstein's relativity, The real altars of stone, The church is well organized, Looking at Abraham and Moses, Worshipping Christ - not ideologies, Worshipping words by hating them, Church is government, Honoring our agreements or bearing false witness, Faking the kingdom, Public school personalities, Pay attention.
6/9/12 So you think you are a Christian?
Guest: Hal Anthony - Behind the Woodshed
Seeing God from nature, The Right to be ruled by God, Kudos to Christ, CAFR, Behind the woodshed, Law without property, Miners and property, Property - know it or be it, Jus Juris vs Lex Legis, People as employees of the federal government, Citizens of the United States, The "Clean Water Act", Gold is land, Paramount Title, 42US666, Trust laws revamped, We are land (dirt) too, Maintaining status, Exposing paytriot myths, Tactics for court, Mining and legal title, Land patents, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, Settling for peace, Kingdom of Heaven by force, Dominion given to man, Sovereignty, Honoring creator and neighbor, Strengths of the Living Network, The treasure of the kingdom is YOU!
6/16/12 Cults and their Leaders
Real answers, Cutting - Why?, Soldiers' suicide, "Cult" defined, Rules that don't make sense, Enforcement without conscience, Socialism killing charity, Widows taxed out of their homes, 10 elements of a sociopath, New World Order is not new nor orderly, Adam and Eve - where did the "apple" come from?, Cain - the first cult leader, More on sociopaths, Sociopaths need little sociopath enablers, Life-takers, Hiding from the light, Actors and liars, With 40,000 denominations someone must be wrong, HHC organized bottom-up, Accountable ministers, Self-taxation, Questions invited, Open record-keeping, Upside-down from the (upside-down) world, Based on love of neighbor, Preparing wisely, Bound only by love, 1 Samuel 8 - read it!, Is your constitution biblical?, "Already saved" is cultish, Seek righteousness, Fear and trembling, Critical thinkers, Individual accountability, Singing is not "service", The strength of humility, What is God telling you?, Following God not Gregory, Most of today's governments are cults, "Made" men, Appealing to your inner sociopath, What's the solution?, Top 10 cults, Why the curiosity/obsession with the book of Revelation?, Paying it forward, Giving life vs sucking life, Offices of power vs offices of service.
6/23/12 Meet the Ministers
6/30/12 Meet the Ministers part II - Fun with Technology
7/7/12 Survive or be Subsidized
"Civilized Nations" oxymoron, Hoover Dam and the TVA, Losing individual enthusiasm, Media misdirection, Hue and Cry, What's your job in the Kingdom?, Will you be left behind?, Are you ready for freedom?, DOers make a society great, The means determine the ends, Hints from judges, J. D. Rockefeller and Ringo Starr, Jury nullification, MMS, Gibson Guitar company, Universal Health Care in the Roman Empire, Slothful belong under tribute, Who can be free?, Coveting congregations, Teamwork is needed, Juries and the law, Why won't you come together?, Things you can accomplish if you come together, Thou shalt not..., Socialism incompatible with Christianity, Beware Hollywood Christ and Moses, Chirstos = Messiah = Annointed = King, Judges in Ancient Israel, Tents vs Cities, A common purse of rights, The voice of the people, 1 Samuel 8 - take and take and take..., Realize what's already been taken, How to change?, How did you get here?, Good news - you can repent, God vs your constitution, judge = elohim = god, Who are your gods?, Who appoints them?, The sin of Public Schools, Federal Reserve Notes, Giving power to kings, Was Moses the rightful Pharaoh?, Understanding God's free government, Selecting your minister, Samuel's sons, Electing Sauls, Shofars, The blame game, Biblical "voting", "Vow" explained, Free souls under God, Proving filthy lucre, Imagine a community of 1000 kingdom seekers, Why go to church?, PCM Doers, Voting in the kingdom, No pedastels allowed, Ministering to complex people, What do you pray for?, Church = one form of government, Where to start seeking?, Daily policy is anti-Christ, The whole truth.
7/14/12 Coming to Terms
1066 and the reign of kings, The church of men, Pigs returning to mire, Governments are not your salvation, Bind yourself by love alone, Self-government, Bastille storming, Don't hate tyrants (love your enemy), Tempting leaders with power, Choose foot-washers, Dynamite, Having heaven when hell breaks loose, Words and their meanings, Marriage vs Husband and Wife, Great domestic relationship, Law vs legal (binding), Constructive contracts and obligation, Unlawful enrichment, Public Education, So shall ye be judged, Money equivalents, What does the kingdom of God look like?, Church serves the free assembly, Love and charity, Putting words into action, Who is my neighbor?, Apologies to the emperor, Hadrian and Christian persecution, Christian athiests?, Apotheos, Caesar's birth certificates, Pagan temples, Paul not a citizen of Rome, Military gaining citizenship, Head of the cohort, Being whole in posession of rights, Registering for benefits, Titlus, Born again as a citizen, Herod's baptism, John's baptism - how does it work?, 5 words for "world", Fathers of the world, Kingdom of God on Earth, "Christianity" defined, Feel-good churches, Gospel of the Kingdom, "Employee" = slave, Obligated to fund pyramid building, Modern church - send you to Pharaoh for benefits, Early church was illicit, Not of the "world" of Rome, Jesus was king, "Faith" - where is your trust?, Daily bread - from Rome?, How to turn around, Become a blessing, Pentecost - thousands cast out, Paul talks to them, Jesus high priest and king! - explained, Where do you pray for salvation?, Tithing, Sheep story - Cora and the gate, Support minister so they can find lost sheep and build congregation, 10 Families in congregation, Jesus was rich - made himself poor, Levites belonged to God, Use tax on property, Not 1600s anymore, Patience is a key, Stone and clay altars, Egypt's slavery = 20% tax - what's your rate?, Agreements with unbelievers, Maintaining connection with the Father, Laying down your life, Slothful under tribute, Stoning, Burnt offerings, Gentiles, Christ not a socialist, Golden Calf, Charagma, Mark of the beast, Robbing the temple, Israel = the place that God prevails, HHC doctrine = Christ's doctrine, Tales of betrayal, Honoring father and mother, Nicolaitans and error of Balaam, Egypt means bondage?, Unmooring principles and precepts, Traped in the benefit snare, Human traficking, Keeping your word, First century church had to be very organized, Constanine's councils, Elders police the ministers - servants of the people.
7/21/12 A Day in the Kingdom - MUST HEAR episode!
What it looks like; For the living; Why we're here on earth; God hasn't changed; What has changed?; How?; What is Israel?; Where is Israel?; Can we get there? How?; What it means that "your minister be compatible with the Holy spirit;" Freewill giving vs forced welfare; A tale of two kingdoms; Under whose authority; Natural laws, and how to use them; You, your neighbor(s), and... love; How can the Kingdom of God possibly work; The Church - instituted for a reason; Where is the land where God rules? Basic structure of the Kingdom; Basis for tithing; Some detail on ministers; gathering together - why and how; Health, education and welfare; Purposes for congregations of ministers; 1000 years of God's kingdom over the world after Christ; Israel was the Kingdom of God, before...; Here's that word, anarchy again; Minutemen - for righteousness. Christ said,...; How not to seek God's kingdom; Why to seek the Kingdom of God.
7/28/12 Open Topics
A variety of important Kingdom concepts. For example: was the Apostle Paul a citizen of Rome? If yes, what kind? What kinds were there? It makes a difference; Effect of one's status; Many people, today...; What about you and me?; Effect(s) on society; Examples of negative effects; Positive effects; Christ an Atheist? Different definitions; Why early Christians were called "atheists," and slaughtered; Adam's sin then, and man's sin today; More about ministers, and ordained ministers; "Ordained" means...; Who ordains; The first consideration; Out of the "system" vs in God's kingdom?; How to survive freedom; How to prepare; When to begin preparing; And more!
8/4/12 Strange Wives
KoK fit right door (right Christ); "Kingdom of 'heaven' includes...;" Not by force; Forms of government; Modern ministers; Why worldly governments exist; Genesis 2:18; Trees of knowledge, and life; Strange wives (Ezra 10:14); Kinds of bindings; Aspect of nature of women; Good and evil women; Different parties to 3rd party contracts, different effects; Why CoREs; First institution of God; Those in God's kingdom do this (and other things) - voluntarily; Being separate - meaning, and how to; Providing for the needy; Good shepherds; What early church was doing; Bondservants of God; Law of Nations; Purposes of Christ; SPT - what it means for your minister, and what not a substitute for; Free assemblies, and corporate bodies; You retain authority over..., but not...; Ministers have authority over..., but not...; To "set" elders...means; CoREs and MoREs; Function of The Church; The Christian network; Righteous relationships; Church service; Complimentary relationship between man and women; About eating "sour grapes;" Privilege vs Right to benefits; Pay taxes?; Taking vs providing benefits; Effectual distribution means; Life - more abundant; Shadow of the Beast, within? But how?; How become "blessed" for righteousness; How to quickly clear a room; Tickling ears, or speaking truth; Adam and Eve's roles in fall; Meaning of "obey" in Hebrews 13:17 - actually a good thing?!; Strange wives are strange...?; Bride of Christ - a matter of record; Forming CoREs; Women are to keep silent?; Reasons children might obey; Parents and spanking; Role and purpose of "Singers," and who is often best suited as.
8/11/12 Cain Syndrome
Saul Syndrome review; One syndrome precedes the other; How the two relate; Cain syndrome described; Historical background; Example of how progresses; Cain syndrome today; A better option; Different types of service; "City" defined (amazing!); How/why cities "work;" Two systems' sacrifices compared; Cain's servants described; "Syndrome" carries with it idea of disease and dis...?; Power of governments; Why some choose Cain, and why some can't; Freewill offerings; Non-charitable institutions; Cain syndrome, by any other name...; Examples of; Why not getting better; Outcome of that, or the way of repentance; Bit of Cain in us all; Babylon the Great; What must change to change world; In what way?; The "Redeemed way" vs the many kinds of forced welfare; Sin of Sodom & Gomorrah; Governments "of the Gentiles;" A kind of service - that kills; Doers of the word; Why property taxes exist; Another kind of service - that loves, cares and contributes; Traditional churches; Deserving poor; Ways to sacrifice; To expatriate from systems, or to repatriate to God; You serve God, or "gods many;" Election year promises - for a price; Start giving in ways you can - for righteousness sake; About reproof and rebuke; Results of abandoning God's way - WE can't get back - but...; Intention of Prodigal sonS; Annual feast gathering; Flow from heart makes the difference; Why you desire to do; How to breathe; Become government of God; Bread from afar; Choice - of own accord; Sacrifice; Running, as example of BoC; Start w/local congregations; Coming together "Dos" and "Don'ts;" How to know whether following Christ; Loving Christ enough, to love your neighbor enough, to...?; Network of congregations; Cells of your body; Stagnant ponds; "Stepping out of the boat;" Ways to help get this word out.
8/18/12 IndoctriNation
Guest: Colin Gunn - Co-Producer/Narrator of the film "IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America"
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/25/12 The Feet of Society
The kingdom at hand; What Jesus was telling the disciples; Society defined; Society, determined by; Cannibalistic societies; SS - what it is; What means/how to "honor parents;" Pure religion defined w/examples; Kingdom ways (spiritual events/powers) - "bizarre" or commonplace; Satan forces to do some right???; "The Adversary" - to what/by what means?; Self-interest as a good thing - best application and what's needed to effect; If not this, then..., because...; What happened at Pentecost; Christ's role; "Feet of society" defined/explained; Abraham, and altars he set-up; What binds a society together; Sins forgiven, if...; IngredienCE of society - huh?; Stinky feet need washing know-how; When "greed" is good; Forgiving is giving - examples; Matt 18:13-35; Finding lost sheep; Love vs contracts; Emotions have a place; Some say Christ was a socialist; Rights and responsibilities of Family - as established under God; Free assemblies; Individual corporate entities; Congregations as non-corporate entities; How not to diminish rights of a Family; Trust overseer/protectors, ministers and elders; How/why it works; How world's governments operate differently; What to do; Begin with this to care about others...; Gandhi said...; Jesus (and Paul) extremely political; Foundation of societies; What any society must do in order to work; The way Christ did it; What determines nature of a soul; Principles vs privileges; What it means if not safe to be unpopular in your society; Of what does Family's corpus consist; What to give, how and where to give it, and for what; How best to come together; Message of the gospel; Making underwear, walking on water, dry bones, and repairing breaches; Offices of power; Where to get going.
9/1/12 What Does a Believer Do Now?
Saved by grace?; Adultery/fornication; Intention vs form; Not all governments bad?; Imagine...; "Streets-love;" Conflicting ideas; Sacrifices for salvation; Haunted by... temptations?; In the moment; Talk about, think and study, but ultimately...; Original (higher) right to choose; Difference in governments/kinds of trusts; Minister watch - supported, or not; Sure sign not in KoG; KoG won't work most places, but...; Your Family...; Central to Kingdom; Festival sharing; Checklists not viable; Interacting w/others "on same road;" Image of self-sacrifice; Burden with seeking KoG; Events on the sun; Dark spots, cognitive dissonance, and disease; Seeking KoG - motivation that sustains; Awake?; The better question; Best way to serve; How church is organized; Ways to help; "Adaptive preference formation;" Not easy ? impossible; Prayer request answered by MoRE; Project progress, offering, a working example, and encouragement; Lots of (little) ways to contribute; Fun - with rewards; Believer in Christ (or christ's many)?; God-given "right to choose," contrary influences, and how to choose rightly; Facing God; Not being a false witness (and more); Honesty 'bout one's unbelief; Helping others - what and how; Gotta make it happen! Y/N?; Hearers/speakers vs DOERS; Seek/find, ask/given - but what else; Second nature becoming; Comfortability vs righteousness; What KoG is about; Conspiracy theories (but the real problem is...); What must change; Treasury, force, and multi-generational debt; Trusts - who regulates = differences in kind; 'Bout your minister(s); Examine and implement - what, and how; Professing faith - best practices; Connect w/contact ministers and develop assemblies of record (CoREs).
9/8/12 Does God hate you? - MUST HEAR episode!
Kingdom "at hand" meaning; "'Red' porridge," Nicolaitans/Balaam; Many (and subtle) ways to insanity; Electronic network vs live connections; Range sheep, geese in flight, a social welfare/network system of charity, and true needs; Seduction of benefits, and the behavior of "Woolly-pigs;" Birthrights, benefits, and the conquered - or... The Way (of range sheep); Kingdom's perspective; How your vote is cast; Division of Families and societies; Your riches; What doesn't work; Cost of free benefits; Freedom under God; Systematic networking w/others; God wants to love us; "Charity" that kills; At core of what makes nations great; Loyalty; Congregationalism vs kingdom net-working; "Flesh w/the life;" Huge transition before Christ; Learning to work together; Treasure of kingdom; What Christ preached; Kingdom tax rate; The "Logos;" For whom Christ died; Flesh and blood offerings; Pots, cauldrons, and the SS system; The flesh early Christians ate; Who's on the auction block; Dry bones; Christ died so we could understand...; Collision of ideas; Saved "in an instant;" Relationships or contracts; Picking a minister; Instrument of foolish shepherds; The pattern (what to start doing differently); Things God hates; Purpose for giving; "Sufficiency" of Christ's Way; Ministers sharing in offerings; Tending to needs; Together in little ways - now; To have eternal life; Faith in Christ('s Way); Who is being sought; About most talked about thing in bible; What Temples in Jerusalem were doing vs what Christ was doing; "Churches" today is product of what?; What do YOU say is going on here; Flesh of children already eaten up???; Just do this to repent, turn around, and start seeking the kingdom of God (and His righteousness)...
9/15/12 Occupy or Just Sing?
Unique thing about the 10s, 50s, 100s, and 1000s; Where systems of power stem; Ways of governing selves; Lk 19:27 ("wow!"); Maintaining an entrance - how-to; Giving - in righteousness; The majority of world's voters...; Harps of God, and the Song of Moses; Mission 1st; Principles and precepts; The way Christ talked and told us to talk; Occupy, by...; Before trying to figure cryptic,...; Start doing Way of Christ; A new song; Cornerstones, and polished stones; "Buoyancy of God;" Slothful vs diligent; 1st (read: simple) things, 1st; % having abortions who are unwed?; Whose fault is most of what plagues us; Hirelings; Purpose in suffering pain of not going right way; Using GPS, or following directions; Gotta build it!!!(???); Sons and daughters; Value of strong hands - if not attached to body?; New song/loud voice; Your survival strategy; Trusting in the Lord, or in benefits; Only thing YOU can do...; Who fills the potholes; "By ambuscade;" Darth Vader scene insights; The "10 strings," the "instrument" we're to play, and, what(?), regarding them; Passports, civilian projects, and working - for free; Orchestras as illustration in seeking KoG; Lessons in a Kipling poem; It's as simple as...; Occupy until He comes (read: do, these things, until...); The sounds of orchestras - while tuning up; "Wait, and not be tired by waiting" - Kipling poem application examples; The worship of metaphors; Better housekeeping; Not putting burdens on others, and relieving other's burdens; Who's to do the little stuff... and the big?; Cog-work of gears.
9/22/12 For the Record
Hebrew letter's meanings; Hey, Ed!; "Praise;" Nature of God; Belief/action; Why you have what you have; Relationships/offerings; Bible words for "congregation;" Effects of "Mem" and "Vav;" Written vs spoken; Calendars, or knowing the "time(s);" What's true; A third word; Parts of speech/slight of hand; Differences/influences in use of similar words; Permission; Nature of God's assemblies; Congregants/CoREs as witnesses; Without force; Tokens and records; Flow; If all were doing just this much, then...; Projecting Christ's spirit and fruit of His loins; Ties of NT "congregation" words to their ancient OT equivalents; Nature of the witness, nature of God, and being a giver of life; Who forms, and Who's form; Ezekiel 37; "Voice;" "At hand;" Circulatory "mem system;" Without world's help; Corban of Herod/Rome; Not the way; Miracle of God; Long-distance congregations; Chain of service; Tools for coming together; Way to best care and provide; Rome in today's societies; Where to glean; Alternate means; Strangers and foreigners; Health (producing) food; "Information" as blood/life flowing; Spread of gospel; Learn to share/share to learn; Opportunity (no free tickets); Where is righteousness; Home teaching; Praise/thanksgiving, profession/confession; Not having to go to world's benefactors; Willingness and know-how; Thankful for opportunities; CoREs and MoREs; Have you a right to be ruled by God?; Who can come, and what's required? Gleaning at night; Witness to Christ; Allow self to be moved; Historical "symbol" of Christ (not what you think); Nature of kingdom; Gifts of the congregation/feasts; Sharing is...; "'Limping' marriage;" "Frank and free;" Father will meet you half-way; All, coming together; Flesh comes when...; Standing "in His way;" Structure; Some bones not connected/connecting.
9/29/12 Live from the Burning Bush Festival
What original church was doing (how operated, where operated from, how organized); Effects of coveting; Tents of the congregations; Studying actual history vs opinions/impressions of; Communities/societies of selfless charity; Who to trust, honor, be part of - and shun; The commandments, and pistachio ice cream; How to see; Welfare snares; How (good) relationships grow; Ministers have a job to do; What's our perception of OT; The treasury, responsibility, and grass-roots porters; The bravest of all; "...don't work, don't eat" (eat? what?); Ministers vs administers; Effect on Family by incorporating; A major task of ministers; Long-distance congregations; Neighbors, neighboring congregations, and (more) ice cream (yum!); Your ultimate survival tool; Review of previous words translated, "congregation" (their letters and the images/pictures conveyed); Purpose of these congregations and caliber of relationships developed; Another word translated, "congregation;" Traits of "free soles under God;" Function of the sheepfold; "Love of God" - translated; "Tufts of wool"... on the dessert floor; "General assembly" and "church of first born;" "7 men;" 11... on a hill; "Taxed," "enrolled," or neither?; Going on record loving others and other congregations; What faith is; Bearing witness to statements on the paper; Love and sacrifice/forgiving; Immersion in society/doing; Future festivals; Beginning of children's life-long relationships; Study groups; Most important of all; Gift of understanding.
10/6/12 Live from the Burning Bush Festival
Kingdom of God - how works/how be a part; Early church's/Christians' beliefs; Deriving a word's meanings; World's vs God's ways; The "next" step away from kingdom - the first, being...; Rituals vs precepts (essence of); The shofar; Use of Shepard's rod and staff; KoG in Christ's day under Pharisees; Standing, in law of nations; Honor and conscience; How governments are established; How "penalties" meted out; Type/manner of gathering; Why congregate; Actual belief in Christ; Distinction between kingdoms (and where to draw the line); Porters/gatekeepers - duties of; Where you get to change terms of contracts; New World Order - news flash!; (Whole) gospel; Purpose of tithe; "Burden to neighbor" argument; Man having "no coat" - with a twist!; "Deserving" vs "undeserving" poor; Becoming part of the journey; Shunning, rebuking, repenting, and casting pearls; Rethinking our thinking; The "general assembly" included meaning; "Perks;" Single best way to propagate ordinances of Christ!; Holy "CoWs" vs "Sacred cows;" Keeping the commandments argument; Your rights; "Forgiving" means...; How to change/where to start; Rituals from precepts taboo; What you can figure out; About "charity;" Sacrifice is done away with; How to be righteous toward unrighteous mammon; Repenting and turning, and Stopping and starting; To really know what's really going on.
10/13/12 Liberty
Establishing governments; Nearly zero welfare, yet still demanding tithes?; Rome; Appearances; "Lifting up hands;" Keeping the commandments; What is/is not love; "Turning around" looks like...; Patience and liberty; When it's your time; Liberty under God; ?????????!; Saved by grace?; What to do; Ministers many; Gathering and caring; Comfortable?; Duality of governments; Problems w/government begins...; Changing (doing); Many mentions; Flame that does not consume; The roof; Progressive lines; Lost sheep seeking the fold; "Liberty," a choice; Talking government and taxes in church - huh???; Elect (to follow) Christ; Trying to get the first grass; Ways to start; Connecting networks; Families; No diminished rights; Garden planting example; Gathering w/mind of, and guided by, Christ; Dancing the dance; Taking back; Before baptism; Sons and daughters; Carob and honey; Vipers; Fruits - by another way; The important thing; Behind the curtain look at Boaz and Ruth, and related matters of law; "Power mad!;" Freewill choice; Patrick Henry quote; "Justice" as relating to gathering and agreements; Fact and law; Repeating things; Repeating things; Terror and anguish; Thomas Paine's "Common Sense;" Walking straight; "Cities of refuge" were...; No other salvation; Seek, do, and be; Softball sized brains; Figure it out; Power to give vs power to take; Turn, and seek; God's intervention; Will you be heard; The Way back, together; God's waiting for us to...; Whenever shown something...; Back to your tents.
10/20/12 Adversaries
Iconoclastic; Understanding inspired authors; OT claimants over the world and history; Modern City-States; Wars in heaven/Peace in hell; Battling against conformity; Vast changes; Everything as usual; Shifts happen; What Abraham taught; Treasure of governments; None left behind; Paul Revere, lost?; Most common form of government; Hearts and minds; The warrior against God; Opposing, provoking, etc.; More power/corruption; Lincoln, and the draft; Serving neighbors; Grievous errors; The five basic precepts for Kings; Under whose authority; 1st time in recorded history; A certain Way; The Shew bread and the Eucharist; Love of others/God's Way; Forms of Godliness; War on The Way; Metaphysical reasons; Slightly different perspectives, but...; Progression of Socialism; Accompanied along The Way; Adversarial relationships; That spirit, in us; Seduced away; The spiritual reality that's needed; Where real choice is made; Since Egypt; The divine revelation paradox, the spark of knowing, and going on from there; A kingdom of authority - and volunteerism; Cosmic, quantum effects; The Way (to resist); Hidden knowledge... that you're hiding from; Test of wisdom and patience; Lk 8:30; Out of love; Brains as hockey pucks; The Way around the tree of knowledge; Release from bondage (of knowledge); Need for questioning from the righteousness of Christ; Accepting Christ's plow; How shadows form in our minds; About your neighbors next door and down the street; Collective consciousness and unconsciousness; Militant head; A cord short of an essential missing characteristic; The Song of Moses and The Lamb; Supra-natural; Sacrificial service-stance.
10/27/12 Coveting your neighbors' goods
Some modern science' atheistic descriptions of the universe; Opening, and common, bible theme(s); Rattling bars; Under subjection - of...; Have you believed - or have you been deceived; Yes, it is legal, however...; In every country today; "Choose another one!" (ad nauseam); Rusty wheels turn slowly; Turn and apply; Met halfway; Where's the "where" where God prevails; Moses' Israel; A friend in Christ (and in those who love Christ); Within your family; The freight train of destruction; Essential for all known forms of life; Understanding DNA; Errors sometimes allowed/not stopped; The "you" you were meant to be; Taking responsibility; God knows... get up; Our life, or life more abundant?; Who's most to blame; Divide(d) and conquer(ed); Layers of repentance; The coming flood, and seeking the high ground; We all face death; A candle can appear bright; Start. Being.; The real power; Effects of anger vs love; The love of Christ and one another; The nature of evil and evil's light; "Many mansions;" Gathering for the Eucharist; Spirit and truth; "Divine" different results; What the h...!; Non-static nature of DNA; Whether your church stands or falls; The good and bad news about changing underwear; Those willing to die for their fellow man, and false-patriotism; The opposing direction of salvation; The Constitution: some good points, and its major flaw; Union and (self)discipline of early Christians; Stalled Oxen; The social welfare system of the faithful in the Eucharist of Christ; God's model of love.
11/3/12 Spiritual Journeys in the Physical World
Heaven and hell, Song of Solomon 8:8, Darkness and light, Bearing fruit, Mysteries of the kingdom - Luke 8:10 and Matt 13:11, 1 Corinthians 4:1, Relativism, Mathematics, Galatians 1:11, Having eyes to see, Modern science, Dimensions, Heading towards the kingdom, 1 Kings 19:18, Daniel 10:12-13, Relativity, Quantum, Faith in modern science, Hierarchy of science, Membrane theory, Big bang theory, Singularity, Figuring it out vs seeking the kingdom of God and it being revealed to you, Living the character of God, Be friends with the unrighteous mammon, Finding others, Forming in congregations, Becoming the solution, Finding others, Bearing witness.
11/10/12 Fear - MUST HEAR episode!
A powerful tool; Antithesis of faith; Fear not; What's rooted in tree of life; Trend determined in structure of society; The spirit of the Minuteman; Choice in Leaders; Must start/continue; Fear, as relates to following God; Meaning of "God" (and some other words); Barking dogs, intimidation, and intellectualism; Doing what's right in the moment; Need for approval - path to becoming a lost sheep; Where faith abides; The Church, and benevolent groups and individuals of old; Religious programs of world's governments; The Problem; Source of fear; Sacrificing - before eating; Cry out to EBT card providers; Sound-bite religion; "Token charity" described; Faith vs Force; Service examples; Weak and fearful societies vs strengthening the poor; Fear/absence of faith; Living by faith and knowing; Pride's progression; Daily revelation and growing faith; The structure to creation; Service - paid by faith, hope, charity; Arms raised to God (with tools in hand and sleeves rolled up); Before the saints, or...; To be heard by God; Bearing witness; The Gospel, the only hope, and waiting on the Lord; Seek ye first the CoRE of God; Systems of fornication and idolatry, or of the communion of body and blood of Christ; Cup of Lord vs cup of devils; Where we've gone, and getting back; Don't have to do all today, but need to start. Today.; Getting ready; Forming network taking care of needs of one another; Being the kingdom of God; Agreeing with Christ; Loving (The Way of) Christ; Be a light.
11/17/12 The Essential Precepts of a Free Government
Preaching and seeking KoG, and seeking His righteousness; The strong delusion; Ron Paul's farewell address; How governments are changed; Much talk 'bout government; Plan "B" is plan "A;" All governments theocratic; Fruits worthy of repentance; Seed and bloodline, or those doing; Where can you go; The weightier matters; Living by charity; International network; Usury examples; Sources of political problems; A 501(c)3's not supposed to talk about government, huh?; What's done as a matter of policy...; Another king, One Jesus; State in the hands of the people; How to not leave anyone behind; Aide provided to local hurricane victims; Gathering with others who care; From the beginning...; Agreement with unbelievers case study; Feeding bears; The fiber (character) of the people; 10 laws and 700(+/-) statues; Statutes vs rules; "I can not tell you the answer;" About Title 42 section 666 (and the red herring); Greek word for "Whole;" "Guilty, until proven innocent (that's the law you know); Mandatory support; The election of Sauls; Feeling righteous, or doing righteousness; A vast subject - effecting every aspect of your life; Bible's 'bout the living?; In the presence of God...; Where it's at!;" Another kind of revolutionary spirit; Contracts, covenants, and constitutions; Anointed anyone, lately?; The higher liberty; You can do what you want; Who are the wicked?; The practicality of setting pride aside; Who you know who'd risk their life for you?; Not used to the truth; "But, I'll miss my program;" Should be under tribute, or to not be under tribute...; Join us, and let's go back to Christ.
11/24/12 More on Ron Paul's farewell speech
Possibly only "close to a real Christian" of modern political candidates; Way to liberty; How world today views itself, and why; The "face" of pride (and its appearances); Mathematical equation's proofs; Runaway inflation causes; Today's record-breaking bread-line number; Food rationing, brought to you by...; Sick people; "Responsibility," and the brain; Cost or love; "Click it, or ticket;" Raise your prices and go to... death!?; Thriving! (despite it all); Tar and feathers; "Bully pulpits;" An observation on Holland; HJR 192; Shifts of trust in US economy; Pure religion; Light bulbs; Coal and steel industries get a boost; The TSA; Cities' walls of stone, or "wall of 'stones;'" Why man refused to leave prison when pardoned; When "apathy" is an act of violence?; Take care; The politics of Christ; A specific way governments weaken folks; Doing without, and the habit of virtue; Good at service; Benefiting from one another - the miracle of sharing; Where's the important line on the border issue; Your prerogative - to give it up, or to maintain it; Through the black hole...; Working, and eating (or not, and not); And THE answer is...; Civil rights or civil privileges; Can there be free markets with debt-ism?; The "mining of wombs;" Loving actively and proactively; Salvation, and what to do about it; Why Paul made tents; What we've been doing, and not doing; Repent, and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
12/1/12 Baby Steps toward the kingdom - or "Sinners Anonymous"
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/8/12 Religious Addictions
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/15/12 The List
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/22/12 Unarmed and Dangerous - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/29/12 Kings and Priests - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/5/13 The Word of God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/12/13 Husbands
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/19/13 Choice
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/26/13 Harbingers
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/2/13 Lifeshare
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/9/13 Predatory Governments
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/16/13 Not So Secure Socialism
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/23/13 Destroyers of Liberty
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/2/13 Spirit of... - Godly and ungodly spirits
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/9/13 What is "core" to the Kingdom of God?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/16/13 Heights and Lows
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/23/13 Helpful, Hapless and Hopeful
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/6/13 Sacred Scrpits
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/13/13 Romans Continued
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/20/13 Mysteries of God's Kingdom
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/27/13 Churchism: Hidden in Plain Sight - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/4/13 You Decide
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/11/13 Churchism: Contract Makes the Law
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/18/13 Christians and the Kingdom of God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/25/13 Christians and Pure Religion
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/1/13 Christians and Real Religion - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/8/13 Christians and False Religion - MUST HEAR episode! (If you have ears to hear.)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/15/13 Creeping False Religion - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/22/13 Civil Religion
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/29/13 Lunatics and the Righteous
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/6/13 Cubing the Sheaves
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/13/13 All Aboard?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/20/13 New Testament Codes
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/27/13 Get On Board With Christ - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/3/13 Jesus, the Zealot? - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/10/13 gods many - MUST HEAR episode! (Yes, another one! Important details here.)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/17/13 No Broadcast today.
8/24/13 Kingdom Health
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/31/13 The Burning Bush
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/7/13 What's in a name?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/14/13 Faith and Grace
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/21/13 Hebrews Chapter 1
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/28/13 Hebrews Chapter 2
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/5/13 Broken Government
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/12/13 An Unusual Epistle
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/19/13 Judges
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/26/13 Modern Christians
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/2/13 Goats and Sheep
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/9/13 Divers Lusts
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/16/13 State Favors
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/23/13 Christians: Love 'em or Hate 'em
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/30/13 The Beast, the Mark, and the Little Beasties
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/7/13 More on the Mark
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/14/13 A Detailed Study of the Mark of the Beast
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/21/13 The Mark of God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/28/13 The Misunderstood Church
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/4/14 The Truth is The Truth
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/11/14 No Broadcast today.
1/18/14 What are you doing?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/25/14 Layers
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/1/14 Unusual Subjects
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/8/14 The Character of Christ
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/15/14 Participation
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/22/14 Free Justina!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/1/14 Living as if the State did not Exist
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/8/14 Religious Craziness
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/15/14 Mister Fish
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/22/14 John the Baptist TV
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/29/14 Fathers
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/5/14 Sacred Purpose
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/12/14 Sacred Purpose in Practice
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/19/14 Patriot's Day
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/26/14 Mysteries of the Kingdom of God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/3/14 Heaven and Hell
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/10/14 Religion - it's not what you think
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/17/14 Communicating Kingdom to Orcs and Goblins
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/24/14 Serving Those who Serve Others
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/31/14 How Do We Pray? - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/7/14 A Different Kind of King
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/14/14 Misconceptions and Misunderstandings
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/21/14 Spirit? What Spirit?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/28/14 Spirituality in a Physical World
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/5/14 Awakening?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/12/14 (Pending Edit)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/19/14 Making Straight the Way of the Lord
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/26/14 The Instructions of Jesus Christ
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/2/14 The Kingdom in Action
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/9/14 The Foundation of Education
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/16/14 Some Questions
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/23/14 Apostasy and Red Heifers - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/30/14 Being Kings and Priests
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/6/14 Economies of Nations
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/13/14 The Christian Nation
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/20/14 Governing Ourselves
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/27/14 Lighting the Darkness
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/4/14 The Answer to Ebola
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/11/14 Fervent Charity - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/18/14 The Clift in the Rock
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/25/14 Gospel
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/1/14 Folkhemmet
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/8/14 The Right to be Ruled by God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/15/14 Christ the King
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/22/14 Idolatry
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/29/14 A Silent Shout
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/6/14 Shift Happens - Even in the Bible
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/13/14 Free Souls Under God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/20/14 No Broadcast today.
12/27/14 Prima Noctum
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/3/15 The Daily Ministration
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/10/15 Things That May Educate You - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/17/15 Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/24/15 Choice
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/31/15 The Moral Arc
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/7/15 No Broadcast today.
2/14/15 Liberty Under God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/21/15 The Kingdom - a Refuge
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8/11/2015 - Volunteer editors are taking the high-quality studio recordings from Brother Gregory and assembling them into audio files that I upload here. This editing process is months behind the current topics. In order to keep current, I will be uploading my personal recordings (lower quality) so that you may have up-to-date access to the programs. Lord willing, I will be able to change them out for the studio recordings when they become available. Thank you for your patience.
8/1/15 The New Natural
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/8/15 The Rapture
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/15/15 Silly Women - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/22/15 Why Congregate?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/29/15 Opening Roads to Righteousness
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/5/15 Messages From God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/12/15 No Broadcast today - Burning Bush Festival
9/19/15 The Power of Healing
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/3/15 The Trauma of Sin
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/10/15 What Separation of Church and State?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/17/15 Cancer
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/24/15 Partakers of Her Sins
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/31/15 Brooking
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/7/15 Demons and Trees
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/14/15 CULTivation of Society
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/21/15 Angels and Demons
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/28/15 Angels/Demons, Good/Evil, Light/Dark...
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/5/15 The Ultimate Survival Plan
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/12/15 Real Church and Real Freedom
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/19/15 Preparing For Your Future
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/26/15 Awakening to Liberty
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/2/16 Spiritual Contracts
Wanting to know the whole truth, Adam and Eve, Nakedness and hiding, Paul Revere's ride, "Black Lives Matter", Knowing how to give, feeling good vs salvation, saved by grace, The Naked Serpent, Refugees in Europe, Sustainable birth rates, liberated wives, Socialism spitting in the face of Christ, Self-righteousness and the Church, Study to be Quiet, Rome becomes socialist, losing eternal life, The Real Jesus - abandoned, Ends and means, What you have to repent from, Why you are back in bondage of Egypt, What you own, What to do now, Paul's "we" and "us" is not you, Becoming a surety, Excuses to keep you comfortable, Burning sheep, Head knowledge, Having eyes to see, Menstruating women, Perverting natural use, Your last free choice, US already socialist 100 years, Eating of the Tree of Knowledge, If there were more Real Christians..., World churches teaching only part of the Gospel, Stop trying to save your life!, Will God contend for you?, Where are your fruits?, Are you thinking kingdom?, God wants everyone saved, Turning from wickedness, Coming together, Lawful captives, Contract makes the law, Intent?, Evil does not want you to see your error, Christ's Sabbath keeping, Rendering to Caesar, The value of money, How to save the world, Meat with blood in it, Do you care?
1/9/16 The Enemy
"...and he is us", Wanting what we want, Church vanity, Book: "The Zealot", Muslim by force, Why are you a muslim?, Vetting european refugees, Bundy occupation in Oregon, BLM history, Private business vs government, Where's the morality?, Strong Delusion, Images we worship, Why you need the Constitution, The Hammond case, The nature of bureaucracy, Samuel and Kings, String whips and moneychangers, Conquering by division, Samuel's warning, What a free country looks like, Believing lies, Who is responsible?, Sons of Cain, Ten "Thou Shalt Nots", Signposts along the path, Addiction to sin, Living in the Tree of Knowledge, Patterns of Thought, Accessing the Tree of Life, Cleaning out our temple, Needing each other, Drinking the same Scotch, Matthew 18 patterns of Christ, Metaphors and Parables, 12 step plan, Tricked away from the Kingdom, Don't get distracted, Addictions in our mind, Spiritual vs Physical, Unholy Spirits, Loving rebuke, What is the answer and the problem?, Simon Magus and Annanias and Sophira, Seeing your part, The rut of sin, What is The Lie?, The notable year 2016, Fasting from the Tree of Knowledge, The whole world believes it's OK to covet, Being beneficial, Leaving of Christ/arriving of the Holy Spirit, Stop blocking the Holy Spirit.
1/16/16 Patterns of Prayer and Peace
Overcoming hidden bonds, Ranchers and occupation, Constitutionalists lacking information, Fulfilling the contracts, You ARE a surety for debt, So what now?, Slothful under tribute, Repent!, Pray - what is it?, Heaven and Hell, Laws on your heart and mind, Seek the Kingdom or just Believe?, "Works" and "Faith", What prayer?, Instant healing, Caring about the truth, The truth of you, Can I save myself?, Discipleship, Influence of others, Choosing to forgive, The comfort of unrighteousness, Patterns becoming 2nd nature, The intellectual curse, Peaceful prayer, Being changed by God, The Backwards Bike, The twelve steps, The Jerusalem temple, A constant state of prayer, Changing your mind, Pure Religion, Daily Ministration, The Kingdom by force - until John the Baptist, Righteousness is your pattern, Gathering to give, Meetings and sponsors, There is always somebody needing help, Preparing yourself for God, The golden rule, Forgiving what makes you angry, Bishops and Constantine, AA key - go to the meetings, No dragging into the kingdom, Where are your fruits of repentance?, Addiction to unrighteousness, Seeing your own injustice, Reaping the years of socialism, Need the whole armor of God, Are you of a reprobate mind?, Will you love those that hate you?, Who is Paul writing to?, Titus and bishops, Are you being Christ?
1/23/16 The Path to Liberty
Making Christ alive in your daily life, The *name* of Christ, Modern Christians doing the opposite, The Roman Cult, Psy Ops, "Made Men", Walking with God, Forgiving the anger, The Dark Side, You need the Whole Truth and to provide for it, Sheep and Shepherds, What is a "god"?, Strong delusion is here, Slaves in America, Truth is not a popular message, The "shipwreck" analogy, Direction = character of Christ, Greg Walden quotes, Being loyal to righteousness, Digging deep to find facts, No mercy for the Hammonds, Sitting in Moses' seat, God wants you to have what you want, The Constitution is not your salvation, Rights and Responsibilities, Phylactories, Pure Republics, The Fathers of the Earth, Democracy and mob rule, The sin of public schools, Feeling good about your sin = Modern Church, Do you want to live by righteousness?, Thomas Jefferson days, Socialism destroying society, Democratic Socialists won WWII - FDR & Hitler, No Hue and Cry, Someone else's job, Seeking DOers, Loving others as yourself, Stop trying to be masters!, Christ is the way, truth, and life, Letting God into your heart, Who are the "gods many"?, Men who are not men, Real righteousness, Examples of court injustice, Calling good evil, Doing no more ought for your parents, Judicial stupidity, Your fault!, The cost of prison, Christ's justice system, The kingdom of hell, Welfare vs Work, Biting neighbor bites back, Join the Living Network.
1/30/16 Digging Deeper
Which spirit is guiding you?, Election 2016, Economies tied together, Disaster danger, European refugees, Crazy courts, Zombie apocalypse, Robert LaVoy Finicum, Lying cops, Preparing You, Understanding present by knowing history, Sheriff vs FBI, Miners losing mineral rights, Government bragging about stealing, Ranchers losing property, Why don't we care?, Decline of education, Comparing US President to Roman Emperor, Smoke and mirrors, Knowing the whole truth and preparing for it, Separate trees in same garden, How to know the truth?, The source of faith, Drawing near to God, The "Humility" key, Zombies exist, Knowing by fruits, How the Early Church worked, Wycliff bible, Trump vs Mossolini, The Daily Ministration, Congregation vs Kingdom, Private Interpretation of the bible, Contentious spirits, Walking in the spirit, The workers are few, What it takes to be a free people, Putting on the full armor of God, The Contract Clause, Government of, for and by the people, Feeling good vs DOing good, Are you saved by a feeling or a thought?, How to have eternal life, Rule of law might rule against you, Public school vs home school, Are you a terrorist?, Your tale of bricks, Gathering to save others, Are you addicted to sin?, Cauldrons and flesh pots, Eucharist of Christ, Climate change, Is there salvation in voting?, For Tyrants?, Thou Shalt Not Covet!, Getting the system out of you, Scaring Egypt, Fathers of the Earth, Ways of Christ vs Ways of Cain, Don't get comfortable, Becoming immune to anger, Trauma and addiction, The virus of selfishness, Raised by penguins, Israel and the plagues, Spiritual overcomers, Paul's audience is not you, Seeking righteousness, Self-awareness, Get addicted to the Holy Spirit, Admitting wrongs, Congregational support, Seeing your trauma, Caring beyond the congregation.
2/6/16 Putting On the Whole Armor of God
New problems with Generation X or Y or Z? The Kingdom of God is from Generation to Generation, Societal movements affecting youth, Built-in Social Security, Benefits of Faith, Bible translation and re-translation, God writes on hearts and minds, The Longest Day, Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death, Right to tax - by contract, Dissolving the bands, China's one-child contract, Bundy vs BLM, The "world" God so loved, unalienable rights, Fruit rights, No freedom when accepting benefits, What about Common Law?, Don't attack the delusion, Admitting I'm wrong, Questioning what you already know, SAT test evolution, What kids know about Civil War history, Slaves and who owned them, Underground railroad, The source of freedom, And what it's not, Hating family, Where is Righteousness?, The cost of education, The armor of God, Rome vs Christians?, Christ was rich, Moses the rightful Pharoah?, Pentecost after Christ, How you became surety for debt, How to get the armor to fit, Armor as a team effort, What does the "full armor of God" look like?, People great, evil, and luke warm, Division by contention, Partakers of communion, Red heifers, Abraham's altars, Culture of poverty, Democratic Socialism.
2/13/16 Why Does God Allow Evil?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/20/16 Our Lost Sense of Community
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/27/16 The Mire
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/5/16 Collectivism - The Dance of the Dialectic
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/12/16 The Mire and The Way Out
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/19/16 A System for Liberty
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/26/16 Are You Too Busy to Be Free?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/2/16 (Pending Edit)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/9/16 (Pending Edit)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/16/16 (Pending Edit)
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/23/16 Demystifying Patriot Mythology and Finding Truth
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/30/16 National Psychosis
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/7/16 Making a Spiritual Journey in a Physical World
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/14/16 Emotions and Genders
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/21/16 Reality Check
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
5/28/16 Gurus and Guides and Dissolving Bands
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/4/16 The Art of Not Being Governed
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/11/16 The Kingdom Within
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/18/16 Bailing? or Bailing Out?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
6/25/16 Intentional Communion
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/2/16 Church Governance
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/9/16 Tracking the Beast
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/16/16 Duties and Monkeys - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
7/23/16 No Broadcast today.
7/30/16 The Staff of Life
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
8/6/16 Being Whole
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/10/16 Breaking Yokes
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/17/16 Gifts of the Mind
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
9/24/16 Ants and Roes and Hunters
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/1/16 Anarchy - Not a Four-Letter Word
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/8/16 How to Have an Anarchist Government
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/15/16 The Kingdom of God as a Government - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/22/16 Exiting Babylon
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
10/29/16 In the Beginning...
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/5/16 What are the Keys?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/12/16 If You Vote You Can't Complain
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/19/16 Nationalism: Addiction to Bondage
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
11/26/16 Destruction
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/3/16 Why Socialism?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/10/16 The Economy of Life
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/17/16 Unlike Other Nations
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/24/16 2016 in Review - Killing Care
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
12/31/16 The Myth of Authority
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/7/17 Seeing the Kingdom
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/14/17 The Spirit of Abandonment
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/21/17 Kingdom 101 - Basics of the Kingdom - MUST HEAR episode!
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
1/28/17 Winds of Doctrine
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/4/17 Fascist Anti-fascists
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/11/17 The Law of Nature
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/18/17 Strategies
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
2/25/17 What Are You Doing? What Aren't You Doing?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/4/17 Shepherds
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/11/17 Are You Being Put To Spiritual Sleep By Seducing Spirits?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/18/17 Which Christians Give Up All They Have/Possess?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
3/25/17 Why Do We Need Ministers?
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/1/17 The Remedy - Steps Toward Liberty Under God
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/8/17 Ordered Religion
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/15/17 Pitching Pitch - Within and Without
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/22/17 The Source of Your Salvation
This episode has a summary that has not yet been uploaded.
4/29/17 Spiritual Mechanics
Witchcraft, dimensions, keeping the commandments, spiritual law, covetous practices, socialism, work, giving, straightening the poor, racism, prejudices, what Christ said to do, being saved, love/charity/corban, networking with other congregations, what the kingdom of God looks like, what is a church 'service' suppose to be, governing yourself, how to truly prosper, learning the truth about yourself, depositing money into the kingdom of God, Spiritually connecting with others, learning to serve others, the way of Christ.
5/6/17 No Broadcast today.
5/13/17 Ordinances - MUST HEAR episode!
Preterism/prophecy, end times, meaning of religion, making contracts, name of God, gardening, weeds, soil, famine , roundup, genetically modified seeds, starvation, social welfare, pure religion, church is not about the building, Hebrew words, the way of Christ in precept and principals, spiritual health and stress, gluten, diet soda, home churches, the ways of Christ, deciding to seek a relationship, spiritual mechanics, prayer, spirit of satan is alive and well in the church today, the ways of God, research vs service, How you repent or turn around, meaning of ordinance in the bible, giving for the right reasons, caring for the needy through charity and not force(covetous practices), invest in the kingdom, guiding people back to the ways of righteousness, proverbs 13.
5/20/17 How to Get the Keys
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5/27/17 Land, Life, Love and Liberty
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6/3/17 Red Heifers and Abominations - MUST HEAR episode!
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6/10/17 Prophecy
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6/17/17 Draining the Swamp
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6/24/17 Unchurched
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7/1/17 Bursting Your Bubble
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7/8/17 Harmless Doves and Wise Serpents
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7/15/17 The Trauma of Power
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7/22/17 Fixing Foolishness
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7/29/17 Wind in the Branches
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8/5/17 No Broadcast today.
8/12/17 "The Way" Christ Said to Live
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8/19/17 Who Works Iniquity?
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8/26/17 Symbiosis
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9/2/17 No Broadcast today.
9/9/17 No Broadcast today.
9/16/17 Baptism of the Holy Spirit and of Fire - MUST HEAR episode!
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9/23/17 Not Perishing
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9/30/17 Christian Economics
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10/7/17 Scriptural Anarchy
Is Anarchy consistent with Scripture?, Or Chaos?, Church = government, 1 Sam 8, Biblical constitutions, Power corrupts, Saul's foolish thing, Bible about government, Family = God's created corporation, Elders, New Testament discrepancies, Revelation reveals God, Bible for government of, for and by people, Militia, Kingdom model, 400+ years of no tax in Israel, Duality of Hebrew, Commandments and Laws, Will God hear you?, Sabbath, Law that has been done away with, How to be humble, Usurped rights?, "Human" rights?, "Civil" rights, "Natural" rights, A plan by Robert Burk, Network = great idea, Tens/Hundreds/Thousands, Levite ministers, Tabernacles of the Congregation, Unhewn stone altars, Rich Christ made himself poor, Church registration?, Christ and Moses in agreement, Tithing, Money matters, East Timor and other holdouts, Money "exchanges", Just weights and measures, Social costs, Sureties for debt, Reversing mistakes, Protecting assets, Network of assistance, Kingdom of God is not a closed society, Compelled offerings kill spirit of giving, Will God come to your aid?, What's a "dollar"?, Inflation, Wealth in the Kingdom, Seven men, Join the Living Network.
10/14/17 No Broadcast today.
10/21/17 Prior Rights
Ben Shapiro clip, Social network outside of government, Sounds like Church, Modern Christians acting anti-Christ, Communist Manifesto, Is the IRS your Bishop?, Empowering ministers, Pure Religion, Alternatives to the world, Christians network, Family-based networking, Voluntary, USGAO - by 2019 every child will work 90% of life paying off debt, Peter's warning, Changing direction, The Coercive Church, Asking government to be our father, Right of parents to educate children, Home Schooling banned in much of Europe, United Nations Human Rights Conventions, Prior Right to choose, Waiving rights by your actions, Abortion, Symptoms of societal problems, Treating the problem, Israelites choosing bondage, Christ the capitalist, Purpose of the Church, Are you turning your neighbors into bread?, Learning from doers, Set your neighbor free, Losing prior rights, The "census" at Christ's birth, "Does your master pay the tax?", Drawing near God, Forgiveness is not automatic, Christ preached action, Preparing for the future together, To Kill a Mockingbird, Twelve Angry Men, Modern Church myths, Falling away, Divorce, Examining failure, Original Sin, The "name" of Christ, Letting down your ego, Washing feet, Enduring until the end, ICS, Doing as the Holy Spirit guides, Forgiveness releases burden, Forgiveness begets forgiveness, Loving the ones you're with, Participating in Congregation, Seek Kingdom - not comfort, Holy Spirit is comfort enough, Come to serve, Turning up the light of the Holy Spirit, Seduced from enduring, Extending care, Matt 3:17, Have faith - Charity works, Who will DO?
10/28/17 A Message to Chuck Baldwin
Making straight the way of the Lord, Acceptance can take time, Not everyone will get this, Strong Delusion, Come willing to look at our information, Chuck Baldwin's Romans 13 understanding better than most preachers, Addressing disagreements, "Done with NFL" article, Reds vs Blues, Free bread and circuses, Making the word of God to none effect, Quoting Polybius, The National Anthem, Maintaining a pure republic, Nazi = National Socilist, Calling no man "patri", Chuck's recanting of Israel position, The place where God prevails, People choosing to be ruled, Symptoms of rejecting God, Truth-preaching is a struggle, Babylon = mighty provider instead of the Lord, 4th amendment rights, Taking benefits waives rights, Constitution is not our salvation, Christ's plan, Providing for the needy, Becoming a peculiar people, What is "grace"?, Force is anti-Christ, The Gospel Christ preached, Mission of the Church, Explaining Anarchy, Corban and the Jerusalem Aquaduct, Antifa is not Anarchy, Christ and His Kingdom at hand, Biblical Constitutions, The Amish and Obamacare, The "exousia" factor, Romans admired Jesus, Giving up our right to choose, The original liberty, Who are the "wicked"?, BEing the government of God, The myth of government usurping, Kingdom of God was not part of the Roman "world", Preaching the full gospel, Functional families described, Modern preachers act like Pharisees, The Founding Fathers and Polybius, The bondage of Egypt, Getting the government we deserve, Seeking righteousness, USA = Rome, Finding God's way, What Jesus did - taught - lived, What will YOU do?, Home churches networked together, Apotheosis of George Washington, Ben Shapiro: An Orthodox Jew teaching Libertarians the Gospel.
11/4/17 The Enemy of Parents
"I have seen the enemy...", Cause/Effect nature of the universe, Wingsuits = falling with style, Finding a frame of reference, Parenting articles by Betty Freehof, Rights and where they come from, Christ's solution to lost rights, city/polis - what is it really?, "Innocent" people?, Calling men "father", Who's teaching your children?, What are they being taught?, What kind of "village" does it take?, "City on a hill" explained, Pecuilar people, Eating benefits with great appetite, Parties to the Constitution, Why your eyes are scaled, How parents love children, Anarchist governments, Doctor Zhivago, Neighbors: Interfere or protect?, Where is/was Nazareth?, Kingdom of Choice, John the Baptist's manifesto vs Communist, The battle inside, Making society your god, How important is righteousness?, Neighbor care, Some Oregon history, The real remedy, Religion as a job, Christ's healing power in action, CPS "looking after" 2.5M non-victims, Treating symptoms, Who's your daddy?, Practicing pure religion, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Freeing your neighbor, Our duties, Our faith, Our love, Super Annuation, The way back to the Kingdom, Problems of GMOs, The baptism of fire, Where is the commandment to take care of children?, Tree of Life, Your rights = responsibilities, Halloween in reverse, Changing little things.
11/11/17 The Kingdom Model and Social Costs
The Right to be Ruled by God, 2 commandments, God's nature = giver of life, News: Texas church shooting, "Assault" rifles, Guns in church, Christian right to Self Defense?, Why get married?, Repentance explained, Feeding "my sheep", Striving for Christ, Which "choice" is "pro-choice"?, Abortion: Problem or Symptom?, Procreation: simple or complex?, Man as a part of creation/nature, Physical + Spiritual + Emotional realities, Influencing realities, addictive prescription drugs, Changing the bible by changing word meanings, Defining Social Justice, Distributing other people's money, What/who is righteous?, "exousia" = right/power to choose, consequences of coveting, Effects of Social Justice, Social Cost, Human Rights vs Legal Rights, Registered charities and the IRS, Gathering naturally, God can "fix stupid", Should everyone "sell all they have"?, Seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom, Defining "Social Costs"?, Of Family, Of Neighbor's Welfare, Kingdom Social Costs less complex, Self regulation, Counting the Cost, Your responsibility toward others, GMOs, Respecting the white coat persons, WWI Ambulance Donations, 9/11 Manhattan Evacuation, Externalities, Church in the Wilderness, Golden Calf, Individuals making choices, Tending to the Weightier Matters of Law, Judhment, Mercy and Faith.
11/18/17 Your Soul
Your soul - what is it?, Agape, Charity without love, 2 kinds of love, No Greater Love (Charity), soul = life?, Language distorting meaning, Hebrew - written language, Revealing through your soul, Who's revelation?, Being heard by God, Do you have faith?, Biomimicry, Barbed wire, Love in Nature, Kingdoms not of God, Patterns of mass shooters, Saul's pattern, Soul vs Spirit, What about Body?, The Soul in Science, Heaven and Hell, Man's dominion over nature, "Mother" Nature?, Defining "love", Software of the Soul, Zombies, vampires and werewolves - oh my, Intelligent Design, God perfecting us, Soul - body - spirit connection, God's pattern of life, putting things on our hearts, Declaration of Independence, Deism, "nefesh" and "psuche", Who is writing on your soul? Teaching/Feeding your children, "Frankenstein" was the Doctor, The nature of God, "Worship" defined, Electing rulers = rejecting God, Salvation revealed, "Beliefs", A bit of Neitzsche, No love without choice, The power of humility, Laws of Nature provide consequence, Is God Logical?, Contrasting with Ludwig, Magnifying God's presence, How to see God's choices, Axioms and Ideology, "Love me, love my goats", The pleasures of serving.
11/25/17 Individuation
"Your Soul" series, Trinity?, Wanting to name God, Barbershop mirrors, Cause and effect, In the beginning, Finding our safe path, Divine revelation, The "still small" voice, Adam and Eve, Multidimensional Soul, Turning stones into bread, Hell - Heaven, Christ's mission, Satan's mission, Tree of Knowledge, Which veil to lean on?, The Way back to God, Seeing no evil, Patterns of evil and good, Being light to your community, Blind eyes, Can Good exist without Evil?, Degrees of darkness, Opening spiritual eyes, Working with the Holy Spirit, Accessing redemption, Incorporeal herediments, Drugging children, Bringing unconsciousness to the consciousness, Subconsciousness, Traumas, Discipleship explained, Jungian self, The Kingdom within, Axioms and Button-pushing, life-flesh-blood-soul, Where is your pillar of fire?, un-peaceful protests, The Soul as a doorway, Two keys: giving and forgiving, Farm vs Range sheep, Agape - love or charity?, Romulus amd Remus and wolves, Defining "love", Sunday "church" thinking too small, Letting God fix stupid, Congregating, Repentence, Committing to Christ, Allow others Liberty - God does, God does not hate Nicolaitans, Having answers, The truth stands on its own.
12/2/17 No Broadcast today.
12/9/17 State of Decay
Sweden #1 rape capitol, Voilators of human rights, How can people excuse that activity?, Socialism = neighbor not your responsibility, foreign gangs robbing in broad daylight, How to stop them, Kingdom solution, You can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Other Benefits of the Kingdom solution, Protecting those you care about, Hue and cry, Unchurching?, Still not in Christ, Some "Gregory" history, God gives the Holy Spirit as our comforter - not the church, "ekklesia", Organization of independents, Feeding His sheep, Revelation vs writing, Whose program is your soul following?, The Real Jesus?, The devil as an angel of light?, Can you be decieved?, Do you act like Christ?, Serving and laying down your life for others, Sharing the good news, Kingdom of Heaven vs "fellowship", What "law" (nomos) is done away with?, Your prodigal journey, Forgive that you may be forgiven, The broad way to destruction, Does your giving exceed your taking?, Public School for kids, Social Security for parents, Welfare for brothers..., Early Church would not take any, The Baptism of Christ, Why 7 men?, Forgetting religion, Early Christians weren't persecuted for fellowshipping, God didn't create human government, Charity and Love, It's easier to sell nonsense than to give away the truth, Covetousness makes you merchandise, Nicolaitans and Balaam = conquered people = you, Constinian Christianity, Unholy spirits, Rejecting God, Joseph's connections, Slothful under tribute, Shaking off our delusion, Temples = government buildings, Turning around, Sharing coats, Loving our neighbor.
12/16/17 As Long as You're Happy
Good News of the Kingdom of God at hand: seek it and righteousness, Pursuit of happiness, Facebook "discussions" are horrendous, Interest in politics, Righteousness and children, Who were Matthew, Mark and Luke?, And what about John?, Bible: full of truth but most misinterpreted book in history, Why revelation?, Dispensationalism, Happiness is a byproduct - what is the goal?, Dis-ease vs symptoms, Sorting out mind, soul, brain, heart, body..., Facebook stifles creativity, Rebuking those we love, Matt 7:22, "Many" not knowing Christ, Covetous practices make you merchandise, Sources we offer, Your right to choose, Sabbath keeping, Reading the fine print: Holy Spirit is a good magnifier, Pharisees had it wrong - stop asking them, The prophet Isaiah, More on "soul", Scales on our eyes, Isaiah 58 and fasting, A pointed way to Christ, Herod's two temples, Loosing the bands of wickedness, Strengthening the poor, Seeing hell in this world, Showing transgressions, How to overcome, Ministers and authority, Giving and retaining, Getting God to hear you again, 2 Cor 13:5, Removing the yoke from your neighbor, "reprobate" defined, Fasting according to the ways of Christ, Free assemblies of kingdom seekers, Putting His words into action, The Sabbath way - not borrowing against the future, Old testament charity, Finding those who can see, Compare your taken benefits to given charity, Turning things around, Christ died that you MIGHT be saved, 2 Peter 2:3, Paul - by faith you are saved, and who is not, Light each others' way.
12/23/17 Fellowship
What is the "world"?, Translators have distorted author's intent, Can you hear God's intent?, Why we educate, Greg Boyd's message, Witnessing same events differently, Gregory's turning point, The "Humility" key, The Ten Commandment benchmark, Desiring benefits taken from neighbors, Followers Christ lost, Overcoming, What about the Amish?, Pure Religion, Red Heifer, Corban, What did the Early Church really do?, Parable of the sower, Should the Church be organized?, Davey Crockett's story, U.S. vs Israel, Choice vs force, The golden calf, Why be loyal?, Are you under delusion or just have bad information?, Spiritual kingdom, Christ's name, What should be our destination?, Where is our comfort?, Caring for widows and orphans, Raising up better altars, Beyond block parties, The right doctrine of Christ, Remaining true to Christ, Constantine's church, Why Christ died, The real Israel, The "process" of becoming Christian, Not blood but faith, Getting ready to be the Kingdom, Garbage helper story, Are you an altar of God's temple?, Did Constantine corrupt the Church?, FDR's Social Security, Bundy mistrial, What grace have you?, Covenant continuity, Why do Amish wear black?, The bride and wedding feast, Rich Christ made himself poor, Being there for our neighbors, Dressing and keeping, Making room for the Holy Spirit in your heart, Loving those who don't love you, "Retreat house" idea, What made America great?
12/30/17 Testing Faith
End of calendar year evaluation - am I closer to the righteousness of the kingdom?, No need for works?, Paul and Peter and James and John's view, Saved from what?, Modern Christians not listening to Christ, Are you Paul's "we" and "us"?, Caesar as commander-in-chief, HHC audios augment articles, We connect many dots for you, False preachers tell you saved when on Paul's "list", Two trees, FDR in the bible?, Christ's plan vs Modern church plan, Michael Hudson, Sin and debt, Big bang vs God - which requires more faith?, Israel's bondage in Egypt = 20%, Your bondage?, Let "my" people go, Abraham's many souls, HHC book offerings are free, Romans 13, Making us great again, What the Pharisees did wrong, What you can do for Christ, First Christians were Jews accepting Christ, Government of God, Firing moneychangers, Your job to know Christ, Subject to higher right to choose, The wedding feast, Excuses not to come, Luke 14, Forgiveness is key, Beating hedges, "Highways" and "hedges" explained, Where's my wedding garment?, Christ's burden for you, Practising Pure Religion, What to do right now and what not to, Jesus and Jubile, Rich Christ made Himself poor, Loaves and fishes, Coming together, The Ten Commandments and debt, How to remove eye scales, Ministers and pedestals, No slothful ministers, 2008 bailout fiasco, Loosening the bands of the fist of wickedness, Prager U's "ten statements", What is right?, The way - the truth - and the life, Are you hiding from the truth about you?
1/6/18 Christ Commanded
Are you peculiar?, Christ the Anarchist, says Mark Passio, God allows man's government, Choosing rulers = giving away your right to choose, Samuel's warnings, God's safeguards, US Constitution not biblical, Liberty is accepting responsibility, Slavery or Voluntary Servitude?, Yes, you signed the social contract, Christ's plan can still save you, Natural Law explained, Joseph and Egypt, Jews: The first Christians, Anarchy and Statism, Rights and States, The pirate example, Organized religion, Two religions, "Feed My sheep", The Christian Conflict, The Lord's Prayer, Corvee systems, Passport agreement, 42 USC 666, Today's temples, Vegans eating meat with blood in it, Golden Calves, Responsibility to Christ's weightier matters, Waiting on tables, Good and bad governments, Are you an asset "of" or "to" your government?, Evidence against you, Christ's "Command", Loaves and fishes, Separation of powers, Only 1 denomination, How to organize, Why "7 men"?, Don't keep feeding pigs, Righteous caring, Metaphors and allegories, How God's kingdom works, The wedding feast and garments, Removing your eye-scales, Your father whose table you eat at, The Corban story, What is stopping you from following Christ's command?, Christ's policies, Christ's network, You can't just "say" Lord, Lord, Are you humble?, Do your feet need washing?, Christ or Constantine?, Righteousness or Tribute?, Individual journey we make together.
1/13/18 Money, Money, Money...
A uniquely different message, James' Religion, Modern Church "service", The deeds of the Nicolaitans and Balaam, Prerequisite to Loaves and Fishes, Who are "disciples"?, Companies and Ranks, The pattern Christ commanded, Stop making excuses, Christ didn't say "love your ministers", What about "money"?, The Man Nobody Knew by Bruce Barton, Stock Markets/Exchanges through history, Inflation/Deflation, Copper pennies and silver dimes, SpaceX, Going public, Profits vs Visions, Ancient Roman Republic economy, Ancient Israel - did what was right in their own eyes, Tens-Hundreds-Thousands, How Christ organized His Church, Anti-Christ Inquisitions, Apostolic Church, Am I DOing what Christ said?, Mark 6:38, Commodity Money, Early American Republic, Wampum and Whiskey, Minting coins, Spartan Nazis, Monetta -> Money, Republics without Kings, God's instructions reap benefits and avoid penalties, Power remains in the family, Creating US corporation, Citizens of the United States, The nature of contracts, Caesar's money, What really happens in Temples?, Hearths and Stones, Do you want Christ's loaves and fishes?, Why make coins?, George Washington's funding from his own pocket, WWI Ambulance donations, Where that spirit went, Back to privatization, Investing in neighbors - making America great again, Did emperors loan their money into circulation?, The real Roman Centurians, Temples of Janus and Monetta, Bullion, Token money, Pompey in Jerusalem - why?, What Rome accomplished, Agustus Caeser's coining law changes, 2 gods on one coin, Abraham's allies, What Christians would not do.
1/20/18 "Kosmos"
Kingdom of the "world" and Kingdom of God, "kosmos" = "world" - which one?, Constantine's church was never Christian, Baptism, Salvation, "Threskia" and "Religiare", "Supersticio" caused wars and death, The Cain syndrome, Spotting religion, Why "kosmos"?, To read ancient texts you must use ancient dictionaries, Clinging to the Tree of Knowledge, Belonging to God, Knowledge is wealth, The light of Christ exposes truth, Not of this "kosmos", Pilate's ruling, Other "worlds", Egypt's bondage - today, Helping you understand the Gospel, Jurisdiction, Making God's word of none effect, Love and Charity, Government shutdown, Social Security at Christ's time, Apostles were idiotes, The Pope, Christ's orderly pattern, Does your pastor know?, Is he a minister of the world?, "Fathers" of the world, "Kosmos" in constitutions, Why Israel wanted a king, Levites eating kidneys?, Altars and men, Saul's folly, What a free government looks like, Nimrod's way apart from God, Firing moneychangers, Cities of Refuge, Your relationship to the constitution, Sitting down in Tens, Congregation of saints or sinners?, Setting the table of the Lord, Voluntary societies, Indians?, Remaining free, True public servants, Property rights, Seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness, Giving up your right to choose, Listening to the Holy Spirit and following His ways, Where are the foot washers?, Matthew 13:35, Cornerstones, The Charity virtue, Laying down your life, The world in the sower parable, Have you been redeemed?, Origins of kosmos, World army threat, Allies of God, Inheriting the Kingdom.
1/27/18 Shadows of the Mind
"god" in Old and New testament, Deciding good and evil, Contracts with the United States, Universal laws, You're impaired condition, Doing due diligence, Not given to private interpretation, Leeks and onions?, Jordan Peterson vs Kathy Newman, Binding demons, "The devil made me" is not allowed, Our fallen nature, Things that just ain't so, Greek "law", Stop going to Pharisees to understand Old Testament, Essenes, Merchants of men, Minds stuck in darkness, Men carrying water?, Rewiring the mind, Capgras, The power of humility, Animus possession, Seeing with spiritual eyes, Living contrary to the decrees of Caesar, 1 Cor 6:12, Seeking means doing, The kingdom network, Lawful?, Expedient?, What power?, How you went under the power of others, How to be free, Collective unconsciousness, Usurping God, How to congregate, THE doctrine, Weeping for ancient ways, Addictions to sin, Facing your demons, Jung and Freud and consciousness, Forgiving trauma, Lighting the shadows, Christ's flocks, Natural leaders - natural followers, The job of minister, Seeing the truth, Improving yourself 12 ways, Compare you to you.
2/3/18 Blaspheming the Holy Spirit
Bible Versions, Why torture the printers?, Why stop?, Testament = witness, Mt 16:17, We won't know truth from reading/studying but it being revealed by our Father, Gates of Hell, Man's opinion of reality (God's opinion), blasphemy, Seeing yourself, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Evidence of salvation, Satan can heal too, Universalists, Prodigal son's choice - or what?, Neither works nor opinions will save you, BUT..., Forgive to break the cycle of abuse, Leaving judgement to God, Dividing over trivialities, Nourishing dry bones, The unforgivable sin?, Corpus Juris, Christ's kingdom is for the living, Pilate had no jurisdiction to judge Christ, Was the role of the Apostles the same as the Levites?, Modern church promotes covetousness, "Blaspheme" in the bible, Resh and Resh Resh, Thinking Hebrew, How to receive revelation, Christ's command, Are you following it? Or blaspheming Him?, Ciaphas only was told *he* would see Christ in the clouds, Bad blaspheming and worse blaspheming, Intentions of the prodigal son, Your intentions?, Gates of Heaven, Hard for smart men to enter kingdom, Tens - hundreds - thousands, Righteousness government, Another side to blasphemy, Our ultimate choice, Letting God in our hearts and mind, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit should fill you, Luke 12:10, Stop rationalizing why you won't gather, Biblical revelation, Forever studying and never coming to truth, The strange saga of Christ healing the blind man.
2/10/18 Placing Puzzle Pieces
Today's problems same as in the beginning, Adamah, Life's destination is the journey, Catastrophic events, Seeing the Early Church in modern terms, Watering the desert, The welfare of the world, Voting in the kingdom, Why modern preachers avoid the Tens, Hundreds and Thousands, The conflict of Cain, 666 and the SSN, Charagma?, Is taxation theft?, US Code vs Law, Codes within codes, 666 has sisters, Food rationing, Man's government doesn't love you, The Holy Spirit has all the pieces, Christ gives you options, Receiving loaves and fishes, The government of/for/by the people, Christ's kingdom transfer, Why Moses was hid in the bulrushes, Socialism lowers birth rates, votive offerings, "Church" is not to comfort you - Holy Spirit is our comforter, The job of "minister", Symposia, Christian families and government, Overcoming covetous practices, The guy with the bad back, Why congregate?, What do YOU need to do?, Think like Christ, The Happy Plowman, Can you congregate if not in the same room?, The Living Network, The socialist spirit cannot enter the kingdom, Seeking righteousness, Forgiving government, Is Christ in your nature?, Thinking a different way.

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